Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 18 - Manhunt - full transcript

Detectives Munch and Tutuola become increasingly frustrated as they follow a brutal pair of kidnappers who rape and murder their victims; and even when they get their men, they end up in a legal dispute with the Canadian authorities.

In the criminal justice system

sexually-based offenses

are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives...

who investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Come on, Annie.
Just one little drink.

I can't.
I smell like French fries.

I love French fries.

I appreciate the offer, Butch,
but my feet are killing me.

I just want to take a hot bath
and curl up with my People.

Maybe next time. All
right, I'll hold you to it.


I love French fries.
How stupid.


Back off!

Get off me!
Let him go!

Hey, come back here!


Abductee's name is Annie Tassler.
A waitress at the diner over there.

Why'd you bring us
in on a snatch job?

Found this on the scene.

Chloroform? Dropped it in the struggle.

Took off in a green
four-by-four. Witnesses?

Butch McGee,
a hash slinger at the diner...

and a Good Samaritan
by the name of Marty Potter.

They took their lumps
trying to stop him. Thanks.

There's something
I'm missing?

Last summer, a guy abducted
four women using the same M.O.

Raped and tortured them.

Left their bodies stacked in
a warehouse in Alphabet City.

The Bowery Stalker?
One and the same.

I haven't heard about that guy
in a long time.

Not long enough.

Butch, Marty?
Yeah. I'm Butch.

What do you got for us?

He pulled her
right off the street.

Did you get
a good look at him?

He's a big guy with a beard
and a baseball cap.

You ever seen him before?

He might've been
in the diner a few times...

but I never really
got a good look at his face.

How do you
fit into all this?

Saw the commotion,
tried to help.

You have something to add?

Yeah. He had a tattoo. A cat of
some sort on his right forearm.

I saw it coming at me when
he shoved the gun in my face.

If I put you with a sketch
artist, can you give us a picture?

I can try.

We gotta get them in the bus.

How long you think the
Stalker will keep her alive?

Until he's finished with her.

According to Munch, the abductor
fits the Stalker's M. O to a tee.

He goes after petite women,
uses chloroform to subdue them...

and then carts them off
in a dark four-by-four.

How long has it been since
his last attack? Almost a year.

Yeah. We thought he'd gone underground,
or maybe just left the area.

You're late.

I was up all night
interviewing witnesses.

D.A. wants an update
on the Bowery Stalker.

Can't wait for the report?

She's made this case
a top priority.

Any warrants, lab work,
anything you need.

Why all the sudden attention?

She knows how elusive he's been.
She thought you could use some help.

Because I didn't nail him
last time? Come on, John.

Nobody's blaming you. We're
all on the same team here.

Then why did you start the
team meeting without me?

We were just leaving.
No, stay.

I want you and Olivia
to help with the canvas.

It's my catch, Captain.
I got it covered.

You're still the primary but that
doesn't mean you don't need backup.

Now, the only agenda here is catching
this guy before he kills again.

Got it?

Got it. Good. Now where's your partner?

He's with a couple of
witnesses and a sketch artist.

While you're waiting,
why don't you fill Alex in?

Mind if I get my morning
tea first? Not at all.

About a year ago, Sarah Kimmel
stumbled into a bar on Avenue D...

half naked, beaten, claiming
that a man with a beard...

imprisoned her as his sex slave in
an abandoned warehouse on Broome.

We raided it, found a makeshift
cell in the basement...

stocked with sex toys and
various instruments of torture.

And four mutilated bodies.

Any trace evidence?

A few partials and DNA, but nothing
our system could match it to.

We staked the building out for a month.
No luck. The guy just disappeared.

Until now.

Must have found a new safe
house. Potentially, more victims.

Anything on the tattoo?

Butch filled in a few details.
Ran it through PIMS and got a hit.

Skel named Frank Taggart,
on parole for assault.


PO said he got a custodial job
at the Fish Market.

How desperate does somebody gotta be
to take a gig in a place like this?

Worked here when I was a kid.
Made good money, too.

What'd you do
with all your money?

You can't tell me women
wanted to get with you...

after a day in a flower shop
like this.

Two words: Aqua Velva.
Come again?

Fishmonger's best friend.

After a hot shower slather some
of that on. Smell like Vic Damone.

Smell like a mackerel
with some cheap aftershave.

Hey! Munch man!

Olive! Hey!

Name's Olivetti.

