Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 14 - Paranoia - full transcript

SVU investigates the rape and chocking of a police sergeant investigating a silent alarm on a warehouse. When the victim recants, and internal affairs ends the investigation, the detectives look at the officers working with the victim.

In the criminal
justice system...

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies...

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

So I got all the cables
hooked up.

I tried to print, nothing.

My 10-year-old comes over, a few
clicks on the mouse, it works.

It's getting so that you can't navigate
a computer, it's like being illiterate.

We're dinosaurs.

31, silent alarm
at Lorenzo Storage.

569 West 124 Street.

Sector car's at the house.
Let's take it.

One Sergeant responding.

Copy that, One Sergeant.

You okay?

Banged my foot
on some piece of crap.

You want to check over there?

I don't see anything.



Service, we're right around
the corner going to back up...

One Sergeant
at Lorenzo Storage.


You in there?

One David. ETA to Lorenzo
Storage, one minute.

We got backup on the way!

You hold on!


One Sergeant.
10-13 at this location.

Officer needs help!

What's up?

We got a 10-13
eight blocks away.

You all right?

Yeah. Drive.

It's the pills, isn't it?


Ambulance is on the way.

Wish they got here
as fast as you did.

What happened?

Sergeant and the driver took a
call for a silent alarm break-in.

They got separated,
perp grabbed the Sergeant.

Where'd you find her?

In the stairwell with her pants
down. Looks like he raped her...

after he put a garbage bag
over her head.

The perp got out of the building through
an emergency exit in the stairwell...

with her gun and wallet.

How's she doing?

Pretty bad.

We didn't move her in case
she hurt her neck or something.

The perp used some kind of blunt object
to choke her. A piece of pipe or something.

A crowbar?

Make sure they check
for prints on the door.

CSU's en route.

The rest of the squad's
looking for the doer.

Oh, God.

What's the matter?

That's Karen Smythe.

She trained me.

How long was she in there?

I'm not sure.

At least five minutes.

More like ten.

Felt like an hour.

Take it easy, Mitch.

I got too far
ahead of her.

All I could do was bang
on that door.

You scared the perp off.

Come on. You can't be
blaming yourself, all right?

I'm her partner.

Guys, my boss
has just arrived.

I expect all of you down
at our offices in an hour.

Anything we can do.

How's she doing?


Doctor says her airway wasn't cut off
long enough to cause any brain damage.

Where's your partner?

She's in there with her.

They've got history.

She able to give you anything?

Not yet.

What'd the partner say?

Nothing too reliable.

The guy's still in shock.
You know her, Olivia?

She got any family?

Just her ex-husband.

We'll do the notification.

I'm going to stay with her
in case she wakes up.

Okay. Look, everybody's
working this one.

Nobody's going home.
She wakes up, says anything...

I'll call you.

He broke in
through this door...

raped and robbed
Sergeant Karen Smythe...

and now this perp
has a cop's gun as a trophy.

We got to get him in fast.

Anything from Forensics?

Found the crowbar outside
the back of the warehouse.

CSU went to the hospital to see if the
rust on it matches marks on Sergeant Smythe.

Similar burglaries?


Crowbar isn't exactly
a unique method of entry.

It's possible this guy was a
burglar who saw a woman alone...

as an opportunity, but for
now we rule nothing out.

Any other rape cases where the perp used
a garbage bag to cover the victim's head?

I'll call on that.

Everybody else,
hit the street.

Canvass for perp sightings,
possible witnesses.

Finding this guy is job one.
He tried to kill a cop.

He's not going to care
who his next victim is.

You look like the one
who got strangled.

I'm okay.

Elliot, a minute?

You forgot to call
on the pattern rapes.

I was just getting to it.

Elliot. Get some rest.

A cop was just raped
and nearly choked to death.

This anti-HIV medicine
is still making you sick.

Take some time
until you're done with it.

You think I'm not
up to the job?

You saved a life,
exposed yourself to HIV.

You have nothing to prove.

