Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 21, Episode 11 - She Paints for Vengeance - full transcript

After a sexual assault investigation is stalled for months, a woman puts her accusations against a popular athlete on a billboard.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses

are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

♪ Wherever you're going ♪

♪ Wherever your heart is ♪

♪ You're only one step away ♪

♪ From where you want to be ♪

♪ Hope that you're holding ♪

♪ Light in the darkness ♪

♪ Only one dream away ♪

♪ From what you want to see ♪

♪ ♪

♪ What you want to see ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

Yo, M. Check... it... out!

Yo, there's, like, six new poke places

that opened since yesterday.

I mean, we could've been rich.

This place is booming.




That's bizarre.

I love it.

Thanks, dude.

That little cutie's gonna get
his own blunt.

You gonna stop and smell the sashimi?

Uh, can't, I'm late for work.

Call in sick. We'll stream some crap.

It's two weeks before Christmas.

I can't leave that tip money
on the table.

Plus, the place is jumping.

It's kind of fun, actually.

You're missing out.


All right, save me something good.



♪ ♪

Give it up for Monica!


Next to the stage, Sierra!

Ariana, sniffer's row
is standing room only.

Dollar wavers?

There's a pod of whales in the back.

Markeevious is asking for you.

- Okay.
- He's got that hungry look.

- Move it!
- Okay.

Yo, Markeevious.

Ooh! Red hot.

Damn, you looking hella sexy.

Join the party.


it's a substitution, move.

You ready for the VIP room?

Me and Ariana, like last time?


Baby girl, the way you look tonight,

you are more than enough.

♪ I think about your best friend, yeah ♪

♪ And when we'll be together ♪

♪ I think about... ♪

Little Miss All of That,

you just leave whenever you want?

You okay, mami?

Yeah, just tired.

God damn it!


♪ ♪

Okay. That's all I need right now.

All right.

What happens next?

An investigation.

♪ ♪

We'll call you.

I came in before Christmas.

Monica Russo.

I've left a dozen messages.

Monica Russo.

♪ ♪

You know what? Never mind.

It's been over a month now, right?

Screw this.

And them.

♪ ♪

You thought you could crush me?

I'm gonna burn you to the ground.

Hell, yeah, burn that house down.

Burn it to the ground, baby.


Slow down, bud.

♪ ♪

Mom, look. There's another one.

♪ ♪

Is it a movie?

I don't know,

but it's certainly not a kids' movie.

Whoa! Look up there!


♪ ♪

Run ahead, honey. I'll catch up, okay?

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

So I'm walking down
10th Avenue with Noah...

A lot of anger there.

Rape in a strip club?
Certainly credible.

It says she went to NYPD in December.

- I'll check OLCS.
- Must have been the local precinct.

- Something happened to her.
- Yeah.

There were two rape reports filed

in Manhattan South on that date.

One was a DV,
and the other one was ours.

But neither is her.

This is an outcry. Fin and Kat,

check local strip clubs.

Check out the billboard company.

Whoever she is, I want to find her.


Don't know her. Maybe I should.

Our dancers are safe.
Cameras everywhere.

Even in the VIP room?

Not inside, but I got my bird dogs.

Bird dogs?

I post a bouncer outside
the private rooms.

Girl just has to holler
and they'd be in the door.

That's a bunch of BS!

Toni, TJ keeps playing that
old-school, white boy crap.


Give us a minute.


You're here about the billboard.

You know about that?

All I know is she doesn't work here.

Toni takes care of us,

not like some places I could name.


Yeah, like your last club, Topaz?

Their VIP room?

More like "act sexy while
you try not to get raped" room.


Rape? No, no.

Not here.

My girls, they see me
as their favorite uncle.

They'd tell me.

Any of your girls artists on the side?

Drawing? Painting?

Artists, these girls?

Maybe something they tell
their customers.

We know how to handle the grabby ones.

Give 'em a slap
like they're naughty boys.

They love it.

Your guys are the worst.

- My guys?
- Cops.

- They're in here all the time.
- 'Cause of Jared.

