Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 13, Episode 20 - Father Dearest - full transcript

Is a sperm donor father trying to have babies with the children he fathered, or could it be part of an even more fiendish plot?

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City, the
dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

What's your emergency?


Is someone there?


Is everything all right?

Can you tell me
your name, honey?


Okay, Sam.
How old are you?

3 1/2.

Okay. And, uh, can you
tell me what's wrong, Sam?

Mommy's asleep.

Even if I yell loud,
she won't wake up.

Okay, are you
all by yourself?

Is there anyone else
in the house?

Just me.
My big sister left.

And the phone
you're calling me from,

does it have a cord
that goes into the wall?

It has my picture.
I play Angry Birds.

Okay, Sam, I'm gonna
send someone to your house.

Do you know your address?

New York, New York.

My big sister was mad.

Okay, Sam,
we're gonna help you, okay?

Just stay on the phone.

Can you tell me anything
about where you live?

Is there an elevator?

Yeah. I push four.

Okay, Sam, that's good.

Just sit tight.
Don't hang up, okay?



You came back?

Sam, my name is Olivia.

I'm with the police.

Can you open the door,

Sam, we want to help
your mom.

- Hey.
- Hey, buddy.

You did great, Sam.

Hey, could you show us
where your mommy is?


Mommy, get up.
The police are here.

Come here, sweetheart.
Come here.

Get EMS in here.

Now, Sam, we're gonna
help your mom.

So can you tell me
what happened?

I was sleeping.

My mom and my sister
were fighting

about a--a bad man
taking my sister away.


She's gonna be okay.

Hi, Liv.

I reached the father.
He's on his way.

How's the mother?

They're doing an MRI.

She has a gash
on the back of her head.

The neighbors heard
some raised voices.

Nothing dramatic.
What did the kid see?

Well, it's hard to tell.
He's barely four.

He said that he heard
his mother and his sister

fighting about a bad man.

Hi, uh, I'm Geoff Avery,
um, Grace's husband.

Where's my wife?

Mr. Avery,
they're doing a brain scan.

She sustained a head injury.

Oh, my God.

Sam's okay.

Where's Cate,
my daughter?

She was supposed to be
at home.

What happened?

We're trying to
piece that together now.

- Now, how old is your daughter?
- 16.

- Can you get in touch with her?
- No.

She was texting
at the breakfast table,

so I took her cell phone

So, Geoff,
where were you tonight?

With my sisters, clearing out
my mom's apartment.

She passed away last week
from breast cancer.

Look, if my daughter's
been abducted,

you need to
put out an AMBER Alert.

We can't issue
an AMBER Alert.

Nobody actually saw her
being taken.

My wife's unconscious,
my daughter's missing.

She may have fallen.

There were signs that
she'd been drinking.

Damn it.

She swore to me
that was under control.


So does Cate
stay out late?

Does she have a boyfriend?

I don't think so.

But you don't know?

She blocked me from
her Facebook page last month,

on her birthday.

Changed her password.

What about girlfriends?

Could she be out
with any of them?

Uh, Angela Riva.

They've been best friends
since kindergarten.

So what's your gut?

She's out partying,

does the walk of shame
in the morning?

Well, nine times
out of ten,

but I don't want to
take a chance

if this is a homicide.

We keep going.

Cate and I haven't been
friends since fifth grade.

Is she in some kind
of trouble?

That doesn't surprise you?

I was
her surrogate mother.

She was here, eating,
every night.

Never wanted to go home.

I told Angela
to stay away from her.

She hangs with a bad crowd.

She's been
different lately, mom.

Different how?

Last few weeks, I saw her
at the library every night,

on the computer,

really trying to
turn her grades around.

You buy that
studying story?

My guess is, she doesn't
want her parents to know

who she's chatting with

What books
has she checked out?

That's confidential.

I understand that,
but this girl is missing.

Do you have a warrant?

I know librarians
can be prickly,

but you've heard of
the Patriot Act?

Oh, now this missing girl
is involved with terrorism?

If we have to,

we'll get the FBI in here
with a FISA warrant.

They've never been
turned down.

And that'll take
half a day,

and the clock's ticking
on this girl.

Okay, fine.

I just wish you guys
would give more thought

to civil liberties.

We do. Every day.
Now just, please, hunt.

Here's your "terror cell."

