Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 15, Episode 10 - Psycho/Therapist - full transcript

The Beast' returns when Detective Benson (Hargitay) is forced to face Lewis (Schreiber) in the courtroom, and the stress of reliving the attack causes setbacks in her recovery. With Lewis trying every trick in the book to continue his legal winning streak, Benson is forced to reveal some of the secrets she's kept about the ordeal.

In the criminal justice system,
sexually based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

I fell back asleep,
hoping to recapture the dream,

but it was gone.

But the dreams
you do remember,

you're keeping a journal?

Yes, especially
the one recurring dream...

- Okay.
- I...

I think that's
a-a good place to stop.

Oh, already?

Our sessions
seem to go so fast now.

Time is speeding up,

We slow it down.


What are you two doing?

Welcome home,
detective Benson.


Olivia, are you with me?



You were telling the jury

what happened
when you came home that night.

Sorry, I, um...
I stepped into my kitchen.

I sensed a presence.

I went to reach for my gun,
but I froze.

Leave that detail out.

Don't imply anything
was your fault.

Right. Sorry.

Before I could reach
for my weapon,

the defendant, William Lewis,
put a gun to my head.

- You need a break?
- How close is the trial?

Lewis has one
last pre-trial motion.

What is there left
to argue about?


His attorney
wants three separate trials.

One for your kidnapping,
one for Mrs. Mayer's rape

and the murder of her husband,
and one for the murder

of the Suffolk county
police officer.

Mrs. Mayer
is still willing to testify?

She's tough.

She wants him to die
in prison.

You should know I am going
for attempted murder

and attempted rape.
He didn't rape me.

I understand that
that's important to you,

but he's gonna claim those
four days were consensual.

The torture
that he put you through.

The degradation.

The jury needs
to hear all of it.


It's me.

Let me have that.

I'm sorry, Brian.

It's okay.

It's okay.

- Yeah.
- Come here, come here.

- I'm sorry.
- It's okay, come here.

It's all right.
It's okay.

Law & Order: SVU
15x10- Psycho/Therapist

- sync and corrections by Zac -
- -

This next few weeks

Are going to be stressful
for Olivia and for us.

Lewis has some stones,
putting her through this.

He can't really think he's
gonna get away with it again.

He's five for five.
That breeds hubris.

We should have shot him
when we got there.

Hey, we were all thinking it.

Not on the stand.

I'll be calling each of you.

And part of his defense
is gonna be to say

the NYPD has
a vendetta against him,

so tamp down your emotions.

Don't talk to the press.
Don't take the bait.

Got it, counselor.

And, uh, speaking
of taking the bait,

I know we're all on edge,
but whatever is going on

in this squad room
has gotta stop.

Amaro, Rollins,
I'm talking to you.

- Copy that, captain.
- Yeah, whatever you say.

I mean, 'cause, Nick,
I know we went at it.

I probably said some things
you misinterpreted.

Oh, I misinterpreted?

She's saying she's sorry.
Right, Amanda?

I'm sorry.

- Nick?
- Yeah, we're good.

Suffolk county
is 50 Miles

outside this district
attorney's purview.

Those charges should
be tried separately.

The murders and rape

are part of William Lewis's
course of conduct

in a four-day
torture-kidnap rampage

that began in detective Benson's
New York apartment.

The D.A. Thinks
by piling on charges,

he can overwhelm a jury.

This is beyond prejudicial,
your honor.

I've read your arguments
and I agree,

combining these cases
could pose

an unfair burden
on the defendant.

- Your honor...
- And, since the burden

is something that
could come up on appeal,

I am ruling in favor
of the defense's motion

to separate out these charges.

Thank you, your honor.

But I will allow the jury
to hear evidence pertaining

to what the detective herself
witnessed or experienced.

Excuse me?

Your honor?
Mr. Lewis?

I apologize.
Could you speak up?

Due to the beating I received,

I no longer have hearing
in my left ear.

