Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 20, Episode 15 - Episode #20.15 - full transcript

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses

are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Help you with something, dawg?

Yeah, I'm here to play.

One coming up, Los.

I'm a friend of the house.

Enjoy your night, sir.

You must be the world famous Collum.

Any trouble finding us?

No, no, I appreciate
you getting back to me.

Corey mentioned you don't
always take referrals.

He explained our screening
process, right?

It's just for your first time.

Okay, you're not a cop.

Welcome to the Dollhouse, Collum.

It's 55 for 15 minutes,
an hour starts at 200.

Tips... are between you and the girls.

What about her?

That's Torie, excellent choice.

I said stop it!

That hurts, damn it!

You get rough with my girls,

I get rough with your face.


- Go get Carlos.
- Carlos!

Carlos, it's Torie.

Okay, okay, stand back.

What the...?

It looks like you cut yourself, baby.

- You want me to help you with...
- Shut up.

You shut the hell up.

Devon, get the hell up here, now.

Bitch, you better drop that pistol.

Please, I'm sorry, Devon. I'll be good.

I'm not asking again.

Put the piece on
the goddamn ground, now.

20s, no ID.

At first we thought she was a jumper,

but it looks like somebody
roughed her up.

She was sexually assaulted?

Half undressed,
thumb marks on her biceps,

bruises on her thighs;
I made a judgement call.

She's got cuts on her right hand.

Could be defensive wounds.

We also recovered
a hand gun near the body,

blood on the pistol grip.

Okay, where did she fall or jump from?

The roof of this building.

When we arrived the access
door alarm was going off.

Couple of bloody handprints up top too.

Nobody goes in or out.

My partner's already securing
the building.

Lieutenant, you're both
gonna wanna see this.

I get here, the front door's wide open.

Anybody home?

Nope, looks like whoever lived here

left in a hurry.

At least we know what
our vic was running from.

What do you mean?

First time in a brothel, fellas?

So, it looks like our
Jane Doe was a sex worker.

She may have jumped or fallen
to her death.

Or got pushed.

Wouldn't be the first hooker
got thrown off a roof.

Either way, we might be
looking at a sexual assault,

maybe even murder.

The ME got a hit on the prints.

The Jane Doe's name is Torie Meeks.

So she's in the system?

Yeah, popped twice for
heroin possession,

- once for breaking and entering.
- Heroin, huh?

Fitz said that the victim had
heroin in the tox screen.

Well, after the B & E,
she qualified for drug court,

she pled guilty, entered the program.

Okay, so talk to whoever
handled the case.


Can someone please explain
why Mr. Perillo

is standing before me again?

As part of his program,
Mr. Perillo agreed to attend

in-patient rehab.

Last week he violated this agreement

by staying off-site for two nights.

This is exactly why
I recommended against

judicial diversion, Your Honor.

This infraction aside,
as his case manager,

I can say Mr. Perillo has been
a model participant.

Thank you Mr. Morris.

If it's all the same, I'd like
to hear from Mr. Perillo.

Why the jailbreak, Jimmy?

I wanted to see my kid.

I only get visitation certain days.

You went to see your son?

I'm sorry, I missed my little boy.

Following any infraction I'm
required to issue a sanction.

In your case, I'm gonna order
letter writing,

three per week to your son.

I'll review your visitation schedule.

All right, that's lunch.

Excuse me... Judge Kofax.


Well, you tracked me down my one day
a month at drug court.

This must be important.

We're looking into
the death of a young woman

who went through your program.

Do you recognize her?

Oh, my God, Torie Meeks.

Yeah, they told me she was on
the road to recovery.

So you have no idea when she relapsed?

No. her case manager might.

He was just here,
you can probably catch him

before he leaves the building.

Thank you.

I really thought Torie might
turn it around.

When'd you lose track of her?

Few months back.

She'd been clean almost a year.

One day she missed an appointment,

haven't seen her since.

Did you try to get in touch?

Of course. She went off the grid.

So, that's it? You just give up?

I tried as hard as I could
to save that girl, Detective.

- We all did.
- Okay, well,

we just need to notify her next of kin.

She doesn't have any.

Torie was in foster care
her whole life.

Started drinking at age 12

after being sexually
abused in one of the homes.

On the streets at 16.

