Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 14, Episode 20 - Girl Dishonored - full transcript

SVU discovers that a college may be covering up rape accusations against the members of a fraternity and shaming the victims into backing down.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses
are considered

especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

- You look nice.
- Aw, thanks.

Friday night date
with Cassidy?

Uh, yeah, sort of.

We're taking his mom out

to an early bird dinner.

He'll make it up
to me later.

His mom?
You two getting serious?

Well, I wouldn't say we're
picking out china patterns,

but you know,
it's a nice fit.

- Good for you.
- Thanks.

- You up to anything?
- Um, no.

tonight I'll be at home

picking out china patterns.
[Elevator dings]

I'm still refurnishing
my cleaned-out apartment.

Besides, my neighborhood
Friday night,

bunch of college kids
getting drunk.



Do you want to join
Nu Iota Pi?

Yes, I want to join
Nu Iota Pi.

"Cat food."
I can't.

Do you want to be an NIP,
a nipple girl?

Yes, I want to be
a nipple girl.

You, lie down.


Now, eat.

Lindsay, do you want to be
a nipple girl?


[Dance music plays]


We're supposed to be
wearing green.

Well, I don't have
anything green.

And I don't get why
we have to--

- Hello?
It's a traffic light party.

Red means that you're taken,
yellow is maybe,

and green is DTF.

- A white blouse?
- Hey, she needs a sticker.

Yeah. Oh, much better.

And you need a drink.
You're 21, right?

Just nod yes.

Go get Travis.

He looks busy.

Do you want to pledge
or not?

Look, I had to do
the same thing.


You ladies need
Walking Dead shots?

Semi-liquid courage.

Trust me, it helps.

[All shouting, cheering]

[Camera shutter clicks]


Sorry, I know it's stupid.

- My sorority sisters said--
- I get it.

Our pledges have it
even worse.

They have to get video
of poonspeeding.

You don't want to know.

Okay. Thanks. Bye.

Well... what's the hurry?

You're cute.
How 'bout a kiss?

Green means go.

I guess.


- Um, I should get back.
- Oh, not yet.

Come on,
we're just having fun.

[Strained cries]

Wait! Please, no!

No! Aah!

We're just getting started.



Aah! No!

A little sloppy's okay,
but don't pass out on me.

You're funny.

[Girl crying]

- What was that?
- I didn't hear anything.

Come on, Joe,
don't be a tease.

[Faint sobbing]
No, shh.

There's someone up here.

[Crying continues]

get down from there!

Which way is down?

Lindsay, please. Okay?

Just come down and talk.


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hi, I'm Leo Barth.

Campus security director.
How can I help you?

We're here to speak
with Lindsay Bennett.

I'll save you the paperwork.
It's Hell Week for the frats.

She was drunk,
walking on the roof ledge.

Good samaritan grabbed her.

But she's fine now.

Well, we got the call,
so we have to follow up.

Now? She's still pretty

I'm Eileen Bennett,

Lindsay's mother.
I called.

I think she has been raped.

Ma'am, it's a campus
security matter.

I want her to talk
to real police.

- Is she lucid now?
- Yes. Absolutely.

We'll keep you
in the loop, Leo.

Lindsay called
at 2:00 in the morning

in hysterics, crying
that she wanted to come home.

You said she was raped?

At a fraternity.

She said she had sex,
and she didn't want to.

Lindsay's shy,

I should have known
that she wasn't ready.

For boys?

For pledge parties,
for the city,

for drinking.

I knew something terrible
would happen to her.

Come on.

My mom called the police?

I don't even remember
what I told her.

Can you tell me
what you do remember?

You were at Tau Omega.

I was...
talking to this guy,

Travis, in his room.

The door was open.

He--he asked to kiss me.

Then what happened?

He started to move
too fast.

I--I asked him
to slow down.

I'd never gone
all the way before.

You're a virgin?


Did you ever say "No"
or stop"?

I said stop, and then
two other guys came in.

After that, it--
it all happened so quickly.

They were--they were all
on top of me.

Did you know
the other two boys?

They're in the frat,
I think.

Carter and... Wesley.

I didn't get a good look
at their faces.


And then what happened?

I tri--I tried to say no,

but Travis...
forced my mouth open...

