Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 17, Episode 19 - Sheltered Outcasts - full transcript

Carisi goes undercover at a homeless shelter to find out if a resident is the suspect in a series of neighborhood rapes.


In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

So, how's it been,
staying home?


when I'm not bored to death.

♪ The wheels on the bus
go round and round ♪

♪ And round and round
and round and round ♪

♪ And round ♪

- [laughs]
- Ugh.

If you need a break,
you should tell your husband

to give Beckett dinner
and come with me to Soul Cycle.

That place?

It is supposed to be exercise,
not humiliation.

I have seen people
come out crying.

[both laughing]

Oh, let's cross.

[hip-hop music]

♪ Runnin', I'm gunnin' ♪

♪ I'm gonna live the same life,
son ♪

Uh, so if you change your mind,

I go basically every day.

Yeah, I'll take a rain check.

[baby babbling]

All right.

Have fun with those wheels.


[siren wailing]

[dramatic music]

Do as I say
and you won't get hurt.

♪ ♪


[sirens wailing]

The victim is Sofie Nomaks.
She's 25.

The perp had a knife,
told her to do what he said.

She's being transported
to Mercy General now

for a rape kit.

She give a description?

White or Latino,
average height and weight.

And he had a ski mask on
and the vestibule light is out.

The same M.O.
as the last two assaults.

[knocks on the door]

this is Mr. and Mrs. Levy.

She's a friend
of Ms. Nomaks.

- They live next-door.
- Hi.

I ran into Sofie on my way
home a few hours ago.

She asked me to go
to spin class with her.

If you had, you might've been
the one who was attacked.

You know there've been
two other rapes

in this neighborhood
in the last month?

Since the homeless shelter

They have a special section
for sex offenders.

You can see them listed online.

We're aware.

So what are you doing about it?

Have you seen
any of these guys around here?

- Yes.
- All the time.

Yeah, they hang out
at the bodega

and get cigarettes.

Did you see any of them there
tonight, either of you?

No, well, thank you so much.

The victim thinks she saw
the perp run that way,

toward the shelter.

We'll check for cameras
and witnesses.

Okay, let's talk
to shelter management,

see if they have a swipe code
or a sign out log,

then ask which
of their guests qualify.


And these are the people
you need to talk to.

Any likely candidates
would be in this group.

Likely for what?
Nobody did anything.

Right, and I'm sure
you wouldn't lie to us.

Look, guys,
it's just a request.

Right, we'd like you
to come down to the station.

We're just gonna ask
you a few questions.

Or we can get your POs
down here,

check your possessions,
your appointment calendars,

maybe do a spot drug test,

just to make sure none of y'all
have violated your paroles.

Everyone here?

Not the new guy.
Where is he?

Went to get some food.

How long do you want
to keep us?

Gregory Searle?

Thought we put you away
for good.

Compassionate parole.
I have health issues.

Nobody cares.

Just do what the police say.

Okay, who's hungry
for donut holes?

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- sync and corrections by ZacQ -
- -

Where do you want these guys?

Just out of sight.

The victim's in Interview
with her father.

You want me to smack Carisi
around a little bit,

make his cover look good?

Fin, we had two rapes
in Inwood this month.

That's why Carisi volunteered

to live in that shelter

Would you like
to take his place?

No, copy.

Carisi does look like hell.

Well, I think he's just
trying to fit in.

Right? If he wants out,
he'll let me know himself.

See, I don't think he would.

Never mind.

I'm glad you're back,
you're the boss

and uh, like you said, we just
have to trust each other.


He grabbed me
and threw me up against the wall

and then pulled off
my gold chain.


And then he said,

"Do what I say
and you won't get hurt."

And I didn't fight him because
I was too afraid of the knife.

Sofie, you did exactly
what you needed to do.

You survived.

You people know
about this homeless shelter

filled with deviants?

Yes, we are aware
that there's a section

for sex offenders.

- So...
- You allow that?

