Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 13, Episode 8 - Educated Guess - full transcript

A man in custody at a mental hospital claims to have witnessed a rape in a break room. Despite the witness' shaky credibility the SVU begins an investigation, but the alleged victim, Gia Eskas, denies being assaulted. Detectives Benson and Rollins struggle to piece together what really happened to this young woman, especially when her aunt and mother say Gia has been repeatedly institutionalized, and has cried rape in the past.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Where the hell are you?

Good thing I like slowpokes.


You seeing anything?

No, it's late,
the mothers are going in,

I don't think
our guy's gonna show.

No, he groped ten women
in the last six weeks.

Do you think
he's just gonna stop now?

It's getting colder.

It's hard to cop a feel
through a heavy coat.

Maybe he goes south
for the winter.

Oh, come on.

Where'd you go?

Where are you?

Is that our guy?

Whoever it is,
he's not right.

Not ready?

It's a jackhammer!

Hey, what the hell
is your problem?

Everybody, back up.
Back up, back up. Sir!

Don't even think about it.

Put it down. Back up. Let's get
some room here. Back up.


Oh, God.

Hey, sir.

It's not funny.

You're such
a bitch.

Who the hell
you talking to?

My girlfriend,

She's right there.
Make her stop.

He's hallucinating.
He's burning up.

SVU portable
to central K.

We got a 54
in the Meer.

We need a bus for transportation
to LaGuardia psychiatric ASAP.

The psych ER?

Ugh, what for?

He has to be cleared by
a shrink before we can book him.

The guy is not nuts.

He's having a bad trip.
That's it.

Come on,
you can tell the difference

between a chemical wig-out
and a psychotic break?

Yeah, I can.

Most of the time.

I grew up
around both.

My sister
had it rough, so...

We all come
from something.

This won't take long.

Come on.

Captain Lee.

What's happening?

- Detective Rollins.
- Hey, how ya doin'?

All right.

I just watched you two pinch
the naked fish on YouTube.

2,000 hits.


Any idea
what he took?

Yeah, he was running around
without any clothes on.

no tremors.

It could be PCP.


We'll run a tox screen
and see what happens.

Run an EKG and a CAT
once he's stable.

He's all yours?

For now.

No need
to babysit.

Why don't y'all go home?
I got this.

- Sure?
- Yeah.

Guess we'll see him
at arraignment.

I'm sick.

I need a doctor.

Soon as you get
your EKG,

you're going straight to jail.
Now shut up.

10-85. Patient eject.

Ward six.
Need assistance.

Stay here.
You move, I pound you.

Get away from me!

Get lost.

Shut the door.

Shut the door!



Hey, help!


Sync by Alex1969

Next case.

People versus
Darren Bickford.

One count exposure,
one count public lewdness.

How do you plead?

I saw a girl
get raped last night.

- Not today. Counselor--
- Listen to me.

A girl was attacked.

I know what I saw.

I'm not
making this up.

A guy
was choking her.

I told the doctors,
th-the guards,

now I'm telling you.

Are you
the arresting officers?

Yes, Manhattan SVU,
your honor.

And this is the first time we've
heard anything about a rape.

Good, then you
can investigate starting now.

With all due respect,

the suspect was apprehended
while masturbating publicly

under a drug-induced

Was he seeing things
when he witnessed the rape?

I would have no way
of knowing, your honor.

Then don't speculate.

We'll reconvene
in two weeks.

I expect to hear
from the people

about the defendant's complaint
at that time.

A girl got raped.

I swear
I'm telling the truth.

What makes you think
it was a rape?

She was on top of him,
facing me--

- She was on top?
- Yeah.

But his arm was around her neck,
choking her.

Her eyes
were shut tight.

She was crying.

What did she
look like?

White girl,
dark blonde hair.

I-I don't know.

What about
the doer?

You see his face?

she was blocking him.

He yelled, "get lost,
shut the door!"

Did anybody else
see this?

Like, maybe a guard?

I was, uh,
on my own.

Look, she was trying to pull
his arm from her neck, and...

She had a hospital bracelet
and a-a-a--

a deep scar on the inside
of her left arm.

She tried to
killed herself.

There's plenty of suicide
attempts in a psych ward.

Go back to LaGuardia,
ward six.

She's real.

Keep your clothes on.

