Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 21, Episode 10 - Must Be Held Accountable - full transcript

A desperate father takes matters into his own hands in the case against his daughter's rapist.

In the criminal justice

sexually‐based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Do you mind?
I'm a scout for Steve Getz.

Give us a go.

Show me that smile.

He really plays
on teenage girls.

Hold on.
Steve Getz, the billionaire?

We have to hit him
from every angle.

Ivy's little sister.
How old are you, sweetheart?

Almost 13.

Isn't that wonderful?

There's an extra
hundred there for you.

[dramatic music]

Getz assaulted my daughter!

Dad, wait, stop.
I'll testify.

Mr. Getz,
after reviewing the case file,

I sentence you
to time served.

You're free to go.

Two underage girls
without parental permission?


I'm their mom.
I gave permission.

I should've handled
this myself!

Frank, you need to stop.

Thank you for seeing me
after work.

It's been such a long day.

This Steve Getz case?
We get completely blindsided.

I've been following.

Yeah, so you've seen.

Can we start
with your father

- this time?
- Yeah, he-he called.

He's getting married

and he wants me to bring
the girls to the wedding.

- That's no big deal?
- Well,

I shot it down, so...

[door latch clicks]

Who are you?

[intense music]

Your gun... you left it
in the car.

You shouldn't do that,
hear me?


Frank, what are you doing?

My kids,
I want them home safe.

And I want Getz in jail.

This isn't the way.

- Sit down!
- Okay.

[♪ ♪]

Don't do this.

Way past that.

I want him in jail,
do you hear me?


[cell phone chimes]

Hey, Noah.

Just gettin' in the car.

I just want to tell you,

the middle school's
doing "The Nutcracker."

They asked me
to be the nephew.

Oh, honey!

that's amazing.

I have a solo.
Wanna see?

You know what?
How 'bout you show me at home?

Show me in person, okay?




Love you.

Hey, Rollins.
Everything all right?

I'm okay.
We're all okay.

What's goin' on?

Where are you?

You don't need
to know that.

Who's there with you?

- It's Frank Bucci.
- Detective, take it easy.

No, no.
You listen to me.

Getz has got my girls,
I've got one of yours.

Okay, I hear that,
I hear that, but... but,

but just hold on for a second.

We can talk about this.

You don't get her back
till Getz goes down.

Frank, Frank,
let's talk about this.

I know you.
You get things done.

Do it.

Frank, do not hang up.

I'm not negotiating.

[disconnection chime]

[dramatic music]

[♪ ♪]

Special Victims Unit

*LAW & ORDER Special Victims Unit*
Season 21 Episode 10

Episode Title:
"Must Be Held Accountable

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I was just punching out.

No, you're not.
Bucci went rogue.

He's holding Rollins
and he has a weapon.


Is she all right?
Where are they?

I don't know, so call TARU.

Have them start location
process on their cars, cells.

She was headed home.
He might've followed her.

So alert ESU.
I'll meet them there now.

It's not gonna make
a difference, Frank.

The last ping will still
be in the vicinity.

I'm not worried.

I'm not worried.


Pills, whiskey?

If you're gonna
hold people hostage,

it usually helps to be lucid.

You think I'm here
for my health?

No, you're here
for your daughters.

You care about them.
I can see that.

What is this?
Good shrink, bad cop?

It's not gonna work.

this isn't gonna work, either.

There's no plan
and you took a gamble, Frank.

You know
how that pans out for you.

Hey, you think insulting the
man that has a gun to your head

is a smart move?

No, she doesn't.
She's just anxious.

Frank, listen.
Hey, I'm sorry.

I'm just scared.

Good, then just
do what I ask you to do.

Her cell is off and
she doesn't have a landline.

We could knock,
do a wellness check.

Vic, Bucci has
a gun to her head.

She has two small daughters.
I'm not taking any chances.

Copy, we'll move forward,
establish communication inside.


Rollins' and Bucci's phones
are disabled.

TARU said it'll take an hour
to triangulate.

Okay, so what about GPS
from their cars?

