Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 13, Episode 4 - Double Strands - full transcript

Detective Rollins believes that SVU has caught a serial rapist from one of her earlier cases in Georgia, but an impassioned request after a suicide attempt leads Amaro to think they may have the wrong person.

Hey, congrats.

I know how hard you worked.

Thanks. Finally get to show
what I can do.

I'm a little nervous, though.

Oh, you're on Broadway now,

The whole world's gonna be
at your feet.

Excuse me.

Oh, life is not that bad.
Give me a smile.

You look so prettier
when you smile, Danielle.

Look at me.

Now look at my face.

Look at me.
Look at my face.

Look at my face.

My friends wanted me
to stay for another drink,

but I have a rehearsal
in the morning.

I should have just smiled
when he asked.

You did everything right.

You survived.

Danielle, have you ever seen
this man before?


But he knew
all about me.

There are bike tracks.

Get the cement.

Wow, he really got you good,

He was wearing
latex gloves.

Did he have any
distinguishing marks on him,

a tattoo,
anything like that?

I saw one on his neck.

A Tai Chi thing.

A Tai Chi thing?

Can you describe that?

Half black,
half white,

in a circle.

The Yin-Yang?


Did he say anything
to you during the incident?

He said,
"tell me you love me, mommy."

Those exact words?
You're sure?

Did you notice
how he got away?

On a bike.


will you excuse us
for one second, okay?

Detective, can I have
a word with you?

Uh, I don't know
how you do things down South,

but here, in New York,
we think it's best

if one person
does the intake

as to not overwhelm
the victim.

Okay, look, I know
this may sound crazy,

but I think
I know this guy.

- I recognize his M.O.
- Recognize him? From where?

- You just got here.
- We were tracking

a serial rapist in Georgia.

- It's the same signature.
- Okay.

Olivia, it's the same
signature--the way he stalks,

- the tattoo--
- Rollins, with all due respect,

the city is filled
with rapists

with the same M.O.

"Tell me you love me,

I mean, he said
the exact same thing, our perp.

I understand that.
It's still a stretch.

Could be.

Could be he's here.

Sync by Adriano_CSI, corrections by Alex1969

We call him
"The Atlantic Coast Rapist"

the white male, 30s.

With a Yin-Yang tattoo
on his neck.

Yeah, he struck in Georgia,

in Virginia,

We gave him the name at APD,
and it just kind of stuck.

He's a power reassurance
serial rapist.

15 rapes
over 9 years.

Nothing in the last three.

So we thought he was either
in prison or dead.

Until last night.

Now detective Benson
thinks I'm reaching,

but, I mean,
follow me here.

The victims are all young.
They're fit, athletic,

the planted bike in the woods.

A lot of people
ride bikes in the city.


This guy's never been north
of Charm City.

He jumps the Mason-Dixon?

Can we hear her out,

Okay, so, what, you thinkin'
he followed you

to New York on the heels
of your move?

- Could he be taunting you?
- No.

No, that's not his way.

He's avoided us
all these years

by staying under the radar.

How about any mistakes?

Yeah, the first four rapes,

he didn't wear a condom.

So we got his DNA.

What, there's no matches?
Nothing on CODIS?

Like I said,
under the radar,

but there was another slip-up.


Got a partial print
on a screwdriver

left at the scene
Halloween 2003.

Well, he likes blondes.

I'd call it
an obsession.

Danielle Hynes
did the perfect thing.

She pulled out
her attacker's hair,

kept it,
roots and all.

Did you get a sketch?

Captain, hope
you don't mind.

I brought in Fujita.

- Who's that?
- Freelance.

Best sketch artist
in the city.

Fujita takes hours,
he's exorbitant.

Well, these
aren't gonna catch anyone.

But these will.

There's his tattoo.

Well, let's get this out,

call One PP, we got
a serial rapist on our hands.

Whoa, whoa,
let's just hold on here.

