Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 13, Episode 9 - Lost Traveller - full transcript

The child of a Romani couple in Brooklyn disappears on his way home from school, but the neighborhood's rom-baro may be interfering with SVU's investigation.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

What do you do
if it goes to voice mail?

- I leave a message.
- And?


I can't believe
I'm letting you

go to school
on your own.

Everybody else in fourth grade
goes to school on their own.

The Gentiles, the Jews?

Those gadjos
don't love their children.

Mom, I stick
out enough as it is.

Can I go now?

Your mittens.

What did your father
tell you?

Take the "G" train,
then the "J" to Manhattan,

two blocks up and one over.

I know, ma.
I love you.

I love you, too.

Dad, stop following me.

What did I tell you
about crossing the street

when you don't
have a walk sign?

Dad, I'm ready.

Let me do it, okay?

Okay, big boy.

Good morning, Sarah.
How are you?

Have a good day, today.

Hey, Nico.

Good morning.


You tell fortunes, right?


Thought all
you freaks did.

I do.

I see...

a long lifeline,
a mansion, and--

what's this?

Swimming pool.


See me after class.

Get to class, Nico.

He can be a jerk,

Hey, you're flying solo
today, champion?

We practiced.
I know the way.

Sync by Sp8ky, corrections by Alex1969

Ten years old, gipsy boy,
Nico Grey

his parents say
he never made it home

from Caswell Academy.

And you called
Manhattan SVU because?

Last time anybody saw
the kid was on school property.

3:30 P.M.,
lower east side, Manhattan.

Your side of the bridge.

You know what, these people
don't really trust our precinct.

Maybe they don't like being
called, "these people"

or "Gypsies" even.


If you ask me,
the kid's not missing.

It's all just a con.

Oh, look.
The circus is here.

I wonder who called them.

Hey, detectives.
Any word on little Nico?

Yeah, why don't you take,
we'll take the parents.

He wanted to do it
on his own.

Be a man,
stand on his own two feet.

So this is the first time
Nico goes to school on his own.

Yeah, we practiced
for a week.

Which train to get on,
what to do if a stranger--

you know,
taught him a few moves.

Your boy should
have been here by 4:00,

but we didn't
get a call by 7:00.

Yeah, I told my wife
to call right away.

She said the police
probably wouldn't care

because of who we are.

He was wearing
a light brown jacket,

a tan scarf, and a backpack
with a rabbit's foot.

It's his good luck charm.

We bought him
a cell phone.

I--I keep calling,
but he--he doesn't answer.

Okay, who was
the last person to see Nico?

His teacher,
Mr. Kandel.

Did you check
with Nico's friends?

Is it possible that
he's with one of them?

Nico doesn't really have
a lot of friends.

At school,
they... bully him.

He tested real good.
He's a smart kid.

Got a partial scholarship
to this private school

in the city.

We wanted Nico to be with
all kinds of different kids.

Not just Romani.

Mr. Grey,

how were things at home?

Is Nico upset
about anything late--


He's a happy kid.
A good kid.

What about
a favorite hangout?

Some place
he likes to go?

You're in it.

We're all distraught,

and Nico
is such a sweet kid.

I remember seeing him
just as he was leaving school.

Was he alone?

He's always alone.

The kids tease him
for being Romani.

Uh, we told them not
to use the word, "Gypsy."


So what's your take
on the parents?


Do you think
there's any trouble at home?

Who knows?

They keep
to themselves.

Nico just
wants to fit in,

but he's caught
between two worlds.

So you two
are friends of Nico's?

We just live
on the same block.


He's kind of weird.

He's a Gypsy.

His mom's
a fortune teller.

Think she would've
seen this coming.

And your name is?

I was just kidding.

Okay, Ryan.

When's the last time
you saw Nico?

That morning.

You didn't see him
on the train ride home?

No, the "J" was down.
We took a taxi.

What about you, Ryan?

When was the last time
you saw him?

I didn't.
I was in detention.

We can track him
from school on his route

to the subway.

Then he gets
to the closed station--

and we lose him.

Time stamp is 3:37.

All right.
Well, that's 11 hours ago.

You did a full
neighborhood canvass?

We ran all
the sex offenders in the area.

No witnesses,
no leads.

And online?

I mean,
how about his computer?

The kid
doesn't even have one.

Doesn't have
any social media accounts.

His father just bought him
his first cell phone this week,

so he could get back
and forth from school.

