Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 15, Episode 9 - Rapist Anonymous - full transcript

Detective Amanda Rollins (Giddish) helps her friend Lena Olson (Amy Seimetz) press charges against her lover when she accuses him of rape. But Lena's history with the suspect and her proclivity for rough sex makes the he-said she-said investigation too difficult to pursue. When the case escalates to murder, a dangerous love triangle is discovered and Rollins is forced to confess her private life on the stand.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City, the dedicated detectives

who investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

So it turns out she's a lesbian,

he's transgendered, and
we found the murder weapon

lodged in his anal canal.

Here, try the hot soppressata.

My favorite is still that Shearling guy.

We found him humping that passed out Vic.

Oh, yeah.

And he tells me, "I thought she was dead."

Turns out he just had a little coat fetish.

Uh, guys,

maybe we don't talk shop?

The wine Eileen brought is, um...

A Merlot/Cab-Franc blend from
bio-dynamically grown grapes.

Well, it has a very nice finish.

Refill anyone?

Thank you very much, Eileen.

- Say when.
- And now... Cheers!


Hi, my name is Lena, and I'm an alcoholic.

Hi, Lena.

I've been sober for...


Almost a year now.

It's been a long journey.

I started in N.A. about two years ago.

Nate, my first sponsor in A.A.,

who is also here tonight,

he told me then that there are many doors,

but they all lead us to the same room.

We have a little announcement.

As of today,

Detective Benson will soon
be known as Sergeant Benson.


And she placed number 48 on her exam.

- Wow. Awesome.
- That's what's up.

48th out of 8,000.

That's impressive. That's my girl.

Well, even better news, as of today,

Brian will once again be Detective Cassidy.

About time.

Where you assigned?

IAB, actually.

But he had to... start somewhere.

That's great. Congratulations to you both.

Oh, uh, Lori, we need
some buffalo wings asap.

Nice to come in with the owner.


Stick with me.

It was a terrific qualification, Lena.

It really was.

- I identified with a lot of it.
- You did?

You always seem so together,
being a cop and all.

- Doesn't she, Gene?
- She sure does.

It meant a lot that you all came.

Oh, hey.

Thanks for coming with.

A.A. is not really one of your core issues.

Doesn't mean I can't learn.

Hey, let me ask.

As your sponsor, did you gamble today?

Me neither.

And I didn't drink.

I thought we decided after the last time

that this was a bad idea.

We did.

Wait, wait. No, don't go, don't go.

No, it's...

Hold that thought.


Hey, are you okay?

Gene took me home, and I
think he had a few drinks.


he raped me.

- synced and corrected by chamallow -
- -

What happened?

Gene, um, he was... buzzing my door.

He had been drinking. I could smell it.

Okay. And then?

He started kissing me,
and things heated up fast.

He made me take off my clothes

and get on all fours and crawl to the bed.

He's kinky.

It's a release.

He calls his fianc?e Missionary Melissa.

Gene's engaged?

Don't judge him, please.

Would it be okay if I smoked?


Now just... just tell me what happened.

He threw me on the bed, and...

grabbed my hair.

He was being so rough,

and he was hurting me.

Did you say "no" or "stop"?

Yeah, I begged him to stop.

He just kept on...

I mean, is that rape?

I let him back into my apartment.

Back in?

He walked me home earlier.

We had sex.

It was a quickie in the doorway.

And that was consensual.

But the second time it wasn't.


He forced me. He hurt me.

Then that's rape, honey.

Gene raped her? Gene?

I'm taking her to the E.R.

What, right now?

- Uh, you want me to go with?
- No, no, no, stay.


- I'll bring you breakfast.
- Okay.

Go. Go, go, go, go.


Yeah. How's she doing?

Holding up. We did the rape exam.

Doctor gave her a sedative.

You can take your sister home now.

My sister?

Yeah, I thought that's what she said.

- Maybe I misheard.
- Yeah.