So we have a flasher
who was hallucinating,

claims to have seen a girl
raped at LaGuardia.

- Can't we farm this one out?
- Not according to the judge.

This kid was
high as a kite.

- Who says he saw anything at all?
- The rape wasat?

Five hours after you busted him?
He would have come down by then.

If there was a rape,

Why would he lie?

Public lewdness,
first offense...

What's he looking at,
a week of community service?

I don't think this guy
premeditates or even thinks.

We have a description,
we go to LaGuardia.

If the girl exists
we find her.

We need
to talk to you

about one of your
female patients.

- Which one?
- Well, we don't have a name.

But she's white, she's mid-20s,
dark blonde hair.

She's got vertical scars
on her forearm.

That's Gia Eskas.
Oh, my God.

What's she
being treated for?

Sorry, you know
I can't answer that.

What's this about?

Well, we think she may
have been raped last night.

What? By who?

We don't know.

That's why we need
to talk to her.

You didn't get
a report?


But she had to be sedated
last night.


- Is she lucid now?
- She should be.

- I'll go in with you.
- I'm sorry, doc.

It's a criminal

I got a hair.

The color matches
our supposed victim.

You should find plenty.

Docs crash out here
all the time

when they got patients
on the ward.

Sleep's not the only thing
going on here.

Cushion's covered
in stains.

A quickie with a nurse
isn't rape.

- Maybe that's what went down.
- How would you know?

You left your prisoner

He was handcuffed to
a wheelchair on a locked ward.

Look, I did vertical patrols
in housing projects

for six years,
I get it.

They expect you to have eyes
in the back of your head.

85 call went down.

Patient going buck wild
in ward six.

Attacked an officer
and two nurses, all hands.

How many surveillance cameras
are there on this floor?

There's two
at the visitors' desk.

Let me, uh,
get you the footage.

Who told you that?

If it was one
of my fellow inmates,

you can't believe
a word they say.

They're all crazy.

Is that a yes
or a no?


Will you please
tell us?

- Did something happen last night?
- There you are.

Mommy just brought me some
ciggies, let's--

Bad time?

No, not at all.

Cagney and Lacey
were just leaving.

Actually, Gia...

if we could have
another minute with you,

we would appreciate it.

So, Gia, we heard that you were
really, really upset last night.

To the point where
you had to be sedated.

Why was that?

Uh, bad hair day.

Maybe it was
a little more than that?

Who knows?

Uh, I'm working
on finding my triggers.

That's why I'm here.

I was making
a noose.

They caught me
ripping my sheets.

Last time,
I used a razor.

I'm a frequent flier, you'd
think I'd get it right by now.

So this isn't the first time
you've been here?

Some girls travel
or go to college to get away.

Me, I vacation
at LaGuardia psychiatric.

Let's go back
to last night.

You recognize this guy?

You know, uh,
they upped my meds.

So everything's
a bit fuzzy.

He said he saw you
get raped.

Yeah, well, I think
I'd remember if I'd been raped.

Gia, if you're worried or
afraid, we can protect you.

From who?


the best way to make this
go away is with a rape kit.

A rape kit?


What happens
if you find something?

Will we?

So if I do it,
will you let me, uh...

will you leave me

She wants us
to do the rape kit.

She knows
we'll find proof.

Of what?

Patients get it on
with each other all the time.

She shows classic signs
of assault.

fear, denial--

All of which could be symptoms
of her mental illness.

Well, Gia thinks that
nobody will believe her.

I think she's right.

No, I'm not saying
she's a liar.

Gia is not even saying
she was raped.

And she--she could be
dissociative, delusional.

I mean, we don't know
what kind of meds she's on.

But if
she was raped,

it's going to be hard as hell
to get anybody to believe her.

Which makes her
the perfect target.

She told you
she wasn't attacked?

Do you believe her
or your witness?

Well, she did agree
to a rape kit.

I think that she wants us
to find something

without having
to admit it.

I understand denial,

And obviously,
if something did happen to her,

I want to know.

All right, Gia's housed
in a locked ward, right?

Who has access?

other patients.

Any issues
with the staff?

Our patient population
is vulnerable,

so every hire is vetted, and
there have been no accusations.

So what about
the other patients?

Anybody here with a record
of sexual assault?

No, we run exhaustive
criminal background checks.