Taru's trying to trace that,
but there's nothing so far.

So they're not only old world,
they're Romani.

After 600 years
of being treated like pariahs,

they don't trust outsiders.

Parents have a record?

Tomas Grey was arrested
for assault three months ago.

He got into an altercation
with a co-worker,

Alonso Hearne,
at his bike shop.

Guy dropped the charges.

maybe it's payback.

Check with the precinct
in Brooklyn.

Tomas isn't in.
Family emergency.

You mean
his son's missing.

Kid's not here.

Go ahead and check.

The fight you had
with tomas three months ago--

what was that about?

Tomas has trouble.

He brought
this on himself.

Detective Dumas.
They call me, "Doom."

Welcome to Brooklyn.

I heard you needed
a tour guide.

Hey, Al.

Your friend here--
he's reticent.

I don't know anything.

Well, think harder.

And maybe
while you're thinking,

I'll go over
every bike in here

to make sure
none of them got separated

from a chain
by accident.

Take what you want.

You people
call us thieves.

We know you're thieves.

We wanna know
if this is a scam.

Your friend, tomas--
did he steal his own kid?

Last chance, Alonso.

Hey, you're not
gonna even lie to us?

This gotta be about
the Rom Baro, isn't it?

Is that who's got
your tongue?

What the hell
is a Rom Baro?

So this Rom Baro works
for the king of the Gypsies?


The king lives in Hungary
or Serbia or Wherever-stan.

The Rom Baro lives here.

As the king's rep,
he settles disputes,

collects tithes--

And gets kickbacks.

It's good to be king.

And I'm betting the Rom Baro
gets a little taste.

You're in trouble.

Your partner's
pretty and smart.

Anybody ever tell you
you talk too much?

Where'd you hear that?

That guy just
looks out for himself.

Look, if there's a chance
that somebody took Nico

to get back at you,
we need to know.

Look, this got nothing
to do with the Rom Baro.

Your son's missing.

And every minute
you don't level with us,

is another minute
he's out there, scared.

And that's
the best case.

You didn't pay.

You didn't pay!

I knew something like this
was going to happen.

What's going on,
Mrs. Grey?

You tell them.

You tell them!

We stopped paying
our tithes

so that we could pay
for Nico's school.

The Rom Baro--
he said that--

that this would not stand.

That we had to be punished.

Can I offer you
some păˇlika?

No, thank you.

Do you know
the Grey family?

From Meserole Street.

You haven't
found their son?

You know him?

Bright boy.

When was the last time
you saw him?

The Greys--
they don't associate

with the community
much anymore.

How so?

If the Greys
want to be outsiders,

that's where they are--

They'll find out what
it's like without a family

to protect them.

That sounds like a threat.

Are you using the kid
to make them pay you?

I would never
hurt a child.

I don't know
what you think,

but NYPD isn't just going
to look the other way

because this kid's Romani.

We're going to find him.

Yeah, I know
you would never hurt a child.

I'm hoping
that we find him safe,

and that this is just
a family misunderstanding.

We thank you
for your help.

You know, that's a happy ending
I'd like to see.

Must be nice
to believe in happy endings,

but I can't help you.

Or the Greys.

Make sure they get
an almond candy

on the way out, Elba.

We brought up
the Rom Baro with the Greys.

They're terrified of him.

He says the Greys
are outcasts.

Is there any chance
he took the kid?

I wouldn't rule it out,

but nobody in his fiefdom
is going to go against him.

he's alive!

He's out there!

Mr. Grey, slow down.
You heard from Nico?

We've been calling
Nico's cell phone

every five minutes,

leaving tons of messages,
begging him to call--

Hold on.
Did--did he call you back?

No, listen to me.

The last time
my wife tried to call,

it said, "mailbox full."

Just now, it went
straight to voice mail.

He's been checking
his messages, deleting them.

He is alive.

I got Nico's cellphone working

his last call
was to his father,

7:30 the morning
he disappeared.

Phone's been shut off
since that morning.

It's been shut off?

Maybe it's not Nico
checking his voice mail.

Maybe someone else
is deleting them.

Why would they do that?

They want to know
what the family knows.

Is there
any way to trace

whoever's calling
into his voice mail?

Ooh, thank you,

I never would've
thought of that one.

the only problem here

is that it's not
coming from a phone number.

It's coming from
an IP address.

Whoever's calling
the kid's voice mail

is doing
it from a VOIP.

How about in non-geek?

