Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - Abuse - full transcript

Benson and Stabler suspect parental neglect in the death of the son of two famous singers, The detectives fear for their surviving daughter, who has a history of serious injuries, and Benson grows attached to her. Her parents resent Benson attention to their daughter, and they take out a restraining order, which puts Benson's job in jeopardy.

In the criminal justice system

sexually-based offenses

are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives...

who investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

We spent $2 million
on this video.

They better give it
heavy rotation.

Any word on Ricki's new album?
Heavily pop.

Hear they're holding it back
for the London concert.

Jared's still on tour,
but Ricki's on her way here.

You know recording sessions,
always running late.

Where's the birthday boy?

My assistant forgot to pick
up a card. He's probably...

I think I know where he is. Hey,
Ashley, have you seen your brother?


Sarah, where's Corbin?

I saw him heading off to the
bathroom, five minutes ago.

What the hell
is he doing here?

Oh, no.

Corbin, are you all right?
Let me go.


Wait! Come back!



Talk to the mother yet?

Her people will let us know
when she's ready.

That's her, in the leather.

I want him arrested. There'll
be a full investigation.

He molested my son.

How many active investigations
are you two running?

Twelve open rapes,
17 child abuse.

I just got a call from the boys
upstairs. Make room for a VIP case.


Ricki Austin believes her son's
molester was responsible for his death.

Paper doesn't mention anything
about a sex angle...

but it talks about
straight vehicular.

It goes on at great length
to say that Ricki was...

female vocalist of the year,
two years running.

The boy was chasing the man who
had molested him in a restroom.

Stranger or acquaintance?
Former teacher.

Someone he trusted.

They tried for years to have
kids before they adopted Corbin...

and the second they did...

Ricki got pregnant, they have
a little girl named Ashley.

Hey, I read People.

She was that girl singing at county
fairs who snagged Jared Black...

of Black Plague,
rock 'n' roll's bad boy.

Rolling Stone.

So when do we
roll out the red carpet?

One Police Plaza
says you are to go to them.

David Russo...

he was Corbin's
computer teacher.

We hired him
to tutor privately.

Here you go, honey.

Did you witness them
coming out of the bathroom?

Corbin came out crying.

Were they alone in there?

Corbin's dead because of him.
I want him charged with murder.

We can't promise you anything,
but trust me...

no one serves harder time in
prison than child molesters.

I did everything I could
to keep him away from Corbin.

He had a restraining order.
What had he done?

He was inappropriately affectionate.
Constantly touching him.

Did you talk
to Corbin about it?

We fired Russo, we thought
that was the end of it.

But when I came back from tour, he
was here in this house with Corbin.

And that's when we took out
the restraining order.

Was anyone present during
the tutoring sessions?

The nanny, Sarah.

Were you with them
at all times?

I have Ashley, too.

I came in and out.

And when they were together
what did you see?

He hugged him, all the time.

Anything beyond that?


On the forehead,
the cheek.

And just the way he looked at
Corbin. It wasn't teacherly.

When Mr. Russo dropped by...

did Corbin seem upset
or throw a temper tantrum?


Ashley, right?

What are we hiding from?

So, what do you do when you're
not hiding under there?

School and lessons.
Yeah, what kind of lessons?

Tap, piano, ballet,
and singing.

Wow. You're a lucky
little girl.


Did you ever take
computer lessons?

I was gonna start,
but the tutor stopped coming.

Did you know Mr. Russo?

Yeah, but we weren't friends
like him and Corbin.

Hey, what happened there?

That's an accident.
What kind of accident?

Ashley, did somebody hurt you?

That was an accident, too.

You ready?

Okay, well, I gotta go. Maybe
we can talk again sometime.

I'll look for you here or
under the sofa, how about that?

I forgot your name.
It's Det. Benson...

but you can call me Olivia.

I'll see you later.

Nanny said Russo was here four,
sometimes five days a week.


Yeah, especially considering
he was only paid for two.

How'd you do?

Ashley claims that she didn't
have much contact with Russo...

but her wrist was hurt and she
had bruises on her thigh.

I think it's about time we
talk to this tutor. Yeah.

If you're looking for David,
you missed him.