Unlike the rest of us,

Rollins was actually working last night.

- Yeah.
- You caught a case?

Someone I met in the program.

And don't let her know I
said that, if she comes in.

Well, what happened to her?

I mean, this guy that
she's been seeing came over,

he had had a few drinks.

Things got rough.

He raped her.

But the complicating factor

is she had had consensual sex with him

earlier in the night.

It doesn't matter. Rape is rape.


What do you know about the guy?

I mean, I met him in the room.

He's... he's bookish.

He works as an in-house
lawyer for a baby supply chain.

Look, uh, I don't know what Lena said,

but what happened was totally consensual.

Lena can get a little... dramatic.

Was she mad about your fianc?e?

Oh, no, no.

Melissa can't know anything about this.

Lena and I are trying to detach.

Right, so detach means
having sex in a doorway

and coming back for more.

I'm stressed. I slipped, you know?

Like making her crawl to
the bed, then raping her?

- That kinda slip?
- She wanted that.

Look, look.

She texted me before I went over.

Look at this.

"I want you to crawl on all fours.

I want to ram you from behind
while you beg for mercy."

But then your response,

"That's so humiliating. I love it."

That's out of context.

Have you and Gene had rough sex before?

He likes to play,

but lately he's been getting
more and more demanding.

He's never been this violent before.

Well, the problem, Lena, is that a jury

is gonna have a hard time
seeing the difference.

Amanda said that it doesn't matter

what happened earlier.

As long as I said no, he has to stop.

- Isn't that right?
- Absolutely.

This is, uh... this is just a tough case.

I'll run this by the D.A.

Hey, Lena...

did you tell the nurse at the hospital

that you were my... sister?

I may have said that you
were like a sister to me.


I didn't wanna, you know, break anonymity.

Is that okay?

What's your gut, counselor?

They had consensual sex earlier,

she told him she wanted to be humiliated.

That's a "he texted, she texted."

Name an acquaintance rape that isn't.

Look, aren't you the D.A.
who convicted two Brooklyn men

of raping a prostitute after
she'd serviced one of them?

Those guys were scumbags.

This suspect is an educated, middle-class

nice Jewish lawyer with glasses.

A good job, no record,
no history of violence.

She's a sexually experimental
department store sales girl

with a drug and alcohol history.

Tell her to stay away from him.

And that's it?

I can help her with a restraining order.

You can get her counseling.

But I cannot charge him.

So Lena's working to
overcome her addiction,

so her word's no good?

Well, if I heard the counselor correctly,

he said he doesn't have enough
to charge Mr. Fierstein now.

He's under stress. He slipped once.

See what happens when you up the pressure.

We'd like to talk to your fianc?e.


She's working at a refugee camp in Haiti.

- You don't have to bother her.
- Yeah, we do.

We need to find out if
Lena's part of a pattern.

Are you kidding me?

All that twenty-five acts stuff

and... and the sex in the
Brooks Brothers dressing room...

that's all on Lena.

I'm clean and sober with Melissa.

She's okay with your side chick?


We Skyped today, and I told her everything.

I got down on my knees and
I begged her to forgive me

just one more time.

She said she's gonna try.

The D.A. won't pursue? What...

There's too many obstacles...

the texts, consensual sex.

And Gene claims that you're the one

pushing him to experiment.

I don't drink, I don't gamble,

I don't have an exciting job like you.

And I have two vices left...
I smoke and I like sex.

I'm not saying that this is fair.

Yeah, but what about
Gene? I mean, he's violent.

I know. Just stay away.

Don't call, don't text.

And if he tries to contact you...

you let me know.


She doing all right?

She's got a lot to deal with.

Trust in her higher power.


How about you and me get outta here?


You ignoring me now?

Sor... sorry, babe.

That's okay. Your place?

Excuse me. Excuse me!

What happened?

Gene Fierstein took a header off the roof.