We're on it. We're checking license
plate readers, Rollins' E‐ZPass...

He's an ex‐cop so he knows
how to go under the radar.

Right, so run his house, uh,

have his old squad
pull his ten card,

find out many guns he owns,
what type.

Got it.

He went nuts
when Getz walked.

It certainly seems like it.

But he likes Rollins,
I don't think he'll hurt her.

Fin, men...

kill women that they like
all the time, you know that.

- Yeah, I know, but...
- Sergeant, Captain.

Got some images.

- Is she inside?
- It's unlikely.

Two sleeping children
in the back bedroom

and here, in the living room.

This is Rollins' new nanny.
Sienna, I think.

No one's in distress.

Let's move.

[♪ ♪]


Sienna, it's Olivia Benson,
Amanda's captain.


Is everything okay?

We hope so.
Are you okay?

Are the girls okay?

I'm fine.
They're sleeping.

Do you know where Amanda is?

No. She came home after
work and had an errand.

Said she'd be back at 7:30.

I'll call Carisi and see
if he knows where she went.

- Okay.
- Olivia?



Where's Mama?

It's okay, Jesse.

Mama's working.


You want Getz.
Yeah, what do you think?

This isn't the way.

We can... we can still
walk out of here

and Frank, I‐I swear,

I will help you,
I will help...

Now you're lying.

I've been a cop
half my life.

I've been in hostage
situations, shot, investigated.

Anything you try,
I'm one step ahead,

and I'm not afraid
to go down for this, I'm not.

[doorbell chimes]

Who is that?

Who is that?

I don't know.
Amanda's my last patient.

I have a‐a doorbell app
on my... on my iPad.

It's on my desk.

[doorbell chimes]

Mom, sorry.
I forgot my key.

This is your kid?

Get rid of him before I do.

Dylan, I'm in the middle
of a group session.

Go to your pop's in Brooklyn.

Wait, what?

I forgot my key,
just buzz me in.

I'll go in my room.

- Call Leo, I'm busy.
- Mom?

I'm hanging up now, go.

What's this Pop?
What's his name?

I just said.
It's Leo.

Leo gonna ask any questions?


He's a drummer,
he doesn't notice things.

It's why we got divorced.

You don't let him
get to see his kid much?

End game of a marriage...
takes its toll on everyone.


Unless you're married
to a psycho.

What was my wife thinking,

taking my girls
on that boat with Getz, huh?

- What was she thinking?
- You're not thinking.

You were in a relationship
where people don't think...

She's on that boat
with Getz right now.

I should've killed
that son of a bitch

- in the court when I had...
- He's not worth it.

It is for me...

if it saves my girls.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

How about you
in jail for kidnapping?

What does that do for them?

Your daughters
need their father, Frank.

[♪ ♪]

No idea
where your detective is?

We'll leave an officer inside
and an unmarked on the block

in case they show.

Local precinct broke
into Bucci's house.

- Nobody's home.
- So,

Milly and Ivy
are still on the boat?

Hasn't returned to the dock.
Harbor patrol has eyes on it.

Is there anyone in Rollins'
life that we should call?

Right now,

she has her two daughters
and she has us.

Hey, she's not here.
What about his house?

She's not there, either.

Carisi, is there someplace

that she mentioned
that she goes at night?

Someplace like Gamblers
Anonymous, or... or... or a class?

Only thing I can think about

is last week
I had called about a DD5.

She said she was at a shooting
range, had to call me back.

She told me that
she was at the shooting range

a few days ago.

Twice in two weeks?

Rodman's Neck?
I'll call.


Okay, did TARU
get back to you

on the location of Rollins'
phone when she called me?

- Not yet.
- It's a recording. So, just go.

We're waiting on the GPS
on their cars.

Bucci's ex‐captain doesn't know
where he is or...

How the hell does Bucci
keep his gun

after that meltdown
in the hospital?

this guy is retired NYPD.

You know how difficult it is

to file a red flag

- petition on them.
- Yeah, I know.

But if he doesn't have his gun,

this whole thing
plays out differently.

