Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 17, Episode 16 - Star-struck Victims - full transcript

Rollins takes matters into her own hands when Barba is forced to drop rape charges against a popular actor due to lack of evidence.


In the criminal justice system,
sexually based offenses

are considered especially

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as the
Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

It's 4:52 a.m.

I'm going into my second hour

of waiting at Bellevue.
[woman coughing]

There's a police officer
assigned to me,

but you can see
she's multitasking.


They said it would be a while

until the "SANE nurse"...

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner...

is free.

My insides hurt so much.

They won't let me
drink anything.

I've been gagging
on the taste of him for hours.

I told them I thought
I was gonna throw up,

and they gave me this.


Kristi Cryer?
I'm Jen, the SANE nurse.

- How are you doing?
- Not good.

Look, I really want some water.

As soon as I swab your mouth.

I already had a drink

Even so, better to hold off.

I know how hard this is.

Follow me.

So we are going
right through here.

So first you need
to change into this.

You can't record anything
in here.

Hospital policy.



They just finished my rape kit.

They swab everywhere.

- The detectives are here.
- Oh, just a sec.

Okay, come in.


Hi, I'm Detective Rollins.
This is Detective Carisi.

Do you prefer Ms. Cryer
or... or Kristi?

Kristi's fine.

We understand you were
assaulted tonight, Kristi.

Can you tell us what happened?


I was raped
in a nightclub restroom.

I'm sorry.

Can you describe your attacker?

Um... short.

Dark hair.

I have his picture on my phone.

Wait, I'm... I'm sorry.

Are you recording this?

I'm a vlogger.

My... my followers want to know
everything that happens to me.

Sorry, what did you say
your names were?

[somber music]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- sync and corrections by Zac -
- -

You ask anyone at 1PP,
Hank Abraham

was a political appointee.

He was never one of us.

No one's losing any sleep
over him.

Well, we all did.

I don't think
I've ever known anyone so...


It's the lies we tell ourselves

to get through the day.

My son has learned a lot
under you.

He works hard.
He's... a good cop.

So you agree.

You know it's time that he took
on a more high-profile role.

Joint Terrorism?
He mentioned that.

All I'm asking
is when the time comes,

give him your best

You don't even need to ask,

[club music] Morning, Sergeant.

How's your first day back
so far?

Right in the thick of it.

Right, isn't that
Bobby D'Amico?

The TV actor, yeah.

She was assaulted
at his club last night.

Bobby D's Hideaway?
And she recorded it?

Yeah, this is from
the beginning of her evening.

She's a vlogger.

A vlogger,
and she accused a date?

No, actually, she accused
the bar manager, Noel Panko.

Our vic says he followed her
into the bathroom,

raped her, sodomized her.

I'll put in a call in to Bobby.

See what he knows
about this guy.

You know Bobby D'Amico?

Bobby's a friend
of the department.

Translation: He bought the
brass a lot of Nobu dinners

when he was researching his part
for Jack Byrnes.

Ah, right, right...
the morally-conflicted D.A.

turned bad boy rogue cop?


Bobby's good people.

Anytime there's a benefit
for the widows and orphans,

he is on that podium.

That's good to know,
but for the meantime,

why don't we hold off
on calling him.

But keep in mind,
people look at a celeb,

and they see an easy payday.

Oh, that was subtle.

So Bobby D'Amico's a friend
of your father's.

Yours, too?

- I know him. Not a fan.
- Okay.

So Kristi was at the bar
with a friend?

- Yeah.
- She disclose to her?

No, it was
the girlfriend's birthday,

and Kristi didn't want to
ruin her night.

Well, it's the morning after.
Find out what the friend saw.


Kristi was raped?

You don't follow her vlog?

No, but I was with her
last night.

At Bobby D's.
How long did you stay?

Till after 3:00.
I put her in a cab.

Okay, before that, you two
were together the whole night?

Well, wait.

I did go out a couple of times
for a smoke.

You remember what time
that was?

After 2:00 at least.

They were playing
Billy Joel by then.

And did Kristi
seem any different

- when you came back in?
- Not really.

We were both pretty drunk.

Do you remember anybody making
eyes at her, maybe getting grabby?

