Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 18, Episode 4 - Heightened Emotions - full transcript

An aspiring Olympic athlete claims she is a rape victim, but the publicity surrounding the case could threaten her Olympic future, and reveal some shocking details about her sordid personal life.

- In the criminal justice system,
sexually based offenses
are considered especially heinous.
In new york city, the dedicated detectives
who investigate these vicious felonies
are members of an elite squad
known as the special victims unit.
These are their stories.
- Mommy? Mommy?
- Honey.
Honey, you've been going over an hour.
- [panting] one more mile.
[breathing heavily]
- I know I did wrong, and I know I can do better.
For me, but also for--
for my one-year-old niece, jesse.
I haven't met jesse yet. That's my own fault.
But after she was born, I realized that there was
something much bigger than me outside of these walls.
And I trust in jesus and the mercy of this parole board
to give me the chance to look jesse in the eye
and tell her how proud I am of her mother,
my sister amanda.
- Your sister kim made parole
and now she wants to live with you.
- I know it sounds crazy. I should say no.
- What are her options?
- She can't leave the state,
so it's either my apartment or a shelter.
- Amanda...
That may not be the worst place,
considering the trouble that this woman has gotten you into.
- Women get raped and killed in shelters.
And kim says she's found religion.
- Well, I hope so.
Because if you cover for her again,
I will take your shield.
[relaxed dance music]
- [sighs]
- six in a row. Damn.
- [laughs]
another, joe. Get lucky number seven.
♪ ♪
- you just might be the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen.
- [panting]
- miller takes a few steps back.
[chanting] jenna! Jenna!
Look at that razor-sharp focus.
[breathing heavily]
[grunts] yes! Yes, yes.
[siren blares]
- ma'am, are you all right?
[police radio chatter]
[sirens wailing]
- 10-4, she's running away.
[tires screech] - [hyperventilating]
- stop!
- [laughs]
- what happened to you?
- I won!
- dispatch, we're all fine. - Copy that.
- I won. I won.
Thank you. [sobs]
[dramatic music]
♪ ♪
- okay, lieutenant. Yeah, I'll be there in 20.
- Oh, we're right here. - What--what were you doing?
- Oh, we were just looking at ourselves in the mirror.
- Oh, hey. - Weren't we, cutie pie?
- Hi, baby. Come on, baby.
- You can trust me with my niece, amanda.
- Can I?
- Hey, mistakes happen in life.
The strength of your character is determined
by how you bounce back.
- Yeah, save the fortune cookie philosophy.
I heard enough at the parole hearing.
And, kim, just so you know, there are ground rules
if you're gonna be staying here, right?
- Oh, I know. No drinking, no drugs,
no staying out past curfew, no men.
- I'm serious--one screw-up, and you're at that shelter.
We're clear about that. - Crystal.
- Okay.
- Hey, jesse and I can wait for the sitter.
We got frannie to keep an eye.
- That's not happening, kim.
Come here, baby. Hey.
- We're gonna have to earn mama's trust, aren't we?
Put our faith in the lord so he'll see us through this, too.
- Hey, sorry I'm late. What are we looking at?
- Vic, jenna miller, housewife from long island,
picked up jumping around manhattan at 3:30 a.M.
- Jumping? - Literally.
From a rooftop. High blood alcohol, no drugs.
- Think she was raped? - Well, she didn't disclose,
but she had anal bleeding, bruising, bite marks
at the breasts and to the thighs
the sane nurse called it in just to be safe.
- Is her husband in the picture? - He's on his way,
but I wanna get her story before he shows up.
- The nurse shouldn't have called the police.
- Okay, well, you don't have to speak with us,
but--but you have serious injuries,
consistent with sexual assault.
- Do you remember what happened to you last night?
- No.
Uh... Not really.
- Were you meeting somebody in the city?
- No.
I just came in for a drink.