That son of a bitch Getz.

He gets his lawyer
to offer a plea deal,

the whole time he knows
he's got Judge Ellery in his pocket.

Carisi, this is not on you.

I don't know
how these guys are connected,

but I'm gonna find out.

If Rollins gets shot over this,

I'm gonna take all of them out.

Okay, Carisi.
Just take a breath, let's...

[inhales deeply]
Let's breathe.

[♪ ♪]

Shut up, shut up.
Let me think.

I'm not lying to you.
You know me.

Put the gun down.
Walk away.

It's too late.
I took a civilian hostage.

Did you?

Or did you come here
to get counseling?

I threatened her captain.

I can honestly say that...
that you

were under extreme stress
and that we resolved the issue

at the end of the session.

Frank, you're NYPD.

So you lost it

when the man who raped
your daughter walked away?

God, nobody's gonna wanna
come after you.

It doesn't solve my problems.
No one wants to go after Getz.

He laughed at me in court,

and now he's got my daughters
on a boat

God knows doing what.

He needs to be stopped.

We'll get him.
Frank, we'll get him.

We'll keep investigating,
you have my word.

No, you said that before.

This guy's got
too much leverage.

This isn't the way
to bring him down!

You already said it, right?
You know the drill.

My car's parked
right out front.

They'll GPS it.

My phone... you smashed it,
but they'll track it.

You're right, okay?

You're right, all right?

I got a new plan.

Yeah, new plan.

Hey, did you get anything?

The shooting range
was a dead end.

They haven't seen Rollins
in a year.

So wherever Rollins
said she was going,

that was just a cover story?

Where is TARU with the
cell phone, with the GPS?

Her latest ping,

they narrowed it down
to West 80s west of Broadway.

Wait, West 80s?

Uh, this is weird.

There's a 911 relay

for Dr. Alexis Hanover,
an NYPD shrink.


That's the one that we did
the interview training with.

Her son just alerted
her police supervisor,

Leo Vanek, to a situation.

What kind of situation?

I have no idea, but it's at
her home office at West 83rd.

You think Rollins could've
started seeing Hanover privately?

If she did,
she wouldn't have told

- any of us.
- Okay, let's go.

[equipment rattling]

You try again?

Straight to machine.

Hanover's cell keeps going
to voicemail.

I found Bucci's car
a block over

and Rollins' Jeep
down the street.

Her gun was
in her glove compartment.

So she's unarmed?

She can handle herself,

We got a situation
on the pole cam.

Let's move.

Dr. Hanover.

Check the back,
search every room.

I'll check the building.

[muffled whimpering]

Are you okay?

I'm okay.


Okay. Where's Rollins?

She's gone.
He took her.

Can you tell my son
that I'm okay?

Already did.
He'll meet you at Mercy.


She give us anything?

She said Bucci
was highly agitated.

He's escalating.
He does not have a clear plan.

You didn't need a shrink
to tell us that.

Well, he doesn't know
where he's going

- or how he's gonna get there.
- How was Rollins?

She's staying calm,
you know.

Holding her own.

Maybe I shouldn't ask this,
but she knows the guy.

I mean, is there any chance
she's in on it

or maybe lost perspective?


And yeah, you're right...

you shouldn't have asked.

Bucci smashed his phone.

Even if we do arrest Getz,
how's he gonna know?

He told Dr. Hanover that
he wanted to see it on the news.

So he's headed somewhere
with a TV?

That's his plan?

Maybe his wife and his kids
know where he would go.

Fin and Kat,
go back to the pier

and wait for
Getz's party boat.


Hey, I'm sorry
for what I said about Rollins.

You'll be a great detective,
you just gotta...

Think before I open my mouth?

And before you go
off the playbook.

I mean, you just gotta
think more in general.

- Copy that, Sarge.
- Here they come.

You've been here
this whole time?

Give us some space.

- We're not here for you.
- This time.

Is there a problem?

We need to talk
to Donna Bucci.


Donna, girls?
You need to come with us.


Is this about Daddy?