20 years, never made sergeant.

All you need to know.


Dancers seem pretty tough.

Maybe. Maybe they're just covering.

Hold up.


Look familiar?

That's the bike from the poster.

That can't be a coincidence.
She worked here.

Yeah, and Jared is ex-NYPD.

If something did happen,
his buddies might bury it.

time to go to the local precinct.

Little tip.

Maybe check in with the captain first.

♪ ♪


December, stripper?

No, I don't think so.

Think harder.

Any other officers here named Donnie?

Oh, yeah, that girl.
Yeah, it's coming back to me.

So she was raped,
and you didn't notify SVU?

It was unfounded.
I called the club manager.

Turns out she was making
the whole thing up.

Just looking for a payday.

Who, Jared?

He's ex-NYPD.

Are you looking out for him or her?

Oh, come on. I did my due diligence.

The complaint was BS.

We're gonna need to see that report.

Well, when it didn't pan out, I...

You tossed it?

Do you remember the girl's name?

"M" something? Mary?

She had dirty blonde hair.

A tat of a bird on her hand.

Look, I know you SVU guys
have big hearts,

but this wasn't a real rape.

"A real rape"?

Is that because they knew each other,

or is that because she dances
in a strip club?

Do me a favor.

Have your captain call me.

When are these dinosaurs gonna die out?

No time soon.
They have no natural predators.

We're looking for a blonde
with a bird tattoo on her hand.

Somebody at Topaz has to know
who she is.

Why am I here again?

Well, in case you haven't noticed,

since you left, we're short
on male detectives.

You want me to get another girl?

How about two?

I got plenty of candy.



How you two doing tonight?

We're good.

Just admiring the view.

I don't know about choir boy here,

but you, I figured you
for more than a tourist.

- I'm really here for my man.
- Oh.

He's looking for a girl
he met a month ago here.

A blonde.

Honey, last week, I was a blonde.

You're gonna have to do better
than that.

She's got a tattoo of a bird
on her hand.

She's a painter.

Oh, Monica, she quit.

Last I heard, she was working
at Dungeon.


Probably not your speed.


Now they send woman cops?

We're from Special Victims Unit.

Monica, we saw your billboard.

And we know that the club,
the local precinct tried to bury it.

Mm-hmm. Yep.

That's why I'm here.

There are rules.

Everyone follows them.

There are roles.

Everyone knows them.

Get out of line,
you're never coming back.

But not at the strip club?


Dancer decides to give something extra,

it's more money for everyone.

You tip out the bouncer, the manager,

even the freaking DJ.

Monica, what happened to you
wasn't "giving extra."

You didn't choose this.

You got it.

What we'd like to do is help you.



♪ ♪


You can be my next billboard.

So the painter told you to take a hike.

Well, she has trust issues with NYPD.

Can you blame her?

So as soon as she
sees that we're taking

her assault seriously, it's gonna go

a long way toward a rapport.

Uh-huh, well.

It'd be easier to investigate

if she'd at least tell you
what happened.

All right, but for now,

we know when she was assaulted
and where.

So go find out by who.

It's a strip club, Fin.

You'll be fine.

Monica Russo,
that's who you were asking...

Tell me, did you lie
any better when you were a cop

or is this the best you got?

Rollins, take five?

Yeah, just so you know, Jared,

your buddy Donahue already told us

that he dumpstered her
complaint as a favor to you.

Take ten?

Man. I'm sorry.

I-I get it.

I'm surrounded by women.
Occupational hazard.

Tell me about it, I got her...

I got a female captain,
that's who saw the billboard.

I gotta make this look good.


These girls,
they got cash register eyes.

So she knew this guy was rich.

Well, all the girls do.

Athletes and strippers,
like scotch and soda.

He's a regular?

Sounds like a shakedown.

Give me his name, I confirm,
I make my captain happy.

I wish I could, but uhm...

our reputation is staked on privacy.

The high rollers trust us
to be discreet.

Looking for a big spender, an athlete,

and it wasn't his first time.