How about visitors?

I'll check,
but I don't think so.

Her mother comes on weekends,
and she's Gia's only visitor.

Well, even so,
we'll need a list of everyone

who was on the ward
on Monday night.

Of course.
Now, if you'll excuse me--

Also, it would be
a great help

if we could see
Gia's medical records.

You know
I can't give you those.

At least give us
your incident reports.

'Cause if Gia was raped,
it was by someone on this floor.

I'll send you
what I can.

Killing a lot
of trees there.

You people
ever hear of computers?

It's Gia's LaGuardia
incident reports.

Suicide attempts, she flushes
her meds, but nothing sexual.

What about
the surveillance footage?

Of course the rape room
was in the blind spot.

So Taru's going
through the rest.

And our victim claims
nothing happened to her?

something happened.

Forensics are in
on her rape kit.

They found sperm and other DNA
from an unknown male.

Any bruising
or signs of force?

Nothing recent.


laceration scars
and perianal tags.

Gia's been sodomized
for years.

Or there could be
a medical explanation.

I'm just--this is why
we need her records.

That's a tough court order
to get.

And if Gia
is hiding chronic abuse,

she's not gonna
give us access.

It might not be
her call.

Considering Gia's
psychiatric history,

I'm betting her mom
is her legal guardian.

You think my daughter
was raped,

and she says
she wasn't?

That's funny, it's usually
the other way around.

You're saying she's made
rape accusations before?

First time,
she was 14.

Just after her father
was diagnosed

with schizophrenia.

She accused
his doctor,

a neighbor,
a male teacher.

The school nurse told me
it may have been a way of coping

with the loss
of her father.

Oh, uh...

do you mind?
I have some soup

on the stove
in my apartment.

My sister's on
a restricted diet.

Where's Gia's father?

Four winds.

Mental illness runs
in his family.

And he's been there
for how long?

The last ten years.

Did you ever call
the police

after Gia told you
she was raped?

At first
I was going to.

But then Gia admitted
she just made it up.

A lot of victims recant,
Mrs. Eskas.

Did you ever get
the sense that something

really did happen
to your daughter?

Gia was sick.

Like her father.

I did the best I could.

blaming you.

As Gia gets older,
it's only gotten worse.

She takes her meds,
and then she stops

because she thinks
she's cured.

She self-medicates
with drugs and alcohol.

She told me once
she wants me to find her body.

Sometimes I think
my daughter hates me.

I can get you her records
if you want.

It'll take you a while
to get through them.

It's been
a tough road.

She's got a history of false
accusations, of recanting.

She doesn't admit to
being raped, I mean--

if you want to call the DA,
good luck.

Look, just because
a case isn't winnable

doesn't mean
we stop investigating.

- I'm not saying that--
- Officers?

Everything okay?

Did something happen
to my sister?

She's fine.


What now?

I just tried
to visit her.

At LaGuardia?

- When?
- Monday.

I was there
for minor surgery.

I brought her flowers
before I was admitted.

But she wasn't
in the mood for guests?

No, she was
in one of her--

- Um, she's sweet but dramatic.
- She's troubled.

Sometimes she--she turns on
the people who care for her.

So we've heard.

It must be hard,
having her in your home.

We can't just
abandon her.

My sister--
she's had so much loss.

- We're family.
- Bella.

come inside.

I made soup for you.

Excuse us.

Detective Amaro,
call it a night.

I think
I've got something.

It's an incident
involving Gia.

Couple days
before the rape,

she got heated
with another patient,

uh, Jay Delaney.

How heated?

Jay was shaking Gia
like a rag doll.

An orderly got
in the middle.

Jay busted his lip.

What was the argument about
between you and Gia?


You shook her.

No, I-I didn't--
I didn't mean to.

I overreacted.

c-can you--

can you come
around here?

But I'm right here,

Do you wanna tell us
what happened?

I shouldn't have touched her.

I'm sorry about that.

You don't know how many times
I've apologized.

Don't stand behind me!

My partner isn't
doing anything, Jay.

He's not even
touching you.

J--it's--I don't like it
when I can't see you.

Okay, Jay?

So you wanna--
you wanna punch him?

- You wanna use those fists?
- Leave me alone!

Jay, is this what happened
with you and Gia?

Huh? Did you snap
at her like this?