- Ms. Miller, whoever inflicted these injuries--
unless you wanted that to happen--that's assault.
Maybe even rape.
- I wasn't meeting anybody.
- I wanna see my wife!
- Sir, please. Have a seat.
- Listen, if there's anything that you wanna tell us,
you know, without your husband knowing, now would be the time.
- I just wanna go home.
- What should I tell the husband?
- Oh, it's okay. I-I just needed to explain.
- Okay. Bring him in.
- Jenna? Hey! Sorry.
What the hell happened? - Sorry.
- They told me you're with the police?
- Where--where's sam? Where is he?
- Now you think about him.
Sweetie, I've been worried sick, you gone all night.
- [crying]
I was raped.
- Wait, what? - Mr. Miller.
- If I could speak with you. - Wait, what? What did you say?
- Just for a minute, by ourselves, alone.
- Just--just--can we-- - just for a minute.
Look, I know that this is upsetting,
but we just wanna find out what happened to your wife.
And I need your help. Okay?
So where were you last night?
- I was at home. I was watching our son.
- And your wife just went into the city on her own?
To meet a friend?
- Yeah. No, no, alone.
That's what she told me.
She does that sometimes to unwind.
- So she's under stress.
- Well, yeah, our son's five.
- Okay.
- So she--she comes into the city, she blows off steam,
and, uh, the next day she's herself again, you know?
- So, um, I hate to have to ask,
but how's your marriage been?
Any--any troubles at home?
- No.
I mean, we have arguments like any couple,
but we love each other.
Okay, she ever talk to you about these nights out?
What she does? Where she goes?
- Look, I don't wanna be the kind of husband
who keeps tabs on his wife.
What's gonna happen to her? You gonna find this guy or what?
- Well, we're certainly gonna investigate.
The problem is your wife doesn't remember much.
- Well, maybe, um, maybe that's for the best.
- If there's something you don't want your husband to know,
we get that.
- I'm not having an affair.
If that's what you think.
- So what did happen?
You--you said you were raped.
But if that's not the whole story--
- no. I was raped.
- Was it someone you knew?
- No.
He said his name was...
- Where did you meet him?
- A hotel bar.
Somewhere downtown.
We got a room.
- Okay.
- He hurt me.
I said no.
He forced himself inside me from behind.
- Let's do a rape kit and go from there.
- I know every vic lies about something, but this woman--
- well, the husband's hiding something too.
- You make him as a suspect?
- No, there's too much run around for domestic abuse.
[cell phone vibrates]
- but my money, she picked up a stranger
and things got rougher than she wanted.
- Which, if she didn't want it, that means she was raped.
- Either way, she's not telling us the whole story.
[clears throat] ah, police report says
she was picked up on mercer and broome.
- Okay, - so talk to unis.
Right, have them canvas hotel bars for now.
We work around her, not with her.
- The manager said you guys were looking for the bartender
who works night shift. Can I help you guys?
- Yeah, uh, you see this woman here last night?
- Yeah, barbie. - Barbie?
- I'm guessing not her real name.
She comes in a few times a month.
Never seen her pay for a drink once.
- Who paid for her drinks last night?
- Some rich douchebag.
- All right, well, any chance this rich douchebag
used a credit card with his real name?
- I'm michael wheeler. Those are my charges.
Is there a problem?
I didn't get any calls from the credit card company.
- There's a problem but not with your credit card.
- Here, you buy drinks for that woman last night?
- Yeah. Why?
- She was sexually assaulted.
- Not by me. - Well, good.
So we get a sample of your dna,
it's not gonna match her rape kit?
- Wait, wait, she's saying I raped her?
I'm not surprised.
Biggest pain in the ass hooker I ever met.
- You're telling us that-- that she's a prostitute.
- Are you guys gonna jam me up on a solicitation charge?
- Tell us what happened, unless you want us
to jam you up on a rape charge.
- [sighs] okay, this woman, barbie,
comes on to me, asking if I want a date.