No need to cause a panic.

Let's go with what we know.

Put it out, but just link him
to last night's attack.

We keep the rest
in our pocket for now.

We have lift-off.
The sketch is up.

Big brother is most definitely
watching, amigo.

I mean, what's next?
They take your DNA at birth

and put it
in some government database?

The only people
that should have a problem

with that
are criminals.

Or people who care
about civil liberties.

What I said.

You're missing
the bigger picture here.

Which schmuck are they gonna get

to manage all these calls?

There's nothing to worry about,
Mrs. Reidy.

No, just lock
your front door.

No, that's not him.

Because we're looking
for a white man.

Can somebody please
take over for me?

I'm gonna go chew some glass.

Hey, Munch.
Check these out, willya?

You are the sergeant.

I got two colds
and a crazy.


When were you attacked,

Two months ago
in Morningside Park.

I never reported it.

And today I saw his face
on the news and...

And how did you know
it was him?

The tattoo
on his neck.

Did he say anything
to you?

Anything specific
that you can remember?

He said, "look at me.

Look at my face."

Did he say anything else
to you?

"Tell me you love me,

Tell me you love me."

He kept--
he kept saying it.

Cell phone image came in
on the tip line.

Recognize him?


Anyone asks,
I never showed that to you.

How do you know him?

He started coming to the park
with his boy this summer.

Did you ever talk to him?

His son Luke
plays with my daughter.

They live around here?

Across the street from me

off Ninth.

I don't think they have cars
in Antarctica.

I think--I don't know.
They might have some trucks.

- Excuse me.
- I think it'd be kind of hard--

- Yes?
- NYPD, Mr., uh...

Gabriel Thomas.

Can we speak to you alone,
Mr. Thomas?

Oh, of course.

Hey, Luke, go in
and find mom, okay?


What's this about?

You see the papers
this morning?

- Yes.
- Let me guess. The times.

You should read
the tabloids.

Well, there has to be
a mistake.


What's going on?

We're asking your husband

where he was two nights ago.

Home with his family.

- All night.
- I went for a bike ride.

Around 9:00,
after I put my son to sleep.

Was anybody
with you?

I ride alone.

Look, you don't want
to do this here.

Just come down to the station
with us,

- we'll straighten this out.
- I'm calling my brother.

Janey, I don't need
a lawyer.

I didn't do anything.

I'll be right back,

- Okay.
- Okay.

- If that's your guy--
- This is my guy.

Well, he's pretty cool.
He doesn't even want a lawyer.

Oh, really? That's funny
'cause he's already got one.

Sherri West.

Okay, you know the drill.

Face forward.


Guess they gave the new guy
the short straw.

Good to see you too,

Let's get this started.

- Where's your vic?
- Try two.

And that's just in New York.

You get this guy off,
you're worth the money

they're throwing at you.

Number four, step forward.


Number five,
step forward.

Number five.


Number six, step forward.


Okay, all you gentlemen
can leave.

Pick up your $10
down the hall.

Number five,
please stay.

I don't understand.

Should have stayed down South,

Your game wasn't ready
for the big city.

Those girls you raped,

they just made you,
both of 'em.

Well, that can't be.

You're done.

We're all friend here

so let's just cut
to the chase.

Look, I may be new
to defense,

but even a paralegal knows
not to let a client

talk to cops.

So why are we here,

You got the wrong guy.

Gee, never heard that before.

Cut me a break.
Did you see him in there?

Saw the line-up.
Those women didn't hesitate.

Yeah, and you know how
unreliable eye-witnesses are.

Gabriel's a straight arrow.

He's got a family,
a job.

That was my take on him.
So let us get his side.

I'd love to take
the confession.

Look, if you go in there
with your mind already made up,

I will advise him
to shut up.

Could we have the room
for a second?

Thank you.

It's him.
He fits the profile to a "T".

You hear yourself, Rollins?