In the past month,

Cate has checked out
the Hunger Games trilogy

and two books on children
born through sperm donation.

"Heartwarming stories
from donor children

"who connected
with biological parents,

brothers, and sisters."

Which computer
did she use?

Cate Avery's been missing
for 15 hours.

Was she abducted?
Did she run away?

Until the mother can talk,
we can't be sure.

There's no hits
on her ATM,

no new contacts
in her cell phone.

You guys,
look who we found

wandering through
the hallway.


John, hey.
Glad to get your call.

- Hey.
- Uhh!

The doctor was in town
at a convention,

dropped the dime.

Thought he could help us
with the case.

You already know Amanda.
This is detective Nick Amaro.

How are you?

How's the new assignment?

- A single, gay
Chinese-American man,

living in Oklahoma City,
opposed to the death penalty.

It's heaven.

What do you got?

Well, what do you know

about the psychology
of donor children?

That is a big topic.

Sperm banks have always
protected donor confidentiality,

but until recently,

nobody thought about how
that affects offspring.

'Cause we've got
a missing teenage girl

researching all of this

who just joined

I've seen those sites.

Turkey-baster kids
looking to see

if they have
half brothers and sisters.

I think the preferred term
is artificial insemination.

Isn't that what I said?

Either way,
it's not uncommon

for these children to try
and find their donors.

You know, maybe that's what
the raised voices were about.

Our girl may have gotten
into a fight with her mother

before she disappeared.

A girl searching
for her roots.

That could cause
some tension.

Well, the mother
can tell us.

Grace Avery's been released
from the hospital.

I slipped, hit my head,
woke up in the hospital.

Geoff says Cate's missing.

Sam said that you
and Cate were fighting

about a "bad man."


Do you know
what he meant by that?

He's got an imagination.

I-I-I don't know.

What were you and Cate
fighting about?

Just mother-daughter stuff.

We know that Cate
was searching online

for donor relatives,

and I'm guessing
that you do too.

My husband can never know.


Cate was conceived
with donor sperm.

Somehow she tracked down
the donor online

and was about to meet him.

I said no.
We fought.

That's what Sam
must have heard.

And Geoff believes he's
Cate's biological father?


So you went
to a sperm bank.

I got pregnant with Cate.

Geoff and I got married.

And then,
12 years later,

I used the same sample
to have Sam.

How did Cate find out?

She was making a memory book
for her grandmother.

Uh, going through
old photo boxes,

she found a medical card
for New York Cryogenics.

"Donor 141."

Geoff never knew
about any of this?

Family secrets.

this is beyond that.

His wife lied to him about
their two kids for 16 years.

She manipulated him
into marrying her.

Hold on, Nick. We've got
a hit on Cate's debit card.

Coffee bar at Lincoln Center.

Fin and Rollins are en route.

24 bucks.
That's a lot of latte.

Maybe Cate's not alone.

♪ My one and only love ♪


Cate Avery?

Who are you guys?

We're the police.

Your mother's
looking for you.

Are you expecting someone,

My little brother watches
too much Cyber Chase.

I wasn't kidnapped,
all right?

Oh, we know, Cate,
but we also know

that you were searching
on the internet

for your biological father.

Is that who you met
last night?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

I was with a girlfriend.

Hmm. Well, we're gonna
need her name, honey.

Why am I even here?
I didn't do anything wrong.

For starters, you didn't
come home last night,

and you left your three-year-old
brother home alone

and your mother
unconscious on the floor.

That was her fault.

She was drinking.
She fell.

They don't care about me,
I don't care about them.

Why do you think
they don't care about you?

Because they never told you
who your real father was?

They lied to me.
My whole life.

And you found out
the truth on your own.

You're a good detective.

But so are we.

You're 16.

You stayed out all night

with a man that you met
on the internet.

We're gonna find him.

Mr. Avery's here
to take Cate home.

Thank God you're all right.

Here to clean up
another mess, dad?

Make you wish
you had a daughter?

She claims she was having
coffee with a girlfriend.

Look, this son of a bitch
might be a pro.

I mean, look how he sits
with his back to the camera.

I mean, look at this.

As soon as he sees
that she charged the coffees,

he makes a quick exit.

And this "Donor 141" is
Cate Avery's biological father?

Who she lied to her parents
and the police about meeting.

Yeah, but come on,
she's a teenager.

She just finds out that
her dad's not her real dad.