Didn't you say you saw

Markeevious Ryan when you were here?


Hey, what's up, Moette?

What's happening?

It's Moet.

I remember you.

Trying to be all undercover that night.

You made him from the get, huh?


Then you know why we're here.

[SCOFFS] Monica.

She's a drama queen.

Like her story about Markeevious?

Have you seen him?

He may be retired, but he was
an all-pro running back.

All right?

He's still jacked, and he's rich.

He owns this fancy steakhouse.

Why would he need to rape
some bony-ass white chick?

I told you I don't need your help.

Hey, Monica,
I get why you're reluctant,

but a name has come up.

Markeevious Ryan.

Took you long enough.

Have you talked to him yet?

Not yet, but... can I come in?


Don't worry, I'm not painting you.

Hey, you're furious. I get it.

I'm furious too,

at Markeevious,

at your club manager,

and at that local cop
that you reported to.

I can't help you with that.


you can tell me what happened to you,

and we could make a case.


You painted a billboard

so someone would pay attention to you.

I'm here.

I'm paying attention.

Talk to me.

It's a few weeks before Christmas,

place is packed,

Markeevious wants just me
and him in the VIP room.

- Was that the first time?
- No.

Usually it's me
and another girl or two.

That night, as soon as I shut the door,

he starts taking his pants off,

and I'm like, "Whoa, slow down,
buddy," but...

He's not listening to you.

He started putting on a condom,

and I'm like, "Wrong move, buddy,"

you know, I'm trying to joke
my way out of it.

Right, like you've probably...
done a million times before.



But that night, I was scared of him.


He had this blank look on his face.

And he pinned me against the wall.

And I tried to fight him,

and he threw me on the floor.

Tell me about that.

♪ ♪

I was alone.

I-I... I was trapped.

I was, I was yelling, and-and the music
was so loud,

nobody could hear me,

an-an-and he just...

he overpowered me.

He-he was m-moving me around
like a piece of furniture,

any way he wanted.

And uh, you know, I-I struggled, and...

At a certain point, I just gave up.

And he raped me.

I just tried to go back on stage.

I was trying to pretend like
nothing happened, you know,

and Markeevious was still there,

and he waved at me,

and that's when I told Jared.

And Jared said,

"Markeevious is a good customer,

so I should shut up."


And that's when you went
to the local precinct.


They never even returned my calls.

So I started to imagine
blowing things up.

Blowing things up?

With paint.

Calling 'em all out.

♪ ♪


Monica's saying I raped her?

Yes, she is.


I'm, like, a mark
for these chicks, man.

I should've known better than
to have been alone with her.

So you and Monica were in
the champagne room together,

just the two of you.

It's not the first time.

Oh, right, but there's no cameras,

nice and private,
get away with anything.

Or a stripper could lie about it.

Look, I've partied
with dozens of girls.

I'm going through a divorce right now.

I'm not cheating, I'm just
letting off a little steam.

Okay, let's say this is a shakedown.

Why hasn't she asked you for money?

What I do know?

What happened, I paid for.


You're saying you did have sex.


I left her a $200 tip.

Oh, one sec.

Look, I know you're not gonna arrest me

for patronizing a prostitute,

but I have customers to attend to.

How are you?

How you doing?

So he's not guilty of rape
'cause he's getting a divorce?

Wonder what his ex has to say.

Hi, thanks for coming.

I need to see your countertop samples.

When Markeevious and I first hooked up,

people thought I was arm candy.

Now, what does a brother
like that need arm candy for?

His whole world's a sweet shop.

Ms. Scott, the rape allegation

against your former husband
is credible.

I'm sure it is.

Guys like Markeevious just get lazier.

The candy jar's gotta be
right at their fingertips.

Sounds like there were
other accusations

against Markeevious.

Some girls say he forced them,

that he was rough.

That's what he got paid for.

Being rough and fast and big.

Just give me one second.

These girls have names?


but I'm not giving them
an opportunity to sue.

That money belongs to me,

not some dumb bitches who can't
get out from under him.

