Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 13, Episode 19 - Street Revenge - full transcript

The task of find a serial rapist becomes more difficult when a team of neighborhood vigilante "superheroes" starts trying to avenge the crimes.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City, the
dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

So you're sure that it
was a dark hoodie, huh?

- Uh-huh.
- Okay, we'll get in touch

when we need to talk to you
again, okay?


So brown hair, in her 20s.
We looking at vic number five?

He pushed her down
from behind,

he, uh, cut a handful
of her hair,

and he said, "You think
you're special, bitch?"

I bet she didn't
get a look at him

with her face
in the sidewalk.

She was drunk,
but she thinks that he's white,

and that he was
wearing a dark hoodie.

What I want to know is

where were these looky-loos
when it happened?

Home in their lofts.

West Soho's
a ghost town by 11:00.

Detective, has the West Soho
rapist struck again?

Do you have any leads?

We are working the case, and
our victim is our top priority.

So that's a no?

No, that is a
"let us do our job."

Once again, the NYPD is
stymied by the West Soho rapist.

The police are still clueless,
and a frightened neighborhood

can only wait and wonder
who will rescue them--

You can't sketch
what you don't see.

Still no phone calls?
No witnesses?

What, is this guy

The only nearby subway
is the 1 train.

Okay, but he could be driving.
He's near the Holland Tunnel.

We're pulling video,
checking licenses,

doing stop and frisks
on white males.

That's a nice
change of pace.

Too bad
it hasn't helped.

So we flood the zone
again tonight.

Cover the subway
and tunnel.

I want a noose
around that area.

Anybody out on those streets
after midnight

better have
an NYPD pay stub on 'em.

What're you waiting for?
A hug good-bye?

Come on,
let's get it set up.

Uh, Liv.

I, uh--I saw
the morning news.

And so did
the commissioner.

That British reporter Griscomb
was all over our asses.

And you handled him, which
is why you're coming with me

to a community council meeting;
damage control.

Captain, I'd rather
just stay on the case.

Not a request.

We ask that you exercise
extra caution.

Avoid going out late alone.

So the rapist wins?

- These are our streets!
- Yeah!

Just don't
make it easy for him.

Are you saying
we're asking for it?

- Absolutely not.
- Seriously.

Blaming the victims?

There's only one man
that we're blaming,

and that's the man who's
committing these attacks. Okay?

Now, we have posted surveillance
throughout the neighborhood.

We have increased
police presence.

Now some of these measures
will be visible,

and some we will not disclose,

so that the attacker
can't anticipate our methods.

Whatever it is
you're doing,

it's not preventing
these attacks.

Please, people, please.

We're doing
everything that we can,

but we're also
asking women to stay alert.

And I will promise you

we will not stop
until we catch him.

You're mine, bitch.

Please, no. Aah!

Get off of her!

Hey! Get back here!

Sync by Alex1969

I'd seen the stories.

I shouldn't
have been out alone.

I had a few drinks.

It's not your fault
that you were attacked.

You have to say that,

I know you're upset.

Can you go through with us
what happened?

He had a knife.

He knocked me down.

He didn't actually
rape me,

because this other guy
stopped him.

That's who you
should be talking to.

Okay, we'll get to him
in just a minute,

but the man
that attacked you.

Did you notice
anything else?

His race, or his clothing?

He wore a dark hoodie.
A tan construction jacket.

His voice sounded white.

what did he say to you?

"You're mine, bitch."

Well, this other guy...
the rescuer?

He was wearing
this crazy getup.

Like some
downtown superhero.

Hold on,
he was in costume?


I thought I was
imagining things,

but he punched
the rapist in the face

and chased after him.

Well, did you see
which way they ran?

Towards Houston Street.

Whoever he is,

he really is a hero.

He saved me.

Terrified downtown residents
woke this morning

to learn that
the Soho rapist

has struck for the sixth time
in as many weeks.

- Sources tell us--
- Turn that noise off.

A mysterious hero,
said to be wearing body armor--

Screw him.

I thought you and Rollins were
looking at security cam footage.

On it, captain.

Is anybody else working this
case besides the masked avenger?

Say what you want about him,
but he clocked the perp so hard

that he left blood
at the crime scene.

