Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 20, Episode 12 - Dear Ben - full transcript

A serial rapist strikes again after two decades of silence, and SVU is determined to uncover the elusive criminal and bring justice to his many victims. Stone discovers that his father worked on the case before it went cold.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses

are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

That's right, an eye
on the ball, right?

- Eye on the ball.
- Nice and easy, okay?

Nice and easy.

- Oh, you ripped it!
- Oh!

Oh, he ripped it! Go, go!

- Nice hit!
- Oh, my goodness!

- Nice hit!
- You got a good kid there.

You should see him
at dinnertime or bedtime

- or homework time.
- Whoo-hoo, all right!

Well, all kids go through phases.

I'm told.

Well, whatever he's
going through right now,

I gotta tell you, I'm a little over it.

Maybe he just...

needs some masculine energy.

- Hey!
- Home run!

- Thanks, Coach!
- Boom!

- You wanna do it again?
- Yeah, let's do it.

All right, good job. Let's go.


All right, line up there.

Same again, nice and easy.

Thank you.


Home sweet home.

- Mm-hmm.
- Thanks for coming with.

I know my father was happy to see you.

I love my old man-in-law.

He's a lot more fun on New Year's Eve

than my father ever was.

That's the third time this month.

I'll call the super.

It's just... it's so thoughtless.

I'll call first thing in the morning.


Come on. Let's make this quick.

Come on.

Okay, come on.

Hey, Gavin?

We're out of shampoo.

I can't find my hairbrush.


No! Gavin!

No, no!

Get off of me!





No, no, please!

Please stop!

I screamed,

and I-I tried to run,

but he, um, threw me on the bed

and he tied me up, and he, um...

he r-raped me.

I'm so, so, so, so sorry,

and we're gonna get you
to the hospital.

I just knew something terrible

was gonna happen tonight,
I just knew it.

Okay, you said that he wore a ski mask.

Do you remember
anything else about his...

about his height or his build?

He... he was average.

I-I think he... I think he was white.

Okay, and is there anything
else that you remember?

Anything that he said, anything at all?

Um, he... he told me

to be quiet.

He said that if I... I screamed again,

that he would... he would kill Gavin!

Okay, let's get you
to the hospital, okay?

Okay, come on.

- You're gonna be okay.
- I was at the kitchen sink.

Felt a knife at the back of my neck.

Any idea how he got in?

We... we just got home
from the holidays.

The building door was propped open.

I-I thought there was something off

about our doorknob.

Okay, you didn't see his face.

Anything about his voice?

It was... was low.


He said to lay on the floor.

Tied me up.

Stacked plates on my back.

He said if I moved he'd hear

and April was dead.



So April Baker says

the attack happened around midnight.

She managed to free herself...

untie herself three hours later.

Husband says son of a bitch
stacked plates on his back.

So while he's raping her,

he can hear if the husband moved.


Let's get inside.

So whoever did this
disassembled the door latch

then jerry-rigged it back together

so that nobody would notice.

The perp staked out the place
when they were out of town?

We're looking at a pro.

Maybe worse.

Is this for real?

Surveilling the apartment,

breaking the door lock,
stacking plates.

I didn't want to believe it either.

How long has it been?

Twenty-five years.

The Infinity Rapist.

So Infinity's last rape
was January 2, 1994.

I was a rookie in the five-five.

Everyone in the five Boroughs
knew about that case.

Uh, not so much in Georgia.
How many rapes was he good for?

Twenty-two, in Manhattan
and Brooklyn from '81 to '94.

This guy targeted couples.

He'd case out the place,
jimmy open a door or window.

Then he'd lie in wait,
break in a second time.

He'd tie up the boyfriend or husband,

then he'd stack plates on their back

and he said if he heard
a rattle, the woman was dead.

He took trophies. Small personal items.

After the fifth rape,
he started leaving messages.

"Infinity: 5. NYPD: 0."

You, know, if this is him,

he's been out of commission
for over two decades,

which makes him middle-aged or older.

- So do we alert Crime Stoppers?
- Ah, no.

Until we know what we're dealing with,

One P.P. wants to keep it on the "DL."

Okay, no DNA in April's rape kit.

CSU found two hairs in the bed

but they're not a match to the Bakers

and no match in CODIS.