- Of Lena's apartment building?
- Yep.

- This is not good.
- Nope.

That's what those sirens
were? Gene fell off my roof?


Did you see or talk to Gene tonight?

After you left me at the
bar, I wanted a drink.

And so I picked up the phone instead

and made a 12-step call.

It was a mistake.

He was furious.

He was accusing me of ruining his life,

and I tried to calm him down.

He say anything about coming over here?

- Did you ask him to?
- No! D...

he said he wanted to make amends,

and I told him that you
told me not to see him.

I also told you not to call him.

But you left with Nate.
I didn't wanna bother you.

Okay, okay, okay.

Did he call again?

Did he come by here?


You don't believe me?

You have a dead man outside your building.

You two had history.

- What?
- Who's Nate?

- My sponsor.
- In A.A.?

I thought you were in G.A.

I am. He's a double winner.

I also heard you weren't supposed

to have a male sponsor.

Lena said you left the bar with him.

- Yeah, he owns it.
- And he's in A.A.?

I'm a big girl, Fin.

He died immediately from the impact.

So he fell?

Or jumped or was pushed.

Can you tell from where the body landed?

There's a lotta literature
about trajectory,

but anyone who swears they can tell

is a liar for hire.

Okay, well, did he have any
drugs or alcohol in his system?

A small amount, but he wasn't drunk.

And he wasn't alone on the roof.

How do you know that?

His pants were unzipped.
He had saliva on his penis.

And there was a large amount

of fresh ejaculate in his urethra.

After sex, most men
feel the urge to urinate

which clears the urethra.

He didn't get the chance.

And the amount of fluid is consistent

with his having ejaculated very recently.

Melinda, English?

He came, and then he went.

Okay, I did talk to Gene

that one time.

You guys saw that on my phone.

What'd you talk about?

I told him to stay away,

but he showed up at my door.

He must've slipped in the building

when someone left.

Hold on, you let him in?

It... we talked at my
doorway for a few minutes.

I was trying to reason with him.

How'd you two end up on the roof?

I didn't want him in my apartment.

And... we've had sex on the roof before.

On the ledge?

He likes that.

He said I owed him.

I just thought that

if I went along with what he wanted,

then he'd leave me alone.

He usually calms down after sex.

Then what happened?

I got down on my knees
and I took care of him.

And then he got violent.

And he pulled my hair and he grabbed me,

and I got scared.

And I must've just pushed him.

So it was an accident.

I just wanted him to stop hurting me.

I was afraid of him.

Why didn't you tell Amanda that?

Why would I?

He raped me, and you didn't believe me.

Anything he does to her is
an assault against nature,

but her not telling us
that she fellated him

with frizzle rocks in her mouth

seconds before he went off the roof

is a sin of omission?

Okay, she lied. I get that it looks bad.

- But she was afraid of him.
- Which gives her motive

to push him off the roof.
How well do you know Lena?

She knows her from the program.

She's been upfront about that.


Lena was the last one to see Gene alive,

and she did lie to us about
having sex with him on the roof.

She just accused him of rape.

I mean, maybe he's looking for payback.

We don't know what happened up there.

At this point, it is circumstantial.

Let's talk to anyone
who's seen them together.

Where's Gene's fianc?e, Melissa?

- Flying back from Haiti.
- Okay, so why don't we

have her met at the airport

and find out how truthful Gene really was?

You think Lena pushed him on purpose?

Her story's messy.

What do you know about her
and Gene's relationship?

Oh, I stay clear. I try not to judge.

Why, 'cause he's cheating on his fianc?e?

Look, everyone's got
their stuff to work out.

And how did you and Lena meet?

I told you, I was her sponsor.

The same way you're sponsoring me?


We're program friends, okay?

She's had a hard life.

Her father was a drunk, he beat her.

- She told you that?
- That.

Other stuff. In confidence.

That's how program works, right?

What you hear in the
room stays in the room.

I know.

