Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 13, Episode 2 - Personal Fouls - full transcript

SVU investigates an accusation that a revered high school basketball coach sexually abused his players, but they ultimately may need the cooperation of a reluctant pro superstar to make the case.

20 years as coach
at St. Valerie high.

Nine city titles.

Four state championships.

Runs the Barons too,
his summer league team.

He's put hundreds
of players in college

and a dozen in the pros.

Look at these fat cats.

He's made
more millionaires

than Harvard business school.

Prince Miller,
his biggest star,

couldn't be here tonight.

But he sent coach
this solid gold key.

Fits any gym
in the country.

Ohh, thank you.

But more important
than molding players,

coach has molded
young lives.

I'm not ashamed to say

I was a stray dog

and you rescued me.

It's our privilege
to introduce

the newest inductee

to the Metro Basketball
Hall of Fame.

It's coach Ray, baby.
Ray Masters.

Thank you, coach.

Melo, Chris.
All my friends.

How do I begin
to thank you?

Hall of fame, my ass.


You should be in jail, man,
not the hall of fame.

get him out of here.

You're a bum!
You're scum of the earth!

You should be
ashamed of yourself!

I, uh, guess I didn't
give him enough playing time.

Get off me!

You know what you did.

Get off me!

Get off of me!

We're hiring
another detective?

Well, we're short-staffed.

He's a good guy,
out of warrants.

He starts tomorrow.

You have a problem
with that?

Well, it's hard enough
showing one rookie the ropes.

And now we have two.

I mean... what is this,
a day care center?

not coming back, Liv.

It takes me twice as long

to explain the job
to somebody else

as it does
to do it myself.

It's not your call.

Now you want to be here,

you're gonna have to start
working with other detectives.

All right? Let him go.

And you can start
by packing up his desk.

We can't keep it
as a shrine.

Liv, we got something.

This is a disorderly conduct.

What's he doing
at sex crimes?

Claims his basketball coach
sexually abused him

when he was a kid.

Says he wasn't
the only one, either.

This guy's jonesing.

Get a bus!

Sync by Alex1969

Hospital just called.
Last night's discon is stable.

See if I can
get a statement.

Folks, this is detective
second grade Nick Amaro.

He just transferred in.

Second grader already, huh?

You must have caught
some big fish.

Nah, just kissed
a lot of ass.

Detective Amaro
is being modest.

Two years under
in Narcotics.

Warrants--he took down
the MS-13 case.

Well, this is a whole
different world, Serpico.

Not everybody has
the stomach for it.

For the time being,
we're gonna rotate partners.

Fin, Nick rides
with you today.

Get his feet wet.

Oh, and, Amaro...

Clean yourself up.

You're not on the street

Come on, I got a guy that
can shape you up real quick.

Don't let him
take you clothes shopping.

Can I ask you something?

What was the deal
with Benson's partner?

I heard some things.


He was a good cop.

Him and Benson
were together for 12 years.

That's a decade longer
than my marriage.

Where's my prisoner?

Uh--uh, I don't know.

I just went to take a leak.

How long a leak
did you take?

How loose were his cuffs?

- I'm sorry, we'll find him.
- No, you've done enough.

Go tell your captain
you lost my prisoner.

Enjoy your suspension.

Wait, Stevie Harris?

Leave an address?

Nah, he's listed himself
as homeless.

This kid was a legend.

I used to watch him
play ball downtown.

I know where his crew
hangs out.

Let me see the rock.


- Brick.
- You see?

That's why
he's just a fan.

But you...
you were good, though.

Yeah, I saw you play
at the Rucker--

he was the only white boy
getting a run.

That was a long time
ago, man.

Yeah. Yeah, but you
were pure point guard.

That's rare.

Always wondered
what happened to you.

Detective Fin Tutuola.

This is detective Amaro
from Special Victims Unit.

You were under arrest
last night.

You think you can just
get up and leave

whenever you want?

Look, I understand
you're strung out,

and I can help you.

But right now,
we wanna talk to you

about your coach,
Ray Masters.

Look, man, I was just
high the other night,

talkin' craz

can we just forget
the whole thing?

