Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 20, Episode 11 - Plastic - full transcript

A woman accuses a celebrity plastic surgeon (guest star Mark Feuerstein) and his girlfriend of rape.

In the criminal justice
system, sexually based offences

are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Gorgeous crowd.

For the most part.

No woman is ever
perfect enough for you, is she?

One is, and I'm looking right at her.


Let's mingle.

Okay, so, take some Blue Curacao,

add it to your Moscow Mule,
and voilà, a Blue Mule.

I love it!

Yeah, it goes with
the theme of the party, girl.

Drink your winter blues away.

My God, your friends
are so damn good looking.

Yeah, get on out there.

Cuffing season is in
full swing, you know?

I mean just because it's cold
and people are lonely

doesn't mean that they're desperate

to cuff up with some rando.

Although, wow, he could make me
ignore my better angels.

Ah, thank you.

- Where were we?
- Hm...

Ohh, last bad date,
Chinese guy with the boat.

Oh, God, you have been listening.

Yeah, enough to know that that guy

brings nothing to the table.

- Eh, his family's rich.
- Well, I'm broke.

But I'm fun.

- Hi there, are you the host?
- Yes, guilty.

Well, thank you so much for having us.

My pleasure.

Here, let me help you with that, uh...

- Trina.
- I'll trade you, Trina.

- Okay.
- These look interesting.

Oh, I love Italian reds.

Everything the French
brag about, but cheaper.

- Hey, are you all right?
- Yeah, yeah.

Just, um, too many Moscow Mules.

My boyfriend's a doctor.
Let me get him.

Excuse me. Sorry.

Okay, everyone out. Let's go.

Bedroom's off limits.

- My bad.
- I said everyone. Come on.

- Have you seen Ava?
- Who?

The girl you were dancing with.

- Um, blonde, petite.
- So not as hot as you?

She was wasted. I think she left.

Help me.

Help. Help me. Help, please.


Hello? Help.


- Hello?
- You got the wrong house.

No! Wait, please. Please...

- Please.
- What's wrong?

Honey, what happened to you?

I was raped.


I'll call 911.


Hey, Lieu, here you go.
Almond milk, no sugar.

Ah, you're the best.
So the victim was found

wandering the streets
ringing doorbells?

Ava Parcell, she's 30 years old.

Tox screen showed MDMA,
Clonazepam, and BAC was .15.

- Rape kit?
- Minor trauma.

She had bruising in the thighs,

semen in the throat and her mouth.

The lab is running DNA right now.

Oh, my God, with
that level of intoxication,

let's hope she knows
what planet she's on.

I don't do drugs, ever.

Okay, well, it's possible

that he may have slipped you something.

- Like, in my drink?
- Maybe.

Do you remember
where you were last night?

Yeah, my new boss, Trina,
had a party at her loft.

- I had a few Moscow Mules.
- Okay, were you with anyone?

This guy, Lee. We were dancing.

My body started to feel heavy and hot.

Do you remember what happened next?

I went to the bathroom.

I thought I was going to throw up.

Then after that,
everything just got fuzzy.

Ava, you said that you were assaulted.

Do you have any idea
where or when that was?

Was... was it at the loft party?

I'm not sure.

I woke up... in a strange bed.

My ankles were tied.

I untied them... and then I just ran.

Can you remember
any other details, maybe?

A noise, a sound, a specific smell?

He smelled... he smelled sweet.

Like... like Gucci Rush.

It made me think of high school.

That's helpful.
Was there... was there a woman?

No, oh, my God, it was hers.
It was hers.

My hands were pinned down
and I couldn't move

and they were taking turns.


It was a couple.

It was a man and a woman.

They both raped me.

Oh, my God. That's horrible.

I found her purse and her phone
last night under the table.

Did you see who Ava left with?

No, it was so crowded.
Friends, friends of friends.

I don't even think I knew
half the people that were here.

- So you didn't see her leave?
- No, sorry.

- What about a guy named Lee?
- Lee Black?

- He didn't assault her.
- You sound pretty sure.

Yeah, because I am.

He was with me all night.

We're going to need to talk to him.

I don't see why.

Ava said she was raped by a couple.

You don't think that I'm... Okay, look.

Ava was long gone by the time
Lee and I hooked up

and that was after 5 a.m.?

Well, do you remember Ava hanging out

with any other couples at this party?

Yeah, there was this...
this one couple.

I didn't really know them.

Um, I think the guy
said he was a doctor.

Did you get a name?