Look, we need to go
in there

looking for reasons
to exclude him,

not to find him guilty.

He is guilty.
I mean, what--

what are we waiting on?

How about the DNA?

And the fingerprint

on that screwdriver.

We still don't know
who that belongs to.

Okay. All right.
So while we're waiting for that,

why don't you let me
take my shot?

You hold on.

Benson, Amaro,

you take the lead.

Rollins, you watch with me.

Yes, sir.

Let's--let's just try this again.

I am--I'm a good citizen.

The only trouble
I've ever had

is a speeding ticket.

Really? 'Cause there's
a domestic assault complaint

against you in 1994.

Are you--

I had--I had an argument

with my girlfriend
in college.

And her roommate
called the cops.

That--it was 15 years ago.

I was a kid.

I would like
to go through your lives.

why don't we calm down?


So what line of work
are you in?

I'm a pharmaceutical rep.

I've worked for the same company
for ten years.

Just got a promotion.
That's why I moved here

to New York in June.

So let's go back
to Wednesday night.

Now, you told us that you
were bicycling alone?

As I always do.

Any way
that you can prove that?

Maybe you stopped by
at a bodega,

used an ATM?

No, I never take my wallet
when I bike--

just my cash, keys,
and my bag.

What about a Thursday night,
July 21st?

- Were you in the city?
- I was probably home,

watching TV.

I take it my client
was in New York City

the night both rapes occurred.

- So were four million other men.
- No, you're right.

There's lots of guys
in New York.

So let's go back
a little further.

Where'd you move here from?

That's my company's home office.

So you were in Switzerland
the past ten years.

No, just for the past three.

Before that
I was a sales rep.

Georgia, South Carolina,

What does that
have to do with anything?

Any chance we could get
your employment records

for the past ten years?

I mean, cities, dates.

That's a pretty wide net
you're casting.

No, no, no,
that's fine.

No, you take anything
that you need.

Well, we appreciate that.

All right.
So can I go home now?

My wife's probably
out of her mind.

She's home alone
with our six-year-old.

When we're done here,
you can call her.

Nice work.

Y'all put him in every state
a rape was reported.

No, we didn't do anything.

He put himself there.

We gave him
every opportunity

to exclude himself.
He couldn't.

He's supposed
to be obsessed with blondes?

He barely even noticed you,

No, he likes submissives.

We got him.
This is our guy.

All right.
All right, look.

He volunteered
his work records.

Connect the dots.

So the red lights are attacks.

And these blue lights here, they
indicate Gabriel Thomas's homes

over the same period.

Anyone got the odds
on that?

And there's more.
In 2002,

he was transferred
to Maryland.

The next year
he struck three times

in Gaithersburg.

South Carolina,
Virginia, Georgia.

Same pattern.

And no rapes
the three years

- he was in Switzerland.
- Right.

Coinciding with the gap
in the spree.

There's a lot of blondes there.

Any crimes fit his M.O.
during that time period?

We got a wire out
to Interpol.

Don't hold your breath.

Anyway, but he repatriates
June 1st to New York.

Then there's two rapes
in three months.

You guys get anything
off the warrant?

CSU picked up
a screwdriver and a knife

in his bike bag.

Again, fitting his M.O.

And matching the contents
of every cyclist's bike bag.

Look, I get it.

His life dovetails
with the rapist's,

but does anyone think it's weird
he just offered all that up?

Is he always like this?

Listen to this.

Lab report:
Gabriel Thomas is a DNA match

for the rape kits
for the first four victims

and Danielle Hynes.


Book him.

I wish they were all this easy.

I'm gonna call my captain
in Atlanta,

tell him the good news.

Hey, Rollins.


Nice job.

The DNA results
are wrong.

I work
for a pharmaceutical company.

Labs make mistakes
all the time.

The thing is,
DNA doesn't lie.

Neither do I.


It isn't me.

you're in a tight spot here.