You saying you lied
about the allegations?


Look, Steve,

the coach is around kids
every day.

Right now.

If he did something to you,

you need to tell us.

Come on, man.

Get this off your chest.

First time,
I was about nine.

Playing for the Baby Barons,
his junior league team.

We was at a tournament
in Boston,

and he came in
to do bed checks,

make sure
we were sleeping.

He sat down next to me
and he started...

Telling me how good
I was doing.

Uh, he's...

And then he started
ruffling my hair.

And then he turned me over

and he started
messing with me, man.

How do you mean?

Come on, man.
You need a road map?

Okay, listen, Steve,

I know it's gonna be hard,

but it's really important
that we know exactly

what he did to you, okay?

Did he use his hand,
his mouth?

Yeah, man.

Did he make you touch him?

Not the first time, nah.
But later on, man.

It got worse and worse.

Did he ever rape you?

Nah, man, he just...

He just put it against me,
and he'd move it around.

But, damn.

Did you ever tell anybody?

Why not?

Coach Ray was like
a friend of the family, man.

He was like an uncle.

He told me he could help me
get a scholarship, man. D-1.

I help him,
he helps me, man.

It was...

It was our little secret.

When did he stop
abusing you?

I must have been about 15.

There were other kids
he liked better.

I think I got too old.

You know what's funny, man?

That's when things really
started falling apart.

I started getting high.

It was after he stopped.

Look, Stevie,
you have anything

that could help us
prove this?

A witness, another victim?

- No.
- Sometimes people keep clothes.

I'm a junkie, man.
I don't keep anything.

But he was paying me off.

Paying you off?

Was it hush money?

Every month.
It was keeping me alive.

Till right after
my last birthday, it stopped.

Come on, Green, let's go!

Ball, ball, ball!

- Yo, right here!
- Ohh!


Whoa, that kid gets up.

That's Devon Tiswell,

They call him
the star child.

Supposed to be the next
great city baller.

Hey, coach!
Got a minute?

I've seen a lot of sad cases
over the years,

but Stevie Harris
is a real heartbreaker.

He was a magician
with the ball,

like a coach on the floor.

I really thought
he would go far.

What happened?

I found that success
in life

comes down to how well
you handle pressure.

Stevie just wasn't wired for it.
It's a shame.

So why do you think
he'd cyou out like that?

I have no idea.

It's disturbing.

I'd never hurt
one of my kids.

I dedicated my whole life
to helping them.

That's a pretty big

people don't want

to take responsibility
for their failures.

They want to blame
somebody else.

That's a societal problem
right now.

The blame game.

Stevie says you were
paying him off to keep quiet.

Hush money.

Hush money?

Is that what
they're calling it?

That's ju--

Look, ahem...

I try to help out my kids
any way I can.

They don't all make it out.

Now, maybe I did loan Stevie
money from time to time,

but when I saw it was just
going up his arm,

I cut him off.

Thanks, coach,
for your time.

You can get back
to practice.

Of course.
Anything I can do to help.

I really respect the job
you guys do.

Hey, Devon.

Hey, you're looking good
out there.

- Ah, thanks, man.
- What's it like,

playing for a legend
like Ray Masters?

Uh, coach got
all the connects, you know?

College and sneakers
and even the pros.

You do for Ray,
Ray do for you.

The man's the ticket out.

You know
abuse of power cases

bother me more than most,

but there's big issues
with the outcry.

He's still coaching,

I just think we need
to dot the is

and cross the ts
on this one.

There's no physical evidence.
No corroborating witnesses.

Not to mention
our complainant

has a long history
of drug arrests.

Doesn't mean something bad
didn't happen to him.

Guy's still human.

I'm pulling strings

to get him into
outpatient rehab.

I think Stevie's ready
to get clean.

Well, that's all
well and good.

But the statute
of limitations has run out.

Wait, on child
sex abuse charges?

Stevie's not alleging
forcible rape.

And in New York, the charges
only carry to 18 years of age.

Plus five, that's 23.

Stevie turned 24 in March.

Maybe that's why he stopped
paying Stevie off.

He couldn't be charged

Okay, wait a minute.

