Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 20, Episode 16 - Episode #20.16 - full transcript

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses

are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Jason, what did you think
about Meredith's intro

on Avis and Ernest? Go.

It was a total spoiler.

Yeah, but that's what's cool about it.

Even though we know
their hopes and dreams

are gonna come to a crashing end?

It's so unfair.

But there's a silver lining.

There is a happy ending for humanity.

Yeah, I guess so.

Okay, Katie just gave me
the bat signal.

All right, guys, so go out there,

cast your spells on the world.

All right, badasses, get out of here.


Hey, Micah.


There he is, it'll just be
two or three days max.

There's that, and more food
under the sink if you need it.

Cool. We're gonna have hella
fun, aren't we, Po?

And Potato likes it
when you scratch him

behind the ears, don't you, baby?


Bye, buddy.


Come on, Potato,
we have to go out. Come!


Po, Micah will be back soon.

Aw, Po...


Oh, my God.

I thought Rollins was on call tonight.

Jesse has the flu.

Baby germs, great.

Now we're all gonna get sick.

Flu shot, Carisi.

What do you got?

Micah Fuller.
Neighbor found him, called 911.

Okay, any signs of forced entry?

Nope, his door was unlocked.

What about a struggle?

No, just a couple of empty
sleeping pill bottles

on the coffee table.

He left his dog with
the neighbor who found him.

Okay, if this is a suicide,
why did you call us?

Some pictures on the floor.

"I'm sorry."

These kids can't be more than 11 or 12.

Micah Fuller was a... was a pedophile?

Looks like it
finally caught up with him.

Well, he may be dead
but his victims aren't.

Have we figured out who these kids are?

TARU is doing a sweep
of Micah Fuller's devices,

but so far, nothing.
He took Polaroids, so.

It's a good way to avoid
a digital footprint.

You uploaded these to NCMEC?

Yeah, I sent the originals
to the lab for analysis.

Okay, so what do we know
about this guy?

Well, I mean, the neighbors
say he was quiet, polite.

There was a girlfriend briefly.

His parents are at the morgue now.

- They should be down here shortly.
- We know what he did for a living?

Yeah, he worked at Alastair
Bookstore, it's downtown.

I don't know it.
Okay, you stay with the photos,

I'll have Carisi hit the bookstore.

All right.


- When did this happen?
- Over the weekend.

Oh, no.

Did Micah have any contact
with the kids who come in here?

Most of his time was spent with books

but he did run our
YA reading group on Saturdays.

Did the parents have any
involvement in this group?

Micah didn't want them here.

He seemed more comfortable
with teenagers.

This reading group,
how old were the kids?

11 to 15?

Okay, were any of the boys Caucasian?


I'm gonna need their names.

You're telling us this sicko
from the reading group

took pictures of our son?

We're not even sure it is him.

They're not.

- You're sure?
- No, Jason is chubbier

than these boys and he has

three big freckles
on his right shoulder.

There's no way any of those
pictures are my son.

Tommy wears boxers like his dad.

- Thank you for coming in.
- But just because he's not

in any of those pictures
doesn't mean...

He talked about
this Micah kid all the time.

- He still could've...
- Listen.

There's no way of knowing, Mr. Meyers.

So I think the best thing for
you to do is go home,

have a conversation with your
son and get back to us, okay?

We're the Fullers. Micah's parents.

Hey, you better hope that
your son didn't touch my kid.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Easy, easy.

Guys, come... come this way.

What is that man talking about?

Come on.

Micah struggled with depression.

We really thought he turned
a corner when he met Helen.

Helen? Helen is his girlfriend?

They broke up about a week ago.

He texted me, he said he was fine,

but I could tell he was upset.

So Mr. and Mrs. Fuller,
Micah had some Polaroids.

That were of young...

unclothed boys.

What do you mean?

- Nate.
- I wanna see them.

I don't see how that would
help anybody, Mr. Fuller,

and those... those boys are victims.

Yeah, and so is my son.

Oh, my God.


This is Micah. When he was a kid.

Which one?

All of them.

Th... this is his bedroom.

This is our bathroom.