Is there anything else?

He's claiming consensual,

which puts him in the room with her.

His ex said that there were
more allegations,

but she's refusing to name names.


What the hell did you say to them?

What are you talking about?

The club.

They sent me all of my stuff back.

It's all ripped,
it's all covered in crap.

Oh, and they sent me this.



Wow, Monica, I am... I'm so sorry.

Why don't you come into my office...

- Why?
- So we can talk?

Markeevious conceded
that he had sex with you.

He said he tipped you after...

After I was raped. Yes, I took it.

I was in shock.

We understand that,
but let's just go...

You know what? You know what?

You're all fired.

So your complaining witness

has withdrawn cooperation again.

She's frustrated. We all are.

And the suspect's saying what?

That it was consensual?
That he paid for it?

That's what they all say,

you can contextualize
that for the jury.

Yeah, if I have a credible victim,

and she sounds like a wild card.

How's she gonna present on the stand?

Well, she doesn't have a lot
of faith in the system,

but I think I can get her there.

She's ahead of us, have a look.

Nobody cares.

Nobody wanted to listen to me.

- You hear that?
- Yeah.

Markeevious the rapist.

Are you listening now?

There's a rapist walking
around in these streets,

in this restaurant.

Does anyone care?


The whole world's watching!

You hear that?

Markeevious Ryan is a rapist!

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Leave me alone.

Let me go!

Why don't you arrest the rapist?

Hey, Captain Benson, SVU.

Sergeant, Sergeant, this is...
this is my case.

Take that up with my captain.
She's under arrest.

- Hold on, hold on.
- Do you see what I'm saying?

- She's crazy.
- Take it easy.

I'll sue her all the way to Sunday.

That bitch thinks she can ruin me?

Harass my customers? Harass me?

Hey, hey, hey. Take it easy.

She's cuffed.
Don't be so rough with her.

Cowards, all of you!

Monica, Monica, listen to me.
Stop talking, okay?

This is harassment.

This is police hara...
no, you can't do that!

Just get in the car.
Not a word, all right?

This is police harassment!

Listen to me.
I'm gonna get you a lawyer.

♪ ♪


Captain Benson.

- Thanks for the call.
- Hi, absolutely.

I hear you're representing
Getz's victims.

You must be busy.

I am. That's a good thing.

These guys always get
the best defense money can buy.

Survivors need advocates.

- They do.
- How's Monica doing?

She is angry and unrepentant,

and, I must warn you... unpredictable.


I live for that.

So, she's in lockup.
I'll introduce you.


You don't give up, do you?

Monica, this is Dara Miglani,

and she's willing
to represent you if you want.

How you holding up, Monica?

Can you just get me out of here?

We're talking to the ADA.

We're gonna try to get you
arraigned as soon as we can.

Once we know the charges,
we'll figure out our strategy.

Hey, I'm not pleading guilty.

To anything.

Good for you.

Monica's a fighter, Carisi,

but she's getting beat by the system.

You want me to take the arraignment?

I'm not asking you to put
your finger on the scale...

It's not a big deal.
Trust me, trust me.

Anybody who can get out of an
arraignment, they're happy to.

Hey, Crosby.

You happen to know who caught
the Monica Russo case?

Uh, Russo.


The stripper who chained
herself to a steakhouse?

- Right.
- Lucky me.

Actually, why don't you let
me take that off your hands?

I'm due in arraignment court
this morning anyway.

I'll let Hadid know.

Knock yourself out.

Here, take the rest of them,
while you're at it.

All right.

That frees me up for lunch
if you got time, Detective.

Amanda, right?

Yeah, I'm... I'm good.

Thanks, though.

- Hey, I owe you.
- Yeah, sure.

Hey, how are you doing, by the way?

I thought you were supposed
to take a few weeks.

I was so bored. I'm okay.

Are you sleeping?
You're not eating enough.

Good news, I think I'm...

I'm thinking about quitting therapy.

You want to talk about that?

Aren't you late for court?