So, this was inevitable?
That's what you're saying.

I'm saying you can't save them all.

Torie did what addicts in
recovery do, she relapsed.

Okay, can we track down
who ran the brothel?

I talked to the building owner,

dude's a slumlord.

Only thing he remembers
about the tenants

is they offered to pay twice
his asking fee.

What about the gun, the gun
that was found near Torie's body?

We're still waiting for ballistics.

There's no usable DNA at the scene,

no prints, nothing on the cameras.

I gotta ask, are we wasting
our time here?

I mean, she is a junkie who relapsed,

she started turning tricks.

She's on the run, high,

she might have just jumped off
that roof.

And whether she was jumped
or she was pushed,

that girl was brutalized.

And they just up and left
in the middle of the night?

Well, they know how to get away.

Only thing they left was
a magazine, some junk,

some random shoe.

Wait, hold on.
Let me see that for a second.

This is not just some random shoe,

It's $2,500 Paretto.

I've dreamed of owning
a pair of these for years.

They're custom-made.

Meaning the store might have
a record of who bought them.

Look at this craftsmanship,
the stitching, the leather.

- Mm-hmm.
- Of course it's mine.

So, you can tell us who bought 'em?

Not on your life.

People pay thousands for these,

you're telling me you don't
keep records?

Of course I keep records.

They pay thousands
because they expect privacy.

The person that bought that
shoe may have killed a woman.

I don't know anything about
cobbler-client confidentiality.

That's your filing system?

I do better with a lathe than a laptop.

Five eyelet, cap toe oxford, size 12?

Yeah, that's right.

Couldn't made more than 50, 60 pair.

That's a start, I think.

I have been making bespoke
footwear for half a century.

The key, hand sculpting a wooden last

for each and every customer's foot.

That's how they get such a perfect fit.

So, he finds the last
and we find our prince?


If the shoe fits.

Fine, that's my shoe, what do you want?

Well, we just got a couple of
questions for you, Mr. O'Connor.

- I can explain.
- Explain this.

Torie, she's dead?

Oh, my God, they killed her.

Time to take a ride, Cinderella.

You're telling me that
Torie tied you up,

she gagged you,

and then knocked out her own
security to steal his gun?

I thought it was a game at first.

Kinky. I know it sounds crazy.

Yeah, it does.

She kept saying, "I'll do it,"

"I'll go to jail,
it's better than this."

- Then what happened?
- She ran out of the room.

I heard yelling, they were pissed.

- Who's "they"?
- I didn't get names.

A Hispanic guy, he had a beard;

A black guy, the bouncer, and a woman.

One of them must have
thrown her off that roof.

Okay, and you're telling me

that you had nothing to do with it?

I was tied up.

Next thing I know, it's full panic.

One of the girls untied me.

Everybody was rushing out,
I left quick as I could.

I have never paid for
a prostitute before in my life.

So, this is the story
you're going with?

I take the 4 train

from the Upper East Side
to Wall Street every day.

I work 12 hours, then it's

home for dinner with the wife and kids.

- Yeah?
- I needed a little spice.

Yeah, killing hookers,
that's pretty spicy.

I didn't kill anyone.

I swear to God.

How did you find out
about this brothel?

One night, it's snowing,
subways delayed, no cabs,

so I hit the bar.

I end up being a little
too honest about

the home front with the guy
sitting next to me.

He gave me a number,

said the place was called
The Dollhouse.

Honest, that's all I know.

Can I go?

Oh, sure.

Maybe we'll have your wife pick you up?

So, we actually believe this guy?

That he's a bored husband
that goes to hookers? Yeah.

All right, well, TARU ran
the number that he called.

Surprise, it's a burner.

So, Torie said that
she'd rather go to jail?

She attacked her pimp,
she tried to escape.

We might be looking at trafficking.

Maybe 'Dollhouse' is in the database.

No, we can go straight to the source.

I got a friend in Vice that
may be able to help.

Check it out.


Yeah, it's like playing
whack-a-mole these days.

The internet moved traditional
street trade indoors,

so now we just target
the more obvious fronts.

The Thai rub-tug joints?

Something you wanna confess, Sergeant?

You two go way back, huh?

Yep, to Fin's narco days,

back when he used to have to
work for a living.

Baker's been busting my balls
for over 20 years.