It means he's using
the internet to call, Fin,

not a phone line.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

From an account
set up an hour

after the boy
was reported missing.

That's not a coincidence.

So where is this computer?

It's gotta be a laptop.

He's been catching signals
wherever he can.

Are there
any other numbers

that he's
been calling regularly?

You can look
that up, right?

Oh, a "please"
would be nice.


Okay, only one other number
once yesterday,

twice today.

A 5-43,



There's your address.

You have
an online ordering system?

What is this about?

Look, we need to see
your delivery records

for tonight.

Thank you.

Here it is.


same address again--

it's 6-20--what?
He ordered twice?

No, he called
to complain about the order.

Said the food was too spicy
for his little boy.

I could hear the kid
crying in the background.

Thank you.


NYPD, search warrant!

Get your hands up!

Don't shoot,
don't shoot!

Don't make a mistake.
Put that kid down.

What the bloody hell
is going on?

Your hands up!

Don't hurt my daddy!

He's my son,
he's my son!

Stand down,
stand down!

It's not Nico.
Amaro, it's not Nico.

Get someone
to watch your kid.

It's okay.

You're coming
with us.

My client is a
senior investigative journalist

for The Ledger.

His home was invaded,
his son was terrorized.

After he hacked into
a missing child's voice mail.

Now we can either go to the feds
with the wiretapping,

or your client can cooperate.

You start by telling us
if you know where Nico Grey is.

I don't.

Look, I'm trying to find
poor little Nico just like you.

How does deleting
his messages help you find him?

I wanted to leave room
in his mailbox

in case anyone else
wanted to call him.

Maybe someone related
to his disappearance.

So you're not a scumbag
who's trying to scoop

the competition
on a milk carton case.

You are
one of the good guys.

you think that's funny?

Mr. Griscomb has been
a journalist for 15 years.

The Ledger?

That's risible.

Excuse me,
does he have to be here?

Mr. Griscomb,
we're going to need the notes

you have
on the deleted messages.

That's covered
by the first amendment.

Oh, so now you're trying to
hide behind the first amendment?

You led a family to believe
that their son was still alive.

that wasn't the point.

Okay, are we finished
with this moral outrage,


We all want to find
this missing little boy,

and maybe, just maybe,

my client
has something to offer,

so, sweetheart,
do me a favor.

Why don't
you call your boss?

ADA Cabot.

You want a deal?

Your client tells us
what we want to know,

and he does time.

And how much
is up to you.

What Ledger
would love nothing more

than to have a test case

first amendment and NYPD.

Please, go ahead.
Try us.

You three are playing this

while there's
a missing kid out there?

Yeah, let's cut
to the chase, Mr. Exley.

Okay, Griscomb gives you
everything he has

on the missing boy's
phone records,

he gets full immunity
from prosecution.

No, this is
how it works.

Wiretapping is federal.
It's out of our hands.

He gives us something
we can use,

we'll mis-dee
the felony eavesdropping.

Take a minute
to think about it.

And by a minute,
I mean 59 seconds.

The deleted messages
were all from the parents.

I also tapped
into their phones.

They don't know
where he is.

You cut a deal for this?

He's put a lot more
in that rag of his.

The deal is conditional,
Mr. Griscomb.

Don't jerk us around.

Right, okay,
so let me make this clear.

The feds do not hear
what comes next.

I jacked into a few other
phones in the neighborhood.

You're familiar
with the Rom Baro?

Keep talking.

This woman--

she left the Rom Baro
a voice mail,

begging for his help.

She says, "people think
our son took Nico."

What's their name?

She didn't leave one.

Did she mention
her son's name.

Just Marc.
And she was spooked.

Like the villagers were
gonna get the pitchforks.

What do you mean
it's not Nico?

So sorry.

It wasn't him.

Somebody hacked
into his voice mail.


Who would do
something like that?

We're dealing
with that now.

We do have a name--

And does that mean
anything to you?

Mrs. Rajic.
Is your son, Marc, home?

He doesn't live
here anymore.

Where is he?

You tell me.

Go away.
I'm watching my shows.

Back to the Rom Baro?

Yeah, and tell him what?

That a reporter hacked
his voice mail?

Excuse me, sir.

Do you live around here?

Yeah, down the block.

Is this about
the missing kid?

Do you know the Rajics?

They keep
to themselves.

She doesn't live alone?

She has a son.


Kid's brain stopped growing
before his body did.

