Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 13, Episode 23 - Rhodium Nights - full transcript

The murder of a prostitute at a bachelor party sends SVU on a dangerous investigation that could lead all the way into the highest reaches of New York power and influence.

Sync & corrections by Alice

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

The feds keep pumping money
into the Reserve,

- and interest rates stay low.
- Yeah.

But how long can the IMF keep
bailing out Greece and Italy?

They just got to hold out
until the election.

Oh, yes.

Okay... let's take it easy
on the champagne, okay, honey?

We got a situation.


Oh, you guys
are with the third?

My dad speaks real highly
of your captain.

What can I do for you?

A neighbor called in
with a noise complaint.

Come on, fellas,
it's Saturday night.

I'm just throwing
a little bachelor party

- for my boy here.
- We'll try and keep it down.

Sorry to bother you.

- Have a good night.
- Good night.

It's showtime, baby.

I'll get everybody inside.


♪ ♪

You've taken care
of everyone all night.

Let me take care
of you.

Yeah, I don't think
they'll miss us.

Oh, that's better.

- Wait, wait, wait.
- What?

- Wait, wait.
- What? What? What?

- Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God.

- Okay.
- Oh, my-- oh!

Okay, it's okay.
Oh, God.

It's okay.
Let me just think.

Penthouse owner
is Clayton Hannigan.

Cable news host?

bachelor party gone wrong.

an unidentified female--

found in the rooftop pool.

And the precinct decided
to call SVU because...?

My captain's
not a risk taker.

- Any guests stick around?
- Not on purpose.

They were in such a hurry
to get out,

they overloaded
the penthouse elevator.

It's been stuck
for over an hour.

Well, when you get them out,
bring them up.

She looks so young.

You found her?

A cater waiter did.

She must have been
skinny-dipping or something.

Anyone find her clothes?

All I know is I jumped in,
pulled her out,

did mouth-to-mouth,
but it was too late.

- She was one of your guests?
- Oh, I don't know her.

She must have been
someone's plus-one.

Well, we'll need
your invite list.

It was more
of a word-of-mouth thing.

You're a journalist,
aren't you, Mr. Hannigan?

- Do your best to reconstruct.
- Hey.

I think we found out

why the local precinct
doesn't want to touch this one.

Who was
in the elevator?

One former Yankee,

two current major leaguers,
one NHL,

two hedge fund guys,
and two Secret Service agents.

Then there's the bachelor...

Will Brady,
police commissioner's son.

I've spoken with my dad,

he obviously told me
to cooperate completely.

It's terrible
what happened.

Do you have any idea

who this girl came
to your party with

or who hired her?

No, you'd have
to ask Clayton.

I don't know that anyone
was hired.

And if they were,
that's not a crime.

Well, the problem is all you
guys crammed into that elevator.

It looks like
you were fleeing the scene.

I get it, Detective.
You're in a tough spot here.

Excuse me?

We appreciate
the cooperation, Will.

Whatever I can do,
Captain, but, uh...

I should call my fiancee
before this thing goes viral.

Will Brady and I
were in college together.

I'm his best man.

And the dead girl
in your pool?


But like I said,
I don't know her.

So where were you
when the body was discovered?

I was in the living room,
giving a toast.

Will and all our guests
were there.

- Including the girls you hired?
- Pardon me?

I mean, where did you get
those girls--

from a strip club,
escort service?

Look, I can't keep someone

from bringing a date
to my party.

So how are you doing
on that guest list?


Mostly, I remember
the top of her head.

Uh, she could barely talk.

What, like she was on

that I gave her.

Do you ever use
your handcuffs in bed?

You ever, uh, get laid
without paying for it?

Nine gentlemen stuck
in the elevator,

and they're all deaf,
dumb, and dumber.

And one suit says
that the vic seemed woozy.

We're pulling
security footage

from the elevator
and the lobby cams.

It was a bachelor party.
I mean, guys film the action.

We should confiscate
cell phones.

These people?
Not without a warrant.

No, let's just slow down
till we hear from the M.E.