Is it an order?
Not yet.

Trust me to come to you
if it's a problem.

We came up the back stairs,
heard pounding on the door.

Followed the noise to the
front stairs, came down.

Sergeant Smythe
was lying there.

Any sign of the perp?

Nothing but the crowbar.

We didn't go after him.

We were more concerned
about the Sarge.

Where were you guys
when you got the call?

About ten blocks away, in
our sector, on a meal break.

You know how it is
when you get a 13.

Cop's in trouble,
we haul ass.

You guys work the area. Anybody
on your radar could have done this?

That part of the precinct
is skell heaven.

Just toss out a net
and haul them in.

You hear anything
from the hospital?

15 minutes ago.
She's not conscious yet.

When did you lose her?

I don't know. She was behind
me, and then she was gone.

The place was so dark, you couldn't
see your hand in front of your face.

And then you saw
her flashlight?

Yeah. I heard noises from
behind the stairwell door.

Just breathe. Relax. Come on.
Take your time. Sit down.

It's hard, you know?

I do know. Is this when
you called for backup?


The door was locked.

It happened so fast.

How long before they arrived?

After I called the 13, couldn't have
been more than a couple of minutes.

Bates and Towne opened
the door from the inside.


How long you been up?

Couple of hours.

I didn't want to wake you.

You're still taking care
of the rookie?

Looks like
it's the other way around.

We're going to get
this bastard, Karen.

You can count on that.

I might be worried if you were
still as green as when I got you.

Do you remember the time...

when the Lieutenant sent me
up to the roof of the precinct?

To turn the lights on so that the
captain could land his chopper...

and inspect the building?

You asked me...

if you needed red paddles
to guide him in.

I didn't take that too well, did I? No!

No, not at all.

Rookie paranoia.

If they didn't like you, they'd
have picked on someone else.

Last night, I froze.

It was like
I was outside of my body...

looking down at myself.

You dissociated.
That's normal.

I know.

What do you remember?

We were in the warehouse.

Mitch tripped...

I asked him if he was okay.

Couldn't see anything that wasn't in
the flashlight beam, it was so dark.

Then someone grabbed me
by the throat.

Put something over my head.

What was it?

It was a plastic bag.

Then he dragged me...

then he threw me down...

tore my pants off...

and then he was inside me.

He never said a word.

Then he put something hard
against my throat.

Like a pipe.


We think that was the crowbar
that he used to break in.

I couldn't breathe.

Next thing, I'm looking
at you sleeping there.

Was the rape kit positive?

It's not back yet, but the
Luma Light didn't show anything.

Any suspects?

Not yet.

Then stop babysitting me
and go find one.



you feeling any better?

Yeah. I caught some sleep
up in the crib.

How's Smythe?
She's awake.

She's going to be okay.

Say anything?

You sure you're okay?

You tell Cragen about what happened
last night? Me getting sick?

You heard what I said. You
were standing right there.

I haven't seen him since.

Boss wanted
to send me home.

But he didn't.
Good decision.

But that stuff right there,
that'll kill you.

Yeah. Have you been
in the squad room?

No. Why?
Hold your nose.

Lab call yet?

They're taking
their sweet time.


I can't take much more
of this stench.

Eau de cologne of the streets. The sights,
sounds, aromas of the "other" New York.

This guy you need
gloves to handle.

You know where you are?

It ain't an outhouse.

It ain't the White House.

So it might be
the stationhouse.

Good guess.

Easier to sweep the sands off the beach
than get anything out of these guys.

Hey, we got a live one.


Our own time.

What's so special
about this one?


We found him sleeping down
the block from the warehouse.

Nice work.

You want in
on this interrogation?

No. We just want
to get some sleep.

He comes up as the doer,
collar's all yours.

You're in deep doo-doo.

I swear, I found it
in a dumpster.


I don't wear no watch.

What dumpster?

A few blocks from where
they found that police lady.

I ain't had no part in that.

I was sleeping in an alley during
all that commotion nonsense.

