Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 17, Episode 10 - Catfishing Teacher - full transcript

While trying to locate a teacher who may have kidnapped a 15-year-old boy for a romantic weekend, the team discovers that the boy's kidnapping may be part of an even more sinister plot involving a coach.


In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Well, thank you so much
for meeting me for lunch.

I've been going stir-crazy
on maternity leave.

- How's being a mom?
- You were right.

It's the greatest thing ever.

- See, I told you.
- Yeah.

- You getting any sleep?
- No! Look at me.

I was up till 4:00 a.m.
last night.

- What is she, six weeks?
- Mm.

You gotta Ferberize her soon.

No, really, listen.
You gotta call my sister.

It's like two or three nights
where the baby

- basically cries non-stop.
- Yeah.

But then they start
to self-soothe.

Okay, then you
come over and do it.

Oh, see?

Here we go.
No, I got this, I got this.

It's okay.

Hey, hey, come on.

Come on,
that's a good girl, Jesse.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

You see? The secret is, you
gotta bounce from your knees.

They love that.

Shh, shh, shh, shh...

shh, shh, shh...

Ah... ah... ahh!

Hurry up, Travis.
You don't want to be late.

Can you, uh, write me a note?

You missed lunch.
Saved you some.

No need.
I already ate out.

What're you smiling at, Zach?

Oh, nothing.

Travis, Jordan.

There's still two more
hours till winter break.

Yeah, get to class,
or you're benched.

Zach, I expect more from you
if you're gonna earn a slot.

Towel boy's never
getting a slot.

On any team.

Oscar Wilde was a man
of many secrets,

and those secrets
influenced his writing.

So you're going to finish
"The Picture of Dorian Gray"

for your first quiz
back in January.

Now, I know
you'll be on vacation,

but I expect a report of
a novel of your choice

from each of you
when you get back.

Happy holidays.

See you.
Bye, Becka.

Have fun on the slopes.
Happy holidays.

Hey, see you, Anna.
Have fun.

Be safe.

Happy winter break, boys.

Have a good vacation,
Ms. Burnap.

Oh, I will.
Oh, Jordan.

Before you go,
can I get a little help?


Well, I need a ream of paper
from the supply closet,

and it's on a high shelf.


Stop, stop.

Playing hard to get?

Is that better?

Now let's see what we can
do to get that average up.



Dad? It's me.

Look, Mom's on the warpath
about your girlfriend again.

So it might be a better holiday

if you just
ignore her when she calls.

Talk to you later.


- You lost?
- What?

Uh, no.

- Just waiting for a friend.
- Call him.

Kids come here to buy drugs
sometimes and end up in jail.

Safe home.

- sync and corrections by Zac -
- -

Performance reviews?

It's just part of my
duties as sergeant.

We've been running up overtime.

I think we can work
more efficiently.

And you have some
ideas about that?

Yeah. Take Carisi.

He's studying for
the bar, trailing Barba.

I'm not so sure
his focus is here.

He's learning the law.
He's becoming a better cop.

And Rollins...
is she really coming back?

I mean, we both saw her
with her baby.

Seems like motherhood
is her priority.

You can be a good mother and
good at your job, too, Dodds.

Of course.
It's just, uh...

I think you need someone here
who's all about the job.

I've got you and I've got Fin.

Me? I'm still getting
up to speed.

And Fin...
Don't underestimate him.

He knows more than anyone here.

He does. It's just that...
He's a kicker.

He boots any call he can
to someone else.

That's not true.

Sorry to interrupt.

We got a call about
a missing 15-year-old boy.

- For how long?
- Over 48 hours.

Their local precinct wants us
to take a look at it.

Better safe than sorry.

That's why I figured
Sarge and Carisi

- might want to check it out.
- Uh, why not you?

Well, I've been racking up
a lot of overtime lately, so...

Yeah, well, I'll approve it.

Go with Dodds.


Zach told me he went skiing.

Cole has a timeshare in Vail.

He's always buying
the kid's love.

- Cole is Zach's dad?
- Yes, we're divorced.

Zach said his father
bought him a ticket,

but he never texted me
when he landed.

Then Cole
didn't answer my calls.

So Cole had no contact
with Zach, either?

