Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 14, Episode 14 - Secrets Exhumed - full transcript

SVU becomes suspicious when FBI agent Dana Lewis aggressively tries to get a serial rapist confess to a murder that he steadfastly denies having committed.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

I don't wanna move.

It's 6 feet, Fin.

You're all
still too complacent.

I've said before,
I'll say it again.

It's a new year,
I wanna shake things up.

I like my old desk.

Well, we can get you
a grief counselor.

Says the guy
that doesn't have to move.

I'm gone a few months

and you're rearranging
the furniture?

What's next, carpeting?

Paper towels
in the men's room?

Well, if it isn't the man
who came in from Cold Case.

Welcome back.

You know, everyone says
the DNA bank at the state

is a good thing.

Downside, somebody's gotta
go through the cases.

Upside, I got a hit on an
unsolved rape/murder from '87.

That's not cold,
that's frigid.

What do we got
on the suspect so far?

Brian Traymor, 52.

Picked up in Miami
on cocaine possession.

By the time
his DNA was processed,

he had served
his three months.

He's being released tomorrow.

I'll have the DA
start the extradition papers.

Benson, Amaro,
book the next flight to Miami.

Whoa, Cap.
I got a feel for Miami.

I was working down there


Well, you and Rollins
work the case from here.

Re-interview witnesses,
track down evidence.

I don't wanna rely
on 25-year-old DNA.

South Florida.

I gotta say,
it's overrated.

What, the sun,
the coffee, people?

The heat, the bugs.


- That Cuban sandwich?
- Not so much.

I didn't hear you complain
about the Bahamas.


You got a problem.

Brian Traymor
is being released today.

- Yeah.
- Okay, so what's the problem?

FBI beat you to the punch.


Olivia. Hey.
Long time.

FBI Agent Lewis,
this is my partner Nick Amaro.

- Nice to meet you, sunshine.
- You too.

Hey, can I ask
what the FBI's interest is

in a New York cold case?

We think he's a serial.

He's our prime suspect
in three other rape/murders--

Sacramento, Philadelphia,

besides two in New York.

But the DNA matched
a Manhattan case makes it ours.

And these aren't
federal crimes.

How about
we work together on this?

Just so you know, Nick,

when she asks,
it's not really a question.

Yeah, I'm getting that.

Did you know
he was in a wheelchair?

I'm as surprised
as you are.


Brian Traymor.

We have a warrant
for your arrest.

Look, I did my time
on the coke bust.

- I--they said I could go home.
- Boy, you were misinformed.

Yeah, we'll be taking you

back to
your old stomping grounds.

- New York City.
- For what?

and murder.

It's taken 25 years,

but your past
has finally caught up to you.

[Dramatic music]

Sync & corrections by Alex1969

Brian Traymor is paralyzed

from the waist down
in a bus accident,

April 1988,

three months after
his last suspected attack.

Well, that explains
his absence from the system

- for over two decades.
- Mm-hmm.

Are we sure he's good
for all five?

It's the same pattern.

All of the women were raped,
then tied up,

and strangled
with athletic tape.

He wore latex gloves

and stuffed 'em
in the women's mouths.

Turns out,
from '86 to '88,

Brian was the assistant
equipment manager

to the Atlanta Barons
basketball team.

Their away game schedule
puts him in every city

or on a day off
at the times of the murders.

DNA wasn't usually run in '87.
How'd we get lucky?

Cold Case in Sacramento
and New York

ran DNA from rape kits
ten years ago.

No hits until Traymor
was arrested.

Swabs match Traymor's DNA

on the Sacramento victim,
Theresa Grey,

- and the first New York victim.
- Gina Mantos.

Philadelphia, Washington
never ran DNA,

so we put in a request
to expedite.

how about a confession?

Did Traymor give anything up
on the plane ride?

Just looked out
the window,

but he did waive his right
to counsel.

before he changes his mind,

how about Nick and I
take a run at him?