Let's continue this scintillating
repartee in more comfortable surroundings.

You got something
to eat back there?

We'll see what
we can scrounge up.

Okay. Thank you.

Guys, wait a minute.


Last week, a woman
in Queens was raped...

nearly choked to death
in a warehouse.

The perp broke
into that warehouse...

using a crowbar.
Three days ago she woke up...

and told Queens SVU...

her attacker put a plastic bag
over her head.

A repeater.

Carrying a cop's gun.

I was in the back
of the warehouse...

doing inventory.

What time was it?

About 10:30.

I hear footsteps...

and I thought it was Cathy,
this girl that I work with.

What happened?

I got down off the ladder...

and he grabbed me.

Put a bag over my head...

and he started punching me.

He threw me down
on a stack of boxes...

and I couldn't stop him.
He raped me.

Did you get a look at him?


After he raped you?

He choked me.

Next thing I knew,
I woke up in the hospital.

Did he take anything
from you?

A gold cross that
I wear around my neck.

He just ripped it right off.

What about
what he said to you?

He didn't say a word.

Thank you.

Queens rape victim described the
same M.O. as the attack on Smythe.

Anything on the homeless guy
you picked up with Smythe's I.D.?

He spent the night swilling Mad Dog
with three of his backstreet bunkies.

They tell you that?

In a rare moment of lucidity,
after about 10 cups of coffee.

Okay, rule him out
as our serial rapist.

Anything from the lab?

So far, zero.
They haven't called us.

Then get down there and light
a Bunsen burner under them.

Munch, Fin, check out
Smythe's past cases.

What are we looking for?

Anybody with a grudge.

I have five homicides
from last weekend.

Your victim isn't even dead.
Take a number.

And we have a cop who may be
the victim of a serial rapist.

He has her gun.
This should be top priority.

What do you want me
to tell you?

That you'll put your foot on
the gas instead of the brake.

You've had
the rape kit for days.

Do we have to go over your
head to get things done?

Can't give you
what I don't have.

Felicia, come on.
Help us out here. You know us.

Positive for spermicide,
negative for semen.

So the rapist used a condom?

That wasn't so hard, was it?

Spare me the sarcasm.

So, there's no DNA?
No, I didn't say that.

Rape kit turned up one hair,
follicle still attached.

Find me a suspect,
I'll match it.

Anything else you want
to share with us?

They find out I told you about the
rape kit, I'm in enough trouble.

What was that about?

Someone's covering up.

What do you say
we take another look?

Seal's broken.

Looks like somebody's
done some housekeeping.

So much for securing
the crime scene.

What the hell
is going on?

Let's find out.

They were in here
this morning.


Two cops in windbreakers. Said they
had to finish collecting evidence.

Don't you guys
talk to each other?

They tell you
what unit they were from?

Why would I need to know that?

Someone ran a hose in there.

Yeah, I delegated it to one
of my numerous employees. Me.

Did you ask these cops
if that was okay?

It was their idea.

Hey! Get away from my desk!
What're you doing?

Private property,

Lieutenants Coates and
Waldman, Internal Affairs...

Detectives Stabler and Benson.

You find anything incriminating
in my wife's photo?

If you're hungry,
I left a candy bar there.

It's a Hershey bar on the second
drawer on the left. Sorry, no cheese.

We're going to have
to ask you some questions.

About what?

It won't take long.

Use your office, Captain?

Yeah. Sure, why not?

My desk is unlocked
if you need anything.

Have a seat.

We'll stand. Thanks.

What's this about?

Is all the paperwork on your cases
for the last month up to date?

We wouldn't be doing our
job properly if it wasn't.

So that's a yes.

Is this going anywhere?
We've got work to do.

So do we.

We'll need all your files
by the end of business today.

You want our files, you're looking
through our desks. For what?

This about the Smythe case?

Lab's holding back, crime scene's
been cleaned up. What's going on?

Thanks for your cooperation.

Thank you.