Okay, so check that DNA
against old evidence.

Have Stone do some digging.

Twenty-five years later.

Did they get a sense of this guy's age?

Uh, no.

They said that he, uh...

he spoke in a low voice,
he told the wife to keep quiet.

They didn't fight back,

so there's no sense
of his physicality either.

Here you go.

"Infinity, '81 to '94."

There's over a dozen of them.

- I'll get you a dolly.
- All right, thanks, George.

This is gonna take forever.

Hey, you never told me
your dad was on the case.

- What?
- Yeah, "Ben Stone",

"District Attorney's Office."

"Joint Infinity Task Force."

I didn't know.

I was in school.

We never talked about his cases.

"The Infinity Rapist"?

You guys think it was him?


- Horrifying.
- Well, we...

we don't know for sure, but the...

the M.O. of the assault
was... was almost exact.

So, April, do you remember...

seeing anybody watching you
or watching your building?

An older man?


Okay, um...

He threatened to kill Gavin.

Did he say anything else
that you can remember?

Anything at all.

He told me to shut up.

He put his hand over my mouth

like he didn't want me to make a sound.

Did anything go missing?


We had cash in a desk.
My jewelry box was untouched.

This would have been
something personal.


Uh, wait.

I couldn't find my hairbrush.

Does that matter?

Uh, it might.

It might.

I had no idea how haunted
my father was about this case.

Yeah, a lot of people
in law enforcement

lost sleep over this guy.

He was like the Zodiac
or the Son of Sam.

These notations
in my father's handwriting?

They're dated 2017.

That's a year before he died.


Hey, Carisi, look at this.

- Who's this?
- That's me and my father.

- How old are you here?
- Uh, seven?

How'd that get in the case file?

I don't know.

Okay, we have unmarked cars
on the Bakers' block, right?

- We're monitoring their calls?
- Nothing so far.

This guy was
and continues to be a ghost.

Nope, not a ghost.

A copycat.

We've been going over
the old case files.

Ben Stone was the lead ADA in the case.

I didn't realize that.

And whoever attacked the Bakers

was definitely not Infinity.

The signatures,
the reconnaissance, the plates.

That was all in the papers,
plus three books.

What wasn't made public

and what was consistent
with each victim:

He forced them to pretend
they were enjoying the assault.


For the tied-up husband to hear.

And this guy made April keep quiet.

The Infinity's got a lot
of fans online.

Serial rapist, serial killer
message boards.

I mean, believe it or not,
that's a thing.

So one of these guys
got bored fantasizing

and made it real?

Twenty-five years to
the day to the last rape,

marking the anniversary.

Okay, so I've got Infinity's
Wikipedia page up.

Hold up, it was... it was last updated

two hours before the Baker assault.


Uh, the username is "RealInfinity23."

Have TARU track down the address.

His name's Karl Patton.

He posts on all
the Infinity message boards

and belongs to all
the online fan clubs.

This guys is obsessed.

You mean "sick freak."



We're looking for Karl Patton.

My little brother?

Whatever you think he did,
he probably did.

Where is he?



He's probably in his work room.

You were right, this guy is obsessed.

Looks like we found our copycat.

What's this?

You Karl Patton?

You can call me "Infinity."

You're under arrest.

I wondered what took you so long.

I ain't cuffing this guy.

Don't you feel the excitement?

Soon the whole world
will know who I am.

Cut the crazy.

Tell us about this woman.

Sweet, sweet April.

Just answer the question.

She smelled like roses.

Fresh out of the shower.

Okay, let's...

let's start with why
you were in her bedroom.

Your side of the story.

You're playing with me, right?

- Good cop, bad cop?
- Look, the game's over, Karl.

And wipe that stupid smirk
off your face.

Tell us what you did.

I've been waiting
for this moment for 25 years.

I want to savor it.

I'm done.


I want to confess.

We're listening.

I stalked April.

I raped her.

What about her husband?

I tied him up,
stacked plates on his back.

Told him if I heard
so much as a rattle, game over.

That's my signature.

Your signature?

Of course.

But you knew that.

This guy laying out
his own insanity defense?

He's not doing a bad job.

Well, he can't be Infinity.

Patton wasn't born until
a year after the first rape.

What's his history?

He's an unemployed computer programmer.