You know where he was going?

He was crying.
Really? Any idea why?

No, do you?

How well do you
know Mr. Russo?

I know enough to know
he was around more lately.

During school hours.

I think he got fired.

Does he have a lot of company?
A girlfriend maybe?

All I ever see are kids.
In his apartment?

Coming in and out of here
all the time.

I say we stick a uni
outside his apartment...

and pick him up
the second he gets home.

Based on what? Kids going
into their tutor's apartment...

his hugging Corbin? 'Cause at
this point, that's all we've got.

When he snuck into that party, he
violated the order of protection.

We've got
criminal contempt charge.

It's a misdemeanor,
he'll be out in two hours.

We can do better than that.

He's seeing kids
in that apartment alone.

We need more ammunition
before we bring him in.

And he was fired.

Let's find out why the school didn't
want him teaching kids anymore.

David was great
with the students.

We were sorry
we had to let him go.

Why did you?

Looks like you're operating
on a shoestring budget.

What's tuition here...

about $10,000 a kid?

You fired Russo a week
after Ricki Austin let him go.

Bad for business, if parents catch
wind you have a pedophile on staff.

I don't believe we did.

Teaching meant everything
to David. When he came here...

he said our system
was obsolete...

and personally donated
a dozen new computers.

On a teacher's salary? This was
his first teaching assignment.

Where was he before this?

Vanross Piller Investments.
He was their computer whiz kid.

When your trading system takes
a dump on a volatile stock day...

you pray for a Russo. So he
had a pretty important position?

VP in MIS.
You mind decoding that?

Management Information Systems. He
designed all the company's software...

and he was just as
knowledgeable about hardware.

A double threat. Must have
been sad to see him go.

Sad is when the Dow swings
500 points. I was devastated.

But he wanted
to work with kids.

Just out of curiosity,
what does an MIS VP make?

Starts at a $150,000.

Masks are on the counter.

Did you finish with the
celebrity's kid? He's in the fridge.

The parents' "people" have been
raising holy hell to have him released.

Any signs of sexual abuse?

No fluids, no tearing, no
restraint marks, no bruising.

Yeah, fondling
wouldn't leave any marks.

Actually, take a look
for yourself.

This seem odd to you?
He bit his nails.

Down to the nub.
See this rash on his wrist?

Stress-related eczema.

Plus, his back teeth
are ground down.

What was this kid
so anxious about?

So, where are we?

Single white male,
late 20s, highly educated.

Gotta be around kids.
And a computer whiz.

Somebody with a hankering
for Internet kiddie porn?

That's why we're pulling
Russo's LUDs.

If we get
his service provider...

we can find out if he's
been hitting the sites.

Maybe downloading, which would
nail him. All right. Get on it.

How was Corbin's relationship
with his father?

My guess is minimal. Jared's been
on tour longer than the Stones.

Kid's always with nannies.

Leaving him wanting
for a male authority figure.

Like a teacher.

Speaking of which,
we pulled Russo's LUDs.

Don't tell me he wasn't up
to something on that computer.

It's cyber evidence.

That doesn't prove
that he molested Corbin.

We don't have Forensics yet,
we have no eyewitness...

and we don't have a living
victim to make a statement.

That we know of.

What do you say
we talk to the kids he tutors?

He's way cool.
Everybody wanted Russo.

Yeah? You got a computer
at home? Doesn't everybody?

I guess they do.

So, why would you go over
to his place to take lessons?

He has the ultimate system.

So, you know, you're over
there, did he ever get...

you know, get physical with you?
Ever wrestle around with you?

Mr. Russo? No.

He ever hug you?

Okay, when's the last time
you saw him?

Last week, at soccer practice.

Yeah, what was he doing?

Just watching. And then he
stayed after to talk to Corbin.


Seth, that's it, man, I got
no more questions for you.

He violated his restraining
order twice. Let's get a warrant.

Somebody's skipping town.

Two seconds ahead
of the search warrant.

Pedophile on the run.

Look at this.

It's a shrine.

He must have been following
his every move.

What are you doing here?

Teaching you the meaning
of a restraining order.

David Russo,
you're under arrest.

What are you doing with these?

Some of these
are two years old...

before you even
started teaching.