Is there anything
you want to tell me, hmm?

Something you didn't want
your wife to know?

Something you didn't want to say

in front
of that pretty attorney?


Like, with these women
in New York.

Look, I-I saw them.

And they sent mixed signals?
Is that what it is?

How would I know that?

I have never seen them.


You got a son, right?


What is he, six, seven?


Yeah, I got
a four-year-old.

And they grow up fast.

And pretty soon,
it's high school graduation,

then college.

I mean, you want
to see Luke ever again, Gabriel?

Look, you come clean
right now,

and I'll make sure you do
your time in New York,

full visitation.
You want to hug your son?

And you want to see him
grow up?

'Cause you get sent
out of state,

that's a long trip
for your wife and boy to make.

My wife loves me.

She knows
I would never do this.

Look, Gabriel,

up to now I've given you
every chance I can,

but you're not helping yourself.
Turn around.

I won't admit to something
I didn't do.

And I'll tell you
another thing, detective.

Yeah, what's that?

Your rapist
is still out there.

Let's go.

How does the defendant plea?

Not guilty.

Ms. West, I realize
you're new to the defense side,

but let's follow protocol.

Not guilty,
your honor.

People on bail?

Remand, your honor.

The defendant is facing trial

for two counts
of forcible rape

in New York,
and other states

are preparing arrest warrants

and extradition requests
for rapes

in their jurisdictions.

And DNA evidence
from four separate labs

he's been terrorizing women

for years
with impunity.

He has a motive to flee
and the means to do so.

Your honor, my client
is a loving family man

with a stable job
and no prior convictions.

The police and the DA's office
are rushing to judge--

Please, Ms. West,
you know better.

Given the nature
and the magnitude of the crimes

he's charged with,
the defendant is to be remanded

to rikers.

- Janey.
- Bailiff!

Janey, you can't believe
that I did this.


All right,
sign here, guy.

Hold your pen here.

Once that piece of garbage
is processed,

transport will be made
to rikers.

Thank God
this lockout ended, huh?

Amen to that.

Giants got a nice group
of receivers.

Starts up front.
Got to win the war

- in the trenches first--
- Bleeder!

We got a bleeder, detectives.
Your guy.

Call the bus.

Somebody get a medic!

Gabriel, hey, hey.

Can you hear me?

You're gonna be all right.

All right, just relax.
We're gonna get you some help.

All right?

You tell my boy

I never raped anybody.

You tell him that
for me.

Get a medic
in here now!

He lost a lot of blood.

Okay, but how many times

have we seen this?

I mean,
a guy finally gets caught

and he takes the easy way out.

What'd you tell Luke?

That you were
on a business trip

for a long time.

Kids at school,
parents are gonna talk.

I've already spoken
to the headmaster.

They're aware
of the situation.

How could you believe
I could do this?

I'm sorry.

I just...

Doc, I have to ask,

is there any way Gabriel

could commit all these crimes

and have no awareness
of it?

I'm here 20 years,
I've never seen it.

There are psychiatrists
who will say yes,

and those are the ones
his lawyer will hire

when they try
to get him off.

Have you ever seen anyone
attempt suicide

to bolster an insanity defense?

I had a guy try
to chew his arm off

to convince a jury
he was crazy.

It worked.


Janey, the doctor says
that he's going

to be okay.

Please don't pretend
you care about him.


I just can't believe it.

I was married
to someone for 15 years,

had a child with him,

and I didn't see
one sign of this.

How is that possible?

The true predators,
the ones that get away with it,

they're--they're masterful
at this.

But all this time?

What he did to those
women is...

It makes me sick.

But you're here.

In spite of it.

My mom wants me
to cut him loose,

but he doesn't have
anyone else.

Gabriel doesn't have
any family?

He was an only child,

and his parents died
within six months

of each other
when he was in college.

That's quite a trauma.

How did he deal with that?

Pretty well,
I thought.