So, what did your John call this place?

The Dollhouse.

These operations are getting wise.

The "pop-up" brothels
are the new frontier.

Yeah, they open for a few
days, maybe a week, right?

- Constantly changing locations.
- Exactly.

And when the Feds,
in their infinite wisdom,

decided to shut down Backpage,

they became even tougher to track.

Well, so, they should have
kept the site open?

I mean, it facilitates prostitution,

money laundering, sex trafficking.

Well, it's called the oldest profession

for a reason, they went online.

Now you just gotta know where to look,

and lucky for you two, I do.

Ooh, blow that up.

That's Torie.

They could have changed the ad.

All right, I say we do a sting.

We can use my team.

We need to get a warrant ASAP.

I think I know just the guy.

Oh, Detectives, thank you for coming.

So you sure these are the guys
that had Torie?

Yes, we're pretty sure, Your Honor.

Sergeant Tutuola made contact
via text posing as a John.

It's the exact same MO.

Judge Barth, Judge Kofax,

I know you know Sergeant Baker
from Vice, right?

It's nice to see you two,

sorry to interrupt your evening.

Ah, just two colleagues grabbing

an after work cocktail, Sergeant.

Do me a favor, nail these bastards.

It's what we do best.

It reminds me of us with
our "after work drinks."

We got a no-knock warrant on a brothel

that is open for business.

So, shock-and-awe, boys,
no bullets if possible.

The apartment we're hitting is 4E.

There's most likely muscle inside.

And they're definitely strapped,

so keep your heads on a swivel.

- Super unlocked the back door.
- We're good to proceed?

Let's go ruin their night.

On me, fast and light.


- Go, go, go!
- Police!

Open the door!

Freeze! Freeze!

What the hell?

- Clear.
- Nothing.

Nobody's home.

- We're clear, Detectives.
- What's this look like to you?

They knew we were coming.

I think we got a mole, Lieutenant.

Yeah, I'd watch who
you blame, Detective.

- Your squad knew about this raid, too.
- Excuse me?

How 'bout we don't jump to conclusions?

The operation was run through
your squad, Phoebe.

You came to me.

I mean, maybe they made you for
a cop off your text.

How are those U-C skills
working for you these days?

- Everybody calm down.
- No, no, you know what?

You calm down.
Cops don't railroad other cops.

Up goes the blue wall of silence?

Hey, guys, stop, both of you.
Listen to me.

There are two possibilities.

Either they knew that we were coming

or they got a bad feeling
and they changed things up

just to be safe.

But either way, we turned
their door into to splinters,

so... so they're on to us now.

So now they go to ground.

That was Ballistics.

The gun we found next to
Torie's body belonged

to a heroin dealer who was killed
in a drug bust.

- Salt meet wound.
- No, you don't get it.

That gun was bagged and tagged

It's supposed to be sitting at a
property clerk's office right now.

So the only one who had
access to it would have been...

Would be a cop.

You kidding?

Two years from my pension,

No way I misplace evidence.

Well, maybe not, but I got
a ballistics report here

that says a gun that was found
next to dead girl's body

is the same gun that's
supposedly bagged and tagged

- in your warehouse.
- I don't know much about physics,

but I do know the same gun can't be

in two places at the same time.

So Ballistics screwed up,
transposed the serial number.

That's what I'm thinking.

Invoice number 218-23,

one Walther 9-milimeter pistol.

In a box on the shelf in the back.

Okay, so you're right,
but can you humor us?

We just gotta make sure.

Let's hope Ballistics did
make that mistake.

For Fin's sake.

Present and accounted for, like I said.


A brick in the evidence bag?

Someone either broke into
the Property Clerk's Office...

Or checked in a brick in
the precinct lockup?

You got the letter of Transmittal?

The bust was made by
your squad November 12.

So you're saying it's a cop
from my unit made the switch?

It's your move, Baker.

All right, give me a second.

Hey, Gujjar.

DA's office says evidence

from a case I was working
got mislabeled.

So, take a look and tell me
what other idiots

went into lockup that day, November 12.

November 12.

Bromland, Fisher, and Ramirez.

The MENSA society of midtown Manhattan.

Thank you.

All right, three detectives
signed in to lockup,

but, Fin, they're all good cops.

One of 'em isn't.