No. When he finally
answered his cell,

he said he'd just flown in
on a red-eye

with his girlfriend.

He's a pilot, she's his
third flight attendant.

Did you see Zach leave?
Did he pack a bag?

His duffel bag is gone.
And his toothbrush.

Did he have
a laptop or an iPad?

- It would be on his desk.
- It's not here.

Why are you bombarding me
with questions?

Shouldn't you be checking
every hospital, every morgue?

We're getting to that, ma'am.

Don't patronize me.
That is what Cole does.

He thinks I'm overreacting.

You are.

- Oh, now you get here!
- This is ridiculous, Serena.

Why would I take Zach
over Christmas?

It's the busiest travel
time of the year.

You took him last year!

Oh, wait, before you
had the girlfriend.


Mr. and Mrs. Foster,
your son is missing.

Right. Sorry.

We'll take all the information
that you can give us.

We'll try and track
his cell phone.

I already tried.
I have a locator on it.

His phone's either off
or it's dead.

- You track his phone?
- We share a cloud ID.

You can check his messages?

Oh, right, yeah.
I can.

Um, I set it up when I bought
the phone for safety.

You had that
and you didn't check?

I turned off the
notifications like a year ago.

You have any idea
how many texts kids send?

Okay. There's, like,
dozens of them here.


What's this?

Looks like he's sexting a girl.

That's more like a woman.

"I'll teach you so many things.

You'll be
my favorite student."

So what is this...

some woman took my son?

May I see that a minute?

"Take the LIRR
to Jamaica Station.

"Meet me at the base of
the AirTrain entrance.

Bring your passport.
Let's fly away."


He must've gone willingly.

I mean, look at her.
It doesn't matter.

He's 15.
She's not.

The last texts are about
going to the AirTrain.

Others were more explicit,
accompanied by pictures.

And we tracked Zach's phone?

Yeah, it died at
Jamaica Station.

And I traced the cell
the pics came from.

It's a burner.

It only sent texts to Zach,
then it goes off the grid.

But I'm still going
through the older texts.

Whoever this woman is,

she knew exactly
what she was doing.

Never shows her face.

No identifying
marks or tattoos.

The texts indicate
that she's older,

that she knew him from school.

It's gotta be a teacher
from River Park Charter High.

We flag his passport?

First thing.
Then I checked TSA.

Zach never made it
to the airport.

So talk to MTA,

see if we can get security
footage from Jamaica Station.

Anything else?

In an earlier text,

she mentions
the names Travis and Jordan.

Says that if Zach
wants extra credit,

he should ask them about it.

Okay, so classmates.

Track them down.
Won't be easy.

School's closed
for winter break.

Somebody's gotta be around.

Start with the principal.


My father would have a cow

if he saw Santa sagging
on his lawn like that.

Try knocking again.

Okay, okay, I'm coming.

How much I owe you?

Actually, we're NYPD.

Oh, that's how I know you guys.

Are you Mr. Bernstein?

Principal of River Park
Charter High School?

Yeah, but I'm on vacation.

Why don't you go call
the pizza place,

see what's taking so long?

I'm kind of busy right now.

- Can it wait?
- Afraid not.

We're searching for
a missing student.

- Zach Foster.
- Zach?

He's a good kid.
Is he in trouble?

Well, we're not sure.

We got reason to believe
he's with this woman.

You have any teachers
who look like that?

There's been a lot of turnover
in education the last few years.

- Most of my teachers are young.
- Yeah, I'll bet.

So let's rule out
the older ones, the men,

anybody 50 pounds heavier.

We'll start from there.

She may already be involved
with two other students.

She told Zach to talk
to Travis and Jordan.

- No last names?
- Mmm.

Travis and Jordan...

There's a few of each,

but, uh, maybe Travis Barstow
and Jordan Massina?

They're both on
the wrestling team.

Zach's the equipment manager.

I don't know who that is.

She told Zach Foster
to ask you about extra credit.

No way.

Well, he's missing,
maybe with her,

and he could be in danger.

Yeah, in danger
of getting laid.

This is no joke.
You cover for her,

you're an accessory
to statutory rape.

Look, we have the sexts,

and we think that she
sent the same ones to Zach

that she sent to you.

Zach's still waiting on puberty.
She wouldn't go for him.