We bought him those outer space jockeys

- when he was 11 years old.
- So who the hell took these?

Does this mean Micah was molested?

You're damn right it does.

How else do you explain these?

Let's... let's not jump to conclusions.

We don't know. Um,

I think the best place
to start right now

is if you could give
us Helen's last name.

He killed himself because of me?

No, of course not.

Micah had issues.

Believe me, I know.

What do you mean?

Um, Micah took things slow.

He didn't even kiss me
until our fourth date.

We never actually had sex.

Did you ask him about that?

He said he really liked me
and wanted to wait.

I thought it was sweet at first

but then I started to feel
like it was me.

It wasn't.

The night we finally decided
to sleep together.

Um, Micah couldn't.

That's when he told me somebody
molested him when he was a kid.

Did he say by who?


He did say that the guy asked him

to take pictures of himself.

I felt like a jerk
for breaking up with him, but

I'm 20 years old I just...
I wanted a normal relationship.

Do you know of anyone who would know?

He did mention this guy, Billy,

who used to be his best friend.

Billy Ryan.

How did he...

Sorry, dude. Don't tell me.

Micah's girlfriend told us that you two

were pretty close in middle school.

Yeah, grew up down the street
from each other.

When's the last time you saw Micah?

Not for a while.

- Damn.
- What is it?

Micah emailed me, like, two days ago.

What'd he say?

I hadn't opened it yet.
Me and my girl were smurfing

on level six of
"Kill or be Slaughtered."

Hang on.

Okay, this is from Saturday night.

Hey, sorry I've been out of touch.

You might be hearing some
things about me

in the near future that will be
hard for you to understand.

All I can bring myself to say
right now is,

if you wanna know why, ask Gary.

Who's Gary?

I don't know.

Why would he send you that, then?

If I would've read this,
maybe I could have...


Okay, look, man.
Let's go back to the beginning.

What were you and Micah
into when you were,

like, 12, 11 years old?

We played video games
at our apartments.

Went to the movies, the park.

Was Micah into anything else?

Wait a second.
Micah used to do magic tricks.

He made these nerdy YouTube videos

with a costume and props.

Gary was the guy who taught him magic.

One day Micah threw away
all of his magic stuff.

Yeah, I remember
that being super weird.

You know, to be so
into something and then,

you know, game over.

So TARU was able to recover
Micah's YouTube videos.

And what happens on the
internet stays on the internet.

I just talked to the Fullers,

they have no idea who this Gary is.

Hello, and welcome

to the Marvelous Micah Magic Show,

starring yours truly, ta-da!

He made nine videos.
This was the last one.

June 20th 2009.

Okay, he would have been the same age

as he was in the Polaroids.

Ahh, that really hurt.


Hold on, there. Go back.

Go back a few frames.


Look at that. The poster on the wall.

The Gray Rabbit Magic Shop.

You guys, go.


I... I think your boy is gonna
love these vanishing coins.

And if you bring him by,
I'll show him how

to turn a dollar bill into a C note.

- Gary?
- That's me.

Are you the owner?

I oughta be, I've been
working here 15 years.

Is this about the shoplifting
thing last month?

Not exactly.
I wanna ask you about this boy.

Micah Fuller.

You recognize him?

No, I can't say I do.

Excuse me.

Customer appreciation snapshots?

- Yeah.
- Mind if I take a look

at your camera?

Oh, gosh. That thing broke

a long time ago.

So what'd you say, his name is Michael?



No, I'm sorry.
I wish I could be more help.

Well, us too, Gary. Us too.


So Gary Dolan, age 63.

Fin said he looked like
he'd seen a ghost

when they showed him a photo of Micah.

If there's any magic in the world,

let's hope Micah's haunting him.

So, polaroids at the shop

were just like the ones
at the crime scene.

Yeah, he's got the perfect set up there

to groom his victims.

Be great if there was
any proof of that.

Yep, well, we'll try to
track down the kids

from the Magic Shop photos.

Yeah it would be great
if you could get us

a warrant for Dolan's apartment.

I need to allege a specific
crime to apply for a warrant.