Okay. Fin.
All right.

Even when we were kids, he looked
like a big, fat Olive. Ergo.

Long time, no see.

We're looking for a guy named
Frank Taggart. He still work here?

Yeah. As little as possible.
Where we can find him?


Frank Taggart?
We want to talk to you.

Hey, you heard the man.

Hold it right there.

This was a new coat.
Two words: Aqua Velva.

That's a hell of a tattoo
you got there, Frankie.

It's an original.
Your design?

Elmo's Tats on Eighth.
What the hell do you care?

Where were you last night
between 11:00 and midnight?

Rusty's Bar in the Alphabet.
Can you prove it?

The barstool near the door has
a permanent imprint of my ass.

Feel free to check it out.
Be the highlight of our day.

Am I being charged with something here,
or are we just shooting the breeze?

We got witnesses that place
you and your original tattoo...

outside a diner on Canal Street grabbing
a girl, and pistol-whipping her friend.

I was nowhere near the place.

Just like you were nowhere
near your girlfriend's place...

the night you beat
the crap out of her?

That was a misunderstanding.

You put your fist
right through her teeth.

And I did my time. And I ain't
been near the bitch since.

That's why you
grabbed the waitress?

Feeling the need
for a little self-expression?

I don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

I didn't grab nobody, and anybody
who says otherwise is a liar.

Bartender at Rusty's said
Taggart ducked out around 11:00...

the night of the abduction.

Gets him to the diner
with time to spare.

What about the four-by-four?

Nothing registered
to him.

Doesn't mean
he didn't steal one.

Get all the witnesses down here for
a line up, including Sarah Kimmel.

It's been almost a year.

He held her in that warehouse
for two days.

I doubt she's gonna
forget his face.

He messed her up
pretty bad, Captain.

If we get the ID
off the other two.

Then we'll get a court order for
his DNA to match to her assault.

If not,
she's our insurance policy.

Does one of them
have a tattoo?

We need you to make the
identification without prejudice.

It's the only thing I got a
good look at, besides the gun.

Number 4.

No, five.

Which is it, Mr. Potter?

Five. Definitely five.

Thank you, Mr. Potter.

Officer Peters
will be happy to know...

he's just been identified
as the Bowery Stalker.

I'm sorry, Detective. It
looks like it's up to Sarah.

Is he really here?

We have a suspect.
But we need a positive ID.

I can't. He won't be able to see you.

But I see him...

every time I close my eyes.

I leave my lights on at night, or I'll
see him staring at me from the shadows.

He can't hurt you anymore.

I'm 28.
I'm living on disability...

because I can't leave my house
without falling apart.

Don't tell me
that he can't hurt me.

I wouldn't ask you to do this
unless I had to.

But we think he's hurting
somebody else.

Whenever you're ready,

You see him, don't you?

Which one, Sarah? Which one?

He's not there.
It's okay.

It's all right.

It's all right.


Thank you for the ride home.


You didn't have a choice.

I was sure we had him.
What the hell are we missing?

I was just thinking. Taggart
said his tattoo was an original.

Right. Elmo's Tats on Eighth.

I wonder how many Elmo originals
are walking around Manhattan?

Hell of a work of art.
If you say so.

It ain't mine. Guy brought it in
last summer, asked me to do a tat.

Liked my work so much, he
left me the sketch as a bonus.

How many have you done
since then?

Can count them on one hand.

Most folks are into Goth
these days.

You keep names and addresses?

It's not exactly
that kind of business.

But the ones who want that one
are hard to forget.

Such as?

An old dude who walked
his cat on a leash.

A woman wrestler.

A guy who smelled like rotten fish.
And the one that brought it in.

What'd he look like?
Big fellow with a beard.

He said the bobcat was a
platoon name in the service.

You mind if we take
that sketch with us?

Why not? It's not exactly
bringing in the foot traffic.

I saturated the paper
with ninhydrin...

which revealed
two distinct sets of prints.

One matched to the shop owner,
the other was a John Doe.


Until I ran it against
the alternate data banks.

"Darryl R. Kern. Dishonorably
discharged from the Army in 1999."

About the same time
the attacks started.

How much you want to bet DMV
turns up a green four-by-four.

And a home address.

Right there.

Darryl Kern? This is the NYPD.

We have a warrant
to search the premises.

If you don't open the door,
we'll open it for you.

Take it down.