He's dreaming.
She likes guys with muscle.

Like you?

It's not like that.

Well, what's it like, then?

I didn't want to.
I had to.

My grades were slipping.

I would have gotten kicked
off the wrestling team.

Who is she?

Ms. Burnap.

Phoebe's her first name.
She's our English teacher.

She makes me do things
to her in the supply closet.

That's how I got
the perfect grade

on my "Leaves of Grass" essay.

Phoebe Burnap, 27.

She's been at River Park
for the last year and a half.

But before that,
three different schools...

four years.

- Fired?
- No, she quit each time.

But when I called
former administrators,

two admitted
that they'd heard rumors.

And they did nothing?

They said rumors always follow
young, pretty teachers.

Boys talk.

Hot for teacher.
Happens everywhere.

Right, but when
the teacher follows through...

That's rape.

Jordan and Travis confirmed
that the sexts came from her.

But why would she
use her own cell on them

and a burner on Zach?

I mean,
why the change in pattern?

Maybe she's learning.

Or she wants to take it
to the next level with Zach.

Either way,
we know who he's with.

The question is,
where are they?

Well, last known whereabouts

got him heading east from
Jamaica Station Friday night.

So widen the scope.

See if the teacher turns up

on any security cameras
outside the station.

Start a canvass.
No need to.

I ran her credit cards.

She put a deposit down
on a Vermont ski lodge,

and she bought gas up
near there Saturday morning.

How far north?


Front desk confirms
Phoebe Burnap's in room 212

- with a young male.
- Great. Let's move.

They request
that we spare the door.

- NYPD. Nobody move.
- What the hell?

- What's going on?
- Get out!

- Where's Zach?
- Wh... who?

- How old are you?
- He's 21... he's my husband.

Your husband?

Yes. We eloped
Friday night.

All right, how about we lose
the cuffs, get dressed.

Phoebe Burnap,
you're under arrest.

That's you.
We got confirmation

from the two other boys
you sexted.

That's my picture, yes,

but I don't know
where Zach got it.

Check my phone;
they didn't come from me.

We know they came
from a burner cell.

I'm not even sure what that is.

Listen, if you met up with
Zach Foster, you need to tell us now.

We're pulling the video
from the AirTrain entrance

and we're gonna put
the two of you together.

I wasn't with Zach.
Honestly, he's just a kid.

Oh, not your type?

Come on, Phoebe.

Your picture's on his phone.

You asked him to meet you.

- Where is he?
- I don't know.

My husband, David, is on
Christmas break from Oberlin.

We decided to elope
the night he came back.

That's why we were in Vermont.

We've been together
the whole time.

Okay, well, you
stick to that story,

and you're gonna end up
in jail and on the registry

for a very long time.

Is that what you want?

- I want a lawyer.
- Fine.

But the longer it takes us
to find Zach,

the less likely you are
to get a deal.

If something happens to Zach...

I didn't do anything.
I want a lawyer.

Someone must've hacked
Phoebe's phone.

These are pictures
she sent to me.

Not just you.

Three of her students...
Travis, Jordan, and Zach.

She would never do that.

I know this must
be hard for you,

but you understand our
perspective here, right?

I mean, these photos,

the information
from the boys...

How long have you
known your... wife?

We've known each
other for years.

- For years? You're 21.
- Yeah, we met in high school.

Senior year.

Your senior year?

Well, yeah.
Her first year teaching.

Six years
is not a big difference.

If she were 21 and I was 27,
it'd be fine, right?

We're not here to judge you.

We just need to know

when and where
you met Phoebe on Friday.

She picked me up at
LaGuardia a little after 3:00.

We drove up to the ski lodge

and got married at the base
of the mountain at midnight

as snow fell all around us.

"As the snow fell."

Yeah, it was.

We were together
the whole time.

She wore me out.

He could be lying,
but I doubt it.

That kid's in love.

You can't trust
someone like that.

Okay, the lodge confirms
their check-in time,

champagne delivery to the room,

and a couple's massage.

It could be
some elaborate alibi,

but what was her plan?

Take a 15-year-old
on her honeymoon?

She text Zach,
sent him tickets.

There's gotta be some
connection between them.

The first two boys
are athletes.