Same way he handled
our miscarriage.

He said
it was just nature's way

of saying
it wasn't the right time.

He never left my side
that whole weekend.

Not even to wash
the stupid makeup off his face.


We had on pirate costumes.

Halloween party.

Gabe had on eyeliner
like captain Jack.

When he cried,
it ran.

Do you remember what year?



You know,
I have this idea.

What if somebody designed
a place where you sit down

and another person
brings you food.

You think
that could catch on?

What do you want,

Your alternate theory
of the crime.

And I know
you must have one.

Don't bust my balls.

I never should have let you talk
to him.

Except, at the time,
you believed him.

Are we done gloating yet?

Look, Sherri,
I have a few loose ends.

My captain thinks
this case is closed.

You might want to look
into some dates

for your client.

Halloween weekend,

It was rape number four
in Gaithersburg.

His DNA was all over that one.

What's there to look for?

A man in two places
at the same time.

What's bugging you,
new guy?


Suit yourself.

You know,
when we found Gabe

in his cell,

just blood everywhere,

he said to me,

"tell my son
I didn't do this."

Last words
of a dying man thing.


I know he's guilty.

I mean, we got this guy
dead to rights,


his affect...

it just bugs me that,
after all these years,

a guy could play me like that.

Are you sure that's all
that's bugging you?

We have his DNA.

Back when I got my shield,

all we had to go on

was blood type and fingerprints.

We went with our gut.

You know what, kid?

I miss those days.

Five separate crime scenes
all a match

- for the same perp.
- Yeah, I know.

I know,
but is there any chance

you got it wrong?

The odds of matching
400 base pairs at 13 loci,

which we have in this case,
from two random strangers,

are so astronomically high.

There haven't been that many
people ever born on the planet.

There was a scandal

in the Nassau county lab
recently and Virginia.

Evidence tampering
to raise conviction rates,

pad the stats.

So you're saying

all four of these labs
and our lab,

the best in the country,
conspired to take Gabriel down.

You got a motive?

Olivia says
you have something, Amaro?


It's a victim's report
from Halloween night, 2003.

Look, she states her rapist
had a chipped tooth

and a long abdominal scar.

Gabriel Thomas
has perfect teeth, no scar.

Victim also describes
a Yin-Yang tattoo,

which Gabriel does have.

Scars get removed,
teeth fixed.

Except, that night,
Gabriel was 100 Miles away

at Johns Hopkins.

His wife miscarried.

Two sworn affidavits--

one from a doctor, one
from Gabriel's mother-in-law--

both claim he never left
Janey's bedside

the entire night.

Doctor wasn't there 24/7.

And mother-in-laws
have been known to lie.

This one never liked him.

Someone could have planted
his DNA.

Really? And just stopped
after the fourth time?

What do we know
about the family?

Let's ask him.

What's going on?

Uh, Benson and Amaro

are dotting some "I"s.

I'll fill you in.

No, I was an only child
as far as I know.

What does that mean?

I was adopted.

Have you ever contacted

your biological mother?

I was never interested.

What are you asking me that for?


don't fit the profile,

so you're...

trying to blame the fact
that I was adopted.

You know...

screw you.

My parents were great people.

I was raised right.

It was 1975, 1976.

Something like that.

I was 17.

Couldn't look after myself,

let alone two babies,

I gave 'em up.

Two babies?
So twin boys?

You don't miss a thing,
do you?

Did they go
to the same home?


Back then,
you know,

they separated identicals.

I don't know why.
Some crazy experiment.

They paid me good, though.

Have you ever heard
from your sons?

One of 'em.

Good-looking kid.
Came to visit me...

maybe 20 years ago.

Do you have any idea
where we could find Brian?

That was a long time ago.

Read about him in the paper
the next year, though.

He had it tough.

Wait, why was he
in the paper?

His parents--
well, his adopted parents.

The mother killed the father.

She was jealous.