If you can prove
payments were made

and show that they were
meant to buy the kid's silence,

then they would be
part and parcel

with an ongoing crime.

Which would mean
the clock is still ticking

on the statute?

Right now,
it's our only shot.

But it's not gonna be easy,

because coach Masters
has no criminal record.

Not in New York,
he doesn't.

But there was a charge
against him in Trenton

back in '88.

It was sealed,
and then it was expunged.

Be nice to find out why.

Well, I'll make a few calls.

New Jersey
leaks like a sieve.

Probably sophomore year

when Richie started
losing his shine.

He was always
a smiley-faced kid.

Suddenly, he's quiet,
not eating.

Doesn't even want
to play ball anymore.

And that was the love
of his life.

Besides his mom, huh?

And then what happened,
Mrs. Ramos?

I started digging at Richie.

He couldn't keep
a secret from me.

And finally, he told me

what coach Ray was doing.

Which was what, exactly?

Touching him.

Molesting him.
Whatever you wanna call it.

It started at a tournament
in Philly, when he was 12.

I wanted to get a gun
and shoot the man in his nuts.

That was my baby.

The church kept it quiet.

Told me
they would handle it.

I waited and waited.

Nothing happened.

So is that when
you called the police?

Because we couldn't find
any articles about it.

Because they protected him.

They loved coach.

I had to beg them
to do their job.

Two days before
the grand jury,

my son hung himself here,
in this room.

After that...

You going to get him
this time?

I'm used to being
the earliest bird.

I heard you and Benson
got a hit in Jersey.

Yep, coach has been
at this for a long time.

He's a bad guy.

Nah. I'm good.

It's the last of my vices,
I hope.

Cop who doesn't
eat doughnuts?

How can I trust you?

Fresh blood.
Ready to work.

Where are we on coach Ray?

I've been going over
coach's finances.

They're clean.

If he's been making
monthly payments to Stevie,

they're not showing up
in his statements.

And his income, 50K,

that doesn't leave him
a lot left over.

50K? Man, he's got
all kinds of shady business

with agents, sneaker companies,
college recruiters.

Okay, so where's
he hiding it?

You know, we had a bad coach
in Atlanta.

It was football.

His personal accounts
were squeaky clean too,

but his charitable

That's another story.

Ray's Boys foundation.

Ray's Boys. Wow.

Okay, Rollins,
start combing through

the foundation's records.

If Stevie's
telling the truth,

he's not the only guy
getting hush money.

I'm on it, captain.

Hey, you doing okay?

Good. Good.
So, uh...

Maybe you could
help the new guys out a little.


How can I--

Richie Ramos.

Richie Ramos?

He made a sex abuse charge
against you in '88?

He hung himself two days
before the grand jury.

Still not ringing any bells?

I see you've spoken
with the mother.

Hmm. Finding all the jokers
in the deck, aren't you?

How do you mean?


Did she tell you that
there... wasn't any father?

That she was abusing drugs.

And that I was the one
who got him out of the shelter

and found them housing.

That when I met Richie,
he was functionally illiterate,

and five years later,

he was set up
for a full ride at Arizona.

She mention any
of those little details?

I was the one
trying to save that kid.

She was the one
who destroyed him.

Why would she do that?

Because she had
this idea about me

that she wouldn't let go.

- Why would she have--
- Hold on.

And what idea was that?

Let's not be children,

It's the same one you have.

Am I wrong?

The relationship between
a coach and a star player

is very intense.

Easily misunderstood.

Go on.

Most of these kids
get one chance at a future.

I'm in a position
to help them.

We get very close.

That's a lot of power.

Deciding who stays
and who goes.

It's my job.

Find the special ones.

So you have
the golden ticket, huh?

So what do you ask for
in return?

That they succeed in life.
Pay it forward.

Sort of like you
pay them to keep quiet.

'Cause your foundation,
it seems like the mission

is to, uh, buy silence.

Shame on you.

My foundation,
my whole life

is about
helping these kids.

Think the law
can't touch you... coach?

You talk to any of my boys!

They'll tell you
that I'm the only father

most of them ever had!

So you're
trying to tell us

he paid you out of
the kindness of his heart?