And the other two...

one in front...
one in--in back.

And it hurt so much.

I could hear them laughing...

high-fiving each other.

But please, don't tell my mom
it was three of them.

Okay, sweetie,
it's over now. Okay?

I am gonna ask you
to get a rape kit done. Okay?

Then you can shower
and get cleaned up.

I already showered.

Campus security told the nurse
it was okay.

Did he know that
you'd been raped?

He didn't ask.
I had marker on my body.

- I wanted to get it off.
- Those boys drew on you?

No, no, it's part
of Hell Week.

The sisters circle
your body fat.

But if I make trouble,
they won't let me pledge.

You said she's sheltered.

Is that out of character?

She had a lot
of Walking Dead shots.

And she had
a pledge challenge.

She had to get a pic
of Travis' thing.

It is Hell Week.
Some girls get too drunk.

So you sent a drunk girl
to ask a frat guy

to pull his pants down?

I did it when I was
a pledge.

No one's forced to do anything
they're uncomfortable with.

That's how you felt.

Are you sure that Lindsay felt
the same way?

If Lindsay's saying
something happened,

then maybe it's because
she's embarrassed

that she got slutty.

Lindsay Bennett, freshman.
She's home-schooled.

From upstate.
A virgin.

She's hazed by her sorority.
She drinks too much,

and she's gang-raped
by three Tau Omega brothers.

That frat again.

Anybody at the party
confirm her story?

Yeah. Her sorority sisters
admit that she was assigned

to get a photo
of Travis' package.

And they're slut-shaming her
for anything else that happened.

Great. Mean girls.
And what about Travis.

BMOC. Rhodes scholar.
Headed to Oxford.

So she says once
she gets her trophy pic,

he puts the moves on her,
gets aggressive.

And then two other brothers
come in out of nowhere,

and she's pretty sure
on the ID.

It's Wesley Grimes
and Carter Pressman.

"Pretty sure"?
Just how drunk was she?

Very. And the rape kit's
a mess.

The nurse let her shower
before we got there.

Where was
campus security?

Doing their best
to make this go away.

We've seen this before.

School circles the wagons,
the frat boys laugh it off.

No more.
Go after 'em hard.

Yeah, Lindsay and me
hooked up last night.

Not my proudest moment.
Nice body, butterface.

There's a silver lining.

Girls like that
can get pretty kinky.

She claims you forced her.

More the other way around.

She came into my room,
wearing green.

Asked me to unzip for a photo.
She was DTF.

Was she?

Did you double-check
with Lindsay

before you and your buddies
triple-teamed her?

Come on, a walk of shame
is one thing,

but calling it rape?

The girl got drunk
and went wild.

She was sober enough
to ID the three of you.

in serious trouble here.

- She wanted it.
- She wanted it?

You could tell all that
while she was crying

and saying no?

You're right, ma'am.
She did say no.

As in, "No, don't stop.

Please don't stop."

She got three guys off.

Look, I'm no psych major,
but these freshman girls

get wasted as an excuse
to experiment sexually.

And the next day,
they're all embarrassed.

She's not embarrassed.
She was raped.

Hold on.
She went into Travis' room.

She got down on all fours
on his bed.

Now, was that before
or after

she invited you
and your buddy in?

That was the invitation.
Door was open, man.

Whatever that girl
told her mother or the cops,

- she's into me.
- Shut up.

We're gonna confiscate
your cell phone,

all your frat brothers' phones,
your iPads.

Wait, wait.
What's this?

Scroll down.

She sent it this morning.

But I got a screen grab

I guess after last night,
Lindsay wants some more.

You sent a topless photo
of yourself to Travis?

He--he asked me to.
He texted me.

He said he wanted
to hook up again.

It was stupid.

I thought--I thought
maybe he still liked me.

The photo was supposed to
disappear after seven seconds.

Nothing disappears
from the internet ever.

I know. He posted it
on TSU-Underground.

They're calling me
a slut--

saying I'm spreading

Okay, okay.
That's horrible,

and we can try
and make that stop,

but just don't contact
those guys again.

What about them?
The whole frat is texting me.

"You gotta have it."
"We got mo' for you."

"Can you even walk today?"