Internal Affairs
investigates crooked cops.

We know we're clean.

The KGB of the NYPD.

Cast suspicion like McCarthy, keep
secret files like J. Edgar Hoover...

get everybody to the point
where they trust nobody.

What are you
talking about now?

I'm talking about these field associates
IAB recruits fresh out of the academy...

who become spies among us. Moles
ratting on their fellow cops...

until they put in their 20
and collect their pension.

I don't like them
any better than you...

but you're honest, you got
nothing to worry about.

There's 40,000 cops on the job.
There's bound to be a few bad apples.

What'd they want?

Case files.

Case files for the last month.

Either one of us could
be under investigation.

Or both of us.

Maybe Karen Smythe.

Karen Smythe wouldn't take
a cup of coffee.

Whatever you say.

We got files to deliver.

IAB sniffing around
gives me the creeps.

A little bit of the former Soviet
bloc's policing methods here in New York.

Guilty until
proven innocent.

But even if you're innocent,
the stigma of an IAB inquiry...

sticks to you
like a bad debt.

Where do you get
this stuff?

Simple observations.
What did you find out?

Nothing I was going to say in
front of Benson after that reaction.

Smythe and her husband
got divorced a year ago.

Irreconcilable differences?

Hubby taking too many trips
to Atlantic City.

Almost drove her into
bankruptcy with his gambling.

Had to sell the house last summer
to pay off the credit card debt...

to the tune of $70,000.

The cost of freedom.

For her.

He's still paying his bills
late as of last month.

That one of the 12 steps?

Maybe we should ask him.

Thank God she's okay.

You still on
speaking terms?

She called to tell me what
happened. We don't talk that often.

How long were you married?

Twelve years.

Honeymoon lasted ten.

Tough being married to a
cop. Just ask my ex-wives.

It was tough
being married to me.

She risks her life to earn a living,
I blow both our salaries gambling.

It's what broke us up.

You're on the wagon now?

When she left me, I went
to Gamblers Anonymous.

I'm clean.

Well, your credit report

You're still borrowing money
against your credit cards...

and forgetting to pay it back. So?

Sounds like you had a relapse.

You're still gambling.

You borrowing any money from somebody
doesn't have a license to lend?

I borrowed from a friend.

You mean a loan shark.

How much?


What's the balance
on the account?


How'd you pay it off?

$50,000 on my own. The other
$50,000, anonymous donor.

Hey, I thought
the same thing.

Don't play games with us.
The odds are against you.

No games. I meet him yesterday
to make a payment...

he says it's taken care of.

Taken care of, huh? Somebody
pays off your gambling debt...

and you have no idea who would
perform such an act of philanthropy?

These guys don't just let you
walk away from an obligation.

All I know is that vulture's not
banging down my door any more.

Vulture got a name?

I just know him
as Uncle Sammy.

Hangs out in Chinatown.
Mott Street.

Uncle Sammy.

Can I help you gentlemen?

Yeah. I want to borrow
some money.

I'm sorry, but you must be
mistaking me for a bank.

We take it you specialize in loans
to police officers and their families.

Somebody's giving you
bad information.

You going to stick
to that story?


Come on.

What have we here?

"50 Misha W-3 Hiya."

Who's Misha?
My dog.

This knot's for dog food? The
mutt must be eating porterhouse.

I'm an animal lover.

That's good. Because we got a
cage waiting for you at Rikers.

After we arrest you for possession
of these betting slips...

that's where
you're spending the night.

Guys, what do you want?

Who paid off
Todd Smythe's loan?

What loan?
Who's Todd Smythe?

I guess we're going to have to
destroy those illegal documents.

Then he has to explain
to his clients...

why there's no record
of their bets...

when they come
to collect their winnings.

I got a right not
to incriminate myself.

And we have a right
to arrest you.

Unless you got something
else you want to tell us.

Smythe owed me
another $50,000.


It was paid off.

By who?
His ex-wife.