I get a room, lay out 500.
We go at it.
And she starts crying.
I'm being "too rough."
I told her, "that's what I'm paying for."
so, yeah. She's a prostitute.
Did she forget to mention that detail?
[knock at door]
- this isn't a good time, detectives.
- You're gonna have to make time.
We found phil. Is that the man that raped you?
- Yes.
What did he say? - He said that you--
that he paid you for sex
and that you were working as an escort.
- Is that true?
- [sighs]
- And your husband doesn't know.
- I know this sounds bad.
I can explain it.
About a year ago, I was at a bar.
This guy hit on me.
I went for it.
And when we were done, he just left, like,
200 bucks on the dresser,
and I-I-I was shocked.
And then I was thrilled.
I guess I-- I got hooked.
- Is this something you do often?
- Once in a while. I know it's wrong.
- Jenna.
Not here to judge you.
But you need to be completely honest with us.
- Okay. This guy raped me.
I did--I didn't even take the money.
I just ran out of there.
- Hey. What's going on?
- You know, we just have a few more questions.
- I thought you were putting sam to sleep.
- I hope we aren't being too loud.
- Jenna, we gotta tell them the truth.
They're gonna find out, eventually.
- Find out what?
- [sighs]
jenna is--she's an olympic-level pole vaulter.
The world record holder.
What happened to her is tabloid news.
- Wait, you competed in rio?
- I didn't make the team on a technicality.
But four years from now, in tokyo--
I'm the front-runner for gold.
So, I mean, the training, the marketing--
it--it's already started.
But if any of this about my personal life goes public,
I--I lose everything.
- Jenna miller's going for her third attempt at 4.85
to qualify for team usa.
It's all riding on this jump.
Looks like she's clearing it.
Yes, it's good.
[crowd roars] wait, hold on.
The judge is red-flagging it.
The pole may have slightly dislodged the bar on this jump.
That means that the world-record holder,
jenna miller, won't be joining team usa this summer.
And this is really going to hurt usa's chances for a gold.
- Okay, so jenna miller's jump was disqualified
because of a technicality, which is too bad
because she won gold twice at the internationals.
She was the three-time winner at the outdoor world championship.
- She's the front runner for the next olympics
which makes her hesitant to be truthful
about leading her double life. - What double life?
- She has been moonlighting as an escort.
- Excuse me?
- Okay, I was just getting to that.
Jenna admitted to us that she's been prostituting herself.
And she was raped by a john.
- And we tracked him down.
Michael wheeler, he's a hedge fund guy.
He admits to having sex, he admits to getting her off--
- but he says he paid for what he got.
- What he took. By force.
- But it doesn't sound like jenna's willing to go forward.
- Because she's afraid of publicity ruining her career
and her husband finding out what she does
on these girl trips to the city.
- I'm sure she is, but I can't make a case like this
without the victim's cooperation.
- Wheeler didn't flinch.
It's probably not his first time raping a hooker.
- So let's look at escort agencies,
mandatory reporting with the same m.O.
- My first press case was a prostitute rape.
I know the drill.
But a guy like this is gonna put up a better fight.
And a more expensive one, too.
- And that's why we have you.
- Must be nice being a millionaire.
Wheeler racks up over 30 grand a month on drinks, dinner,
miscellaneous entertainment fees.
- Code for escort services and strip clubs.
So he's sleazy.
Okay, and he raped jenna?
- But you don't have a lot of sympathy for her.
- She has a son, she's got a husband who loves her.
Why throw that away? - Yeah, but it can't be easy.
You know, being an athlete, competing at that level.
You know, that's a lot of pressure.
- Hey, we all have a lot of pressure.
[knocking] - hi.
- Hey, am I interrupting? - Uhh--
- hey, sonny. - Hey, hey.
- Why are you here, kim? - Oh, I know
I should have called, but I was in the neighborhood
and I thought I'd just stop by.