You coming up?

Uh, I gotta talk to my sponsor.


Where's Rollins?

Captain sent her home, then he cut out.

- Lena.
- I don't know

if she's working her program,
but she's working Rollins.

Yeah, maybe.

Turns out she and Rollins
have the same sponsor.

- Guy named Nate.
- Yeah, but that's on Rollins.

She ever mention this guy to you?

I'm Gene Fierstein's fianc?e.

Are you the ones investigating his murder?

Who told you he was murdered?

Gene did.

He left me a message.

Melissa, i... it's me.

I... I... I'm afraid of what Lena might do,

so I'm going to go and try
to talk some sense into her.

If anything happens to me, call the police.

I love you.

Gene left you this message last night?


We'd spoken 20 minutes earlier.

He told me he was going over there,

that she'd threatened him and me.

What else did he tell you about her?

That she was stalking him.

When he tried to end it,
she accused him of rape.

- He told you that.
- Yes!

When are you gonna arrest her?

Excuse me, counselor. A minute?

Excuse me.

I'm the super.

Lena's a tenant in my building.

Well, Mr. Henderson was just telling me

Lena asked him how to
disable the roof door alarm.

That's right. A couple of days

before that poor fellow died,
she said she wanted to smoke.

- You didn't believe her?
- No, sir.

On the account of how her and the dead guy

had set off the alarm a few other times.

They weren't smoking those other times?

They were having sex.

Tell Mr. Barba about last night,

after Gene had gone off the roof.

The battery was out of the alarm.

It had been in that afternoon.


Lena Olson, you're under arrest

for the murder of Gene Fierstein.

You can't arrest me. Amanda?

Liv, Nick? What is going on?

Turn around. Hands behind your back.

What... no, no. Tell them I'm innocent.

- Amanda...
- Is there somebody I can call?

He raped me! He tried to kill me.

- Don't let them...
- Come on.

Do this to me, please!


Lena called me.

I went over to talk as a friend,
not about the investigation.

Did she make any admissions to you?


And her former A.A. sponsor's
now your G.A. sponsor?


Sorry, that was stupid.

Anyone else who knew the nature

of Lena and Gene's relationship?

I'm not sure.

You know, I didn't even know her that well.

Yet she felt close enough to you

to disclose that Gene had raped her?

She knew I was an SVU detective.

You told her that?

Must've come up at a meeting.

Just to confirm,

what people share at those meetings

is privileged, right?

Ethically, yes. Legally, no.

So if there is anything someone shared

that speaks to this case,

now would be the time to tell me.

No. Nothing.

I do know that she's been through a lot.

Okay. Thank you, Detective Rollins.

Are you gonna ask me to testify?

Not a chance.

So Ms. Olson didn't tell you

that she had texted Gene Fierstein

that she loved being humiliated?

No. She left that out.

As an experienced SVU detective,

what did you take that to mean?

Victims often lie about

a certain aspect of their assault.

What are some of the
reasons they might lie?


to hide something from a spouse.

Or sometimes to allege rape

and establish a pattern of abuse.

Nothing further.

So there are multiple reasons

a victim may be less
then fully forthcoming.


Including fear of her rapist's reprisals.

Fear of further abuse.

Yes, but in this case...

Did Lena Olson ever tell you

she was afraid of Gene Fierstein?

Answer the question, Detective.

Yes. She did.

Thank you.

Nothing further.

How you holding up?

I've been better.

Got your friend a good lawyer.

She wanted this case.

I know you think

that I'm not seeing this clearly, you guys,

but I mean, Liv, come on.

This is classic PTSD.

The guy's abusive, does
things to her that...

he wouldn't ask his fianc?e to do.

I know that you're
worried about your friend.

Maybe you should put the
focus on yourself right now.

Yeah. Right.

Hi. My name is Nate, and I am an alcoholic.

Hi, Nate.


I've been sober ten years.

It's never easy.