No one creepy.
We were mostly at the bar.

The manager... Noel something...
he might be able to help you.

Noel Panko?
Short, with a beard?

He was attentive.

You go to a bar with Kristi,
you never pay for drinks.

Even Bobby D'Amico
was flirting.

Kristi danced with him.

They kind of made out a little.

Henry, Henry.

[speaking French]

The resistance...
is coming towards the front.

No, Louis.
They are here.

I am with them.

This is America.

We'll never speak French.

[bell rings]

Let's set up the next shot
with blood packs.


- Hey, Mike.
- Hey.

This, uh, this looks good.

Oh, "Napoleon in America."

The concept is,
what if Napoleon invaded us

instead of Russia?

I lead the resistance.
We start streaming in the fall.

- Netflix.
- Huh.

Anyway, the reason I called,


There may have been some
trouble at your club last night.

I was there the whole time.

What about your manager,
Noel Panko?

What can you tell me about him?

I can tell you
when he lost his virginity.

We grew up together
in Union City.

And how long has he been
working at your bar?

Since we opened.

What are you asking
about Noel for?

Come on, I played a cop
for ten seasons.

Don't dance around.
What's up?

Do you recognize this girl?

Yeah, she was at the bar
last night.

It was her friend's birthday.

And you and Panko
bought her drinks?

Well, never hurts to have
a pretty girl at the bar.

What's she saying?

Well, you tell me your side.

Okay. She's a freak.


Meaning we danced, we made out,

and then we went
and made beautiful

love in the bathroom
for three minutes.

Wait, you had sex
with this girl?

- Totally consensual.
- Just you and her?

At first, and then Noel
came looking for me,

and she took care of him too.

And she was fine with all that?

She's a big fan,

and this definitely
was not her first tag team.

If she's complaining now,
it's a shakedown.

♪ ♪

One big, happy, consensual
three-way in the bathroom.

Yeah, D'Amico
wasn't shy about it.

He and Panko
are childhood friends, though.

He's covering for his buddy.

Yeah, or she's leaving out
a big part of the story.

Look, Bobby's not a dummy,

He's not going to put himself in the
bathroom with her if he wasn't there.

- Yeah, okay...
- And let's... and let...

Let's... let's remember
that her own friend said

that she was dancing after she
claims to have been assaulted.

Hold on, Carisi, we all know
that her affect afterwards

doesn't mean anything.

Even if she did have
consensual sex with D'Amico...

And left that out.

Panko still could have
assaulted her.

Look, Dodds and I
will talk to him.

In the meantime,
bring Kristi in,

and find out what else
she's not telling us.


Yeah, Bobby called me.
What is this girl's problem?

My guess is she's mad
you didn't send flowers,

but she did go
to the emergency room,

so my boss and I,
we need to follow up.

So how do you think
she might have gotten hurt?

I don't know.

You got three people
in a small, tiled bathroom.

Wild things happen
to wild things. [scoffs]

So she was into it,
like Bobby says?

Yeah. I mean,
Bobby's catnip to the ladies.

They come in here
hoping for a moment.

Right, right, but we're talking
about you, Mr. Panko.

So how much will they do
for you?

Well, I get my share
of the runoff.

Why, what is she saying?

Bobby told us
you walked in on 'em.

Yeah, I mean,
I went looking for him,

and I saw that he was busy,
and she invited me to stay.

She did?

What did she say, exactly?

Uh... I don't...

I mean, maybe it was Bobby
who said it.

But look, he... he... he tells
his fans to go down,

and they say, "How low?"

"How low?"

You think I'm lying?

Bobby told us you have
security cameras above the bar.

We're gonna need to see
that footage.

Yeah, we're also gonna need
the cameras out

from the hallway,
out in front of the bathroom.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
you can take it all.

Look, she was here
till the last call,

I mean,
twerking the entire night.

Okay, I went into the bathroom
with Bobby.

I didn't tell you,

because I didn't want you
to think I was a slut.

You need to be completely
honest with us, okay, Kristi?

Everything you say or don't say
can be brought up at trial.

Okay, I get it.
I... I'm sorry.

All right.

So full disclosure.

Did you have consensual sex
with Bobby?

Just oral.

And then what happened?

