Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 13, Episode 3 - Blood Brothers - full transcript

When a pregnant thirteen-year-old girl refuses to identify her baby's father, Benson and the SVU squad work to determine if she was raped. Their investigation leads to several men in her life including Tripp Raines, the teenage son of high-profile political couple Andrew and Kathleen Raines and Arturo Rivera, the son of the Raines' housekeeper. The detectives uncover much more than they bargained for when a Raines family secret is revealed and a family member goes missing.

- Aw, come on.
- No. I don't want any beer, please.

Drinking's fun.

Everybody's doing it.

Uh, no. I feel--I feel sick.
Please, please, no. I--

I'll take care of you.

- You will?
- Yeah, of course.

Have another one.

- No, just leave me--
- Come on. Just come here.

D--does this mean you like me?

- Of course I like you.
- I--okay, um--

You want some more?

There you go.


Somebody help!

It's all right.
Everyone stay seated.

how did this happen?

I didn't do it.
I didn't do anything.

Mr. Cordova, call the nurse
and the Monsignor.

Yes, sister.


Benson, Amaro.

This is Monsignor Kiaga from--
Blessed Savior.

Nick? NYPD finally
got you into a suit?

- Yeah.
- Uh, is everything okay, father?

I'm not sure.

A 13-year-old from
his middle school is pregnant.

- She have a boyfriend?
- No.

You understand,

we're gonna be lookin' into
everybody in her life.

That's why I came in.

You can't be
too careful these days.

Agis quod agis.

Amen, father.

Catholic school Latin.

It's basically,
"don't screw up."

Where's the girl now?

Given the circumstances,

I had her taken
to the child advocacy center.

Okay, I'll head over.

why don't you go with her?

Captain, she's 13.

She doesn't need
two detectives in her face,

she'll be overwhelmed.

His Spanish
is slightly better than yours,

and the girl lives with
her Puerto Rican grandmother.

Doctor said the girl presented
without any signs of abuse,

her hymen is intact, there's
no signs of external trauma.

And she won't say
who the father is.

Poor girl must be
scared out of her mind.

There's Ella. She's clinging
to her grandmother.

Could be why
Ella won't open up.

just give me a minute.

Aside from the Spanish,
abuelitas love me.

He's your new partner?

Uh, no.

I'm just showin' him
the ropes.

If she was hurt,
I won't forgive myself.

- Mrs. Mendez.
- Okay.

It's just the two of you
in the apartment?


Her mother,
she died when Ella was five.

you've had to carry a lot.

My daughter was wild.
Always in trouble.

Pregnant at 15.

I told Ella,
"don't be like your mother."

She knows
to wait for the right man,

for her prince.

I didn't have sex.

First of all,
you're not in trouble.

But we do need to find out
who did this.

Nobody did anything.

somebody got you pregnant.

Did they tell you
not to say anything?


It wasn't like that.

Okay, so why don't you tell me
what it was like?

Ella, whatever happened,
this wasn't your fault.

My grandmother told me
how babies are made,

and I know
how I got this baby.

so you can tell me.

You wouldn't believe me.

Ella, whoever it is,
whoever hurt you, I promise you,

they're never gonna be able
to hurt you again.

Just tell me who it was.

It was God.

I didn't have sex.

This baby is a miracle.

Sync by Adriano_CSI, corrections by Alex1969

Ultrasound confirmed it.

Ella Mendez is at least
eight weeks pregnant.

What, with an unbroken hymen?
Is that even--

It's not that unusual.

And she still refuses
to name the father?

She's protecting him
or she's scared.

Either way,
it's somebody she knows.

What about the school.
Any allegations?

Grandma said plenty,
a few years ago,

but Monsignor Kiaga came in,
he cleaned house.

He's one of the good guys.

All right,
all due respect, Nick,

but I'm gonna have munch
double-check that.

Why do I
always get the priests?

So who are
the adult males in her life?

the grandmother doesn't date,

and she swears that no other men
have access to the apartment.

- Relatives?
- Ella's father's estranged,

so minimal contact.
Even so,

Fin, Rollins,
go talk to Ella's father.