I was part
of the initial profiling.

I would appreciate
sitting in.

And we appreciate
you being here,

but this is NYPD's case
and we'll take the lead.

[Cell phone chimes]

But I will be observing.

My bosses are
understandably anxious.

Hold up,
we got a break.

The first New York vic,

found her former roommate.

Gina went to the garden
a lot back then.

She was a basketball fan?

More the players
than the sport.

She really wanted
to meet Michael Jordan.

Can we ask you
to look at some photos

of a possible suspect?

Uh... seriously?
It was such a long time ago.

The DNA may be
catching up with him.

He might finally
have to pay for what he did.


Yeah, he looked
right past me.

Made a fool out of himself

trying to get
a Minnesota girl's attention.

- Where was that?
- A sports bar near the garden.

The night
the girl was killed?

A couple months before.

You know, I think he told Gina
that he worked for the team.

I was so jealous.

Guys always hitting on her.

Her folks paying her rent.

Then I walked in
and found her.

It was horrible.
I just tried to forget all that.

Gina Mantos.

You remember her.

- Gina?
- Mm-hmm.

It doesn't ring a bell.

- But she's cute.
- She's dead!

Yeah, well, I don't know
nothing about that.

So you've never seen her,

How long ago was this?
What, 20 years?


You would've met her
here in New York.

Yeah, you worked
for the Atlanta Barons.

They had a game that night.
You were in town.

Her roommate says
that she saw you talking to her

in a bar
a few months earlier.

The Barons
were also in town.

Listen, sweetheart,

you know how many women
I talked to in the '80s?

Yeah, you see girls
at games.

You lure them in,

tell 'em that you're
some big deal on the team.

Yeah, well,
I never lied about my job.

Yeah, but these girls--

they didn't wanna meet
the assistant equipment manager.

They wanted
to meet the players.

- I did all right.
- Yeah?

Runoff was fine.

Yeah? You do all right
with Gina?


I was very different
back then.


You know, when I wasn't
in this...

[Clears throat]

Back when you could walk.

When you could have sex.

I don't know, man.
Me, if I were you...

I'd remember that.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, man.
Maybe I remember meeting her.

Well, you did
more than that.

Your DNA was found
on her body.

We know
that you were with her.

Okay, so what?

I went home with her.

Don't mean I killed her.

let me ask you something.

That bus that hit you
broke your spinal cord.

It didn't just cripple you.

It made you impotent.

You've had 25 years
to think about that accident.

You ever think it was karma?

Mr. and Mrs. Stanger.

I'm Detective Rollins.
Thank you for coming in.

You're the one
who called us.

You said you know
who killed our daughter?

Uh, this way.

No, none of these men
look familiar.

Kira wouldn't have gone
with a man like that.

Was your daughter
a basketball fan?

No! She went to Bennington,
studied music.

She hated sports.

When Kira
moved to New York,

you were living in Vermont.

Still are.
Same house Kira grew up in.

It's possible
that maybe you didn't know

everything that Kira
did for fun.

We knew.

We met Noah, her fiance,
two weeks after she met him.

They were so in love.

That's how we knew what
the police told us was crap,

that Kira was killed
by a man she met in a bar.

She never would've opened
the door to a stranger.

She was a kindergarten

Noah was traveling
on business.

She told me
how much she missed him.

This man you say you have,

he didn't kill our daughter.

Okay, Brian,
let's go over it again.

Sacramento, February '87.

your first victim.

You raped and murdered her.

Yeah, yeah.

She screamed
when I did her.

Number two. Philly.


Three. Washington.


She just laid there.

Four. Gina.

She was nuts.
I already told you.

Yeah, we wanna make sure
for the record.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Whatever, yeah.

I did 'em all.

What can I say?

Me and the ladies just...
never work out.

And number five.

New York.

I never met her.

It's been over 15 hours

and he still hasn't
confessed to the fifth?

Kira Stanger.
What do we have on her?