You mean, because he only
raised her since birth?

I'm just saying, her world
has just been rocked, right?

I mean, she manages to make
this cyber connection

with her biological father,

and her mom just wants to sweep
the whole thing under the rug.

I'd probably lie too.

What I want to know is,
what's his agenda?

I thought the whole point
of sperm donation

was fire and forget.

I could think of
half a dozen things

that this guy is up to.

I mean, they did spend
the night together.

Cate isn't the only one
on his radar.

I've been tracking
four other girls

that have been posting
on this forum

about Donor 141.

So, "Ashley R,"

she was raised
by a single mom.

She logs on

from this high school library
computer in Baltimore.

She says,
"Donor 141 is a great man.

"I went to New York
to meet him.

All my sisters out there,
you should too."

All right. Fin, Amaro,
take a drive down to charm city.

Liv, Rollins, go to
New York Cryogenics.

Ah, I already spoke
to them,

and they're not gonna compromise
donor confidentiality.

And we don't have enough
for a warrant.

I'm sure you two
could think of something.

How can I help you?

We think it's time
to take the next step

and build a family.

Well, good for you.

So do you have any ideas

about what you're
looking for in a donor?

Well, don't you have a book
that we can go through?

Yes, of course.

Well, actually,
we do have one idea.

Um, my cousin used sperm
from this bank,

and her daughter Brooke
is just so lovely and smart,

and we were thinking
it might be nice--

If they could share
the same genes?

I get it. It happens
a lot, actually.

So how old is Brooke?

She's gotta be, what?

- 17?
- 18.

No, she's almost 17 now.

Oh, I see.

Well, it's not likely

that we still have
that donor in our bank.

That's what I tried
to tell her.

Well, she said
that it was donor--

- It's Donor 141.
- So could you just check?

Yes, of course.

There's no harm in checking.

That's right.

Yeah. I'm sorry.

We actually ran out of Donor 141
about five years ago.

He was very popular.

You know what?

Could you just show us
his profile?

And then maybe
we can find someone

whose profile
is close to his.

All right, why not?
Just give me a second.

- Good.
- Yes.

Of course I knew
they were meeting.

Ashley was always
so curious about him.

Yeah, I got in contact
with him through the website.

So, how did you
and your donor father

arrange to meet?

Oh, we'd been emailing

about me coming to New York
or him coming to Baltimore,

and then
my school theatre group

took a trip
to the city last year.

Memorial Day weekend.

So what can you
tell us about him?

Um, Dr. Baker,
he's--he's amazing.

But he has a family
of his own,

says they can't know
about me.

So what did you
and Dr. Baker talk about?

Um, he told me
about his work.

He's one of the best doctors
in New York.

Ex-vivo lung transplants.

Saves lives.

He told me
he feels close to God

when he holds someone's life
in his hands.

I only met him the once.

It was in between shows.

Then I went with my class
to see, um,

Phantom Of The Opera.

She brought me
a signed playbill.


Hmm. You know, my wife,
she made me go to that.

Hey, wasn't it sad when they
sent that guy to prison

for stealing bread?

Yeah, that was
really sad.

Yeah, right?

Oh, Brendan's up.
Could you excuse me?

Yeah, sure.


Ashley's baby.

She had to
drop out of school.

Teen mom.
That's a tough gig.

Is the baby's dad
still in the picture?

Uh, Joey?
Well, sort of.

He's just a kid himself.

Shy, sickly.

The other kids bully him.

I never thought I'd have to
worry about him

around my daughter.

Ah, there he is.

He's adorable.

What is he,
three months old?

Yeah, just about.

Aw, buddy.

Got a little...
runny nose.

There you go, pal.

I'm gonna take him back
to get changed.

Oh. I should go
help Ashley--

- Of course.
- With the baby.


You know, there's no
stolen bread in Phantom.

Ashley could have been
somewhere else that night.

Probably with
the donor dad.

And do the math.

The baby was born
nine months later.

Maybe shy Joey
isn't the father.

this should tell us.

So we're saying
a donor father

had a child with
his biological daughter?

They're testing
the baby's DNA now.

I hope I'm wrong.

What kind of predator
are we looking at?

Well, it could be a predator,
or it could be GSA.

Genetic Sexual Attraction.

When children
are separated early

from their
biological relatives

and then reunited
many years later,

sometimes there are
overwhelming feelings

of sexual attraction.