Benson, Amaro,
go to blessed savior.

If Ella has a secret, maybe
she confessed to her friends.

I send my check
every month,

and if her grandmother
says I don't, she's lying.

That's not
what this is about.

The girl's
in some kind of trouble?

When's the last time
you saw "the girl?"

Five months ago?
I don't know.

Mr. Marais, do you know
if Ella has a boyfriend?

I have no idea.

What'd she do?
Your daughter's pregnant.

What does that
have to do with me?

usually when a father hears

his 13-year-old is pregnant,
he loses it.

I barely know her, okay?

Ella's grandmother
never forgave me

for knockin' up
her daughter.

Don't you
care about your daughter?

Have you seen the girl?

I'm not even sure
she's mine.

13-year-olds today.

We try
to keep them innocent,

but we're losing them to
the kardashians, and lady gaga.

Well, uh,
Ella seems pretty sheltered.

She was one of the good girls.
That's why this is so shocking.

Yeah, she's still a good girl,

We're all concerned,
but if anything did happen,

it wasn't someone here
at blessed savior.

You're sure about that?

We pay
very close attention here.

Close enough to know
how she got pregnant?

Sister, did you notice any
changes in Ella's mood recently?

She seemed happier.

You know,
a few weeks ago,

I heard her singing to herself
in the stairwell.


The only boy she thinks about
is Prince William.

She talked about
the royal wedding all the time.

So any boys into her?

He follows her like a puppy.


Came in the middle
of last year,

always sits next to her,

and when she passed out,
he freaked.

So he likes her,
but she's not into him.

Yeah, like that.

always puffin' on his inhaler.

He wasn't gettin' with
no girl.

And which one is he?

He ain't here right now.

Both their seats been empty
since she got sick.

Thanks, kid.

One name came up,
and it sounds like a long shot--


He's not truant.

I told the school,
Arturo was up all night. Asthma.

So Mrs. Rivera,

we just have a few questions
about Ella Mendez.

Is Ella okay?

You two friends, Arturo?

Is Ella in trouble?

Excuse me.

I'm sorry, uh, may I trouble you
for a glass of water?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

Is Ella sick?
She wasn't at school today.

neither were you.

What, you texted one of
your friends to check up on her?

Are you gonna tell my mom?
She doesn't like me texting.


I don't need to tell your mom,

but, uh, man to man, Arturo,
I need to know,

is Ella your girlfriend?

I'm her best friend.

Any other boy
she hangs out with?

Just me.

Does she ever
talk about a teacher,

maybe a friend's father?

- No. Nothing like that.
- Oh.

If there was,
you could tell me.


but I don't know anything.

I swear.

I need to get my inhaler.

Here. Here you go.

This kid
may know something.

His chest tightened up
when I started to push.

Whoever got Ella pregnant,

both those kids
are scared of him.

Huh. Munch just got a hit
off the database

on one of her teachers.

Luis Cordova,

science teacher for the past
five years at blessed savior.

There's a complaint
against him?

Not exactly.

So what did this guy do?

Rose from the dead.

Come on, kid.
Watch and learn.

Our condolences,
Mr. Cordova,

according to city records,
you've been dead for 15 years.

Okay, I can explain.

- We're all ears.
- Luis Cordova is my Uncle.

What's your real name?

- Diego Ramirez.
- Diego,

explain away.
Jumped bail?

Is there a warrant out on you?
What's goin' on?

Necesito un abogado?

Not if you didn't
do anything wrong.

You're legal, right?

- Yeah.
- All right,

so I'm goin' to guess

Diego can't get a school job
because he has a record.

I shouldn't have one.
I swear,

but I'm on
the sex offenders registry.

Oh, this gets
better and better.

For us, Mr. Diego,
not for you.

How'd you make the list?

I was 19. I had sex
with my girl on prom night,

two days
before her 17th birthday.

Her father knew somebody.
He pressed charges.

Sexual misconduct.

They banged me around so bad
in prison,

I got no sense of balance.
I still can't even drive.