I can't. I'm sorry.
I made a mistake.

I can't do this.
What happened last night,

I wanted it.

You wanted
to lose your virginity

to three boys at once...

who laughed at you,
who hurt you?

Pressing charges is gonna
make matters worse.

I know what happened
to Renee.

- Renee?
- Yeah.

- Another student?
- Yeah.

- What happened to her?
- Travis Holmes happened to her.

- When?
- Last year.

Everybody talks about her,
how she cried rape.

The school didn't believe her.
She went crazy.

They locked her up
in a psych ward.


The photo that Lindsay
snapchatted went viral at TSU.

She's "Slut Of The Week."

Well, there goes our case.

Doesn't matter.
She's backing off her complaint.

I don't blame her.

The frat guys also posted
shots of Lindsay

flirting with Travis
at the party.

- She's clearly drunk.
- Well, that may be,

but these photos
don't help her story.

So boys will be boys,
and girls get raped?

Lindsay's scared.

Okay, she told me that
there was this girl last year,

Renee, who alleged rape,
and nobody believed her.

According to school rumor,

the girl has been

All right, so what do we know
about this Renee?

I got something.

From last spring.

We got a first name
and a photo--let's find her.

Renee Clark.

She committed herself
in January.

you're here for Renee.

I'm sorry, I just got
your message.

Today's not a good day.

We really need
to speak with her.

She's a potential witness

in a rape investigation.

Not now.

She's already been

Today's her first round
of ECT.

Electroshock treatment?

Won't that affect
her memory?

- It's a possibility.
- Well, then, stop it, now.

Well, that's not up to me.

Renee asked
for this therapy.

It's her choice.

Charge to 800 milliamps.


[Electricity buzzes]


Renee has come out
of the sedative, now.

Her short-term recall
will be fuzzy.

But one round of treatment

shouldn't affect
long-term memory.

Is this about her assault?

Hers and another student's.

I know you have
a job to do,

but she's been
in a severe depression.

She opted for ECT
to put the assault behind her.

In my experience,
a survivor can heal

much more quickly
if they're listened to.

She's been heard here,

but the way the school
handled the assault,

it continually
re-traumatized her.

Does she have
a support system in place?

I mean family, friends?

She's been here ten weeks.
No visitors.

Father's gone,
mother's in rehab.

Well, we don't want
to trigger her,

but her assailant
may have raped again.

I understand.

But Renee's leery
of authority.

Let me talk to her first.

Renee, if you feel tired
or upset,

let the detectives know.

They've assured me
they'll back off.

- I'm okay.
- Buzz if you need me.

She told you
why we're here?

That someone else was raped.

The police need to pretend
they care?

Look, we know that
you've been through a lot.

You have no idea.

Well, then, tell us.

I told the story
a dozen times,

and no one believed me
until I ended up here.

I'm sorry that it took so long
for us to find you,

and I know how hard it is
to talk about again.

But if you give us a chance,
I promise you, Renee,

it'll be different this time.

No, the only thing
that's gonna make it different

is frying my brain until
I can't remember any of it.

The boy who assaulted you,

we think he's the one
who assaulted the student.

You know what I'd tell her?
To shut up about Travis,

or they'll go after her.

- The fraternity?
- Them and the school.

When I filed charges,
Dean Meyerson

tried to make it out
to be my fault.

And when I posted online
about what a sham

their investigation was,
I got a letter saying

that they'd charge me
with a violation

of the TSU honor code--

that I was intimidating
my rapist!

That place...

Nothing's gonna change them.

So Renee Clark is still saying
that she was raped?

- Mm-hmm.
- Renee is a troubled girl.

Issues with drugs,

Was she troubled before she
was assaulted on your campus?

Actually, yes.
She comes from a broken home.

She overcompensated by being
a good enough student

to get a scholarship,

she's had a hard time
fitting in.

What we call a mismatch.

We're not talking about
making the dean's list.

We're talking about
the second girl

that said she was raped
at the same fraternity

by the same student.

We'd just like to see your files
on the incident.

They're sealed.

Renee Clark made,
then withdrew,

unsupportable accusations
against a fellow student.

- Mm-hmm.
- I feel sorry for her.

But short of destroying
someone else's reputation,

we've done everything we can
to help her.