Uncle Sammy tell you how she came up
with the better part of a year's salary?

He didn't ask.

My ex's wouldn't throw water
on me if I was on fire.

We're finished playing
messenger service.

Let IAB come
and get those files.

Any idea who they have
their sights on?


Karen Smythe.

You're saying
I'm on the take?

I'm saying that your husband's
loan shark says...

that you paid off
his $50,000 debt.

And you believe him?
Convince me that he's lying.

I don't have to prove
anything to you.

This time, you do.

Where'd you get
the money, Karen?

None of this
concerns you, Olivia.

Boy, I am running out
of reasons to defend you.

Then back off.

I'm doing
what you taught me.

My job.
Investigating your rape.

I wasn't raped.

I remember
what happened now.

I wasn't raped.

Karen, what're you
talking about?

They found you in a stairwell with your
pants pulled down, nearly strangled.

The rape kit was positive
for spermicide, remember?

You going
to recant that, too?

I had sex
before I went on duty.

With who?

An old boyfriend.

His name?

He's married. We both know
that you're going to...

have to eliminate him as a
suspect, so what's his name?

Karen, don't do this.

You want to help?

Drop it.

Who got to you?
Who are you covering for?

Don't push me.

What kind of trouble
are you in?

You're the one causing it.

Well, let's ask Internal Affairs
about it and see what they have to say.

Get out.

She didn't give you anything?

She shut me down.

Chief of Detectives says without
her, we don't have a rape case.

She's recanting her story
because she's scared.

Someone's putting
the screws to her.

Did you check
her financial records?

No loans,
no cash advances...

no $50,000 withdrawn from
any of her savings accounts.

She's not dirty.

You gotta do something.

I'm going to see
the Chief of Departments.

That sounds like
a suicide mission.

Let's hope not.
He's a friend.

Maybe he knows
who's trying to shut us down.

We can't let this go.

We're not. It's our turf.

I'm returning
the doctor's call.

The message said
he had my test results.

I understand that, but if you have them
in front of you, why can't you ju...

You need a medical degree
to read off a piece of paper?

Policy? Okay.

Well, I think you need
a better policy. Thanks a lot.


My test results are back.

Policy dictates
only a doctor can...

give them to me.

You need my help, Donnie?

IAB is putting the squeeze
on a couple of my detectives.

Maybe they did
something wrong.

Only mistake they made
was catching the Smythe case.

Is IAB putting
the squeeze on her, too?

Your victim flips on her story,
and you're blaming Internal Affairs?

I ran a corruption task force. I
know when a cop's being fed her lines.

That's a little paranoid,
don't you think?

Twelve years a captain, I can't
get promoted. I'm paranoid.

Don't take advantage
of our friendship.

Karen Smythe is being made
to look like a wrong cop.

Is she one?

Cop's spouse is up to his ass
in debt to some loan shark...

it's guilt by association.
Makes us look bad.

A firing offense.

You're saying
IAB knew about this?

Then why wasn't she fired?

Your victim recanted.

That's one side of the story.

Give me the other side.

Physical evidence
that a rape took place...

and three decades of
cop instinct screaming at me.

What are your
little voices saying?


Internal Affairs
is forcing Smythe to recant.

The Police Department is suppressing a
crime committed against one of its own?

Any idea why?

That's what
we're trying to find out.

I'm out of options, Counselor.
I need your juice.

Let me talk
to the victim first.

What are you doing here?

Your neighbor told me
you were down here.

Can't I get any privacy
from you people?

I am here to urge you
to reconsider.

You mean threaten.

I mean
do the right thing.

Right for who?

You're a cop.

I don't have to tell you
the answer to that.

I'm a victim.

Victims usually want justice.

If you're saying now
that you were never raped...

that means that you're obstructing
it and that you filed a false report.

The threat surfaces.

It doesn't have
to be this way.

Yes, it does.


Because for me
it's a lose-lose situation.

Please, tell me
what that means.

I've lost enough already.

Now, this is my choice.