- I--I didn't hurt her!
- You're a big man, Jay.

You put your hands on somebody,
it hurts.

I look out
for her.

The only person Gia
needs protection from is you.


No! No!

I'm sorry!

I'm so sorry.

I didn't mean it.

Please let me go back
to the hospital.

As long as you
keep attacking cops, Jay,

that's not gonna happen
anytime soon.

Maybe never, unless you tell us
what you did to Gia.


I was protecting her.

Okay, you're protecting her
from who?

Um... a guard.

He makes girls go
into empty rooms to--

to have sex
with them.

the guard's name?

He'll come after me.

They have
all the power there.

Listen, Jay.

Jay, look at me.

You want me to believe you,
you gotta give me something.


his name's Lee.

Charles Lee?

Yeah, that's him.

Knock yourselves out.

I got nothing
to hide.

You know me,

Not enough
to like you.

Okay, when's the last time
you wore this uniform?

If this is about that rape,
I'm not your man.


'Cause these stains
right here on your zipper

might tell a different story,

Let's go.

Before you say anything,
I got something for you.

We should postpone
this interview

until his lawyer

Listen to your union rep,

- Let's just wait.
- I don't need to.

I haven't done
anything wrong.

Having sex with a patient
isn't wrong, it's consensual?

Who says I'm having sex?

He's so doped up,
you can't trust a word he says.

Have a seat.

You made your rounds
Monday night?

Wouldn't be doing my job
if I didn't.

Now, having sex
with those patients...

that's not part of your job,

Not a chance.

Anyone in
a psychiatric institution

is incapable of consent.
I know the law.

So if we find any of Gia's DNA
on those pants of yours--

It wouldn't be
from a rape.

That would be me
doing my job.

You wanna run
that by us again?

This is what I wanna
talk to you about.

Tuesday night,
the fruit loop--


Yeah, who else?

Comes to me with those big eyes
of hers.

Corners me in a stairwell,
says she needs a gun.

Says she'll do anything for me
if I can get her one.

Drops to her knees.

Blame the victim?
That's your offer?

so slow down.

So she's attacking you.

Come on.

I could have stopped her,
but I figure...

the girl wants
a gun.

I have a responsibility to
find out what she's planning.

What did you
find out?

She wouldn't tell me.

Did you get her
a gun?

Come on, like I'd give
a loaded weapon to a squirrel.

What's going on here?

Ah, you're late to the party,

Your client has just
been telling us

about his undercover work.

Trading sex for a gun
with a LaGuardia patient.

I didn't give her a gun,
and it wasn't sex.

It was
just a BJ.

That's enough.
We're done.

You'd better hope
Bill Clinton

is serving
on your jury.

Anybody buy that?

He confessed to sodomy.
That's a start.

I mean, the guy is smarter
than he looks, you know?

He fudged the timeline,
fudged the sex act,

claims that she wants
to get a gun from him.

It's his word
against hers.

we don't have her word.

What if he's telling
the truth?

Jay told us that
Gia and Lee

had been intimate
before she was attacked.

Hold on.

There's no such thing as
consensual sex with a patient.

No, I'm not arguing that.
I'm just saying...

if someone else attacked Gia
on Monday,

maybe she did go to Lee
for a gun the next day.

I'm just saying
it's possible.

He's lying.

It didn't happen.
Nothing happened.

We took his pants
from his locker.

They're running
the DNA right now.

Gia, we know
that you're angry

and afraid,
but a gun?

That's not
the answer.

Says the woman
who carries one on her hip.

Yeah, and bad things
have happened to me.

I've been stabbed.

I've been assaulted.

And my gun
didn't save me.

I didn't know
what else to do.

So yeah,
I got on my knees,

and that son of a bitch Lee

I know that you were just
trying to protect yourself.

From who?

It doesn't matter.

You won't
believe me.

And nobody's ever
believed me.

You're talking
about your mother.

You told her you were raped,
and she wouldn't believe you.

Crazy Gia.

Get her back
on her meds.


We believe you.

I believe you.

All it took was for someone
to pay attention to me.

I mean,
how pitiful is that?

He was interested
in what I had to say.

I thought,

someone sees me,
you know?

Now I just wish
I could disappear.

Who raped you?

My uncle...

Thought I was safe
in here.