It's actually not up to us.

Some sex offender parolees
have to live

1,000 feet from a school
or a playgr...

Oh, they should be
1,000 feet from Earth.

Mr. Nomaks, I can only imagine
how upset you are...

I should have never let you
move into that neighborhood.


I really need to speak
with your daughter.

You're moving back home, now.

I don't know.

I do.

Mr. Nomaks, right, you two can
have that conversation later,

but right now I really need
to speak with your daughter,

so if you'd just
give us a minute.

So, Sofie,
we've brought in some men,

right, and I need you
to listen to their voices

to see if you recognize anyone.

I don't think
that I'll be able to...

She'll do it.

When did this even happen?

I can tell you where I was.
I was visiting my wife.

This is Richie Caskey.

Say it.

"Do what I say
and you won't get hurt."

Gregory Searle.

I got cancer, colon cancer.

I'm not running around the town
doing anything.

Let's go, come on.

"Do what I say
and you won't get hurt."

It's not gonna bite you.

You want me to call
your parole officer?

Last chance.

"Do what I say."

[phone beeps]

From the beginning.

"Do w-what I say

and you won't...
get... hurt."

You got Loomis to speak?


That guy's got a bad stutter.

He barely said two words
since I moved in.

Yeah, how's it going?

You okay up there?

Food sucks.

Company's worse, but...

if anybody raped anybody,
they're not bragging about it.

How about tonight?
Who was out at 7:00 p.m.?

I don't know.
I was out myself.

I was trailing this guy
from down the hall.

He claims he was framed,
that women can't resist him.

I bet.

Turns out he was just
going out for a vape.

Hey, you... you may be
getting a call

from the shelter therapist,
Robin Daughtry.

She wants
the background information

from my arresting officer
about my heinous crime.

Well, I'll fill her in.

Anyway, I should get back.

You guys are keeping me
longer than my roomies.

Hold on, I need your help.


I need another filler voice.

Do what I say
and you won't get hurt.

Do what I say
and you won't get hurt.

Do what I say
and you won't get hurt.

[stuttering] "Do w-what I say
and you won't... get... hurt."


Um, I don't know,
maybe the first one.

The first one?

I'm sorry.
I don't know. I'm sorry.

It's okay.
It's okay.

It's okay, Sofie.

[knocking at the door]

Tom Zimmerman,
attorney for Richie Caskey.

I understand you're
holding him here.

He's assisting us
in an investigation.

- Uh-huh.
- Any hits?

This is Mr. Zimmerman.

He represents
one of our visitors.

Actually, two of them.

Yeah, Greg Searle
is mine as well.

And if you think he's
your rape suspect, you're wrong.

It's not his profile.
He's an ephebophile.

Means he goes
for younger girls.

That's a wonderful argument.

Has the alleged victim
identified anyone?

I'll take that as a no,

so if neither of my clients
are under arrest,

you should send them
back to the shelter.

In a minute.

Mr. Zimmerman,
why don't you...

why don't you have a seat?

He should charter a bus,
take 'em all.

Long as it's not a school bus.

And Sofie didn't recognize
the voice?


Doesn't rule 'em out.

No, it doesn't rule 'em out,
doesn't roll 'em in.

And how long is Carisi
gonna be up there?

He talks a good game,

but people get killed
in those places.

Let's just give it
another day or two,

see if anything pops.

He just has to keep his eyes
open and act weird.

How hard is that for Carisi?


We have a new member
of our group.

You've all met...

Yeah, he likes donut holes.

Okay, Dominick?

They call me Smitty.

That's fine.

Participating in group therapy
is a condition of your parole.

I assume you're aware?

Yes, ma'am.

We're open
with one another here,

and we tell things we may
never have told anyone else.

Especially the police.

Yeah, yeah, I understand.

The goal is not
to embarrass you.

It's to help you
change your behavior

even if you can't
change your desires,

so that you never
go back to prison.