Don't make it my last.

We're back.

What's this about?

You're under arrest.

For what?
Loan sharking and lying.

You have the right to remain
silent... What'd I lie about?

Are you going to tell us who
really paid Todd Smythe's loan?

I told you, his ex.

In your business, one would
think you had better lying skills.

Who was it?

I tell you,
you gotta protect me.

From who?

Two cops.

Two cops paid you off?

Shook me down,
is more like it.


Said I was going to forgive
Smythe's loan...

and keep my mouth shut...

or they'll make sure I didn't see
daylight for a quarter of a century.

And you thought $50,000
was a small price to pay?

Cost of doing business.

What'd these two cops
look like?

New suits, trench coats,
a lot of misplaced attitude.

Sounds like two cheese-eating
lieutenants we know.

Say anything else?


They said I could take
the loss as a tax deduction.

All right. Take a walk.

You're going
to have us arrested?

Who the hell
do you think you are?

I suggest you adjust
your tone, Lieutenant.

And I suggest you adjust
your attitude, Counselor.

Charging us with obstruction of
justice won't get you anywhere.

It got your attention.

Now that we have it,
here's the deal.

You tell us why Karen Smythe
changed her story...

you hand over all your case files and
notes, and we won't go through with this.

You're bluffing.

You think so? Try me.

You're covering up the rape
of a fellow cop.

You just don't get it,
do you?

Read them
their rights, Captain.

Do that, and a year's worth of
undercover work goes down the toilet.

Who's the target
of your investigation?

Do not make us tell you that.

Sorry, not buying.

You want to blow
both your careers, go ahead.

You think the D.A.'s office doesn't
know what we're doing here, Counselor?

We're not above the law, either.
I will subpoena anyone I have to.

And you'll be
making a big mistake.

The only mistake was trying to make a
felony disappear to protect your own case.

Now that's a crime, fellas.

We'll see
who's blowing their career.

Are you going to tell us
what this is all about?

Not without our lawyers.

Fine. Bring them down to SVU tomorrow
morning when you surrender yourselves.

Second month on the job,
responded to a two-year old, raped.

I wanted to quit.

I'm surprised it took you that
long. I was ready to go after a week.

It was Karen that said that I had
talent for dealing with the victim.

She said that I could turn a
negative into a positive. So...

here I am.

Hope you've had your coffee.

Why, what's up?

You got a visitor.

Speak of the devil.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Do I have to file a formal
complaint to stop you?

How do you know we're still
investigating? IAB tell you?

They paid your husband's
loan sharking debt.

You never could let things go,
could you?

I'm sorry?

You know,
like that singer...

who put a restraining order on you when
you wouldn't leave her daughter alone.

You're out of line. I was
trying to protect her daughter.

How do you know
about that?

You better watch yourself.

What's that
supposed to mean?

Sounded like a threat to me.

Just friendly advice. Lay off.

I'm sure I'm mistaken, Sergeant,
but I thought I heard you tell...

two of my detectives to ignore
a case I assigned to them.


You're not mistaken.

I guess you'll tell them
to back off, then, Captain.

Because you have
your orders...

don't you?

She's got a pair of onions,
talking to you like that.

What orders?

Call just came down. We're
officially off the case.

Now Smythe knew that.
What the hell's going on here?

Whatever it is, it's right in
front of us and we're not seeing it.

Burying the rape
buys IAB a case.

But not against Karen...

they tried to protect her.

Which means they need her
for something.

IAB investigates crooked cops.
What about the people around her?

We need to revisit
the night of the rape.

Right down
to the smallest detail.

Can I help you?

Yeah. Hey.

Detective Stabler, SVU.
I'm working the Smythe case.

Sergeant said she left
her address book in her car...

wanted to know if I could try
and find it for her.

You got the wrong car, man.
Hers is over there.


Over there.
Right, see over there.

Oh, yeah. Okay.
Good. Thanks.

You got it?

Used to date a sergeant down
in Communications.