Fin's leaning on Warner.

All right, we got six rapes,
and finally a DNA hit.

That's a start.

he's our serial.

He fits the profile.

We got a 3:00 AM attack.

The victim, Claire Grant,
is brunette,

he pushed her down,
he had a knife.

All details
we didn't release.

Not exactly
the magic words,

but he was close.

"You're mine, bitch," instead
of, "You think you're special."

Did he cut her hair?

He didn't have time.
He was interrupted.

DNA hit aside,
we don't need vigilantes

doing our job,
so where are we on that?

There's no sign
of him on video,

but take a look at this.

It's footage
from the Houston Street IRT.

It's 3:16 AM.

Tan jacket, hoodie.
Timeline's right.

Come on, turn around.

You do know
he can't hear you, right?

Even so, the Metro card he
swiped, he could've charged it.

All right,
I'll take it.

Amaro, Rollins,
see if you can track it down.

You want me to match a Metro
card to a board of ed employee?

I don't have time for that.
135,000 people work here.

Well, it's a police matter,
so you'll have to make time.

'Scuse me, all I have to do
is stay black and die.

Are those your kids?

What are they...

two and four?

That's right.

I got a five-year-old.

How many times
were you up last night?

Too many. You?

One bad dream,
two glasses of water...

Finally, we just let her
sleep in bed with us.

Look, we're both tired.

This Metro card,

it was purchased
through transit check.

That narrows it down,
doesn't it?

Can you...

can you check for us?

Well, I can try.

Thank you.

You got Indian in you?

Yeah, I get that.

I can tell.
Them cheekbones.

This is gonna take a while.

Why don't you get a coffee?

So your wife is back home
for good now, right?

Must be nice.

Yeah. Zara's thrilled.

When my mom finally moved out,
Maria burned some sage.

Everybody's happy.

May Chen?

Hey, NYPD.

Can you give us a minute?

You're here
about the motorcyclist?

Every day, he speeds.

we can track him down.

Right now,
we're tracking your Metro card.

The one you get
through transit check.

You got that on you?

No, I walked today.

Did you lose it, or...


my son Andy borrows it.

So, Andy,
how old is he?

Nice black eye.

- Busted nose?
- That's our guy.

We need
a new sketch artist.

Andy Chen?

Gotta ask you
a couple of questions.

About what?

Why don't you
come over here and talk?

Keep everybody
out your business.

Something happen
to your nose?

Oh, this.

You know what happened?

Come on! Come on!

I know my rights!

- You don't touch me!
- Yeah?


- Aah!
- Get on the floor.

Oh, God,
you're breaking it!


Oh, what do we have here?

Done messing up
now, Andy.

Andy Chen, 20,
community college,

one prior for subway groping,
lives with his mother.

checking his DNA

against the blood
at Claire Grant's attack scene.

Where's Benson?

Icing her hand.

Somebody want to tell me
what happened to his nose?

From the beat-down
last night.

Benson just knocked him
upside the head.

- He swung at her, captain.
- I'm sure.

Well, even if we can tie him
to last night's attack,

we have no DNA, bad IDs
from the other five rapes.

A confession
would be helpful.

By the book.

We got you beautiful, Andy.
DNA, Metro card.

You're done, kid.

You're just mad
'cause I made you run.

Andy, we have
your pig-sticker.

What you used
to cut their hair.

I'm no barber.

No, you're just a punk

that knocks down
drunk girls from behind.

What, she say that?
She's lying.

She wanted it.

She said
she had to have me.

Oh, yeah? Just right there
on the sidewalk?

- Yeah, that's right.
- The others too?


I'm the King of Soho.

I did 'em all night long,
they begged me not to stop.

All right,
so these girls...

they picked you up?

So which one did you
like the most, huh?

I don't know.

First one?

The blonde?

What was she wearing?

A skirt thing.


Well, you should have
seen her.

With those legs
in the air.

Pretty sure it wasn't as hot
as the redhead, though.

I did her good.

But like you said...

they pick me up.

Sit tight, King.

Redheads, blondes,
legs in the air.

He's good for Monday night,
but he's not our serial.

A copycat,
a masked crusader...

I really don't like
where this is going.

