Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 14, Episode 15 - Deadly Ambition - full transcript

After Amanda kills the father of her pregnant sister's child after what she believes is an attack, SVU discovers that Amanda was just a pawn in the sister's sinister plot to get rid of him and become rich.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

SVU is 84.
Domestic shots fired.

We're waiting
at the scene for ESU.

- Copy that, SVU.
- Please, don't hurt me!

The hell with waiting.


Hands up!
Move away!

you better bounce!

Where the guns, bitch?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Back up! Do not resist!


Got you, Amanda.

Don't laugh, Fin.
You were next.

SVU detectives tend to see
women as victims.

- You turn your back--
- No, we get it.

Lieutenant, we up next?
Let's rock and roll.

I have to go in with him?

Range is closed!


We want to avoid
civilian causalities.

Captain, if I'm shooting,
I'm emptying the whole gat.

Uh, other than Wild Bill
Hickok here, how'd we do?

Amaro, nice center
mass grouping.

Benson, dead on.

Rollins is Annie Oakley,

Close to perfect.

Who's there?

Amanda, it's me.

Oh, my God, Kim.

Hi to you too.

- I called, but--
- How did you get in here?

I made a key
last time I was here.

I hope you don't mind.

It's 10 PM.
Why do you have sunglasses on?

Oh, no.
Is it Jeff?

He hit you? I--

All right, just stop being
a cop for a second, okay?

I got good news.

I'm pregnant.

You're gonna be an aunt.


Sync & corrections by Alex1969

And Jeff is the father.

You told me you were done
with him.

Well, I was,
until Thanksgiving.

Does he know
about the baby?

He didn't mean to hurt me.

He just lost his temper.

And does Jeff
know you're in New York?


I told him it was over, but I
think he's on his way here.

He won't listen to me.

He'll listen to me.

Get some sleep.
I'll take the couch.

I'm so lucky to have you,


I covered for you.

My sister's back in town.

What's her problem now?

She's pregnant,
and Jeff's the father.

Her abusive ex.
She broke it off with him,

but I guess he followed her
up here, so--

Look, if he's stalking her,
get a temp order.

- She know where he is?
- She could find out.

We'll go talk to him,
man to man.

No, no,

y'all don't need to get dragged
into my family business.

Forget it.
We got your back, Amanda.

Jeff Parker,
Kim's not coming to meet you.

put you up to this?

She's crazy.

Kim's moved on.
So should you.

You guys
got it all wrong.

She--she called me,
all right?

She said she missed me.
Asked me to come up.

Was that before or after you
gave her a black eye?

you touch her again,

we send you back to Georgia
with your ass in a sling.

So they let you take a long
lunch whenever you want?

Must be nice,
being a detective.

You know,
just a heads up.

Nick and Fin talked to Jeff,
unofficial warning.

They didn't have to
do that.

Look, they're so little.

You want a boy or a girl?

Did the doctor tell you yet?

I told him I didn't
really want to know.

It's gonna be amazing,
having a baby.

It's not gonna be easy,
on your own.

I'll have you, right?

Hey, I got something
to say to you!

Hey, hey, hey, hey!
How'd you find us?

If you don't want to
be found,

then don't check in
on Foursquare.

That was just a shout out
to my girls at the Huddle House.

You know what?
Get out of here, Jeff.

Can you butt out, Amanda?

I need to talk to my fiance.

No, I told you
that is not happening.

You know what?
You're done, Jeff, okay?

- Stay away from her.
- Or what?

You gonna
pull your gun out on me

in the middle
of a baby store?

You're not gonna
get another warning, okay?

This ain't over,
not by a long shot.

All right,
back to the questionnaire.

"The respondent has acted

in a way I consider dangerous
or threatening."


"The respondent
has access to guns."

we're from Georgia.

You think he'd bring
something with him?

Jeff knows all about
the new gun laws up here.

He's dumb,
but he's not that dumb.

You really have to do that?

The judge'll want proof
to grant the order.

This petition involves
two out-of-state residents?

But my sister is staying
with me now, Judge.

I mean, I'm taking

And Mr. Parker
followed her here.

All right, Detective.

I'm still concerned that none
of the alleged incidents

took place in New York,

but your sworn statement
does carry weight.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Just don't serve that

Thank you.