- Micah's Polaroids.
- Were in Micah's possession,

not Dolan's. Look,

I'd love to go after this guy

but I need something to hang my hat on.

I keep replaying the last
time Micah and I spoke.

Why didn't I see it?

I was so hard on him,
I'll never forgive myself.

Can't imagine how difficult

this is for both of you.

You know, there are support groups

that... that can help.

Thank you.

You said you had
some more questions for us?

I do.

Did Micah ever display any behavior

back then that seemed

highly sexualized?

You know, we're... we're just

trying to pinpoint a time when
something may have happened.

I wouldn't have overlooked
something like that.

There was one time.

You were in Boulder
at your college reunion.

I had to take him to the doctor.


He spilled drain cleaner
on his... on his genitals.

- What?
- I knew if I told you

you'd be on the first plane home.

Okay, I'm gonna need the exact date

of your college reunion.

You're wasting your time.

No worries, I'm enjoying
trashing your place.

There's nothing in the bedroom.

Nothing in there, either.

Look at this,
on top of everything else,

he was a coach for a youth league?

What, in the 80's?

And how many of those kids...

- What, Liv?
- Oh...

It's nothing, it just... um,

One of these kids looks like
somebody I used to know.

Hey, Liv.

Well, I'm flattered
that you recognized me.

Where'd you... where'd you get this?

It came up on a case
that we're working on.

Oh really? What, a deep dive
into the Hudson youth league?

Pedophile named Gary Dolan.

Ah, coach Gary.


We found this picture in his apartment.

Oh, yeah, well.
There's a coincidence for ya.

We believe that he
molested a kid in 2009.

Hey, you want a cup of coffee, Liv?

No, no, I'm good. Um,

So Dolan worked in a magic shop,

that's where he met the victim.

Three days ago the kid
committed suicide.


Look, I know that it's a long shot, but

if you remember any instance
where he was inappropriate

with any of the kids?

No, no, I mean, it was a long time ago.

I played for him for,
I don't know, one season?

It was nothing.

- Hey.
- Hey, hi.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Uh, I forgot the laundry room keycard.

You know, um, this is, uh,
this is my friend...

this is Olivia, and this is Madison,

- She's my neighbor.
- I'm...

I'm gonna go.

Hey, Liv, I'm real sorry
I couldn't help you out.

Yeah, no worries. Nice meeting you.

- Yeah.
- Bye.

Now I can allege a specific
act of sexual abuse.

The day Micah saw the doctor.
It's something.

So what else do you need?

Preferably a victim who's still alive

- and willing to press charges.
- Well, we're working on that.

Look, Dolan has probably been
abusing boys since the 80's.

What makes you say that?

Because he coached
youth baseball back then.

Wow. Fertile grounds for a predator.

You know, one weird thing,

Brian Cassidy was on
one of Dolan's teams.

Did you ask Cassidy about Dolan?

I did, and he doesn't
remember anything.

I'm gonna check in with
the Youth League office

and I'll let you
know if we find out anything.

Yeah, okay.

Come on.

Cassidy, it's Peter Stone.

Call me back, it's important.


- Cassidy!
- Hey.

Stone, what are you doing here, man?

That's a colt.
Your service weapon's a Glock.

You don't wanna mess with me right now.

Really, well, I hope you're
ready to shoot me too

'cause that's what it's gonna take.

Really? Whose side are you on, huh?

- Whose side am I on?
- Yeah, whose side?

After what he did to that kid?
What he did to me?

I'm not gonna let you ruin your life!

Yeah, you're too late for that!

Get your hands off me!

- Stop, stop!
- Get your hands off me!




Hey, think about what you're doing.

It's not gonna happen
like this, Brian, okay?


Look, the last time I checked,

Dolan moved down
to Jacksonville in the 90's.

All right, I had no idea he was
back up here hurting kids.

I swear to God.

I'm the one who's supposed to stop him.

And then Liv comes to your
door with this?

That must have been tough.

Yeah, tough? No, you have no idea.

Look, with your testimony,
we're gonna put

this son of a bitch
away for a long time.

Testimony? What are you crazy?