Then he got in
and raped me again.

That's why
I wanted a gun.

He's been raping you
since you were 14.

in his garage.

Uh, he has cameras,

a cot.

in their bedroom.

He would pose me and,
uh, take these photos.

You know the drill,

Said it would be
our dirty little secret.

Did you ever tell your mom
any of that?

the look on her face...

She wouldn't believe it.

See, George takes care
of her.

So if, uh,
she can't make the rent

or get groceries,
he covers it.

So you--you falsely
accused other men?

Because George Zane
was family?

Uh, that's why
I finally gave up

and just told my mom
it never happened.

Gia, George Zane
is going to prison.

He will never touch you

You can't
promise me that.

in the real world,

he's sane,
and I'm not.

This is going to be
an uphill battle.

That's why
we do it.

You told Gia that
you were assaulted?


Something happened to me
on the job.

It was part of the reason
why I had to leave.

you worked with?

not worth pursuing.

That's how
they win.

We're not gonna let
that happen to Gia.

This is from
the night of the rape.

I found Gia's aunt Bella.

See? 8:00 P.M., dropping
off flowers, like she said.

Yeah, George
is not with her.

Keep going.

Hold on, stop.

Could that be him?

a doctor?

Well, he didn't sign in
on the visitor log.

The only other way in is
through key card access.

He must have lifted
a badge off an employee.

Go over
the key card logs.

Find out whose identity
was swiped.

Then, go pick up
uncle George.

Take the cold stuff

How many times do
I have to tell you?

I'm sorry, Bella.
You're right.

And don't bruise
those bananas!

George Zane.

You're under arrest
for the rape of Gia Eskas.

you're making a mistake.

Call a lawyer.

You tell them, Diane.
Gia's doing it again!

It's not your sister's fault,
Bella. It'll be okay.

Let him go.

My--my daughter's crazy.

No, don't--
don't do this, please.

You know what? That's probably
exactly what Gia said

to your husband the first time
he raped her.

Gia was a sweet girl
in a bad situation.

Her father
was falling apart.

Her mother
was overwhelmed.

But she became
very attached to me.

And I found myself
attracted to her.

You think I don't know
that I'm a cliche?

A middle-aged,
married man in love

with a girl
half my age.

What we have is real.

I get that.

You're--you're in a tough spot,

I mean--

the heart wants

what the heart wants,

I tried to fight it.

I mean,
she was a teenager.

I didn't touch her,
not for a long time.

In fact, I think that's

why our relationship
is so strong.

I was her first.

She was so shy...
in her pink bra.

How long
have you two been dating?

You mean, how long
have we had sex?

I made us both wait
until she was 17.

The legal age
of consent.

I mean, it was you

with Gia in the on-call room,
wasn't it?


That puts him
in the room.

Nice work.

S-so we're clear,

why does Gia say your
relationship is nonconsensual?

Th-that you've been raping her
since she was 14?

The patient's mental illness
is well-documented.

We'll just tell
your DA--

Th-th-the truth is
she's dramatic.

Gia can't live
without me.

Uh, she's made threats
to kill herself,

to hurt herself,
all to--

all to get me
to leave my wife,

which I can't do.

Bella has cancer.

That's why he impersonated
a doctor to visit the girl.

He didn't want his sick wife
to find out.

Show them
the letter.

May I?

I love you.


A rape victim wouldn't send
her abuser a love note.

We're done here.

Is my client free
to leave?

No, we have some facts
to check, counselor.

Why don't you, uh,
cool your heels for a while?

Thank you,

Good work.

That hump needs to be
in LaGuardia's criminal wing.

Sick bastard really believes
they're in love.

You think Gia actually
wrote this letter?

He wouldn't have put it
on the table if it wasn't real.

Well, George could have
forced her to.

A trophy to make his twisted
little fantasy seem real.

Even so, the defense
could argue that the letter

their prior relationship,

that Gia lured George in
by invitation.

I don't want this prick
to slip out of this.

Go back
and talk to Gia.

See if she spoke
to anybody else.


How can we help you?

Tell them, Diane,
about your daughter,

how she's
out of her mind.

One of the symptoms
of Gia's mental illness

is she makes
things up.

Well, she's not making up
being raped.

Well, this isn't the first
time that she's accused George.

Ten years ago
was the first.

