Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 13, Episode 5 - Missing Pieces - full transcript

When a baby of a couple from out of town goes missing, the team tries to find him. But they later turn their focus on the parents, because the story they tell doesn't add up. And they find evidence that leads them to think that the baby died and they brought it to New York to dispose of the body.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the special victims unit.

These are their stories.

It was Halloween night...

You're okay, Calvin?


I think I'm gonna go

Oh, Calvin!

No, no, I think he's
absolutely right.

But, you know what?

Let's--let's find
something else to do--

anything you want.

You tell me.

- That's great.
- Hmm? You know what?

Isn't she a little young
for this?

But I like it.

But, baby, can't you go
as a ghost?


Let her enjoy herself.

She looks adorable.

Zara, I don't want you eating
too much junk.

- But I want to.
- It's Halloween.

You used to eat so much
you got sick.

But that's my point, ma.

Apartment 1A,
Arnold Savatsky--

a level-two offender.

Trick or treat!

I'm not supposed
to open the door.


Being a good boy.

Happy Halloween, Arnold.

You planning on handing out
any candy today?

Come on.
Every year the same thing?

I know the drill.

Stay inside, no costumes,
no kids.

That's right, Arnold.

See you next year.

I need diapers--three month.

I'm excited about
the Halloween parade.

Must be fun
around here tonight.

If you like nut jobs

my baby,
his skin is sensitive.

Do you have organic?

All we have are regular, miss.

Can you check in the back?

Trick or treat!

Who wants a treat?


What the hell
you doing, bozo?

Didn't your parole officer
tell you

not to open up the door
on Halloween?

You forgot your diapers!

Trick or treat.

- Amaro.
- Thank you.

Thank you.
What'd you get?

- Candy corn.
- Ooh!

Oh, that's my favorite.

I got to go.

Yeah, okay.
I'm on my way.

Calvin, I'm so sorry.

What's wrong?

I got to go.

Duty calls.



They stole my car!

My son was in the back seat!

Someone stole my baby!

Someone stole my son!

Sync by Adriano_CSI, correction by Alex1969

A missing baby on Halloween...

Do we have any good news?

The mom said
their car was stolen

with a three-month-old
in the back seat.

There's no witnesses,
nothing on the traffic cams.

Well, good.
So they left the kid in the car.

That's just great.

Who are these people?

They're tourists--there's
Allie Martell and Tim Holland.

They drove down from Buffalo
for the parade.

- Just a kid herself.
- Where's the husband?

Boyfriend. He went to see
a rental apartment.

She won't go to the precinct
without him.

Well, don't give her a choice.

And let's hope we get a lead.

Before every village idiot
in a Casey Anthony mask

is too drunk
to remember his own name.

- Yeah.
- What's happening?

- Did you find Nate?
- We got a hundred cops looking.

I don't know
why Tim's not picking up.

Okay, how long has it been
since you spoke to him?

An hour ago.

He doesn't know about--

It's me. Call me back.
Where are you?

I tell you this,
she's a good mother.

She wanted organic diapers.

Did you see her baby?

No. She was looking
out the door, in a hurry.

Said the baby was in the car.

Did you get a look
at the car?

- See anyone driving it away?
- No.

I was making change,
she ran out.

Next thing,
she's screaming.

I go outside to help.

Allie, why don't we wait
for Tim back at the station?

He won't know where I am.

Yeah, we'll make sure
someone tells him.

What's going on?

Where were you?
I was calling!

- Tim Holland?
- Yeah. What's happening?

- They took him.
- What are you talking about?

They took the car,
and Nate was in the back seat.

I was only gone for a minute.

- What, are you kidding me?
- He needed diapers!

- I didn't want to wake him.
- What were you thinking?

- Take a breath, calm down.
- I need to talk to Allie!

- Not like that you're not.
- Does he explode

- like that often?
- Let me talk to Tim.

I'm the only one
who can calm him down.

Okay, detective Amaro's
pretty good at that.

Tim doesn't like cops--
not because of anything bad.

Why are you asking
all these questions?

Because there maybe
something that you know,

that you don't think
is important.

Now, Allie, we need your help.
Come on.

So the last hour,
where were you?

Meeting the jerk-off who
screwed us out of 200 bucks.

We rented an apartment
on Craigslist.