I had my first meeting with my parole officer today.
- How'd it go? - It went great.
Actually, we talked about my getting a job,
maybe going back to school.
- You can't just show up at the precinct, kim.
- I know. I'm sorry, I--
I just wanted to tell you that things went well today.
- [stammers] - you can be happy
about that, right? - Just go home.
- Okay. Bye, sonny.
- What?
- Just seems like she's trying, that's all.
- Yeah, but that's what I'm scared of.
The calm before the storm.
I can't have my life blowing up right now.
Not with jesse. - That was your sister?
- Yeah, it's fine. - All right.
I tracked down some working girls who say
they know michael wheeler.
- That's wheeler. Calls himself "phil."
he's a real pervert. My booker cut him off.
- Why's that?
- 'cause he thought if he was paying
he could do whatever he wanted.
- Right, so he did things that you didn't want.
- Something like that.
- Was he rough? - Real rough.
I mean, that was part of his thing.
Hitting, slapping.
The more you said no, the more he liked it.
- You call the police?
- [chuckles] cops?
Why? - 'cause he raped you.
- No such thing in this line of work.
- So you're saying wheeler raped you.
- Yeah. He paid for straight sex,
but then he just did whatever he wanted.
I bled for days. - Did you report it?
Or go to the hospital? - No.
I asked him for five grand. He paid up.
But if you need me to testify, I will.
I hate that bastard.
- We found a dozen escorts who had either been
physically assaulted or outright raped
by michael wheeler.
- None of them called the cops.
None of them did a rape kit. - The only woman I talked to
who was willing to testify got paid off.
- Which, while showing a pattern,
would make her testimony impeachable.
- This guy is a serial predator.
- He targets sex workers because he thinks
he can get away with it. - [sighs]
- I hear you, he's despicable.
- Which brings us back to jenna miller.
We got a rape kit, we have an outcry.
Can't we compel her to testify? - Well, we can.
But if she won't cooperate, it's a waste of time.
- I can't imagine she wants to get on the stand
and tell the whole world and her husband
that she's a part-time hooker.
- Maybe she doesn't have to.
Let's try to convince her to do a controlled meet.
- Michael wheeler's done this before?
- Multiple times, and he's hurt some of these women badly.
- So get one of them to testify.
- It's--it's not that simple.
There's no evidence; they didn't come forward at the time.
- Oh, yeah, they thought they wouldn't be believed
'cause they're hookers.
Wheeler really is a bully. - And that's why we wanna
go after him.
- This can't go to trial. He'll find out.
- Well, jenna, there may-- there may be another way.
Would you be willing to call michael wheeler
and see if he would meet you
and wear a wire?
- Means like work undercover? - Kind of,
but we would talk you through the whole thing.
And if there's any admission of guilt,
that would help us resolve the case
and force him to take a plea.
- Can we do it, like, now?
- Phil. Thanks for coming.
- How much? Give me a number.
- What do you mean?
- You called the cops on me. This is obviously a shakedown.
- It's not this guy's first time making a payoff.
- She just needs to keep him talking.
- She's doing all right, rollins.
She's doing all right.
- How much? 15 grand?
- [scoffs] I don't want your money.
I want an apology. - For what?
- For what you did to me.
- [chuckles] yeah, right.
So if I do apologize, that's it?
You'll back off?
- Just say it. Say it, you owe me that.
Just say it, you son of a bitch.
Just say it! - Jenna!
Hey, what the hell's going on? - Is that who I think it is?
- This is not good. - Let's go.
- Excuse me. What's going on here?
- Back off, all right? She's my wife.
- Your wife's a hooker.
- Nypd! - Hey, everybody back down.
- You called the cops again, you crazy bitch?
- You're going down. - You're the one?
You raped my wife? - You can't rape a whore.
[punch landing] [grunting]
[crowd chattering]
- no, no, no! - You okay?