"Unsupportable accusations"?

- Did you interview Renee?
- I did.

And so did Talia Blaine.
She's an experienced counselor.

That's a direct quote
from her.

Renee believed she was raped.
He denies it.

I wasn't there.

And these stories
are always complicated.

Drugs and/or alcohol,
young, emotional girls.

And privileged,
aggressive boys.

So these stories,
how many of them took place

- at Tau Omega?
- Off the record?

The students call the frat
"The Rape Factory."

It's their idea
of a joke.

And the school doesn't
shut 'em down?

How? They're also called
"The Water Walkers."

A lot of legacies,
scholar athletes.

Smart, from good homes.

The dean doesn't want
to destroy these boys' futures

on a drunken accusation.

Is that why
you made Renee feel

that the rape was her fault

and why you told her
to drop the charges?

Is that what she said?
I was prepping her

for the questions
she'd get at the hearing.

"Did you go to the frat?
Did you make out with him?

Why did you wait so long
to report?"

I get it.
We do the same thing.

I just wanted her to know
what she'd be getting into.

She decided on her own that
it would be best to move on.

I told them last time I don't
want to talk about it anymore.

They went to the school,

They know what you told them
is the truth.

The school admitted that?

They told us
their side of the story,

tried to rationalize
their actions.

But what they
put you through

would drive anyone
over the edge.

So you're saying
I'm not crazy.

No, you're not crazy.
We want to help you,

and we want Travis
held accountable

for what he's done.

And we need your help.

in a few months,

Travis goes off to Oxford.

I can do this.

Your assault...
it was a year ago?

Right before
Christmas break.

On a Friday night.

I ran into Travis
in the student center.

I knew him
from my econ class.

We started talking,

then he invited me
to his frat house

to watch
It's A Wonderful Life.

My dorm was empty.
I was lonely.

So I went.

So what happened
when you got there?

He gut us both beers
and brownies,

and I guess
they had pot in them,

'cause I got dizzy.

And we sat on the couch,
under a blanket,

and no one else
was in the house,

so it was--
it was nice at first.

And then he kissed me.

And then?

And then he got me,
and he shoved his hand

down my jeans,
put a finger inside me.

- Did you ask him to stop?
- Yes.

I tried to push him off,

but he slapped me.

He pinned my arms
above my head...

unzipped his pants,
and he--

he told me that he--
he knew I wanted it.

And then he turned me over
and he raped me.

And what happened
after that, Renee?

When he was finished...

he told me that he had
a flight to catch.

There was a town car

He gave me a ride
back to my dorm.

And did you tell anybody?


The campus
was mostly deserted,

and I just--I stayed in bed
and tried to forget.

And when did you finally
report it to the school?


But the head of campus security
said I waited too long.

And then you met
with Dean Meyerson?

And she asked me
about my family and my grades,

and if I'd had
any other bad hookups.

So how did you get here?

I had a bad night.

took some sleeping pills.

My roommate
called campus security.

And they showed up.
I started screaming,

and they, um...

they put me
in a straitjacket

in front of everyone.

Said if I didn't admit myself,
they'd commit me.

I'm so sorry.

Now do you understand why
I wanted the ECT?

These three guys, we need
to bring them in now.

Mm-hmm, and then what?

No rape kits, no witnesses.

Lindsay won't press charges.

Renee is locked up

in Laguardia Psychiatric.

All right, counselor,
we get it.

So the rape factory just keeps
churning out victims.

- Rape factory?
- That's the frat's nickname

on campus.

Okay, that helps.

Two victims
does not a factory make.

- Find the others.
- That's easy for you to say.

Oh, what's the matter?

NYPD run out of trojan horses?

No more it's just
a woman's problem.

Guys, it's yours too.

These girls could be
your sisters, your friends.

It's not okay
to look the other way.

If you see something,
step up, stop it,

or call us for help.

And just to be clear,
it does not matter

if you were flirting
with a guy,

dancing with him,
or even

if you started making out
with him on his bed.

That's right.
You have the right

to say no to sex anytime.

And if you say no,
and he doesn't listen,

that's rape.

Thank you, detectives.

I'd also like to remind
all female students

that campus security
has decided to provide

safety shuttle buses
on Friday and Saturday nights.