Same MO.

Raped, tied up,
strangled with athletic tape,

uh, latex gloves
stuffed in the mouth.

I talked to her folks.

They insist Kira would
never pick up a stranger.

Did y'all take another look
at the rape kit?

They run all the forensics?

Yeah, it's negative
on prints, blood, and fluids.

Did they save the tape,
the latex gloves?

Did we run touch DNA
in the gloves?

We can certainly make
another call to Cold Case.

They get lonely.
Let's pay 'em a visit.

Tell 'em the FBI
is breathing down our necks.

Oh, and take Munch.
They love him over there.

I already sent the Kira
Stanger rape kit to the lab.

It was negative.

We're hoping to find touch DNA
from other evidence.

You have any idea
what was collected at the scene?

I have the accession log
right here.


Okay, latex gloves,
athletic tape.

Got fingernail clippings
from the vic.

We could get lucky.

Oh, careful.
This thing's falling apart.


Looks like somebody got here
ahead of you.

What? Wait a minute.

Look, ten years ago,
the tape and gloves are listed

as being checked out
by a Detective O'Reilly?

As part of
the original investigation?

- No. He's Cold Case?
- Don't think so.

They re-opened a bunch
of '80s cases a few years back.

Hold up.

This empty box is listed
as one of two.

Where's the other one?

Just when I thought
I was out...

they pull me back in.

Number five.
New York. Kira.

You raped and you killed her

just like you did
the other girls.

I never seen her before.

No? Come on, man.

That's what you said at first
about the other four girls.

This one I didn't do.
She's not even my type.

Red hair?
I didn't do her!

Brian, we can prove
that you did now!

We have semen
from the first four bodies!

Your DNA!

And Kira,
even without the semen,

we're gonna find your DNA
inside that latex glove.

I mean,
whatever you say, man.

No, we need to hear
you say it.

Look, I just wanna
get outta this room.

That's not happening until
you start telling the truth.

The truth?

I didn't touch this bitch!

I hate redheads!

Keep this up--get off me--
I'm gonna ask for that lawyer.

Why is he stalling
on the last vic?

Cretin probably knew
that she was pregnant.

Oh, yeah, Kira Stanger was
two months along when she died.

Police kept it
out of autopsy reports

to save the family.

All right,
so the FBI knew that.

- Mm-hmm.
- How did he know?

She probably told him...

when she was begging
for her life.


I realize this is New York,

but I know him.

Thank you.

Man up, get it over with.

Mr. Traymor.

Dana Lewis.


So your captain said
that y'all can take a break.

Mr. Traymor and I
are gonna keep on talking.

He's all yours...

[Door slams]

Mr. Traymor, it may not
seem like it right now,

but I am here
as your friend.

I don't get it.

You know you're going
back to prison...

In a wheelchair.

That's not the easiest thing
in the world.

There are places

where you will be lucky
to get outta that chair.

You will be lucky
to get a bucket.

But there's other places...

that are just a little bit
more enlightened.

What do you want?

- I know you killed her.
- I--

Don't talk, just listen.

You worried
about her being pregnant?

No one has to know
about that.

You tell me the truth
right now

and everything
is gonna be okay.

- She was pregnant?
- See? I knew you knew.

But it doesn't matter.

Everything's gonna be
all right.

Because I know.
I know.

It's been a tough road
all these years,

stuck in that chair.

People looking
right through you,

nobody knowing
what you are capable of.

But I see you,
and I saw you back then.

we were right there.

- He was about to lawyer up.
- Until we talked him down.

It doesn't hurt
to switch it up.

- Liv, you got a second?
- You had to show these girls

what it was like
to be with a real man.

They didn't appreciate you,
and here you are.

I bet...

it did feel good
to tell the truth

about those girls,
didn't it, Brian?

Like a weight...


lifted off your shoulders.


It's like a pressure...

pushing down
on your head...

like a brick.

Let it go.