Then you're not gonna
like this either.

While NYPD sources
claim to have a suspect,

I can report tonight that the
Soho rapist is still at large.

I received this letter
just minutes ago.

"The NYPD can't catch me,
copycats can't touch me,

Batman can't stop me."

Is it him?

Who else would know
Chen's a copycat?

The letter goes on
with three pages of details

about these crimes.

Details that only
the rapist would know.

The letter concludes
with this chilling threat:

"You Soho sluts
think you're special.

This is just
the beginning."

We need to get
that letter.

You'll have to pry it
from his cold, dead fingers.

Kabatzez called.

Eddie Chan is out
on the street.

- He made bail.
- How?

DNA from the blood
at the scene was a match.

He's Claire's attacker.

Well, his lawyer
argued the DA

reacted to media pressure
and hysteria.

Chen has ties to the community,
he's an "A" student,

his church
posted his bond.

Turns out
he's a Jehovah's witness.

Community hysteria
is just getting started.

Check this out.

We are outraged
that this rapist made bail.

The police and judicial system
are failing us.


We invite people of all
orientations to join us tonight

in a "No More Fear"
slut walk.

Come as you are,
dress as you like.

Slut walk?

It started in Toronto,
and it's gone global.

Women are sick of
victim-blaming, slut-shaming.

Well, that's
all well and good,

but we can't
lose control here.

What's going on
with Griscomb's letter?

He's holding it
for now,

but he sent us
a personal response.

"Congress shall make no law,"
blah, blah, blah,

"abridging the freedom of speech
or of the press."

In the meantime,
the rapist can strike again.

That letter
could have his prints on it.

But he hasn't left DNA
at five rape scenes?

He's not gonna
leave anything on a letter.


at five rape scenes?

I mean, is this guy starting
something he can't finish?

Some of the victims said that
they thought he used a condom.

Yeah, and he manages
to get away unseen.

So, he lives
in the neighborhood,

and he's a super
or a maintenance man.

It's worth a shot.

Munch, Fin,

recheck priors
and sex offenders.

Liv, talk to Warner.

Have her retest the vic's
clothes for touch DNA.

Rollins, talk to
one of your rabbis.

Work up a profile.

I get one more call
from the mayor's office,

we're all looking
for new jobs.

And, uh,
where the hell is Amaro?



All right,
I'm five minutes away.

'Scuse me.


They're not
just playing dress-up.

Street justice.

Witnesses say he got jumped
by five superheroes.

They call themselves
"The Justice League."

- And nobody helped.
- No.

Most of 'em
cheered 'em on.

JLNY, one.
NYPD, zero.

- "Justice League New York."
- I don't care.

These are our streets,
not theirs.

They wore m-masks.

And helmets.

There was even
a chick there.

Try a little more
descriptive language, Andy.

I don't know.

They were beating me up.

This is all your fault.

You made
everyone hate me.

No, they hate you
'cause you're a rapist.

Now, if I wasn't a cop,

I'd smack you around too.


Don't say anything.

Here's a copy
of the lawsuit I'm filing

against you
and the department

for violating
my client's civil rights.

Check out doorways
and vestibules as you pass.

He likes
to attack from behind.

And be careful
in those spikes.

Makes it harder if you gotta run
or kick somebody in the balls.

Keep the UCs and ghosts
in radio contact.

I don't want
to lose anybody.

Well, we're looking light
on backup.

We are. The department's
tied up covering this march.

That's just
what we need.

100 women walking around
half naked.

Let's just
get through the night.

Rape! Rape!

Help! Rape!


- Fin, you hear that?
- Help!

Help us!

Help me!

We got a call. Get in.

Help, please! Help!

- There's two down.
- Over here.

There's one.
Where's the other one?

Help her, please.

What are you doing
up here?

- What happened?
- Fantastica!

Is she all right?

I got a stab victim!



He--he was on top of her.

Fin, how's the girl?

She's hanging in there.

Hey, hey.
Hey, look at me.

What happened?
Tell me what happened here.

I was only...

gone a-a minute...

I felt something hit me...


I blacked out,
and I woke up in the ambulance.

Okay, do you--did you
hear anything or see anything

before you were
knocked out?


What happened to me?