On the charges of disorderly conduct,

making graffiti,

resisting arrest,

and criminal mischief,

- how do you plead?
- Not guilty.

My client has no priors,
isn't a flight risk.

We request ROR.

- Mr. Carisi?
- The people have no objection.

do yourself a favor, Ms. Russo.

Stay away from paint for a while.

Yeah, I can't promise that.

Your Honor, she will.

I hope so.

ROR granted.

Next case.

Ms. Miglani.
I've heard a lot about you.

Is that code for
"I can be a pain in the ass"?

Yeah, pretty much.

How about a coffee?

All right.

All right, I'll talk to my boss.

I'll ask him not to push for jail time.


She has a right to be angry.

So I've heard.

Soon as you arrest
Markeevious, she'll calm down.


Look, this can't look
like I arrested him

because she chained herself
to his restaurant.

- Why not?
- Listen,

we both want Markeevious to go
down, right?

So I need Monica focused.

I need her prepping her testimony,

not making headlines.


Here we go.

What? What?

Markeevious has gone on the offensive.

He's all over Twitter
saying he's the victim,

and he's gonna sue Monica
for harassment and defamation.

He's bluffing.

Look, the last thing this
guy wants is to be deposed.

Do me a favor.

Make sure your client
doesn't overreact.

What the hell's going on?

My name is Monica Russo.

I was raped by Markeevious Ryan

at the Topaz Club.

Her attorney gave you the heads-up?

Oh, not in so many words.

But I brought this upon myself.

I wanted somebody
who would fight for Monica.

I was exercising my right
to free speech

against a man who raped me,

and now he's suing me!

While Monica sat in a holding cell,

Markeevious greeted customers
at his steakhouse.

He continues to enjoy his freedom

and the perks of his fame

while Monica fights
to have her voice heard.

We are here

to ask any other victims of Markeevious

to come forward, and to contact us,

and to demand

that the NYPD arrest Markeevious Ryan.


Thank you.

I would've appreciated a call.

Asymmetrical warfare.

The element of surprise is key.

You do know that I'm on Monica's side.

You are, but I can be louder.

And quicker.

And my tactics worked.

I've been contacted by two
other women Markeevious raped.

Here in New York?

Out of state, but goes to pattern.

They'll talk to SVU
with me in the room.

In fact, they're both on the way here.

You can thank me later.

I was his masseuse for about a month.

One night, in his hotel room,

he grabbed my breast.

Flipped into rape mode.

"Rape mode"?

His face became like an empty mask.

He threw me against the wall,
on the floor,

climbed on top of me,

forced himself on me.

Tell the detective what you told me.

I grew up with four older brothers.

I've been holding my own
since I was six.

I'm tough.

But with Markeevious,

I couldn't do a goddamn thing.

Will I be here long?

I'm on a lunch break.

Bed Bath & Beyond.

Just until I figure out
what to do with my life.

Jan was a sports journalist
before she was assaulted.

Why don't you tell me
what happened to you.

I had lucked into an
interview with Markeevious

in his hotel room.

I was excited.

But I could tell
he wasn't taking me seriously.

He... kept asking if I had a boyfriend.

He touched my breast.

I pushed him away.

He grabbed me.

His face was...


He assaulted me.

Did you tell anyone?

Or go to the police?


I went home and took a bath.

I can't even watch sports anymore.

I feel like I'm running away
in my head...

as fast as I can,

like something ugly is chasing me.

It's me.

An ugly me.

♪ ♪

So two prior victims of Markeevious

with the same MO that Monica described.

The fruits of Dara's press conference?

She's a hustler, I'll give her that.

Can they testify?

It's a jump ball.
Under the Molineux Rule,

prior bad acts are not admissible

to show propensity to commit a crime.

But they are if they show pattern.

That's right, but we got
a bigger problem here.

Neither of these women
filed a police report.

Monica did file.

And until we arrest Markeevious,

we're saying that her word
isn't good enough.

All right, I'll get an arrest warrant.

I'll request a Molineux hearing.

In the meantime, tell your friend Dara

that she's got enough publicity.

