Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 21, Episode 12 - The Longest Night of Rain - full transcript

Benson investigates a police officer's accusations of sexual assault. Captain Tucker's retirement party ends in tragedy.

In the criminal justice

sexually based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Dr. Lindstrom,
thank you for staying late.

Of course, Captain.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

I actually owe
some of that to you.

So, what, you're coming
to thank me or...

Ah, no.

Ed. Tucker.

I've been invited to his
retirement party tonight,

and I haven't seen him
since I broke it off.

- Ah.
- It's crazy.

I've had guns in my face,

and I'm afraid to see
an ex-boyfriend.

Do you know
what you're afraid of?


or the pain that I caused him.

Well, I can give you this.

Whatever your regrets
or your guilt,

it's harder in the long run
to leave things unsaid.

Rachel, you're headed out?

An old police colleague
is retiring.

I wanted to help
with the send-off.


You sure that's a good idea?

I won't stay long,
and I won't drink.

I didn't expect to see you

at Tucker's
retirement party.

- I'm here for you, not him.
- Oh.

you brought reinforcements.

Yeah, they let him out
for an hour.

Yeah, barely.
Thank God I aged out of sleep.

- How you doing?
- Thanks, guys.

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

Who's the... who's the woman
with Tucker?

You asking us?

Yeah, we got you
in the divorce.

The bartender told me that's
his... that's his new wife.

She's a nurse.
They eloped a month ago.


Good for him.

So when I decided to throw
a farewell party

for my old friend Ed Tucker,

I said he's, "He's IAB.

Where were gonna hold it,
a phone booth?"

So this is how it's gonna go?

The truth is when you have
a friend like Ed,

you're blessed.

I met him back in
our cowboy days at NYPD,

long before I retired
to make the real money.

Is he giving a toast
or bragging?

So after we've all imbibed,

I'd like each of you
to come down

and make a toast
to "Mister Ed,"

like I'm doing now.

- Not too late to sneak out.
- Nope, he's just seen me.

I guess I should introduce
myself to his new wife.


I'm so happy you've made it.

Of course.
Mazel tov.

Hi, I'm Olivia Benson.

Patty Tucker.
I have heard so much about you.

Oh, wow.

- All good.
- There he is!

God, you still have your hair,
you bastard!

I don't know if you've met
my old bald partner, Gary Wald.

Hey, I took a bullet for you

back at the Two-Two,
my brother.

Yeah, not on purpose, and he
never lets me forget it either.

Who's the man of the hour?


And his old partner Gary,

still riding high
in the saddle.

Rachel, long time no see.

Rachel and I went
to the Academy together.

How have you been?
Not as good as you.

I hear you have a son,
you made Captain.

Those good old boys
really looked out for you.

- Rachel, she paid her dues.
- Not like I did.

Rachel, you still
a bourbon drinker?

I'm good.

I just wanted to look
my fellow officers

in the eye one more time.

Hear no evil, see no evil...

and evil.

- Oh!
- Oh!


God, Ed!

I'm all right,
I'm all right.

Just maybe a couple of napkins.

You look like
you could use a refill.

I'll make that a double

Ed, what the hell
was that about?

I have no idea.

I could barely even place her.


I've said my piece.

It's on the rest of you now.

my name is Rachel Wilson.

I'm a former New York City
police officer...

until I was pushed out
of the club

a dozen years ago.

I'm making a video
at the crime scene.

I am the victim.

She has two sons.

They're good kids,
but they're testing me.

Uh, teenage boys.

I just don't know
if I'm ready for that.

I'll have to use some
of my old IAB psych tricks

to keep them in line.

It's the car.

It's locked.
Oh, my God.

Uh, this is
Captain Olivia Benson of SVU.

10-13 from 1-6-9 and Broadway.

Off-duty P.O. shot.
Rush a bus.

Special Victims Unit

*LAW & ORDER Special Victims Unit*
Season 21 Episode 12

Episode Title:
"The Longest Night of Rain"


She didn't make it?

She knew what
she was doing.

She shot herself through
the heart.

I'm sorry.

Well, I saw her
throw a drink at Tucker.

- What was that about?
- No idea.

You know, I knew her,
we were friends.

I hadn't seen her in awhile
and, uh, she was bright,

she was ambitious,
and then...

and then I knew that she had
a rough time over at Vice,

and she just... she just
crashed and burned.