We show up--there's six
gay guys staying there.

You rented an apartment
for tonight?

We'll need
the jerk-off's name.

We were a day late,
we got a slow start.

I was too tired to drive--

we pulled over,
I slept in the car.

Where's my kid?

Where's my son?

- Why did Tim leave you here?
- The baby was sleeping.

We parked--
Tim said he'd be right back.

You need to find Nate.

He's lactose intolerant--
he needs soy formula.

Whoever took him
won't know that.

We're going
to find your baby, Allie.

With Halloween-night revelry

the NYPD's efforts

to find three-month-old
Nate Martell,

police have issued
an Amber alert.

Anyone with information
should call the tip line.

The infant was last seen

strapped in his
blue-grey barnet car seat,

in a 1990 red Honda Accord.

New York license plate--

Well, that's
just what the city needs,

another tourist horror story.

Tell me we have a lead.

Stone-cold no.

Nothing on
the surveillance cameras,

no witnesses to the car theft.

We've got an alarm out
on the Accord,

but there's been no hits
from the toll booths.

Where's Tim?

He's with detective Amaro.
Let's go in here.

Can I get you anything?

I guess I can't smoke in here.

Uh, no, but I can have
somebody take you outside.

It's okay--
I got to quit anyway.

Nate, he started to grab
the butts out of the ashtray.

Why am I in this room?

Just to give you
some privacy.

Just have a seat.

Is Allie okay?

I want to see her.

Just give us a minute.

Three hours later,

and no sign of the car
or the kid.

Let's verify
the parents' version.

Pull sale records,
credit cards,

and track their route
into the city.

Any holes
in their story?

No, they're
backing each other up,

but she's definitely
afraid of him.

And he's got
some issues.

I'll get in touch
with Buffalo,

find out what's
not on paper.

You two,
talk to the Craigslist renter.

I want to know the last time
anyone other than these two

saw that baby alive.

Why are you still up?

You had too much sugar.

I told you not to eat all--

all right, one last piece,
then you brush your teeth,

and you go to sleep.

I love you too.

That's my daughter.

Everything's a negotiation.

Gee, I wonder where
she gets that from.

Any sign of Nate?

From a tip line,
on Halloween?

It's been four hours.

No one's seen anything.

So what's your gut
on Tim?

Well, we got off
to a bad start.

I got in his face,
his ego's up.

And she saw you
as protecting her.

You want to do-si-do?

That's what I'm thinking.

I just heard back from the
precinct captain in Buffalo.

Turns out Tim Holland
has a domestic incident report

on file
six months ago.

That's when she was pregnant.

- Well, who called it in?
- Allie's sister.

Allie refused to cooperate.

So no charges were filed.

I'll send fin and Rollins
up to Buffalo,

you two get their version.

Yeah, I remember him--
pretty pissy.

I'd be too--

you promised him an apartment
and didn't deliver.

Hey, they showed up
a day late.

I already rented it.

They? Did they have
a baby with them?

I only met the guy.

I said I had something else,

but he was a pain in the ass
about having a crib.

What's the biggy?

Kid that little,
you put in a laundry basket.

Hey, we done?

I got a party.

In that outfit?

I hope you're not looking
to get lucky tonight.

Well, I hope you like
hot wings.

We're on the next plane
to Buffalo.

Tim loves me.

He never hit me.

So your sister called
the police for no reason?

She never liked him.


what you tell me,
it's to help find Nate.

You're not being disloyal.

Tim's jealous...

because he loves me so much.

When I first got pregnant,

he didn't think
the baby was his.

All right,
but this report--

it's six months later.

It's dumb.

I had a drink with an ex.

Tim found out,
he grabbed my arm,

he shook me a little--
my sister overreacted.

Is that what he said?

I can handle Tim.

He walks through the door,
his mood--

it's like waves
coming off him.

I know right away
if it's going to be a bad night.

So you can
take care of yourself.

But what about Nate?

Did Tim ever
have a bad night with him?

Tim would never...

When Nate was born,
he fell in love.


he tries to be
all tough, but...

in the delivery room,
he was bawling.

Is that what Allie said?

That I hurt her?

Well, no one's making
any accusations, but...

We have this report
from Buffalo.

It's a misunderstanding.