Noel came in
like he knew we were there.

And you were okay with that?

Not really,

but Bobby asked
if Noel could join us,

and I said no,
and then Bobby said,

"Look at those puppy eyes.
You hurt his feelings."

That's too cheesy
for her to make up.

How do we know that?

I'm not sure this girl
has any grip on reality at all.


I wasn't into it,
but Noel wouldn't leave.

So you went along?

No. I...

Look, I was pretty drunk.
I don't remember everything.

I heard the door open,
and Bobby was gone.

So Bobby left,

and... and Panko stayed?

I was rinsing my face,

and Noel pushed me
onto the sink,

and he raped me from behind.

What, you don't believe me?

We need to make sure
the timeline is clear.

Now, the video does show

that Bobby
left the bathroom first.

The problem is,
ten minutes later,

you're on the dance floor
with your friend,

acting like nothing happened.

[dramatic music]

I told you,
it was Sheila's birthday.

I didn't want to...

bum her out.

Noel raped me.

I swear to God.

[knocking at window]

Kristi, can you give us
a minute?

♪ ♪

Full house, huh?

I know.

I... I know this looks bad.


- She's a train wreck.
- Dad.

Look, she's not
the most credible victim,

but I definitely think
something happened to her.

Probably a lot of things.

It's a they-said, she-said.

She changed her story,
and she went on dancing

after the alleged assault.

None of that means
she wasn't raped.

- Well, nobody's saying that.
- The Chief is, actually.

- Counselor.
- Mm-hmm?

If the jury sees
an attention-seeking vlogger

pull a TV star
into the bathroom

and then sees her partying

ten minutes
after she was supposedly raped,

how would that play?

- Not well.
- We've taken on tougher cases.

We have to pick our battles.

Rollins, this girl's story
is compromised.

All right, hold up.
What if we find a pattern?

- That's up to the lieutenant.
- Actually, it's up to me.

There's a difference between
proactivity and harassment.

Okay, so what do you propose
that I say to this girl?

Tell her we're sorry,

but the D.A.
won't move forward.

Get her a ride home.

These are the hardest
conversations that I have to have.

There's not enough evidence
to make an arrest.

♪ ♪


I was raped.


- Don't you believe me?
- Yes, I do, Kristi.

I do;
I absolutely do,

but the... the question is,

can we prove it
beyond a reasonable doubt?

I should have...

I never should have said
anything at the hospital.

Listen, that evidence...
your rape kit stays on file.

Your case stays open,

and we can provide you
with medical treatment,

with counseling.

I was so stupid.

I was so excited to have
a big star interested in me.

You didn't deserve
what happened to you.


none of this was your fault.

If you say so.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Okay, Dad.

Bobby D'Amico
says he owes us one.

Oh, great.

So what, case closed?

Certainly looks like it.

Now, hold up.

I mean, I know this girl
is a hot mess,

but does Chief Dodds
really think

that she cried rape
for attention?

- She is a 24/7 vlogger.
- That's the thing.

I've been going through
her posts... three years' worth...

and she has partied
with a lot of celebs.

She posts all the pics.

She wants everybody to think
that she's having fun.

Well, not anymore.

Her latest vlog
just went viral.

You all saw me in the ER,

but I didn't tell
the whole story.

I was gang-raped
at Bobby D's by Noel Panko...

and Bobby D'Amico.

I told the police
that I was raped,

including Lieutenant
Olivia Benson of the SVU.

She told me
that she believed me,

that it wasn't my fault...

but that no one
would be arrested or charged.


I may be a special victim,

but to SVU,

I'm not as special
as Bobby D'Amico.

[somber music]

♪ ♪

She's out of control, Bill.
First she accuses Noel,

then she throws my name
in the garbage?

I got a Golden Globe.
I went to Yale.

I don't deserve this.

She blindsided all of us.

As of yesterday,
the District Attorney

had elected not to proceed.

So she accuses me?

Throws my name in the gar...
you saw that video.

No one's questioning
whether it started consensually.

You're actually gonna take
that nutjob seriously?

That vlog pissed on you guys
as much as it pissed on me.

Yes, it did, and we are
talking to Kristi right now.

I'm at over 100,000 followers.