Captain, why are we treading
so lightly?

The harder we push,
the quicker they lawyer up.

I didn't expect you home.

I spent the night talking
to rich drunks.

I got an hour break.

Figured I'd sleep.

- What?
- Nothing.

It's just you've been napping
at the precinct lately.

The break room stinks
of dirty laundry.

I wanted to see Zara.

Nick, you know we're gonna
have to talk about this

at some point, right?

I know.

She didn't drown.
There's no water in her lungs.

She died from a lethal overdose
of scopolamine.

Isn't that
for seasickness?

And a few other
medical conditions--

none of which showed up
on autopsy.

I've seen it used
as a Mickey Finn.

Working girls slip it
to their Johns.

So somebody turned
the tables on her.

We're looking
at a homicide here.


There's no signs
of trauma

except for abrasions
on her knees.

Semen in her mouth
and throat

and 21/2 ounces
in her stomach contents.

That's more than one guy.
This girl was working hard.

Yeah, but nothing inconsistent
with consensual encounters.

I'm kicking this back
to you.

It's a CUPPI.

A pending police

You told us she was dead
when she went into that pool.

Somebody moving the body
doesn't prove homicide.

That's your job.

Thanks a lot.


Is there anything you can do
to help us ID this girl?

She had silicone
breast implants.

We're tracking
the serial number.

We respond to a noise
complaint at 2:20.

We issue a stern warning.

And the second call at 3:50?

Female, no name, Spanish accent--

says there's a girl
needing medical attention.

Let me get this straight.

That was before
Clayton Hannigan called

about the body
in the pool?

While en route,
we get his call.

My partner attends
to the deceased

while I secure
the premises.

And you really didn't know
he was the commissioner's son?

First I heard of it was
when the white shirts showed up.

Wouldn't have mattered anyway.

As my Captain says, "All men
are equal under the law."



Those two guys
give you anything?

They're well rehearsed.

We got a hit on our vic's
breast implants.

Her plastic surgeon ID'd her
as Maggie Murphy from Winnipeg.

- She's 16.
- 16, and he gave her implants.

Liv, we can't prosecute
a Winnipeg surgeon.

How did she get here?

She ran away from
her foster home six months ago.

She had her SSI checks forwarded
to an address in Astoria.

are at Maggie's sublet--

no roommates, neighbors
don't seem to know her.

She only had one friend
at the party,

an unidentified female
with a Spanish accent.

She called 911
about a sick girl.

Well, where are we
on ID'ing the strippers?

These women certainly know how
to dodge a security camera.

And the invite list?

Oh, the Secret Service agents
are being debriefed

by Homeland Security.

"If we have anything pertinent
to your investigation,

we'll let you know."

Anybody else?

Goalie's back in Canada.

The ballplayers
are at the stadium,

hung over
in front of 50,000 fans.

I mean, they're rich
and powerful.

They know how to duck
and cover.

But the girl's body
was moved.

That makes Clayton's penthouse
a crime scene.

Go back with CSU.

It's Sunday.
The garbage hasn't gone out.

Captain, we're also looking
at multiple counts

of statutory rape.

Well, that's
the DA's call.

For now, we just focus
on how she died.

We need to go
after these guys.

Maggie Murphy was 16.

She spent the whole night
on her knees.

- Captain.
- Counselor.

- Thanks for coming in, Will.
- Of course.

Once you told me what happened
to that girl,

I wanted to help
any way I could.

This is a USB drive
which contains footage

of all my client's activity
throughout the entire party,

proving that he was never
with the victim.

Again, my client
is never alone.

I think
we get the idea.

So this girl--
Maggie Murphy--

did you see her
with any other guests?

No one specific
I recall.

Is there anything
that you do recall?

- Liv.
- It's all right, Captain.

I know
she's doing her job.

Um, look,
the girl seemed out of it.

Um, she was sloppy.

I mean, I saw her making out
with another woman--

a tall, tan brunette.

Okay, Will,
I'm sure you understand

we're gonna have to go through
all of this footage.

What is it--
four, five hours?