This can happen
between siblings

or between
a father and daughter.

Do we have anything
from the donor profile?

We do. Uh, he is 6'1",
brown hair, blue eyes.

Cornell undergrad,
'93, pre-med.

And he told Ashley
he was a doctor.

The name he used
was Calvin Baker.

They said he was an ex-vivo
lung transplant specialist.

Worked in the city
as of last Memorial Day.

Well, there's nothing
for that name,

but ex-vivo docs, Cornell,
that's gotta be a small pool.

Let's see.
Yeah, there's one.

Colin Barnes, Cornell,
class of 1993.

Here we go.
"Surgeon at Grollier Lemay.

Ex-vivo lung transplant

And there's a ton of hits
for him on the web. Look.

- Here's a video.
- That was quick.

Google is your friend,

I was blessed to be able
to successfully operate

and save the senator's life.

A miracle,

to be able to hold someone's
life in your hands like that.

I felt close to God.

"Close to God."

The same words
he used with Ashley.

Yeah, well,

it sounds like we need to pay
this doctor a house call.

Dr. Barnes.

Excuse me.

Can I help you?

Um, these are detectives.

What's this about?

Uh, we should talk

It's okay.

Quickly, please.

I'm in the middle
of an event.

Well, it's about
your relationship

with the daughters you fathered
as a sperm donor.

There's some mistake.

Well, then,
you'll want to clear it up,

so we can talk here or we could
go back to the precinct,

where we have more privacy.

Dad, what's wrong?

Taylor, darling, I'm sure
everything's fine.

Yeah, everything's okay.
The police just need my help.

It's okay. All right?

You go back to the party,
all right?

It's okay.

Is somebody trying
to contact me?

Because I donated
on the condition of anonymity.

So you've never contacted
any of your offspring?

No. And I haven't even
told my wife that I was a donor.

And if somebody's
trying to find me,

under no circumstances
would I agree to that.

So where were you
Thursday night?

I was home
with my family.

So can you explain

why there's a room charged
that night

at the Empire Hotel

on your credit card?

Now, that is you, right?
Dr. Colin Barnes?

Yes, but I don't even
have a MasterCard.

What the hell is this?

Three of Donor 141's daughters
told us that they met you.

They said that you told them

that you were
an ex-vivo lung surgeon

and how holding a life
in your hand

makes you feel close to God.

Does that sound familiar?

Somebody is trying
to extort money.

That's what's going on

And if any girl says
that she met me, she's lying.

That's what I told
my partner.

It--it doesn't make sense.

Okay, so then,
you won't mind

submitting to a lineup
and a DNA test?

Don't say anything more,

I need to consult
with my client.

That's fine, but if
he doesn't cooperate,

it makes us think he has
something to hide.

I'll keep that in mind.

Can we have the room,

Number six,
please step forward.

No. None of these guys
is my donor father.

They're all too old.

it was a year ago.

I'm positive.
He's not here.

Moving on, detectives.

No. My father
had nicer eyes.

Are you sure, Melissa?

I'm sure.


Cate, we need you
to be certain.

I'm telling you,

I've never seen any
of these guys before.

We're done here,

Three for three.

I'm taking my client home.

Right height, build.
It could be Barnes.

Well, his wife alibis him
for that night,

but wives lie.

None of these other girls
ID'ed Colin Barnes?

Are they all protecting him?

If they had sex with him,
they might be.

Busy guy, successful surgeon,
family man.

He has time to seek out and
seduce his donor daughters?

Well, he does have
a God complex.

We're tracking
the hotel room charges.

He claims the card's
not his.

But the billing address
is to a post office box

a block away
from his hospital.

And we've got to wait
for the lab

to process the DNA
on Ashley's baby,

Colin, and the girls.

And what if he's
telling the truth?

And who did these girls
meet with?

I'm not protecting anybody.

- My father wasn't in the lineup.
- No.

You see,
Donor 141 was there,

and that we're sure about.

What? Can't be.

The man that you met with
on Thursday night

is not
your biological father.

But--but we look alike.

And everything he told me
matched the profile.

What else did he tell you?

That he'd been trying to get
in contact with me for years,

but my mother
wouldn't let him.

She was so afraid
of losing me

that she wouldn't
let me see my real father.

He was wearing running shoes
when I met him.

He was training
for a marathon.