As of now, and I'm dead serious here,

she needs to keep her clients
out of the news.


Uh, Your Honor, pursuant
to People v. Molineux,

the State seeks to include
evidence of two prior rapes

committed by the defendant,

one in 2018, one in 2016.

I've read your brief, Mr. Carisi.

Neither woman filed a report?

Not at the time,
but they have gone on record.

The assaults described
go to modus operandi.

There are consistent details
in all three victims' accounts.

Because they were coached.

Your Honor, these women
only came forward

after they saw
Ms. Russo's lawyer on TV.

Obviously, they're seeking publicity.

Does Ms. Miglani
really expect us to believe

she didn't coordinate their stories?

Your Honor, the defense
can cross on motive.

These women have nothing to gain.

Initially, they were afraid
to make an accusation

against a powerful celebrity.

As sympathetic as I am
to the many reasons

a rape victim may not
be willing to come forward,

these statements are unsubstantiated,

and I am concerned about collusion.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Don't worry, Ms. Miglani.

You can always harass my client
with a civil suit.

That's enough, Ms. Barth.
You know better.

Mr. Carisi, I'm excluding
these witnesses.

- The court is in recess.

There was no collusion.

These three women were never
in the same room together?

Get your client ready to testify,

because as of now, this is all on her.

Mr. Carisi, they tell me
tomorrow's your first trial.

I'd promise you I'd go easy, but...

that's just not how it works.

I had danced for him before,

and that night, I was paid
to go into the champagne room,

but getting raped was never
part of the deal.

Can you point out the man
who raped you,

- once more, please?
- Mm-hmm.

That's him.

Markeevious Ryan.

Thank you, Ms. Russo.

Just to be clear, Ms. Russo,
and forgive me,

I'm still getting the ins and outs

of the stripper business,

but you were initially paid
$800 that night?

The club gets more than half of that.

But you accepted my client's $200 tip?

♪ ♪

Okay, I was on autopilot.

Just answer yes or no.


So you're saying
that my client raped you,

and then afterwards,

you and the club collected $1,000.

Asked and answered, Your Honor.

Ms. Barth, move on.


Did you get a rape kit?

The officer I reported it to
told me there was no point.

Ah, yes, the missing police report.

Objection, Your Honor.

The officer verified
that he took her report.


And then he threw that report out

when he decided that
her complaint was unfounded.

He wasn't even listening to me!

You sound angry, Ms. Russo.

- Are you?
- Objection!

It's badgering.

I'll allow the question.

Yeah, I'm angry.

Angry enough to defame my client

by painting a billboard?

Yeah, because he raped me!

So you claim,

but isn't what you're really
angry about

is that you have to dance
at a strip club for a living

instead of working as an artist?

- Objection!
- Withdrawn.

But you consider yourself... an artist,

- don't you, Ms. Russo?
- I am an artist.

How many shows have you had?

It's really hard to get shows
when you're starting out,

especially in New York.

So, none.

And you've never sold
any of your artwork, have you?


In fact, your biggest success
as an artist to date

has been that billboard.

I wanted attention to the...

Attention? You got it!

Was that your plan all along?

To accuse a famous man
of sexual assault

and then get your art
all over Instagram.

I had to!

Nobody was listening to me,

and he just sits there
while I'm up here

baring my soul.

Well, isn't that what you do
for a living, Ms. Russo?

You bare yourself.

I'm a performer.

Oh, are you performing right now?

Is this an act?

Because I gotta hand it
to you, you are creative.

- Objection.
- Withdrawn.

Nothing further.

♪ ♪

I heard you got bloodied today.

Rollins tell you that?

It was more like slaughtered.

Well, you're still here.

I'm writing my resignation letter.

I'm gonna lose this case.

Ms. Hadid already knows, she has

her spies in the courtroom.

I'm done.

Carisi, you're not a quitter.


No, it was your first day in court.

You got knocked down,
so you get back up again.

What if I'm not cut out for this?


You know what the worst part is?

I didn't protect Monica.

Hold on a second. Listen to me.