People want to know
what those two did.

Kristi, it would have been
a lot better

if you would've told us
and not your followers

that you were also raped
by Bobby D'Amico.

It's pretty obvious to everyone

that you're looking out
for him.

Did you even read
the comments on my vlog?

I get that you're...
you're worried

about accusing a celebrity.

I get that, but... please.

This is your last chance.

You've got to tell us
exactly what happened.


It's like I said.

I was giving Bobby oral
when Noel came in.

Bobby asked
if Noel could join us.

I said I wasn't into that,

so Bobby said, "You're gonna
hurt his feelings."

I... I told Bobby
I wanted to go back upstairs.

- And then what happened?
- Bobby got mad.

He said I couldn't leave him
like that,

that I had to finish
what I'd started.

He pushed my head down
until he was done.

And Noel Panko was still there?

He was watching,

and then Bobby left,
and I went to the sink,

and Noel pushed into me
from behind and raped me.

All I know is, when I was
there, it was totally consensual.

The video shows Noel stayed
a few minutes after you left.

I'm sure that whatever he did
she wanted him to do.

Okay, so how can you be sure?


What did she say, exactly,
when Noel walked in?

- Her exact words?
- Yes.

I don't know.
Her head was in my lap.

Excuse me?

Okay, let's all take
a step back here,

and, Bobby, you should
probably have this conversation

with your lawyer present.

That's a good idea.

They need me
back on set, anyway.

You need me,
you know where to find me.

♪ ♪

Why would you have him
lawyer up

when he's giving
a voluntary statement?

And she's making
public accusations.

He could be as much
of a victim as she is.

Okay, can we get some clarity

on how we're supposed
to respond here?

We already agreed
not to press charges.

Yes, that was before
she named another rapist.

So Rollins and Carisi
take a revised statement,

and we reassure the public
we're investigating,

but let's be real here.

The sooner this goes away,
the better.

I'm not taking down my vlog.

Well, can you at least
put your phone down?

No. My followers
are being very supportive.

Here's something.

Another accusation.

Told you I wasn't lying.


"Thank you for being
so brave, Kristi.

"You're not alone.

"I was attacked by Bobby D'Amico

"and his disgusting friend,
Noel, last fall.

Those two are pigs."

This is from
one of your followers?


Tara Browne?


We'd like to talk to you
about some comments

- you posted online.
- On Kristi Cryer's vlog.

That post was anonymous.

Aren't I protected
by privacy laws?

Well, I guess you didn't read
your user agreement.

Listen, it sounded like you
really wanted to help Kristi.

Do you?

Look, I just feel bad for her.

I went through what
she went through.

It said in the post
that you were assaulted

by Bobby D'Amico
and Noel Panko.

- Was that at Bobby D's?
- Yeah, last year.

Can you tell us more
about that?

I was kind of
going down on Bobby.

The door opened,
and it was Noel Panko,

like he knew we were in there.

What did Bobby say?

He asked if I would
take care of Panko.

Do you remember
what he said exactly?

After I said no, he said,

"Aw, look at those puppy eyes.
You hurt his feelings."

♪ ♪

Look, I wanted to
get out of there.

I tried.
They wouldn't let me.

Bobby pushed my head down,
and Panko...

he raped me from behind.

Why didn't you go
to the police?

I was drunk.

I went into the bathroom
with Bobby.

I didn't think anyone
would believe me.

I saw Kristi's vlog,
and I just wanted her to know

she wasn't crazy.

Well, what Kristi really needs

is for you to go to the D.A.
and tell this story.

Would you be willing
to testify?

You mean like in court?

Yeah, I don't think
I can do that.

I... I don't want to
lose my job.

Tara, most employers

Not mine.

♪ ♪

You found a second victim,
but she works for Bobby D'Amico?

No, not for him,

but she is a P.A.
on his Netflix series.

Right, so basically,
she took a payoff.

It makes sense
if he and Panko raped her.

And explains why she didn't go
to the cops.

Which also doesn't help us.

It was six months ago,
no disclosure.

Look, her story is consistent
with Kristi's.

I mean, down to details
that weren't on the vlog.

I mean, these guys probably
do this every weekend, right?