No, but they did bring
a bottle of wine.

I saw that it was expensive so...

I hid it.

Lee Black. He's an unemployed actor.

Tox screen shows MDMA and cannabis.

But he's not the one who assaulted Ava?

His DNA was not a match.

Okay, so we're back to square one.

Okay, but maybe... maybe not.

The Calloway-Crowne,

they ID'd all the buyers

of their $500 Barbaresco
in the last week.

There was a web order
shipped to Connecticut,

a delivery to Brooklyn,

and an in-store purchase yesterday.

The name on the credit card
is Dr. Heath Barron.

The woman who threw the loft party,

she said the guy was a doctor.

Dr. Heath Barron.

He's a celebrity plastic surgeon.

"Mr. Mommy Make-Over."
He does reality TV.

He's a regular
on the talk show circuit.

And this is his girlfriend,
Sadie Parker.

She owns Sadie's Sugar Shack.
Designer cupcakes.

Okay, so let's see
if Ava can make an ID.

That's him. The guy from the party.

You sure? You... you recognize him?

Yes, that... he looks so familiar.

I-Is it possible
that you've seen him on TV?

No, I don't watch TV.
He was definitely there.

Trina said that he brought

a way expensive bottle of red wine.

And what about her?

She was so nice.

She took me outside
when I was feeling sick.

Do you remember getting
in a car with those two?

Uh, maybe. I don't know.

Okay, what do you...

what do you remember about them?

She gave me a drink
from her water bottle

and after that I went into a dark hole.

But before I blacked out she said

that she was going
to go get her boyfriend.

That he was a doctor.


Dr. Barron, I'm Lieutenant Benson.

Ah, the big gun. I'm impressed.

Sorry we, uh, screwed up your lunch.

Ah, I wasn't really
feeling sushi anyway.

Come in.

So I'm sure we could
put this to bed quickly.

About last night, uh, what can I say?

Sex can become complicated.

Well, we're just trying
to figure out why

Ava Parcell would accuse you of rape.

Yeah, I would like to know that, too.

You can ask me anything.

- Okay. Did you drug her?
- No.

Actually, she offered
Sadie and me ecstasy.

Sadie took a pill, I didn't.

I had patients to see today... so.

Ava was into it.

Can I talk to her?
Clear up the confusion?

Well, she didn't seem too confused.

Well, she must be.

How did you meet at the party?

We were drinking these
horrible blue drinks.

We started sharing.

Sharing what?

She said I was pretty,
Heath was handsome.

Uh, she mentioned she'd had
a bad three-way in college

and that maybe
it was time to try again.

So, uh, Ava was coming onto you?

Yes, but I didn't mind.

She wasn't into the guy
she was dancing with.

I ran into her in the bathroom.
She was queasy.

I took her outside for some air.

She offered me ecstasy. I took it.

And then?

We started rolling.
We got handsy, we kissed.

Then Heath found us.

Ava's tox screen showed
that she also had

Klonopin in her system.

Huh. That's a dangerous combination.

So you didn't give that to her?

No, that would be against
any doctor's ethical code.

No, we, uh, we met, connected.

She suggested taking the party home.

Sadie and I like to have fun
on our off hours.

Whose idea was it to take her home?


She didn't have to twist my arm.

- And when you got here?
- Ava pulled me on top of her,

then she told Heath to tie her up.

Huh, the neckties. So that was...

- that was her idea, too?
- Yes.

We even had plans to go to breakfast.

When we woke up, she was gone.
Whatever she's saying...

She's saying that she was raped.

That she couldn't move,
she couldn't scream for help.

That is what she's saying.

I met this woman for
the first time last night.

She seemed cool but she was
obviously on drugs,

acting out a sexual fantasy.

She was using us.


So, this is a regular thing,
picking up other women?

Sadie and I have
been together forever.

We're like an old married couple.

She jokes, "Add sugar
to maintain freshness."

She's a baker. That's why.

And Ava was the sweetener?

I have a public profile.

I don't know anything about
this woman or her agenda.

Is that on me? Yes.

Did I or Sadie assault her?
Absolutely not.

And if she keeps this up,

I'm going to have to call
my lawyer, okay?

You know, we've heard
this sex-games-gone-wrong story

a hundred times before. You buying it?

Well, Botox and Cupcakes?
Sounds tempting.

- You would've?
- No, but I can dream, right?

Dr. Barron, he's... he's
good-looking and he's nice,

he's successful, and Sadie
looks like she just stepped off

of a cover of some magazine, right?