You guys got it all wrong
about him.

My son, he's nine.

I'm enrolling him
in Baby Barons next year.

Coach is just
helping me out, all right?

Is that a crime?

He never did anything to me,

Never said he did, Davis.

You know,
he's still coaching.

He's still not doing whatever
he didn't do to you.

You understand that?

So what was he
paying you for?

Yard work... detective.

Something wrong with that?

Coach gives me money
when I'm broke.

And advice
when I need it.

Even had me and my mom
over for Christmas

at his house one year.

Man is Santa Claus.

You think I'd let another man
put his hands on my body?

You crazy!

I'll snap his neck,
he'll try that!

I look like
somebody's bitch to you?

Do I?

- Take it easy, Dre.
- Get off of me, man!

Coach knew how
to pick his victims.

Yeah, we didn't
have a lot

of male-on-male disclosures
down in Atlanta.

Here, neither.
Nobody reports.

Plus, they're tricky
to prosecute.

Yeah, I had a sex crimes
professor say

that male victims are where
female vics were

40 years ago.

You know,
it's the Dark Ages.

Men feel like they should
be able to protect themselves.

Absolutely, and some vics
experience arousal,

which is a normal
physical response,

but they worry
that means consent.

Or that people
might think they're gay.

Well, it's still
a big stigma

in the Black and Latino

My son's gay,
and he has to deal

with that garbage
on the streets every day.

He's the bravest man I know.

I mean, my counselor
broke it down like this.

As an addict,
you wake up every morning

with no job and no money.

But by the end of the day,

you figure out a way
to fix up and get straight.

If I can channel that focus
into something positive,

I'd be unstoppable.

Ah, that's great, Steven.

I think
just telling you guys

was a big relief,
you know?

Once you put coach away,

I think I could finally
get on with my life.

I think you can,
too, Stevie.

That's why
we need to talk to you.

'Cause we've hit
a brick wall.

What, I thought you found
other guys he paid off.

Yeah, we did.
The thing is is that...

they all swear that coach
was just helping them out.

Well, that's because
they got hush money.

Or... he didn't
mess with them.

Oh, and coach
is some great man,

and I'm just
a addict, right?

Right now, it's your word
against his,

and a dozen former players--

No, no, Stevie.
Listen to me.

We just need somebody else
to come forward.

Somebody who's younger,

who's not
on the foundation's dole.

That's how we're
gonna get this guy.

There is somebody.

My roommate
at the tournaments.

My best friend growing up.

I think he got it
worse than me.

You're saying
that he was raped?

I think so.

Who is he, Stevie?

He's too big, man.
He'll never talk to you.

Hold on, Stevie.

You need to tell us
who it is.

Prince Miller?

- ♪ It's Prince ♪
- ♪ it's the Prince ♪

- ♪ it's Prince ♪
- ♪ it's the Prince ♪

- ♪ there's that man again ♪
- ♪ yeah, I'm comin' ♪

- ♪ it's Prince ♪
- ♪ it's the Prince ♪

- ♪ it's Prince ♪
- ♪ it's the Prince... ♪

Hey, detectives,
come on in.

I'm Supreme,
Prince's business manager.

I'm also his cousin.

So you know
the blood runs deep.

Thanks for having us.

Uh, as I said,
this is a sensitive matter.

Yeah, give us a minute.

Nice kicks.

Oh, yeah, thanks.

These are RC-13s.

Prototype from
our Korean factory.

Only pair in existence.

Prince don't even
have these yet.

Love that shade of red.

Prince's colors.
I chose these.

You see, we design
and we manufacture everything.

No one exploits us.

Not too bad, huh?

Two cats from Brownsville.

The American dream.

You damn right.

Hey, man, you got
your 20 years in yet?

I mean, when you put
your papers in,

why don't you come on down
and work for me.

I take real good care
of my soldiers.

No job for me, Supreme?

I don't know, sweetheart.


Can you dance?

Hey, Prince is here.

You brought in
David Arnoff?

That's a big gun.

Delicate times, detective.

Prince is an MVP.

Two-time champion.

And now he's a free agent
being wooed

by every team
in the league.