There were no charges.

Well, still,
I'd like to get your side.

My side is...

her bitch sister hates me.


I see the way they look at me.

The two of them--

her mother and her sister.

'Cause the dad left
they hate all men.

Well, that's got to be

I love Allie.

- She knows it.
- Well, still,

people you love can make you...


Especially people you love.

I apologized.

I was on my knees.

So is that what happens?

You... get angry
and then you do things

you regret?

I want to talk to Allie.

What are you guys
putting in her head?

Just sit tight.

We might have a lead
on the car--

abandoned, off the
Willis Avenue Bridge.


- Window's broken.
- Is he in there?

Pop the trunk.

Get me a lock puller.

A lock puller--c'mon, c'mon,
c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!

Let's go, let's go,
let's go!

- You got it?
- Yeah.

He's not here.

We need a level-one

Check the hillside,
check those woods.

Check the embankment,
get divers in that river.

This baby could be out here.

Sixteen hours since the baby
was report missing,

no leads.

I'm not feeling
a happy ending.

CSU come up with anything
in the car?

Aside from the broken window,
there's no sign of foul play.

There's no blood
in the back seat,

- no blood in the trunk.
- What about prints?

There's no hits--
the only prints

on the steering wheel
were Tim's.

Okay, so either
the car thief wore gloves

or this didn't go down
the way they say.

Keep them talking.

You have some news?

Police found your car.

Oh, well, that's good,
isn't it?

Yes and no.

We didn't find Nate.

Now you said...

Nate was in the car seat.

That's right--
strapped in.

That's a long ride--

from Buffalo to New York--

for a little guy.

Cars put him to sleep.

So when did you decide
to make the trip?

Last week.

Tim really wanted to see
the Halloween parade.

Well, how about you?

Did you want to come?

Yeah, of course.


I had to ask
for time off from work.

And where do you work?

From home--debt collection.

It's not bad.

I guess I sound nice
on the phone.

I don't get hung up on much.

So what about Tim?

Did he have a job?

day labor.

Not a lot lately.

Tough times
can be hard on a man.

Everyone's out of work
up there.

It's not his fault.

You never know
what's going to set Tim off.

My sister's jumping out
of her skin

half the time.

Is she scared to leave him?

They don't live together.

He's still at his mom's,

if you can believe that.

She stays with me.

He's over a lot.

Eats my food
like he paid for it.

You ever seen him
abusive toward his son?

No... not when I'm around.

Then why'd you call
the cops on him?

Going to tell us
what happened?

Tim had been pounding 40s,
making crazy accusations

that she was sneaking
out on him.

He twisted her arm so bad
it was purple for a week.

Allie didn't want
to press charges?

He's in her blind spot.

She wanted to name the baby Ty,

but he wanted Nathan--

for Nathan Gerby.

He leads the Sabres
in penalty minutes.

Is it okay if we look
in Nate's bedroom?

He sleeps with Allie.

When's the last time
you saw Nate?

Sunday, right before
they left.

And what time
was that again?

Um, they...
got a late start.

The car needed a new fan belt--
about 4:00.

And you actually saw them
put Nate in the car?

Yep, sucking
on his toy keys,

holding his dinosaur.

You're going
to find him, right?

You hear about people
getting carjacked

with the baby in the back.

The baby's always fine.

When are you
going to find my son?

We are doing everything
that we can.

I don't understand
why I have

to stay here
and answer questions.

Because anything that you
remember may help us.

I wasn't even there!

I understand that, Tim.

I know that you were meeting
about the Craigslist rental.

- Did you talk to the guy?
- We did.

I'm not lying about that.

I understand how--
how stressful this is,

and how inful this is,

how angry you are--

Yeah? Do you know why?

Because I wasn't there.

I wasn't there
to protect my boy.

Aw, I screwed up.

I screwed it up.

It's okay, Tim,
it's okay.

No, it's not.

You don't think so,
and she doesn't think so.

She? Allie?

You think Allie's
going to blame you

because your baby's missing?

She'll find a way.

I need to talk to somebody.

What do you got there?

I didn't do anything.

Mr. Hernandez says

he just bought the car seat

from a peddler
in Tompkins Square.

He brought it home,

his wife recognized it
from the news.

So can we confirm
that it's Nate's?