I mean, Bobby targets
the cutest girl in the bar,

gets her drunk,
gets her to do Noel, too.

Yeah, nine times out of ten,
the girl goes along with it,

but if one doesn't, these guys
don't take no for an answer.

Okay, okay, I'm not... wow.

I'm not saying these guys
aren't despicable,

but I am saying
I still can't prosecute.

Okay, hang on, Barba.

Have any other girls spoken up?

No, 'cause Kristi had to
close down the comment section.

All that love turned to hate.

Any calls to the precinct?

Look, it's early still.

We all know how difficult it is
for victims to come forward.

Well, until they do,
we don't have a case.

I'm calling it a night.

Don't you have a baby at home?

I got a great nanny,
but thanks for asking.

I got a lot of respect.

It just must be tough,
being a working mother.

You know what's tough?

Two asshats
getting away with rape.

Okay, when there's no case,
there's no case.

The victim compromised herself.

Yeah, but they saw her coming.

They got her drunk;
they played to her ego,

her wild streak,
got her to come...

Yeah, you mean
her crazy streak?

I mean, you do know
that she's unstable, right?

Yeah, okay, right.
I get that.

You probably think
I have a blind spot

because of my sister.

- Right?
- What? No.

No, not at all.

'Cause you do know
that these two guys are guilty,

your dad's friend Bobby.

You think I'm a daddy's boy.

No, I don't.

Right. Bobby D'Amico
is no friend of mine,

but until these two
get caught in the act,

they're gonna keep
getting away with it.

And I guess you're just fine
with that.

Why don't you clock out,
go home?

Why don't you stop telling me
what to do...


Okay, another shot.

- On the house.
- Thank you, sir.

My mama is gonna flip

when she finds out
that I met you.

Oh. She here with you
in New York?

What kind of vacation
would that be?

[dance music]

It's a busy city.

Girl could get into trouble.


I mean, no matter what age,

y'all just never figure out
that some women like trouble.


[tense music]

♪ ♪

[breathing heavily]



Oh... look.

No, no, no.
I'm sorry, I for...

I forgot to tell you.
I have a boyfriend back home.

Oh, it's okay.

I'll keep my lips sealed
if you won't.

I can't...
[knock at door]

Excuse us.

You two have met.


You want a really good story
to take home?

What kind of story?

I think you know.


I... no, no, no.

I want to...
I want to go back upstairs.

Uhuh, not yet.
Not yet.


No, no.

Those puppy eyes.

You can't hurt his feelings.

[grunts] No, no.

I... I said no.

- "No," as in you know...
- Ow.

You want this.

- Come on, baby...
- No.

This is what
you came in here for.



- Huh?
- Okay.

You make one move,
and I will snap your arm.


Oh, God.


Okay, I'm sorry
if you misunderstood.

I didn't misunderstand



Stay away from me.

I'm sorry about my friend,


What the hell
are you doing here?

I had a feeling
you weren't going home.

You followed me?

Mike, good to see you.

You two know each other?

- No.
- Yeah.

Yeah, we do.
We work together.

You a cop?


Now, I was gonna wait
until tomorrow, but...

you're under arrest
for attempted rape.

[dramatic music]

So you want me to take 'em
down to the station?

- Yes.
- No.

Just give us a second.

I'm s... Dodds.
What... what are you doing?

Just butt out.
This is my collar.

- Rollins, you can't arrest him.
- I'm sorry, why?

'cause your father said so?

No, because you went undercover

- without authorization...
- Detectives.

On an open investigation

when the suspect was already
lawyered up.

What? When did that happen?

When his dad told him to
this morning.

Son of a bitch.

So, setting a honey trap
for my client,

or is this what new mothers
are wearing these days?

You know what?
Save it, Counselor.

Given your unseemly tactics,

unless you take those cuffs
off my clients,

NYPD is facing a major lawsuit.

♪ ♪

Let 'em out of there.


They're not off the hook.

We're gonna take this up
with Barba tomorrow.


You okay?
Yeah, I'm great.

All right.

I want to go back upstairs.

Not yet.

Come on.
Come on, look at my friend.

Look at those puppy eyes.

You can't hurt his feelings.

No. I said no.