I mean, if Ava's
into that sort of thing

and you throw some vodka
and ecstasy in the mix?

I get it. Look right there.

- Hi.
- Ava.

Hey, uh, why don't you
step into my office?

Yeah, can I get you coffee or anything?

No, I'm fine.

So what are they saying?

Well, they're claiming that
the three-way was consensual.

Consensual? No.

They also said that
you gave them the drugs.

I told you that I don't do drugs,

so, no, I didn't drug them.

Do you believe them?

We're just trying
to figure out what happened.

All right, there were
three people in that room

and two of them are saying
that you're lying.

- I'm not lying.
- Okay, well, Sadie also said

that you'd had a three-way in college.

Maybe you wanted to try it again?

Even if I wanted to try it
again, I did not want this.

Oh, my God. You don't believe me?

I did not want this.

- They raped me!
- Okay.

Okay, what? What are you going to do?

Are you going to arrest them?

We are going to build a case
and we're going to start

by getting a search warrant
for their apartment.


There must be a lot of
beautiful people in this city.

Couldn't pay me to
inject poison in my face.

Damn, it's like a pharmacy in here.

Codeine, Oxy, Xanax, Ambien.

All prescribed to her by him.

Perks of living with
a doctor... nothing illegal.

Yeah, but you don't stash
your non-prescription drugs

in your medicine cabinet.

He's got some weed over here,

but he's got a prescription
for this, too.

Ey, whatever happened

to bottles of champagne and candles?

You don't really want me
to answer that, do you?

No, I don't.

Hey, I got some thumb drives over here.

Look at this.

Number 12. Jane, Mary, Jenny,

Nita, Melissa, and Ava.

Ava ever mention being recorded?

You like watching, babe?

You know I do.

- What about you, sweetheart?
- Okay.

Ava is clearly unconscious.
That's Rape One.

We found dozens more,

all labeled with girls'
first names and dates.

Going back ten years.

Lots of dilated pupils.

And Ava's the first to complain?

We could be looking
at a lot of victims here.

Well, let's start with one.

Pick up Sadie and Barron
for the rape of Ava Parcell.

Looking for Dr. Heath Barron.

Aren't we all? Get in line, honey.

Hey, where the hell is he?

He's in a private booth.

Mm, yeah.

Excuse me, Dr. Barron?

Uh, is there a problem, detectives?

I know you searched our house.

All the drugs were legal.
You could have just asked.

Look, I've been accommodating, polite.

I know you're just doing your jobs

but this is getting irritating.

- Oh, it's getting irritating?
- Yeah.

Heath, can they do this?

It'll be all right, Sadie.
I'm calling my lawyer.

You know what? That is a good idea,

because you're both under arrest

- for the rape of Ava Parcell.
- What?

So three-ways are illegal now?

I thought this was New York, not Texas.

The tyranny of the parochial, babe.

It's everywhere.

You arrested my client
because a party girl

enlisted him and his girlfriend
for a threesome?

What am I missing?

The video we have of our witness.

She's passed out in your client's bed,

incapable of consent.

Yeah, you and your girlfriend

got quite a collection
of sex tapes, Heath.

If watching sex is now illegal,

you're going to have to arrest
90% of the country.

Well, that's a good point,
but some of your victims

were too high to consent.

That woman is unconscious.

She's not unconscious.

She's pretending to be unconscious.

He name is Melissa Nochack.

She fantasized about
being a living doll.

So what, you can just do
whatever you want with her?

The important thing is
it's what she wanted.

Don't judge it until you've tried it.

You wouldn't mind that,
would you, Detective?

Two women,
both melting under your touch,

every erotic sense in your body
churning and churning

until they all explode simultaneously

in total mental and physical ecstasy?

You got a number
for this Melissa Nochack?

So do you tape all of your threesomes?

I like to watch.

You do more than watch, Sadie.

That's Jenny Abrams.

And she looks like she's
in quite a bit of distress.

Oh, she was orgasming.

It was a big one.

They say if you put photos side by side

of people in pain and people orgasming,

it's hard to tell the difference.

Have you ever made love to a woman?

Oh, I... I know you want to.

You want someone who understands you.

Your needs, your fantasies, your body.

Someone with gentle lips and
a curious and generous tongue

searching your mouth while
a man takes you hard, rough...

No, that's okay.

Sadie, are you aware

that your boyfriend brought a lawyer?

- I don't need a lawyer.
- Did he tell you that?

I have nothing to hide.