Will this
be an issue at trial?

The prison hospital
will be issuing

a hearing assist device,
your honor.

The Suffolk county charges
will be separated out.

We will proceed to trial.

You are remanded until then.

Did you hear that,
Mr. Lewis?


Thank you, your honor.

You okay?

Mr. Barba,
there is something

I would like
to discuss with you.

I don't think
there's anything

you could possibly say
that would interest me.

Oh, this will.


He wants to plead to rape?

Multiple counts of rape
in the first.

Multiple counts of sodomy.

And he wants to plead guilty

with an allocation
of each specific.

He wants to stand up
in open court

and give graphic details
of what he did not do to me?

He will get 25 years
to life.

He will die in prison,

You will avoid a trial
and having to testify...

No, no.

No, he does not
get to do that to me.

He did not rape me.
He did not sodomize me.

You look at that rape kit.

After four days, he did not
have the balls to rape me.

And now he wants to stand up
in open court?


No. No!

I have to tell you,

given the extent
of his injuries,

they will go after you
for excessive force.

He may claim
that he was handcuffed

when you crushed his skull.

You testified
to a police investigator

and a grand jury
that Lewis lunged at you,

that you used the bar
to defend yourself

until he was no longer
a danger to you.

That is what I said.

Your grand jury testimony
from last may.

You study those transcripts.

If you deviate from
your statement in any way,

it will create reasonable doubt
about all of your testimony.

He will use it as a wedge.

He could walk again, Liv.

The people are satisfied with
the empaneled jury, your honor.

All right.

Well, we've completed
jury selection

and, having exhausted
all attempts at a plea,

trial is scheduled.

Opening arguments
begin tomorrow.

Your honor, if I may.

I offered a plea
that would have guaranteed

a lengthy prison term

and spared the victim
the pain of a trial.

My so-called attorney has failed
to get the D.A.'S office

to agree
to accept my capitulation.

I have serious reservations
about her competence.

I would like to request
a change of attorney.


I'm just hearing this now,
your honor.

Are you?

This is an oft-used
delaying tactic

of Mr. Lewis'
in several trials.

I'm not requesting
any additional time.

it would take months

for a new attorney
to get up to speed.

I don't believe it would,
your honor,

if that attorney was myself.

Your honor, Mr. Lewis is
simply trying to use this trial

to publically humiliate and
retraumatize detective Benson.

I was the one who offered

to spare her this burden

But this is not up for debate.

This is my constitutional right,
is it not?

It is.

However, I will insist
that you keep

your current attorney
with you to advise,

and if any of Mr. Barba's fears
prove prescient,

I will strike you
with contempt.

Is that understood?



Gettin' through...

One hour at a time.

Looking strong, Olivia.

You all came?

We got your back.


What are you people
doing here?

You know you
can't watch the trial.

You're all witnesses.

We're here for moral support.

don't mess this one up.

I was gonna tell you
the same thing.

Remember why we're here.

At that point,
my partner and I

broke into detective Benson's

It was destroyed.

Glass everywhere,
furniture was turned over,

bloody duct tape.

We found coat hangers
and keys on the stove.

Cigarette butts.

I'll never forget
the smell of burnt flesh.

Thank you, detective.

My apologies,
ladies and gentlemen.

I'm moving slowly these days

due to the brutal beating I
received from detective Benson.

- Your honor?
- Move it along, Mr. Lewis.

That was quite
a vivid description you gave,

detective Tutuola.

One might even think you
had staged the scene yourself.

The scenario
that you described,

this occurred two days
after a case against me

had been declared a mistrial
due to NYPD lab corruption...

I mean, sorry,

Did detective Benson
tell you

that she was upset
about that mistrial?

We were all upset.

And yet it took you two days
to go check her apartment

after she didn't
show up for work?

Actually, captain Cragen
told her to take some time off.

Possibly because she was,
uh, extremely upset?

Even obsessed?