I assume you're
onboard with that?

Yes, ma'am.

Tell us about yourself.

Dominick Smith, uh, 36,

was born in Brooklyn,
raised in Staten Island.


And, uh...

I had some pictures
on my computer.


Of children,

but I-I never laid a hand
on a child, never.

Well, you know those pictures
of kids being raped, right,

so somebody had to rape
those kids

just so you could look
at the picture.

Come on, man, I didn't think
about it like that, all right?

Well, maybe you should've.

Thank you, Richie.

Everyone here has
had to overcome denial.

You got off on 'em,
right, the pictures?

I'm married, all right,
I love my wife, I do,

but yeah, yeah,
a part of me was...

it was like a secret thrill,
you know?

Your wife sticking by you?

Mine divorced me
when I got sent up.

Yeah, so far
we're not divorced, no.

Well, then you should do this
for her and um, for yourself.

You know, I'm also married.

Why are you still living here?

His apartment is
too close to a school,

and they can't afford to move.

It's a rent-stabilized,
so my wife, uh, has a job,

so she takes care of the rent.

No wives here.
You're stuck with us.

That's tough.

Did you hear that we all got
pulled into the police station

just because we're here?

I heard.

Yeah, get used to it.

I know.

Three rapes near the shelter
and they bring us all in?

Hmm, all of us.

I mean, I don't know
about the rest of you guys,

but I'm not a rapist.

All right, I just had
pictures on a computer.

I mean, does anybody here
come even close

to fitting that bill?

We were talking about you.

Right, right, I'm sorry.

Tell us more
about your "secret thrill."

That's one of 'em.
I think that's him.

- That's him right there.
- Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Yeah, go, go, go.

Come on, move it!

Come on, come on, let me out.

- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
- He one of them, Dad?

Yeah, cops let them all go.
Hey, my friend,

didn't I just see you down
at the police station?


Let me ask you something.

Did you rape my daughter?


Why don't you tell us which
one of your sick friends did?

I don't know.
You need to calm down.

I don't know.

[grunts] Let's go.

Next time I won't miss.

You're making a big mistake!

Stop! Stop!
What's going on here?

- None of your business.
- He's another one of 'em.

Oh, yeah?
Maybe he knows something?


You want something?

- All right, all right.
- Huh?

We'll be back.

Where'd you learn to do that?

Nine years at Fishkill.
You okay?

Yeah, thank you.

[both panting]

Carisi, you're holding
your back.

Are you sure that you don't need
to go to the E.R.?

No, I'm fine, all right?

It's just a bruise.
It's not broken.

I think they were just
trying to scare me.

No kidding.
Three on one.

Yeah, till Caskey showed up,
evened the odds.

Okay, so you making friends
in there?

No, not exactly.

Just before that,
Caskey was busting my chops

in group therapy.

I had to tell everybody

what a thrill I get
looking at child porn.

Made me sick to my stomach.

I don't mean to keep
saying it, but he is a target,

inside the shelter,
now outside the shelter.

I'm fine, all right,

and I think I'm getting
somewhere, all right?

Somebody up there is
committing rapes,

and the odds are pretty good
it's one of my housemates.

Well, are we at least
gonna bring in Nomaks

- and his bat boys?
- No.

No, that compromises my cover.

Okay, I will have the precinct
call the Nomaks,

tell them that they were spotted
to warn them off.

Okay, I got a lead
on one of those shelter guys.

DNA hit?

Not likely.
Our rapist wore a condom.

One of Sofie Nomaks's
neighbors came in

to look at some photos.
She ID'd a pic.

She said the guy was
on their street

right before the rape.

Richie Caskey.


Yeah, why?

Because Mr. Caskey just
sort of saved Carisi's ass.

Well, she says
she thinks she saw him.

Is she sure?

Not 100%.

How many percent?

Okay, Carisi, look,
this guy may have

just bailed you out,
but he did do ten years

for the rape of a woman
Sofie Nomaks' age.