They got an answer for everything.

So did Ted Bundy, until he didn't.

They were forthcoming about details

I wouldn't want to get into.

Yeah, and they know
we're going to check.

So we check all of them.

Talk to each of the women they named

and anyone else you can
find from the tapes.

Yeah, that's me.

Uh, Jenny, I'm not trying
to embarrass you here, I just...

I need to know if what happened
on this night

was consensual or not.
It's... it's fine if it was.

It was.

Did you know
that they were filming you?

Sure. We watched it together after.

You seem pretty out of it
on the video, Nita.

Wait, you watched me?


So this isn't a regular thing?

I wouldn't tell you if it was.

Look, I'm an attorney
at a high profile firm.

My private life is my private life.

That's fair enough, Melissa.

I just need to know if what
happened with Dr. Barron

and Sadie Parker was consensual.

So someone they've been intimate with

alleges it wasn't, right?

Well, I can only speak for myself,

but we had a very enjoyable evening.

Can I go?

Okay, thanks, Peter.

Heath and Sadie have been
arraigned and released R.O.R.

- Of course they were.
- These guys are Teflon.

We couldn't find anybody else
to say anything bad about them.

We've still got Ava.

Whose story will be a lot
less compelling to a jury

after they hear the other girls.

Okay, so keep looking.
Somebody's got to step up.

Or not.

Heath and Sadie
obviously aren't worried.

Now there are some

very troubling allegations against you,

specifically that you've
had non-consensual sex

with a number of women.

Yeah, and they are all 100% false.

Oh, they're going on the offensive.

This must have been aired this morning.

You have one of the most successful

plastic surgery practices in the city.

- Well, thank you.
- So what's going on?

Look, I certainly would have
preferred to have kept

my sex life private but, uh, yes.

The fact is, I enjoy having sex

with my girlfriend and our friends.

And what about you, Sadie?
Are you up for this?

Frankly, it was my idea.
It's normal, what we do.

Isn't she beautiful?

Look, I think in this one
instance, Ava... uh, sorry...

this young woman got
embarrassed after the fact,

which is a shame.

They're liars.

- Ava.
- I-I saw it.

My phone has been ringing off the hook.

They're making me out
to be the bad guy.

The... the prude.

You're not a prude,

because you didn't
want to be assaulted.

Listen to me. You just put that

out of your head.
That's... that's false.

I'm being vilified on TV, online.

They're saying that
I am doing this for a payoff.

Okay, just... just...
let's... let's take a breath.

You know, let's just drop
the whole thing.

I don't want to press charges.
I'm done.

Ava, they're going to keep going.

There's going to be more girls,
more victims.

Let them testify.

Hey, Lieu, I finally
got something on that S.O.B.

I found an encrypted video
on the doc's computer.

TARU enhanced it.

It's, uh... it's particularly vivid.

The ending's no surprise.

She can't be more than 14 or 15.

I don't think the feds
are going to prosecute

for possession of one video,
but look at this.

Medical books.

You think that Barron made this video?

Yeah. I sent that girl's
image to NCMEC.

Now they matched it
through facial recognition.

Her name is Ceci Taylor.
She went missing

from Brooklyn 14 years ago.
That is one year before

Heath Barron graduated Stony Point Med.

That's two hours north of the city.

Now, if we can just prove
that he shot this video there...

Go, go.


The Dean told me you were in
Heath Barron's class

in med school, Professor.

Louise is fine. My little Heath Bar.

That's what I called him.
It was a long time ago.

- So you two were close?
- Sure.

How do I put this?
He wanted to be a lot closer.

But you didn't want that.

I was dating a guy with dirt
under his fingernails.


How did Heath handle rejection?

Let me count the ways. Flowers, candy.

Once I went to his place to study.

He had a five course meal laid out

including some
chichi bottle of Italian red.

Cost more than my rent.

Do you remember where his place was?

It's out near the lake.

I live out that way
if you want to follow.

Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry, Mr. Taylor.

One day Cecilia went to school

and she never came home.

That's not out there on the Internet?

No, no, no, no.

As far as we know, it's just
on one person's computer.

What the hey?

Thank heaven for the little things.

She's dead, isn't she?

We don't know.

My wife and I didn't
raise her like that.

Ceci was a good girl.

Sure, she smoked a little weed.
Who didn't?

But she told us about it.

She and Ruth were so close.

Your wife?

Passed away last year.

Hit by a drunk driver
on Nostrand Avenue.