Yes, it is.

Donna, call me
if you need anything.

You missed a hell of a party,

What's my husband done now?


took some woman cop hostage?


He's out of control.

Mrs. Bucci, do you have any
idea where he may have gone?

A vacation place,
a buddy's house?

He doesn't have friends.

He has chippies.

He'd tell me he was
working overtime on a case

and I'd get the E‐ZPass bill.

He'd gone upstate
for two days.

And where would he go?

He'd tell me?

What's he angry about,
the girls having fun?

We had a great time.
We saw the Statue of Liberty.

Okay, how did... how did you
end up on the boat?

That nice woman, Granya,
called me at rehab.

Said Ivy and Milly were invited
to a party on Steve's yacht

and they wanted me to be there
as, like, a guardian.

He even sent a limo.

What do you know
about Steve Getz?

What Ivy tells me.

He's a cool guy.

He pays her to model,

and Frank's so blind
with jealousy

he's getting in the way
of her career

- like he did with mine.
- So, Mrs. Bucci...

this is gonna come as a shock.

Steve Getz is a pedophile.

He's having sex with Ivy.


I don't believe it.

It's true.

She was gonna testify
against him.

I'm her mom.

She'd have told me.

And it can't be true.

She was very sweet with him
at the party.

Sorry, Captain.

The girl was crying.

Oh, come here, baby.

Mommy, I'm scared.

I'm taking you home.

You and Ivy.

Ivy, I know you feel
powerless right now,

like Steve is in control.

He is,
just admit it.

nothing happened tonight,

and he paid
me and Milly anyway.


So my mom and I
can take Milly home?

Where, to her rehab?

Ivy, your dad
is in serious trouble.

I told you,
I don't know where he is.

Has he tried
to contact you at all?

Check if you want.

You're such a cop.

No matter what my dad does,
Steve will never get caught.

He knows everybody.

Some girl on the yacht

was bragging she parties
with that judge.

What judge?

Judge Joe.

The one who practically
called me a whore.

Meanwhile, he's the one
who likes to get spanked.

I knew it.

Do you know
this girl's name?


Okay, Chief, I'm gonna
have to call you back.

Tess, maybe?

Um, she was Russian.

What, Carisi?

Judge Joe Ellery...
Getz owns him.

It's not the crime,
it's the cover‐up.

what does she look like?

Reddish hair, pale.

Look, do I have to be here?

I'm tired
and I wanna go home.


Ellery's been going
to Getz's parties.

He's having sex
with underage girls.

No wonder
he lets him off the hook.

Well, it could
give us leverage.

If we can prove it.

When we searched
Getz's mansion,

we found a camera
and an SD card

with photos of his cronies
partying with young girls.

Maybe we get lucky.

Look who turned up
on Getz's camera.

The Honorable Judge Ellery.
Do we have an ID on the girl?

Tessa Valenko.
We interviewed her earlier.

She's been having sex with Getz
and according to Ivy,

spanking sessions
with the judge.

Now, full disclosure:

she's not asserting rape,
and she is 17.

Anything else
connect Ellery to Getz?

Ellery and Getz's lawyer,

Fraternity brothers at Yale.

We also have a security guard
on the block

who puts Ellery at Getz's
parties on a regular basis.

All circumstantial.

We're talking about
going after a sitting judge

on the bench 30 years
with an impeccable record.

Hadid's on board with this?

I didn't think it was worth

bringing to her attention
at this point.

Copy that.

Still no leads on Rollins?

No contact for six hours

and Bucci moved her
from the initial location.

We can't afford to wait.

Let's wake up Judge Ellery.
Bluff him.

No texts, emails,
nothing in the system...

not until Detective Rollins
is safe.

[exhales deeply]

All right.
You... you wanna?

No, no.
Don't worry about me.

Go ahead.

Frank, I could use
something to eat.

Yeah, so you can
make a run for it?

I'm just...
I'm hungry.

Aren't you hungry?

We'll get breakfast later.
Do you have any cash?


You're really not good at this,
are you?