I'm not testifying in an open
court and telling

a bunch of strangers what that

sick son of a bitch did to me.

Hey, this isn't your fault.

Save your breath.

You have done the hard part.
The rest is downhill from here.

The hard part?

Are you crazy?

I'm damaged goods, Stone.

I see it every time
I look in the mirror.

Maybe you should talk to Liv.


No man, she...

She can't know anything about this.

You gotta... you gotta promise me that.

No, no, no. She's the only person

who's ever seen any good in me.

And I can't not have that.

- I need that.
- Okay.

You have to find another way.

I'll be presenting
to a grand jury tomorrow.

Once your client is indicted,

the plea will be top count only.

So what is the one time,
super-duper, special offer?

Sexual abuse in the first
degree, three to nine.


Micah committed suicide because of you.

You're damn lucky I can't
prosecute you for homicide.

I had absolutely nothing to
do with this young man's death.

I am a convenient scapegoat.

You have a thin connection at best

between my client and Micah Fuller.

How do you explain the email
that named your client?

Come on, there must be a million guys

in this country named Gary.

Micah Fuller wrote that when
he was high as a space shuttle.

Micah was a troubled boy.

You know, I tried to foster

his love of magic ten years ago.

You know, give a troubled boy
a little attention...

I am gonna bury you, Dolan.

You're a serial predator
and you've been preying on boys

since you coached
youth league baseball.

Your victim is dead

and your entire case
is smoke and mirrors.

Let's go, Gary. Waste of time.

Youth League?

I was bluffing.

Oh, 'cause Liv told me that, um,

that Cassidy was in one of
Dolan's team photos.

She told me that was a coincidence.

'Cause you remember how
Cassidy lost it on the stand

last year testifying against
that pedophile doctor?


What are you saying?

I'm not sure.

Get a green juice?

A green juice? What a shock.

And a coffee.


That's great, thanks.

So what's up?

I've been going through
the social media pages.

Some of these kids I played
Youth League with.

There's a few boys there this guy Dolan

may have targeted.

Can I ask you a question, Stone?

If something happened back then,

I mean, it's too late
to prosecute now, right?

I could still use them

as prior bad acts witnesses
in Micah's case.

Can we reach out to them?

It's not something you wanna
approach over a telephone.

One of the guys lives in Connecticut,

one guy lives in Providence.

You feel like
taking a road trip with me?


Did this coach do that to you, Rob?

So, you just assumed the gay guy

must have been diddled? Is that it?

Look, we're just, uh, we're
just asking questions here.

You know I, I know
this is uncomfortable.

Why is this even coming up now?

This is Gary Dolan's latest victim.

Oh, my God.

Look, Micah Fuller was 22 years old.

All right?

He committed suicide

because Gary molested him
ten years ago.

Well, there is nothing that I
can do about that,

now is there?

Hey, Rob.

Gary paid a lot of attention
to you back then, right?

He gave you rides to the games?

That Wilson A 2000 that he bought you.

I mean, hell, I would'a done anything

to score a pro mitt like that.

How envious were you, Brian?


Did you get into Gary's station wagon?

If you testify, Mr. Dennison, we can...

Not a chance.

I want you to take your snapshots

and I want you to get the hell out.

Come on, Rob, these problems
we've had, they could...

Shut up, Ted.

I don't have to listen to this.

Yo! Amigo Leo.

- Brian Cassidy.
- Come here.

What it do, my man?
What's going on, huh?

- How long has it been?
- Been a long time.

My mom told me you became a detective.

- Just like your old man.
- Can you believe that?

- Well, good for you.
- Thanks, thanks.

Hey, you got somewhere private
that we could talk, maybe?

- For a hot second?
- Yeah.

- Yeah? Awesome.
- Sure, man.

- Okay.
- Yeah, right in there.

Coach Gary? Yeah, that guy
was definitely out there.

You know?

But I never had anything
weird with him.

Yeah, okay.

One day you're mowing down batters

like it's no one's business, right?

And all of a sudden you just up
and poof.

You disappear. What was that?

I got bored.

Got bored? No, no, come on.

I don't buy that. Not for a second.