My bad.

All right, after you
and your partner broke in,

how long were you alone
in detective Benson's apartment

before CSU showed up?

15 minutes, if that.

Is that enough time
to plant evidence?

- Your honor.
- Objection sustained.

Jury will disregard.

I'll allow you some latitude

because you're representing
yourself, Mr. Lewis,

but watch it.

I understand, your honor.

Just one more question.

The lab that processed
this crime scene,

was that the same lab

that contaminated the DNA
in my prior case?

Yes, and we told CSU
and the lab techs

that, this time,
there can be no mistakes.

Did you?

In other words,
you made sure the lab knew

that an NYPD detective
had been assaulted

and I was your only suspect?

I followed
standard NYPD protocol.

Oh, I agree.

Thank you, detective.

We ran upstairs
to the Mayers' bedroom.

It had been destroyed.

There was a blood trail
leading to the closet.

What did you find
in the closet?

Mrs. Mayer hanging.

Bloodied, burned.

In the ambulance,
she told me

that she was raped
by William Lewis.

Objection, your honor.


We will be calling
Mrs. Mayer.

Defense will have
the opportunity to cross.

Then let her tell
the jury what she said.

Until then,
jurors will disregard.

How are you today,

I'm sorry, detective.

We do have history though,
don't we?

You sicced your dog on me
last may

when I was jogging
in the park.

When you were running away

after an elderly woman
caught you exposing yourself

to two female tourists.

I arrested you on the spot.

Could you tell the jury

what happened
to those charges?

They were dismissed
by the judge.

But you still think
I was guilty, don't you?

I know you were.

Then you must have been angry,
detective Rollins,

when my last trial ended
in a mistrial and I walked away?

Yes, actually, I was.

Angry enough that you
could have concocted a plot,

along with your
fellow detectives,

to frame me for
detective Benson's kidnapping?

Fake the crime scenes?

- Lie on the stand?
- That's ridiculous.

Your honor, this whole line
of questioning is objectionable.

I'm entitled
to my cross-examination.

He's right, Mr. Barba.

Answer the question,
detective Rollins.

What question?

Did I concoct a plot
to frame you?

No, I did not.

Um, my question
was could you have?

When we came to that scene,

the Suffolk county
patrol officer was D.O.A.

Thank you, detective.



Dead on arrival.

Of course.

Do you think that I killed
that officer, detective amaro?

- Yes, I do.
- Why?

Because your partner
told you so?

Did she also tell you

that it was her gun?

No, we knew that
from ballistics.

And when you found the gun
at the beach house,

whose fingerprints
were on it?

And hers.

It was her gun, it would make
sense her prints were on it.

Right, but with
both sets of prints,

it's impossible
to know conclusive

who actually shot that officer,
isn't it?

Oh, there's no way
she did it.

She was duct taped,
lying on the car floor.

that's what she told you?


Do you remember
the first time

that you and detective Benson

interrogated me?

How would you characterize
her demeanor?

Just trying
to get to the truth.

Let me ask again,
was she physically close?


Did she seem aroused
when I spoke to her?

She may have acted

but that was for your benefit.

During an interrogation,
you role-play.

Is rape considered a sexual
act amongst SVU detectives?

No, it's not about sex.

It's about power, control,

So why, in your opinion,

when your partner
was questioning me about rape,

did she sexualize
the interrogation?

It's a technique to find a way
to connect to the suspect.

I would say it worked.


So Mrs. Mayer
isn't gonna testify?

Not if Lewis
is interrogating.

I can't blame her.

My skin was crawling.

It's okay, he can play
all the games he wants.

The jury's
not gonna fall for it.

Eating together
across from the courthouse

when he's accusing you
of conspiring against him?

We're just having dinner,

Get it to go.


Viva and Luisa Nunez.

Who are they?

Lewis added them
to his witness list.

Claims that they
were in the beach house.

That can't be right.
It is.