From his social media,

he's been obsessed with Infinity
since he was a teenager.

And we know he's good
for April and Gavin?

He planned it to commemorate
the 25th anniversary

of Infinity's last rape.

The DNA found on the hairs
from the Bakers' bedroom

is a match, and CSU found April's brush

in his work room,

which was a treasure trove

of Infinity's paraphernalia...

including this letter,

which I had the lab make a copy of.

For me?

Apparently it's from
the real Infinity...

To your father.

On one count of rape
in the first degree,

one count of assault
in the first degree,

one count of kidnapping
in the second...

Shouldn't that be 23 counts?

Counselor, how does your client plead?

Not guilty.

- People on bail?
- Remand.

This brutal assault was premeditated,

an homage to the
real Infinity's last rape

down to the date and the time.

I am the real Infinity!

That's enough, Mr. Patton.

Mr. Stone, I'm granting
your request for remand.

Your Honor.

Peter Stone.

Claire Newbury.

I interviewed your father years ago.

I've written three books on Infinity.

Sorry, I never read them.

Oh, but you must have been
interested in his cases.

Your father's white whale.

Look is there something
I can help you with?

I'm working on my fourth book.

I've already set up
an interview with Mr. Patton.

I mean, the psychological,
mental state of that guy

has got to be fascinating
in... in its own weird way.

Take your word for it.

I was also hoping that
I could interview you,

what it was like growing up
with a father

obsessed with a psychopath
he couldn't bring to justice.

Like I said, my father and I
never discussed his cases.

I wouldn't have anything to tell you.

Well, maybe you'll change your mind.

I won't.

What's Patton's defense gonna be?

The guy confessed. We got forensics.

Well, never underestimate
a public defender

looking for his moment in the sun.

The letter found in Patton's house,

was it authenticated?

Handwriting analysis matched
those received by the NYPD.

Do we know where Patton got it?

Criminal memorabilia black market.

A dealer bought it from a detective

who was working
the Infinity case in the '80s.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

- Wow.
- Thank you.

You know, Infinity wrote about me.

Look at this.

"Your son throws the ball
like he was born for it."

June 1988.

I would have been seven.

He staked out your Little League games?

Hold on, that photo
of you and your father,

do you... do you think Infinity
might have taken that?

You know, my dad sent me and my sister

to live with my Aunt Carolyn
in Montana that summer.

Dropped us off
and said, "Be back soon."

Three months later, not a word.

My aunt had to put us on a plane

so we wouldn't miss school.

I always resented him for that.

Sounds like he might have
been trying to protect you.

Hey. Hey, excuse me?

Can you turn this up?

Mr. Patton, you claim to be

the infamous Infinity rapist.


You should know that.

You wrote three books on me.

You realize Infinity...
if he's even still alive...

would be well into
his 60s by now, if not 70s.

An old man.

That's why the world needs
a new Infinity.

That's why I'm Infinity now.

What you got?

Claire Newbury and her husband, Leo.

He was tied up,
plates stacked on his back.

She was raped, he's having chest pains.

Claire Newbury, the writer?
She... she was just on the news.

Better go upstairs.

Another copycat?

Or we just baited the real Infinity

out of retirement.

It was him. I am absolutely positive.

Did he say anything?

He said, "I'm alive, you bitch."

Obviously he saw me on the news.

Do you have any idea how
he got into your apartment?

He must have followed us in
from the street.

Leo had his key in the front door,

and suddenly he was just there.

Ski mask, gloves.

He had a knife.

I wanted to fight, to scream,
but Leo said no.

We would do whatever he wanted.

We didn't want to die.

What happened next?

He put the knife to Leo's throat.

He had me tie him up, stack the plates,

everything the way I had researched.

Exactly the way I knew he would behave.

He took me into the bedroom.

Then he tied me up and he raped me.

And he told me to moan
like I was enjoying it.

We're so sorry, Ms. Newbury.

Did you get a sense of his age?

He was an old man.

He had old man breath.

My husband is still in the hospital.

He is too old for this!

I'm too old for this!

He comes back! That's what he does!

What if he comes back?

I want this son of a bitch.

Listen, we have every available officer

working overtime.

We're pulling street cams,

we're pulling security cams
from every bodega, bank,

and lobby on the Upper East Side.

All right, was there
anything else at the scene?