But, uh, by trusting in my higher power

and being more truthful with myself,

I've made progress.

What was it that Forster said?

"Live in fragments no longer.

Only connect."

- Hey, Nate, right?
- Yeah.

- I liked your share.
- Oh, thanks.

- So honest.
- It was.

It was really moving.

You know, I'm new to all this.

Think we can grab a coffee

and talk about how I find a sponsor?

- If you two need to talk...
- No, that's okay.

Uh, you know what, man?

I have a lot on my plate right now.

But, uh, you know, just
keep coming back, okay?

Yeah. Okay.

I'll do that.


Sorry I didn't make your meeting tonight.

- I went to G.A.
- I get it, babe.

You were missed.

Um, do you remember
how it came up with Lena

that I worked at SVU?

I don't, no. Why?

- Is she gonna testify?
- I mean, the way it's going,

looks like she'll have to.

And the defense is calling me tomorrow.

I'm anxious about it.


the thing to remember
is to detach with love.

Don't let her drag you down.

Ms. Blume, you spoke to
Gene earlier that evening.


He told me he was afraid.

That Lena threatened him, me.

What was your understanding of
Gene and Lena's relationship?

Gene had struggled with addictions...

alcohol, sex.

He was doing everything he
could to extricate himself

from a relationship with someone

who was more emotionally
damaged than he realized.

Did Ms. Olson try to contact you?

She sent me emails and
texts saying Gene was hers.

She sent me explicit video of them in bed.

She was trying to break us up.

When that didn't work, she cried rape.

And when no one believed her,

she got him up on that
roof, and she threw him off!

- Objection.
- Sustained.

Jury will disregard.

The last exchanges will be
stricken from the record,

and Mr. Barba, mind your witness.

Sorry, Your Honor.

Nothing further.

I'm sorry for your loss, Ms. Blume.

I know this is an emotional time for you,

especially because it
was your understanding

that Gene was gonna end his
relationship with Ms. Olson

and marry you, right?

Yes, it was.

Yet he never agreed to a
date, never booked a venue?


And he kept seeing Ms. Olson.

Isn't it possible, that
night when he called,

that he was giving himself a cover

to explain why he was in her building?

- No, he was in fear.
- "In fear."

So frightened of this woman half his size

that he went with her to the roof

and had her perform oral sex on him

on the ledge of a six-story building.

That's not what happened.

This wild side of your fianc?'s...

the drinking, the kinky, risky sex...

did you ever participate in any of it?


So isn't it fair to say

you only knew one side of him?


You went undercover to an A.A. meeting...

- You don't know this guy.
- Spying on my life!

- Calm down.
- Calm down? Really?

Does that work with Maria?

Rollins, look.

I went out with some of the
other guys from the group.

All right, they said Nate preys
on women new to the program.

They call him a "13th-stepper".

Yeah, I know what a 13th-stepper is.

It's not him.

So it's one of the other 12 steps,

to sleep with your sponsee?

You know what your problem is?

- What's that?
- Maria left, you're alone,

and you can't stand to
see anybody else happy.

You know, you don't seem happy to me.

I don't wanna take your inventory.

But you're jealous, Nick.

You are jealous of Olivia and Brian,

Olivia and Barba, even Cragen.

I mean, you are so
addicted to your own misery.

I'd recommend help, but they don't have

a 12-step program for self-pity.

Both you guys need to stop.

The whole squad room can hear you.

You're not my father.

Neither are you.

Based on my experience as an SVU detective,

yes, I did initially

find Lena Olson's disclosure credible.

You believed her when
she came to you crying,

- saying she'd been raped?
- Yes I did.

And when you told Lena,

the D.A. would not prosecute,
how did she respond?

She was afraid that he
would come after her.

I advised her to stay away from him.

It's not easy, breaking ranks with a D.A.

I appreciate your willingness
to speak truth to power.

Nothing further.