Benson and Fin
are serving the papers.

Wait, right now?

I should call him first.

No, no, absolutely not.

Okay, Kim, he gets within
spitting distance of you,

he gets arrested.

I'll explain how
all of it works later, okay?

I thought
we could have dinner?

I'll only be a few hours.

Jeff Parker.

This is a temporary order
of protection.

Consider yourself served.

Oh, man.

Is everyone in New York
in cahoots with Kim's sister?

- Don't violate the order.
- Me?

I need an order of protection.
Against both of them.

Why don't you just quit while
you're behind and go home?

Amanda can't keep me
from my baby.

Do you want us
to bring you in right now?

I didn't think so.

Hey, is--uh,
is Detective Rollins here?

You must be her sister.

Kim. Hi.

- You must be Nick.
- Yeah.

She did not tell me
how cute you are.

Good to meet you, Kim.

Uh, Amanda told me
she'd be here.

Uh, you know,
I have not seen her.

Have you tried her cell?

I left her a message.

But, um, is it okay
if I just wait for her here?

Yeah, sure.

Actually, um, y'all don't
got any change do you?

All my singles are crumpled.
For the vending machine?

I haven't really had a chance
to eat anything today.

You know, let's get you
a real meal, hmm?

- Do you like Chinese?
- Yeah, I love it.

I hear what you all are
saying about triggers,

'cause my sister

pushes all of my buttons.

She doesn't worry
about anything.

So I worry
about everything.

So Amanda walks in--
she's not even ten years old--

she picks up a squirrel gun
and says,

"You touch my mama again,
I'll blow your kneecaps off."

She hasn't really changed.


You two had it tough
growing up.

Yeah, well,
at least it wasn't boring.


What are you doing here?

Sorry, Nick.

No, it's okay.

We're having a nice time.

I don't do so well,

sitting alone
in your apartment, remember?

Our pizza delivery rapist
struck again.

He switched
to the West Side.

Our vic is
on her way to St. Luke's.

Who's up?

Uh, I'll call Liv,
have her meet me.

No, no.
I mean, it's okay.

I'm--I'm good to go.

Uh, you head home.

I've got a DVR now,
so I'll call you on my way back.

- Okay.
- We'll make sure

your sister gets a lift
to your place.

Thank you, Captain.

Amanda told me how
you've always got her back.


Jeff, come on, stop.

- Kim?
- Get out of here!

Get off me!
Jeff, you're hurting me!

- Get off of her!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!

I told him he couldn't
be here, Amanda!

She called me, okay?
Tell her, Kim!

- No, I didn't!
- Get your hands up!

He's got a gun!

He had a gun.
She was screaming.

It was a good shoot.

So don't make
your first mistake

by answering questions.

I'm gonna tell you
what I told the captain.

You speak to no one but
your delegate or a lawyer.

Captain Cragen?
I'm Captain Reece.

She one of yours?

Detective Amanda Rollins,

And she won't answer
any questions

unless she has a delegate.

She's right.
Get her a delegate.

And if she says anything,
mirandize her.

Make it stick.

Lieutenant Tucker,
why are you here?

Officer-involved shooting,
her second in a year.

I see you haven't changed.

Save it.

What do we have?

Detective Rollins
walks in,

sees her sister being sexually
assaulted by the deceased.

Assailant had a gun.
Sister confirms.

We know how he got in the
apartment? He break the chain?

- No, that was me.
- Oh, you knew he had a gun.

Now is not the time,

I'll need her
for questioning.

After she gets
checked out.

Okay, but Kim needs an exam.
She's pregnant.

Captain Reece will see
that she gets there.

Amanda, let's go.

Detective Rollins, I'm your
delegate, Didi Denzler.

They'll do a complete tox screen
and blood alcohol level,

so if there's anything
we need to deal with--

There's not.

You should also talk to the
department psychologist ASAP.

You're making way more
out of this than--

than what it is.

He was raping my sister.
I mean, he had a gun.

And he's also
the father of her baby,

and a year from now
at Christmas,

she may not feel
the same way.

I don't go home
for Christmas.

Like I said, psychologist,
first thing tomorrow.

She killed
her sister's boyfriend?

How's she doing?

Well, you know, Amanda.
She's by the book.

She's not losing
any sleep over it.

Hasn't sunk in yet.