Five years I paid lawyers
to get my name removed,

I used up
all of my savings.

I couldn't get a job.

Well, you just
lost another one, Diego.

You see Arturo or Ella
bein' terrified of this guy?

Look, that's the thing
about pedophiles,

they know how to make people
trust them.

I don't like him for this.

There's 100 ways onto that list,
there's no way off.

he's a convicted sex offender

who used an assumed name
to get a job teaching minors,

including Ella.
Go talk to her.

He'll wait.

So tell me
about your teacher.

Mr. Cordova likes
talking about gross stuff.

Dung beetles, maggots,
slug slime.

Anything else icky about him?

I don't know.

Ever been alone with him?


Want to tell me
about it?

He's the one.

He had sex with me.

I didn't say anything

I was scared.

Okay. When?

Um, a couple months ago,
at his house.

How did you get there?

In his car?
Yes, after school.

He said I was so pretty,
he wanted to be alone with me.

You know, Ella,
Mr. Cordova doesn't own a car.

He can't drive.

- But--
- So he's not the one, is he?

Will you tell me
who it is?

Did he send you those?

I got them for myself.

"To Ella,
still dreaming of you."

No name.

Who sent you the bouquet?

was it a boy from school?

Arturo, maybe?

What? No.

The man I'm going to marry
is rich and handsome.

I'm gonna be his princess.

Thank you so much.

Ella was sent roses
from a Madison Avenue florist.

A Fleur De Toi.

Wonder what Upper East Side
prince is sending roses

to a 13-year-old
in Washington heights.

I don't see
a record of that delivery.

Well, why don't you
check again, we'll wait.

We're a high-volume boutique.

We send
dozens of bouquets a day.

To 187th street?

Even if I could
find the record,

I can't reveal a client,
my boss would kill me.

Look, there's no
florist/client privilege, okay?

And the flowers were sent
to a 13-year-old girl.


Don't you people
usually need a subpoena?

Have it your way.

But we'll also call
the department of finance,

and they'll be combing through
your boss' taxes

for a few months.

Wait, look,
look, friend,

we need to do our job,

And you need to protect yours,
I get that.

You don't even say the name.

All right, we just
happen to see it on your screen,

and I swear,
this never comes back to you.

Thank you.

Very nice.

No wonder
he didn't want to talk.

Let's pay prince charming
a visit.

Easy, detective,

I think we need to
loop the captain in on this one.

Ambassador Andrew Raines sent
Ella Mendez roses.

Eight weeks ago,
right after she got pregnant.

Billed to his account.

The florist
didn't want to give him up.

The New York royal family
strikes again.

Oh, come on.

He's about to announce for
his father's old senate seat.

Do we really think
he's having sex

with a 13-year-old
from Washington Heights?

You're right, captain,
doesn't have to be him.

Could've been a brother,
a cousin, a nephew.

All right,
that's enough.

Coif you haven't beener,
paying attention, hew.

It's been a bad couple of months
for NYPD and the DA's office.

This is a very sophisticated
family with unlimited resources.

So be thorough,
but be discreet.

I'm detective Olivia Benson.

If this is about Tripp,
he's still in school.

Tripp? Uh, no, actually,
we're here to see the ambass--

Ambassador? Hi.

- Excuse me.
- Um--


Hey, how you doin'?

Detective Amaro.
This is detective Benson.

I'm sorry,
I tried to tell them--

What's going on,

Uh, we need to speak
with your husband.

Probably be best
in private.

My wife and I
have no secrets.

Okay, in that case,
we need to know

why your husband
sent roses to Ella Mendez.

Oh, please.

What, a floral delivery scandal
on the day we announce?

Ella Mendez
is a 13-year-old girl.

She's pregnant.

Do you, uh,
know this girl?

Did she say
she knows me?

I meet a lot of people,

and these flowers, dozens
of staffers access that account.

Any one of them could have sent
them, for any number of reasons.

The maid has your card?

So if we hear anything,
we'll call you.

Thank you.

- That went well.
- You know, the housekeeper

assumed that we were there
about Tripp, their son.

Maybe we are.