No, no, listen.

I didn't... I didn't mean it.
I didn't mean it.


Look, you did good.
You boosted our ride,

that was great.

- Yeah.
- And you've gotta be careful

'cause they're gonna be checking
stolen vehicle reports, you know that.

I switched out the license plates
when you were napping,

so keep your mouth shut,
get in the car.


But I just...

I have a three‐year‐old
at home

that doesn't sleep
through the night.

She wakes up
and I'm not there...

Here's the thing
about being a cop.

When you leave in the morning

they never know
if you're coming home.

- You hear me, sweetheart?
- Okay. They never know.

I know, but okay.
But you don't care

about my daughters,
what about yours?

what about Ivy and Milly?

- Yeah.
- What do you think that...

Call your girls,
call your girls.

Go ahead.
Make it quick.

- Make the call.
- Okay.

I'm not gonna screw your over.

- Go ahead.
- Okay.

Just do it.

Hey, Sienna.

Yeah, it's me. it's me.

everything's okay.

Um, is Jesse asleep?

Yeah, she's right there?

- Okay, yeah...
- Come on!

Baby, hi.
It's Mama.

No, I'll be home soon.

- Get down, get down, get down.
- Ow... what?

What, what?

Frank, what?

What'd I tell you?

okay, okay, okay.

I wasn't trying to screw you.

Screw me over?

You tell me my kids
need a dad?

Don't you forget,
your girls need a mom.

I'll shoot you right here
if I have to.


What about private
security cameras?

It's the Upper West Side,
everybody's wired.

I checked
all the footage we have.

Rollins and Bucci were caught
on foot by a traffic cam

at 83rd and Columbus
at 9:35 heading west.

We lose 'em after that.

What about the subways?

I checked subways, too.
No sign of 'em.

And there's no report
of stolen vehicles

and no hits on Bucci's
or Rollins' credit cards.

[cell phone buzzing]




Okay, Sienna.

Is the officer
still there with you?

He's gonna need
to take your phone.

Rollins called Jesse
a few minutes ago.

No caller ID.

A burner cell.
They can trace that.

Okay, you call the captain.
I'll call TARU.


[knock on door]

What the hell is going on?

Sorry to wake you,
but it's a matter of urgency.

We need
a no‐knock warrant.

At this hour?
What's this about?

Steve Getz.

Everything all right, Joe?

Fine, dear.
Go back to bed.

Let's talk in the library.

That girl was 17.

What about the others,
Your Honor?

And we will find the others,
trust me.

None of them were underage.

I'm not sure your wife
will see that as redemptive.

We know
that you and Getz's lawyer

were at the same fraternity
at Yale.

We also know
that you've been

going to parties at Getz's
townhouse for years now.

I've done nothing illegal.

You should have
recused yourself from the case,

not put a hand on the wheel
until it was assigned to you.

Cases are assigned randomly.

We've already spoke

to the chief administrator
who was on duty that day.

I will not be bullied,

One of my detectives

is being held at gunpoint
by the victim's father.

The victim you called a whore
in court.

So, this can go a few
different ways, Judge Ellery.

Now... you don't help us

and that detective dies,
what happens

to your relationship
with the NYPD after that?

Your career, your marriage.

Not to mention you're gonna
have blood on your hands.

What do you want?


Where are we going?

You don't need to know.

Well, we need to get to a TV

'cause they could've
arrested Getz already.

They haven't. I've been
checking the news on the radio.


I just... I wanna know
what the plan is.

you sound like my wife.

Like Donna, except Type A.

She's not exactly
whatever you are...


You really don't know me.

What I don't get
about you is,

why someone like you
was seeing a shrink.


Made plenty
of bad choices, Frank.


I mean, I...

I got two kids
by two different dads...

guys I slept with
for no good reason.

My career?

I've been a third grade
detective for eight years.

What's holding you back?

I am, I guess.

You're better at this
than Dr. Hanover.


Frank, come on.

Just... just let me...

let me out of these cuffs,
come on.

I do that, you bolt.
No, I'm not gonna do that.