Um, it's, uh... a maid

and her...
And her young daughter.

Okay, that would have been
helpful to know.

Why didn't you tell me?

- I must have blanked on it.
- Please don't lie to me.

Did they see or hear anything?

I don't know.

I heard Lewis coaxing them
into the house.

I got worried
for the little girl

That's when I broke free.

Then why weren't they
in the house

when the police showed up?

Are you legal?

If the police find out
that you are here,

they will take away
your daughter.

Because I thought
it was unsafe for them

to be in the house
while Lewis was still there.

That's your story?

You're gonna bring it up?

I have to,
before Lewis does.

He's young.

If you say a word, he dies.

Evening, officer.

Is there a problem?

Have you been drinking?

The officer
asked a few questions.

What have you got back there?

He became suspicious.

It was horrible.

Tell the jury
what happened next.

Lewis drove us
to a vacant beach house,

handcuffed me
to a iron-framed bedpost,

and shoved my gun
into my mouth

and repeatedly threatened
to rape and kill me.

But he didn't shoot?

No, he said that he wanted
to take his time with me.

Then there was a knock
at the door

and I heard him talking
to Viva and Luisa Nunez,

a housekeeper
and her little girl.

And then he made them
come inside.

So you could hear him
talking to them?

Yes, and...
I was terrified for them,

so I used every bit of strength
that I had left

and wrenched the metal bar
from the bed frame

and when Lewis
walked back into the room,

I struck him with it.

I then freed myself
of the handcuffs

and restrained him.

That's when you asked
the housekeeper

and her daughter to leave?


I feared for their safety.

And then?

And then I was calling
for help

and Lewis got free
and lunged at me...

And I hit him with that rod
until he was subdued.

Thank you, detective Benson.

Mr. Lewis, your witness.

Nothing now...
Your honor,

but I reserve the right
to question this witness

at a later time.

That is your right.

Mr. Barba?

The people rest.

Detective Benson,
you may step down.

Thank you for coming,
Mrs. Nunez.

Just a few questions.

You understand?


The morning
that you came to clean,

I invited you
and your daughter Luisa in?


And did I hurt you or her?


- You put us in a bedroom.
- Okay.

And could you hear anything?

Both you and detective Benson
were yelling,

then I heard someone
getting beaten,

- and you screamed...
- As if in pain?

And then I was quiet?

Yes. No sound.

And that's when detective
Benson came out

and... and she ordered you
to leave?

She said she was police,

that you were a bad man
and she will take care of it.

Did she tell you

that immigration would
take Luisa away from you

if you didn't
do what she said?

You don't have to worry,
miss Nunez.

Detective Benson
is not in the court today.

You can tell the jury
the truth.


Yes, she did.

Gracias, miss Nunez.

The extent of your injuries
that day,

you had a pneumothorax...
A collapsed lung.

Two broken ribs,
shattered knee cap,

fractured skull,
and a broken orbital socket.

You left out
my ruptured spleen.

And the auditory nerve damage.

No worries.

So many of them, it's hard
to remember them all.

The jury heard detective Benson

that she beat me
until I was subdued.

In your medical opinion,
would any of these injuries,

be enough to subdue me?

I'm not sure
how to answer that.

Okay, for instance, could
I run with a shattered knee?

- No.
- With a fractured skull?

Broken orbital socket?

Was my vision compromised?

- Yes.
- And my collapsed lung?

Could I fight back
in that condition?

In my opinion, no.

So, doctor,
the first of these blows,

whichever one it was,
incapacitated me.

And all the rest of them

- Objection.
- Sustained.

Nothing further.

No questions.

You may step down, doctor.

Next witness, Mr. Lewis.

Could I approach,
your honor?

I'd like to request a recess.

I'm still easily fatigued
due to my collapsed lung.

This is just another
delaying tactic.

No, it's not.
I have a note

from my prison doctor,
Janice Cole,

detailing my medical issues.

In order to adequately defend
myself, I need to take breaks.