I thought New York kids
didn't drive.

They don't drive,
they're driven.


Yo, you guys
missed a sick rager.

The girls there
were so hot.

- Well there he is.
- Oh, hey man, what's up?

All right,
I'll give you a call.

Hey, Tripp Raines!

We need to talk to you.

Go wait by the car,
I'll be there soon.

So what's up?

Want to ask you
some questions

about your little chuchita
, Ella Mendez.

You remember her, right?

I know she'll never forget me.


Make you feel like a man
when you popped her?

I threw her some charity,

Excuse me,

I have to
take Mr. Raines home.

I remember you.

You used to work major case.

Briggs, right?

He's not in custody?


You're done now.

Little punk
thinks he can't be touched.

I wonder why.

we're at the apartment.

All right,
check back later.

Tripp's her prince.

He's the same age as Ella?
There goes statutory.

He's a sophisticated player,
she's a pregnant little girl.

Getting into a town car?

Where are they goin'?

She doesn't
look too happy about it.

Ella, por favor--


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Let go of her.
I don't want to.

- Are you okay?
- Please help me.

What's the matter? Let go.
What's the matter, sweetheart?

- I don't want to go.
- Go where?

I want to keep my baby.

Oh, my God.

So Ella, whose idea was it
for you to get an abortion?

He said
if I got the abortion,

we could be

Now is Tripp the only boy
that you've had sex with?

Yes. Once.


Fourth of July.

I went to a party
at his house.

Arturo was invited,
he said I should come too.

How does he know Tripp?

His mom worked
as their maid.

so you went to the party.

Then what happened?

I'd never been in a house
that big.

Tripp came over to Arturo and me
to say hello.

He was so nice.

Nice how?

Everyone was drinking
jungle juice.

I told him
I don't drink.

He got me lemonade.

He showed me
his parents' room.

Two bathrooms.

It was like a palace.

Then he showed me his room.

- The two of you were alone?
- Yes.

He had a king size bed.

He brought me
more lemonade.

I was dizzy, so he said
I should rest on the bed.

and then what?

It's kind of fuzzy.

He was kissing me.

He put his hand
down my shirt.

And what did you do?

I told him we shouldn't,

that my grandmother
would be mad.

And what did he say?

He said,
"don't tell her."

He said I was hot,
that he liked me.

Okay, Ella,
what happened next?

He pushed me down
on the bed.

He pulled down my skirt.

And he put it inside.

did you want him to do that?

No. It hurt.

Did you say no?


I remember I was crying,
'cause that's when he got mad.

He said it was my fault,
that he couldn't stop.

He asked me
if I wanted him to like me.

Do you remember
what happened next?

When he was done, he said
that I should clean myself up.

I tried to find Arturo,
but he was gone.

I took the bus home.

And then the next day
Tripp sent you roses.

He wouldn't do that
for just anyone.


Okay, counselor,
there's not much doubt there.

I don't know.

What do you mean,
you don't know?

She's describing a rape.

A jury won't think so.

Sexual misconduct,
if we're lucky,

and with his legal team,

Are you kidding me?
She's 13.

So is he, so technically,
that means--

That he got her drunk.

The lemonade was spiked.

She was a virgin,
she said that it hurt.

She was crying,
she said no.

There was no outcry afterward.
He sent her flowers.

Even Ella told you
that she thought

they were gonna get married.

That's his game.
I mean, he knows

how to take advantage
of girls like this.

Do you have any way
of backing that up?

Ella has changed her story
three times.

We can't even prove
that she's carrying his baby.

I mean,
unless you want

my office to compel
a fetal DNA test.

No, no, no. It took
a long time to earn her trust.

I'm sure it did.

What the hell's
that supposed to mean?

What the hell does that mean?

Uh, I'll go jump on the,
uh, CAC paperwork.

Be back in a few.

Look, Olivia, okay,
I understand

you've been
going through a lot.

Oh, no.
Don't you dare patronize me.

You're off.

What I saw, your anger
pushed her disclosure.

I'm off?
You know what I see?