Leslie, you were
sexually assaulted.


it can't happen to me.

we were
supposed to catch him.

Leslie is my partner.

That's what--we were
on p-patrol for the rapist.

And you got separated?

We were supposed
to meet at midnight,

and she wasn't there,
so I ch-checked the other roofs,

and when I got back,
that's when I--

I-I saw him jump her.

He had a brick
in his hand.

Do you remember
any details?

You didn't hear anything
before he knocked you out?


He was white, stocky.

It--it was dark.

And I yelled, and when
I pulled him off her,

he came at me
and stabbed my shoulder.

Did you see the weapon?

Yeah, it was like
these big, curved scissors

with a black handle.

And who else knew
you were up there?

Just Stuart.
We work in two-person cells.

Okay, now, how did you
get up to the rooftop?

Fire escape.
It's Soho.

I'm gonna check your rape kit
to see if he left DNA.

Have you had sex
in the last 48 hours?

No, I'm not
seeing anyone.

I was just trying to prevent
other women from being raped.

I understand that,

but you really need
to leave that to the police.

That hasn't worked,
has it?

this didn't work, did it?

All right, so you and Leslie
are in The Justice League,

and you lied to us
about Andy Chen.

No, I-I-I

I had nothing to do
with beating him up,

and I-I don't know
who did.

Well, too bad they weren't
around last night.

You almost
got yourself killed.

Hey, no. No,
I've done more in two nights

than you guys have done
in two months!

What're you
talking about?

I saved Fantastica,

and I also saved that other girl
on Monday night.

By the UPS warehouse.
That was you too?

I'm on duty, okay?

I know what I'm doing.
I train, I work out.

This is serious.

Oh, yeah.
So why the costumes, huh?

'Cause they tell the world
what we stand for.

So, who are you, huh?




"Vengeance is mine,
saith the Lord."

You dragged Leslie out
in the middle of the night

dressed like a freak while
there's a rapist on the loose?

Fantastica wanted to c--

I didn't m-make her
do anything.

She got raped
playing games!

- Why are you here, huh?
- She called me.

She obviously needs
a grownup around right now.

Hey, don't move.
We're not done here.


- I want to see Leslie.
- Yeah, not right now.

So, Henry, where did you go
last night after the walk? Hmm?

Did you go on, uh,
superhero patrol?

What, are you kidding me?

I'm 50. I was home
with my wife and daughter.

Excuse me.

I'm sorry
I missed you yesterday.

I mean, we're just going
around the clock.

I saw Griscomb on the news.

- He's a piece of work.
- He's a prick.

- Yeah.
- How's your week been?

Um, fine.

It's fine, it's just a lot
of errands and running around.

But it's really nice
to have time with Zara.


how 'bout yesterday?


I missed you all day.

Oh, I took Zara
to the park.

And we played princesses.

So, it was...

kinda boring.

sounds good to me.

Yeah, no, it was fun.

You know,
I tried you at lunch.

I had a little break,
so I figured, you know.

My phone didn't ring.
Did you leave a message?

Oh, no.
No, I figured you were busy.


Next time.


In this footage, obtained
exclusively by New York 3 News,

alleged rapist Andy Chen
is attacked in broad daylight

by five members of
The Justice League of New York

while some witnesses
cheered them on.

This is exactly
what we were worried about.

This is brutal.

Yeah, it's like
that Trayvon Martin kid

getting shot in Florida.

It's what happens
when people

try to take the law
into their own hands.

That last night's vic?

Yeah, Leslie Adams.
AKA Fantastica.

That girl
can handle herself.

Are we sure
it's not another copycat?

It's not likely,
I mean, her hair was cut.

We never released
that detail.

Leslie was the only one
that was knocked out.


remember his note?

He's sending a message.

- To the vigilantes?
- Yeah.

Well, how did the rapist
even know where to find Leslie?

Look, Stuart and Leslie--

now they've been involved
in community outreach for weeks.

So if the rapist
infiltrated their group,

he'd know they were
up on the roof.

The serial rapist
has been attending

his own
anti-rapist rallies?

Henry Brazecki's

has been ground zero
for this movement.

Let's get a list
of his members.

Let me get
this straight.

You think my group
is a front

for the vigilantes
and the rapist?