Don't walk home alone.
Don't make yourself a target.

And finally,
if anyone here

has been sexually assaulted,

or you know anyone
that has,

it's never too late
to come forward.

Denying the pain
doesn't make it go away.

I'll leave these here.
Pass 'em out to your friends.

Thank you.

Glad you came today,

I wish I hadn't.

It felt like everyone
was staring at me.

I thought what we were
saying in there

resonated with a lot
of students.

- Then go talk to them.
- Lindsay...

What happened?
How's she doing?

She hasn't hit bottom...

but she's not ready
to come forward.

- Detective Benson?
- Yes, Alyson?

Can I help you?

I don't know.

It happened
three years ago.

you just found another case

that completely
undercuts itself.

She was raped
by the fraternity.

Why does she organize
mixers for them?

She's not
the only victim.

We have statements
from three other girls

in her sorority,
and six others reporting

sexual assault
at Tau Omega.

All of them drunken
"he said, she saids"?

Any repeat offenders?

Yeah, Travis Holmes.
He's a serial.

And Wesley and Carter
were each implicated

in three other cases.

Plus, there's been some boys
that have already graduated.

Let me ask you this--

anyone's name
only come up once?

Alyson says she was assaulted
three years ago

by Travis and Joe Dawson.

Joe Dawson
was the good samaritan

that saved Lindsay
on the roof.

You think he'd turn
on his fraternity brothers?

Most of these rapists
are sociopaths.

Some of these guys,
they go along with it one time,

then they realize
they made a mistake.

They have
a guilty conscience.

Or they're scared
of the legal system.

Either way,
work this guy.

Three years ago?

Alyson said I raped her?

We just planned the traffic
light party together.

She can't say that now.

It's within the statute
of limitations.

Are you prelaw?

Then you should know
every law school checks

if you've even been accused
of a felony.

- You can't do that.
- Yes, we can.

But we don't have to.

- Was this your idea?
- Or your frat brothers'?

She said it was
a gang rape.

I know this wasn't a rape.

I asked the head
of campus security.

You reported yourself
to campus security?

I was... confused
about what happened.

You mean you knew
you'd crossed the line.

I wasn't sure.
We were all kinda stoned.

That doesn't matter,

She said
she didn't want it.

I mean, maybe
she's saying that now.

But after it happened,
I texted her and asked her out.

She said yes.

This Leo Barth's idea?

You weren't sure
if you raped her,

so afterwards
you asked her out?

Barth told me to,
as a test.

She texted back right away,
"Joe, I can't wait."

I showed Barth,
and he said

there's no way
a rape victim would say that.

What about Travis?
Did Barth tell him

to text Lindsay?

I heard that wasn't
a rape either.

Look, this isn't
what other frats are about.

These guys,
they're criminals.

They're not your brothers.

Look, I'm sorry that girl
had a bad night.

But Travis?
Why would a guy like that

need to rape somebody?

Yeah, I told Joe
it wasn't rape.

The girl, Alyson,
never made a complaint.

Texted him the next day.

After you told him
to text her.

I didn't tell her
to text him back.

I figured if she'd been raped,
she would have come to me,

filed charges--
my door's always open.

Yeah, just like
with Lindsay?

Her clothes were torn.
She was hysterical.

And you okayed her
taking a shower.

And you figured what,
she tore her own clothes off?

Listen, you should see
this place on Sunday morning.

These kids away from home
for the first time,

they're all out of control.

I should turn in a guy
every time a girl puts out

and doesn't get flowers
the next day?

Excuse me?

Listen, I'm just trying
to keep these kids alive.

All right? Make sure
they don't drink and drive

or OD or get knifed.

I can't police their bedrooms.

Campus security
coached this Joe

on how to derail
a rape victim?

Yeah, because they're
keeping rape stats down.

It's just like cooking
the books for CompStat.

Blaming victims,
shaming 'em--

- it's university policy.
- It's all about control.

I mean, they do
their own investigations.

If the school decides that
no crime has been committed,

it's dropped--
no press, no police.

We need to go after
the school.

And charge 'em
with what?

That's the great part
about being a DA.

I don't have to
decide that right now.

I can convene a grand jury.