All right, just give me
a second here, okay?

I gotta report to my Lieutenant.

I get it, we all have bosses.

Just... just hold off on calling IAB.

Fin, we have to let IAB handle it.

Not yet.

You think Phoebe Baker is involved?

No, but it's her people,

and she wants to clean her own house.

We have history, I owe her that.

As long as we stay on top of it.

I want surveillance on all three cops

I don't like this.

Ramirez has been in there
over 40 minutes.

Yeah, nothing illegal so far.

It's a sketchy neighborhood.

Checked the building out, it's clean.

Maybe he's got a girlfriend.

Rollins, anything on Bromland?

Yeah, he got in about an hour ago.

It looks like he and his wife
are having a dinner party.

All right, stay on him for now.

We may have a lead on Ramirez.
I'll check back.

I forgot how boring stakeouts are.

I'm sorry to ruin your evening.

You know, maybe these cops were set up.


There's a lot easier ways to get a gun

than to steal it from
an evidence room, you know?

What the...

Hey, maybe not so boring.

I trailed Fisher.

He went from his place to the
precinct, and he's on night shift,

there is no way he's doing
dirty on the clock.

Well, Bromland's home,

so the only one left is Ramirez.

He's not doing anything,
I'm telling you.

I know Ramirez, he's a good cop.

Yeah, well, maybe his lady friend

doesn't want him to smoke inside.

Hold up. Something's going down.

Okay, we found our dirty cop.

Son of a bitch.

So, what do you wanna do?

- We get a warrant.
- Kofax knows the case.

Yeah, I'm parked around the block.

I'll get it signed, I'll text you.

All right.

I'll call Rollins.

Yeah, what do you got, Fin?

It's Ramirez.

Lights out in the Bromland
apartment, he's not going anywhere.

I'm on my way.

You and Baker, I'm getting a sense that

there's some history there.

Yeah, there's some history.

Come on.

You know, after my divorce,
she was the first.

She was good to me, you know?

But dealing with my wife and my kid,

I wasn't ready for anything serious.

It ended up messy.

Okay, but that was then, this is now.

And I mean, she seems pretty great.

How long does it take to get a warrant?

Come on, girl,
answer the phone, Phoebe.

Pick up.

All right, hold on.
Something's going on.

Okay, it's going down. It's going down.

Move, move, move.

Freeze, don't move.

- What happened?
- No idea.


SVU portable, we need backup
at Macombs and West 150.

Go, go, go, go.


Not again.

Yeah, there's gotta be a back exit.


Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

- I she alive?
- Yeah, barely.

She's too high to run.

- Baker's downstairs.
- All right.

SVU portable, we need a bus.

Hey, honey. Hey, you doing all right?

What the hell happened?

You tell us.

What? Where is Ramirez?

Somebody tipped them off, again.

Where you been?

What? I've been getting a warrant.

Why didn't you answer your cell?


Wait a minute, you don't think
I had something to do with this?

You and I need to talk,
that's what I think.


- Fin.
- Right now.

Your waitress will be right with you.

We need a minute.

I'll have a coffee.

Are you telling me the truth, Baker?

First of all, yes.

Second of all,
you used to call me Phoebe.

You think this is funny?

Hilarious, yeah.

What I think is that
you're out of your mind

for thinking that I had
anything to do with this.

- Ramirez was tipped off.
- Not by me.

Why didn't you answer your cell phone?

I was with Kofax
in the back of Maxwell's

where I don't have cell service.

You know what? Screw you.

You know me.

I used to.

One of the girls was left behind,

blonde in her 20s, on the nod.

I don't know anything about any girls.

That's good, 'cause when she comes to,

we're gonna show her your picture.

You do that, you do that.

And then go screw yourself, again.

Ramirez is our dirty cop?

- Maybe not the only one.
- Not sure yet.

Phoebe Baker may be our mole.

That's not what you said yesterday.

Well, I hope I'm wrong. She denies it.

You talked to her, alone?

Without IAB, without backup.

I know what I'm doing, Liv.

So, listen, Anne Kuzmin is, is uh...

she was left behind, one of the girls.

She's 25, she's got a record
of solicitation, possession.

We need to see if she can ID Baker.

And if she can?

I'll make the call to IAB myself.

Am I under arrest?

No, but you need to answer
some questions.