A model number
or registration number?

It does match their photos,
down to the clip-on toy keys.

CSU is processing it now.

I have unis canvassing the park.

You take Mr. Hernandez
down to the park

and find that peddler.

Hey, guys.
Wanna buy a radio?

- What about some...
- That's him, that's him.


- We need to talk Mr.--
- Coogan.

And I got a permit.

And I ain't doing
anything illegal.

Yeah, where'd you get
all this stuff?

I got suppliers.

We'll need their names.

That's confidential--

trade secrets.


Have it your way.

Mr. Coogan, you're under arrest
for larceny.

I'm a Vietnam vet
just trying to make a living.

NYPD is out of control!

Won't let a man make a buck!

We need to pack this up.

I didn't see any baby.

If I did, I would have run.

I don't like babies.

But you did break
into the car.

I ain't admitting
to that either.

Well, your prints
are all over it.

You're alled
to lie to me, right?

Wait a minute.

Back up.

You don't care
about the stolen goods.

This is about a baby?

Now you can trust me
on that, I swear.


I broke the window,

took the stuff.
No baby.

- So the car was locked.
- Yeah.

Nobody leaves their car unlocked

with all that stuff in it.

What time was that?

Just getting dark.

Crazies in masks running around.

Halloween night.

Gives me post-traumatic.

I want my lawyer.

This guy lawyers up?

Uh, he didn't take the kid.

Where are we
with the parents?

Well, something happened
between Buffalo and here,

but I don't make either
of them as hard-core criminals.

They would have come up
with a better story.

Well, just keep them talking.

We still don't have enough
probable cause to arrest.

Well, we might now.

Prelim labs came back on
the items taken from their car.

Something on the car seat?

Well, the cooler.

Lab found fecal matter
with traces of soy formula.

They put their baby
in the cooler?

That baby's body.

Where am I?

What time is it?

It's 8:00 P.M.

You all right, Allie?

You were dreaming?


You know, I, uh...

never remember my dreams.

I do.

Well, you remember

what you were
dreaming about just now?


You still haven't found Nate.

You would have said
right out if you did.

He's dead, isn't he?

Is that what you think?

You would have
found him by now.

Let's go back
to Sunday--

the day you left Buffalo.

We've been over this.

Well, maybe somebody
followed you,

knew you were leaving.

Sometimes the smallest detail

makes all the difference, okay?

those are our suitcases.

When can I see Allie?

You know, detective Amaro
said that she's sleeping, and...

She probably needs it.

Is this your son's car seat?



Do you recognize this?

Is that your cooler, Tim?

Those coolers,
they all look alike.

Yeah, some of them do.

Yeah, so how do you know
that one's even ours?

Because this one has
your fingerprints on it.

- Well, then, there you go.
- Yeah, yeah.

The lab found
something else inside.

Found fecal matter,

and traces of soy formula,
just like Nate drinks.

Do you... want
to explain that to me?

I don't know.

Uh, Nate's a handful.

Maybe... Allie was busy--
she put a diaper in there.

No mother puts dirty diapers
in a cooler.

So you have two choices, Tim.

The good outcome would be...

that we find out that this
is an accident.

And that the baby fell
and hit his head.

- No.
- And the bad outcome would be

that you lost your temper,

and maybe shook Nate.

- That's not what happened.
- Then tell me

what did happen.

Because I know that that baby
wasn't taken from--

Don't you attack me!

I'm sorry.

That doesn't matter.

How did Nate...

end up in the cooler?

Tim's overloaded--
shut down.

Amaro getting anywhere?

They haven't
left Buffalo yet.

Do you remember
what time you got up?

Nate woke me up.
5:00 A.M.

I remember those days.

Being tired
all the time.

If I could just sleep.

Tim, he takes pills sometimes,
but I'm afraid to--

that I won't hear Nate.

Well, you're
a good mom.

So you're up at 5:00.
Then what happens?

I gave Nate his bottle.

Just him and me
in the kitchen.

It was so quiet.

Nate gets fed.

Then what about you?
What do you have for breakfast?


- Just coffee?
- Yeah, instant.

You gotta take better care
of yourself, Allie.

Not just worry about
how everyone else

is doing all the time.

All right,
so the fan belt's fixed.