My daughter and her friends
are scared of him.

She keeps him locked
in the basement.

Um... we heard
he moved away.

If you mean last night.

I was walking the dog,
and I saw his mother

and two other Gyps--
itinerants hustle him

into one of those handicap vans
from New Jersey.

They come and they go.

They're Gypsies.

As long as they don't set fire
to anything or panhandle,

we leave them be.

A great place
to hide somebody.

- Watch your back.
- Yeah.

Hey, folks.
How we doing tonight?

Hey, friends.

We're looking
for a Marc Rajic.

Anybody know him?


out of the way.

Out of the way,


Drop it.

Don't make me
shoot you.

I want to go home.

Down on the ground,

What are you doing?

I got this. I got it.

I turn around,
and you're gone.

How about
a heads-up, huh?

How about you keep up?

I didn't hurt Nico.

So why'd you run?

My mom said stay away
from strangers.

That's... good,

You listened.
You did as you were told.

My mom said
not to talk to anyone.

Well, why do you
think she said that?

I can't tell you.
She'd be mad.


we don't want her to be mad.

Nico's mom is probably
pretty upset right now, too.

So if you know where he is,
tell us so we can find him.

And that way,
nobody has to be mad anymore.

I saw Nico.

That's good, Marc.



Okay, great.

And did you meet him
after school?

No, I don't go anywhere
without my mom.

So... did he come over
to your house?

My mom says
I can't have people over.


Hey, hey, hey, easy.

You're not going
to get in any trouble.

Just tell us
who you had over.

I can't tell you.

I did a bad thing.

you stop talking now.

Okay, we're almost
done here.

You keep
asking questions,

after his attorney arrives,
I'll get it all thrown out.

You're done, now.

you remember the Rom Baro.

He is also
Mr. Rajic's lawyer.


Marc Rajic has the mental
capacity of a child.

He may not even understand--

He understands plenty.

He knows the difference
between right and wrong.

That will be decided
by a judge

at a capacity hearing,
but it won't get that far.

Do you have probable cause
to hold him?

Well, then I'll be taking Marc
home to his mother.


We like Rajic for this?

They hid him
in the middle of the woods.

He ran
when we came for him.

He's guilty
about something.

We just--
we need to search the house.

Her mother won't let us in.

We'll need a warrant.

His tribe is circling.

If this guy is
what he think he is,

Nico isn't the only kid
he eyeballed.


One of his neighbors--
not Romani--

said his daughter
and her friends were spooked.

Well, see if they
can get us to a warrant.

Excuse me.

Marc's kind of creepy,

but I don't think
he'd hurt anyone.

So why did you tell your dad
you were scared of him?

Well, he stares
at the kids on the block.

I kind of worry
about Marc.

Why is that?

I mean, what's he going
to do when his mother dies?


What about Nico
and Marc?

You ever see them
together or?

Yeah, sometimes.



You ever seen
Marc with Nico?

I should have said
something earlier.


But he scared me.

I was afraid he might
come after me next.

Go ahead and tell me,

The night Nico
didn't come home...

I saw Marc...

sitting on his front porch.

He was holding
this rabbit's foot.

I'm not sure,
but it looked like Nico's.

I don't want them
in here.

We got a warrant,
Mrs. Rajic.

My Marc
didn't do anything.

I keep him
locked in the--

Shh. Ana.

Let the police
do what they do.

We've been harassed before.

I'll be right here
the whole time.

He always locked in?

Don't answer any questions.

This is my room!

It's all right, Marc.

Come and wait with me while
the police do their work.


Two Bridges Donuts.

It's over by East Broadway.

Is that near
Nico's school?

It's close enough.


Looky here,
Metro card.

That's not his.

My boy doesn't know
how to take the subway.

Oh, we found him
in the backwoods of Jersey,

hiding in a pack of goats.

Your son gets around more
than you think, Mrs. Rajic.

Looks like your boy's luck
just changed.

Called a guy at Two Bridges,

thinks Marc looks familiar,
but he's not positive.

Okay, MTA says that Marc's
Metro card was last swiped

Monday night, 8:00 P.M.,
East Broadway Station.

So we're looking
at East Broadway,

that's five blocks south
of where we've been searching.

That's by
the Manhattan Bridge.

That's no-man's-land.

Tons of construction
sites there.

Half of them abandoned
since the market tanked.

All right, Fin,
relocate the grid search.

Amaro, Rollins,
head downtown.