I'm not gonna do anything.

- You're trying to play me.
- It's not gonna work.

I'm not gonna play you,
I just...

Yeah, come on.
Come on, Frank.

My arms are killing me,
I've got no circulation,

- my nose itches,
- All right, all right,

- there's something in my eye.
- All right, I promise...

- Let me go.
- If you stop talking,

- Just, come on!
- I'll pull over.


Jesus, Joe.

It's 4:00 a. m.

I couldn't sleep.

You have nothing
to worry about, Joe.

Or do you?

I went out on a limb
for you, for Steve.

Joe, you're in no position
to shake us down for more.

searched Getz's townhouse.

What if they found
photos, video?

This could blow up
my whole life.

Just relax, please.

Come on, they found one camera
when they searched.

Party photos, that's it.
Nothing explicit.

The good stuff?
Your hanky spanky?

It's in my office.

Lawyer‐client privilege.

There you go.
Call Hadid for a warrant?

No, Garland said
to keep this off the grid.

You think Hadid
is gonna tip off Getz?

Not on purpose,
but the people above her?

- Better yet, deleted.
- Can't take that chance.

Nothing's gonna happen, Joe.

Tell Granya
to delete my contacts.

Are you sure?

Granya's about to fly in three
girls from Paris this weekend,

all under 15,
for Steve's birthday.

You wanna be second up?

Are you not listening to me?

You need to calm down.

Have a drink, take a pill,
watch some porn,

whatever it takes
to get some shut‐eye.

I'm going back to bed.
Do me a favor.

Don't contact me again.

How long
before Abrams tips off Getz?

We gotta go fast.

[♪ ♪]

So are we good?


Now we need a no‐knock warrant
for Abrams' office.

I can't sign off on that.

Then call a judge who can.


[♪ ♪]

That's it.

Cell signal's
still pinging from that car.

I only see a driver.
Where's Rollins?

Maybe he's got her
in the trunk.

[siren whoops]

Pull over, now.

[siren wailing]

[siren chirps]


Hands on the wheel!

What's going on?
I wasn't even doing 60.

Pop the trunk.

Got it.
I got the phone.

Bucci must've dumped it.

You stop anywhere?

I stopped at a diner
about an hour ago.

They must've been there, too.

Where the hell are they now?

Okay, so come back
to the city.

Now, Fin.

There's no sign of Rollins.

What about the burner cell?

Bucci threw it
in another car.

Sent us on a goose chase.
May I help you?

NYPD, we need to get into
Paul Abrams' office.

It's in the penthouse.

Mr. Abrams
is never here this early.

Well, we have a warrant.

[♪ ♪]

what does the warrant cover?


Okay, guys.
Sweep it all.

Check in the drawers.

I'm surprised
CNN isn't here.

How you gonna
make a statement, Chief,

if there's no one here
to broadcast it?

Thought we'd give you

the opportunity
to get ahead of the narrative.

Anything you want to say?

Right, yeah.

Garland... FYI,

I have a lot more friends
at 1PP than you do,

and for what it's worth,

the sense from the old guard
is you don't know your place.

That's why
they're the old guard.

Right, are you gonna
let me grab a robe?

I don't see that.

Around 5:30 this morning,
Bucci dumped his burner cell

into the back seat
of another car

while he and Rollins
were at this diner.

They get anything?

A waitress recognized
Bucci and Rollins.

Said they were there
around 5:00 a. m.

For less than a half hour.

Thinks they got into a
late model dark gray sedan.

Btu nobody saw the plates?

So they could be anywhere.

Troopers and local PDs
are canvassing

every gas station, motel, and
rest stop in a 50‐mile radius.

Forget about that.
Bucci is too smart for that.

We gotta be looking

at trailers, parking lots,
empty houses...

Relax, Carisi.

They know what they're doing
and so does Rollins.

[cell phone chimes]

Garland just arrested Abrams.
He's bringing him in.

Do we really think
Abrams will turn on Getz?

He's not gonna get a choice.


Ellery set me up.

Look at him.