You see, we're not gonna
let anything or anybody

come in here
and destroy what we built.

Coach used to say success
has a lot to do

with how well
you handle pressure.

Let's just say that
he prepared me for success.

How much pressure
did he apply?

Well, you know,
at the end of the game,

ball was always
in my hands.

Clock ticking down,
top of the key.

I'd be in a triple threat

I could drive, shoot, pass.

Didn't matter what defense
they threw at me.

They couldn't stop me.

There may not be
an "I" in "team,"

but there's damn sure
one in "win."

Heh, tell 'em.

Prince, we're not talking
about on the court.

We're talking about
in your life.

Prince, did you
consider coach a...

a father figure
or a mentor?

Look... me, my mother,
and my brothers,

we started off in one room
in the Tilden houses.

And now we live
in a 40,000 square foot estate

in Bernardsville,
New Jersey.

Lamborghini Murcielago's
my knock-around car.

Nothing has gone wrong
in my life.


Prince, can I ask you
a question?

Can you take off
your glasses?

I wanna see your eyes.

Thank you for coming by.

You have our statement.

Talked about guarded.

Prince is gonna be
a hard one to crack.

Some vics break down,
like Stevie,

and others become
super-high achievers,

like Prince, trying to prove
to the world they're okay.

Yeah, I'm not so sure
that Prince is okay.

Look at this.

I've been watching coach Ray's
Hall of Fame induction.

Every star player
that he ever coached is there.

But Prince doesn't show up.

He just sends
his golden key instead?

Well, Prince doesn't
want to face him.

Uh... I gotta
call my wife.

Short leash?

Not exactly.

She's in Iraq.

It's a seven-hour difference.


She's in propaganda,
you know, just...

trying to win
hearts and minds.

She's got eight months to go.

If anyone could do it,
it's her.


What are you doin' here?

Did you guys
meet with Prince?


I thought so.

He called me.

Hadn't heard from him
in eight years.

What'd he want?

He invited me
to his club tonight.

He said he was
thinking about me,

wanted to catch up.

I got two questions
for y'all:

how you want me to play it,

what the hell
am I gonna wear?

Well, how about a wire?

What exactly are you
proposing, detectives?

A controlled meet.

Look, I've done a lot of them.

We wire Stevie up

and hear what Prince Miller
has to say to him.

This is sex crimes,
not narcotics.

We can't have victims
meet on the record like that.

The defense'll say they're

trying to get
their story straight.

We think that Prince
got it worse than Stevie did.

If we can just get him on tape
admitting to being raped,

then the statute
doesn't apply.

Ah, it's risky, Liv.

Or worse.

If Prince denies
anything happened,

it's memorialized on tape.

We get it, counselor.

But do you have
a better idea?

Hey, relax.

Maybe I do.

You say all the incidents
of abuse happened in New York?

Nah, it was mostly
on the road--

California, Boston, Philly.

Boston... are you sure?

Yeah. Why?

Because in Massachusetts,

the statute of limitations
would not apply in this case.

Why not?

Up there,
they stop the clock

on a child
sexual assault charge

the minute a victim or a perp
leaves the state.

What is that, some sort
of local Mann Act?

No... Diocese reassigning
pedophile priests

to other New England states
until the clock ran out.

So the legislature
stopped the clock retroactively.

Bring in Stevie Harris.
I'll call the Boston DA.


I'm really sorry
about Elliot.

Me too.

The new guy.

How's that working out?

Hey, Stevie took off.

Said he had to go
to a meet.

Call him on his cell.


You gotta stop
telling those lies!

You know they
ain't lies, man!

- Shut your mouth.
- Coach is still doing it!

Shut your mouth, you little
junkie, trick-ass bitch.

- Uhh!
- Hey, hey, hey!

Enough! Enough!

Hey, that's enough!
Hey, enough!

I said enough!
NYPD! Whoa!

Back up!

Man, you can't
hide forever, man!

- You're crazy!
- Stevie, Stevie.

Hold on.
Get off me, man!

Hey, we need to talk to you.

You wanna talk to me,
then arrest me.

If not, I had
enough of this, man.

Hey, come on.