I think we're looking
at a recovery.

The stats
don't look good for him.

Well, kids are tough.

You never know.

Lividity is fixed
and appropriate

for his position as found,

the construction site
where he was recovered

is where he was killed.

We got a time of death?

It's been pretty chilly,
but rigor's passed through.

Signs of early decomp--

he was under that tarp
at least 72 hours.

So he was killed
the night he went missing.

- Mm-hmm.
- Cigarette burns?


On the back of his hands,
his thighs,

and his scrotum.

He was tortured.

Ritualistic, maybe?

I don't think so.

See the half-moon pattern
on the burns?

Whoever did this
never let the lit end

maintain full contact.

It's like
they'd never done it before.

Now how much of it
did he have to take?

All of it.

Wounds show vital reaction,

his clothes
were soaked in urine,

he was terrified.

This, on his neck,
is that cause?

Ligature strangulation
with his own scarf.

Any biologicals or DNA
on the body?

No, but we may get a hit off
the cigarette butts

you recovered at the scene.

Hold off on that, Melinda.

The parents are here
to make the ID.

Cover him up.

Just tell us
when you're ready.

It's not him.

It's not my boy.

Do you see?
Do you see?

It's not Nico.

Baby, baby, please.

He's not my boy.

This is not his face.

His eyes--

Nico's gone, Nadia.

This--this isn't how
you're going to remember him...

but we need to know.

It's him.

It's our son.

It's her fault.

You should arrest her, too.

She kept him
locked up there in a cage!

Nadia, that's enough.

Everybody knows
that Marc killed our child.

Why haven't
you charged him yet?

We're building our case.

Mr. Grey, we need to go back
over every piece--

Rom Baro--
even the NYPD is afraid.

Only my husband
is fool enough to defy them.

This isn't about him,

but we do
need your help now.

If there is any detail
that you can remember

about Nico's relationship--


What is it?

We don't say his name
out loud.


he's dead.

His spirit won't rest.

I'm--I'm sorry.

I'm--I'm very,
very sorry.

You didn't know.


Get out.

Get out of my house!

- Get out, get out!
- Nadia!

My son!

My son!

Ah, those are very sweet,
guys, but now's not a good time.

The kids at school
are taking up a collection.

We're going
to plant a tree for Nico.

Or something.

We want to tell them.

Are they okay?

They're mourning.

They're probably upset
you didn't arrest Marc yet.

Everyone else is.

Well, we heard
Marc's kept locked in.

His mother
doesn't let him out.

His mom doesn't know.

He can get out
through the back.

Tell them.

Yeah, we've seen him
on his roof at night,


Come on.

He had--
he had the rabbit's foot.

He had the Metro card.

But Marc's DNA isn't
on those cigarette butts.

All right?

He doesn't
show up on any video,

we have nothing
that ties him to the scene.

We got nothing,

he has been locked
in a basement.

Everyone in the neighborhood
thinks he's a freak.

Yeah, okay,
so he's touched,

but, look,
I don't make him for this.

He's a child.

No, he's a man-child.
That's it.

He's a man-child.

I mean, don't tell me
you're actually buying

this whole, "tell me
about the rabbit's foot."

- Yeah, yeah, actually I do--
- Oh, my--

That is enough,
you two.

Well, the 6-5 in Brooklyn

would love to make
Nico's homicide a pro forma.

We're not going
to let that happen.

So let's start from jump.

Just get me something
that puts Marc or whoever

at the crime scene.

Yes, sir.



Oh, my God.

Yeah, keep her--
keep her there.

We're on our way.

Nadia Grey just tried
to set Marc Rajic on fire.

She doused him with gasoline
through the window.

Tried to spark him.

Marc okay?

Well, God looks
after kids and idiots.

Lucky for him,
he's both, right?

We'll check on him.

Look, we're going
to need to talk to Nadia

before you take her in.

All right, hey,
do me a favor?

Next time someone tries
to tell you

how these people are,
believe 'em.

Let's go. Come on.


What happened?

You had him.

And you let him go.

We were watching him.

He's an animal.

He burned my baby.

And you couldn't
do anything to him?

The Rom Baro
will make sure that he--

He killed my son!

This is justice.

Nadia, just now,
you said, "burned."


With cigarettes.

He burned him.

who told you that?

I don't know!

You know what I know?

That my son is dead.

This is what I know.

It wasn't released
to the press.

There's no way
Nadia could have known.