Karen knew about
the restraining order.

You were disciplined.
It's in your personnel file.

How would she have
access to that?

Maybe she read it
in your IAB file.

What are you talking about?

You know,
your "other" personnel file...

with every infraction you ever committed
that someone secretly or not-so-secretly...

ratted on you about.
Like the secret files...

kept by the NYPD's
now-defunct Red Squad.

Hey, Cap.

I think we got something.

What's up?

I'm listening to radio calls from
the night of the attack on Smythe.

Her driver, Murray,
called in the 10-13.

Two seconds later, 3-1 Charlie
Officers Towne and Bates...

call and say they're responding. Okay.

24 seconds after that...

they call and say they're arriving
on the scene, they need an ambulance.

Bates and Towne said that they were
on meal break in their sector...

when they got the call.
Ten blocks away.

So, unless the radio car comes
equipped with warp drive...

Or they were already there.

They were.

DNA on cigarette butts found in their radio
car matched the hair from the rape kit.

Let's go.

What are you guys doing?

Put your hands
where we can see them.

Mikey, they got guns out.

All right, Mikey, let's see
those hands. Right there.

Eat the street. Get down.

Just do as they say, Austin.

I see no shields.

Just four pieces of crap with
guns. I got no problem shooting you.

Twelve jurors or six
pallbearers, your choice.

Just do what they say.

Cops are coming, Bates.

Who you think your friends are going
to side with when they get here?

You have the right
to remain silent.

I know my rights, dirtbag.

Don't say a word, Mikey.
I'm not.

It's all over
the radio.

You better pick up Murray.

We got it.

Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.

Murray was supposed
to watch Karen's back.

It was a setup.
He had to be in on it.

Where are you going
with our suspect?

We're taking
our prisoner to jail.

Officer Murray just confessed to his
part in the rape of Sergeant Smythe.

We got another team picking up
his two accomplices.

Bates and Towne? Sorry.
We just busted them.

We arrest crooked cops.
Not you.

We saved you the trouble,
didn't we?

You guys forget
our little date this morning.

And what date is that?

The one where we bust you
for obstruction.

Call your friend
at the D.A.'s office.

If she still has her job she'll
tell you those charges were dropped.

After you two guys
tried to save yourselves

by arresting Murray
for raping Smythe?

Officer Murray isn't being
charged with rape.

What was he arrested for?

Money laundering,
drug running.

Drug charges?

You don't have the authority
to okay the arrest of two cops.

My authority is based on airtight physical
evidence that you tried to suppress.

My case has priority.

Nicky Farnsworth is one of the
biggest drug lords in Harlem.

We couldn't nail him until we found
out that Bates, Towne, and Murray...

have been guarding his shipments
for the past year and a half.

Which you think gives you license
to blow my case in favor of yours?

Leaving Sergeant Smythe
to take one for the company.

You don't have the right to determine
the fate of a sex crime investigation.

I don't answer to you.

Why wasn't I at least
told about this?

Need to know only.
You weren't on the list.

Three police officers set up
their own sergeant...

to be raped,
and probably murdered.

Did that ever figure
into your crusade?

Your victim's recanted.

DNA evidence and
Officer Murray's testimony...

should be plenty
to convince a jury.

Murray's not testifying
for you.

We gave him immunity in exchange
for his testimony against...

Bates, Towne, and Farnsworth.

You son of a bitch.

A woman was raped.

Look, I'm sorry
about Sergeant Smythe...

but if you ask her, she'll
tell you she's on board with us.

Yeah. I can tell
you're real sorry.

You may have flipped Murray,
but I still have Bates and Towne.

I'm not giving them up.

You don't like it,
go talk to the D.A.

My client wants to reiterate
that under no circumstances...

will he testify
about any rape.

That's the deal.

Bates and Towne came to me,
said Karen was onto us...

and we got to shut her up.

How did they find out?

A friend of Towne's saw her talking
to a known member of the rat squad.

Bates said we couldn't
take a chance.