Just stay the hell
away from me!


All right.

I just checked
with rehab.

Stevie still
hasn't turned up.

He's not
answering his phone.

So Cabot finally
finds a way to bring charges,

and we lost our witness.

What about Prince?

It sounds like
he was losing his cool.

I think we should take
another crack at him.

Free agent bidding war that's
about to start up with him?

Good luck.

That son of a bitch
cost me a lot of money.

How much?

Don't ask.

I had Carolina in the pool
a few years back.


When Prince hit
that buzzer beater?

Yeah, we'll be right there.

Detective Amaro...

Found your card
in the victim's pocket.

Never should have
let him walk.

Get CSU over here.

For an OD?

You sure this is an OD?

'Cause I'm not.

We're gonna need full workup
of this scene.

Circumstances undetermined?

All that heroin in his blood?

The guy's not exactly
an amateur.

Somebody gave him
a hot shot.

Or he gave it to himself.

What's undetermined,

is whether it's a homicide
or a suicide.

It's a cuppi:

pending police investigation.

Come on, Melinda.

See... that's why
the ME's office

is separate
from the police.

So they don't jump
to our conclusions.

Don't play me, Amaro.


But let's just
take a look at this.

If it was a suicide,

then Stevie injected himself.

He's right-handed,

injected the left arm.
That works.

And it took him three,
four attempts to hit a vein?

Would explain why
there's so much blood.

Except that Stevie
was a career junkie.

The one thing
he knew how to do

was shoot up.

The guy was a sharpshooter.

Which is why
I noted it in my report.

Okay, so see if this
works for you.

Some guys held Stevie down,

they had trouble
injecting him,

and they made
a mess of it.

That's one
plausible scenario.

Especially since
he just got into a fight

outside a club
a few hours earlier,

where threats were made.

Look, Melinda,
it's not our call.

There's someone
that we really like for this.

And we need cause
to bring him in.

I can't get you there.

Your scenario works.

Here's another one.

You saw the beating
he took at the club.

He was concussed.

Got woozy.
Couldn't find a vein.

Fielder's choice.

So if it could
go both ways,

- then give us a break.
- Come on, Olivia.

You know better.


All right.

Just do us one favor.

Don't release your report
right away.

All right?
You're backed up.

I'll owe you one.

Prince Miller knew
Stevie was gonna testify

about coach Ray's abuse,

which would have made
Prince's own abuse public--

not an image
he wants to project.

So when Prince couldn't
back Stevie down,

he made sure
he stayed quiet

with a fatal
hot shot of heroin.

Motive and opportunity,

but no witnesses,
no evidence.

Tough to prove.

Yeah, but you know,
the funny thing.

Prince could have
ducked us.

He came in on his own.

Hey, guys.

He's not signing autographs.

Look, I feel bad about
what happened to Stevie,

but if you guys think
that I killed him,

you must be as high
as he was last night.

You wanna tell us
where you were

from 3:30 A.M.
to 7:00 A.M.?

That's why we're here.

Mr. Miller left the club
with two young ladies,

went directly to his home,

where they remained
for the rest of the night.

Well, I'm sure that you
can produce them, Mr. Arnoff.

We'll decide
if they're credible.

We can do better
than that.

Please note the time stamp
in the left corner.

They did half the Kama Sutra,

till past noon.

We can watch the whole thing
if you want.

Time stamps can be
manipulated, counselor.

The young ladies also
signed a consent form

before and after
the encounter.

You can see what time
they left.

My client is fast,

but he cannot be in two places
at one time.

Do you always film
your ladies, Prince,

or was last night special?

There's a lot of false
accusations out there,


I got to have insurance.

You know,
one more question, Prince.

You know,
Stevie said that, uh,

you got it worse
than he did.

When did coach Ray
stop raping you?

You need
to shut your mouth.

'Cause you got no clue
what you talkin' about.


How come you get so upset
every time I bring it up?

Nobody touches
Prince Miller.


We're done.

We came in here
to cooperate,

but this is harassment.

- Yeah, you right.
- Yeah.

I don't need this.
I got a brand to promote.

Well, that was
a whole lot of nothin'.