She sexted them
from her regular cell,

did them in her car
or in her school.

It's a long throw from that

to a burner cell
and kidnapping.

It is, but she is
Zach's last contact.

So this David knows something.

Keep him talking.

Lieutenant Benson?
Counselor Roth.

On what charges are you
holding Phoebe Burnap?

Rape in the third,
possibly rape in the second,

kidnapping, and sexual assault.


A jury is going to look
at her, look at him...

Do you think
they'll see it that way?

My client and I
will need a word.

Of course.

Look, we can't
prove she took Zach,

but we have her dead to rights

on raping
two other teenaged boys.

I'm aware.
But right now, Zach is missing,

and he's the priority.

If she wants a deal,
she'll get one.

Zach is a nice kid.

I would never do
anything to hurt him.

Well, then tell us where he is.

I'd first like to make it clear

that my client
is admitting to nothing.

And, unless we get
a proffer agreement,

we're walking out the door.

You want queen for a day,
you've got it.

We don't have time to
hammer out the logistics now,

but I'll work with you to
see that your client gets

a better deal than she deserves
for raping two students.

Rape? That's not...

Ms. Burnap, we're only
discussing Zach right now.

- But...
- Our concern is finding him.

I never approached Zach.

I never texted him.
He's a good student.

There was never
any need for tutoring.

Tutoring... is that
what you're calling it?

I was looking out
for those kids.

In the supply closet?

Jordan and Travis come from
dysfunctional homes.

There were abuse issues.
I helped them through it.

Again, let's focus on Zach.



My client was set up by someone,
and we know who.

Hold on...
you know who Zach's with

and you've waited
all this time to tell us?

Let's not waste any more
of it with recriminations.

Ms. Burnap?

Jordan came to me
a month ago, upset.

He was having a hard time

He was feeling inadequate.

I... reassured him
that he wasn't,

but he told me that
he already talked about it

with Donald Basinski,
his wrestling coach.

This Coach Basinski
knew about you and Jordan?

So you see,

Ms. Burnap
is a victim here, too.

A victim?

Those photos were personal.

If Basinski used them, it was
without my permission.

Used them, how?

To lure Zach to him?

He is a wrestling coach.

You hear a lot of rumors
about those guys.

Yeah, okay.

I showed Coach Basinski
the sexts and the photos.

He said he'd put an end to it.

He didn't want you to go to
the principal or the police?

He said the press could
catch wind of that,

I could lose my shot
at a college scholarship.

Did you just
show him the photos,

or did you give them to him?

I AirDropped them.
He said he needed the proof.

Give us a minute, Jordan.

Uh, I...

I don't know what this
is about, but Coach...

he's a good guy.

He always has time for you,
no matter what.

Jordan gave the Coach the pics,

and he used them
to catfish Zach.

He's our man.

Okay, so Ms. Burnap
was telling the truth.

Which means there are two
predators at the same school.

Well, it happens.

I'm assuming no luck
reaching Coach.

His cell phone went
straight to voicemail.

- TARU can't trace it.
- For what it's worth,

Donald Basinski's
got a stellar resume.

He's been at River Park
for 12 years.

He's five-time
Coach of the Year.

And if he's a predator,
this kid has no idea.

Right, because predators
know who to pick on.

Where does this coach live?

- Floral Park.
- Go. Now.

- We need a warrant, Counselor.
- I'll get you one, just go.


Go, go, go, go!


Two plates, two beers.

They were here.
Kitchen's clear.

I'm going down.

I got pictures
of kids over here.

All these boys.

Who are they?
What the hell happened to them?

We'll worry about that later.
Right now, we gotta find Zach.

There's nothing on real estate
searches or credit cards.

Wherever he's taking these
kids, he's using cash.

APB on his car has him on
the New Jersey Turnpike

headed north late Friday night.

No signs since then.

No luck here, either.

Principal Bernstein's
going through photos now.

Copy that, Lieutenant.

Well, those are our uniforms,

so they're all
River Park students.

Yeah, but do you
recognize any of them?

Not really.
This is only my second year.

Are these all kids
Phoebe Burnap seduced?

She got a thing for wrestlers?

Wrestling team
have a training camp?

No. We barely have enough money
to get to the competitions.