Then you leave your sister's
on Sunday,

at around 4:00?



you don't get into New York
till Monday afternoon.

Tim was too tired to drive.

So we slept at a rest stop.

Stop it, Allie.


So far, you've been
telling the truth--

having breakfast with Nate,
the late start.

But this thing
with sleeping in the car,

that's a lie.

- No, it's not.
- Allie...



We had to sleep at a motel,

the Binghamton Motor Lodge.

Tim didn't want
my sister to know.

So that's the first lie.

Fin, where are you?

Yeah, they checked in late,

went straight to the bar--

well, our bar area.

Wild Turkey, rocks,
and Coors light.

They got pretty hammered.

They have a baby with them?

We don't let minors in here.

Listen, they say their baby
was snatched in New York City.

I'm not here to bust you
for your liquor license.

Did you see him?


He was in a car seat
the whole time.

Under the table.

It's really wrong.

Were they mistreating
the baby?

More like forgetting
he was even there.

They were loud--

You remember about what?

A Halloween costume--

some pumpkin thing.

Uh, guy said no kid of his
was going to wear that,

so he threw it in the trash.

They left here
with the baby?

- Yeah.
- What time?

Uh, closing time--4:00.

Okay, Allie,
can you have a seat?

Two of our detectives
are at the motel right now.

Now you told me
you went right to bed.

But people ID'd you,
at the bar.

With Nate.

We had to bring him in.

There was no one
to watch him.

Allie, she lies sometimes.

Not on purpose,
she just likes

to tell people what she thinks
they want to hear.

So why don't you
tell me about the motel?

You were drinking.

- Yeah.
- So whatever happened, Tim,

wasn't your fault--

it was the alcohol.

I don't think
that you left the house

intending to hurt your son.

I think whatever happened,

it wasn't intentional.

I didn't do it.

So it was Allie.

No. She would never--

You two were arguing
at the bar.

Maybe she got upset.

Tim was in such a bad mood,
I thought,

if we had a drink,
we could maybe have some fun--

- be on vacation.
- All right, so what happened?

Tim got drunk?

He lost his temper with you?

- With Nate?
- No.

He doesn't mean
the things he does!

You tried to stop him,
but you couldn't help Nate.

Now you can!

You're Nate's mom, all right?

You can help him now.


I just want to go back
and make it not happen.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

She's, um,
smarter than me.

She talks faster.

Sometimes I just--
I need her

to shut up--so I can--
one minute.

You got all this
responsibility on you.

You're exhausted,
you're tired.

And she just won't
leave you be

for one second.

That stupid costume.

Would you let your son go out
looking like a pumpkin?

You're frustrated.

Maybe you just
took that out on Nate.


Nate was in his car seat.

The car got stolen,

like Allie said.

Tim, you just said

that Allie is a liar.

You can't have it both ways.

So which one is it?

When is this guy
going to give it up?

Liv's getting to him--
he's gonna go.

Oh, please tell me they've
been Mirandized.

Early on.

You got something.

She's going to draw a map
of where they buried the baby.

Found something.

This never gets easy.

- Oh.
- Oh, lord.

With his blanket
and his toy.

She didn't want him
to be alone.

This baby was cared for,


size appropriate,
no signs of abuse.

The way he was buried--

he was loved.

So how did he die?

I don't know yet.

Could it have been
an accident?

No visible signs of trauma.

Nothing in the throat or lungs.

Nothing in the stomach contents.

No needle marks.

We'll have to wait
for the tox screen.

It would help to know
where he died.

Yeah, we're working on it.

Thanks, Melinda.

You okay?

So, whatever happened,

they either did it together,
or she's covering for him.

Allie and Tim
aren't going anywhere.

Why don't you, uh,

go home
and hug your daughter.

Uh, she's
taking a nap, so...

You know, Amaro, SVU...

Yeah, I know.

I'm the last person
to be giving parental advice.

No, right now,

this kid--
he needs us.

You found him?


How was he?
Was he okay?


tell us what happened.

I didn't kill my son.

So you're saying Allie did?

She would never. No.

Tim, your son is
on an autopsy table right now.

Tell us how it happened.

I don't know.

I don't know.

If you plead guilty,

and say that Allie had nothing
to do with it,

then she goes free.

Now I know that you want
to protect her

I want to talk to her.