- Hey. You okay? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm good. I'm great.
My whole life just went up in flames.
- Chad is gonna leave me. It's all my fault.
- No one deserves to be raped, jenna.
- [sighs] I put myself in the situation.
- Okay, but-- but you know what?
We need to talk about you and your husband.
He's pretty angry right now.
Do you feel safe going home with him?
- What--do I-- like I think he's gonna hit me?
No. - Okay, we just have to ask.
- Is he in trouble for punching that guy?
- Not with us. We want wheeler behind bars.
- Oh, god, if this goes to trial,
it makes who I am and what I've done
public record.
- Most mainstream media outlets won't publish the victim's name,
but there are no guarantees.
- I know he's hurt other women.
I wanna do the right thing. I--I just--
I can't risk the publicity. [sighs]
- I get it.
- I gotta talk to chad.
Tokyo in 2020 is his dream as much as mine.
- So what happens now?
- Talk to the da's office and find out
if there's enough to prosecute.
- I'd have to testify.
- It's not worth it.
We can't change what happened.
- A crime was committed.
So what happens next is not entirely up to you.
- That's easy for you to say.
You're not married to her.
You didn't dedicate your entire life to her.
- That was rough.
Husband finding out his wife's a prostitute.
- Every relationship has secrets, carisi.
- That's why I'm happy I'm single.
- Yeah. I get it.
- Hey, everything okay with you and tucker?
- We got something, liv.
Maybe a way to make the case without using jenna.
- A witness? - I went through
her phone records from that night.
One call to her home at 8:30 p.M.,
then nothing for four hours.
But at 1:20 a.M., she makes a call to a new york cell.
She speaks to him for 17 minutes.
- We traced the call to derek kaller.
He's one of the biggest sports agents in the business.
He represents players on the knicks and the mets.
- And olympic medalists that look like models.
17 minutes?
That's enough time to disclose a rape.
- Yes, jenna miller is a client.
- When was the last time you spoke to her?
- Maybe a few days ago?
- What'd you two talk about?
- Business. What's going on here?
- What'd you two talk about at 1:20 a.M. Two nights ago?
- Oh, so that's what this is?
Look, she was drunk. She called me upset.
I told her to go home, sleep it off.
- She say anything else? - Look, I'm her agent.
I am obligated to protect her privacy.
- We're investigating a rape allegation.
- Okay, she did say she picked up a man and that he...
Raped her.
But she said a lot of things.
I thought she was hysterical, irrational.
- Did you tell her to call the police?
- Look, I didn't think she meant it.
- She ended up in the hospital.
- She didn't tell me. Neither did chad.
- Yeah, 'cause they didn't want this going public.
They were afraid that she was gonna lose her endorsements.
- Yeah, they're right. Look, she is one of
the most naturally gifted athletes around.
Plus she's sweet and gorgeous.
With a near miss going to rio, she has the world's sympathy.
She's looking at millions.
- And you're looking at 10%, right?
- I have a lot of clients, detective.
Jenna was assaulted. Of course I'm outraged.
I want what's best for her. - So you're willing to testify
that she disclosed to you?
- When would the trial take place?
- As soon we arrest and the judge sets the date.
- Any way to postpone it?
- For how long? - Until after tokyo?
- Four years? No, it doesn't work like that.
Da's moving now.
- Derek kaller has agreed to testify?
- Yes. He sent me an email this morning.
He's coming over today to go over his testimony.
- But that night, when I talked to him,
he told me to just go home, not to tell anybody.
That it could damage my image.
- We're past that right now, jenna.
- Kaller's all about protecting his investment.
I'm surprised he agreed. [cell phone vibrating]
- oh.
I get it.
He just dumped me.
"I want you to get the help you need.
"in the meantime, it's best that
"we terminate our professional relationship.
"your personal life is clearly incompatible
with the values this firm and its clients demand."