Before you even met Corbin.

He was an accessory.

Like their diamonds
or Grammys.

A trophy kid to pull out
for photo-ops.

Mr. Russo...

you got that job at Crestborne so
you could be near him, didn't you?


And a tutoring position so
you could be alone with him?

They were horrible parents.

And I told them so.
Why do you think I got fired?

Mr. Russo, we know why you were
fired. What'd you do with Corbin?

I listened to him,
I encouraged him.

You loved him.

Why'd you bring him
in the bathroom? What?


you can't be thinking...
You were obsessed with him...

You don't understand.
They wouldn't let me near him.

You stalked him.
No, I was leaving town.

You were his teacher,
you gained his trust.

You knew about his birthday. You
found out where his party was.

You molested him.

Your whole world revolves
around this little boy.

Now, why is that?
Explain that to me.

Because he's my son.

The tutor tells you
he's your daddy.

That's gotta mess
with a kid's head.

Russo says he never told him,
out of just that concern.

A considerate psycho.

He got a girl
pregnant at 17...

put the baby up for adoption,
signed away all his rights.

Ten years later,
it's still nagging at him.

So Mr. Computer
starts searching the Net.

Where he gets a hit on a famous
couple with an adopted boy...

fixates on it being his.

The guy's not
budging off his story.

Then lets give him
a little push.

Get on the adoption agency,
and put a rush on the DNA.

Still, we don't have a living
CW, an eyewitness or forensics.

No confession, no case...
No excuses.

I've got media sniffing around
and the brass chomping at my ass.

I want this closed yesterday.

SVU, Detective Benson.

Ashley, are you okay?

We'll be right there.

Hi, there.



What happened?
I fell.

My stairs at home.

Who was with you?


That's a goose egg, all right.


you would let me know if there
was anything that I could do...

to stop these accidents,
wouldn't you?

You can't help accidents.

No parents?

Jared's probably
on a plane back from Europe.

And Ricki?
Recording studio.

She's back working already?

People have different ways
of dealing with grief.

Yeah, well, her kid's in the
hospital. Why the hell isn't she here?

I can't.

Everyone who works for them
signs a confidentiality agreement.

I could lose my job
and be sued.

Fair enough. Where were you
when Ashley fell?

Packing up Corbin's room. I didn't
want to drag Ashley through that.

How long have you
worked for them? A year.

And in that time, how many
accidents has Ashley had?

She's had accidents
all her life.

You don't know how many
I've prevented...

Sarah. Shouldn't you
be with Ashley?


What are you doing here?
Ashley called us.

We thought we'd come down
and check in on her.

I'm sorry she bothered you.

I won't let it happen again.


Please, I really can't talk to
you. What's going on with Ashley?

You know,
a criminal investigation...

a confidentiality agreement.

Now, if somebody's hurting
this little girl...

No, you misunderstood
what I said.

I don't think we did.
Who are you covering for?

Please, don't do this to me.
Is it Ricki? Is it Connie?

Just tell us who it is.

Called three times.

Who? Maureen?
Not yours, yours.

What? Who, Ashley?
What happened? Is she okay?

No, she saw the new NSYNC video and
was sadly disappointed, as was I.

She just called to chat.

It's not funny, Munch.
Yeah, well try this.

The adoption agency and
the DNA results confirm it.

David Russo is Corbin's
biological father.

Let's close this puppy out.
We can't.

Why? Someone might
be abusing the sister.

Don't do this to me. Who?
We don't know.

Who made the complaint?
No one.

But this kid has got
a long history of accidents.

She says they're accidents.

We can't just fabricate child abuse
cases. Especially with high profiles.

Captain, the nanny was this close
to giving something up to us.

Just let us have
one more shot at her.

The case is closed.
Leave them alone.

Captain, we need
to inform Ricki about Russo.

Do it by phone.

Okay, we're in, we're out. We're
not even supposed to be here, right?



Ashley, you're in the middle
of a lesson.

This is one of my best friends
and I hardly ever get to see her.

You've got 10 minutes left.

Actually, Ashley, I need
to talk to your mom, anyway.

So I'll come say goodbye
before I leave, okay?

Come on.