Her sister is pregnant.

The ex,
he was the father?


Oh, hey.

Hey, Nick.
You came by to see me?

That's so sweet.

Actually, I was
looking for Amanda.

Oh, that's the story
of my life.

Are you doing all right?

You mean,
besides being pregnant

with my baby daddy's blood
all over me?

She's trying to make me
do a rape kit,

but I don't want to
hurt the baby.

I understand that,
but it could help your sister

if we had evidence
of the assault.

Of course.

It's just, he wasn't
really raping me, you know?

I mean, he tried,

but he--
he didn't, you know--

Kim, you should let them
document any injuries,

for your sister's sake.

Amanda's gonna be fine.

Amanda is always fine.

You're still coming down
off an adrenaline rush.

And when you do, you may have
some trouble sleeping.

I won't.

And I won't be depressed,
second-guess my actions,

or wonder what kind of life

that guy would've had
if had lived.

Detective, I know you've been
through this before,

but this session is--

Is to make sure

that the department is covered
if I eat my gun.

- I won't.
- Okay.

What you just said,

I think we should
talk about it.

Have you had
suicidal thoughts?

No, I'm annoyed.


Yeah, the guy I shot
had it coming.

You know,
my sister didn't help.

She invites drama
into her life

and she drags me into it,

so "annoyed"
pretty much sums it up.

So you're saying that you've
cleaned up her messes before?

- It's her fault.
- No, I didn't say that.

But it's not mine.

What else are you feeling?

I just want
to get back to work.

But you know
that department policy

won't allow active duty

until after this investigation
is closed.

But I passed my psych.

I can state that your reaction
to the situation

is well within the norm,

but we should have
a follow-up session.

whatever I need to do.


In the meantime,
call me if you have any anxiety

or trouble sleeping.

I'll sleep
when I get my gun back.

Jeff's gun was
an M-19-11 .45

sold through the internet

and sent to his address
two years ago.

One of six guns
he bought that way.

And as per Georgia law,

but completely legal.

Neighbors confirm
the rest of the story.

Kim screams.
The door is kicked in.

Double tap.
Jeff's dead.

It's not gonna
stop Tucker

from trying to
take her badge away.

But how?
There's nothing here.

Nick, we got a lot of history
with this guy.

History? He tried to
take my badge away.

We're not being
paranoid here, Nick.

This guy has it in for us.

Well, I was asleep
and I heard a knock,

and I just thought
it was Amanda.

You let him in?

Well, I opened the door and
then he forced his way in,

you know,
yelling and screaming

about how he was gonna take back
what was his, meaning me.

How much longer
after he arrived

did Detective Rollins
get there?

Pretty quickly.

You know,
I was screaming,

and then the next thing I knew,
I heard the shots.

How many shots
were fired?

I don't know.
Two, three.

Did the officer
identify herself?

Amanda? Well, Jeff--
Jeff knew who she was.

They knew each other?

What was the tenor
of their relationship?

let's stick to the incident.

After the shots were fired,
then what?

Um, Amanda told me
not to touch anything

and to call 911,

and then I think
she checked on Jeff.

I entered and I saw Jeff,
the deceased, on top of her.

I believed he was
attempting to rape her.

And it was bright enough
to see that?

Yeah, she was struggling,

Go on.

I said, "Hands up.
Get off of her."

Um, he turned.

Uh, Kim yelled,
"He's got a gun."

- I fired.
- You saw the gun?

Well, he grabbed it from
the floor behind him.

But did you see the gun?


And Kim gave me
a warning as well.

Well, if ballistics
and forensics match your story,

you should be fine here.

Welcome, ladies.

Nice man cave.

I'm hoping that CSU works
a little faster than normal

and we can be
out of your hair soon.

Don't even worry
about it.

You guys can take
Ken's old room down the hall.

Man, they should put you up
if your place is a crime scene.

Listen, if my sister
gets to be too much,

you let me know.

She'll be fine.

The question is,
how are you doing?

The sooner the paperwork's
done, the better.

But what if that's
not the way it happened?

Can I--
can I call you back?

Everything all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.
I like it here.

'Cause I've got to
get back,

but we'll get supper tonight
when I get home.

- Sure.
- Anything you want.

Maybe Chinese again.


I love you.

I love you too.