Ceci and Ruth talked about everything.

She was mostly happy till high school.

She told Ruth all about
her... her first crush,

Rob Kurtz.

You know how it is with teen girls.

She wasn't in with the "in" crowd.

So she assumed it was
because she wasn't...


There was nothing we could do or say

to convince her otherwise.

Rob's a lawyer now out in LA.

Mr. Taylor...

I know how difficult this is.

Is it possible that Ceci ever...

ever tried to get ahold
of you via text or via email?

Maybe... maybe the phone rang
and no one was there?

Believe me, we prayed every night

for a sign she was alive.

Seven years ago on Ceci's birthday,

Ruthie and I had a fake funeral.

Father John said it would
give us some kind of closure.

There's no such thing as closure.

What the hey?

Maybe it's a good thing Ruthie's gone.


Come on, girls, here we go.
Coo, coo-coo-coo.

- Excuse me.
- Huh? Hmm?

Oh, can I help you?

Sergeant Tutuola, Detective Carisi.

Can we talk to you for a minute?

- Is something wrong?
- We just want to ask you

about somebody who used to live here.

Heath Barron?

Yeah. Oh, please.

- I'll get it.
- Thanks.

Yeah, so my husband and I
just split up.

Sorry to hear that.

Ugh, Noel ran off
with our lawyer's assistant.

This house just had too many memories.

My sister asked me to move in
with her in Philly.

That's where we grew up.

And Heath was the first person
to answer the ad,

so I rented it to him.

Mrs. Kimbel, um, did anybody
ever move in here with Heath?

- You mean like a girl?
- That's exactly what we mean.

- I doubt it.
- Why's that?

When he came to look at the place,

we had a cup of coffee and a long talk,

and he told me he was fixed
on this med student,

but she was living with another
guy who worked construction.

So I told him about girls like that,

girls who prefer men with
calluses on their hands

to grey matter in their heads.

I'm a girl like that.
Look where it got me.

Does this house have a basement?

- Yeah.
- Can we take a look?

Yes, of course.

He shot the video right there.

Let me see it.

Mrs. Kimbel, did you do
any remodeling down here?

No, never.

So you didn't replace
any of these panels?

Actually, I never noticed that before.

Mrs. Kimbel, would you do me a favor

and wait for us upstairs?

Oh, sure.

Guess we know what happened
to Ceci Taylor.

Seven years for child porn.
Murder he goes away for life.

Oh, my God!

He covered the body in lye
to stop the smell.

Something a med student
would know. I have...

Well, he's not just a perv anymore.

He's a perv murderer.

Guys, let's... let's not get
out ahead of our skis.

Let's not get ahead of our skis?

Lieutenant, no disrespect but
we got a little girl on video.

We got a little girl's bones.

From where I'm standing,
two plus two equals four.

And sometimes it doesn't.

The ME ran the DNA
from the bones in the bag

against a sample from a hair
brush that her father gave us.

It doesn't match up.

The body in the bag is not Ceci Taylor?

Not if you believe science.

Maybe that new video of Ceci
will convince Ava to testify.

That video was very convincing.

Maybe it'll convince someone else.

Thanks for coming in, Sadie.

I didn't really have a choice, did I?

No, you didn't.

I actually feel sorry for Ava.

Sex shouldn't be a shameful thing.

Heath's lawyer says
she doesn't want to testify.

Well, not everyone's
as open as you are.

But I actually didn't want to
speak to you about Ava.

Why don't you have a seat?

Is someone else telling
more lies about us?

I wanted to talk to you about a video

that Heath kept hidden on his computer.

Yeah, I wondered why he didn't
want you to see this one.

Her name is Ceci Taylor.

She was 14 when you recorded this

so that makes you a pedophile, Doc.

You think that's me?

Oh, for God's sakes.

- Somebody emailed it to me.
- And you kept it.

It was years ago. I forgot about it.

I have no idea who made that.

That's weird, because it was recorded

when and where you
lived during med school.

The odds are pretty good that, uh,

that you're telling
a little white one here.

Pretty good doesn't cut it
in a criminal trial, Detective.

I'm sorry, how do you know

where I lived during medical school?

I'm glad you asked me that.
Your old classmate, Louise,

took my colleagues there.

Yeah, did you know Louise
teaches at your alma mater now?

You spoke to Louise?

Yeah. Looks like somebody

might still be carrying a torch.

Please, that's ridiculous.

That's one possibility.