Police! Let's go!
Go! Go!

Cool cat.

Take a look at this.
E- Z Pass bill.

This guy does some
serious traveling.

And always to the same place.

Kern's E-Z Pass statements show
periodic travel along the same route...

dating back to last June.

From Manhattan he goes across
the Triborough Bridge...

onto the thruway,
across the Tappan Zee...

north to Utica, where he exits
on to Route 12 North.

Credit cards show him gassing
up his '92 Pathfinder...

along Routes 12 and 11, all
the way up to Walden Falls...

a pit stop of a town 20
miles northeast of Watertown.

A few days later, he takes the
same route back to the city.

Seven women went missing within
a day of each of these trips.

You got a lot of unspoiled
wilderness up there.

There's only one way
to find him.

Munch, Fin, pack your bags.
You're going on a road trip.

Where's Opie?
Probably gone fishing.

Speaking of which, you look a
little green around the gills.

Maybe it's because
riding with you...

is like taking a four hour
spin on the Tilt-a-World.

I told you to take the
Dramamine. I hate pills.

So you'd rather puke.
I'm not gonna puke.

But you could use a road course
on driving in hazardous conditions.

I kept it on the road.

The locals been briefed?

Yeah. Cragen took care of it.
He faxed them the whole file.

Assuming they have
a fax machine in Mayberry.

Chief, the detectives
from New York City are here.

Welcome to Walden Falls.
John Munch.

Odafin Tutuola.
Come again?

Just call me Fin.
Fin. Got it.

Get you a cup of coffee?
Soda pop? Something?

We're fine.

So, you think you've got
a fugitive hiding out up here?

Cold-blooded serial killer and
rapist by the name of Darryl Kern.

I never heard of him. I know
just about everybody in town.

So if he's here,
he's keeping a low profile.

Come on in, Cheryl.

This is Detectives Munch and... Fin.

Officer Cheryl Baxter.

Whatever you need, Officer
Baxter is at your disposal.

We'd like to start with
Smitty's Pump and Save.

'Cause that seems to be a
regular stop on Kern's itinerary.

You want to settle in first,
or go now?

The woman he grabbed might still
be alive. We can settle in later.

Good luck. If you need anything
else, just give a holler.

Thanks, Chief.
You betcha.

Guy's from out of town.
Has a cabin up here.

Know where?

But he likes to hunt, so I suppose
it's out on one of the county roads.

Lots of folks
have hunting shacks out there.

Was anyone with him?

I think he might have a
lady friend. Is this her?

Hard to tell.
You said he liked to hunt.

He never really said so...

but since he spends so much
time in Jordie's Guns and Ammo...

I figured he was stocking up
for the season.

Jordie's Guns and Ammo?

Right over there.
Thank you.

Yeah. That's Arnold Cokely.

That's what I said.

I heard he comes in here a lot.
Is there a law against that?

No, but there is a law
against obstructing justice.

Come on, Jordie.
They're okay.

They're just trying
to do their jobs.

What do you need?

Did he mention anything
about a cabin?

I think he said it was north of town.
Kept it pretty well stocked, too.

With what?

Rifles, ammo, provisions.
We carry a full line here.

Do you mind if we take a look
at his paperwork?

Yeah, I do mind.

But I don't suppose there's
much I can do about it.

Government's got its fingers
so far up everyone's ass...

it's getting to be like
Russia around here.

Russia's a democracy now.
My point exactly.

I assume you checked his ID and
waited for his background to clear.

Yeah. I followed the law. To
the letter, if not the spirit.

We'll get this back to you.

We computerized the county
records a few years ago.

If either Kern or Cokely owns land
here, it'll show up on the tax rolls.

Damn. How come we don't have
this kind of software?

You could always
head down to the basement...

and go through the big books if
that'd make you feel more at home.

Just got off the phone
with New York.

Benson called Missing Persons.

Arnold Cokely and his wife Amanda went
missing from Tribeca five months ago.

And since Cokely's ID was used in
a fraudulent firearms transaction...

ATF is joining the party.

That may not be so bad, considering all
the firepower Kern's been stockpiling.


No match for Kern or Cokely
in the system.

She faxed a list of others that went
missing around the time of his other trips.

Can you check on those, too?

I'll scan the names into the computer,
have a printout in a few minutes.

I still don't see why the city
couldn't spring for two rooms.