Are you her piano teacher?
No, I'm her new nanny.

What happened to Sarah?
I'll take care of this.

What's your fascination with our
nannies? Just how many you go through.

We thought we'd just drop by to
let you know Russo's been cleared.

What? In fact, he's
Corbin's birth father.

That can't be.
DNA tests confirmed it.

It was a closed adoption.

He must have broken
some law to find him. No.

Was he planning to extort money? No.

He just wanted to make sure
that his son was loved.

Don't be naive. Wait and see
how quickly he sells his story.

Ricki didn't even
register relief...

when she found out that Corbin
hadn't been molested.

We did drop
a bombshell on her.

Excuse me,
they took her away.

Who? Immigration.
Immigration took her away.

Okay, are you talking
about Sarah?

She got deported?
Is that what you're saying?

I'm worried about the
little girl. Okay, why?

No, I have to go now.

But, miss, please, you need
to talk to us. No, I can't.

What the hell is going on
in that house?

You had no business going back
to that house.

We were in the neighborhood.
I dragged him there.

You have no grounds
for an investigation.

Captain, they're covering
something up. They're celebrities...

people pick
through their garbage...

tape their cell phone

sell their intimate secrets.

Covering up is second nature
to these people.

Elliot. Boss, read the
ME's report on the boy.

Just talk to her.

That kid was a nervous wreck
about something.

It's hot in the limelight and
this boy never asked to be there.

Doesn't explain away Ashley's injuries,
or the fact that the one person who...

decides to talk about them gets
deported. And we need to interview her.

She's in England.
What do you want? Air fare?

We'll take $4 for the tunnel.
We already checked.

She's still at the INS detention
center in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

I begged you
to leave me alone.

We're sorry.

The agent gave me
15 minutes to pack.

Ashley was still at school...

I didn't get to say goodbye.

Sarah, there's nothing more
that they can do to you...

but Ashley is still
in that house.

Please, tell us
who's hurting her.

I only wish
it were that simple.

Her own mother
doesn't have time for her.

The longer she's away,
the more hyper Ashley gets.

I called Children's Services
once, anonymously.

They do drugs.
Not just Jared. Ricki, too.

You saw Ricki doing drugs?

But I've seen her
looking stoned.

What about that incident
you reported?

Ricki's accident.

She fell asleep at the wheel
and hit a post.

One of the rare times
she had the kids with her.

Was anyone hurt?
The kids weren't, thank God.

They were whisked away
before the police arrived.

Ricki went to the hospital.

What happened
with Children's Services?

Ricki had it all tidied up
before they even started looking.

Yeah, but there has to be
a police report.

There has to be
hospital records.

Power and money can make
anything go away.

I understand you were
the attending...

the night of Ricki Austin's
car accident.

It was nothing. Checked and
released. Any complications?

Yeah, I had to get through
the hospital's VIP liaison...

and three of her handlers
before I could examine her.

I'm wearing a lab coat.
Who'd they think I was?

Obviously a reporter
in disguise.

The story never made
the papers.

Celebrities have to
use pseudonyms...

or the hospital
would be overrun with fans.

What name does Ricki
usually use?

it's doctor-patient privilege.

So, what were the extent
of her injuries?

Off the record.

Minor. Head laceration
and a bloody nose.

Way we heard it,
she was babbling incoherently.

She was shaken up from the
accident. Minor as it was.

You do a tox screen?

You come in with those
exact symptoms at Bellevue...

it's automatic.

If you'll excuse me,
I have rounds.

Different treatment for the
rich and the poor. What's new?

Same hospital
they brought Ashley.

Be nice to look
at her medical history.

It's never gonna happen
without a subpoena.

Ashley acts out.

I'm very fond of her, but
she's very disruptive in class.

Class clown disruptive?
She talks through class...

and gets upset when other
students won't talk back.

She's starved
for attention.

Positive or negative,
it doesn't matter.

She starts fights with
the slightest provocation.

Does Ashley have
a lot of accidents at school?

She's fallen off bleachers,
playground equipment.

She's always showing off.
"Look at me" accidents.

So what have you done
about her?

When she disrupts class,
I send her to the steps.

You make her run steps?
No, out here.