Yeah, I get it.

I get it.
I'm his fellow pervert.

I'm not some woman
alone in a dark hallway,

but he told me he was with his
wife when Sofie got raped.

He told me the same thing.
We've left her messages.

Okay, so go see her.

And Carisi, you're "friends"
with Caskey now?

Get friendlier.

Paperwork is all in order.

I just need
a few more signatures.


Is this a bad time?

Not at all, Smitty.
Come on in.

- This is the guy?
- Yeah.

Good timing.
We can always use

another character witness
for our petition.

What petition?

To get Mr. Caskey's
sex offender registration

reduced from Level Three
to Level Two.

It means I could, uh,
go back to my apartment

and live at home with my wife.

I'm a sex offender too.
Who cares what I think?

He heroically intervened
on your behalf.

It's a great story.
Ms. Daughtry's already onboard.

She wrote a beautiful letter.

I only wrote the truth.

Richie works very hard
on his rehabilitation.

Yeah, and not to mention
that he nailed my ass

to the wall
in our session yesterday.

Confronting your denial.

He's helped a lot of men
accept responsibility...

empathize with victims,
begin their own healing.

He was a model prisoner.
Now he's a model parolee.

There's no way he poses
a threat to public safety.

Level Three.

Did you file that petition
with the sentencing court

or the Board of Examiners
of Sex Offenders?

Oh, somebody's been hitting
the prison law library.

No, I-I used to want
to be a lawyer.

Good luck with that.

You gonna help us out or not?


My husband didn't rape anybody
two nights ago

because he was here.

- At 7:00 p.m.?
- Uh, yes.

With you?

after I got home from work.

He's not allowed to live here.
He's allowed to visit.

There's a school
three blocks away.

Turns out there's a school
three blocks away

from almost anywhere.

So he would live here
if he could?

- Richie's my husband.
- Okay.

Do you know the circumstances
under which he went to prison?

Yes, he pulled a waitress
into a men's room and raped her.

Yeah, at a bachelor party.

He was drunk out of his mind,
and he hardly ever drinks.

That's not really an excuse.

He didn't plan it.

He didn't stalk anybody.

There were strippers
at that party.

The groom had a prostitute.

He had nine tequilas.
He got...

Confused about who was who?

In his drunken condition, yes.

It's the only mistake

he's ever made
in his whole life.

Okay, Ms. Caskey,

and you know that he was here
two nights ago at 7:00 p.m.?


I made a pot roast.

The food in the shelter
is terrible.

Right, but the thing is,
when it's almost noon

and you're not at work.
What are your hours?

Well, they vary.

I'm a production manager
at a printing company.

Printing company,
lot of deadline work.

- Late hours, right?
- Well, sometimes.

If you're gonna be his alibi,

we have to know
your exact schedule.

You understand that?

We're gonna call your boss
and find out

how late you worked that night.

Okay, okay.

I got home at 8:30.


But I know...

I know Richie had been here
for a while

because the pot roast
was half gone.

Hey, sorry I'm late.
Job interview.

Where are they hiring
sex offenders?

I'll run right down.

Hey, uh, you don't have to do
that thing

my lawyer said the other night.

Yeah, yeah, I know.
I know.

All right.

Hey, how was
your job interview?

It was good. It's ad sales
at a sports radio station.

They don't care
if you're Charlie Manson.

If you sell, they'll take you.

We'll see.

Where's Robin?

She's usually early.

Well, she runs groups
in three other shelters.

I don't know.
She's probably stuck in traffic.

She drives?

Yeah, she's got
a group in Queens,

and Brooklyn,
one on the Lower East Side.

A lot of traffic out there.

How you guys doing, good?



Hey, when did it happen?

Half an hour ago.

Please tell me
there are witnesses?

No one saw the perp.

They did hear her running
down the street, screaming.

She was stabbed.

She tried to get away,
made it this far, and dropped.