Have you talked to Coach
Basinski about these kids?

Can't reach him.

Coach mention any
holiday plans to you?

Second home,
maybe someplace upstate?

He's a wrestling junkie.

He's probably spending the break
in a basement somewhere

looking at scouting tapes.


I don't know where
this was taken,

but that kid's Enrique Familia.

Okay, how do we get
in touch with him?

He was only here,
like, six months.

Moved back to Colombia
or something.

Okay. He ever mention going
anywhere with Coach Basinski,

maybe to train?

Uh, he didn't speak
much English.

Only came to practice
for a few months,

then just kind of disappeared.


- Uh, that's Sam Moreau.
- Is he in your grade?

He was a few years older.


He rammed his car into a tree
last Christmas drunk.

Killed himself.

Zach just started managing
the team this year.

Can't Coach Basinski
help you with this?

We don't know
where he is right now.

Why are you looking for him?

I don't understand...
you arrested Ms. Burnap.

We did.

But she wasn't
involved with your son.

Coach Basinski is?

We don't know exactly.

That son of a bitch.

That's why he took
an interest in him.

That's why he said he could
be on the team next year!

And you wanted him
to play sports.

- So this is my fault?
- Guys, guys...

This... this isn't helpful.

We need to find
your son right now.

So I want to go over everything
that he told you about Coach.

Zach reveres him.

He always says Coach
is the only one

who believes
he can make the team.

Isn't that Nat?

- Nat who?
- Nat Phelps.

His sister, Sarah,
used to babysit Zach.

Nat would come over
and pick her up.

How can we find him?



I haven't talked
to him in years.

When he was your coach,
did you ever go on any

out-of-town trips with him?

- Who told you that?
- Coach is missing.

We searched his house
and found some pictures.

What kind of pictures?

Looks like
you're in a rural area.

- You remember that?
- I don't know.

The team traveled for

- This could be anywhere.
- I don't think so.

Team probably didn't even go
with you on this trip.

I don't know what
you're talking about,

and I gotta get back to work.

Hey, this isn't
just about you, okay?

There's a missing boy.

We heard you know him.

Zach Foster?


Last time I saw him,
he was a little kid.

Yeah, we think Coach Basinski
took him somewhere.

Now maybe you heard Coach
talking about a cabin?

A fishing lodge?

Someplace he might go
in the winter.

Coach had a place
in Pennsylvania.

But I never went there.

He mention a road or a town?

If that's where Zach is,

we're pretty sure he doesn't
want to be there.

There was some kind of
old-fashioned general store.

Coach used to bring back
treats for the team...

ice cream,
chocolate pretzels, candy...

He said there was a Viking,

some kind of sculpture
in the parking lot.

He said that?

Yeah. I never saw it,
but that's what he said.

If it helps.


So have you seen this boy
in the last few days?

He looks kind of
familiar, I guess.

What about him?

Yeah, Coach B.

That's how I know that kid.
They were in over the weekend.

Oh, good, so he is
with the coach.

You know, his parents
have been worried about him.

He's not answering his cell.

There's literally
no reception up here.

Like, one bar on a good day.

Oh, so annoying, right?

Listen, you know where we might
be able to find them?

I know he fishes
up at the reservoir.

He must have
a cabin near there.

Hey, does Coach still
have that same SUV?

- Mm-hmm.
- Good. Thank you.


Coach B, how you doing?

Hi, Al, what's going on?

We're having some trouble
with power lines down the road.

Just want to make sure
your line is grounded.

Well, the line's
outside the house.

You mind showing me?

Yeah, okay.

- Whoa, what's...
- Hey, NYPD.

Where's the boy?

- Who?
- Where's the boy?

Take him to the car.



Okay, you take that room,
and I'll take this one.

On it.

He's here!



He's breathing.

We need an ambulance!

Oh, Zach. Zach...

It's okay... it's okay.

How's Zach doing?

There was alcohol
and Rohypnol in his system.

No sign of external injuries.

- Okay, you did a rape kit?
- He refused it.

He's conscious now,
asking for his parents.

Did you get
a statement from Zach?

He's receiving treatment.

We're just about
to go in there.

How're the parents doing?

They argued in the backseat
all the way up here.