More like eight.

Hey, you only get married
for the first time once.

Long night
for these girls.

And guys like this,

they actually think these girls
don't see them as Johns.

Never underestimate man's
capacity for self-delusion.

Don't tell me you never been
to a strip club.

On the job, a lot...

My cousin's bachelor party.

But I got to tell you,
it makes me feel...


Oh, you're one of those guys.

Turns down
the lap dance,

tells the stripper
she has better choices

she can make with her life.

You know,
I respect women.

I grew up with sisters.
I got a daughter, man.

I think I got something.

The time stamp
was encoded 3:25 A.M.

- Maggie exits the living room.
- Mm-hmm.

- Heading where?
- To Clayton's bedroom.

The way she's staggering--
I mean,

she's already
on her way to die.

She's already doped
with scopolamine.

Is she anywhere else
in this footage?

No, she doesn't appear
anywhere else.

But look...

Okay, Clayton
with a friend.

It's a little bit
after Maggie left-- watch.

They're heading
in her direction,

towards the bedroom

That's a little thin.

That's not enough
to convince him to come in.

Well, how about this?
Call from the lab.

They found vomit on sheets

recovered from the trash
in Clayton's building.

- They're testing for scopolamine.
- Where is he now?

I just talked
to his news director.

He's told me Clayton's
leaving today

to cover the crisis
in North Korea.

Well, that's too bad
because he's got a crisis

breaking right here.

I'll have Port Authority
hold the plane.

Go pick him up.


This footage
lets Will off the hook.

We can keep the case.

I'm trying.

1PP wants the DA's office
to lead the investigation.

Or bury it.

I will call David Haden.
He will back us.


You know where this goes, Liv.

That guest list,
the commissioner's son--

tip of the iceberg.

Those girls have other clients--

politicians, DAs, brass.

So we let someone
get away with murder?

We play our cards close
to the vest.

My client will tell you
everything he knows.

Good. Who helped you put
Maggie's body in the pool?

There were some
middle eastern diplomats there.

Their security guys helped.

So more witnesses
we can't talk to.

I'm telling you the truth.

Like you did
the night of the party?

The wet suit, diving in
to save her was a nice touch.

That was the wrong move,

But she was dead
when I found her.

So why don't we backtrack?

Tell us
what happened.


I took a break
from the party,

went to my room...

And the girl--
she was in my bed, dead.

And you decided not to call
911 right way because...?

Secret Service needed
to escort a few of the guests

through the service elevator.

That way,
there are no cameras.


Now, did you know
she was 16?

I didn't ID people
at the door.

Maybe you should have.

From the M.E.'s report,

at least five
of your friends had sex

with an underage girl--
maybe you did too.

I didn't touch her.

I didn't even know
this girl was at my party

until she was dead
in my bed.

Anybody confirm your story?

Or did you go
into your bedroom alone?

You're worried
about your image, Mr. Hannigan--

being with an escort?
We're way past that.

a crime scene,

to underage sex trafficking.

The threats aren't necessary.


She's not an escort.

- She's a friend.
- Great.

We'll need
her name and number.


I don't know her last name.

Oh, so a close friend.

Now, you may want to wait
for your lawyer.

But once he shows,
we can't help you.

Am I being charged
with something?

Not yet.

We just have
a few questions, Carissa.

I'd still feel better
if my attorney were here.


Could I get something
to drink, Detective...

Amaro, was it?

Uh, yeah,
what would you like?

Some water would be great.

I haven't seen you around.

Excuse me?

We get a lot of guys
on the job.

You're Mr. Clean?


I'm married, so...

That's nice.

And you've never been



It's your wife.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Yes, you do.

She's hurt you.

Have you told anyone?

It's bottling up inside you.

You need to find a way
to let go of that.

Sometimes evening the score,
that's all it takes.

What's going on in there?

Witness starts talking,
I listen.

About the case, okay.
That was something else.

Well, you know, Captain,
sometimes that's how it starts.

We're gonna wait
for her lawyer.

Last thing we need right now
is even the hint of impropriety.