When a student
gets in trouble...

they're sent to step one,
for a 10 minute time-out.

Second offense, step two.

Ashley's a repeat
step three offender.

I think she needs help,
not punishment. So do I.

I sent letters home,
they were never answered.

I finally took it
to the headmaster.

We've met him.
What did Parsons do?

He told her parents Ashley had
to see a therapist or be expelled.

Is therapy helping?
She's not getting therapy.

It didn't sit well
with her parents.

But, hey, they did donate
a new library.

Where does that leave Ashley?

Out on the steps.

Anyone gets close to helping
her, Ricki buys a wall...

to block them off.

And I think we've
definitely hit ours.

There's gotta be something
that we can do.

What? They don't abuse her, they
don't criminally neglect her.

They don't love her.

How many unloved kids you
think there are in this city?

It's not an SVU case anymore.
You just gotta let it go.

Yeah, right. Hold on.

I got the 2-7 on three. They've
got Ashley. Why? What happened?

She just walked in to the desk
sergeant, then asked for you.

Okay, put her through. Remember
our little talk yesterday?

She's reaching out to me,
what am I supposed to do?

Have a uni drive her home.

This is Benson.

Hey, can somebody watch her?
We'll be there in about 10 minutes.


Don't look at me.


They left you in here
all by yourself?

Officer Garvey came in for
a minute, but she had to go.

She wasn't that much
fun anyway. Ashley...

did something happen?
Are you okay?

Yeah, I just wanted
to see you.

Didn't you have school today?

I ditched, then I took
a cab here. Ashley.

They must have
called your mother by now...

I'm sure she's worried sick
about you.

She doesn't care.

She's probably going out of her
mind. I'm taking you home, let's go.

No, I wanted us to hang out
today. We can't, I'm working.

But I won't get in your way,
I promise. I can help you.

Ashley, you know how
you can help me...

you can help me by never ever
doing this again.

Do you understand that?
Now let's go, come on.


Ashley, you're bleeding.
I'm okay.

Is your mother home?

She never is.

Come on, okay?

# But I wish
I loved you then #

# The way I love you now ##

Ashley Austin Black,
you get in here.

Why do you do this to me?
Let me see it.

Miss Austin, is there a place
we could speak privately?

Detective, you really shouldn't
have gone out of your way.

My driver would have
picked her up.

Olivia doesn't mind.
She's my friend.

It's important that we speak.
This is not a good day.

Ricki, we've only
got the studio till 4:30.

We still have two tracks
to lay down.

Honey, look, why don't you
just go in the green room...

with Connie and you have her
get you something to eat, okay?

But can't I stay with you?
No honey, mommy's working.

Then can Olivia stay with me?
No, she can't.

Now just go, okay?

Thank you, Detective.

Okay, let's try it again.

She calls all the time.

What happens when you
have to hang up?

At first she begs to talk,
just for a few more minutes...

and then when I have to go,
she just...

She sounds so depressed.

When you first met, how much
time did you spend together?

Just a few minutes. It sounds
like reactive attachment disorder.

It is very common
in orphans...

who are abandoned during
their crucial bonding cycle.

They meet complete strangers and
they form instant relationships.

So it's not just
my sparkling wit?

I have one patient who meets a
stranger and she goes up and hugs them.

She goes to the market...

and tells the checkout girl
that she loves her.

That fits.

But Ashley keeps getting hurt.

It's part of the package.
And it could escalate.

Is there treatment?

I could start her on
corrective attachment therapy...

but, Olivia, I'd have to see
the mother and daughter together.

It's never gonna happen.

If she's in imminent risk, Children's
Services could mandate therapy.

I'm sorry.

Come on, there's gotta be
something that you can do?

For emotional abuse?

Ricki was reported before
for the car accident.

You did nothing
about that, either.

You're busting my shoes
over this?

I'm handling 32 families.

I've got babies with skull
fractures, 10-year-old prostitutes.

I understand that,
I handle the same cases.

But that shouldn't mean that this little
girl has to fall through the cracks.

Look, it's not that
I don't care.

But with a high-publicity mom
like that...

I could spend weeks just
trying to get an appointment.

Okay, so do it.