- I'm so sorry, jenna.
- So that's it.
That's it.
My--my endorsements.
My--my--my career.
It's over.
I'm a tabloid headline.
"the pole vault hooker."
- we're gonna find a way out of this.
- No, we won't!
There's no coming back from something like this.
And then that-- that bastard wheeler,
he just gets away with this? - Not if you testify.
Not if you look him in the eye,
and tell that jury what he did to you.
- I'm in. You have my word.
I want him to suffer like I'm suffering.
- Wall street financier michael wheeler
goes on trial today.
Wheeler is accused of raping
world-class pole vaulter jenna miller.
- Miller had been seen as the future face of team usa,
until a rape investigation uncovered her secret life
of prostitution. - The athletic community...
- There she is. Jenna! - Jenna!
- Jenna, answer a few questions? - Jenna, will you be
censured by the committee?
- Ms. Miller isn't answering any questions.
- How do you expect to win this case?
- And I'm not answering any questions, either.
- Ms. Miller? - Is it true she was paid
for rough sex? - Except for that one.
Paid or not paid, no means no.
Consent can be revoked at any time.
- Ms. Miller, can we get a comment from you?
- Just try to ignore them. - The press used to love me.
Hypocrites. - Don't look back.
Jenna miller was taken to the er with bite marks
on her breasts and her thighs.
She was bleeding, all injuries consistent with sexual assault.
- Did you talk to jenna at the hospital?
- Yes. She said that she had been raped.
- Did jenna tell you that she had been
offered money for the sexual encounter?
- No, we found that out subsequently,
from the defendant. - Did she actually
take the money the defendant offered her?
- She did not. She said the defendant
got so rough with her, that she ran out of the room
and never-- - objection. Hearsay.
- Sustained.
- Nothing further.
- So, lieutenant, you are saying that the victim
lied about being paid for sex
and the fact that she was an olympic athlete?
- It's not uncommon for victims
to omit details of their story to protect loved ones--
- so are you are saying she lied, correct?
- I'm saying that she left out parts of the story.
- Which means she lied.
And the injury she sustained, isn't it possible
that a prostitute-- someone who gets paid
to have sex for a living-- - objection.
- Get to it, mr. Varma.
- Isn't it possible that these injuries are consistent
with consensual, albeit physical, sex?
- In my opinion, no.
- You're a police officer. Not a doctor. Correct?
- I've been an svu detective for 17 years.
- Which means you are qualified to investigate rape cases,
not evaluate medical injuries.
Nothing further.
- So were you soliciting sex
on the night you met the defendant?
- Not exactly soliciting.
I was at a bar, having a few drinks
and he-- the defendant--
started flirting with me.
It felt good. [chuckles]
I like when men notice me.
You know, I'm so used to being an athlete.
It's nice to be noticed just as a woman.
But what I'm trying to say is...
I like the attention.
We got a room. - Okay.
Did you tell him that he had to pay you to have sex with you?
- No. He just assumed that was the deal.
And I went along with it.
- So you got a room.
- What happened next?
- We started having sex.
Then he started getting rough.
He started hitting me.
I told him no, that I wanted him to stop.
And that made him more aggressive.
And then he started to do, um, other things.
- Other things like what?
- I, um--
I told him I didn't want to have...
Anal sex.
And he, uh-- he started laughing
and then he--he--he--
he did it anyway.
- So you told him you absolutely did not want to have anal sex,
but he did it anyway. - Yes.
And when he was done, he threw money at me.
I didn't take it. I was--I was hurt.
And I was-- I was bleeding, it's--
I just ran out of the room.
Eventually, the police picked me up
and took me to the er.
And then the svu detectives-- I--I told them what happened.
And, um--
I'm ashamed about what I did,
but I'm not ashamed that I was raped.
And I want everyone to hear my story
so this man can never hurt another woman again.
- Thank you.
- You didn't make it to rio.