I'm on the cross-country team
at school.

I told him that, and he said
he wasn't surprised.

Because of my genes.


Melissa, had you posted anything
about cross-country

on your Facebook page?

No. We--we connected.

He said he always wanted to
meet me, to get to know me.

They why'd he give you
a fake name?

You're wrong about him.

The second I saw him,
he was the dad I'd dreamed of.

He took me to a restaurant,
treated me like a grownup.

We spoke French.

Uh, what happened
after dinner?

We went back to his hotel.

We--we danced.

And, then I knew
it was wrong,

that he was
my biological father.

I didn't care.

I had to be with him.

I wanted to be close to him.

So, Brendan, your baby,

it's his?

It was like he knew me,
and I wanted to be with him.

So you spent
the weekend together.

It's not what you think.

We just held each other.

He asked me
to dance with him.

He played this song.
It was so romantic.

I felt like
I was in love.

He said that we could never
see each other again

but that we'd always be
in each other's hearts.

He told me he wanted
one thing in life--

to give me away
at my wedding.

To walk me down the aisle.

He wanted to dance with me,

like fathers do
with their daughters.

He played this awesome song.

Do you remember
what song it was?

My One And Only Love.


So, Cate, after you
danced together,

what happened?

We kissed.

I knew people
wouldn't understand,

being with my father
like that,

but I didn't care.

Did you have sex with him?



but I thought
he really loved me,

that he was
my real father,

the one that I'd been
waiting for.

But he wasn't?

Oh, my God.

I'm sorry, daddy.


It's okay, baby.
It's okay.

Hey, so the DNA results
came in.

Colin Barnes is the father
of Cate, Melissa, and Ashley.

- Ashley's baby?
- Not his.

And it's not
Joey Cohen's either.

And whoever the father is,
his DNA isn't in the system.

Also, I checked Barnes'
calendar for the past year,

and last Memorial Day

he and his family were
renting a villa in Tuscany.

All right.

So the girls weren't sleeping
with their biological father,

but someone posing
as their father?

- Cate's devastated.
- So is Ashley.

Whoever did this,
he knows how to seduce.

Actually, he knows
who to seduce.

Two of these girls fantasized
their whole life

about the father
they never knew.

And Cate had
just found out

that the man she thought
was her father wasn't.

for a father's love.

The perfect prey.

The moment they met him,
they were vulnerable.

Overcome with emotions,

their inhibitions
just disappeared.

So this goes beyond
genetic sexual attraction

or statutory rape.

We're dealing with
a sociopath here.

Let's get a sketch artist
to work with the girls

and get an ID.

You know,
whoever this is

knows an awful lot
about Colin Barnes.

Opening a credit card
in his name?

Go back to Barnes.

See who has a vendetta
against him.

- Taylor.
- Come on, sweetie.

Come back, my love.

Where are you going?

What do you care?
You're sick, daddy.

Oh, Taylor, please.

How many kids do you have?

A hundred? More?

I could be dating
one of my own brothers.

I can't even talk to you
about this.

I'm leaving.

Taylor, you're not
going anywhere.

No. You can't
tell me what to do.

She's right.
What were you thinking?

Dr. Barnes, we need
a moment of your time.

Haven't you done enough?
You know what?

Get out of my house
right now.

We understand
you're angry,

but you should know,

someone raped
your donor daughters

and did it in your name.

Oh, my God.

Mrs. Barnes, why don't we
sit down and talk, okay?

Come on.

I save lives.
I'm held in high esteem.

My colleagues respect me.

And my patients,
they almost worship me.

So you can't think
of anyone

who'd want to get back
at you?

Colin, have you told them
about Philip Kelly?

Philip? That hack?

It's a fellow surgeon
that Colin fired a year ago.

Tell her.

Yeah, last Easter,

we were at Philip's birthday
party in the Hamptons and--

I was pregnant.

I felt queasy, and Philip
poured me a ginger ale.

Colin saw his hand shake.

An obvious
intention tremor.

You know, thank God
the hospital

wasn't slapped
with a malpractice suit.

The next day, I told Philip
I had to let him go.

- How'd he take that?
- Not well.

We were in medical school
together and, uh,

he thought that meant
I'd look the other way.

Philip Kelly?

That's just great.
What did I do now?

Where were you
last weekend?

Stuck at North Jersey
State Prison,

pulling a graveyard shift
in the hospital wing.