I think that the man
who did all that

is not the man
you are today.

Unless you own up to it,
you can never move on.

I want you to have peace.


don't you want that too?



Well, take another look.

You remember her.



So young.

Those eyes.

Do you remember?

I remember.

Rollins checked in.

The samples
from Kira's evidence box

were checked out
ten years ago

by a detective
unrelated to the case

who can't--or won't--
remember why.

Cold Case.
More like... Lost Case.

Yeah, the detective did
mention the FBI being involved.

- They were.
- Excuse me.

I'm looking
for Detective Rollins.

Can we help you?

Uh, Ms. Rollins,

she said there's
a suspect in custody

in Kira Stanger's murder.

And you are?

Noah Bunning.

I was Kira's fiance.

Her parents called.
I just flew in from Seattle.

- That was nice work.
- He's done!

He said he's gonna sleep on it,
but he's there.

We got him!


Excuse me?

I-it's Noah.

Oh! Of course.

I'm sorry,
it's been a crazy day.

Wait, you two
know each other?

Yeah, it's been
a long time.

Noah, I-I think
we finally got him.

Traymor confessed
to Kira, too?

Uh, yeah.

Well, you took him
to the edge.

I just flicked him over.

- I can't believe this.
- I know!

It's been a shock.

I gotta call my team,
and then I'll fill you in.

- Nick can do that.
- Of course.

So we'll catch up later.

Mr. Bunning,
grab your bag.

Right this way.

So we got him on all five?

- Have a seat.
- I'll call the DA,

see where we are
with charging him.

I didn't realize
you two had met.

You said you didn't talk
to the family.

Oh, the parents,

but Noah and I,
we've known each other since...


You never mentioned that.

It was 25 years ago.

I was a senior
and he was a freshman

at, uh, Tulane,

and I think he had
a little crush on me.

But that boy
has had his life

pulled out from under him.

I gotta tell you,

none of these guys
means anything.

Uh, you and Kira
ever watch basketball?


She was from Vermont.

Other than
cross-country skiing,

she thought sports
were ridiculous.


And where were you
that night?

At Duke.

I was a textbook salesmen.

If I'd been home...

- I'm sorry.
- It's so surreal.

It's not like I think about it
every day anymore.

I got married.
I had a kid.

I got divorced.

But I'll tell you,

not a month goes by something
doesn't remind me of Kira.

I'm sorry,
I guess this is bringing back,

you know--

Uh, Kira's parents
never bought what the cops...

told them, by the way,
about her bringing a guy home.

She was shy.

He must've drugged her
or broken in somehow.

Dana said that
was maybe a possibility.

- What, Agent Lewis?
- I called her when it happened.

NYPD had
already brought her in.

Wait, so you two
stayed in touch after college?

A little more than that.

we dated on and off.


I just didn't realize, uh--

did she talk to you
about her cases?

We didn't, uh,
talk a lot...

If you...
know what I mean.

No, but let me ask you.

Kira getting pregnant--
that was planned?


In fact, I...
freaked out at first.

But then I realized
it was meant to be.

So you stopped
seeing Dana?

I guess I must've.


I mean, Dana, you know,

I always knew she wasn't...
the one.



Kira's murder--like,
did you hear Brian confess?

Well, I missed
the end game,

but he admitted knowing her,
put himself in the room.

But did he say
where he met her?

Nick, the pattern
is pretty clear.

This one's
a little different.

She wasn't a sports fan,
there's no DNA.

Nick, we're good.

Dana just gave me
the blow by blow.

All right,
but she didn't tell you

that she and Noah
dated off and on,

even after Kira?

she's a private person.


Look, Lewis and Noah
were old friends.

She's FBI,
knew the killer's profile.

She might've talked about it
with Noah.

He had an alibi.

He was a suspect initially.
They ruled him out.

Yeah, well,
can't hurt to double check.

Okay, I'll have Fin
and Rollins see

if they can track down
the original detective.