Because they're cheap. The D.A.
wants to redecorate her office...

with antiques and Berber rugs,
and we gotta beg for table scraps.

In Narcotics we always got
our own rooms.

Sometimes entire apartments.

How's that?

Gotta create entirely
new identities.

You know, apartments, bank
accounts, the whole works.

One time I was under for seven weeks.
Had a nice little duplex in The Village.

After we bust the dope ring,
I gotta move back...

to my little cracker box
one-bedroom in Brooklyn.

First week home, I kept
bumping into my own furniture.

So this place must make
you feel right at home.

Not exactly. I got a nice
entertainment system...

surround sound
and a widescreen TV.

Eight months of the cold
shoulder, now I can't shut you up.

So why'd you leave Narcotics?

My partner took a bullet
that was meant for me.

Sort of took
all the fun out of it.

Why'd you leave Homicide?

I came back from Baltimore
after my last marriage broke up.

The only opening
in my bracket was SVU.

Seen enough dead bodies, figured
the change would do me good.

Little did I know, it's the living
victims that rip your guts out.

That mine or yours?
It's yours.

Where the hell did I...

Munch. Hey, Elliott.


Yeah. We're on it.

Where's the phone book?
Right here.

I used it to order the
pizza. More like a wallet.

Here it is.

They've been combing
through Kern's stuff...

found blueprints for a bomb shelter
drawn up by a contractor in Walden Falls.

Cheryl? John Munch.

Do you know the owner of
McCartney Lumber and Cement?

Could you have him
meet us at the station?

We caught a break in the case.
See you in 20.

This is a federal matter.
And this is my office.

Play by my rules or get out.
You're in over your head.

This man has enough firepower
to start World War III.

Somebody's blowing enough hot
air to refloat the Hindenburg.

Who the hell are you?

Det. John Munch, NYPD.
Who the hell are you?

Gus Stone,
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Mr. Stone, why don't you take
your cowboys and step aside...

and let the police
do their work?

I have a federal warrant
for Darryl Kern's arrest.

And I have someone
who could help find him...

before he kills another
innocent woman. Who trumps who?

Here they are.

Mr. McCartney, do you
recognize these blueprints?

Sure do. Guy came in last June,
asking us to build him a bunker.

For what?

Said he was getting ready for
Armageddon and the race wars.

I don't subscribe to that point of view,
but his money's as green as anyone's.

Drew up the plans
to his specifications.

An underground bunker fortified
with 12-inch cement blocks.

You built it?
Sure did.


Tract of land about 10 miles
out, just off County Road 26.

Already had
a small cabin on it.

I can have 10 men here, deputized,
ready to go within an hour.

I've got five more
on the way from Watertown.

What are we waiting for?




Where the hell is he?

We got something here.

Sorry, Annie.


Bastard tortured her.

The frozen ground's
slowing us down...

but we've already uncovered 15
bodies buried in shallow graves.

Three kids.

Why kids?

I've got my men
scouring the woods...

but by the looks
of those tire tracks...

I'd say Kern pulled out a
good hour before we got here.

Somebody's tipped him off.

I could've lived an entire lifetime
without seeing something like this.

How bad?

Contusions, broken bones,
flesh pulped and bruised.

Mutilation pattern suggests she'd
been penetrated by foreign objects...

possibly a knife.

All that before he blew
her face off with a. 44.

Detective? Found something in the
cabin you might want to take a look at.

It's an operation manual of some
sort. Last entry dated yesterday.

"Position compromised.

"As long as the Worm stays in the
Apple, possibility of further erosion.

"Will rendezvous at extraction
point. Operation terminated."

He definitely
has an accomplice.

Serial killers
tend to be loners.

But when they do pair off, the
stronger personality dominates.

We read a single perp because
his partner lives in his shadow.

He must have left in one
big hurry to forget this.

He's slipping.

It says they're going
to rendezvous.

The Worm's in the Apple.
The Big Apple.

He's heading back to the city.

It's all written
in this pseudo-military code.

He calls his accomplice the Worm
and refers to himself as the Eagle.

And lists targets and ops
dating back three years.

I assume the targets
are the victims.

And the ops...
Their torture and execution.

He's killed entire families
for their credit cards and ID.

He even killed
one guy for his cabin.

A plumber from Brooklyn
named Ernest Dillman.

Now that the operation's
gone south...

he's come home to scoop up his
accomplice and hit the road.

Any idea
who this accomplice is?