You can check with
my son-of-a-bitch supervisor.

Okay, we will.

Tell us what you know
about Colin Barnes.

The bastard
who ruined my career?

Sanctimonious prick.

There's that intention tremor
that he noticed.

Look, I was on Haldol.
I had it under control.

Yeah, but he found out
about it at your birthday party.

I had a couple of drinks--
excuse me--at my birthday.

And Barnes fired you
the next day.

I'd hate a guy like that.

I do. But not just me.
Nobody likes that guy.

That's right,
'cause you and Colin

went to
med school together, so--

Hey, did you know anything

about him being a--
a sperm donor?

How could I not?

He bragged about it to anybody
who would listen.

So, after he fired you,
is that when you decided

to make contact with
his donor daughters?

What are you talking about?

Look, the only daughter I know
is the teenager,

and she even thinks
he's a blowhard.

She was complaining about him
at my party.

- To you?
- No. Some guy.

I--I was drunk.
I don't remember who.

Told me he got an earful.

It's okay, Taylor.

I couldn't take
another minute in that house.

He's a liar.

He's been lying to me
my whole life.


Don't worry.

You're with me now.

♪ Like an April breeze ♪

♪ on the wings of spring ♪

♪ and you appear
in all your splendor ♪

♪ my one and only love ♪

Look, something has happened
to my daughter.

She didn't come home

and she's never done that
in her life.

Does Taylor
have a boyfriend?

She doesn't have time
for boys.

She's early admission
to Brown, pre-med.

That's a lot of pressure.

Yeah, she thrives on it.

Taylor would never run away
to hurt me.

She's too mature.

Something terrible's
going on.

Well, you saw her.
She stormed out of here.

She must have left
her cell phone.

Did she mention
meeting anyone?

No. She just left.
And she was really angry.

Is your daughter
a jazz fan?

Jazz? No.
No. She hates jazz.

She and Colin
like classical music.

Someone emailed her
this song yesterday.

You know anyone
named Cyrano?

No. No, this isn't music
she listens to.

I haven't heard this song
for years.

But you do know it?

Uh, yeah.

A guy I dated at Cornell,
before Colin. Sean.

He used to play it
all the time.

He wanted to dance to it.

When was the last time
you saw Sean?

Not for years.

Well, is there any way that
he would know your daughter?

I don't see how.

Well, wait.

Uh, there was
that party, uh, last Easter.

Philip Kelly's birthday.

Okay, well,
Philip told us

that he saw a man talking
to Taylor at that party.

Was it Sean?


Oh, my God.

Does he have Taylor?

That's him.
That's Sean Albers.

Why haven't you people
picked him up?

What are you doing?

his apartment's empty.

He works for a medical
supply company, okay?

He's on the road.

TARU says his phone's off.

We traced the Cyrano
email address back to Sean.

Why are they emailing
each other?

So, what? What, we just sit
here on our asses?

You know, if you're not
up for this,

why don't you call
the FBI, huh?

- Take it easy, Colin.
- What do you know about him?

Can you think of any reason
that he would want to hurt you?

We barely knew him.

The guy was a loser.
He's probably just jealous.

This is more vindictive
than simple jealousy.

It seems very personal.

And you said
that you dated him in college?

That was 20 years ago.
They barely went out.

I wasn't asking you.

Is that right, Anne?

He could be under
the impression

that Colin stole me away.

After I broke it off with Sean,
Colin asked me out.

You know anything
about this?

Yeah, that's right.
Now I remember.

- He was caught cheating.
- On his MCATs?

No. Actually, he was taking
the test for someone else.

I walked in to take mine
and I saw him sitting there

and I knew he had already
taken his own test,

so I asked him what the hell
he was doing,

and he said,
"Making 350 bucks."

So you blew the whistle
on him.

Damn right I did.

- He's texting me. Sean.
- What?

- He wants to see me.
- That's ridiculous.

No, it's not ridiculous.

He says if I don't come,
I'll never see Taylor again.

Where's the girl, Sean?

Looks like I got
your attention.

Are you deaf?

You heard my partner
ask you a question.

Where's Anne?

No, you don't ask questions.
You answer them.

No, I only talk to Anne.

I think I was pretty clear
about that in my text.

Okay, you want to play it
like that, Cyrano?

Get up. Let's go.

Where's Taylor, Sean?