It's your call, of course,
your honor,

but forcing me to proceed
against a D.O.C. Doctor's orders

might be grounds for appeal.

All right.

Mr. Lewis,
get a good night's rest.

I'll grant you a recess
till 9:00 A.M. tomorrow morning.

You survived the assault,

you can survive
his interrogation.

I've said those
exact same words

a hundred times to survivors.

Then they must be good advice.

You know what else I said?

Never lie about anything,
'cause it always blows up.

And now it's gonna blow up
in open court.

It may not, Olivia.

Try not to catastrophize.

Lewis knew
that I had it in me.

He could smell it.

He taunted me
until I beat him

and you know what?

Once I started,
I couldn't stop.

He got me to become
exactly what he is.

No, you give him
too much credit,

and you give yourself
too little.

He kept you drugged, drunk,
no food, no water, no sleep.

So when I beat
a handcuffed man...

Nearly to death,

I was just projecting my anger?

And that makes it okay
to lie about it?

Under oath?

I hear you, Olivia.

Here's a question for you.

Could you live with yourself

knowing that you helped
Lewis to go free?

Good morning,
detective Benson.

This trial must be...
Trying for you.

How you holding up?

Proceed, Mr. Lewis.

No time for pleasantries.

We've heard a lot of testimony
in this case.

But only two people know

what happened
over those four days.

I know exactly what happened,
and that's what I told the jury.

I can see how that's the story
you'd want the jury to believe.

The truth is embarrassing.

That you, an experienced
but lonely SVU detective,

consumed by her work,
became sexually obsessed

with a man you believed
to be a rapist.

- That's a lie.
- Is it?

Can you tell me,
are you married?

Do you have children?


It speaks to her issues

with intimacy and sexuality,
your honor.

Tread carefully, Mr. Lewis.

May I remind you,
she's your witness.

You may answer that question.

I'm not married.

- I do not have children.
- What about a family?

When we spent time together,

you said you didn't wanna talk
about your father.

- Why was that?
- Objection...

'Cause he's
none of your business.

Your honor,
if we want to understand

miss Benson's
four-day binge,

I think we need to understand
what drove her to it.

What psychological demon she's
been fighting her entire life.

Your honor.

I'll ask you to confine
your questioning

to her professional

in the four days at issue.

I was just getting to that.

Also, your honor, due to this
witness's increasing aggression,

I would like to ask the court

for permission
to treat her as hostile.

- Objection.
- What? Again?

Confine your questions
to the witness, Mr. Lewis.

I apologize, your honor.

I'm still learning.

I didn't go to Harvard,
like Mr. Barba.

Come on.

Jury will disregard
that last remark.

And, yes, I will allow you

to treat her
as a hostile witness.

Proceed, Mr. Lewis.

Miss Benson,
you've been an SVU detective

for what, 15 years?


And in that time,
you've spoken

to hundreds of rape victims,

hundreds of rapists?

- Yes.
- Do you work long hours?

Take your work home with you?

It's part of the job.

Do you have a lot
of accrued vacation hours?

I guess. Yes.

So your life is your work,
isn't it?

Over time, your world view has
narrowed to victims and rapists.

- I wouldn't say that.
- No?

Well, the jury has heard
your captain testify

that he was worried about you

after your second case
against me was dropped.

Isn't that right?

My whole squad was upset.

Yeah, but you were the only
one who he ordered to go home,

take some time off,
weren't you?

I'm sorry, I can't hear you.

Can... can you speak up?

Yes, I was!

Thank you.

So, social isolation,

long-term immersion
in sexual assaults,

and a recent
public loss of face.

All of that preceded
our four days together.

Is that right?

You broke into my apartment,

tied me up,
and held a gun to my head.

We know that's your story,

but none of your
fellow detectives

could find or even fake

any signs of forced entry,
could they?

- Objection.
- What are you...

I'll allow it.

Witness will answer.