Sorry to bother you,

It's not a bother.

What can I do for you?

it's just that, uh,

I hate to go
behind Amanda's back,

but there's something
I need to tell you.

Have a seat,
Ms. Rollins.

I appreciate you coming in,

You said you had
a few loose ends?


About your relationship
with Jeff Parker.


When did
the two of you meet?

Uh, my sister
brought him home for Easter.

Uh, 2010, I-I believe.

That was
in your hometown?

Loganville, yeah.

What'd you think of him?

your general impression.

Did you like the guy,
did you not like the guy?

I don't know.

I didn't really
think much about him

one way or the other.

Oh, okay.

How did you feel about him
six months later in Atlanta?

I don't know
what you're referring to.

When you slammed him
against the wall

and threatened to
arrest him.

Who told you that?


He had beaten my sister
the night before.

I mean, I had to take her
to the ER.

So, yes?


Yes, you have a history
of physical force

and threats
with the deceased.

Well, he was
a danger to Kim.


Now four months ago,
in your apartment in New York,

you pulled a gun
on Mr. Parker.

He was attacking
my sister.

- Did she say that?
- I saw it.

How did he get
in the apartment?

Kim invited him in.

Okay, so knowing that,
you still said,

"If you're not out
that door in 30 seconds,

I'll shoot you"?

I may have said
something like that.

Did you also say,
"You show up again, no warning"?

Was he really
attacking your sister

or did you just not want
this guy in your house?


Now what in the hell
did you tell Tucker?

Okay, just listen--

Did you tell him that I pulled
my gun on Jeff last year?

I had to.

You changed your story about
the night of the shooting.

You said Jeff
didn't try to rape you. Why?

I had to make it seem
like an accident.

But it wasn't an accident.

I mean, he was raping you.

Yeah, he was about to,

but it would be better
if we said that he wasn't.

You know what?
I could lose my badge, Kim.

I could go to prison,

So you're gonna have to go,

and you're gonna have to
straighten this out right now.

You're not listening
to me. I can't.

Yeah, Kim, you can.

Then we ain't gonna
get the money.

What are you
talking about?

Well, I kind of took a life
insurance policy out on Jeff.

Kind of?

Actually, we both did.

Your name's on there too.

But we have to make it seem
like an accident,

not while he was committing
a felony, or else--

that cannot go
on the police report.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- They won't pay.


When--when did you buy
this policy?

Two months ago.

When I found out
I was pregnant.

I need to see
a copy of it.

- I don't have one.
- Get it, Kim, now.

Okay. Okay.

You know,
you're a smart girl.

I don't know why you can't
just roll with this.

We'll finally be rich.

So your sister forged
the name on the policy.

She has
impulse control issues.

She thought she was
helping me out.

- Can I keep this?
- Yes. It's no good anyway.

Oh, we'll be in touch with
Atlanta Fidelity to verify that.

Well, that's why I'm here
without a lawyer.

I just want to get
the truth out here.

I appreciate that.

My sister will confirm that
she was attacked two days ago,

and she warned me
that Jeff had a gun.

It was a good shooting.

So she'll change
her story again?

I came in right away

as soon as I found out
about the policy.

I've got nothing
to hide here.


I've gone over your jacket,

I understand you had
a gambling problem?

I was forthcoming about that
with my captain.

I took a command discipline
and ten vacation days.

I've been in Gambler's Anonymous
ever since.

You were forthcoming

after the man you owed
the money to, Connor Murphy,

spoke to the DA
about you?


At that time,
you owed Mr. Murphy

and his associate,
Jimmy McCourt, $20,000?

Yes, that is correct.

Did you pay that debt?

Well, McCourt and Murphy
are both in Attica.

So you still
owe them the money?

You have gambling issues,
outstanding debt,

and you're trying to tell me
that you had no idea

the man you shot
had a policy

that named you
as a beneficiary?

I came to you,
Lieutenant Tucker.

You mean,
after your sister did.

I've left five messages
for Mr. Graber.

When will he be back?

Yeah, it is urgent.

So have him call me
as soon as possible, please.

This is still
about IAB?

Amanda, don't fool with them.
Get a lawyer.

I haven't done anything wrong,
and if I get a lawyer,

they're just gonna
hang Kim out to dry.

I'm her big sister.