We figure he's an Army buddy since they
communicate using this military jargon.

Kern was stationed at Fort Dix
according to his discharge papers.

I know somebody at the 15
close to the CO.

Let me see
if I can hook you up.

It's an elite group trained for
specialized tactical operations.

Kern's outfit?
Mine, in the Gulf War.

The closest Kern ever got to an
operation of any significance...

was running to the cellar
for a batch of potatoes.

He was a cook?

He was trained
as a weapons specialist...

but he spent
so much time in KP...

we reassigned him to the
kitchen on a permanent basis.

How'd he take to that?
He didn't.

Kern had a problem
with authority...

which is why he had a
problem with the Army.

Why'd he sign up?

He suffered under the delusion
we enjoy killing things.

That attitude eventually
earned him his discharge.

Can you be
a little more specific?

We had this squirrel, used
to hang out behind the mess.

Cooks would feed him
table scraps, nuts.

One day,
the dinner shift arrived...

to find Kern dumping strange
meat into the stew pot.

When they asked
what the hell he was doing...

he pointed out the window to a squirrel
hide laid out to dry in the bushes.

Said he needed a new hat.

One of the cooks jumped him. Kern
threatened him with a butcher knife.

He wound up in the brig, where
he underwent psych testing.

He was diagnosed with anti-social
personality disorder...

and pronounced unfit for duty.

So you kicked him out of the Army
and unleashed him on the rest of us.

He did his time. We didn't
have anything to hold him on.

Did he have any friends,
anyone he hung with?

He pretty much stayed
to himself...

except for a guy who made dry
goods deliveries to the mess.

They seemed to be
on the same wavelength.

Can we talk to this guy?

He doesn't deliver here anymore, but I
could give you the name of the company.

Some outfit out of Brooklyn.

That's Marvin.
Marvin who?

Marvin Posey.
He's one of my best guys.

He's been with
the company eight years.

He took the job the same
day Clinton took office.

You ever fire the guy, you
better nail down the furniture.

Where can we find Marvin?

He ain't working today. He's
on National Guard maneuvers.

Marvin's a weekend warrior?
You bet.

Did anybody notice
today's Thursday?

Sometimes the maneuvers
go all week.

I don't mind. At least he's
doing his patriotic duty.

Which is more than I can say for
half the lazy slackers around here.

Excuse me.

Hey, numb nuts! You wanna
smoke that whole pack...

or you think you might make
your run sometime today?

How often does Marvin
go on these maneuvers?

Once a month. Sometimes
less, sometimes more.

When did he leave this time?
Couple of days ago.

I expect him back Monday,
if you wanna talk to him.

No, we need to see him before
that. Do you have a home address?

Sure. But he ain't there.

He's out in the wilderness
somewhere practicing survival skills.

We're gonna need
his address for our files.

He's not in trouble, is he?

In position, Detective.

Stand by.

Marvin Posey. NYPD. Open up.
We want to talk to you.

Come on, Marvin!

Hello. Marvin's not here.

Where is he?
He left this morning.

Are you friends of his?

I hope you like orange pekoe.

Marvin was going to pick up
some Earl Grey from the store...

when he got called away.

Let me help you
with that.

Friends stop by so seldom.

I know he'll be disappointed
he missed you.

You Marvin's mother?

No, I'm his Aunt Mary.

His mother died
when he was just a child.

I'm sorry.

His father beat his mother
to death with an iron.

He didn't like the way
she did his shirts.

Milk with your tea?
No, thank you.

It's so hard on a child
to lose a parent.

That's why I was determined to
give Marvin all the love I could.

Raised him like my own.

It wasn't easy,
but we got through.

He's always been a loving boy.

Call me Aunt Mary.

Aunt Mary, it's very important
that we get in touch with Marvin.

Do you know where he
might be? It's a secret.

He's with the Green Berets.

That's his scrapbook,
right there.

You mind?
No, please.

Even when he hurt his leg
on the last mission...

he just turned right around
and volunteered again.

How can we get
in touch with him?

He usually takes his cell
phone, in case of an emergency.

That's Marvin
with his friend Darryl.

Do you know Darryl, too?

You could say that.


We had him. In our own house.

He wasn't trying to stop the
four-by-four. He was trying to get in.

How could we be so stupid?

We weren't the only ones. Even
Aunt Mary thinks he's a hero.

Aunt Mary's a few tea bags shy
of a full pot.