This is NYPD payback.

Listen, if you'd have
told us Leslie was a member

of The Justice League
when we asked you,

she might not
have been hurt.

First inkling I had
was at the march.

On Wednesday.

We got into a fight

Fight. Okay.

But you still let her
go off on her own?

You're married. Do you ever
try telling a woman what to do?

Good luck with that.

You and your group are facing
real credibility issues here.


I was in West Soho
before it was gentrified.

- I'm trying to save it.
- Okay.

Then help us out. Huh?

Let us go through
your email list.

I'll have to talk
to the group about that.

We do everything
by consensus.

What are these? Huh?

Poultry shears?

Very good, detective.

Hey, don't touch these.
They're sharp.

I got a dinner rush.

What's with
the poultry shears?

They might be a match
for Stuart's wounds.

Can you ask the ME
to take a look?

I could.

So could you.

But I got a family thing.
Just cover for me.

Hey, Jason.

Detective Amaro.
What're you doing in Philly?


my daughter was just
talking about you.

- She's doing better.
- Is she?

Good for her.
You have a nice lunch yesterday?

Look, I don't know
what you--

Stay away from my wife.


What do you--
what do you want?

What do you guys want?


Soho icon Henry Brazecki

was beaten by vigilantes
last night

and hospitalized with
a concussion and a broken hand.

do you have any leads?

Me? You're the one
withholding evidence.

You care to comment?


What happened
to your hand?

Must've banged it.

Feel better afterward?

- Detectives!
- Yeah? Okay.

I gotta
get back to you later.

You wanna look at this?

Locks of hair.

Six of 'em.

Keeping 'em as trophies.

What, in his car?
Does that make sense?

It's more private than
in his home or the restaurant.

Henry's not going anywhere.

The Justice League made Henry
as a rapist before we did?

Maybe they
know something we don't.

Why did you beat up
Henry Brazecki last night?

It wasn't me.


c-could I?

I can't even lift my arm.

Right. So, the night after
you fight off Leslie's rapist,

Henry gets targeted.

You told me you were
stabbed with shears.

Black handles, right?

Just like the shears
in Henry's kitchen.

Why are you
covering for him?

You think
we can't do our job,

so you take matters
into your own hands, right?

I had to.

Leslie is one of us.

She's the only girl with courage
to take to the streets.

You two are close.
We--we get that.

I mean, you felt bad
that she got attacked--

I saved her.

Not you.


Listen, we don't have enough
to charge Henry with.

So if you think that he
raped her, you gotta help us.

On--on the roof...

when he was
on top of Leslie...

I heard him say, "You think
you're special, bitch?"

I recognized his voice.

Henry, the town crier,
is the Soho rapist?

Unless he has
six locks of hair in his car

that don't match
any of our vics.

Stuart's wounds were
consistent with a curved blade

like poultry shears.

And every attack happened

within easy walking distance
from his restaurant.

It's a smart move
for a serial.

Be on the front lines,
making the most noise.

You know,
it may be more than that.

He's creating
a crisis to solve,

like a firefighter
who, you know,

starts fires 'cause he wants
to play the hero.


DNA from Leslie's rape kit
is a match to Henry.

They broke my hand.
I can't chop, I can't work.

Looks like they knew
what they were doing.

Why the hell
would you say that?

'Cause Leslie's
rape kit came back.

And yours is the only
DNA we found.

She says
she isn't seeing anyone.


She said that for me.

I didn't rape her.

You gotta understand, okay?
I'm a public figure.

- A married man.
- You know what?

A ring doesn't mean much
to some people.

It's not like that.

The rapes started,
we grew close,

she was nervous
being alone.

Right, so you gave her
a shoulder to cry on.

Now you do the same thing
for the other five victims?



If your rape kit
tells you that,

you got a problem
in your crime lab.

No, it's not our lab.
It's from your car.

There were trophies
from each victim.

You're framing me now?

I want a lawyer.

Yeah? Get a good one.

And when you call him, you tell
him you're under arrest.

I had to lie about it.
He's married.

He said it could
ruin him.

- Is he okay?
- He'll be fine.

And you think Henry...

raped me?


He loves me.

You said you were unconscious
during the assault.