So she drugged him,

then she burned him up
in front of Brian.

Poor kid had to testify.

Do you know
where this happened?



Uh-huh. Okay, and that
was the last time you saw Brian?

Oh, he came to see me again
a couple months after the trial.

Wanted me to be in his life.

Like, what am I gonna do?

Take him to Arthur treacher's,
the movies?

I gave him up once.
He should have taken the hint.

Are we done?
'Cause I need to use--

Just one more thing.
Did you ever tell Brian

he had a twin?

Yeah, I told him.

And he goes on and on

about how he always knew
something was missing.

Jeez, you could hear
the violins.

1992, Richmond, Catherine
Smith gets the death penalty

for murdering her husband.

"The jury watched in horror

as their teenage son Brian

gave chilling testimony
about the brutal murder."

So we're looking
for a Brian Smith.

I'm already on it.

Yeah, well,
good luck with that.

What's there, like,
10,000 people named Brian Smith

in the United States?

But how many of them follow
their twin to New York?

There are 126 Brian Smiths
in New York City.

But they're twins, guys.

Let's look
at their birthdates.

Okay, February 6th, 1975.

Brian Smith started
as a provisional

for the parks department

July of this year.

Son of a bitch.

- Let's go pick him up.
- Hold on.

Let's bring the DA
up to speed.

There are some issues here.

You have got
to be kidding me.

This is still a win.
Same DNA.

Same ID.

For two different suspects.

Who are twins.

This is the definition
of reasonable doubt.

Why didn't Gabriel
bring this up?

He didn't know.

It's been Brian's plan
from the start.

He tracked Gabriel city to city.

He knew, if he ever got caught,
he could put it on his twin.

Well, it is
a very good plan.

Because there's no way
a jury can tell them apart.

Well, how about
if we caught Brian in the act?

How are you gonna do that,

This guy,
he has self-control.

He won't strike
while his brother's in prison.

What if we let him think
Gabriel's out?

And terrorize the whole city?

We set a trap.

He does like blondes.

On further consideration,
the court agrees

to release Gabriel Thomas
for the sum of $250,000.

You're confined
to the New York City borders,

and you must continue
psychiatric treatment.

Your next hearing
will be October 6th.

The public is outraged
at your release.

How are you enjoying
your freedom?

If you set me free,
why aren't I home?

Or should I even bother asking?

Look, I know this has been
a crazy ride.

- Cra--
- But you'll know everything

once we have it sorted out.

What kind of game
are you playin'?

Just tell me
what's going on.

Can I get you
something to eat?

My attorney
won't even tell me.

Sit tight, Gabe.

Oh, do I have a choice?

Anybody got eyes on him?

He's still sweeping.

Oh, he's been watching you
for four days.

And all Brian's done
is snap a few pictures.

Maybe you aren't his type
after all.

Come on.
He hasn't taken his eyes

off me
since I stepped into the park.

Wait a minute,
hold up, he's on the move.


I got him too.

Heading north
toward the overlook

by the flower garden.

I'm there now.

I think you hooked him.
Stay in sight.

Stay close, Rollins.


update your location.


You're a feisty one.

- Rollins!
- Give me a smile.


No, no, just slow it down.

Slow it down.
I'll give you what you want.

Look at me.

Look at my face.


Put down your weapon.

Put it down.

All right, Amaro!

Hey, enough!

Whoa, whoa, come on, come on,
easy, easy.

We got him.
I got him.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

You were supposed
to stay close.

I had my shot,
and I took it.

Okay, what the hell was that?

You trying to ruin this case?

I know this guy
better than anybody.

I know what makes him tick,

Just save it.
Right now, we've only got him

on one charge--
his attack on you.

And that makes you
a witness.

Hold on, guys.
This is her collar.

No, he attacked Rollins.
She gets his confession

to anything else,
the defense'll get it thrown out

- on prejudice.
- I think I know

how to conduct myself
on a witness stand.