Who made the plan?


It was all Bates.

And you hooked up
with him how?

He said I can make $1,000
each time I freelanced.

And so you became
a permanent employee.

I got a kid that's going to
go to college in a few years.

So the cash
would have been a big help.

Why did you rape her?

Bates said he did it
because he had to break her.

He said he heard about this
garbage bag rape out in Queens...

be perfect for a copycat.

So they break into the
warehouse, they trip the alarm.

All I got to do is park close
enough so when the call comes...

we're the first to respond.

And then you were going
to kill her, weren't you?

My client
has nothing to say.

Yeah, well, we don't need him.
We've got his DNA.

We found your hair on her
from the rape kit.

He was at the scene, tried to
help her. The hair proves nothing.

He tried to help her
with his pants off?

What's it feel like to be an errand boy
to some guy who sells dope to school kids?

Truth hurts,
doesn't it, Austin?

Come on, you wanted
Karen Smythe out of the way...

so she wouldn't blow your second job
running drugs for Nicky Farnsworth.

Badger us all you want. This'll
never see the inside of a courtroom.

First degree rape, state
and federal drug charges?

A judge runs
consecutive sentences,

you'll probably get out
of prison in time...

to see your grandchildren
flunk out of college.

Smythe'll never testify.

She's already talking
to the D.A.


Bitch gets on the stand...

the entire world
finds out she's a rat.

We go down for rape,
her career goes down with us.

You guys got it figured out,
don't you?

Why do you think she dropped
the rape complaint?

Because she's a rat
without a spine.

You rape a fellow cop.
Look at you, tough guy.

You're a real man,
aren't you?

Get outta my face!

Couldn't even face a woman
when he was raping her, huh?

You had to take her
from behind in the dark.

Yeah, make you feel like
a real man, errand boy?

You could have told me.


I couldn't.

I don't even know
which one of them raped me.

It was Bates.

They set me up.

How did you know they were
running drugs for Nicky Farnsworth?

I overheard Murray one night.

He was on the phone talking
to somebody, I don't know who.

Said he had to move something
for Nicky after work.

It happened
a couple more times...

and I filled in the blanks.

So you went to IAB because...

you wanted to do
the right thing.

Because I've been working
for them all along.

You're a field associate.

IAB came to me
when I was in the academy.

Said I could make
a difference...

just by keeping
my eyes and ears open.

They said nobody
would ever find out.

They convinced you.

Didn't take convincing.

I love this job, Olivia.

Fifteen years...

and I still believe
in what I do.

And when three cops
get caught running drugs...

the rest of us lose the trust
of the people we protect.

So IAB told you what happened?

In the hospital.

Said Murray, Bates,
Towne tried to kill me.

And they asked you
to recant the rape.

Said if it went to trial...

the defense would ask me if I was a
field associate and I'd be exposed.

But I'd never have to testify
at the drug trials of these guys.

D.A. is indicting
Bates and Towne for rape.

And if that happens...

I become a target.

They raped you, Karen.

And I have to live with that.

Drop the charges?

That's what I'm asking
you to do.

I have bulletproof evidence.
It's a no-brainer for a jury.

I understand that, but
if we go ahead with this,

Karen Smythe's life
could be in danger.

She becomes a victim
all over again.

Only this time,
it's our fault.

Don't ask me to let them walk on a rape.

Do you think
that I want to?

I would string them
up myself if I could.

We all would. But it's not
about that, it's about the law.

A conviction on drug charges
puts Towne and Bates...

away for a lot longer than
they ever would go for the rape.

That's not exactly justice,
is it?

These cops took away
part of her life.

Is it justice for us
to take away the rest?

I will see if my bosses
will go for it. I'll just...

tell them to do the math.


you following me now?

A cop should know where
his partner has breakfast.

Listen, you took a chance
going through that radio car.


Praise makes me hungry.

Got your appetite back.

Feels good to eat like
a human being again.

You get your test results?

Clean bill of health.

Negative for HIV...