Detective Rollins,

when Ms. Olson first claimed
Mr. Fierstein raped her,

did she tell you about the
texts they had exchanged?

No, she did not.

Exhibit 30B.

Can you read Mr. Fierstein's
text to her that night?

"I want you to crawl on all fours.

I want to ram you from behind

while you beg for mercy."

And that's pretty much how she
described the assault, isn't it?

Yes, it is.

And now can you read her response

to Mr. Fierstein's text?


"That's so humiliating. I love it."

And she didn't tell you about these texts

- when she "disclosed" to you?
- No.

She was afraid that she
wouldn't be believed.

I see.

And on the night of Mr. Fierstein's death,

when she denied knowing
he was in her building,

when she neglected to mention

she had performed oral sex on him

on her rooftop shortly before he fell,

is that also because she was afraid

- she wouldn't be believed?
- Objection!


Nothing further.

You seem shaky. You need a meeting?

No, I don't need a meeting.

I kinda hoped that...

you were gonna be there
today when I testified.

Me, too, but...

Lena's lawyer told me that I couldn't

since I also have to testify.

I didn't tell you that?


- I thought I did.
- No.

Anyway, it's no big deal.

I'll just let go and let God.

I think, because I'd grown
up with my abusive father,

Gene's behavior seemed normal.

What do you mean by his "behavior"?

He could be demeaning.

If he'd get angry and
I tried to placate him,

and he would say that he
"saw through my whore tricks."

Other times he'd throw money on the bed

and say that I was his "three hole wonder."

What did that mean?

He liked to penetrate
me orally, vaginally...

and anally.

- And did you want that?
- No.

I thought that's what he wanted.

And these texts that you sent him,

you said you loved it
when he humiliated you.

I knew that's what he wanted me to say.

I was afraid of him, his moods.

I have to ask, why did
you continue seeing him

inviting him over?

I didn't think that I
could do any better, and...

I thought that if I could make him happy

that he'd change,

that maybe he'd be nicer to me.

Nothing further.

You had a night of consensual
sex with Mr. Fierstein,

invited him back for more,
accused him of rape...

It was rape. You wouldn't charge him.

- And you were upset about that?
- Of course I'm upset.

Upset because you thought
Gene had gotten away with rape,

or that his fianc?e
didn't break up with him?


Your Honor, it's been established

that Ms. Olson sent Mr.
Fierstein's fianc?e texts

stating "he's mine."

I'll allow it.

I was angry because he raped me.

You were angry.

Then the next night you
invited him to your rooftop

and performed oral sex on him
while he stood on the ledge?

That was his idea. He was a thrill junkie.

While he was in this completely vulnerable,

dangerous position right
after he'd had an orgasm,

he attacked you?

He was pulling at me and grabbing my hair.

And he wasn't just trying to keep himself

- from being pushed over?
- No! Yes. I...

Stop yelling. It affects my memory.

My dad would yell at me.

I'm not yelling now.

I would like to know why you
lied to the police so many times.

No answer.

When you accused Gene of raping you,

was that part of your plan?

So that later when you killed him later,

you could claim self-defense?

Objection! Your Honor, my client

has been traumatized by these events.

Mr. Barba is traumatizing her again.

Save it for your summations, counselors.

We're adjourned.

- Nice job, counselor.
- Gracias.

It's tricky. You push too hard,

you risk playing to her victim status.

- You go too easy...
- Is the defense

- calling anyone else?
- Her sponsor.

She laid groundwork.

Nate will confirm that
she was afraid of Gene.

When he's on the stand,

even if he's her sponsor,
everything's fair game?

Something you need to tell me, Amaro?

Brian's making dinner. Clam sauce.

So I'll see you guys
tomorrow if... I survive.

Not me, I'm pulling a double tonight

so I can be there when Nate testifies.

- Good luck.
- You don't want to do that.

Did I forget to ask your permission?

Amanda, I think he's just
trying to look out for you.