[TV clicks off]

You used yourself as bait?

Uh, yeah.

Dodds said if we didn't
catch these two in the act,

then they were gonna walk.

Oh, so this was his idea?

And now I have to hear
from your father,

the Deputy Chief,
that two members of my squad

went completely rogue on me.

We're here now.
This is pretty damning video.

Except it's more prejudicial
than probative,

and they'd already invoked
their right to counsel.

All right, well, technically
cops are not allowed to talk

to them without their lawyers
present, right?

What if, while the cops
are illegally talking to them,

they commit a crime?

That's fun question
for a bar exam.

Any judge would throw this out.

Are we talking about Detective
Rollins' antics last night?

Bobby D'Amico called me

to tell me
that you came on to him.

No, they tried to rape me.

It does look bad, Chief.

You know you want this.

I mean, it's the same M.O.
as Kristi.

Same M.O. as the other victim
we found, too.

- The one who won't testify.
- Kristi will testify.

You sure you want to walk
into a court

with an online ranter
as your only witness?

I can talk to her again,
See if she's up for it.

You know what?
We both will.

Make sure
she doesn't record it.


I'm gonna need your phone.

Is it off?

Yes, it's off.

Trust, but verify.
Purse too.

I'll hold it for you
until you're done.

Sit down.

There, you can sit here.

So, you're the D.A.
who said there isn't enough

for my case to proceed.

Uhhuh, I am.
Now I'm reconsidering.


- Oh, now you believe me?
- Kristi.

I'm on your side here.

- Yeah, well, he isn't.
- Can you blame me?

Right now, we need to find out

just what kind of a witness
you'd be.

I always tell the truth.

[scoffs] Seriously?

Why did you even ask me
down here?

What, to tell me
it's impossible?

We asked you down here
to give you a taste

of what a trial's gonna
be like.


you didn't tell us
the whole truth.

You vlogged public accusations.

Now, we understand
that you were frustrated,

but... that looks bad.

The defense is gonna attack
your misstatements,

your lifestyle,
your penchant for publicity.

I didn't get myself raped
so I could put it online.

What those two did
in that bathroom

is the worst thing
that has ever happened to me.

♪ ♪

I want to look them in the eye

while the jury hears
what they did to me.

♪ ♪

All these cameras,
I'm surprised Kristi's not here.

Yeah, well, I think Barba
set some ground rules.

This is gonna be
a tough case for him.

I give him credit
for bringing it at all.

I mean, Barba's getting
a lot of heat from 1PP.

Speaking of heat... listen,

I know it's none
of my business, Lieutenant,

but Rollins and Dodds...
they got your message.

Hey, can I get
a kaiser roll with butter

and two coffees, please?

Okay, first of all,

Dodds was just covering
for Rollins.

She did this all on her own.

- I'm not stupid.
- Copy that.

And second of all,

she hasn't said anything
about this to me.

- She's really upset, I mean...
- Yeah?

- She told me.
- Is she?

You know why she did that,

Because she figured
that you would tell me,

so do me a favor,

and tell her
I don't like triangles.


That's the defendant,
Mr. Panko,

bringing another round of drinks
to Ms. Cryer and her friend.

How many rounds
did he serve them?

Five shots of expensive,
imported tequila

in just over an hour.

And how much did she pay
for those drinks?


We reviewed the club's
surveillance footage

and the bar receipts.

Ms. Cryer was never charged.

Thank you.

When Ms. Cryer first told
the police she had been raped,

did you believe her?

Given her disclosure
and the hospital rape kit,

we decided there was enough
evidence to pursue an investigation.

You investigated,
but then the D.A.'s office

concluded there wasn't enough
evidence for an arrest.

- Isn't that right?
- Yes.

Is that because you had
caught Ms. Cryer in a lie?

She didn't lie.

She initially omitted
Mr. D'Amico's involvement.


What she described
as consensual oral sex

only after you spoke
to Bobby D'Amico

and after you obtained video

of her entering the bathroom
willingly with him.

Yes, but after a subsequent
conversation with Ms. Cryer,

we expanded
the rape investigation

to include Mr. D'Amico.

Was it a conversation,

or did you find that out
from her vlog?