- I really need...
- A fix, yeah, we know.

But first,
you're gonna have to help us.


You recognize any of these guys?

You can go this way.

I can't... I can't... I can't. I can't.

Anne, listen to me. Listen to me.

We can help you and we can protect you,

but you need to tell us what you know.

Okay, do you know his name?

Um, he makes us call him Papi,

but I think his real name is Carlos.

And what does Carlos do?

He runs Dollhouse, he gets us drugs.

I just... I just do what he
says, you know? He has a gun.

How did you get here?
Where are you from?

Lowell, Massachusetts.

I ran away to New York when I was 15.

And when did you meet Carlos?

Uh, a year ago.

I was on the streets
and after I got busted,

I tried to get clean, you know?

I went to NA and this woman
approached me

and said she was a cop in recovery.

What was her name?

Her nickname was Fee.

She introduced me to Carlos.

At first, it wasn't that bad, you know?

Middle-aged married men,
so the sex was over quick,

all the drugs you wanted.

But then?

When you needed another fix,
they make you work for it.

And if you didn't want to, they would

threaten to call the cops on you,

bust you for parole violation.

One of the girls, a few nights ago,

she tried to get away,

and they pushed her off a roof.

They said that they would do
the same to us

if we tried to run.

Okay, is that her?

Yeah, that's Torie.

I guess she had enough.

She just grabbed Carlos's gun.

She... she's better off now.

Okay, the woman from NA,

the one that said she was a cop,

Do you, uh, you see her here?

No, I... no, I've never seen
any of them before.

What about her?

- No.
- Are you sure?

I'm sure, it's not Fee.

It wasn't Baker?

She didn't ID her,
but we could be looking at

another female cop.

Who were the officers on
Anne's last arrest?

Darla Davis and Mack O'Bannon.

They're patrol officers on the 21st.

I'll find out if there's any
connection to Ramirez or Vice.

We know that Ramirez is involved,

so he's our ground zero.

Are you on speaking terms with Baker?

Not yet.

Time to apologize.

So, now you want my help, huh?

We need your help.


And why should I trust either of you?

Huh, Fin?

Really, thinking that I'm dirty?

Phoebe, it looked bad.

Because of our history, I held
you to a higher standard.

I should have known that's not
who you are.

I apologize, I'm sorry.

But now we gotta go nail
these bastards.

So, Stone's going

hard ass on this traffic
girl from Sugar Hill?

Yeah, my Lieutenant's pissed

about it, too.
I mean, this girl's a victim,

but she's carrying
eight ounces of heroin.

- That's an A-1 felony.
- Stone offering a deal?

Name names, drivers,
whoever's running the ring,

- anybody she knows.
- She gonna take it?

She's at Rikers right now
thinking about it.

Just wanted to give you
the heads up, okay?

Yeah, thank you.

Hey, Ramirez, is this crap coffee maker

giving anything worth having?

- What do you think?
- No.

I got some French roast
from home back at my desk.

You want some?

I think I'm gonna make a Joe's run.

- You want anything?
- No, I'm good.

Where's he going?

To meet his handler.

Who the hell is that?

Son of a bitch.

That's Judge Kofax.

Guys, I've never heard even a hint

of any impropriety about Judge Kofax.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

Yeah, look, the last time Anne Kuzmin
was arrested,

she avoided jail time by enrolling in

a drug treatment court.

Now, the supervising judge
was Edward Kofax.

The same thing for Torie Meeks.

We found four other women,

all enrolled in drug court,
all supervised by Judge Kofax.

Vice asked for warrants
on over 100 pop-up brothels

in the past year.

14 of the raids were tipped off.

On all of them, the warrants
were signed by Kofax.

Yeah, when we fed Ramirez
that fake info,

he went straight to him.

Well, they're both gonna deny
any connection.

They're just gonna claim
that it was a coincidence.

Look, I know that this all sounds bad,

but it's all circumstantial.

So, what now?

If we're gonna go after
a sitting judge,

we can't afford to miss.


Anne Kuzmin, again.

Her third arrest for possession
this year.

She can still be saved.

You've given her a chance.

ROR, drug treatment court,
it's not working.

And I am asking you
for one last chance.

You know I can't do that.

Her arraignment is today.

You know, it's not gonna do
this girl any good

to be behind bars.