I've got a kid
in the burn ward about to die.

It's triage.

You tell me who should get
my attention the most...

your one girl
or my battered 30.

Please ask Ricki
to call me when she gets in.

Thank you.

Hey, kiddo.

I can't believe you came.
How you doing?

You have to come see my room.
Next time, sweetheart.

No, please, just for a
minute? No, I gotta go.

Ashley, she can't come in. Let's go. No.

No, really, sweetheart.
I gotta go, next time. No.

Ashley, come inside.
No, not without Olivia.

Make her come in.
She can't.


Ashley! Stop!

Give her to me.
Let go of me.

Give her to me. It's okay.
Get her inside.

What's the matter?

What are you doing here?
Your daughter needs help.

I talked to a psychologist
who... You did what?

This psychologist
can help her.

The thing is, she needs to see
the both of you together.

Leave us alone. Ricki,
your daughter needs help.

Get away, before I call the police.
Miss Austin, I am the police.

Then it's damn lucky
I have my own security.

Morning, Olivia.

This doesn't look like
the makings of a pleasant day.

Ashley's called already,
six times.

What's wrong?
Don't ask.

Benson, you're on desk duty.

Captain, I can explain.

You can't follow my orders on the
street, you try keeping my files straight.

Captain... And in case
anyone else here...

has Det. Benson's
hearing problem...

read my lips
or buy the CliffsNotes.

No one is to go
near Ashley Black again.

That includes her family, school,
house, and any employees therein.

You can't do this.
Somebody's gotta help her.

Really. Well, thanks to you,
now none of us can.

It's a restraining order...

against the whole unit.

Alex, you can't imagine
how needy this little girl is.

"Needy?" Olivia, we do
sex crimes and child abuse.

I'm sorry, but there's
not much we can do...

for the emotionally

What about abandonment?

Her parents tour
nine months out of the year.

Her father is a documented
alcoholic. And what about Corbin?

That was a traffic accident.

The autopsy report lists physical
evidence of long-term stress.

He internalized,
she externalizes.

You're speculating.
Not about Ashley's disorder.

Ashley's tantrums, her
running away, her accidents.

It could only escalate.
Olivia, why are you doing this?

Because this kid
is in trouble.

We might have
imminent risk of harm.

There must be something
that you can do about that.

Maybe, but we still have
one major hurdle.

Are you trying to get fired? Because
that's the only option I have left.

Would I put myself on the line if
I didn't know what was in store...

for this little girl? She's
been hurting herself for years.

We can subpoena
her medical records.

And her teacher
and the headmaster.

They saw the problem,
but did nothing about it.

Parents wouldn't let them.
What are you thinking?

An Article 10 proceeding. We can
remove the girl from the home.

That is gonna play great
in the press.

It's family court,
not criminal.

And I've already made
a couple of phone calls.

There isn't a less
disruptive avenue?

None that Ricki
can't circumvent.

She's already circumvented us.
We're under a restraining order.

It's an active investigation.
I'll get it lifted.

Do it.

No, please, don't do that.

Ashley, honey, look at me. I
want you to go with Det. Stabler.

It's okay. I want you
to go with Det. Stabler, okay?

Honey, come.
Please, no.

It's okay, I'll be right out.
I don't wanna go with you.

I wanna stay with Olivia.
Let go of me!

This isn't fair.
Let go of me!

This warrant charges you with
impairment of emotional health...

Article 10, Section 1024,
of the Family Court Act.

Impairment of what?

You do have the right to be
present at a hearing on Thursday...

at which time a judge will
determine Ashley's placement.

Why are you doing this to me?

This isn't about you,
it's about Ashley.

I'll be back in a minute.


That's it.

I'm empty. No family
member will take her.

No one wants
to lose their meal ticket.

So what happens now?

Emergency foster care
for tonight. Where?

There's room at Laight Street.

I'll drop her off.
No, I'll drive her there.

Can we go home
to your house now?

Sweetie, we're not going
to my house.

What? But you came and got me.

You don't want me to live with
you? It's not that, Ashley...

it's just that my house
isn't set up for kids.

That's okay.
And even if it was...

I'm hardly ever there.

You know, my work, it just...
It takes up all my time.