Rest in peace.

We've been saying that
too much.

Heard you guys
had a rough night.

Been a lot of those lately.

Captain knew her?
She doing okay?

That and the loss
of her brother, it's a lot.

She's been on the phone
with 1PP all morning,

the grief guy's in there
with her now.

Chief Garland says we all
gotta check in with him.

All of us?
Is that necessary?

Yeah, I mean, we need
to start talking about this,

and not sweep it under the rug.

Okay, everybody, listen up.

Listen up.

- Is that the grief guy?
- Yeah.

You okay?

Not great,
but I'm dealing with it.

Thanks, Fin.

So as you all know, we lost
one of our own last night.

She was a good woman.

This is an epidemic.

More of us are dying by our
own hand than somebody else's.

Dr. Lindstrom is here

to speak with
every single one of you.

Thank you, Captain Benson.

I know the last thing
many cops wanna do

is talk about feelings
or fears.

And we know that
this is a stigma,

but the department policies
have changed, thank God,

and asking for help is
no longer a sign of weakness.

We've all been to way
too many police funerals.

We can't afford to lose another
brother or sister.

Thank you.

Like I said,
I've got a supportive family.

They survived
the Civil War in Lebanon

and came here with nothing.

We look out for each other.

I'm glad you have that.

- Thanks for humoring me.
- Yeah.

You're up.

Sergeant Tutuola.

I'm guessing Kat
didn't open up.

I can't really talk about
another officer.

Everything anyone says
to me is confidential.

Is that right?
Let me ask you this.

If someone came in here
and told you

they were going through
a really rough time,

you'd report that?

We're setting up a system
that allows cops

to make appointments
with outside therapists

completely anonymously.

But you work
for the police department.

In this capacity, yes.

But the department is more
concerned that people get help,

rather than worrying
about their records.

Yeah, but NYPD can still
take my weapon away.

Well, if it's warranted,

And send me
to the rubber gun squad.

So why would anybody
ever tell you anything?

The thing that gets me

is that way that Rachel
was talking last night.

It was like...

it was like I had the life
that she should've had.

I'd take that
with a grain of salt.

Back then, NYPD...

Being a woman was hard enough,
but being a woman of color?

Yeah, I get that, but it was
probably more than one thing

that pushed her over the edge.

It just bothers me
because a few years ago,

we ran into each other and we
said let's get a cup of coffee.

And then I adopted Noah
and I got promoted

and just never
followed through.

And you can't be responsible
for everybody.

I know, I just wish...

Hey Captain,
you got a minute?

What's up?

- You need the room?
- Yeah, yeah, kinda.

It's not about you.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

What's going on?

It's about
Rachel Wilson's suicide.

The investigators recovered
her cell phone from the scene.

She made a video statement

right before
she killed herself.

Several years ago,

I was violently assaulted
and raped

by a superior officer.

I went to my sergeant, IAB.

They all conspired
to protect my attacker.

I'd name names here,
but it doesn't matter anymore.

He won.
I lost.

I so was proud to be a cop...

But the system betrayed me.

NYPD will always protect
who they see as their own...

And they didn't protect me.

Anyway, I've said my piece.

Now we know why she threw
that drink at Tucker.

And he said
he has no idea why.

And you believe him?

I don't know what to believe,

and I don't know what
to do about it.

Yes, you do.

You've got to forgive us.

We just closed down
the house last week

so everything's at
sixes and sevens.

I know what that's like.

Ed, you have company.

- Olivia.
- Hey.

I'm sorry to barge in.

I'll leave you two.


What's going on?
Is this about Rachel Wilson?

It is.

It turns out
that Rachel made a video

before she shot herself.

She said that she was
sexually assaulted

by a colleague on a job.

Did she give a name?

No, but she said
there was a cover-up.

She brought it to IAB, but
there was nothing in the files.

First I'm hearing about it.


'Cause it seemed like
she knew you at the party.

What was that about?

I'm not sure.
How long ago?

I was hoping
that you could tell me.

Ed, she... she threw a drink
at you.

I'm sorry.
I'm at a loss, Liv.

I must've done
600 cases at IAB.

I'd, you know,
have to dig out my notes.

I want to believe you, Ed.
I do, but...

you just did something
that you never did

when we were together.

What's that?

You lied to my face.

- Tucker lied to you?
- Or Rachel lied in the video,

but I don't think so.