How is he?

I wanna see Zach.
Can we see him?

- Yes, of course.
- Follow me.

Is Basinski
with the state troopers?

Yeah, they processed him
so that we can extradite.

Fin, Dodds, head over.

We're gonna go talk to the boy.

This guy has been coming up
to his family cabin for years.

And none of us had a clue.

That's how
they get away with it.

How's Zach doing?

You know, before I saw him,

he was really having
a tough Christmas.

That's how this is gonna go?

What're you talking about?

Don't even try, Basinski.
We know you catfished the boy.

What does that mean?

Look, never mind.
This is what really happened.

He comes from a broken home.

And neither of his folks
wanted him over the holidays,

so he ran away.

And if I hadn't
stumbled upon him,

God knows what
could have happened.

You drugged him.

I fed him.

Okay, I gave him a beer, too.

I wanted him
to feel like a man.

He has no friends, no life.

You know how to pick 'em.

What, the ones who need help?
Yeah. I do.

Do you guys
even hear yourselves?

I gave him a home on the team.
I taught him how to wrestle.

He was grooming him.

Look, okay...
You're prejudiced, aren't you?

Your mind's
already made up, but...

but you know what
I'm talking about.

Sports are good for young men.

Keeps them busy.
Channels that energy.

I bet you played football, huh?
Or boxed.

Don't change the subject.

We found Zach in that cabin.

Whatever you did to him,
he was terrified.

The way you guys came through
the door, I'm not surprised.

You scared him half to death.

You know what, shut up!
Stand up.

We're done, come on.

All right, all right,
so look at my record!

- Come on!
- Coach of the Year!

16 years, no one's ever
accused me of anything.

Coach B is a stand-up guy.
You ask any of my kids.

Yeah, we already started.

Good! Then I'd like to
exercise my right to counsel.

My mom and dad
said I can go home.

Can't we do this later?

Yeah, but, uh, Zach,

sometimes it's better to
talk this through right away.

Now we understand that you
thought that you were meeting

Ms. Burnap,
but Coach Basinski showed up.

- Is that correct?
- Yeah.

He said he'd just happened
to be driving by.

He offered me a ride home.

So you got in the car.
And, uh... and then what?

He drove me to his house.

He ordered pizza.
He gave me a beer.

We watched hockey.

I must've drank too much.

I don't really drink,
all right?

So it must've made me pass out.

And then what happened?
That... that you remember?

I was in his car.

On a highway at night.

Look, he told me
he was driving me home.

So I fell back asleep.

When I woke up,
I was in that cabin.

The doors were locked.

And where was Coach?

He was in bed with me.

Listen, I know
this is tough, Zach.

But was he touching you?

I woke up...

because his mouth...

It wasn't your fault.

His mouth was on me.

And I wasn't into it,
all right?

I'm not gay.

I-I watch porn.
I do.

And I'm talking
about normal stuff.

- Girls.
- Zach, listen to me.

It means nothing.
It doesn't mean anything.

You were drugged and your
body reacted, that's all.


what else do you remember?

Whatever he may
have made you do...

that's on him.
That's not on you.

Nothing else happened.

I just want to go home.



Happy holidays, everyone.

Mr. Basinski,
how do you plead?

Not guilty, Your Honor.

My client has been a
well-respected teacher and coach

for the past 16 years.

The only reason he's here
is because another teacher,

an admitted pedophile,
cut a deal implicating him.

We request R.O.R.

Mr. O'Dwyer?

Mr. Basinski was found with
an intoxicated 15-year-old.

He is being charged with
kidnapping, rape in the first,

and promoting the sexual
performance of a child.

He may be a danger
to himself and others,

and he has daily
contact with minors...

potential victims.

You don't need to
oversell, Counselor.

Mr. Basinski,
bail is set at $500,000.

Should you make bond,
you will be required

to wear an electronic monitor

and be forbidden contact
with any minors.

- Understood?
- Yes, Your Honor.

Mr. and Mrs. Foster.

Lieutenant Benson said you
needed to speak with me.

Actually, we don't.
But this was her idea.

They're having second thoughts
about allowing Zach to testify.

Okay, well...

this is a natural reaction
to a traumatic experience.

Coach is out on bail.