I don't know
how you got in...

But you did.

I teleported myself,

Or maybe you invited me in.

You were the last person that
I wanted to see that night.

That night,
when I "broke in,"

were you armed
when you came home?


So why didn't you
just pull your gun on me?

I froze.

An experienced detective

didn't hear me come in,

didn't see any signs
of forced entry.

She just froze.

So you're telling me that you
didn't invite me in,

but clearly,
you react differently to me

than you do to hundreds
of other men that you've...

- No, no, I don't.
- No?

What about your partner?

Your partner testified
the first time

that you interrogated me,

you were flirting with me.

You were trying to arouse me.

- I was playing a role.
- Were you?

The first night
we spent together,

you said that I tied you up,

that I was forcing alcohol
down your throat

and you didn't resist?

Was that part of your

You had a gun on me.

Whose gun?

First yours.

And then mine.

So we drank together,
we took drugs together,

we played
with each other sexually,

- you gave me your gun...
- You took my gun...

Your forced me to tie you up,
but we never had sex together,

- did we?
- No, we did not have sex.

So this was more
of a flirtation.

- More of a courtship?
- Objection, your honor.

I know you're giving
this man latitude,

but he has crossed over.

He is using this trial
to humiliate

and retraumatize
detective Benson.


Proceed, Mr. Lewis.


Let's just skip forward
to our last day together

at the beach house.

Even though you said
that I spent four days

holding you hostage,
forcing you to drink alcohol,

forcing you to take drugs,
holding you against your will,

we still hadn't
had sex at this point?

Rape isn't sex.

Can we agree that there
was no sexual penetration

in all this time?

I know this is embarrassing
for you.

But didn't you attempt
to seduce me

by trying to excite me with
sexual stories from past cases?

It was a tactic
to stay alive.

Was it also a tactic
when you told me

I was the best
you've ever seen?

That you knew
how to get me off?


I said all those things.

I was trying to buy time.

And when I refused
to participate

in your twisted rape fantasy,

did you start to get angry?

Did you start to goad me on?

I wonder if... if you're
not man enough to get it up

for a real woman.

But I still resisted
your advances, didn't I?

I think we both remember
what happened next.

You became violent.

I was trying to stay alive.

We both know
that's not what happened!

Wasn't I handcuffed?

Didn't you beat me?

Didn't you send the housekeeper
and her daughter home?

Tell them not to call
the police?

I was trying
to save their lives.

You were trying
to be alone with me!

You came into the bedroom,

started talking to me
about your romantic fantasies

about your ex-partner.

How he would have known
what to do with me.

He would have.

We shared so many intimate
secrets that day, didn't we?

I told you about my father.

I asked you about yours.

I told you that I
didn't wanna hear it.

When I asked you about yours,

you got really upset,
didn't you?

That's when you lost it
and you started attacking me.

You beat me
with that metal bar.

I was only trying
to keep you subdued.

I'm sorry, wh...
I was already subdued.

Wasn't I handcuffed?

As an NYPD officer,
you would have handcuffed me

before you left the room
to go talk to the maid

and her daughter, right?

Yes, and I did handcuff you.

But when I went
to talk to the maid,

you had somehow managed to free
yourself of your restraints.

I broke free
of my restraints.

I broke free from being
handcuffed to an iron bed...

- I did it.
- You did it?

Am I Houdini?

Wasn't I already incapacitated

from you pistol whipping me
in the skull?

I did what I had to do
to subdue you.

Broken ribs, ruptured spleen,
crushed my kneecap.

I did what I had to do
to subdue you.

I died in that ambulance
four times.

Did you know that?
You had a gun.

Why didn't you just shoot me?

I think it's because
you wanted me to suffer.

You wanted me to writhe
in pain on the floor.

- You wanted to hear me scream...
- I did what I had to do...

- And scream for my life.
- To subdue you.

I have a limp now.
I've lost my hearing.

I am partially blind.