You think they'll come in,
waive immunity,

- and testify?
- They have to.

They don't want word
to leak out that they're

not cooperating.

And you know my office,

it leaks like a church roof.

What about
these frat boys?

The first rule of bureaucracy
is self-preservation.

Those boys become
a liability,

they will cut them loose

I'm not mad at Alyson
for sending me in there.

It's not her fault.

Well, if you and she
testified, Lindsay--

To what? I've decided
it never happened.

I've let it go.

Sweetheart, that's--

that's not gonna work.

Okay, have you talked
to someone?

- A therapist--
- Why?

I'm all better now.


Um, if you need anything,
you call--

I should go.
Good-bye, Detective Rollins.

Why didn't I come forward?

Well, part of it was
peer pressure.

I didn't want the sorority
to blackball me

or call me a slut.

Were there any other

I also spoke to the head
of campus security.

Mr. Barth said sex was
like a football game.

Sometimes when you watch
your game tape,

you can see your mistakes
and do better next time.

What did you take that
to mean?

That I had made
a mistake.

That it was my fault.

And how did Tau Omega
treat you?

They started posting
top ten tips for rape.

Like spike her drink.

I was number seven.

"Go for white trash,
like Renee Clark.

They'll be grateful
for the attention."

Was the school aware
of this?

I filed multiple

but I never got taken off

The dean said
it was free speech.

Why did you decide to withdraw
your rape allegation?

Talia told me that
the disciplinary--

Talia--I'm sorry.

Talia Blaine,
the school counselor?


She told me that
at the disciplinary hearing,

I would have to sit
with my attacker

and listen to him
call me a liar.

And what happened
after that?

I got severely depressed,

and eventually agreed
to the school's suggestion

I be institutionalized.

And are you back
at the school now?


I can only return to school
with parental supervision.

My parents are not
very involved,

so I'm basically expelled.

And the student
whom you accused of rape?

He'll graduate this year.

With honors.

He'll be attending Oxford
in the fall.

So you were a freshman student
on scholarship

a long way from home.

Do you feel that the school
looked out for you?

I was raped
on their campus...

not believed by security,

and advised to forget it
by their counselor.

And when I got depressed,
they said I was crazy,

and they had me committed.

Please don't let them get away
with what they've done to me.

You were very brave, Renee.
The jurors were listening.

What happens now?

We move for an indictment
against the school,

hope they stop protecting
Travis and the other boys.

And me?

We need to get you back
to the hospital.

I'm gonna tell them.

I've decided to stop
the ECT.

Just being believed,
I feel so much better.

I want to go back to school.

Back to Tompkins Square?

I don't want them to win.

Well, maybe we can
figure out a way

the parental supervision rule.

What's your gut
on the jury?

They believed the girls.

Well, that's the easy part,
isn't it?

Now comes the fun part.

By now, the school
should be in a frenzy.

Emergency meetings,
covering up evidence.

You mean you're smelling
the blood in the water.

Aren't you?

As the school's
mental health counselor,

you advised Renee Clark
not to go through

with the disciplinary hearing?

She was depressed,
anxious about being in the room

with her alleged attacker.

I wasn't going to lie
to her.

I told her that can sometimes
lead to feelings

of re-victimization.

Isn't it also possible
that she was depressed

because of lack of support
from the school,

the dean, from you--

the counselor who was supposed
to look out for her?

I just don't want
these girls hurt.

- Or raped.
- Of course not.

After hearing multiple times
from multiple victims

accusations of rape
against Tau Omega,

did you ever warn
incoming freshman girls

not to attend parties
at that fraternity?

- That's not my job.
- That's not your job?

Okay, did you ever report
to the administration

that there was a problem
at that frat?

Yes, I did.

What was their response?

That Tau Omega had a long
and distinguished history,

that their alumni
are on the board.

I needed to keep things
in perspective.

Tau Omega recently held
a rush event

where frat brothers
were captured on video

chanting, "No means yes.
Yes means anal."

You approve permits
for events like this,

is that correct?

I don't approve,

but TSU students
have the right to assemble,

and the right to free speech.

How about this?

"Rush Tau Omega. We don't take
'no' for an answer."

You approve this design?