Judge Ellery
has a conscience.

He's cooperating
with the investigation.

You mean you threatened
to tell his wife?

Judges... come on,
they're all pussies.

Weak link in the criminal
justice chain, right?

I could pick out
the C‐minus students

destined for the black robes
in my law classes.

Oh, well... let me just
jump in here then, Professor,

because we have you on wire

admitting to sex trafficking
of minors,

blackmail, and bribery.

An overdose of Viagra

couldn't get that
to stand up in court.

Not to mention

the treasure trove

of child pornography

we found in your office.

What do you want?

Mr. Abrams,

you're one of the most
notorious defense attorneys

in New York.

Now, you have to know
that what we have here,

that means it's over for you.


so your next line is...

"Let us help you," right?

Oh wait, I like, uh,
"Work with us, here."

Well actually,
I was thinking more like,

"Deal or rot in jail."

Nice try.
I'm not gonna give up Getz.

I believe in loyalty.

You see, this is why lawyers
hire lawyers, Mr. Abrams.

[tense music]

[♪ ♪]

I want full immunity.

I can take that up
with the DA.

And when you do,
make sure he knows

there's a lot more information
I could provide...

information that's
a little too sensitive

even to keep in my office.

Save that for round two,

which doesn't happen
unless you give us Getz.

Yeah, you and Getz,

you must've had some kind
of contingency plan,

an escape hatch?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

You don't know
what I'm talking about?

Then we're done here.

Unless you call Getz right now,
you tell him it's go time.

There's no deal.


[♪ ♪]

I don't like this.
Where's Abrams?

He'll be here.

Or not.

Just get your ass
on the plane, Granya.

[siren whoops]



Just shut up, and...


Captain Benson.

You're like a dog
chasing a car, aren't you?

Steven Getz,

you're under arrest.

Granya Marcil, you too.

What are the charges?

Rape, sex trafficking,
for starters.

[♪ ♪]

I want my lawyer.

We've got him in custody.

I don't think you two will be
spending much time together.

Get him out of here.

[♪ ♪]

They know you're here
at the front desk?

I'm not perfect, okay?

What I learned growing up,
all dads cheat.

Hey, whatever you're
trying to say, just stop.

Do you have to keep
the gun on me?

I took the cuffs off, okay?

Just shush.

You know I could've
run away any time.

I'm faster than you,

and we both know
you won't shoot me in the back.

You don't know me.

We don't even know each other.

All we have
is that half an hour

in a courthouse waiting room.

I hit on you.

You let me know
I was punching above my weight.

Till all of this, you never
thought about me once.

That's not true, Frank.

Come on.
Here comes the Southern charm.

- I'm being honest.
- Stop.

- I thought about you.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- You wanna know what I thought?


You're a nice guy.

You... you say
nobody listens to you.


But you listen to me.

Thought you were a decent guy.

Funny... you're worried
about your kids, your case.

Just another gavone cop
hitting on you.

I thought you were nice,

which meant not the guy for me.

I can't handle nice.


My dad treated my mom
like crap growing up.

[inhales deeply]
And she took it.

Like, she spent her entire life
chasing dirtbags.

That's all she thought
she was worth,

and I hated her for it.

I'm just like her.

Now I got two little girls.

I'm terrified...

They're gonna grow up
the same way...

feeling like they don't deserve
to be happy.

This is breaking news.

[shushes aggressively]

Where Steve Getz
was just arrested

as he attempted
to flee the country.

SVU detectives from the NYPD
assisted by the state police

apprehended him
and charged him

with rape and sex trafficking
of minors.

Now, he and his business
associate, Granya Marcil...

Son of a bitch!

They got Getz.


[stirring music]

It's over.

[♪ ♪]


get the hell out of here.

Go ahead.

You know, whatever
you were just saying,

I don't know a word you said.
But I wasn't listening.

I'm sorry.

I really am.

[♪ ♪]

What the hell are you doing?

I wanna get out of here
alive, Frank,

and this is probably
gonna be confusing,

but I want you to get out too.