Is an ADA who's too afraid
to follow the facts

because the family
has too much muscle.

You and your office
have lost your nerve.

Come on.


What's wrong
with these people?

How could they not see?

She's not
gonna press charges.

Wait, wait.

Tell you what.

Let's pay the Raines a visit
before they find that out.

Try and get Tripp to tell us
his side of the story.

If she said that
he forced her, she's a liar.

I mean, girls throw themselves
at my son all the time.

So when they wind up pregnant,
you pay for the abortions?

That's another lie.
She's making all this up.

Maybe, but unless
we talk to Tripp,

her accusation's
the only version we have.

I told you,
talk to my lawyer.

Look, ambassador,
you trust your son?

- Mm-hmm.

Let us talk to him
before the DA digs in.

- I think you should leave.
- Kathleen, please.

You got five minutes,
with us in the room.

- Okay.
- And it's off the record.


Tripp? Tripp?

My husband's a politician.
He wants everyone to like him.

I don't.

If you people think you're gonna
take this girl's fiction,

and hurt my son,

you're gonna go down hard.

Uh, Tripp's out.

He's studying
with his friends.

He should be
up in his room.

I'll call the DA's office
in the morning.


Have a nice evening.

She seems pretty worried
about Tripp.

And he is too.

He was just covering.
Kid's not in a study group.

He's on the run.

No sign of Tripp or Raines.

Unmarked car sat in front of
his townhouse all last night.

He never came home.

But the family
hasn't reported him missing.

What about
the other residences?

there's been police presence

at their homes in Aspen,
Martha's vineyard, East Hampton,

so far he hasn't showed.

I just got a call
from the Raines' family lawyer.

He's worried
I'm about to indict Tripp.

And that leverage upsets you,

Wait, wait, wait, hold on.
Back up.

Does this mean
his folks know where Tripp is?

What are you
talking about?

Kid's been awol
since yesterday.

The lawyer didn't say anything
about Tripp being gone.

Because the family's
trying to buy time.

someone to see you.

Thank you for coming in,
Mrs. Raines.

Something's happened
to my son.

I don't know where he is,

and neither does
our alleged security.

Is it possible
that your husband does?

No. Andrew and I
don't have any secrets.

This situation
with the girl is--

I know that you think
that Tripp is to blame.

It's really hard on him,
growing up in the spotlight,

but he's not a bad kid.

When is the last time
anyone heard from your son?

After school.

Um, Briggs brought him
to his 4:00 fencing lesson,

and he told Briggs
that he was gonna walk back.

He's 13.

He's out there all alone.

We're gonna find your son,
Mrs. Raines.

All right, look, Tripp's
cell records from yesterday.

Lookie here,

3:45, an outgoing call to
Washington heights, Inez Rivera.

- Arturo's mother.
- Mm-hmm.

Liv said
she worked for the Raines'.

if Tripp's on the run,

the heights would be
a good place to go.

- I'll call Liv.
- I'll call.

I'm sergeant.

- So where is he?
- I told you,

I don't know where he is.

And the last time
you spoke to Tripp?

- Week ago?
- Yeah, try yesterday,

for 15 minutes. We have
his cell phone records, son.

Why did Tripp call you,

Look, we think he was
in a jam, because of Ella.

Did he ask you for help?

He just said
he wanted to come visit.

I waited for him,
but he never showed.

Back up.

How do you know him?

I mean, your mom took you there
when she was workin'?

Is that--
- no, I lived in that house,

my whole life.
Now I'm here.


Oh, now I get it.

- What?
- Why he called.

Why you cover for him.

Look, you brought Ella
to a party at his house,

but you didn't tell us
about that.

- No--
- Are you still lyin' for him,

- Arturo?
- No.

What, so you can stay friends
with him, is that it?

- No, it's not like that.
- Then what is it?

I'm done helping him,
he's a jerk.

I'm glad he ran away.

Miss Kathleen
must be worried sick.

It sounds like
you two were close.

How long did you work
with the Raines family?

15 years.

Wonderful woman.

She gave us clothes,
Tripp's old laptop.