The other possibility is that
you've been looking

for Ms. Louise
ever since she walked out

of your five course
Italian feast 14 years ago.

We also found this at the house.

Now my guess is that's another one

of your boyfriend's victims.

You think Heath killed somebody?

I do.

A teenage runaway that he used
before he found Ceci.

She was a great substitute
for Louise for a minute,

but then you got tired of her.
Enter Ceci.

And I suppose I killed her too?

I'm thinking
we'll be digging up her bones

sooner or later, yeah.

God. What is it with you people?

Do you hate sex
or are you just scared of it?

We enjoy what's natural,
what's beautiful.

You get your jollies by turning it all

into something sick and criminal.

Truth be told, I couldn't
care less what you and Heath

do in your private life,

as long as nobody else gets hurt.

That's the only thing
that I'm concerned with.

But somebody else did get hurt, Sadie.

Somebody ended up
in the wall of his house.

Now I'm assuming that you
didn't know about that.

He's a healer, not a killer.

What the hey?
You'll never prove any of it.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

You're Ceci.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You're the girl in this video.

You're crazy... look at her.
She looks nothing like me.

Of course she doesn't,

because Dr. Heath Barron
took care of that.

He got bored with Ceci,
so he turned her into Sadie?

- Stop!
- Stop? Ceci, you were 14.

You should have been out
shopping for prom dresses or...

or gossiping with your friends
about Rob Kurtz.

I said stop!

He's in LA, by the way.
He's a lawyer there.

Heath Barron stole
all of that from you.

It's time for you to stop
protecting him.

You've never been in love, have you?

But does he love you?

That's a stupid question.

I'm everything to him.

Then why does he keep inviting

other women into your bed?

Her name is Moira.

I met her at a bowling alley
in Brooklyn.

It was raining.
I didn't have my umbrella.

She said her friend
would drive me home.

But he took you up to his lake house?

I thought it would be fun.

So what happened to Moira?

One day I woke up and she was gone.

He told me she went back home
to her mom.

I saw him re-paneling the wall,

but he said it was a water leak.

Do you know what I think, Ceci?

I think that Moira

didn't live up to his fantasy

and so...

He's not a killer.

Oh, that's... that's not what he is.

Maybe it was an accident.

Maybe he didn't mean to kill her.

But whatever it was,
when he got bored with her,

you became his fantasy girl.

And then when he got bored with you,

he molded you into
what he saw as perfection.

No, no! He loves me.

No, he loves the idea of you.

The perfect beauty.

But beauty fades, Ceci.

Even the perfect beauty
that he created.

That's why he brings
other women home to your bed.

Because he's searching for something

that can never, ever really exist.

Look, women are fragile beings.

They're tortured by the what-ifs.

What if I didn't have that damn mole?

What if my lips were a little plumper?

What if my breasts
were a little firmer?

I'm sure you know

what I'm talking about, Detective.

I'm sure you've spent more than
one sleepless night wondering,

"What if my body doesn't
return to where it was?"

We don't need to talk about me.

Why not? You're a woman.

You have fantasies.

I make those fantasies real.

I do not kill little girls.

You don't care about
your patient's fantasies.

You care about your own.

But that's the thing about fantasies.

They're not going to be
about flesh and blood.

- They're never going to be real.
- Okay, you know what?

I've heard enough of this.
Let's go home.

The only place you're going
is Rikers; sit down.

- He's already been R.O.R.
- Yeah, for Ava's rape.

Now he's looking at murder,
so I said sit.

Did you rape Ava Parcell?

I know that you weren't in
control of what you were doing,

and I know that you did
everything for him.

- He needs me.
- Yes, he does.

But you don't need to spend

the rest of your life in prison.

So tell me what happened, Ceci,
and we can work out a deal.

We gave Ava a lot of drugs.
It's not like we hurt her.

Yes, you did.

And you more than anyone
should know that.

I didn't mean to. I just like being...

Being what, Ceci?

Being beautiful.

She's so sad.

They were both searching for
something that didn't exist.

I'll testify.


It's the right thing.

So Stone says he'll work with Ceci

if she testifies against Barron.

NCMEC found two Moiras
missing in the time frame.

I would not want to make those calls.

Mr. Taylor.

I came as soon as I could. Is she okay?

She's a little rattled,

but I'm sure that this will help.

This way. Hey, can we open it up?



Daddy, I'm sorry.

Oh, baby. Oh, baby, ohh.

- Oh, baby.
- I'm so sorry.

Oh, it's okay.

Oh, it's okay. Ohh.