Her car is over there.
It's bloody.

Her clothes are inside,
her wallet, money.


Robin Daughtry, Office
of Sex Offender Management,

consulting psychologist.

The therapist?

Carisi's group.


It was Robin?
W-what happened?

Somebody was waiting for her
where she parked her car.

- He knew she was coming.
- Ugh.

He knew her usual parking spot
by the train tracks.

Got inside with her,
raped her, and stabbed her.

Stabbed her?

Our rapist hasn't
killed anybody.

The M.E. found black thread
underneath her fingernails,

so she could of pulled off
his mask, maybe recognized him.

It was somebody she knew?

Like one of her patients.

It could be why he killed her.

This woman,

she was the only person
who cared about these guys.

I mean, she... she knew
what they were.

She didn't give up on them.

No good deed.

We've had four
of these rapes in four weeks,

and he murders this one.

We've got a serial
probably from the shelter,

and he's escalating.

It sounds like it.

Carisi, Robin was late
to the session.

Was the whole group
waiting for her?

Yeah, it was me,
the old guy Searle,

he was there,
most everybody else.

Anybody not there?

Yeah, Loomis.

Caskey, he came late too.

Caskey again?

Well, nah, he wasn't bloody.
He wasn't agitated.

He wasn't even out of breath.

But it is possible.

He might've had time
to clean himself up, right,

settle down.

Yeah, even so, Lieutenant,

it just seems
so out of character for him.

Out of character?
He did ten years for a rape.

I know, Rollins, but that was
a completely different M.O.

Look, Caskey had no priors.

He had no weapon.
He was so drunk,

he can't even
remember what happened.

Now, that's no excuse...

Not for his victim.

All I'm saying is
I don't peg Richie Caskey

as a cold-blooded serial
who hunts his victims

and now murders somebody.

Anyone there you like for this?

Yeah, the weird guy, Loomis.

He didn't come back
to the shelter

until an hour later,
and his last conviction

was for raping a schoolteacher
at knife point.

When he spoke to me,
he wouldn't talk,

wouldn't look me in the eye.

Okay, let's start with him.

Isn't the parole officer
supposed to do this?

We can wait,
but what's the difference?

- That's my box.
- Okay.

Who's this?


That's my favorite niece.

I haven't seen her in 33 years.

Possibly because you kidnapped
one of her friends.

I think she's
out West somewhere.

Is this yours?

Right here, this yours?

Uh, he uses
the second drawer down.

The top one's yours?

Top one is his, yes,
but I wouldn't touch that.

He doesn't change his sheets...

I can see that.
Thank you.

What are those, keys?

What are these to?

What are those keys to?

Want to check this warrant?

I'll take your word.

Your partner looks honest.

When was Loomis in here last?

Whenever he wanted.
There's direct street access.

There's no record?

Our customers
like their privacy.

Here it is.

Hey, Glenda,
think we can have a little time?

Hey, uh, okay, got newspaper.

Look at this, ladies underwear.

Comic books.

"Archie and Veronica"?

The triple-X version.




[door closing]

Three hours.
He hasn't said a word.

Not even to ask for a lawyer.

That guy's barely breathing.

It's looking pretty empty
out there.

Is One-P-P sending us

They sent us Dodds.

You didn't seem
too thrilled with that.

Yeah, but then
they took him back.

I mean, where is he,

at some antiterrorist course
at Quantico?

Yes, for a week.

Are you mad that he came,
or are you mad that he left?


I mean... I mean, a lot of things
are changing around here.

Rollins got a baby.
You got a baby.

You want a baby?

You want a life.

This is my life.

Yeah, it was my life too, Fin.

My whole life.

You know, for what it's worth,

having a little balance
is not so bad.

So, what, I get a parakeet?

[knocking at the door]

I got something.

You know the jewelry
that we found

in Loomis's storage locker.

There's a locket
with an inscription on it...

Robin Daughtry?