- Are the two boys close?
- Si, very.

He and my son were born a month
apart, they grew up together.

I really wish
I could help you,

but I just
don't know where he is.

Can you think of
some place

that he might go
if he was upset or scared?

He and my son used to play
cowboys and Indians in the park.

I could never get them home
for their baths.

Little boys, little problems.
Big boys--

- Benson.
- We got a hit on Tripp's AMEX

from three retail stores
on bleecker.

For the last hour
he's had an open tab

at pistols and petticoats
on Christopher Street.

We're on our way.

Christopher Street?

Yeah, let's go break up
a comin' out party.

We're lookin'
for Tripp Raines.

Oh, little sweetie in
the grey? He's got the open tab.

Celebratin' two of his buddies
just got married.

It's about time.

Tripp Raines.

Tripp Raines!

- Yo, Tripp.
- What?

- Come with us.
- Oh, come on.

What'd I do?

people turn around

the first time
their names are called.

- Let's go. Let's go!
- Okay!

You know this kid?

Never seen him before.

Maybe you saw his body.

I swear
on those hazelnut eyes of yours.

I found the stuff
in Central Park.

Where in Central Park?

The ramble,
under a bridge.

And what were you
doin' there?

Giving a tug and chug

to some middle-aged breeder
in a grateful dead T-shirt.

So no one
can verify your story.

It's not like he
paid with a check, honey.

I'm tellin' you.

Sorry, I get nervous,
I get nasty.

You got a reason
to be nervous, jace?

I didn't kill anybody,
I mean, what's the big deal?

Lost cards are insured,

Come on. You gonna
show us where that bridge is.

Come on, get up.

He's got
plenty of ways of makin' money

without having to
roll a kid.

If he knew how hot that card
was, he wouldn't open a bar tab.

say he is an opportunist.

That means anyone could have
gotten to Tripp first.

In the ramble?
That place is a labyrinth.

You need an army to go in there
and find him.

Then get one.

Have the Central Park sergeant
call a level one mobilization.

I want aviation, K-9,
divers in the lake.


Over here.

As police recover the body
of 13-year-old Tripp Raines--

There is no suspect
at this time

in the brutal murder
of Tripp Raines--

The body was found
in the gay cruising section

of Central Park.

- Over here!
- Mr. Raines!

- Mr. Raines!
- Right here!

- Mr. Raines!
- Mr. Raines?

Mr. Raines,
one quick question.

- Was your son gay?
- Step back.

uh, reporters, uh,

saying it was gay sex,

my--my son is not gay.

We don't think that's
the reason that he was there.

It was a robbery.
You said his wallet was stolen.

Mr. Raines, um,

there were a lot of blows
to his head.

Can you think of anyone
that might be angry at your son?

You're saying
someone who knew Tripp did this?

that's not possible.

Can you tell us
about Arturo Rivera?


Uh, our housekeeper's son?

He's a--he's a sweet kid.

as far as we know,

he was the last person
to talk to Tripp.

Arturo's mother worked for you
until recently.

Did you fire her?

Uh, no.
No, it was nothing like that.

Why did she leave then?

Off the record?
Immigration issues.

With my campaign,
I have to be above board,

and we cleared it up,
paid the back taxes.

I gave her
a very generous settlement.

Is it, um,
is it possible

that her son
still carried some resentment?

I suppose it's possible.

But there's no way
Arturo did this.

You sound sure.

He's small for his age.

He's slow,
he doesn't have the physicality.

Tripp was an athlete!

Everything he did, he was--

he was a star.

I don't care
how great an athlete Tripp was,

Arturo looks good for this.

- All that rage. All--
- Just over a girl?

I don't see it.

No, something else
put him over the edge.

I mean, that story
about why his mom was let go.

I mean,
does that ring true?


We did some digging
at INS, captain,

Inez Rivera,

she's been a naturalized citizen
for over 15 years.

So Raines was lying.

Not about the settlement.
Six months ago

he wired a quarter of a mil
into her savings account.

Now that's
a healthy severance.

Uh, there's more.

It turns out that her co-op was
purchased for her last march.