Did you or did you not
brutally beat me

within an inch of my life

while I was lying helpless,
handcuffed to the bed?

You had broken free...

Of your restraints...

And I did what I had to do...

To subdue you.

You and I
both know that's a lie.


We know so much about each
other, don't we?

Mr. Lewis?

We shared a bond
those four days,

- didn't we?
- No.

A bond that nobody else
can understand,

but I understand
what you're going through.

I know.
If you admit that you're lying

about beating me, the floodgates
just open up, don't they?

And then everything
that you have said

could be a lie.

- Your honor, objection.
- Sustained.

- Mr. Lewis.
- Withdrawn, your honor.

Nothing further.

He's gonna walk.
The jury knows that I lied.

The jury saw him attack you.
They didn't like it.

We repaired
a lot of the damage.

That forewoman,

- he's playing her.
- So what?

Barba's gonna tear him apart.

Don't chance it.
Take the deal.

He wants to allocute
about raping me?

He's already humiliated me,
what's a few more hours?

Liv, I have
a bulletproof answer tree.

100 questions.

No matter which way he answers
on the stand tomorrow,

he'll end up in jail for
the rest of his natural life.

Court will come to order
please, ladies and gentlemen.

Mr. Lewis, are you ready
to take the stand?

I was, your honor...

But since the prosecution
has failed to make its case,

I'm ready
for closing arguments.

At this point,
the defense rests.

The prosecution has told you
that I'm a bad man. A criminal.

The truth is,
I do have a temper.

I haven't always behaved
like an upright citizen.

I drink too much, act out.

I'm human.

But there's another,
more shocking truth.

Despite all of her denials,
those very qualities

are what attracted detective
Benson to me in the first place.

You've heard from her partner,
from her squadmates,

from herself... she was a woman
obsessed with me.

A woman who wanted
to experience the thrill

of being sexually involved
with the kind of man

she's been chasing
her entire career.

A dangerous man.

She wanted all of it.

She gave me her gun.

She willingly drank alcohol,

took drugs.

She was in a
hyper-aroused frenzy,

demanding that I tie her down

and sexually humiliate others

in front of her
for her enjoyment,

demanding I have sex
with her.

When I failed to satisfy
her increasingly perverted,

desperate demands,
she became violent...


I was handcuffed
to that bed frame.

She could have called
for backup.

She could have walked away.


She decided to beat me
with a metal bar

till I was almost dead.

Look at her.

Look at me.

I ask you,
who's the victim here?

How's Olivia doing?

She's a wreck.

Cassidy's with her.

Well, I don't blame her.

All this time,
still no decision.

What's the jury thinking?

We're gonna find out soon.

They've reached a verdict.

Ladies and gentlemen
of the jury,

in the case of the people
versus William Lewis,

have you reached a verdict?

We have, your honor.

But before we read it,

many of us
have serious reservations

about the conduct
of detective Benson

that we're not sure
how to address.

That's not in your purview.

Still, we want that
on the record.


On the charge
of attempted murder,

we find the defendant,
William Lewis, not guilty.

On the charge
of attempted rape,

we find the defendant
not guilty.

I gotta go.

On the charge of assault
on a police officer,

we find the defendant guilty.

On the charge of kidnapping,

we find the defendant guilty.

Members of the jury,
the state of New York

thanks you for your service.

You are dismissed.

William Lewis,
you are remanded to Rikers

where you
will await sentencing.

You did it, counselor.

- Liv did it.
- Congratulations.

- I can't believe it's over.
- It's over.

I'm gonna request the maximum.
25 to life.

Let's get you home.

Liv, you coming?

Could you just give me a minute?


William, can you hear me?

It's doctor Cole.
It's Janice.

I think... I think...

I think I had a seizure.
My heart is racing.

You're gonna make it.

We're gonna get you out of here.

Just hold on.

Stay with me.
It's gonna be okay.

- sync and corrections by Zac -
- -