Damn it! I should've seen it the minute
he picked Peters out of the line up.

Get an APB out on Marvin and his
Aunt Mary's Chrysler New Yorker.

Yeah. Got it.

State Police
found Kern's Pathfinder...

at a shopping center
outside of Walden Falls.

They said a bald, clean-shaven
man got out of it...

carjacked a mother and her kid
in a blue Taurus.

This morning.

What direction were they headed? North.

Canada. Damn.

So Marty Potter
is Marvin Posey.

No wonder Kern knew we were on his tail.
His accomplice had the inside scoop.

The question is,
where is he now?

State Police says Kern was
alone when he jacked that Taurus.

A new look, car, traveling companions,
it's easy to slip through the perimeter.

Maybe even cross the border.

If he has, those hostages
don't have much shelf life.

Got the LUDS
on Marvin's cell phone.

He received a call from Annie Tassler's
cell the morning after the abduction.


And they've been exchanging calls
at regular intervals ever since.

Marvin didn't leave
until this morning.

If they're meeting up on the road, we
could trace them through cell sites.

Call the service provider.
Get a trap on both numbers.

The two blips represent calls
exchanged between the two cell phones...

over the past two days.

Now, I've connected the blips
of each phone to demonstrate...

how the signal has been passed
from one cell site to the next...

which basically represents
their respective travel routes.

Looks like Marvin's
hauling ass.

Yeah. And Kern's
been hunkering down.

Cell phones converge in a cell
site outside Fisher's Landing.

Just this side
of the Canadian border.

Give me the State Police. Pack
the Dramamine. We're heading north.

We spotted a blue Taurus
and a Chrysler New Yorker...

in the driveway of a farmhouse
about a half mile down the road.

Anybody see
the mother and kid?

No. We suspect they're
holed up inside the house.

There's a stand of trees
lining the road.

Can't see us
until we're in the driveway.

Might be able
to surprise them.

It's your show.
All right. Let's move out.



You son of a bitch!

He's playing us like fools.

He still needs the mother
and kid. But for how long?

We've got an APB out
on the farmer's pickup.

Customs and Canadians
are on alert. We'll get him.

How many more die
before we do?

He's running out of steam.
So am I.

Guess what? That was Cragen.

Canadians just arrested Kern
for shoplifting...

outside an auto parts store in
Mallorytown, just across the border.


The farmer's truck
had a bad alternator.

What about...
Mom and kid are fine.

They found them tied up
in the back of the truck.

Provincial Police are holding Kern
until we get there, on Cragen's request.

Where is he?

In a holding cell.
What are you doing here?

Serving the extradition warrant,
which Kern's fighting, naturally.

On what grounds?

Serial rape and murder make book
over shoplifting, don't they?

We still have to make our
argument in Canadian courts.

How are the hostages?

Aside from mild exposure,
they're fine. At least physically.

I'd like to talk to them.

Ms. Michaelson?

I'm Det. Munch of the NYPD.
This is Det. Tutuola...

and Assistant District
Attorney Alexandra Cabot.

How long will this take?

I want to be in the hospital
when my daughter wakes up.

Just a few questions.

I told the other police
everything I know.

The Canadians have their own
charges they want to investigate.

We need to ask you about the
time you spent with Kern...

before you crossed the border.

Did he have a weapon when he
abducted you and your daughter?

A knife.

He pressed it against my ribs
and told me to move over.

Where was your daughter?

In the backseat.
He threatened to kill her.

What happened
when you got to the farmhouse?

He held the knife
to my back...

and he led me
to the front door.

An old woman answered and
he asked her for directions.

When she turned her back...

he cut her throat.

What about her husband?

He came running
from the kitchen.

Before he could say a word,
Kern cut his throat, too.

Was his buddy there?

No. He came later.

Kern said he had something
to show him in the barn.

I heard the most
horrific screams.

Kern came out
covered in blood.

He went into the house,
changed his clothes...

and made us get into the farmer's
pickup like nothing had ever happened.

He said we were going
to Canada and...

Please, tell me.

He said he was going to kill me and
Jenny just like the rest of them.

He said the police were so
stupid, they'd never find us.

Marvin was alive
when Kern gutted him.

He might be laying the
groundwork for an insanity plea.

He'll never admit to insanity.
We've got the journal...

and we're cross-matching
DNA samples from the bunker.