Ms. Gibson didn't know
the victim.

She barely saw her
that night.

Tell them, sweetheart.

I assumed
she was somebody's date.


But you were
with Clayton Hannigan

when you discovered
the body?

And as you can imagine,

he called all the shots
from that point forward.

How about before that?

A woman called 911
about a sick girl.

That wasn't me.


And the other women there--

you know any of them?

Just tell the truth,

the whole truth
and nothing but.

I knew all of them
except for the girl.

And may I ask
what you were doing there?

I'm an escort.

I get paid to go to dinners,
attend parties.

There's nothing illegal
about my client's business.

In that case,

we'll need the name
of your booker.

Well, that shouldn't be
a problem.

I represent him as well.

- See this?
- Uh-huh.

This is Stephanie
from northern northern Virginia.

I like the hair,
if it's back there.

"Hair back there"--
I'm a poet!


I miss you.
I do.



Yeah, okay.
All right, thanks.

Hey, Daniela.

Come see me later,

You know, not everybody's
got that much talent.

If you go along
with that kind of height--

Boss, hey.
We have to get out of here.

I'm kind of in the middle
of something, Cassidy.

We got to go, now.

Come on.

What do you want from me?

We need to talk
to Bart Ganzsel.

Oh, not a good time,

Hey, Bart.

- Hey, you got a warrant?
- You kidding me?

- Hey, get the hell back.
- Take it easy.

Let me see
some identification.

I need to see a warrant.

Your ID. Now!

Hey, hey, hey!

Stay down.
Stay down!

You, hands on your head.

You just
got yourself arrested, pal.


Ganzel thinks he's got
an ex-NYPD on the payroll.

I had to make it
look real.

Yeah, don't give me that,
all right?

I was UC for years.
There are other ways.

- I'm sorry if I hurt you.
- You didn't hurt me.

So who are you undercover for,
hmm, Internal Affairs?


Cassidy, you ass.

You punched my partner?

Nice to see you too,

It's been a long time.

You look good.

What, you know this guy?

Used to work SVU...
Last century.

And now you're moonlighting
for Bart Ganzsel.

He mention the dead girl
at his party?

Might have come up.

And you couldn't give us
a call?

Hey, I've been under
for three years.

I'm not gonna jeopardize that.

For a murder charge,
sex trafficking?

We all have
our marching orders.

Yeah, so do we.

So what do you know
about Maggie Murphy?

She one of his regulars?

I don't know the name.

And I know most
of his girls pretty well.

Yeah, I'll bet.

So how'd she get
into Clayton's party?

I don't know.
Maybe a friend brought her.



She's the queen bee.

I heard you two
hit it off.

Hey, boys,
all on the same side here.

Are we?

We need the names
of every escort

who worked that party.

Look, my boss
has every reason to cooperate.

Get that from him

and put me in Rikers
for the night.

he's gonna get suspicious.

It's on you, Liv.

And one last thing--

You and Ganzsel were cutting out
just as we got there.

Someone tip you off?

Who would do that?



- You like it rough, huh?
- Shut up.

Come on, Ganzsel,
your lawyer's here.

This way.

That's the underage girl
who died?

That's awful.

But not one
of my escorts.

Never seen her before,
hand to God.

My client was contracted
to provide

female entertainers
for the bacchanal--

to dance,
talk to the guests--

nothing illegal,
as documented here.

All over 18.

It was a high-profile event,
lots of security.

Any idea how Maggie got in?

I wish I knew.

I called every escort
I'd sent.

They all swore
they didn't know the girl,

that she came with Anya Solar.

And Anya hasn't called me back.

What does Anya look like?

Brunette, tall, tan...


We're gonna need to talk
to Anya.

You guys don't have her?

Oh, man,
that just sucks.

Tall and tan...

And hot.

Yeah, this is Anya Solar,
aka Anya Soldaz,

aka four other names.

She's a Colombian native.

She was here
on a student visa.

She's 23.

She flew back to Cartagena
Sunday morning.

So who paid
for her ticket-- Ganzsel?