Is it fair to say
you were virtually unknown to the public
before you falsely accused my client of this crime?
- Objection, relevance.
- I'm getting to it, your honor. - Get there quicker, mr. Varma.
- Happy to.
This is all just an elaborate publicity stunt, isn't it?
Once my client outed you as a prostitute,
your career was over.
So you accused him of rape.
And now you are hoping to capitalize
on your newfound and sordid celebrity status.
- No, I would never want this kind of publicity.
- Everybody is talking about you.
Everybody is looking at you. Looking at your body.
You just said, you like being seen "as a woman."
you enjoy the attention. - Yes, I do.
- And yet, despite all your hard work,
you didn't qualify for the team.
- My jump was disqualified on a technicality.
It was unfair.
I'll be back, four years from now in tokyo.
- Four years from now, when you're what, 30?
If you do qualify-- if the governing body
doesn't ban you for being a prostitute.
But I suppose my real point here is:
Your body is never gonna look
as good as it does right now. - Objection.
- I--I would actually like to answer that.
My body will look great four years from now.
Better. Because I work hard.
Harder than you can imagine. - Oh, for a change,
I believe you there.
I believe it is incredibly hard work.
That's why you wanted to show it off
on the night that you met michael wheeler.
- Objection. Badgering.
- I'm following a line of defense here, your honor.
- Overruled. Witness may answer.
- Yes, I wanted to-- to--to show off--
- and then he rejected you.
He wasn't as impressed by your body
as you wanted him to be.
He said that you were too muscular, too masculine.
And that's when you cried rape, to get back at him.
- Objection. - How dare you use--
how dare you--who do you think you are?
He said that he loved my body.
Everyone tells me that they love my body.
I am 5'9, 112 pounds.
I bench press 150 pounds. - Your honor, I need a recess.
- I squat 225, ten reps. I mean, my body is perfect.
- Ms. Miller, what are you-- - it looks perfect!
[overlapping chatter]
ms. Miller, what are you-- [stammering] cover yourself!
- Your honor! - Bailiff!
- We're adjourned for the day.
- Screw you and your son of a bitch client.
My body is perfect. I'm perfect.
I'm perfect. - Come on.
- Knees up, come on! Keep them up!
- Barba and benson good with us
talking to jenna about this? - I don't know. Yet.
Just--just let me see if I'm right first.
- Come on! Keep going, keep going.
- Chad? - Hey, can we talk to you?
- No, we've had enough with police and das.
- We just need one minute. - I need to practice.
- It's 10:30. - I'm energized.
- Okay, jenna. - I can go all night.
- Have you ever talked to a psychiatrist
about all of your behavior? - No--I--
you know what, you guys--you gotta
get out of here right now, come on.
- No, no, I'm sorry. - No--the mood swings,
sexually acting out, all the anger,
there could be a reason for that.
- You might need medication. - What she needs
is to train, all right?
And focus.
Listen, do you know I--just back off a second all right?
Listen to me. Do you know how hard I've worked?
- I know. I know.
Living with your behavior. Your mood swings.
Your wild nights in the city. - [laughs]
what are you-- what are you talking about?
what are you talking-- - you guys think I'm stupid
that I didn't figure out what was going on?
Babe, listen. You have some issues.
But we can still win a gold medal.
I was protecting you, babe. - [gasps]
You all think I'm crazy. Both: No.
- You have a mental illness. - I--
- jenna. - Oh, my god.
- Listen, hey. Hey--
let us--let us help you.
- Get away from me.
- Jenna...
I really think you should talk to a doctor.
- Whatever.
- Dr. Cohen, you are a licensed and certified psychiatrist
who examined jenna miller? - That's right.
I met ms. Miller last week.
- What was your diagnosis?
- Jenna suffers from bipolar disorder.
It's a medical condition caused by a neurochemical imbalance.
It's a lifelong incurable illness
that can be treated with medication.