You know, we didn't
have parents that really,

um, took care of us,

so if something went wrong,
I was the one who fixed it.

And she never had to grow up,
'cause you were always there.

You want to tell me
what's going on?

I'm not sure.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Sorry to keep you

Oh, that's okay.

Let's talk about

that life insurance

Whose idea was that?

I just want you to know
that I love my sister,

and I don't want to say anything
that's gonna hurt her.

I understand.

I'm just a little unsure
of what to do here.

Just tell the truth.

Can you do that?

I want to.


So, was that policy your idea

or Detective Rollins'?

Look, I don't--I don't
want her to be mad at me.

I'm all alone, and I don't--
I don't have a place to stay.

Just tell the truth,
Ms. Rollins,

and we will take care
of all of that.

Call me back, Kim,
right away.

Have you seen my sister?

Uh, not since
the other night.

Really, because the last time
I saw you two together,

you seemed pretty cozy.

- Whoa, hey--
- Hey, Amanda.

Amanda, what's this about?

Kim is gone.

I mean, she's not
answering her phone.

Her stuff is completely
cleared out of your apartment.

She didn't
say anything to me.

I'll make some calls.

Okay. So, hey,
how can we help?


What's going on?

Kim went to IAB.

She backed off the details
of the shooting,

the attempted rape.

And why would she
do that?

She took out a life insurance
policy on Jeff

with both our names on it.

She didn't read the fine print,

and the claim is void

if the deceased is killed
while committing a felony.

Does IAB know
about the policy?

Yeah, I told them
as soon as I found out.

My neighbor
said they saw Kim

get into
an unmarked police car.

All right,
well, first things first.

I'm calling a lawyer.

Detective Rollins,

you're under arrest for
the murder of Jeff Parker.

Your captain
will take your shield.

Do not talk to anybody
without your lawyer.

Not the DA, not IAB,
not your sister.

- Is that clear?
- Thank you, Captain.

Let us do our job now.

Turn to your left,

Yeah, he's on his way.

Copy that, Fin.

Yeah, I'm--I'm okay.


your lawyer's here.

Detective Rollins,
I'm Heshy Horowitz,

the guy who's gonna get you
out of this mishegoss.

Nice to meet you.


Yes, I know exactly
where I stand.

We will stay out of
IAB's way.

Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.

Well, 1-P-P
has covered their ass.

Where are we?

The insurance policy. That's
what gave IAB probable cause.

Atlanta Fidelity says
they can't talk to us.

Rollins told me her signature
on that policy was forged.

Can we verify that?

Amanda got the policy from
her sister and gave it to IAB.

I told her not to go
in there without a lawyer.

We all did.
I mean, we're way past that.

Point taken.

But does anyone think

Rollins knew
about the policy

before the shooting?


Then we're looking
at her sister.

Why would she take out
life insurance on Jeff?

Kim told me
he was into shady stuff.

I took that to mean drugs.

She could have been trying to
secure her baby's future

in case something
happened to Jeff.

Or she was gonna make
something happen to Jeff.

You think
she set her sister up

to kill the father
of that child?

I checked
her cell phone records.

She called Jeff four times
after she got to New York.

The last call was two hours
before he got shot.

Well, they could
have been arguing, right?

She could have told him
to stay away.

But like he said,
she invited him.

She lures him up
to the apartment.

She knows
that he's armed.

She cries rape when she hears
her sister coming.

And stages death
by a cop.

We've all met this girl,

She's no
criminal mastermind.

She's-- crazy.

It's not a great plan.

Her policy,
it doesn't pay off

if the deceased is killed
while committing a felony.

Which is
why she went to IAB

and withdrew
the rape accusation.

And also why Amanda
went to jail.

All right,
Mr. Horowitz,

given the detective's
history of gambling

and the severe nature
of these charges,

is there any reason
I shouldn't grant

the people's request
for remand?

Detective Rollins is a
dedicated career police officer,

Your Honor, and as such,

has no financial means
to flee.

She'll surrender
her passport.

We request she be released
upon her own recognizance.

Well, I don't wish
to seem punitive,

nor should the NYPD
get any special favors,

so I'll grant bail
at $250,000.

The case is adjourned.

Take that as a win.

How? I don't have
that kind of money.