Maybe, if he paid through
an offshore shell account.

We searched Anya's apartment.

She left in a hurry.

The doorman says she raced
in and out 7:00 A.M., Sunday.

We found this.

That's just like the one
in the video.

With this inside.

made out to Anya Brown.

So it wasn't an overdose.

Anya brings Maggie to the party
and then drugs her?

Yeah, why?

If she just wanted Maggie dead,
there's a hundred easier ways.

Someone wanted a scandal...

To hurt Clayton Hannigan
or the commissioner.

I mean,
Anya must have been

the one who made
the second 911 call.

Cassidy says he knows
all of Ganzsel's girls.

That would include Anya.

- Pick him back up.
- We can't.

It'll blow his cover.

We treat him
like a hostile witness.

That won't be hard.

♪ ♪

This what Ganzsel pays you for?

Nice life.

I do some scouting
from time to time.

Thought you guys
were a classier act.

Sometimes you find
a diamond in the rough.

What can I do for you?

Oh, gorgeous Anya.

How well do you know her?

She doesn't really open up
to people.

Well, did you know
she left the country

six hours
after Maggie drowned?

never trust them, ever.

- Rissa, what are you doing here?
- Boss misses you.

Yeah? Give us a minute,
baby, would you?

- Mm-hmm.
- One second--

you two
know each other, right?

Why don't you go
catch up?

- She checking up on you?
- I don't blame Ganzsel.

- Somebody set him up good.
- Yeah?

You think
it was Anya's idea?

Who's she working for?

She was one
of Delia Wilson's top girls

until Ganzsel took her away.

Delia Wilson?
I don't know the name.

- She runs an escort service?
- Yeah.

Very high profile,
very discreet.

Upper-Echelon matchmaking--

Cabinet members, CEOs, BFDs.

Two ex-governors have her number
on their speed dial.

Used to be the biggest one
on the East Coast

till Ganzsel moved in.

He's got
the hottest girls.

She's got the most
high-powered client list.

I don't know Anya well.

Any idea who paid
for her plane ticket?

And I'd tell you if I did.

I feel like
I could tell you anything...

Like I want to.

- Look, Carissa, don't work me.
- I'm not.

And I meant
what I said before.

If you ever want to talk
about anything...

Or maybe not talk at all...

You trying to bribe
a police officer?

I just think
you need a friend.

There are things you don't
even tell your partner,

aren't there?

When you were a girl,

is this the life
you envisioned for yourself?

Bart and I are engaged.

We haven't gone public yet,

but I'm gonna be fine.

It'll catch up with him

And, Carissa,
you'll go down too.

You like saving women,

I get that.

We can talk about that too,
if you want.

So why is Delia going
after Ganzsel?

Ganzel's the new world.

She's the old.

Two months ago, she sent
some goons over to the loft.

They made threats,
told Ganzsel

to stop taking her girls,
her clients.

And now he's fielding
questions from the cops

about a dead girl.

Why didn't he tell us that?

Because he wants
to go after her himself.

Look, if you two are gonna go
after Delia Wilson,

you need to be careful.

and I mean nobody--

knows how deep her hooks go.

Delia's out back.

- You should have worn boots.
- We're fine.

A little mud's
not gonna kill us.

It's more than mud.

Delia Wilson.

Thank you, Iris.

I apologize
for the inconvenience.

He's on a strict
feeding schedule.

He's three days old,

had to put his mother down--
poor thing.

How can I help you?

Do you know an Anya Solar?

I don't think so.
Should I?

Well, we heard
she worked for you.

- It doesn't ring a bell.
- How about Maggie Murphy?

Can I ask what this is about?

Can you tell us about your
relationship with Bart Ganzsel?

There is no relationship.

- But you know him?
- Well, I've heard of him.

He doesn't exactly keep
his personal ambitions a secret.

But you are in the same line
of work that he is.

I'm a mother of three.

That, plus taking care
of my husband

and running the farm--
I barely have time for myself.

It's not easy
being a working woman,

juggling a life.