He's got a funny way of showing it.

Amanda, I've been where you are, okay?

Certain victims, they push buttons.

Okay, you get caught
up, you lose perspective.

This isn't about my sister.

You went through a lot with her.

Have you talked to anyone about it?

Yeah, actually. In meetings.

I meant a therapist.

Oh, I don't have to pay

for someone to listen to my problems.


As Lena's sponsor, I told her

if she wanted self-esteem

she needed to do self-esteemable things.

Meaning what?

Every time she saw Gene
she got hurt emotionally.

I advised her to leave before
he injured her physically.

Thank you.


So you're a therapist?

Oh, no.

But I have ten years
sobriety in A.A. and G.A.

What did sponsoring Lena entail?

I shared my experience,
strength, and hope with her.

Share anything else with her?

Excuse me?

Were you ever sexually involved with her?

Objection. Relevance.

I'll allow it. Answer, Mr. Davis.

Yes, I was.

- Until how recently?
- I'm not sure.

Your best guess, Mr. Davis.

A week ago?


Are you currently
sponsoring Detective Rollins?


And also sexually involved with her?

- Yes.
- Did she know about

- you and Lena?
- No. Listen, I'm not proud

- of my behavior...
- But Lena was aware

of your relationship
with Detective Rollins?

- Yes.
- And she was aware

that Detective Rollins is an SVU detective.

I may have shared that.

Did you also share that Rollins' sister

was a domestic violence victim?

I wanted Lena to know
that she wasn't alone.

So while you were
"13th-stepping" Detective Rollins,

you confided in Lena that you
were seeing an SVU detective

- who might be sympathetic to her?
- Yes.

And shortly thereafter,

did Lena ask you to
invite Detective Rollins

to an A.A. meeting she was speaking at?

She did.

Later that night,

did Lena disclose to Detective Rollins

that she had been raped?

Objection. Hearsay.

Actually, Mr. Davis,

you were in Detective Rollins' apartment

at the time, isn't that right?

- Yes.
- I'll allow it.

After the D.A. decided not
to charge Gene with rape,

did Lena ask you if Detective Rollins

was still sympathetic to her?

- Yes. I said she was.
- I see.

So either you were conspiring with Lena

to establish a pattern of abusive behavior

that would justify Gene's murder,

or Lena was playing you.

I... I wasn't conspiring.

So you were being played.

And she used you to play Detective Rollins.

I didn't know that's what
she was intending to do.

I swear. Listen, I try not to dwell

on would'ves, could'ves, should'ves.

Good for you.

Nothing further.

Hey, I... I know you're upset.

Yeah, you always were a smart guy.

Can we sit down and talk about this?

- No.
- Okay.

All right, you're done with me, I get that.


But I did believe in us...

And I still believe in you, Amanda.

Look, it's progress not perfection.

Just tell me you're not going
to give up on the program.

I'm sorry. I had to do it.

I'm not angry at you.

On the charge of murder
in the first degree,

we find the defendant, Lena Olson...


The defendant is to be
remanded pending sentencing.

Members of the jury, the state of New York

thanks you for your
service. Court is adjourned.

I thought I'd feel better
when she was convicted.

You had a blind spot. We all do.

Amanda, you're still pretty new to program.

Those relationships get intimate quickly,

and there is no one on this force,

myself included, who hasn't made a mistake.

You still happy you
brought me up from Atlanta?

Oh, I'm sorry.

No, no, no. Eileen, come in, please.

It's all right. You remember Fin.

Of course. Hi.

And, uh, this is Detective Amanda Rollins,

she's one of my best.

Amanda, this is Eileen Switzer.

I've heard a lot about you.

You okay, Amanda?

You want me to knock that
little hat off Nate's head?


Want a beer?

Rain check?

I just... I need a meeting right now.

Good night, Fin.

- 9.
- Hit me.

- 13.
- Hit me.


Hit me.

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