I wouldn't ask you this, Elana,

if I didn't believe this was
the right thing to do.


I can never say no to you, Edward.

Judge Kofax.

Yes, can I help you?

You may wanna come with us.

What the hell is this?

I wouldn't ask you this, Elana,

if I didn't believe this was
the right thing to do.

What you're thinking, you're wrong.

No, they're not.


Whatever else you need, let me know.

Let's go.

You got no evidence against me.

Oh, well, trust me, Kofax,
we got plenty,

otherwise you wouldn't be
sitting over there.

Detective Carlos Ramirez,

Officer Felicia Taggart,
and Devon Jones

are all being arraigned as we speak.

Yeah, they all told IAB that
you were the mastermind

- of the whole operation.
- That's ridiculous.

Every detail, how you hand-picked

vulnerable girls
and then you got the cops

to do your dirty work.

Testimony of co-conspirators.

They don't know the real story.

Well, Judge Barth is cooperating,

and, by the way, so is your wife.

My wife doesn't know anything.

We're gonna find the money.
Kofax, it's over.

Maybe it's time we called in the ADA.

All right, be quiet, Diane.

There is no money,
I didn't take a dime.

I was helping those girls.

By trafficking them?

By using their addiction as a weapon?

They wanted a fix.

I just gave them what they wanted.

I took care of them.

You took care of them?

Tori Meeks, 22 years old, dead.

Anne Kuzmin, 25 years old,

survived by the skin of her teeth.

And four others under your care,

under your protection,
in your courtroom.

And I protected all of them.

You protected them, how?

Like they were my own daughters.

Lisa White, Farrah Bashir,

Britt Baker, Anya Pliskova... she 18.

They were all dead already.

What are you talking about?

Their souls were dead

the minute they walked into
my courtroom.

Junkies, addicts, thieves
stealing their own lives,

their own futures from their parents,

who loved them, who were helpless.

I kept their daughters safe.

I made sure they only had
good, clean doses,

no ODs, kept them alive.

- That's enough, Edward.
- It is not enough!

It's never enough.

They're dead inside.
Their eyes are dead.

But if they're still breathing,

if their hearts were still beating,

then there was a chance.

If I'd given Delia that chance,


She was 16 when she overdosed.

It did not have to end that way.

Her body in the ground...

Cold, alone...

my little girl.

Liv says Kofax took a deal.
He'll do 25 years.

His age, that's life.

You know, what he did, he deserves it,

daughter or no daughter.

Speaking of, I've gotta get
the sitter off the clock.

I think it's gonna be

pizza night again at
the Rollins household.

- Nothing wrong with pizza.
- Yeah?

Jesse and Billie would love to see you,

if you don't have other plans.

Later, I do, but first,
I can come by, say hello.

Great. You too, Fin.

I'm meeting somebody, but thanks.


I'm starting my program again.

Trying to.

I'm really proud of you.

Well, the other girls
are back in recovery, too.


We all went to Torie's funeral.

One of her foster brothers was there,

said he's fighting to clear
her name for the drug charges.

Well, I can help with that.

Thank you.

- Thanks for checking up on me.
- Yeah.


you're gonna get through this.

I'm so sorry for everything
that's happened to you.

And the system is...

far from perfect,

but... it can work.

You can make...

whatever life for yourself

that you want.

Do you really believe that?

Yes... I do.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Well, to teamwork.

To teamwork.

Gonna be okay?

I mean, seeing Ramirez
go down was like a gut punch,

and I have a lot of explaining
to do to my captain, but yeah.

I'm sorry about how
I treated you, Phoebe.

You apologized.

I mean how I treated you 20 years ago.

- Oh, that.
- Yeah.

I was getting over my marriage,

it wasn't fair it became your problem.

Water under the bridge.

I'm not that same guy anymore.


I'm not that same girl, either.

I know.

So, I was thinking, if you're into it,

maybe we could try again.

Fin, I'm flattered, um...

but I'm seeing someone now.

Oh, wow, I'm sorry.

No, it's... it's, um,

I don't know if he's the one
or anything,

but we're good together, so...

I actually am supposed to go
meet him now.

You wanna come?

- Oh, no, no come on.
- That's stupid.

Okay, um...

It was good to see you.

You too.

Take care, Fin.