Tucker seemed off.

Never trust an IAB cop,

no matter how close
you've been.

- Fin.
- You know, how do we even

work this case?
Are we supposed to

go back and check every
supervisor she's ever had?

Okay, before we cast
the net that wide,

let's look into who was
in her life now.

Maybe she disclosed
to someone.

NYPD, huh?

You people didn't honor her
in life,

but now you're gonna
honor her in death.

Why do you say that,

You threw her away.

Not only one of the finest cops
I've known,

but one of the best people.

That's what we hear too.

I knew her
since she was a child.

I saw her go from being
top of her class

to a step from homeless
these past few years.

I'd been letting her sleep
in the church basement.

Mental health?
Drug problems?

Yes, but don't let yourself
off the hook that easy.

Department pushed her
over the edge.

Rachel made some accusations
about being abused on the job.

Now did she tell you
anything about that?

Damn right she did.

She said she'd been raped
by someone she worked with.

- Did she say who?
- No.

Just that it was
when she was at Vice.

Now, pardon me, I... I have
a eulogy to prepare.



I ran Rachel's
NYPD records.

She was there in 2004.

I think my rabbi
was at Vice back then.

If he knows something,
he'll tell me.

Yo, Ralphie!

Ah, baby girl!


Captain Benson,
meet Sergeant Morris.

- Hey, how you doing?
- Oh, so you're the one

who stole her from me.

Keep an eye on her,
she's going places.

Oh, she's already arrived.

What can I do for you?

We're taking a closer look

at what happened
to Rachel Wilson.


Terrible thing.

Aleha hashalom.

Third cop I know.

Rachel made a video
before she died

accusing someone
she worked with

of raping her.

She did?

It may have been someone
in Vice.

Well, uh,
I didn't know her that well.

I mean,
a few months after I came in,

she transferred out.

I told the Captain

that you were
a straight shooter.

I don't like
speaking ill of the dead,

but Rachel had a rep.

Look, Kat here is a good girl,
but Rachel, she got around.

Anyway, the guys who were there
before me could tell you more.

Okay, well,
it's a matter of public record,

but anyone in particular?

Top of my head?

Our captain.

Gary Wald.

I just met him.
He runs a security firm, right?

Yeah, big shot now.

Hey, can I ask a favor?

He's got a lot of juice.

Keep me out of this.

I landed in clover
after retirement.

U.S., international,
cyber security.

- Looks like it pay.
- Yeah, it does!

And we hire
a lot of ex-cops.

Beats a foot post on
Pitkin Avenue, right, Roscoe?

But I'm guessing you didn't
come out here to talk security.

We're here
about Rachel Wilson.

- You mind?
- No, no.

We all just saw her.

He had really fallen apart.

And to take her own life...

it's heartbreaking.

You were her captain
at Vice?

Yeah, yeah.
She was, um,

you know,
she was something.

What is that?
A euphemism?

- You were on the job, right?
- Yeah.

She was
a talented undercover,

but she had issues.

Turns out she made
a video in the car.

Yeah, I heard your captain
already talked

to Ed Tucker about that.

Ever hear any talk about
Rachel being assaulted

while she was at Vice?

Cone of silence?


She was like
a live sex grenade

with the pin pulled out.

She rolled
from man to man,

and when he started
to back away,

she'd threaten
to blow his life up.

I warned Tucker about this

when he called me
chasing some story,

but Rachel put new meaning
into Internal Affairs.

So Tucker really did
look into this.

Yeah, he came
to the same conclusion...

That Rachel was a fabricator.

I mean, I tried to help her,
but you know,

sometimes when you try to save
a drowner, she pulls you under.

Now take it easy, boys.

I haven't finished paying off
my last credit card bill.

Hey Tucker,
you cracking the whip?

Trying to fast-track
a new kitchen

for my wife
with nonunion labor.

Guys, just put it down
on the inside of the door,

- I'll be right in.
- Actually, Captain,

we need you to come with us.
We have a few questions.

You couldn't call first?

Avoid embarrassing me
in front of my family?

You do that
when you were IAB?

That was different.

I was dealing with dirty cops.

Can you give me a minute
and let me tell my wife

where I'm going?

We'll wait right here.

Why'd you tell Benson
you didn't know Rachel Wilson?

No, what I said was,
"I couldn't place her."