Unless the parents did it.

The dad was at work.

Mom called the school
20 times from a landline.

All right, then
who tipped her off?

I mean, it can't be Marc.

He's been in the box,
or locked in his basement.

The girls.

The girls.

And they've been
tipping us off all along.

Courtney and Emma
are 14 years old.

No, wait a minute.

Who are these people?

Two little girls.
Nico's schoolmates.

They're always around,
bringing flowers,

asking questions
about the Greys.

All right, look,
I know we're all tired,

but sleep
is for closed cases.

Give me something.

There's nothing in juvie,
no discipline flags

at Caswell Academy.

They were at the school
last night passing out fliers.

So were
a lot of other kids.

Yeah, but they're
the only ones that lied to us.

the girls told us

that the last time
they saw Nico,

it was that morning,

but look at this.

So this is
the last image of Nico,

time stamp, 3:37.

No Marc Rajic.

No, but...

there come our two girls,

and it's just
a few seconds later.

It is the route
to their subway.

Or they did it.

And they stashed
the rabbit's foot

and the Metro card
in Marc's room.

Why didn't
he just tell us?

Well, his whole life,

his mother told him
to stay away from people,

not let anyone in his room.

He won't talk.

But there is someone

who could get him
to tell the truth.

The police
on the side of the Romani?

Forgive me
if I'm skeptical.

This isn't a con.

We don't think
Marc hurt Nico.

But we think
he knows who did.

And if this is
all a trick,

you've already
demonized him.

His own people
want to kill him.

You've got two victims
right now.

Nico Grey and Marc.

Just tell Marc that
he can trust us.

Help us get justice
for both of them.

The Rom Baro told us
someone visited your room.

Who was it?

They snuck in the window.

And I--I told them
mom don't like it

when strangers
are in the house.

Who, Marc?

The pretty girl,

She has a nice dog.
And Emma.

Do you remember when?

On Monday night.

They made me
stop watching football.

Is that what Marc did?

Burn Nico?

That's horrible.

And you're sure
that you didn't tell

Mrs. Grey about that?


She said I did?

She's gone a little...

you know.

I didn't say anything.


You've been very helpful,

Oh, why are you guys
talking to Emma?

Right in here.

I don't know
why we're here.

Please, have a seat.

My daughter
doesn't know anything.

She told us about Marc.

'Cause he did it.
He's the one.

How are you so sure?

'Cause Courtney said...

Is there any chance
you saw Marc

following Nico
after school?

No, we didn't
see Nico after school.

You sure?

What did Courtney say?

We know
you're lying, Emma.

We have you on video
following Nico.


You remember that?

What else did they do?

I don't--
I don't want to say.

It's okay, Marc.
Your mom won't know.

Courtney touched me
down there.

And I--I--I--
I told her it was wrong.


Go ahead.

Stuff came out,
and it felt funny,

but nice.

Then they gave me
a rabbit's foot.

And they told me
if I didn't tell anyone,

they'd come back
and do it again.

Look, I don't know
why you're asking me.

Marc did it,
didn't he?

He just told my partner
you two were in his room.

Now do you want me
to tell your mother

what he says
you did to him?


you're frightening my daughter.

Am I?

Are you a little
scared now, Emma?

Being here?

How do you think
Nico felt?

You think
he was scared?

Was he scared when you
put out lit cigarettes on him?

what is this about?

Open your eyes, Emma!

Look at him.

He was so scared,
he wet his pants.

And what happened then?

Did you laugh at him?

Or did you burn him again?

No, it was Courtney.

We were
just playing around.

We pantsed him,

she wouldn't stop.

She lit a cigarette,

And you didn't say, "no."

I tried to.

I told her to quit it,
that we should just go.

But he was crying,

and he said he was going
to call his mom.

So Courtney grabbed
his scarf.

And I was yelling,
"stop, stop."

And she said,
"he's just a dumb Gypsy.

Who's going to miss him?"

The stupid little bitch.


It was just a joke.

We were just fooling
around with him.

And he started crying,

and making like
he was going to tell.

So, you made sure
he wouldn't.

I shut him up.

And then
you went to Marc's.

He snitched?

I gave him the only fun
he's ever had.

Okay, my daughter has
a perverse sense of humor,

but I think
it's time to stop.

Now I'm calling my lawyer.

It's a little late, dad.

She's right.

Anything else?



Why not?

Sync by Sp8ky, corrections by Alex1969