No, but it matches one taken

from a rape victim
in Nassau County, Hempstead,

one year ago.

Where was Mr. Loomis
one year ago?

In a shelter in Hempstead,

where there were also
two other rapes

that happened
around the same time.

Fin, get Mr. Personality
to holding,

and get me every report
from Nassau, here, everything.

I'm already on it.

Some of the guys at the shelter

may be wondering
where I keep going.

Well, if we can
figure this out,

you're gonna be
done there anyway.

Okay, so we've had three rapes
in Hempstead, right,

all with a mask and a knife
and condoms, so no DNA,

and the first two,
the perps didn't say a word.

Loomis never speaks.

But then the third rape
in Hempstead, the perp speaks.

He says, "Do what I say
and you won't get hurt."

Same as the third rape
in Inwood.

The first two rapes there
he also didn't speak.

So what, every third rape
he loosens up?

He feels like making

Right, but the other thing is,

the necklaces
in Loomis's storage locker,

they all belong to victims
that the rapist did not talk to.

There's no sign
of Sofie Nomaks' gold chain

or the heart necklace
that Robin Daughtry wore.

Did Sofie Nomaks say
that her rapist stuttered?


And the mask in Loomis's locker
was neoprene.

It doesn't match the thread
under Robin's fingernails.

Okay, so we're looking
at a copycat.

So two rapists,
and the second one's a murderer?


Rollins, did Robin run
therapy sessions

from the Hempstead shelter?

No, that wasn't one of hers.

So who was
at the Hempstead shelter

a year ago
and the Inwood shelter now,

besides Loomis?

Only got one other guy

who was in both places,
Richie Caskey.

Your pal.

Not anymore.

Hey, Rollins, hold up.

You know, I thought I had
a gut for these things.

You know what,
rapists and killers,

they don't carry signs around.

That's why they pay us
the big bucks.

I went into that place,

I hated those guys.

I couldn't even stand
to be around them,

but after a few days,
they just turned into people.

Different kinds, like,
Searle is malignant,

Loomis is damaged, but Caskey,
he's all fresh start.

Yeah, but every one
of those kinds

raped women and children and
left them traumatized or dead.

I know, Rollins, all right,

and if they get
20 years in prison,

I think they're
getting off easy,

but when you meet them
after 20 years,

you sit down,
you play dominos with them,

you just wonder,
are they the same people

they were when they first
got put away?

Carisi, is this you going soft?

No, I just... I thought
if any of those guys

had a chance at rehab,
it was gonna be Caskey.

I mean, he was
all about accountability.

He missed his wife.

He was looking for a job, why?
Why would he blow all of that?

There usually isn't a why.
You know that.

And we have Caskey in Inwood
during Robin's attack.

You saw him there
half an hour later.

What about the Hempstead rape?

Liv is bringing in that victim

to see if she can get
a voice I.D.,

but I'm gonna go check
with Caskey's parole officer

to check his whereabouts
that day.

Let me come with you.

Aren't they gonna miss you
at the shelter?

Nah, I'll tell 'em
I had a job interview.

I want to hear this for myself.


Richie Caskey,
one of our success stories.

for "Parolee Magazine."

Or maybe not.
What'd he do?

Well, you don't seem surprised

that he might have done

20 years, 4,000 cons...

If one of 'em
turned into a mermaid,

that might surprise me.

All right, look,
he's gotta file a log

with all of his appointments,
meetings, job interviews, right?

Yeah, what are you looking for?

We're, um,
we're looking at a rape

that happened
near a Hempstead shelter,

one that he was living
in last year.

June 14th, 6:00 p.m.

Hoping you can tell us
where he was that day.

You're lucky I'm one of
the organized ones around here.


June 14th,
4:00 p.m.,

meeting with his attorney...

at the Hempstead shelter.

So what, he says
good-bye to his lawyer,

and then he goes out
and he rapes somebody?

Lawyers have that effect
on some people.