All cash.

I traced it back
to another Raines family trust.

People like Raines
forget the help's even around.

Maybe Inez
stumbled onto something

he didn't want to get out.

She doesn't strike me
as a blackmailer,

she seemed genuinely concerned
for the family.

But she's a single mom.

I mean,
she cares for her son more.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
She wasn't always a single mom.

On the kid's birth certificate,
she lists a husband,

Ricardo Rivera,
as the father.

what happened to him?

let's find out.

They got divorced
five years ago.

And on
the divorce certificate,

they both state that
they had no children together.

What, so he was Arturo's dad
when he was born,

but eight years later, they
both say that the kid's not his?

Well, that's
a good reason to get divorced,

and for Arturo to be angry.

A settlement.
It's not severance.

It's child support.

We just
want to figure out

what happened
to your friend Tripp.

I swear,
I don't know.

I'm not saying you do.

But we do know you were
the last person he talked to.

I told you, he said
he wanted to come over to my--

I know what you told me,

I just don't see
someone like Tripp

askin' to come up
to Washington Heights, you know?

I mean, he'd expect you
to meet him, right?

Arturo, you had your
cell phone yesterday, right?

All day?

We have Tripp's,
and that means

that we'll be able to track
where both of you were.

We're going to find
that you met him in the park.

Aren't we?


So what did Tripp want,

He said
he needed to talk to Ella,

but he wasn't allowed
to call her.

He asked me to bring her.

How'd Ella feel
about that?

She was excited.

She packed a bag. She thought
they were goin' away together.

That wasn't Tripp's plan,
was it?


He was really mean to her.

He started yelling, why
didn't she have the abortion?

Who did she think she was?

Ella started crying.
Her makeup got all messy.

Tripp said
she looked like a cheap whore.

You don't use that word,

Ella, she's your friend,

I wouldn't let anyone
treat my friend like that.

I told him to leave her alone.

Yeah, but, Tripp, right?

He's used to getting his way,

He said
this is all my fault.

That I never should have
brought that...

Girl to his party
in the first place.

He said it was up to me
to take care of it.

He took out his wallet.

he gave you money?

I wouldn't take it,

so Tripp pushed me down
and rubbed my face in the dirt.

He said he didn't care
how much it cost,

that I'm gonna make sure
she gets rid of the damn baby.

He threw
the money on the ground,

and started to walk away.

After you tried
to help him.

You can't just
give people money

and pretend
they don't exist.

You mean the way

Tripp's father paid you
and your mother to go away?

what did you do?

I'm sorry, mommy.


tell us what happened.

I picked up a rock,
and I threw it at him.

It hit his head,
and he fell down.

I picked up the rock
and I hit him again.


did Ella see you?

I told her to run.

I made her promise
not to tell.

Ella was my friend.

That was my house.

Ella said
he could've made her a princess.

I could've made her
a princess.

That's right.

You're a Raines too.

I'm a Raines,
just like Tripp.

What are you
talking about?

I know all about it.

When did you find out,

After new years, I--
I thought I heard them in--

I heard them in his bed.

I bought one of those home tests
at the drug store.

- A paternity test?
- I saw it on tv.

I used his toothbrush,
I mailed it in,

the results came back.

That was my dad.

Did you show it to him,

Only one time.

He got really mad.

That's why
we had to move away.

Did you know, mommy?

Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't want you
to get hurt.


did you tell anyone
why you had to move?


He said if I did,
we'd lose the new apartment.

Anyway, I didn't care.

He was the only one
I wanted to talk to about it.

Tell him now.

I mean...

Pretend he's out there,

behind that mirror.

I just wanted you
to call me your son.

I just wanted you
to say you love me.

Why couldn't you?

I'm your son too.

What did you do?

What did you do?

It didn't mean anything.

Our son is dead.

- Kathleen--
- No, don't!

Don't touch me.

I couldn't tell you.

- Stay away from me.
- I couldn't hurt you.

I didn't want to
hurt our family.

Kathleen, I'm sorry!

Sync by Adriano_CSI, corrections by Alex1969