It was sold
by an alumni organization,

so it was outside
my purview.

Is it true that members
of Tau Omega

were seen on campus wearing
this t-shirt for months

despite numerous complaints
to your office?

We don't ban
t-shirt slogans at TSU

no matter what
I find offensive.

Our students
chose a progressive

liberal arts university
for a reason.

How many sex crimes

has your office reported
in the last three years?

- A few dozen.
- 25.

At a school
with 20,000 undergrads.

Did you know that most schools
the size of TSU have at least

triple your number
of sex crimes?

Those low numbers,
they prove

our safety initiatives
are working.

Or maybe they prove
that you've just thrown out

incident reports whenever
your issues were resolved.


Did you ever see a report
with sexual assault charges

that was later retracted?

We are required
by the Clery Act

to disclose all crimes
that any employee

becomes aware of.

Yes or no?

No, to the best
of my knowledge.

To the best
of your knowledge.

Were you coached to say that,

or are you just adept
at dissembling?

No means no.

I never hid reports
or charges.

The dean didn't give up
the boys.

Instead, she claims
that they reported

every complaint
they ever received.

- So she lied on the stand.
- Yeah.

Now I just have
to prove it.

Her head of security
is a good soldier,

but that counselor,
she was wavering.

[Cell phone rings]
She's feeling guilty.

Maybe you're right.
It's Talia.


[Siren in distance]

Oh, my God.

What happened?
She jumped. From the roof.

She was standing
on the edge.

Some students saw her,
tried to talk her down,

but by the time
security got there--

They were too late.

I have to go call
her mother.

I just talked
to her yesterday.

This isn't your fault,

- You did everything you could.
- Come on.

No, no, she was pink clouding,
and I knew it.

Hey, Joe. Hey.

Last time we talked, you said
you felt bad for Lindsay.

How do you feel now?

You're different
than these other guys, Joe.

I know it, you know it.
You saved her the other night.

But after
what they did to her,

it was only a matter
of time, right?

So I'm gonna ask you again.

If nothing happened to her,
why'd she jump?

It did happen.

All right?
She was telling the truth.

All of us, including me,
we just--

we laughed at her.

She couldn't say "no"
with her mouth full.

We raped her dead.

We raped her gang-bang
gangnam style!


Three of us
at the same time--

that girl was airtight!


Took it
with his cell phone

the night of the party.

And what they were saying,

I knew it was wrong,

I'm sorry.

You should be.

I'll call Barba.

We raped her dead.

We raped her gang-bang
gangnam style!


Three of us
at the same time.

That girl was airtight.

Don't say
we didn't warn you.

I had no idea
about any of this.

If I had,
I would've taken action.

Dean Meyerson, please.

You took plenty of action

that led to this.

Not shutting down
these frats,

hiding reports.

These fraternities
have been here

for over a century.

- And I never hid reports.
- That was your testimony.

But after Lindsay's suicide,
we got a lot of calls,

emails, zip drives.

You've made some enemies.

What do you want?

The dean is willing
to resign at the end of June.

Two days ago, great,
but I have evidence

of perjury and obstruction.

Affidavits from your
mental health counselor

and campus patrol
that school policy was

"Don't tell, don't report."

A year's probation
at most, Dean Meyerson.

Not quite.
We're charging Travis Carter

and Wesley with multiple
counts of rape.

And you and Mr. Barth,
from campus security,

are being named
as accessories.

Accessory to rape?

No. I had nothing
to do with that.

If you want to come back,
you can tell that

to the Grand Jury.

You already waived
your immunity.

I'm so sorry,
Mrs. Bennett.


She wouldn't talk
about it.

Told me to go home.

I wanted to give her space.

I talked to Lindsay
the day before.

You know, she was so...

- I should have known.
- No.

It's the boys,

the school...

They killed my baby.

I home-schooled her
her whole life.

I was always afraid
to let her go.

You sure you want
to be here?

I want to pay
my respects.

The school said
they'd let me come back.

They accepted your offer
to supervise me.

I'm very happy
to hear that.

You know,
I was thinking about

maybe starting a kind of
support group on campus.

So, you know, survivors know
that they're not alone.

You think
that's a good idea?

Yeah, I do.

Sync & corrections by Alex1969