I've seen...
how Tim can be,

how he loses control.

No, you're wrong about him.

Okay, you want to be loyal,
we get that.

You're trying to do
the right thing.

- No.
- Look, Allie,

you drew me that map.

You wanted us to find Nate,

you wanted us to know.

I can't.

You need to make a decision
right now.

Maybe I should
call a lawyer?

All a lawyer's going to do
is tell you to stop talking,

and look out for yourself.

You're not that kind of man,
are you?

I asked Allie to marry me...

when she was pregnant.

She said she didn't want

to do it like that,
like I was, uh...


But I didn't feel that way.

I know.

You love her.

And that's why you're going
to do the right thing now.

Then tell us what happened
in that motel room.

I didn't take care of him.

Yes, yes, you did.

The ME said
he was loved and cared for.

You were a good mother.

You're still a good mother.

You're going to tell us
what Tim did.

And you're going to do that
for Nate.

He wouldn't stop crying.

I just wanted him
to stop crying

so I could close my eyes.

So what did you do, Tim?

I picked him up, and...

I shook him.

Allie was screaming at me.

But I kept shaking him...

until he stopped crying.

No, it wasn't Tim.

He gets blamed for everything.

It wasn't his fault.

Whose fault was it?

I did it.

It was me.

Nate was crying.


I thought...

if I gave him a bath
he'd quiet down.

I put him in the tub...

and dozed off.

I woke up--
Nate was under water.

They're still
protecting each other.

Warner saw no signs
of trauma.

You saying
they made this all up?

Yeah, I don't know.

Warner said
no water in the lungs,

but that seemed real.

Could be playing us--

create reasonable doubt.

They're not
that sophisticated.

It's fine.
We've got two confessions,

I'll charge them both
for now,

and we'll let a jury decide.

On what?

There's no cause of death yet.

You want to help?
Lean on the ME.

If that's what
the parents told you,

they're both lying.

This baby wasn't
dropped, shaken,

drowned, or smothered.

Nothing on the tox screen.

It wasn't murder
or an accident.

- So how did he die?
- I need to examine

the motel room, the home.

We know this baby
wasn't breast fed.

Is the mother a smoker?

Yeah. Why?

Risk factor for SIDS--

sudden infant death syndrome.

It'll take a while to confirm,

but right now, that's what
my gut's telling me.

So they each confessed
to killing Nate

because they love each other.

Allie's trying
to save Tim,

and Tim is trying
to protect Allie.

Do we tell them that their baby
died of natural causes?

Look, ME's not positive.

They need to tell us
what really happened.

Till they do,
we'll never know for sure.

Okay, I didn't shake him.

The truth...

I don't know what happened.

I passed out.

And when I woke up...

Allie was holding Nate
on the bed.

Nate was fussy.

He wouldn't settle.

I was afraid he'd wake Tim,

so I put him in our bed.

On his back,
the way you're supposed to.

I was careful.

No covers, no pillows.

I woke up--
Nate wasn't breathing.


Then what'd you do?

She's rocking him...

singing to him...

You are my sunshine.

I asked her what was wrong,

but she didn't answer me.

She just kept singing.

I tried to get him
to wake up--

singing, stroking his cheek.

I tried to breathe
into his mouth.

Why didn't you
call for help?

Who would believe us?

It was my idea.

We put Nate in the cooler.

We drove to New York.

We buried him.

Tim left the car
under the bridge.

I told the police
our baby had been taken.

Everybody knows
in New York City,

bad things happen all the time.

I did it.

I must have
rolled over on him...

or something.

I killed him.

I killed my baby.

No. Allie...


the ME says that Nate...

died of SIDS.



Sometimes, babies...

Th--they just die.

Are you sure?


The three of us
lying in bed together...

Tim snoring...

It wasn't perfect,
but it was good, you know?

I was happy.

And then...


Why us?

When you woke me up before,

I was dreaming
that Nate was dead.

Then I woke up.

I thought it was
just a nightmare--

Nate was asleep...

everything was fine.

And then I remembered.

Can I talk to Tim now?

Now what?

We let them go.


After what they put
the city through?

They're gonna be
paying for this

for the rest
of their lives.

Just send them home.

Sync by Adriano_CSI, corrections by Alex1969