- Can you explain the symptoms?
- People suffering from this disorder
experience atypical mood swings.
There are manic phases and depressed phases.
- How is a professional athlete with bipolar
particularly affected?
- An athlete like jenna,
uh, her culture, it lives in a place where there's competition,
and victory, and she must win at all costs.
- So if a female athlete with bipolar disorder
were testifying in court, for example,
might she feel the need to win an exchange
with a defense lawyer? - Objection.
- Overruled.
- If she was experiencing mania,
she would not take no for an answer.
She would do what was ever in her power
to prove she was right. - Like, say,
taking off her shirt to prove
that she had a beautiful body?
- Yes, absolutely. - Thank you.
- If a person is manic, they act impulsively,
have feelings of invincibility.
Isn't it possible that someone in this manic state of mind
might distort the truth,
especially if the truth were incompatible
with her feelings of irrational grandiosity?
- Yes, very possible.
- So if someone were having sex, hoping to be admired,
but instead felt rejected,
wouldn't it be possible that this person
might invent a rape allegation
to keep her manic state alive and well?
- It's possible, but unlikely.
In my opinion, this person would be more likely
to justify non-consensual sex as consensual than vice versa,
because that might make them feel better,
more potent, more powerful.
- Nothing further.
- Your honor, I'd like to call jenna miller to the stand
once again, now that she's medicated.
- Uh, the jury has already heard her side.
- Yes, but she deserves the opportunity
to testify in a clear and healthy state of mind.
- First thing tomorrow. We're adjourned for the day.
[gavel bangs]
- turns out, wheeler's lawyer got nervous
about jenna taking the stand. - They wanna plea.
- Assault two.
He won't go on the registry, but it's a "d" felony.
He'll get two to five years.
- So that means this is over?
- Yes.
If we take it to a jury, he could be acquitted.
- Oh.
- We need to get on with our lives.
- I agree.
- Good. I'll make the deal.
- This is the right decision.
- Yeah, I, uh--I know.
Thank you.
I'm on meds.
I'm starting therapy. So--
it's a long road.
- What about tokyo?
- I'm putting that aside for now.
- I know it's gonna be hard, but we'll do it.
- [sighs] I've gotta work on getting better at life.
You know, not just sports.
I started pole vaulting, I realize now,
to try and quiet the voices in my head.
Then there was the acting out, I mean,
the drinking, the acting out sexually.
Just taking risk after risk. But now that I know the truth--
- you did right by her, rollins.
- Yeah.
- At least now she knows why she's so up and down.
- Hey, next time, will you ask me
before you talk to a victim about her testimony?
- Copy that.
Hi, baby!
Where is everybody? Huh?
Kim? - I'm in here.
- Oh. Wh--where's the sitter?
- Her boyfriend got in a car accident,
so I told her it was okay to go.
- Why didn't you call me? Why didn't she call me?
What? What is this?
What are you taking? - I have a headache.
It's aspirin. - What are you on?
Are you on stuff? Huh?
What are you on, kim? I don't even--
what is this? You're on oxy?
What, adderall? What are you on?
What is this? - It's lithium.
- What are-- you're getting high off lithium?
- It's prescribed. Read the label, it's a--
it's a legal prescription.
- [stammers] - lithium and asenapine.
For bipolar disorder.
- Oh, come on. What?
- Lorenzo, my lawyer, he--
he was trying to get me a deal,
you know, mitigating circumstances.
And I was examined by a psychiatrist.
I thought it was just a legal thing.
But he told me that I had all the symptoms.
That I was bipolar.
I mean, it makes sense, you know?
All the highs and the lows, and--
I mean, I've been on meds for a year.
And sure, there's-- there's downfalls.
Sometimes I miss the manic energy.
But for the first time in my life,
I--I feel really good about myself.
- [stammers, sighs]
you didn't tell me.
- You didn't ask, amanda.
- [sighs]