It's taken care of,

Captain, I don't know
how to thank you.

Well, just don't jump
or we'll all be living with Fin.

Come on,
I'll take you home.

We have a lot of work
to do.

Starting with
straightening out my sister.

Under no circumstances should
you speak to your sister.

She just wants
the insurance money.

You know,
she's like a little girl.

Amanda, Kim set you up.
She planned this whole thing.

She never planned
a damn thing in her life.

She's a cooperating witness
with IAB.

You're in trouble here.

With Kim's testimony, they have
a solid case against you.

Do not contact her.

They will slap you with
witness tampering, coercion.

Nod if you understand.

Amanda, I know
this is painful,

but she is not
your sister anymore.


Chinese food delivery
is fast around here.



How'd you find me?

I'm a cop, Kim.

I'm not supposed to
talk to you, so--

We need some sister time,
me and you.

I know you're upset,
and I'm--I'm sorry.

You're sorry.

You put me in jail.

I didn't mean to.

That Mr. Tucker, he said
it was me or you.

Did you tell Jeff
to come to New York?



Look, I was--
I was lonely.

Did you call him that night
and tell him to come over?

Was he even trying
to rape you?

You know what?
Stop it, all right?

- You always do that.
- I do what?

You make me feel
like everything is my fault.

No, you know what?

You don't get to do that
right now.

You don't get to go there.

It's true. You set me up.
You set Jeff up.

You wanted me to kill him.

He was a bad man,

Oh, my God.

He beat me.

When you walked in,
he was hurting me.


You know
what your problem is?

You're too big
for your britches.

You've always thought
you were better than us.

This is not happening.

Mama used to say that
all that ambition

would get you
in trouble some day.

Are you even pregnant?

How can you
even ask me that?


I thought I was.

I was a week late.

Detective, I'm just about
to start a session.

My sister set me up.

I'm being charged
with murder.

Well, you said
if I felt any anxiety--

We can set up
an appointment.

Oh, right, yeah.

I do work for NYPD,

but I can recommend someone
outside the department.


What are you doing here?

I didn't mean
for any of this to happen.

That Lieutenant Tucker,
he twists everything I say.

I know what you mean,
but, Kim,

I really can't talk to you.

Nobody can.

I'm--I'm sorry.

I guess this was a bad idea.


Have you been eating?

Uh, I'll have
the lobster, please.

Sorry, my,
uh, daughter.

She just learned
how to text.

You're such a good dad.

Did Amanda tell you
I lost the baby?

I'm sorry, I-I didn't know.

IAB told us
not to talk to her.

She's gonna be okay,

I didn't want her
to go to prison.

I can see that.

- You can, right?
- Mm-hmm.

You're a good detective.

My sister
underestimated you.


You know how she is.

Always thinks she's
the smartest person in the room.

Ah, yeah, she does
have that side.

Which is why I don't know

how she got
in this situation.

I just don't think she likes
to admit she made a mistake.

A mistake? Wait,
do you mean the shooting?

But you told her Jeff
was raping you.

Oh, he was,
but after I found out

about that felony clause,
I just kept telling her

to say that the shooting
was an accident

and then we'd both be rich.

But you were
looking out for her.

I get that.

And that's why you put her name
in that insurance policy.

I thought it would look bad
if it was just me.


Besides, I don't know
if you know,

but she's got
gambling debts.

I heard that.

the way it looks now,

she came in and shot Jeff
in cold blood.

But you said
Jeff had a gun.

Well, he did have a gun.

But I didn't want her
to get shot.

I just wanted him--

You wanted Jeff gone?

He was a bad man.

What he did to me...

She only knew
the half of it.

But after I found out
about that felony clause,

I just kept telling her
to say

that the shooting
was an accident

and then we'd both be rich.

She goes on to completely
implicate herself

and exonerate my client.


If that recording
checks out--

What, are you serious?

We'll be dropping
the charges against you

and pursuing your sister.


You can clearly hear
on that recording,

he threatened her.

He abused her.

She'll be arrested.

I'll ask the DA
to pursue murder charges.

I don't want that.

you have to let her go.

She's still my--
my sister.

Let's go.

Ms. Rollins.

You gotta be
kidding me.

"I helped myself
to some things.

"I'm sorry.

I love you, Amanda."

Sync & corrections by Alex1969