He was there.


I got a job.

I'm the new ad salesman
at radio station WNMZ.

"Wall-to-wall sports, 24/7."

Richie, we need to talk.

Are you kidding me?

Look, whatever your name is,

you know I wouldn't do
something like that.

You got to know me.

Yeah, maybe I would've gotten
to know you better

when you were raping
cocktail waitresses.

No, no, you know
how that happened.

I can't even remember anything.

Oh, really?
You know what, Richie,

that makes a great story
for our little sessions in there

and for your wife,
but I'm not buying it.

It was one waitress, one time.

You see, your memory's
getting better already,

now walk.

Hey, we good?

You remember my lieutenant.

"Do what I say
and you won't get hurt."

"Do what I say
and you won't get hurt."

"Do what I say
and you won't get hurt."

[stuttering] "Do w-what I say
and you won't... get... hurt."

You think it's
one of those men who raped me?

I think that it's possible.

He may have been living
in a shelter in Hempstead,

near where you were attacked.

That place gave me the creeps.

I tried to stay away.

I understand, Mary.

You recognize
any of those voices?

I don't know.
It's been almost a year.

And when it was happening,
my entire body

just sort of tuned out.

And that's not unusual.

Now I try
not to think about it.

That may not be
the best course.

That's what my therapist said.

we need to catch this guy.

He's still out there,

and he just attacked
somebody else.

Play it again.

I'm sorry.
I just can't say.

Mary, it's okay.
You did your best.

You'd think I could make
a friend in a shelter.

Just save it, all right.
Just save it.

Look, here's your lawyer.
Have fun.

I can't believe they made you
stay the whole night.

I'm sorry.

your little masquerade

was shameful and illegal...

No, actually it wasn't.

How many different confidences
did you violate, I wonder?

Doctor-patient, attorney-client.

No and no.

Look, you want to borrow
my bar review book?

Carisi, take 'em out.

All right, let's go.

- Let's do this.
- Now.

Mary, what is it?

The voice.
That's the voice.

The man in the tan jacket?


I thought you wanted
to question my client.

We've been waiting here
almost three hours.

- I have places to be.
- Sorry, Counselor.

We were just dealing
with some news.

So we've located
a surveillance camera

on a warehouse
about a block away

from where Robin Daughtry
was murdered.


And it was running
when she was attacked,

when she pulled off
her attacker's mask.

From a block away?
What did it see?

Well, the image
has to be enhanced.

We may have to call the FBI,
but we'll get it done.

Or you could just
save us the trouble.

You can confess.

We make it easy for you,
you make it easy for him?

Richie, maybe we should
go talk...

No, I'm not confessing
to anything.

Richie, listen to me.

I didn't kill Robin.
I didn't kill anybody.

Why would I do that?
She was trying to help me.

You know this!

Okay, well,
we've already searched

your room at the shelter,
so I assume

that you'll have no objection

to us searching
your apartment as well.

Please, do not bring
my wife into this.

His consent is irrelevant.
He's not a resident there.

He visits all the time.
He considers it his actual home.

Which is legally debatable.

That's fine.
We can get a search warrant.


Now, Mr. Caskey,
is your wife home today?

she doesn't work on Saturdays.

Richie, maybe I should
go up there.

She should have
an attorney present.

Well, suit yourself.

You should know that there are
officers outside your apartment.

You can go in,
but nothing comes out

until we get the warrant
and we search. Understood?

[whispering] Richie,
don't say anything.

No wonder Caskey wants
to live here.

It's a hell of a lot nicer
than the shelter.

Yeah, what isn't?

Hey, Lieu...

Happier days.

Oh, sure are.

Think that line
about the surveillance camera

made him nervous?

Well, if it did,
he didn't show it.

Excuse me, your warrant
does not give you the right

to be
unnecessarily destructive.

We're not.
It was an accident.

You can search
the whole apartment.