There's one more question.

When Lewis broke in
on Liv and me with Brian,

was that your idea?

No, she asked,
said she knew this guy.

She did.
She knew his patterns.

Well, she was obsessed
with Brian.

- If Noah knew that--
- You think that he played her

and she didn't know
about it.

Not a chance.

You know, most murders,
bad kills bad.

she was a genuine victim.

Not a drop of liquor
in the house.

A teacher.

Any other suspects?

We had to look
at the fiance, naturally,

- but he had an airtight alibi.
- How airtight?

phone records, plane tickets.

after interviewing him,

there was no way.

His heart was broken.

Well, we heard the FBI
was in on this.

Oh, yeah.
They had this girl profiler.

She acted like
it was her crime scene

and we were
just the hired help.

Did she ever mention
that she knew the fiance?

No! That one?

She was all business.

20 hours
in this chair.


That wasn't right.

you can take your rest now.

I'm not tired.

You got something
on your mind?

Doesn't matter.

I've been doing this
a while,

and usually,
when you finally confess...

it's easy to fall asleep.

Let me ask you something.

That last girl,

the one the FBI lady
talked about--

she really pregnant?


That's tough.

Why was she drinking
in the bar?

Is that where you met her?

I guess, but...

you're the ones
who told me that.

So what do you
remember about her?

I'll tell you the truth.

You seen me
in this wheelchair.

The only sex life I've had
in the last 25 years, man,

is right here.

Those other four girls?

I remember them.
Every detail.

I replay it.

You get tired of one tape,
go to the next.

This last girl--

it's like the tape
got erased.

So Noah,

he's why you stayed on this.

Yeah, partly.

So he called you
after Kira was killed?

Yeah, and then--after which
I had to recuse myself.

The Bureau,
they're real sticklers on that.

And do you remember
when the last time

you talked to him was
before Kira was killed?

Honestly, I don't.
[Phone ringing]



What's he saying?

Okay, yeah.
On my way.

Bad news.

Brian's recanting.

On all of them?

just on the last one.

He's claiming coercion.

Liv, listen to me.

Look, all I know
is Brian's not good for this.

- Nick.
- Look, Noah has an alibi,

but he might've had help.

Nick, listen to me.
Dana is not involved.

She's as dedicated
a law enforcement officer

- as I am.
- Hey!

What is taking Brian
so long?

He was in the bathroom.
Just let me check.

So let's close this out.

Brian had an accident.
They're changing his clothes.

He's just trying
to draw this thing out,

and if y'all had been
videotaping my interview,

he'd be in arraignment
right now!

We'll get you a camera,
Agent Lewis.

Brian's in the crash room.
Uni knows not to let anyone in.


Lewis asked for video.

Now he says
he's got digestive distress.

Uni's cleaning him up.

You're the one
who's been taking care of him,

so, uh, where's he at?

He's out of denial,
starting to show remorse,

worried about the families--
everyone's except Kira's.

Well, I thought
about that.

There was no semen...
found at the scene.

So he failed to perform,

and he--he didn't want
to admit it.


He was also upset
about Kira's pregnancy

and that she was at a bar.

Video's up.

Let me check on Brian.

Kira's parents
said the same thing.

They said
that there's no way

that Kira would take
a stranger home.

Did Kira go to school
with you and Noah?

Uh, no.
He was younger than me.

And she was younger
than him.

But you were still in contact
with Noah when he met Kira?

Gosh, I don't--I don't remember.

Uh, it was so long ago.

Did you ever meet Kira?

Honey, I can't remember.

I might have met her
at a party.

She's trying to suss out
where we are.

Do you have any idea
when that was?

We're streaming live.

- How was Staten Island?
- Paradise.

But the original detective's
sure Noah's not good for this.

But here's
another possibility.

That detective said Agent Lewis
was all over that crime scene.

Even though she told Liv

she was down in Georgia
at the time.