'Cause you did this
for your daughters.

I would've done the same thing.

I don't want anybody
taking you out,

so you are gonna come with me.

Come on.

Nice and easy.

We meet again.

The circle of life.

Chief Garland, I am sorry
about your detective.

- I had nothing to do...
- Spare me your faux concern.

Why are we here?

My client has information

we believe would be of interest
to the DA and NYPD.

Well, we already got that
offer from Abrams, so save it.

What I have trumps
what he has.

I've always kept
a little black book

held in a safety deposit box.

Now, there's enough there
to implicate

a prominent ADA,
a federal prosecutor,

two former cabinet members,
three governors,

and a Middle Eastern prince,
just for starters.

Implicates, how so?

Well, the term "black book"
is just a metaphor.

It's really a 2x4 metal box
filled with photos, videos,

all of it backed up
on zip drives.

Your tech department
can authenticate it.

Nothing's been photoshopped
or digitally manipulated.

What do you want?


I can tell you this much.

I'm not spending the rest
of my life in prison.

That's not your choice,
Mr. Getz.

Your DA
would likely feel differently.

What we have...

it puts him on the map.

I guarantee, if not your DA

then the Southern District
will want to talk deal.

They already took one from you.

You might want to, uh,

get ahead of this one.

[♪ ♪]

I wouldn't hold your breath.


What does he want?

He's looking for a deal.

- Still nothing from Rollins?
- Not yet.

This arrest
has been all over the news.

I don't like this.

I need the captain.


You get away from her!
It's okay, he's cuffed.

Take him.
He never hurt me.

All right, got him.

G‐give me this.
Give me this.


- You okay?
- Yeah.

- Ivy, Milly?
- They're safe.

They're with social services.

Nah, call my mom.
She'll come up from Florida.

We've already called her.
She's on her way.

I'm taking him to holding.
Easy, he's NYPD.

Like hell he is.

- You okay?
- I...[stutters]

I'm fine.
He never even touched me.

Okay, well, we'll still get
you to the hospital?

No, I'm tired
and I need to see my girls.

I'll drive. I'll drive you.


Sienna, I should be home
in, uh...

Half hour.

Uh, less...
less than an hour, okay?

Yeah, I can't wait to be home.

All right, tell the girls.

[exhales deeply and sniffles]

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

[♪ ♪]

Hey, Rollins?



- Okay, come here.
- [sobs]

I got you.

I got you.



So the court agreed to give
Detective Bucci a psych eval.

Hanover doesn't wanna press
charges and Hadid will agree

to a guilty plea
to unlawful imprisonment.

That's one year.

He kidnaps one of our own and
you're looking out for him?

I'm looking out for Rollins.

She doesn't want
to punish this guy,

and I don't want
to put her on the stand.

Is that okay with you, Officer?

What about Getz?

Is his black book
getting him off?

that's above my pay grade,

but upstairs
there's not much appetite

for letting him off the hook.

You mean for finding out
who else he can take down?

That's another way
of putting it.

Either way,
he's done.

Granya will testify,
Abrams will testify.

The accusers are coming out
of the woodwork now.

He's gonna have to
face them in court.

How's Amanda doing?

Captain made her
take a few days off.

She's... she's good.

[♪ ♪]

Good night.

"And all the baby lambs
in the barn were fast asleep,

safe from harm."

[♪ ♪]

[♪ ♪]

Coming to you
with breaking news

that Steve Getz
has been found dead...

I can't see this guy
killing himself.

Me neither.

I mean, I don't even think
that's him on the gurney.

I mean, seriously.

He fakes his own death,

they swap him out with some
homeless guy from the morgue

and then he flies off to some
island beyond extradition.

Nah, nah, no way.

All those tapes he had?
Somebody had to take him out.

I just...

Getz just got away
with everything his whole life.

Why quit now?

A lot of people
wanted him dead.

Either way, his number was up.

But what makes me
so angry

is that these girls will never
see their day in court.

[♪ ♪]
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[dramatic music]

[♪ ♪]

[wolf howls]