But you were at IAB
when Rachel Wilson claimed

she was assaulted
by somebody at Vice, right?

I was.

That was 15 years ago.

I honestly had no memory
of it at first.

At first, but...
But you do now.

Yeah, it, um...
it came back to me.

She, uh, she talked about
filing a complaint,

but it never went anywhere.

She accused Gary Wald,

Your former partner?

Yes or no, Tucker?

Yes, she did.

We looked into it.

There were charges
and countercharges.

Between Rachel and Gary?

About the assault, yeah.

But also about
other relationships

she was having
with other guys on the job.

If she had filed
a formal complaint

against Gary at that time,

there would've been
four broken marriages,

her career
would have been ruined.

It was ruined anyway.
She fell apart.

Yeah, I know,

and I feel terrible about that.

But at the end of the day,

it was her choice
not to pursue.

"Her choice."

It sounds like
she was slut-shamed

into keeping her mouth shut,

and Tucker made sure
she understood

exactly how that
was gonna play out.

I just can't... I can't see
Tucker covering up a rape,

even... even if she had a rep.

It happens all the time,

and if you ask me,
he's still covering it up.

Kat, we're in the middle
of something.

Sorry, um, I just...

What's the matter?

Um, my old sergeant,
Ralphie Morris,

he just killed himself.

Two hours
after we talked to him.

Get away from me, Katriona.

- I got nothing good to say to you.
- Mrs. Morris,

we're so
very sorry for your loss.

You the other one
he was talking to

before he shot himself?
Proud of yourself?

I understand
that you're upset,

but something
as horrible as this

doesn't just come out
of nowhere.

Marie, you know Ralphie
meant the world to me,

and I pray that
it was nothing that I did.

It wasn't just you.

This had been coming
a long time.

I had no idea.

No one did, but I must've
called the department

a half dozen times
the last few years,

telling them
to take his guns away.

What was the matter?

What wasn't the matter?

My Ralphie was an ox,
but this job wore him down.

People dumping buckets
of water on him in the street,

politicians blaming the cops
when anything goes wrong.

We're upside down
on a second mortgage

to pay for our son's rehab.

Being a parent
and being a cop,

believe me, we...
We all get it.

Then tell me why couldn't
he get the help he needed?

Look, I'm so sorry
to ask you this,

but can you tell me
what happened today?

He came home distraught,
talking about killing himself.

I was on the phone
begging with 911 while he...

He was screaming into
his phone in the other room...

Right before I heard the shot.

Any idea who
he was talking to?

He made a few calls,

but I know the last one
was to his shrink.

This is awful news, Olivia.

I can't imagine
how you're feeling.

I can't imagine
what you're feeling.

I don't think
I understand.

Sergeant Morris
was your patient.

How would you know that?

His widow told us that
he made a series of calls

before... he shot himself.

The first two were
to burner cells.

We're triangulating those.

But the last one was to you.

You heard his final words.

Olivia, when you told me

you needed to see me
right away,

I thought it was because
you needed help.

I do need help.
You have information

that is relevant to our case.

We have spent a lot
of time establishing trust.

If you wanna question me
for a case,

you can't come here
under a pretext.

And I hear you,

but if Ralph revealed anything
to you that could help us...

I cannot reveal it to you.

I am sworn to protect
my patient's privacy.

- And he's gone.
- He's gone,

but confidentiality
extends beyond the grave.

Well, so you know...

if you can't see a way
to help us,

then the DA's office
is going to subpoena you.

Well, then I'll see them
in court, Olivia.

Now, you'll excuse me.
I lost a patient tonight.

It's not your problem,
but I think you can understand

what I'm feeling right now.

Your Honor, we believe that
Dr. Lindstrom has evidence

that is crucial to an ongoing
SVU investigation.

Now, it's evidence
we can't get any other way

the complaining witness,

and another key witness,
Dr. Lindstrom's patient,

are both deceased.

Dr. Lindstrom,

without asking you
to reveal anything specific,

can you advise the court

as to whether you might
have information relevant

to this investigation?

I'm not prepared to answer
even that, Your Honor.

There is a precedent here.

We are all profoundly aware
that the NYPD

is in the middle
of a mental health crisis,

and it is more important than
ever that police officers

who have the courage
to seek counseling

know that their records,

their conversations
remain privileged...

even after their death.

So Carisi's taking Lindstrom
to court?

Yeah... I wouldn't count on
that working either.