Is Munch
still at Cold Case?

Don't hold your breath
on finding that second box.

Should we give the FBI
an... update?

Let's give Liv one first.

[Knocks at door]

Fin and Rollins are back

from talking
to the original detective.

Oh, and he sends his best,
Agent Lewis.


I thought you said
you had to recuse yourself.


I mean, I kept my eye on it.


And why are you talking
to this detective?

He's probably senile by now.

If you have any loose threads,
ask me.

Well, we just wanted
to double check Noah's alibi.

he's not good for it!

Where's Brian?

I am as frustrated
as you are,

and I will bring him
down here myself if I have to.

You were all
looking into Noah

and you didn't fill me in?

We thought you
might have a blind spot.

Why? Because I dated him
in college?

Noah says that
it was much more than that.

Oh, well, he did?

Wasn't to me.

I didn't take it
all that seriously.

Even though he ended it
with you right after he met her?

I was in Quantico.

I was consumed
with my career.

I wasn't obsessed
with some old boyfriend.


So you did call him
your boyfriend.

What's going on here?

If I didn't know better,

I would say that
this was an interrogation.

Shall I Mirandize you?

You got something
to ask...

Ask me.

Talk to me, Dana.

How did we end up here?

How did we end up here?

Really, Olivia?

And where is it
that you think we are?

Brian's not good for this,

but you know that.

Your buddy Noah
has an airtight alibi.

If you were me,

talking to somebody
who profiled the killer,

who hid her personal ties
with the deceased--

I'd ask me
where I was that night.

Snellville, Georgia.

And no, I can't prove it.
I was undercover.



I'm not good for this.

You run touch DNA
on those gloves, you'll see.

Captain, I'm trying!

It's not like a needle
in a haystack,

it's more like...
a piece of hay in a haystack.

Fin, go to Cold Case
and help Munch.

And take
your reading glasses.

While we're waiting,

I mean, she just brought up
the latex gloves.

Maybe we follow through?


Oh, come on!

What is this, a whisper
about a break in the case?

Y'all are on fire now.

Okay, Agent Lewis.

You want us to play it straight,
you've got a problem here.

Well, enlighten me.

The forensic evidence
that you talked about,

it's gone, but...
you knew that, didn't you?

Is everybody here paranoid?

We caught a break though.

The detective
that checked out the evidence

didn't realize he was
checking out box one of two.

You found it!

Did you check the gloves
that he stuffed in her mouth?

Oh, no, those weren't
in the box, but...


We recovered
Kira's fingernail clippings.

There was blood on 'em.

We're gonna
run the DNA, Dana.

You are?
Well, my DNA may be there,

because I was
at the crime scene,

and I was at the morgue.

And cross-contamination
is the bane of forensics

across the country.

You know, all these bluffs--
I wrote the book on 'em.

The problem is they don't work
on someone who isn't guilty.

I, uh--

I guess I'm not sure
why I'm here again.

You--you've got
his confession, right?

There are
some inconsistencies--

things Dana told us,
told you.

You wanna talk to me
about Dana?

Well, more about the Dana
you knew back then.

Now, you told me
she wasn't the one.

Did Dana know that?

I-I don't know.

Yes, she must have.

All right,
so you broke up with her?

Well, it wasn't really
a breakup.

I was traveling a lot.

Ah, so you did
the fade away?

I guess.

And she did
have feelings for you?

Did she ever talk about
wanting more?

Getting married,
starting a family?

I told her I wasn't ready.

So how long after that

did you tell her
you were gonna marry Kira?

A few months.

And when I told her,
she lost it.

Sh--she wouldn't stop shaking.

You're saying
this wasn't a stranger...

That Kira--

Noah, help me here.


Just have a seat.

This... was more
than just a breakup.

Wasn't it?

Whatever happened,

I'm sure that
there was a good reason.

Listen to you.
Rationalize, project, minimize.

You've used every tool.