I'll only talk to Anne.
Where is she?

Anne's on her way.

Then I'll wait.

Okay. You have Taylor,
you hold all the cards.

- We get it.
- I don't have Taylor.

Taylor wants to be with me.

- Right. She contacted you.
- Yes.

She obviously needs me
right now.

You two are close.

We shared a connection
from the moment we met.

At Philip's party.

She was what, 15?

She's a lovely girl.

- Beautiful.
- Yeah.


You know,
for a few seconds,

I could have sworn
I was looking at Anne.

So you struck up
a conversation,

told her you knew
her parents.

Well, she was just happy to
have someone to talk to.

Colin was busy pontificating,
Anne was pregnant, distracted.

Haven't we seen enough
of this charade?

The detectives know
what they're doing.

Empathy, projection.
They're getting him to talk.

All Taylor needed was someone
to listen to her, to see her.

Not like her father,

who wants her on the shelf
like some Ivy League trophy.

So you gave her
the attention.

Like the attention that you gave
to Colin's other daughters.

His donor daughters.

I knew he had
donated sperm in college.

After talking to Taylor and
seeing how lonely she was,

I started wondering
about his other daughters.

Well, it's not as if he cared
about any of them, right?

That guy...

the bishop for a living,

playing God.

He's got a hundred kids
out there.

He never thought
for one second what it meant

for them to grow up
with a hole in their lives.

In pain.

So you became that father.

You went online
to the donor website,

you posed as Donor 141,
arranged to meet the girls.

I just wanted to give them
a father's love.


The emotions
were so strong.

They needed more.

So I gave them
what they needed.

I was a better father
than he ever was.

He doesn't deserve daughters.

He doesn't deserve
a family.

They're out there,
aren't they?

I know Anne's here.

She's right outside,

So talk to her.

He doesn't deserve you,

I will never forget seeing you
at that party,

pregnant, glowing.

You smiled right at me.

You said,
"We're so blessed.

This is our miracle baby."

Well, no miracles for me.

I never found
the right one.

Until now.

Till Taylor.

Tell her
where her daughter is.

I'll tell you, Anne.
Only you.

But I need to see you

Here we go.

Where's my daughter?


Can't we just talk
like we used to?

I've hurt you, Sean.
I know that.

And I want you
to know that I'm sorry.

I'm gonna ask you
for one simple favor.

And if I give it
to you,

will you tell me
where Taylor is?

One dance.

We never got to dance.

You always said,
"Next time."

"Next time."

How about now?

Whatever you want,

And I want him to watch.

Your husband, the doctor.

I want him to feel
what it's like

to see you
with another man.

♪ The very thought of you
makes my heart sing ♪

♪ like an April breeze ♪

♪ on the wings of spring ♪

♪ and you appear
in all your splendor ♪

♪ my one and only love ♪

You know, I always dreamed

Giving away my daughter
at her wedding.

That's very sweet.

Maybe it will still


Our daughter.

But Colin gets to do that
instead of me.

With Taylor.

Of course, there's still
one little problem.

What's that?

No! No! No!

No, no, no! No!

Anne! Anne!


I need to get in there.
My wife needs me.

Take it easy.
Just take it easy.

- Please, let me just go in.
- Take it easy, okay?

He killed her.
He killed her.

He killed her.
He killed her. He killed her.


I just don't get it.

I mean, why kill the girl?

It's not part of his MO.

In his mind,
he wanted Anne to hurt

the same way he did.

And he's still
torturing them.

He won't tell us
where Taylor's body is.

Well, we've canvassed

all the hotels and cafes
we know he hit.

Nothing yet.

No, he said
that Taylor's special.

His usual hotels
were kind of modest.

We've been looking
in the wrong neighborhood.

We've got to try
the East Side.

When is the last time
anybody saw the girl?

She ordered room service
last night.

Is everything all right?

Hey, look,
just open the door.



We've got the girl.
She's alive.

What's going on?
Where's Sean?

Taylor, Sean told
your mother and your father

that you were dead.

You're lying.
He would never do that.

Honey, you don't know
who he is.

Yes, I do.

There's a reason I never felt
close to my dad.

It's because he's not
my real father.

Sean is.

Last night, he finally
told me the truth.

- Taylor, that's not true.
- Yes, it is!

- Put your clothes on.
- Get away from me!

I want Sean!

I want my father!

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