A partial print, a hair, a fiber?

CSU is going over that house
with a fine-toothed comb.

We're just... we're waiting
on the rape kit.

She said he was careful.

He wore a condom,
a ski mask, and gloves.

He was careful,
but with the advancements

- in DNA technology...
- All right, what about the letters?

The lab...

it checked the letter that
we found at Patton's office.

There's no DNA. Look, there's...

there's nothing else on evidence.

All right, Patton had that letter

in his desk for years.

There could be others out
there that we don't know about.

Patton got the letter

from a dealer on the Lower East Side.

We can start there.



Anybody here?


Yeah, yeah, I'm coming.

Whatever you guys are
looking for, I got it all.


We need to ask you a few questions.

Well, all this stuff in here

is perfectly legal, Officer.

I swear.

You did business with Karl Patton?

The copycat.


So you knew he was an Infinity freak?

I knew he was a kook.

I had no idea he'd actually
go out and rape someone.

Yeah, no way you could anticipate that.

That's fair enough.

Problem is, you're still guilty.

Guilty of what?

Trafficking stolen merchandise

from the NYPD.

This was 30 years ago, for God sakes.

Now, you can't prove anything.

Oh, we can subpoena
your business records.

We can subpoena your tax records.

We can hold you up in court for years.

I run a legit operation.

Legit, huh?

Then you'll have no problem
giving us receipts

for every item in this store.

Certificates of authenticity,
certificates of provenance.

This is a shakedown.


Okay, what do you want?

Anything and everything Infinity.

Back room stuff. All of it.

What's mine is yours.

Right this way.

The lab actually pulled DNA
from Infinity memorabilia?

Saliva residue from a stamp.

A letter mailed back in '83.

Back before Infinity got careful.

Yeah, the bad news is,
there's no hits in CODIS.

I'm starting to understand

how my father must have felt.

Hey, sorry to interrupt,

but the, uh, DNA from the stamp?

- I got a hit.
- How?

I thought there was nothing in CODIS?

You sent Infinity's DNA
to a genealogy website?

It was a shot in the dark.

I figured it was easier
to ask your forgiveness

than your permission.


I got a familial hit.
A close female relative.

She's got an address in Brooklyn,

and she gave the site
permission to contact her

with any matches.

So now I'm, uh...
I'm asking your permission.

Go, run with it. Go.

- Amy Gardner?
- Yeah.

I'm Detective Dominick Carisi.

This is Sergeant Tutuola.

What's this about?

We're hoping you could help us.

Last year you sent in a DNA sample

I guess I got sucked in
by the TV ads for Father's Day.

We do need to talk to you
about your male relatives.

You're serious.

It's important.

Then I guess you'd better come in.

Thank you.

So you're saying that one
of my relatives is a criminal?

The DNA match could be a relative

you didn't even know you had.

That must be it, because both
of my parents are dead.

I don't have any cousins or brothers.

I mean, I have a little sister.

She lives in San Francisco.

No, this relative will be a male.

An older male.

Uncle Edgar?

My mom's big brother.

How old is Uncle Edgar?


He lives in New York?

His whole life.

He worked as a cable repair man.

He retired a few years ago
when his wife died.

When did he get married?

I think it was '94?

He's the sweetest man in the world.

What do you think he did?

We're gonna need his address.

I don't think I should.

Is what you're doing even legal?

We're gonna talk to your uncle

whether you give us his address or not.

You're making a mistake.

Go, I'll stay.

You're not going with him?

I need to wait here. I'm sorry.

To make sure I don't call Uncle Edgar.

He's not here.

Super said he left on a bodega run

about an hour ago.

Okay, are we sure
this is the right address?

Edgar Noone, 68.

Lived here with his wife
before she passed for 20 years.

Edgar, how you doing?


On it.

Edgar Noone.


What's this about?


Mr. Noone, put your groceries down.

Put your hands where we can see them.

You need to come with us.

Let's go.

Excuse me.

Hey, Lieu.

Okay, that's great.


Your uncle's in custody.

What did he do?

Do you remember the Infinity Rapist?

Of the '80s and '90s?


Well, your uncle's age,

the timing of the assaults,
plus the DNA...

No, I don't believe it.

I'm getting him a lawyer.
I know how this works.