You understand that, Ashley,
don't you?

What are you still doing here?

You drop her off at Laight Street? Yeah.

Never been there before.

It's a room filled
with a dozen cots.

It's been about a month now,
hasn't it?

Since what?

Your mom.
Where did that come from?

Olivia, it's me. I know
the issues you had with her.

No. No connection.

Successful woman, rarely home,
when she was home, she was drunk.

You were lonely
and neglected...

and you never had a chance to
resolve the thing before she died?

You're wrong.

I'll get you a coffee.

Your Honor, James Woodrow...

for the respondents,
Ricki Austin and Jared Black.

I'm filing a 1028 application to
return the minor to her parents.


I'll hear that right now.
Your Honor, we feel that...

I'm gravely distressed
by the fact...

that police bypassed this court
and took the extreme measure...

of removing a minor
from her home.

You Honor, the minor has a chronic
history of self-injurious...

behavior casually linked
to the home situation...

Save it for later. I promise
we won't forget about you.

Mr. Woodrow, you're up.

I call Ricki Austin.

We were dirt poor...

so I always swore that
if I made any money...

I was gonna spend all of it
on my children.

I wanted them to have
everything they ever wanted.

Everything I never had.
In order to do that...

you've been very driven
in your career, haven't you?

I'm a workaholic. I admit it.

Has that kept you
from loving your daughter?


Ashley was my miracle baby.

My first song to become number
one, was about her birth.

Sixteen million people could
relate to a mother's love.

Is that domestic or worldwide?

Your Honor...

We have contempt charges here
in family court also, Miss Cabot.

The woman who started
these proceedings...

Detective Benson. How did she
become involved in your life?

When I lost my son, Corbin...

I was out of my mind
with grief.

I was convinced that a man
had been hurting him...

and she was one of the
detectives assigned to the case.

And during
the investigation...

did it become necessary to
take out a restraining order?


I had to. Det. Benson
became obsessed with Ashley.

Miss Austin,
did you ever grow concerned...

over the inordinate number
of injuries your daughter has?

Ashley's full of life. It's
hard to contain that energy.

I mean, all kids have
accidents. I know I always did.

Kids will be kids.

On July 13, 1996,
Ashley sprained her wrist.

Where were you?

I... It was a long time ago, I know.

Maybe this will help.

It's your tour schedule
for the last five years.

I gave a concert in Chicago.

And on December 9, 1997?

The German leg
of my European tour.

Also the date Ashley
dislocated her elbow.

Where were you for her
multiple rib fractures?

What date is that?
Dates. I said multiple.

March 23, 1998, August 9, 1999. Stop it.

There are also lacerations to
the upper and lower extremities.


A periorbital fracture, various
foreign bodies lodged in her ears...

a fractured left femur.
Stop it.


Contusions and abrasions to the
forehead, chin, hands and knees.

That's enough, Miss Cabot.

All of these injuries correlate
to dates you were away.

You never saw them as a desperate
cry for Mommy to come home?

I love my daughter.

I loved both of my children.

I gave them the best
of everything.

The best schools, the best
nannies, the best home.

I did everything
I could for them.

No further questions.

You may step down,
Miss Austin.

Bailiff, bring in the child.

Hello, Ashley.

Do you know why
you're here today?

Do you know Det. Benson?
She used to be my friend.

"Used to be?"
I wanted to live with her.

But she didn't want me.

My daddy's home.

I am ordering the minor
be returned to her parents.

But the Article 10 will continue.
I am recommending that ACS...

monitor the home,
and set up family counseling.

I want a status report
in one month.

There won't be much to report,
Your Honor...

because she begins a
three-month tour next week...

and her daughter needs to
be in school. Ms. Austin?

I'll postpone that tour,
Your Honor.

Wise decision.

I want you to know that my
only concern was for Ashley.

You ever get near her again,
I'll have your badge.


How is it out there
in the real world?

Give him a few more days to cool off.

He'll let you off ass-duty.

Just in time for my hearing in
front of the disciplinary committee.

I see them next week.
Was it worth it?

I don't know.
I think it woke her up.

Son of a bitch.

Ricki Austin played to a sold-out
crowd in London last night.