Where are we?

Well, in 2004,

Rachel made Detective
under Captain Gary Wald

and Sergeant Ralph Morris.

She partners up
with Detective Guevara.

From Tucker's file,

she hooked up with
all three of them plus a UC.

I don't believe that.

It would explain
Gary's leverage over him.

We were able to trace
the burner cell.

Gary and Ralphie exchanged
calls before he killed himself.

so after Rachel's suicide,

Ralphie feels guilt,

Gary leans on him
to keep quiet, and...

Ralphie just doesn't see
another way out.

I respect the principle,
Your Honor,

but in this case,

the two suicides may well
have been the result

of the crime and a cover-up,

and Dr. Lindstrom
has a duty to warn.

He may have information that
could stop yet another officer

from committing suicide.

Mr. Carisi, I've heard you
use phrases like, "maybe,"

"may well have been,"
"we believe."

All words that tell me
this evidence you seek

is speculative and secondhand
and maybe even third-hand.

You've failed to show
that the interests of justice

outweigh the deceased's
interest in confidentiality.

Oh, my, Dr. Lindstrom,
are you okay?

I'm fine.

This must've happened
while I was at the hearing.

- I'm sorry.
- They broke into my desk,

but they didn't bother
to take prescription samples

or my checkbook.

- Was anything missing?
- Two things.

My laptop
and Ralph Morris' file.

They must have been worried
that the court was gonna

order you to turn
your notes over.

- And now they have them.
- We'll call CSU,

get a team in here
and run prints,

look for touch DNA.

I can save you the time.

I had a visit to my office
here late last night.

- From who?
- Gary Wald, ex-cop.

Yeah, we... we know him.
What did he want?

The same thing you want.

To know what
Ralph Morris said

just before
he took his own life.

But you didn't tell him.

I can't.

But without breaking

I can tell you that
your friend Ed Tucker

must know everything I know.

- You still take milk?
- Ah, thank you.

Boy, four times in a week.

First, you couldn't wait
to get rid of me,

now I need an order
of protection against you.

Ed, we need to talk.

Walk with me.

I'm not going far.

What's on your mind?

Rachel Wilson,
Ralph Morris,

you and these games that
you've been playing.

Trust me, Liv, I don't
have time to play games.

No? Did you know your friend
Gary Wald broke into

Lindstrom's office and stole
the file on Ralph Morris?

I had no idea.

Well, he did.

Lately, I'm realizing I had
no idea about a lot of things.

Yeah, and I want
to believe you, Ed,

I really do,
but I still get the feeling

that you're not
being straight with me

about... about any of this.

Ed, what are we doing here?

You can't tell my wife.


Did I ever tell you about
where I worked after 9/11?

I asked.

They had me detailed

to the Fresh Kill Landfill
recovery site,

looking for remains.

12-hour shifts
at the conveyor belt,

sifting through the debris,

watching credit cards,
baby pictures,

and wedding rings go by.

Every once in a while, a...
a finger bone or a rib.

That sounds like
how I picture Hell.

You start thinking about
your own life, you know?

All the things you missed.

- Oh, Ed.
- Wished you'd done.

They caught the cancer
in my lungs

before I started seeing you.

Now it's in my brain.

They say there's
no connection, but...

But... but they can treat that,

They can,
but the doctor just told me

I have six months to a year.

Oh, my God.

It is what it is.

Well, pretty soon,
I won't be myself anymore.

Maybe you notice I'm starting
to have memory lapses.

That's why you didn't
remember Rachel.

I had no...
idea how I knew her.

I was too embarrassed to tell
you that when you asked.

But Gary called me
after you left.

And what did he say?

He was just making sure
that I had his back,

like when we were partners.

Ed, are you saying
that you covered up a rape...

to protect your friend?

I would never.

Back then, Gary told me
he'd an affair with her,

and when he went
to break it off,

she only accused him of rape
just to get back at him,

and I was stupid enough
to believe him.

I don't want Rachel or Ralph
on my conscience.

While there's still time,
I need to make this right.

Mrs. Morris, we just wanted
to say again how sorry we are.

May Ralphie's memory
be a blessing for you.

Ralphie adored you,
you know that, don't you?

You were the daughter
he never had.

He was a beautiful man.

He'll be missed.

108 bucks,
Porterhouse steak for two?