I should've objected more.

But, you know, if you object too much,

then the jury thinks

that the witness is hiding something,

so I didn't know what to do,

and I just left her alone
up there, a target.

And Monica is a lot tougher
than you think.

Every aspect,

every moment of her life,

open to dissection,

while Markeevious Ryan,
he's just sitting over there.

He's smiling on the sidelines.

She said it herself, Liv.
It's not fair.

So use that.

Figure out a way to get him
into the game.

♪ ♪

I know this isn't easy, Ms. Russo.

No, it isn't.

Having the defense imply

that because you took the money,

you weren't raped.

I don't want money. I want justice.

Being called a liar
'cause you're a stripper,

does that make you angry?

It makes me furious.

They can say whatever
they want about you.

Doesn't strike me as fair.

Not when the man
who raped you is just...

is just sitting there.


Is there a question here?

Point taken, Ms. Barth.

Mr. Carisi.

Ms. Russo.

What do you think about
Markeevious Ryan right now?

I think he was a bully in the room,

and I think he's a coward now.


He doesn't have the balls to face me.

What's he so afraid of?

You said you didn't rape me.

Then why aren't you man enough?

Get up, and just...

Approach, Your Honor.

Your Honor, I, uh,
I need a brief recess

to confer with Ms. Russo.

I don't know what you're gonna discuss,

but it better not be about
why the defendant

isn't taking the stand.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

I know, you told me where the line
was, and I crossed it.

- I screwed up.
- No, you didn't.

- You're fine.
- What the hell was that?

Amateur hour?

Keep it up,
you're gunning for contempt.

Oh, go back to your rapist client.

She's pissed. You got to her.

Not me. Monica.

My guess is it worked.


I didn't rape her.

I just paid her for consensual sex.

Thank you, Mr. Ryan.

Now, it was your idea

to go into the champagne room
that night, wasn't it?


But she wanted to.

How'd you know that?

Come on. She's a stripper.

I mean, I'm a celebrity.

They all want a piece of me.

I get it, I get it. It's actually

why I'm kind of surprised that you...

had to pay for sex.

I didn't have to.

Just trying to keep it simple.

Avoid the drama.

These free-range women, they just...

You mean the women
who you don't pay for?

Who are free to say no?

You know how it is.

One way or another,
you always end up paying for it.


And these women, they...

let's face it,
they always want something.

Yeah, they're all smiles and eyelashes,

all, "Markeevious this,"
"Markeevious that."

They just want to rub up on me.

Get some of that glow,
some of that money.

So you've had other women
come after your money before?

All the time. Ask my ex-wife.

She'll tell you all
the lawsuits I've had to fight.

The lawsuits? For what, raping women?


Your client opened the door.

I didn't rape these women,

but they see me as their Golden Ticket.

The guy who pays the bills.

Smiles for their dumbass selfies.

So you do all the work,

and these women,
they just take and they take.

- Objection.
- Overruled.

What am I? Am I every bitch's charity?

Right, they take and they take,
and what do they give you?

- The only thing they got.
- Sex.

What else do they have that I want?

Yeah, but what if they don't
give you that?

Doesn't happen.

- Nobody says no to Markeevious.
- Yeah, but what if they do?

What if they get the nerve
to say no to you?

That just means they want more money.

Because you're Markeevious Ryan,

and every woman wants a piece!

- You're damn right!
- Objection, Your Honor.


♪ ♪

No further questions.

♪ ♪

You okay?

Not really, no.

Jury's been out for days.

It's been three hours, Carisi.

Did you just throw up?



Waiting for the verdict, it's...

it's different when it's your case.

- Let's take a walk.

Oh, hold that thought.

The jury's coming back.

- Okay.
- I'm good, I'm good.


On the sole count
of rape in the first degree,

how does the jury find?

We find the defendant,
Markeevious Ryan,



♪ ♪

What do you think?

What are those keys?

Seven, one for each
year of his sentence.

♪ ♪

Do I have to have wings?

Yeah, you do.

You both do.


♪ ♪