I'm sure you can relate,

But you do find the time
to run an escort agency.

It's a matchmaking service.

And, uh, it's a hobby.

A hobby?

Mr. Ganzsel told us
you threatened him.

You tried
to shut him down.

He told you that?
Why on earth?

He's under the impression
a few of the women

from your matchmaking site--
there's some crossover there.

I wouldn't know anything
about that.

I've never even met Ganzsel.

I take it
you're investigating him?

Anything you might want
to tell us?

I wish I could.

Seems like a criminal to me.

I'm sorry you came all this way
for nothing, detectives.

I don't buy
her Sunnybrook Farm act.

Delia Wilson
put a dead underage hooker

in Clayton's bed
as an opening salvo

in her war
against Bart Ganzsel.

Liv, on paper,
Delia Wilson teaches

at her children's
Sunday school.

She drives them
to soccer games.

Now, if she is New York City's
most notorious madam,

she is putting up
quite a front.

Well, Vice investigated her
for five years.

- I'm trying to get her files.
- Well, don't waste your time.

If they had something,
they would have moved on it.

You're telling me to drop
a perfectly good lead?

This was slid
under my apartment door.


When you were undercover--
this is completely legit.

You know that,
and I know that.

But out of context,
it looks bad.

I'm gonna have to recuse myself
and SVU from this case.

You're gonna kick this
upstairs to 1PP?

For all we know, they're the
ones who leaked these photos.

"For all we know" is right.

we've got a call.

The assistant was here

working with the former governor
on his memoirs,

and he just has a heart attack?

That's what I was told.

Why call SVU?

I'm not a skilled
sex-crimes detective

like you guys,
but my suspicions were aroused

when I noticed that
the former governor's pants

were unzipped
and on backwards.


We were editing chapter 7.

His first
gubernatorial campaign.

He just keeled over.

Did he grab his chest
or his arm?

I don't know.

Not that I recall.

- Did you loosen his clothes?
- What?

His pants
were on backwards, honey.

Now, what chapter, again,
was that, that you were editing?

Oh, my God.
You think that I--

I don't know, but your picture
is about to be

on the front page
of every New York paper

in a matter of hours, so...

The governor was...

getting a massage
when he died.

- From you?
- No, no, not-- not me.

The governor's aide
called me.

We met here.

We dressed
Governor Fletcher.

So he was naked.


On the couch--

it was so undignified.

Okay, so his aide asked you
to supply a cover story.

The governor
has a wife and children.

There's no reason why
they need to know that--

He died getting
a happy ending.

We're gonna need the name
of that masseuse.

Um, she was,

J-Japanese, I think.

- His Rolodex is on the desk.
- Ma'am?

At least
that makes me feel better.

I'd hate to think hers
was the last face he saw

before he checked out.

Governor Fletcher was
with his young Asian masseuse,

and we're supposed to assume
he died of low blood pressure...

70 under 25.

- That's not what killed him?
- No.

In addition
to heart meds and alcohol,

he had 200 milligrams

of an erectile-dysfunction drug
in his system.

That's four times
the dosage.

Plus eight milligrams
of scopolamine.

The former governor
was murdered.

Nothing of value
was missing from his office.

This was a hit.

Look, your boy Cassidy
all but outed Fletcher

as one of Delia's regulars.

Delia's not gonna kill
her own client.

Ganzel must have gotten
to the masseuse.

Delia started a war.
He's striking back.

No, no.
I did not kill Mr. Fletcher.

Okay, we know you were there
in the townhouse.

We found your fingerprints
on the doorknob, the phone--

I see him every Tuesday
and Thursday, 8:00 P.M.

He had a bad back.

Stop lying, Yuko, okay?

We'll revoke
your work visa.

You can go back to Japan
and tell your family why.

No, please,
I tell you the truth.

You give him drugs
to keep him going?


He had a heart condition--
very bad to take those.

Somebody slipped him
those pills.

Not me.

When I got there,
he was lying on the couch,

not moving,
not breathing...


You call 911?

I was afraid.

I called Iris.

She works for the governor?