You heard the counselor.

The second I got
into that tunnel,

she came onto me.

Then why'd you need
the knife?

We caught you in the act.

It's over, dude.

Is that what you think?

You don't know
the half of it.

Well, please,
tell us.

We're listening.

You want me to talk,
I will talk.

To her.

The blonde.

That's not gonna happen.


Okay, then.


Well, he said the magic word.

We got enough to get him
without it?

The wire went in and out
in the tunnel.

Amaro may have used
excessive force.

Rollins ran out of his view.

It was the only way to--

The defense will paint this
as two new detectives

trying to make a name
for themselves.

And there's
still reasonable doubt

on everything
because of his twin.

So, if he doesn't talk
to the blonde, he walks?

Captain, we need
a statement.

Heard you wanted to see me.

You look so much prettier
when you smile.

So do you.

You know,
I've actually been--

been wanting to talk
to you for a long time.

Oh, is that right?

I'm a southern girl.

I worked sex crimes
in Atlanta.

I'm actually the one
that named you.

I've been obsessed with you
a little bit,

to tell you the truth.

I always thought
I was your type.


Down to a "T".

A hell of a run.

Brian, you were the best.

- I'll give you that.
- I am the best.

You and me
in the--in the park,

that was another thing.

You were...

oh, all cute

and bouncy.

You teased me.

Just like all the other girls.

What other girls?

Oh, that was my brother.

It's the same DNA.

So that was the plan
all along.

Just leave enough
of your DNA

so we can pin it
on your brother.

And you even made sure
to get the tattoo

just like him.

- it's genius.
- You said that, not me.

Couple of holes,


- Can you lift up your shirt?
- What?

Lift up your shirt for me,

I want to show you something.

It is your party.

See, that's some scar.

Your twin brother
doesn't have that scar.

Doesn't have a chipped tooth

We have victims
that saw both.

Is that the best
that you got?

I mean, it was dark.

Witnesses make mistakes
all the time.

You know that.

What about
that Halloween rape?


Did your brother
do that one?

I don't know.
He could have.

Did you know
his wife had a miscarriage

that weekend?

Doctors and nurses all claim
that he never left her side.

There is always
a back door.

He was 100 miles away,

Sit down.

'Cause you,
you made another mistake.

You lost your screwdriver
that night in the dark.

You left a fingerprint.

It's sloppy work,
you know, for you.

That one,

it's gonna cost you
big time.

'Cause twins have the same DNA,

but different fingerprints,
but you knew that.


That's why you started wearing
the gloves.


I know.

You had to teach yourself

Not your brother,
not Gabriel.

Gabriel got to go to school,
got to go to college.

He's got a great life.

I mean, you've seen
his wife, his cute son.

You followed him
all these years,

and you never...
never said hello.

You don't know anything
about me.

We met your mother.

Your real mother.
At the halfway house.

And she told us
that you came and found her.

You know what she said?

"I gave him up once.

You would think he'd take
the hint the first time."

And that must have hurt.

She's a drunk whore.
Who cares?

You do.

Especially since you know
what good care

she took of your twin.

She took such good care
of your brother.

She told us
that she made sure

he found a good home.

She made sure
to send birthday cards.

I had good parents.

Your mother killed your father
in front of you, Brian.

That's horrible.

Nobody should have
to go through that.

Nah, it didn't break me.


I disagree.

Your own mother gave you up.

Your second mother,
she's a nightmare.


It's okay.

Anybody would be broken.

No one's ever really listened
to you, have they?

I want to hear
your whole story.

Not just these... mistakes.


I've got all night.

And I'm not leavin' you.

Look at me.

Look at my face.

It's over, Gabriel.

You're free to go home.

Just like that?

What happened?

We found the guy.


Who is that?

Your twin brother.


I didn't know that.

He did.

Sync by Adriano_CSI, corrections by Alex1969