It was on her vlog,

but she confirmed that story
to us.

So, to be clear,

first, she said
she had been raped

by Mr. Panko only.

when confronted with video

of her entering the bathroom
with Mr. D'Amico,

she admitted
consensual oral sex.

Then, when your D.A.
declined to press charges,

she upped the stakes

by saying she had been raped by
both Mr. Panko and Mr. D'Amico.

am I leaving anything out?

It's not unusual
for rape victims

to initially omit details
or for their stories to change.


I can't wait to hear what story
she tells on the stand.

Objection, Your Honor.

Please remind
the defense counsel

that sarcasm is the weapon
of the weak.

That's enough, Mr. Barba...
and Mr. Buchanan.

The objection is sustained.
Jury will disregard.

Then he told me
that if I liked him,

I needed to take care
of his friend too.

I said no, but he forced me
to finish with him

while Noel Panko watched.

Then Bobby left,

and while I was
splashing my face with water,

Noel put a hand over my mouth

and forced himself into me
from behind.

When you first reported this
to the police,

you... you didn't mention
that Mr. D'Amico

was part of the assault.

Why not?

Because I went into that
bathroom with him.

Because he was famous.

Took time for me to understand

that they were to blame
for what happened.

Not me.

Thank you, Kristi.

Good morning, Ms. Cryer.

So, you lied to the police

because you thought
it was your fault.

- Objection.
- Sustained.

Do you have a question,
Mr. Buchanan?

Certainly, Your Honor.

What is this, Ms. Cryer?

My website.

Yes. TownCryer,
hosted by

What do you usually post there?


Pictures of my friends
and me going out.

Living the high life?


Get to it, Mr. Buchanan.

Let's start
from when you all met.

You removed this picture
from your site,

but the Internet is forever,
isn't it?

You look like
you're having fun.

I was... then.

And this one?
Were you having fun here?

I didn't know I was
about to be raped.

Moving on.

I was raped
in a nightclub bathroom.

Now, in this vlog,

you didn't say Bobby D'Amico
had raped you, did you?

Asked and answered.

We've already established
that Ms. Cryer

made inconsistent statements
to the police.

Your Honor, these vlog entries
aren't admitted for truth

but as motive
for these inconsistencies.

I'll allow it.

Now, Ms. Cryer,

what is this little number
under the video?

The number of times
it's been viewed.


Before that, what was
your highest-viewed video?

About 800.

704, actually.

So, cry rape
and your numbers go up,

- is that how it works?
- That's not why I accused-

So after you made
this allegation,

the police investigated,

and the D.A. declined
to prosecute,

which led to this video.

You all saw me in the ER,

but I didn't tell
the whole story.

I was gang-raped

at Bobby D's by Noel Panko...

and Bobby D'Amico.

How many views did that get?

Oh, let's see.


That's quite a jump.

You get paid
by the click, don't you?

- That's not why I accused him.
- It's not?

Did the police ask you
to take it down

while they conducted
their investigation?

Yes, but I... I wanted everyone
to know what he did to me.

Well, not at first.

At first, you didn't even
tell the police

you had made out
with Mr. D'Amico.

You didn't tell them

that you had gone
into the bathroom with him

and happily performed
oral sex on him.

Badgering the witness.

Again, this has been asked
and answered.

Move it along, Mr. Buchanan.

I'm trying, but the jury
has so many stories to sort out.

Like this one.

After your encounter,
you went back upstairs,

dancing and drinking
with your girlfriend.

[dramatic music]


I'm sorry.

This is not from your vlog.

This is security footage
from the club.

I didn't want to upset
my friend.

So here,

while you're dancing
and drinking,

did you think
you had just been raped?

Or did you think you had
another fun story for your vlog?

Your Honor.


So just to clarify,

you were having fun upstairs.

You were having fun

in the hallway downstairs,

and you were having fun

on the dance floor afterwards.

So the only time you claim

you weren't having fun

was in between.

That ten-minute gap
when, conveniently,

you stopped recording.

And, regarding that gap,

you've told three
very different stories.

But I guess telling stories
is your art form, isn't it?

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Yesterday was brutal.

She wanted her day in court.

She looked them in the eye,
and then she got destroyed.