Look, I'm really sorry
about this Micah kid.

But I should really get back to work.

Good seeing you, Brian.

Yeah, you too.

Hey, is that your boy
over there on the wall?

Yeah. Connor.

His mom and I are divorced.

I don't get to see him that much.

He's a good looking kid.

You know, I read your rap sheet.

On the drive up here.

- Did you?
- Yeah.

And I'll bet you 100 bucks

there's booze
in that thermos over there.

I always liked you, Cassidy.

But I am not above
knocking your lights out.

Nobody's judging you, Mr. Berry.

Ah, nah, it's okay. I got this.

Yeah, I recognize that anger. I see it.

I been there. I get it.

What'd Gary do to you?

All right, I'll tell you what, Leo.

We're staying at the Sheraton
if you wanna come by.

Talk, have a drink.


All right, it's good to see you, man.

Good to see you, Brian.

Let's go.

You think I'm a hypocrite?

Trying to get these guys to testify

- when I won't even...
- No, I don't think that.

I do.

Cards on the table.
What are you afraid of?

I told one person before you.

This kid in High School,
he was a friend of mine.

I didn't tell him the whole story,

I just told him Dolan
grabbed my junk, but,

the look in his eyes?
I'll never forget that.

Cassidy, he was a kid.

You don't think I saw that
exact same look in your eyes?


You're uncomfortable.


I was new to SVU.

I didn't know how to handle that.

Yeah, exactly, just like
all the guys that I work with,

and the guys that I hang out with.

Look, Rob and Leo, right?

They get to go to New York, testify,

then they get to go back home
with all their secrets intact.

Hey, Leo.


Guys down at the Sheraton
told me you might be here.

When I got off work I saw
my son's drawing on the fridge.

Just got me thinking, you know?

If it was Connor that killed himself,

someone out there knew the truth,

I'd want that person to come forward.

So, yeah.

Yeah, Gary molested me.

And I... I'll testify to it.

All right.


- Peter?
- Hey.

What's going on?

Leo Berry, this is Lieutenant Benson.

Hi, Mr. Berry,

- nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

Gary Dolan coached Leo in 1985.

Um, I'm Detective Rollins.
Why don't you come have a seat?

Do you mind?

- How...
- I made a lot of phone calls.

And with Leo's testimony about
Dolan's prior bad acts,

at least we'll have a shot now.


He made a lot of phone calls?

That's what he said.

I called the regional
youth league office myself,

and they told me that the team rosters

weren't computerized back then,

and that the paper files
were long gone.

- You want me to go pick up Dolan?
- No.

You stay here with Mr. Berry.

We're closed.

Yeah, you been preying
on boys for 30 years.

- Talk to my lawyer.
- Brian Cassidy.

- Hudson youth league.
- What about him?

Takes balls to molest a cop's son.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Or maybe you're just so sick

that you couldn't help yourself.

Turn around.

You're under arrest

for sexual assault of Micah
Fuller and you're gonna pay

for what you did to Brian Cassidy.

Oh, good luck making any of that stick.

You don't know me very well, Dolan,

but I don't give up ever.

Especially when you hurt
somebody that I care about.

Going somewhere?

Yeah, I'm going out of town for a bit.

All these years and I didn't see it?

Why didn't you tell me, Brian?

Take a wild guess.

Was I that hard to talk to?

What, you want us to sit
around, and hold hands,

and cry together, Liv? Come on.

Brian, you're suffering.
Just talk to me.

Would you just let it go, Liv?

- I wanna... I wanna help you.
- Let it go.

I'm not one of your survivors, okay?

I'm a cop, Liv.

- I know that.
- Yeah, I'm a cop.

Your pep talks, your support groups,

they're not gonna work
on me, all right?

You know what, the best thing
would have been for us

if you had never looked
at that baseball picture.

Brian, obviously I'm
saying the wrong thing here,

I just... I-I...

I just don't want you
to run away from this.

I'm not getting involved
in your case, Liv.

It's not about my case, Brian.

It's not about my case.

I just...

I care about you and I'm scared

that if you don't deal with
this, Brian,

that I'm gonna get a call one
day that you're the one

who has a plastic bag over his head.