No, she's my booker
at the agency.

She said to just go,
so I go.

He was a very nice man--

very generous and very quick.

Yuko called, panicked.

I told her to leave, and
I called the governor's aide.

The governor's aide
denies any knowledge of this.

Of course he did.
Check my cell phone.

- Why would I lie about that?
- Why not?

You're lying
about everything else.

I don't understand.

The governor didn't die
of natural causes.

He was given drugs
that caused a heart attack.

Oh, my God.

I don't know anything
about that.

We just wanted to protect
his wife, his reputation.

Is that a crime?

No, but covering up
a murder is.

I didn't know
it was a murder.

You have
two daughters, right?

If you're convicted
for falsifying a crime scene,


they will be teenagers
before you get out.


our good friend Marvin Exley
for the defense.

I need you
to stop talking, Iris.

Is that
what you want?

You do that, and you will lose
your last chance

to help yourself.

they're lying to you.

Can I have a moment alone
with my client?

So who hired you, Exley, hmm--
Delia Wilson?

That is none
of your concern, detective.

I am here to help Iris.

Isn't that right?

Iris, you're done here.

You are.
I'm not.

Excuse me?

I am not taking the fall
for this.

I'll talk
to the detectives alone.

Tell us about Delia.


Your run's over, Delia.

You should have taken
the parkway, detectives.

You would have made
better time.

Delia Wilson,
you're under arrest

for promoting prostitution
in the third degree.

I make fresh goat cheese,
and I help people find love.

There's no crime
in either of those things.

One of Ganzsel's whores
got to the governor

an hour before Yuko showed.

Why don't you
bully them?

Well, if either one of you
have any evidence,

we'd be happy
to take your statement.

Your Honor,
we have corroborated

law-enforcement evidence

that Delia Wilson has been
running a prostitution ring

with impunity
for ten years.

Please, Your Honor,
this is pure slander.

Mrs. Wilson
is a shadchan.

That means she runs
a matchmaking service

as a kindness--
she has a big heart.

She's also a suspect in the
murder of a 16-year-old girl.

Then why isn't she being
charged with that crime?

My client
is a mother of three.

She's a farmer.

She's not a flight risk.
She has no assets.

Her assets
are hidden overseas.

We've traced payments

to Anguillan corporations
that Mr. Exley himself

helped set up for her.

As such, we'll be moving
to have Mr. Exley

disqualified as counsel.

This is a witch hunt,
Your Honor.

Thank you, Mr. Exley.

But given the weight
of these charges

and the flight risk,
bail is set at $2 million.

Thank you.

Well, Delia Wilson
is out on bail.

How? I thought
she didn't have any assets.

Mr. Exley put up
his own townhouse.

Yes, that's right, I did.
She's a friend.

So you people just don't get
the big picture, do you?

Which is what?

Well, she's avoided arrest
for the last ten years.

Why do you think
that is?

She has the goods
on everyone you work for,

everyone you will ever consider
working for.

You just don't know
how deep this goes.

We'll do our job.
You do yours.

Right, and you
and your DA friend Haden--

you're in this
way over your head, sweetheart.

I get paid top dollar
for my legal advice.

I'll give it to you
for free.

Walk away,
little people.

Now watch yourself,


And you-- you think your marriage
is rocky now, kiddo?

Just wait till your wife finds
out about you

and your star witness.

He's playing
some pretty serious hardball.

Is there anything
I should know about?

Nothing, Captain.

We're good.

Detective Amaro...

Can I talk to you?

Yeah. Of course.

Look, let's come inside.
Come on.

What's going on, Carissa?

If I tell you what I know
about the governor's death,

can you protect me?

What exactly
are you trying to tell me?

Were you there?

You already know
there's a war going on

between Ganzsel and Delia.

Maggie got caught,
the governor...

I think I'm next.


Look, we can protect you.

Come inside with me right now.
I'll take your statement.


I think I should go.

Um, this was a mistake.

Hey, Carissa...

Just take my card...

At least.

Just call me
if you need me...


Sync & corrections by Alice