So you're going to bring her
back for a redirect?

I think the jury's seen
enough of her.

Look, the good news is
it's a he-said, she-said.

- Uh-huh.
- Right?

So they both have to
take the stand, testify,

and tell their sleazy side
of the story.

And to know them
is to loathe them.

I was up all night prepping.

If I trick them
into opening the door,

I'll get the judge to let me use
Rollins' video to impeach them.

They don't know it yet,
but this is their last dance.


Good morning,
ladies and gentlemen.

Mr. Buchanan,

I see here you have
two witnesses on your list?

I do, Your Honor.

Mr. D'Amico and Mr. Panko.

Are you ready to call
Mr. Panko at this time?

Actually, I'm not.

Given what we believe is
the prosecution's abject failure

to make a coherent case...

Your... Your Honor...

And our many reasonable doubts

about the alleged victim's

the defense has decided

not to call any witnesses
at all.

We feel comfortable leaving this
in the jury's hands.

♪ ♪

Hey, Counselor,
you got a second?

Not really.

I've got 15 minutes

before I have to face
a firing squad.

The honchos
coming down on you, huh?

Oh, they're past that.

Look, Kristi is a...
she's a horrible victim,

but she's not lying.

I mean, you saw what those guys
tried to do to Rollins.

They're going to get away
with that too.

Yeah, but it's worth the fight.

Listen, I, uh...

I took the bar last weekend,
and I think I did okay.

Good for you.

And you've been pretty hard
on me,

but I want you to know

that if I did pass, a lot
of that's because of the time

I spent working with you.

I admire your, uh...

Suicidal streak?

Hey, guys...

the jury's back?

What, already?
They just sat down.

I doubt they even sat.


You have a verdict?

We have, Your Honor.

On the charges
of rape and sodomy

in the first degree,

we find the defendants,
Noel Panko and Bobby D'Amico,

not guilty.

♪ ♪

Mr. D'Amico and Mr. Panko,
you are free to go.

The State of New York thanks
the jury for their service.

[taps gavel]

[somber music]

♪ ♪

I'm a national joke.

Nobody's gonna believe me,

Hey, Kristi.


I know exactly
what those guys did to you.

Nobody else will.


- I said no.
- "No" as in

you know you want this?

Again, according
to anonymous sources,

although D'Amico and Panko
were acquitted of all charges,

the judge did not allow
the jury to see this video,

which we have acquired

The horrifying video

that was taken by an undercover
SVU detective

appears to show an assault
and attempted rape

by the two defendants.

The judge did not allow
the jury to see...

Talk about a Waterloo.

There goes his Netflix series.

You never know.

After this?
He's toast.

Rollins, my office, please.

Liv, I swear to God,
I did not leak that video.

So I'm supposed
to believe you now?

You went undercover
without informing me.

This is another example of you asking
for forgiveness instead of permission.

But I... Liz, wait, wait.
I've... no, no, no.

I'm not asking for forgiveness,
because I didn't do anything.

Please stop.

The defense, the judge, Barba
all had access to that video.

Literally dozens of people
could have turned it over.

We know the defense
didn't do it, Amanda,

so I hope you're not seriously
suggesting that it was Barba.

Well, I just know it wasn't me.

You know,

I thought that things would
change after you had Jesse.

I thought that you would think
before you acted.

I was hoping to get past my trust
issues with you, and now this.

I swear on my baby girl
that I did not do this.

You know there's gonna be
an investigation, don't you?

They're gonna go through
your cell phone, your computer.

- That's fine.
- Yeah, is it?

Not to mention that Buchanan
is gonna bring on a lawsuit.


You think D'Amico's gonna
want to sue

over a video that shows him
trying to rape me?

[knocking at door]

Am I interrupting?

- Yeah.
- No.

Rollins and I are done.

She just stood there,
and she lied to my face.

And I don't know what
to tell your father,

because she swears that she
didn't leak the video.

I believe her.


Because I know who did.

Don't worry.
It can't be traced.

What are you telling me?

I don't want to put you
between me and my father,

so you might want to stop
asking questions.


Bobby D'Amico
got what he deserved.

Told you I never liked the guy.

♪ ♪

- sync and corrections by Zac -
- -