That's your right.
He's entitled to a defense.

Rush it.

We're on it.

Now what happens?

We wait for the DNA match

and then we arrest you for 23 rapes.

I'm not Infinity.

Let's agree to disagree.

You're pretty confident.

Oh, I'm very confident...

that if we had the wrong man,

you wouldn't be so calm.

See, we have police files
going back decades.

Dates, times, places.

And those apartments are gonna be

on your cable repair route.

And you won't have an alibi.

We got the knives.

We got the rope you planted,

which you used to tie up your victims.

Infinity wore gloves.

Well, we'll find touch DNA somewhere.

Infinity's too smart.

Infinity's so smart,
why'd he come out of retirement

and rape Claire Newbury?

The case was cold.

He would have gotten away with it.


he didn't want the world
to think he was dead.

Now you get to go to prison for life.

There's ADA Stone now.

Look who I ran into in the lobby.

No more questions for my client.

You're Ben Stone's son, aren't you?


Yeah, I am. Why'd you ask?

I said no more questions.

Noone's DNA matched the DNA
on the back of the stamp

and Claire Newbury made a voice ID.

That's just enough for an
arrest warrant for the one rape.

What about the 22 other rapes?

Well, defense will argue
that Noone may have

licked the stamp and mailed the letter,

but that doesn't prove he's Infinity.

What about the apartment? Any trophies?

No, now we're going through
his financials.

Maybe he's got
a storage unit somewhere.

Does his niece know anything?

Nah, to her, he's just a sweet uncle.

What about the profile
you sent the website?

Uh, I used my name.

Relax, the guys who caught Golden State

did not identify themselves as police.

Now, I did the research on this,

and there is legal precedent
in California and Florida.

Yeah, but not New York,

which is what defense will argue.

- This just came for you.
- Thanks.

Defense motion to exclude Noone's DNA.

Eh, good for them,

but on this one the law's on our side.

Let's hope a judge thinks so.

The familial DNA

which led police to my client

was obtained without
a valid court order.

The genealogy website
willingly complied.

Based on assumption of identity.

NYPD did not identify themselves.

Which is not illegal.

- Was the website public?
- Private.

And while my client's niece
agreed to being contacted

by familial matches, she did not agree

to law enforcement
having access to her DNA.

Katz versus United States.

Supreme Court ruled in favor
of protections

of intrusions of privacy.

With exception
for exigent circumstances.

We believe Edgar Noone
is the Infinity Rapist.

To allow him the opportunity to escape

would have been putting
the entire population

of New York City in imminent danger.

There are serious
Fourth Amendment issues here.

If we go down this road, what's next?

Police state?

A mandatory universal DNA database?

I see your point.

Mr. Stone, do you have
any other evidence

- linking Mr. Noone to these crimes?
- Yes, Your Honor.

The last victim made a positive
voice identification.

And that is also tainted.

I have to agree.

As all the evidence in the case

is fruit of the poisonous tree,

I grant the motion to dismiss.

Your Honor, this monster

is guilty of 23 rapes.

You dismiss now, we lose

any chance of justice
for those victims.

I feel your pain, Mr. Stone,

but the evidence doesn't support

the pending indictment.

I am putting the case over
for a new indictment.

In the meantime, Mr. Noone,
you're free to go.

Your father would have done better.


Hey, thank you for meeting me.

Yeah, of course.

I was, uh... I was surprised
that you called.

My uncle hasn't called me back.

What do you think that means?

DNA doesn't lie, does it?

Oh, God.

Oh, my God.

He used to pick me up from school,

take me to the park.

How is this possible?


is... is there anything else

that you can tell me about your uncle?

Anything at all.


He stayed with us for a few months.

I was six.

He would wake up in the middle
of the night screaming...

"I can't listen, make it stop!"

Years later, my mom told me
about her and Edgar's parents.

They were alcoholics.

They were always fighting and...

some nights my grandfather

would lock my mother
and Edgar in their room.

Told them not to make a sound.

What happened on those nights?

She said that...

my grandfather did horrible things

to my grandmother.

I think he raped her.

And he made your mother
and Edgar listen, didn't he?

So my father was tortured by a man

who was tortured by his own father?


Probably too little too late.

Maybe not.

Noone sent over a dozen
"Dear Ben" letters.