If I did have
something to confess,

I'd give it to you

just to make you
feel better about yourself.

[Mocking laugh]

The cavalry.

Did you come in
to rescue your partner,

tell her she's lost?

She's right, Liv.

We are not there yet...

Not without motive.

Oh, and I'm guessing
you have a theory about that.

I do know you were upset

when Noah told you
he was engaged to Kira.

You remember that night?

The motel room,
after you let him screw you.

Ouch! Ouch!

Look at sunshine,
playing hardball.

You think I'm jealous
of some kindergarten teacher?

Some small life
in a small world.

You think that I would
sacrifice my career and my life

for that--that speck?


You know, everyone still talks
about how beautiful she was,

how young.

When she met Noah,
she stole your future.

My future
was with The Bureau.

That's not
what you told Noah

when he got you pregnant.

That was private.
He had no right to tell you.

And you wanted
to start a family.

Noah said
he wasn't ready, so...

you had an abortion.

Oh, I did?

It was my idea?

Noah asked you to.

I don't remember.
It was a long time ago.

Dana, even then,
that must've gone against...

everything you believed in.

You know me,
I get over things.

I've been raped.
I've been shot.

Still, you'd been seeing him
for what, six, seven years?

You loved him.

Not after he lied to me.

What did he tell you?

That if you got an abortion
that you two could be together?


And I'm an FBI profiler.

I'm supposed to be able
to look people in the face

and tell you
when they're lying.

How long after that did he
tell you he was marrying Kira?

Um, I don't remember.
It was a long time ago.

Two months,
if that.

Two months?

No wonder you blocked it out.

The hurt, the betrayal.

He asks you
to get an abortion,

and then he leaves you
for her.

I was better off.

He falls for one
of those wounded birds

who traps men
in their cages.

He can ask me
to get an abortion,

but she was gonna fall apart
if he asks her.

Do you remember how you
found out she was pregnant?


Noah must've told me.

No, he didn't.
I asked.

Then it must've been
one of the detectives.

Or Kira.

What was it
that you told the captain...

about Brian?

How he found out
that Kira was pregnant

when she was begging
for her life?

- Mm-mm.
- Is that how you found out?

A week after Noah left you
in that motel,

Kira was murdered.

Would you please tell him
that I could never

do something like that?

I am just like you.

I have dedicated
my entire life

to justice and to doing good
in the world.

You know me!

I do.

She's one of the best,

Thank you.

But I can't help
from wondering

if all that sacrifice,

that you have done,

has been to make amends,

to make up
for that one mistake.

Don't say that, Olivia.

Don't say that.

No wonder you spent
so much time undercover,

because you were running away
from yourself, Dana,

from what you had done.

It must've been so hard

to keep that horrible secret
locked up inside of you.

It's time now.

You gotta let it go.

You're right,
I do know you.

And I know that
you didn't go over there

planning to do this.

Just let that go.

I we--

I went over.

I just wanted--

I just wanted to tell her

that he wasn't
any more in love with her

than he was with me,

that he was
using both of us.

She said sh--
she felt sorry for me,

but that they
were meant to be,

and that when she told him
that she was pregnant,

that he got down
on his knees

and asked her
to marry him,

and that he
looked so happy!

That's how you found out.

And I-I don't even know
what happened next.

I mean, I came to...

I looked down,

there was a body
lying right in front of me,

and she looked so pretty.

And I remember thinking,
God, until that one moment,

I bet that little girl
never had anything go wrong

in her whole life.

But she was gone,

and the only life
worth saving was your own,

so you staged
the crime scene.

I guess I did.

I don't remember.

I was just so familiar
with all Brian's patterns.

I guess I was
just on autopilot.

I'm sorry.

Olivia, I'm sorry.

I know.

[Door opens]

Dana Lewis,
you are under arrest

for the murder
of Kira Stanger.


I understand.

It's time.

25 years.


I understand.

[Handcuffs click]

Sync & corrections by Alex1969