But a confession would really strengthen
our argument at the extradition hearing.

Tell the Provincials
I want to be alone with him.


Kind of an undignified end to
such an ambitious operation.

Still, it was masterful.

You had us stumped
for over a year, Darryl.

Your operations manual...

reads like a textbook in
tactics and resource management.

I've offered it to the curriculum
committee at the Academy.

I think the next generation of
cops can learn a lot from you.

But these academics.

They just want to focus
on your mistakes.

What mistakes?

Sarah Kimmel, for example.


The woman who escaped from the
warehouse. Your first mistake.

That was Marvin's fault.

I had to leave to go to work.

Marvin swore he'd be there
in no more than five minutes.

Half hour later, I get a panic call
saying that the target had disappeared.

I should've eliminated
him then. Why didn't you?

He served a purpose.

He hooked me up with Ernie.
The guy who owns the cabin?

He was a friend of Marvin's.

Used to yak that it was this perfect
refuge from the liberal hordes.

Got him to take me up there
during hunting season.

That's when I got the idea.

He never saw it coming,
did he?

He was taking a leak
in the bushes.

I just walked up behind him,
drew the blade across his throat.

One clean slice.

And Shangri-la was yours.

So Ernie
was just means to an end.

The trick was using the credit
cards and IDs in different places...

so that no one
could trace him.

Same story with the Cokelys?

Met him in a bar
in Walden Falls.

Said he was passing through
from Syracuse.

Only problem was
he had his wife with him.

So she had to go, too.

Not right away,
but after a few days.

Why the bunker?

Didn't like to eat
where I worked.

And it was more secure.

How many?

We found 18 of them.

Oh, there's more.

How many?

That would be telling.

You pathetic piece of...

Come on, Detective. You
should be used to this by now.

I've been one step ahead of you
since you stormed the warehouse.

Every time I grabbed another
target, I thought about you.

And when they were screaming
for mercy...

I had a little laugh
at your expense...

like I'm having a little laugh right
now, because you think you've won.

I'm gonna have my own little laugh when
I watch them stick the needle in your arm.

Canada won't extradite on capital offenses
unless you waive the death penalty.

Or maybe they didn't teach you
that at the Academy.

He says they won't extradite
on capital offenses?

The Canadian Supreme Court tightened
their restrictions last year.

So he can flip us off
from Canadian prison?

He can make the argument.
That doesn't mean he'll win.

He saves his neck, he wins.

Look, I did not come all the way
up here to go home empty-handed.

John, you did your job.
Now let me do mine.

The Supreme Court
was unequivocal...

in its 90 ruling...

under the Charter of Rights and
Freedoms of the Canadian constitution...

concerning the matter of
extradition on capital offenses.

Mr. Picard,
aren't you concerned...

that Canada might become
a safe haven for criminals...

seeking to use our constitution
as a shield from prosecution?

I prefer not to speculate
on hypothetical situations...

which may or may not result
from the High Court's ruling.

I can only ask this court to
interpret the law as written.

Madam Prosecutor?

While I do respect
the High Court's rulings...

in the matter of constitutional
rights and protections...

I would submit this ruling
does not apply in the case...

for which the State of
New York seeks extradition.

Is not murder
with special circumstances...

attached a capital offense
under New York law?

It is, Your Honor.

However, the People are not seeking
extradition on the capital offense.

We are here on the sole charge
of possession of stolen property.

Your Honor, this is a blatant attempt
to circumvent the laws of this land.

Since the value of the stolen
automobile exceeds $5,000...

it is my understanding, this qualifies
for extradition under Canadian law.

Your petition cited multiple
charges of murder...

and two counts of kidnapping.

It is true that Mr. Kern
and his accomplice...

brutally raped, tortured, and maimed
their subjects before killing them.

However, we have amended our petition
to reflect only the lesser offense.

Your Honor,
this is a cynical ploy.

We all know that once Mr.
Kern crosses the border...

he will be charged
with the capital crimes.

Perhaps, Mr. Picard.

But this court prefers not to
speculate on hypothetical situations...

which may or may not result
from its ruling.

Now, the petition
for extradition is granted.

Detectives, take custody
of the prisoner.

Darryl Kern, you are under arrest
for the murders of Ernest Dillman...

Arnold and Amanda Cokely,
and Annie Tassler.

Welcome home, Darryl.


I just wanted to tell you, you
can turn your lights out tonight.