They were taunting.
They were full of detail.

He... he wanted to be caught.

Yeah, or he wanted to confess...

to Ben Stone.

See, he saw him as a father figure.

Look, he even sent him
a Father's Day card.

Okay, um...

we gotta find a way
to get this guy back

in the interrogation room.

You arrested him for driving
on a suspended license?

An old guy?

Who knew he had
unpaid speeding tickets?

He hasn't asked for a lawyer?

Not yet.

And he'll talk to us?

He'll talk to my father.

"Dear Ben, I was thinking
about you last night.

- "Wondering about Mary."
- Mary Harris.

Infinity's 22nd victim.

"Wondering if Mary would
tell you "what I did to her."

"What I made her say."

"If she would get the details right"

"or if she would leave out
the interesting parts"

"because she was ashamed."

Infinity had a way with words.

That's probably what made him
interesting to Ben Stone.


My father studied him.

He read and reread the letters,

looking for clues about...
about the crimes.

His life.

About his traumatic childhood.

What do you mean?

As a boy, Infinity was forced to listen

while his father raped his mother.

Explains the pathology, but...

I don't think any of that
was in the books.

And... and Ben Stone knew that?

Oh, my father was obsessed.

I mean, he kept everything.

I mean, look, letter after letter.

Infinity even sent him
a Father's Day card one year.


"Dear Ben, happy Father's Day."

Signed with the infinity symbol.

Take a look.

Ben Stone kept this?

Yeah, he did.

He kept it in an evidence file

so it wouldn't get smudged or torn.

Of course, the idiot,
he sent a card with golf clubs.

My father never played a game
of golf in his life.

Infinity couldn't have known that...


Because he knew nothing
about my father.

They had a relationship.

There was no relationship.

All those hours Ben Stone
spent on the case?

He spent more time with Infinity

than he did with his own family!

Ben Stone cared about
the women who were raped.

He cared about getting justice
for them.

You're a little confused.

If you think this was about you,

you're more insane than I thought.


That's not true!

I know!

You know what?

I would wait outside the DA's office

until the light in his office went out.

Some nights, he wouldn't even
get in his car

until after midnight.

It was me he cared about.

Not you.


It was me he loved!

He's going to spend
the rest of his life in prison.

Your father would be proud, Peter.

I, uh...

I found this in my father's notes.

Uh, "Peter's game today."

"Don't be late. He's
the starting pitcher."

I was in junior high.

It was the first game of the season.

He never showed.

I hit a homer in the last inning.

I went home and, uh...

I could tell he wanted to talk,
but I was so angry

I just went to my room.

I'll never forget
the disappointment in his eyes.

You were a teenager.


The next day he wrote this:


"Peter's team won."

"Maybe he'll forgive me someday."

We never talked about that game.

It was September '93.

Turns out...

Infinity had struck again
the night before.


It's time to forgive him.


Thank you, Lucy.

Why are you home early?

I thought we'd spend
a little time together.

I want Lucy.

Okay, so, uh...

Noah, we all get
in bad moods sometimes,

and that's okay.

And sometimes it's not about Lucy

or olives or homework.


It means that we're upset
about something else.

What's wrong, honey? You can tell me.

Noah? Tell me.

It's Jeremy.

He keeps asking where my dad is.

I told him he's in heaven.

That's right, Noah.

He is.

Did he love me?

Oh, sweetheart.

Honey, of course he did.

Very, very, very much.


someday, when you get older,

I promise you I'm gonna
tell you all about him.

But for right now, it's just...

it's just Team You and Me.

And I feel...

So very lucky to be on that team.

Me too.

I love you, honey.

One sec.

Peter, hey. Something about the case?

Actually, I'm not here to talk to you.

- Coach!
- Hey.

I thought maybe Noah and me
could play a game of catch.

Can I play catch? Please, Mom?

Uh, sure you can.

There you go.

- Yeah.
- Hey, thanks.

- Come on, slugger.
- Let's go!

- Shoes.
- Hey, grab your coat!

- Okay!
- And coat, here you go.

All right, come on, come on.
Get those shoes on.

- Go, go, go.
- Yeah, that'll work.

That'll work. Come on, big guy.

Nice one. All right, put these on.

- All right, you ready?
- Let's go.

Thank you.

Thank you.