I'm dealing with it.

My way.

Something interesting going
on in that cup of coffee?

What's up?

You picked up Dolan last night?

- Yup.
- How'd that go?


'Cause the word from central booking

is that he was pretty roughed up.

- Did he resist?
- Amanda.

I know about Cassidy.

Stone let something slip

and I figured it out from there.

I lived with him, Amanda.

I considered having his children.

Yeah. Don't beat yourself up.

He knows Stone for five
minutes and then he just

opens up and tells him the whole story?

That's why some people go to bars.

I mean, I've told complete strangers

things I wouldn't even say
out loud to the people I love.

You're a victim here.
You're allowed to hurt.

I tried to talk to him
and he just shut me down.

He's too raw.

And I know you're not gonna
like hearing this but,

he may be like a lot of victims
and may never face it.

It's not on you to take care of him.


One day after practice,

Gary said he would drive me home.

My father just moved
out so I guess I was...

happy to get some attention, I guess.

Then what happened.

We drove to a spot near the river.

It was, um,

It was getting dark.

Gary pulled out a bottle
of vodka from the glove box.

He said it was what ball players do

after a good workout.

So I drank it.

And then he put his hand on my thigh.

He unzipped my pants.

And he...

Performed oral sex on me.

Is that what ball players do, Gary?

Easy, Mr. Berry.

Was that the only time
he performed a sex act on you?

The same thing went on

after practice for a month.

And then I... I... I quit the team.

Was there anything else that Gary did

during this time period, Leo?

Like what?

Oh, yeah.

He gave me a camera.

He asked me to take pictures
of myself in my underwear.

Did you tell anyone about any of this?


I wa... I was too ashamed.

Nothing further.

A family court in Rhode
Island found you legally unfit

to parent your own child?

I had some problems in my past.

Failed stint in rehab, three DUIs,

two felony assault arrests.

I... those were bar fights.

Did you drink
before coming to court today?

I had a couple shots to calm my nerves.

Judge, this witness is intoxicated.

- What?
- Your honor, two drinks.

Mr. Berry is perfectly lucid.

I move to strike his entire testimony.

Approach, with respect.

Do you think this is easy for him?

No, I do not.

But I'm not about to keep

a breathalyzer behind the bench

and test every witness's
level of intoxication.

The jury, disregard
Mr. Berry's testimony,

and it's stricken from the record.

Hey, so that's your star witness?

He's gonna get away with what
he did to our son, isn't he?

This is far from over.

Why don't the two of you
go and grab a cup of coffee

just down the hallway and I'll...

I'll join you in a minute.

That was amazing.

You know, they're right.

Without this prior bad acts evidence,

the case never goes to the jury.

- Hey!
- Let's go.

- Hey!
- Let's go.

You remember me?

Huh? You remember me?

Back off, Liv!

You know what? How many?
How many, asshole!

Hey! Hey! How many souls
can you ruin in one lifetime?

- Get ahold of yourself.
- Get your hands off me!

Stop now.

Walk away, now.


Did you set up this little reunion?

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

How's Leo?

The judge just threw out his testimony.


Dolan is gonna walk away.

Listen to me.

You really wanna hurt this guy, Brian?

You really wanna make him pay
for what he did?

Get on the stand. Testify.

That's how you can make him pay
for what he did.

And what happens if they
throw my testimony out...

It doesn't matter, Brian.

This isn't about Micah,

this isn't about all the other guys.

This is about you.

Confronting him, facing your demons.


Come here.

It's time to forgive that
little boy in the picture.

The one that just...
just wanted his dad to see him.


If he was here, right?

And if he was

he'd be so proud of you.

Like I am.

You've come so far.

I know that you can do this.

I know you can.

All right.

Detective Cassidy.

Please tell the jury
why you're here today.

I'm here because I was
a victim of Gary Dolan.

Detective Cassidy,

please raise your head and speak up.

I was a victim.

Of Gary Dolan's. He was, um...

He was my coach.

In Hudson youth league in 1985.

And he sexually... assaulted me.

When I was 12 years old.