Yes. He put up
his house as collateral.

He has to wear a monitor.

He will not go near
your son or any other kid.

This is all over the news.

There are photographers
at the arraignment.

Other moms are calling me,
asking about Zach.

And I explained to the Fosters

that there are
rape shield laws in place.

Everyone at school knows
Ms. Burnap and Coach Basinski

were both arrested.

My boy's had it rough
enough at school.

If word gets out
that Ms. Burnap

sent those sexts
and seduced him,

well, that's one thing,
but I don't...

we don't want the whole world
knowing he's the kid

who got it from
the wrestling coach.

And we understand that.

And what we're asking
you to do is not easy.

But you both are in a very
emotional place right now...

Thank you for your help.

Serena, we're leaving.

Well, I'm sorry, I...

I tried.

You know what?

If it were my son,
I don't know what I would do.

Look, it's a reach,
but there are other boys.

Well, I need one of
them to come forward.

You got a minute?

Not really.

I'm, uh, Lieutenant Benson.

And I just wanted to thank you.

Because of your help,
we were able to find Zach

and Coach Basinski.

Zach okay?

Yeah, he will be.
We hope.

Well, good.

- Is that all?
- No. No, it's not.

You know, Basinski
will be going to trial.

So we want to get
as many stories

on the record as we can.

You found him with Zach.

That's enough
to bury him, right?


Zach's parents might not
let him testify.

Even so, the guy's going away.

Listen, the truth is,
is that we need your help.

You mean testify?

- No. Forget that.
- Hold on, just hear us out.

If we can't get more stories,
he might take a plea.

And how many do
you have so far?

That's what I thought.
Forget it.

I'm not gonna be
your guinea pig.

Sorry. Struck out.

Edward Yamaguchi wants
to see Basinski in jail,

but he's not gonna
get involved.

Where are we
on the ten we ID'd?

Edward was the last of them.

Zach, Nat,
they're not gonna testify.

Sam Moreau is dead,

Enrique Familia's
back in Colombia.

These two swear nothing
happened and these three

don't want their spouses
or family to find out.

Look it.
You know how it goes...

when a boy goes through
something like this,

they never tell anyone.

Excuse me.


Can we help you?

I think I can help you.

You're willing to
make a statement?

I don't have to.

Got Coach's statement
right here.

He confessed to everything.


Nat, please!


It's recording.

Tell them what you did.

Your own words.

You're having a hard time,
but this is not...

I said tell them!

And he confessed
of his own free will?

I encouraged him.

Okay! Yes.

"Yes" what?
What did you do?

Yes, I had sex with you...

Not sex!

You raped us!



You raped all of us!

It's what they wanted.

I was there for them, for you.

- No! Never!
- No?

- I just wanted your help!
- Well, that's what I did!

You wanted someone to care,
and that's what I did.



You never cared!

How many boys did you
have up on your wall?

- Like trophies!
- Ohh...

Tell me again!
I want names now!

I said tell me!

Stop it! I want names!

Okay, it was...

Sam Moreau.

Enrique Familia.

Edward Yamaguchi.

He names four others and me.

Is that enough?


He's alive!

We're gonna need that bus.

All right, hang on.

Just hang on.

Coach Basinski
died in the ambulance

en route to the hospital.

He must've been
in a lot of pain.

Did he bleed to death?

He did.


When did this happen?

Last night.

I got my first good night's
sleep in eight years.

Don't I need to make
a statement or something?

No. Not yet.

You're under arrest
for murder now.

I need to read you
your rights again.

You have the right
to remain silent.

- Anything you...
- I know all that.

You have the right
to an attorney.

- I don't need one.
- Yes, you do.

We'll be right back.

You're not saying anything
until a lawyer gets here.

Do you usually encourage
your suspects to get a lawyer?

This is on us.

We pushed this kid to testify.

That's not what he did.

He was trying to
get a confession.

He was molested
by the man that he killed.

He planned this.
He tortured that man.

He left him to die

and was glad to hear
that he bled out in pain.

It was premeditated.

You're gonna charge him with
first-degree murder?

That's 25 years.

His lawyer can plead for
leniency at sentencing.

His life will be over.

Lieutenant, his life...
was over at 15.

- sync and corrections by Zac -
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