Most expensive steak
I ever had.

the private sector's

been very, very good
to Gary Wald.


And it could be
very good for Eddie.

Six-figure salaries,
yachts, private planes,

unbelievable women.

You wait till I'm married
to tell me this?

Well, I'm married too.

Or at least my wife is.

So, uh, did you get anything
from Benson?

They know what happened
during Vice

and that it involved
a supervisor.

All right, got it.

Did Ralphie's shrink
give them anything?


not even after somebody
broke into his office.

We don't need to worry
about that, do we?

No, those notes are gone.

Now this gets easier.

Just pin the rape on Ralphie.


Well, I have proof he was
having an affair with her.


She really got around, huh?
You, Ralphie?

Remember I told you
they called her

the Hotbox
of Midtown South?

I remember,

but then she started
giving you a hard time.

More like stalking me.

She called my wife.
I can't have that.

I had to tune her up.

Tune her up?

You never told me
that back then.

It was a different time, Ed.
I had to protect my home,

my family, my job.

No, I get it.

I roughed her up good,
she got the message.

And now she's gone,

and Ralphie's gone.

All ties up in a bow.

The dead don't speak
to the living.

These IAB guys
know how to reel 'em in.

One thing you can say
about Ed Tucker,

he settles his accounts.

Whoa... hey, bud,

I didn't think
you had that much to drink.

What can I tell you?

I'm turning into an amateur
now I'm retired.

Hey, you want a ride home?
I got my driver.

Nah, I'm good.
It's... it's out of your way.

you stick with me, kid,

you'll be riding in the back
of that Rolls Silver Cloud

we always talked about,
all right?

Hey, you okay?

- Yeah.
- Take it easy.

You okay?

Did you get enough
for an arrest?

Yes, yes.
It's all good.

It all ties up in a bow,
and the dead don't speak

to the living.

So are we good to go on the
arrest warrant for Gary Wald?

Wald runs a global
security firm, right?

So if there's anything
out there on Tucker,

he's gonna find it?

Is Tucker okay testifying
against his former partner?

- Tucker's clean.
- And you believe him?

Took him long enough
to come around on Rachel.

If this goes to trial,
how long will it take?

Could be years.

Why are you asking?

There's a reason that Tucker
wasn't himself before.

what are you talking about?

Don't make me spell it out.

So we need to
do this without him?



We have the tapes... I'll get you
the search warrants.

Also see if you can flush out

anybody from Vice
from that time.

- Anything else?
- Yeah.

Pick up Gary Wald.

If you guys are here
to talk about

working for me
after retirement,

you should've called ahead
for an appointment.

- Guess again.
- Gary Wald, we've got

a warrant for your arrest
for sexual assault,

witness tampering,
and breaking and entering.

Based on what?

The word of two cops
who were having an affair

and then killed themselves?

You better watch your mouth.

Damn, what is her problem?

You heard what she said.

Let's go.

So Gary's on his way
to Central Booking?


One of my best friends,
my partner,

and I never even knew it.

I think of all the people
I never let get close to me

because of IAB.

- Don't blame yourself, Ed.
- Why not?

It was my job
to root out bad cops,

and I missed one of the worst.

He was standing
right in front of me.

If I hadn't,
Rachel might still be here.

a lot of people missed it.

I have missed some things.

I didn't realize
we'd changed the subject.

We're talking about us now?

I'm sorry... for the way
that I ended things.

I think underneath it all...

I was afraid.

And your dance card
was full.

The job, Noah.

What I wish I had
and what I wish we had...

Is more time.

It's okay.

We'll always have Paris.

You know,
I've always wanted to say that.

Did the son of a bitch
make bail?

No, once the judge heard
about his private plane,

his multiple passports...

If he's not a flight risk,
no one is.

He can cool his jets
at the jail

they were going
to name after him.

Oh, my God.


I heard about Tucker.
How you doing?

He took his life
with his old .38.

I just don't know
what to do with that.

There's nothing
you can do with it.

It just is.

He left his wife a letter,
his benefits, his pension.

He told her that he didn't want
her to spend the best years

of her life taking care
of a dying man.

He had brain cancer.

Oh, I didn't know.

He was suffering, Liv.

That's not how he'd want
to be remembered.

I know.
I know.

It's just a lot of rain
in one place.

You don't need
to be here alone.

Let me drive you home.

Just give me a minute.
I'll be okay.

I'm good.