Well, something
happened to him.

That's obvious.

Either way,
Prince is not good for it.

Maybe Stevie Harris
OD'd after all.

Yeah, I don't see it.

Stevie was really
working his program.

And Prince is all about
protecting his brand.

Let's see what Rollins got
on those crime scene photos.

There's not a lot
to go on.

Only Stevie's prints
are on the syringe.

Uh, look
at this footprint.

What is that?

"P" for Prince?

His brand.

Come on, man,
the DWB?

I'm too rich for this.

Get out of the car now.

And I'm gonna
need your sneakers.

My sneakers?

For what?

Those are the prototype,

Only ones in existence.

Hey, man, get on the phone--
the phone right now.

Better hope there's no
dead junkie blood on 'em.

Come on.
Get out of 'em.

Don't scuff 'em up.

Get in the car.

You were telling the truth.

It wasn't you.
It was Supreme.

Supreme wouldn't kill
Stevie, either.

That's crazy.

Wouldn't he?

Supreme and coach
are the same.

Coach ran you for ten years,
and now it's Supreme's turn.

Neither one of them ever
looked out for you, Prince.

They were looking out
for themselves.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

Supreme's shoes
were a match

for the footprints
at the scene

with traces
of Stevie's blood

on the treads
and on the side.

That should be enough
for his lawyers

to start playing
"let's make a deal."

Yeah, but that still
leaves coach Ray out there,

and without Stevie
to testify.

We go back to Prince.

Ah, good luck with that.

We can compel him
if we empanel a grand jury.

We're not asking him
to incriminate himself--

just coach Ray.

But forcing him
to testify

under threat of contempt?

That's not the way
to get him.

I'm trying
to resurrect your case,

and you don't like
my tactics?

That coach is still out there,
right now,

doing this to other kids.

Prince put up a wall
when he was 14 years old.

He's lied to us
half a dozen times.

What makes him
tell the truth now?

Maybe we need
to remind him

what life was like
before the wall went up.

I thought we were
headed downtown.

Uh, just wanted
to make a quick stop.

It's the summer league,

Just thought you might
want to see

how the future stars
of your sport are doing.

Come on.

Prince Miller!

Hey! It's Prince.


Yo, what's up, kid?

What do they call you?


Ain't no bigger fan
than me, Prince.

You're the greatest.

Come on, boys.
Let's get back to work.

Let's go, let's go!

Come on, we practice hard.
We play hard.

Come on, break it up, boys.
Break it up.

Let's go.
Excuse me.


Been too long.


You know, I know
I shouldn't say this,

but of all my players,

you were always
my favorite.


Come on, Devon. Let's go.

Cut off that
baseline pass, huh?

Come on.

Let's go!
Let's get those hands up!

So impressionable
at that age.

Kid's got it.
Smooth as silk.

He's a natural leader
out there.

I bet you see a little
of yourself in Devon.

All the talent
in the world and...

A coach who can show him
all the right moves.

You know where roach Ray
is going on Friday?

He's going to a tournament
in California

with Devon
and all the Barons.

You remember those, right?

He's gonna be doing
bed checks and everything.

Prince Jamal Miller.

Do you swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth,

and nothing but the truth,

so help you God?

As players, we put
our trust in coaches

at a very early age.

They teach us the game...

and they help us
through school.

They give us advice on life.

Sometimes, they even
hold our dreams

in their hands.

One coach
betrayed that trust.

Today, I made
an important decision.

I told the grand jury
the truth about Masters.

How he...

recruited me
for the Baby Barons,

his summer league team,

when I was ten years old.

And how he started
sexually abusing me...

On our first road trip,

and continued
until I was 15.

Why didn't I
come forward then?

Because I was
just a little kid.

And I was confused.

And ashamed.

And I didn't want to jeopardize
my chances at basketball.

And I'm sorry
that I kept my secret

locked up for so long.

Because many others may have
been victimized after me.

What's wrong?

I hope
that they come forward...

and tell their stories too.

Because I know
they're hurting.

But truth can be
the best medicine.

What we all
have to remember is,

the shame is not ours.

It's his.

Sync by Alex1969