Tell them
the whole thing.

Gia was upset about her father
being sick, and...

she was acting out.

She accused George
of raping her.

Which was a lie!

Mrs. Eskas...

George just confessed to
a consensual sexual affair

with your daughter.

- What?
- That's impossible!

He said it's been going on
for ten years...

Well, you're--
you're lying!

You're putting words
in his mouth!

This is not true.

That it started
when she was a teenager.

No, no.
It can't be--

He says
he was her first.

He told us
about her pink bra.

He says
they're in love.

Okay, I won't even
listen to this.

I want to
see George.

He's in custody.

Well, then,
we're leaving right now.


Diane, now!

So munch said that they
both think George is a Saint.


But Gia's mother...

she's gotta know.

She just--she can't--

Talking to George before--

look, a guy like that,
raping a girl,

in his own family
over and over and--

Do you think I wanted
to talk to him?

I wanted to tear
his head off.

My old partner, he, uh...

there were a few times
he came pretty close.

How do you handle it?

You do
everything you can

to make sure he never
sees the light of day again.

If he walks--

He won't.

He told you
I'm in love with him?

Oh, you don't believe him,
do you?

No, we just came here
to ask you a few questions.

Yeah, like what?

Like, he produced this,

he kept that?

I gave this to him
when I was 12.

Oh, so he's gonna
get away with it, right?

Gia, if he's gonna
claim that this...

was consensual,

then we need
to sit down with you

and go over all the details
that you can remember

to prove
that he's lying.

I know you think,
because you're in here,

no one's gonna
believe you.

That ain't
what this is.

Course not.

'Cause I make
the perfect witness, right?

listen to me.

You're just like
every other survivor

who has to tell their story
over and over to get justice.

That's just
the way it works.

But you're gonna get

Does my mother know
uncle George has been arrested?

She was there.

Did she tell you
I was crazy?

Do you blame her?
I'd give up too.

Gia said that George
made her pose for him.

He hung on to this
all those years.

Think he kept
any other trophies?

No cot,
no cameras.

Pretty cleared out.

Everything's all
in its place.

Well, no photos.

He must have cleared this place
out the second he saw us.

Yeah. Hey,
when did your husband, uh,

clean out the garage,
Mrs. Zane?

I wouldn't know.

I've been recuperating
from surgery.

Oh, sorry to hear
about your cancer.


Well, she just had
her gallbladder removed.

At LaGuardia?


There's plenty of good hospitals
near here.

George wanted the best surgeon

So it was your husband's
decision to go there?

Gia is crazy.

She made up
the whole thing.

So you won't mind if we
search the rest of the house.

Help yourselves.

His office
is clear.

How about you?

Just photos of the Zanes'
family vacation.

Nothing of Gia.

Well, he's not gonna
leave pictures of Gia

someplace where his wife
could find them, right?

No, but he is
gonna keep them close

so he can get to them
whenever he wants.

See, I told you.

Now, Diane and I have to

put everything back
where it belongs.

What's that
under your bed?

That's just
George's toolbox.

Does he usually keep it
underneath the bed?

it's always been there.

No, it hasn't.

of course it has.

No, it's never
been there before.

Diane, stop it.

It's never been there.

I would know.

I've cleaned your house
for 15 years.

It's a combination padlock.

Uh, when is
your husband's birthday?


September 29th.


My sister's?

June 16th.

When is
Gia's birthday?


Come on!



In her pink bra.

Just like George said.

You knew!

You knew,
and you never said anything!

That is a fake!

He wouldn't.

Tell them.
Tell them!

He is your husband.

It happened in your bed.

She's your niece!

We were a family!

How could you
let this happen?

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

"On April 24, 2001."

On her 14th birthday.


What have I--

oh, my God.

George Zane is looking
at multiple counts

of sexual assault
going back ten years.

That's 25 years
for each count.

It's over, Gia.
You're safe now.

He's never getting out.

Has your mom come
to see you yet?


And I don't want her to.

I mean, I know I'll have
to forgive her

to move on, but...

not today.

You sound strong.

Dr. Whitmere warned me
it's only temporary.

It's gonna be
a long road back.

I'll probably
screw it up.

No, you won't.

I know that it's hard
to imagine right now,

but you survived
the abuse, Gia.

You're gonna survive
the recovery.

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