You can search the bathroom.
You're not gonna find anything.

If you say so.

You know I'm gonna be
filing a complaint

about your detective's

And it will be given
every consideration.

See, it's exactly that kind of
attitude that is unacceptable.

Counselor, we know the rules.

We know what we're doing.

Hey, Lieutenant!
I got something!

You're moving
into lawsuit territory here!

What do you have?


W-what is this?

This is jewelry
that the rapist took

from three victims, including
Sofie Nomaks' gold chain

and Robin Daughtry's necklace.

Where is this from?

That's from your apartment.

It was in the toilet tank.
Your wife tipped us off.

No, that... that's not possible.

Richie, Richie, that's enough.
Don't say another word.

I'll get you through this,

Get up.
You're under arrest.

Get up.

Not you.



You heard her.
Get up.

Www-what's going on?

He's under arrest.

You two out of your minds?

No, not even a little.

Thomas Zimmerman,
you're under arrest

for the rape and murder
of Robin Daughtry.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be
used against you

in a court of law.

You have the right
to an attorney.

If you cannot afford one,
one will be appointed to you.

w-w-w-what's going on?

What is happening?

My lawyer raped near shelters
because he knew

that sex offenders
would get the blame?


That's... that's insane.

It's pure sociopath.

And he stabbed Robin?

You saw that
on that security camera?

Yeah, well, thing is,
there was no camera.

That was a lie to scare him

into planting evidence
in your apartment.

That we did get on video.

Now, your wife,
she helped us play him.

She's a good woman.

Yeah, she is.

She's the best,
and I ruined her life.

We can't travel.

You know, we can't move.

We decided not to have kids
because how can you tell a child

that their friends
could never come over?

Listen, Richie...

I wish I could say
I never doubted you.

Yeah, well,
I'm a convicted rapist.

My whole life,
everyone's gonna doubt me.


Docket ending 509612.

The People versus
Thomas Zimmerman.

Three counts of rape
in the first degree,

one count of murder
in the first degree.

Mr. Zimmerman,
I'm more used to seeing you

defending rapists.
Do we have a plea?

- Not guilty.
- Duly noted.

I have your attorney's
application for bail,

which I'm denying.

You're remanded to Rikers
pending trial.

I'm sure several of your clients
will welcome you there.

Double bill.

Docket ending 360971.

The People versus Gerald Loomis.

Charges of four counts
of rape in the first degree.


Do we have a plea?

Not guilty.

Bastard's not stuttering now.

They should throw away the key.

I mean the guy, he rapes,
he murders, and then he tries

to piggyback it
onto his clients.

Unless you're a rich rapist,

nobody's gonna
want to defend you.

You're gonna get
a bottom feeder.

Caskey didn't deserve that.

Caskey is on the registry.

It makes him
an easy guy to frame.

You know, Rollins,
a guy commits a murder, right?

He does his time
and then he's out and about.

But a rapist, no.

Nobody wants to live
next to him.

No matter what he does,

he is never gonna be
trusted again.

He's in purgatory.

- Are you all right?
- [scoffs]


You know, why don't you
come over for dinner

and hang out with Jesse?


I promise you the minute
she starts wailing,

it will clear your head
of everything else.

Dinner, huh?

Come on.

Did you learn to cook?

No, I didn't learn to cook.

You're gonna cook.
We're gonna shop on the way.

Tell me that they'll be
off the streets for good.

They're gone.

Thank you, Sofie.
You've been very brave.

Look, the, uh, the guy I went
after with a baseball bat,

I had no idea
it was your detective.

You shouldn't be
going after anyone.

You're lucky
you're not under arrest.

Thank you.


Two bad guys go down,
that's a good day.

You're wearing a tie in court.

Very impressive.

I'm going to visit my son.

He and his husband invited
me over to their place.

And you need a time for that?

Yeah, they got somebody coming
over there they want me to meet.

Way to get out there, Fin.
Good for you.

If you say so.