You never saw the attacker,
he hit you from behind.

It wasn't Henry.

You and Henry had a fight when
you came home from the march.

You wanna
tell us about that?

He figured out I was
in on The Justice League.

He tried
to tell me not to go,

but I'd promised Stuart

we'd go on patrol.

Henry said it was
dangerous, stupid.

He got really angry.

I didn't rape anybody.

Didn't Leslie
tell you we're involved?

No, she told us that you knew
that she was on the roof,

and that you were
angry about it.

You were jealous
about it.

I was angry because
I didn't want her to get hurt.


And the baggie with the lock
of hair in your car--

My client
has maintained

he has no idea
how that got into his car.


Then, why don't you
tell us where you were

after midnight
on March 15th,

March 29th,
and April 9th?

And please don't say
that you were at the restaurant,

'cause we
already checked.

Okay, then I was home
with my wife and daughter.

Your wife?

You want her
to verify this?

Henry, worry about
your marriage later.

You're in real
trouble here.

Don't go to my wife.

The night
of the first rape,

I was with Amy,
my pastry chef.

She's also married, so go ahead
and wreck her life too.

The other nights
I was either

with Leslie or Janette,

- my wife's sister.
- Wow.

It's not
what you think.

You don't want to know
what I think.

Three for three.

Leslie, the pastry chef,
his sister-in-law,

all confirmed
Henry's alibis.

and video footage confirm.

He's not our serial.

Okay, so, somebody
put that hair into Henry's car.


the same person who told us

he saw Henry on the roof
attacking Leslie.

What the hell
is wrong with you?

- Maria, what are you doing?
- No!

No, I want to know
why you drive to Philly,

- you attack a friend of mine--
- A friend?

Nick. Nick, not here.

Come on.

That right there is why I
stopped marrying Italian women.

You come to the station?

You embarrass me
in front of my squad?

After you assault Jason!
Have you lost your mind?

You've been sneaking around
with that guy!

What are you
talking about?

You told me
you stayed home the other day.

You had lunch with him.

You followed me.

You lied to me!

Because I knew
that you would react like this.

There is nothing going on
between us, okay? We just talk.

Well, I'm your husband, right?
You talk to me.

Like this?

We talk like this.

I am not
having an affair.

Yeah, I don't
believe you, Maria.

Look, I saw you.

That brownstone
on 27th Street.

No name on the door.
You think I'm stupid?

How long have you
been following me?

Is that
where you meet him?


Is that where you've
been screwin' him?


No, that's
my psychiatrist's office.

I've been
seeing a shrink.

I didn't tell you because
I know you can't handle it

because you want
everything to be perfect.

Well, it's not like that.
I'm not like that.

- Look, I didn't--I didn't know.
- No, you didn't think.

Because you don't
trust me.

I'm your wife.

You can't treat me
like one of your suspects.

- Maria--
- No, stay away from me.

- Maria, listen to me.
- Stay away.

Let's go back to work.

You all right?

Yeah, I'm good.

No, it's okay.

- Thanks for--
- Yeah.

So where were we?

We were looking
at Stuart.

He's got no alibi
for Henry's beat-down.

It's pretty easy for him to
plant the hair in Henry's car.

Warner says
it's possible

the wounds on Stuart's shoulder
were self-inflicted.

I mean, his behavior
when we interrogated him--

tearing that styrofoam cup
when he talked about Leslie.


he's obsessive. He works
at this comic book store.

I can see it.

He's an outsider
who's desperate

to be seen as a hero
in Leslie's eyes.

You two got all that
from the way he tears a cup?

I mean, he leads
a double life.

This fantasy life.

We don't know
how dark it goes.

Rollins, you and Amaro
go back to Stuart.

I-I-I told you,
Henry's the guy.

Why haven't you
arrested him yet?

We need to make sure
all our details are right.

Yeah, Henry's got
a lot of supporters.

Every woman in Soho
sees him as a hero.

- Even Leslie.
- Wait--


Didn't you tell her
that he's the rapist?

Are you with us,

Just walk me
through this.

You get up here,
and what do you see?

I--see Henry

leaning over Leslie,
about to rape her.

And you race over,

just in time.


And then he turns,
and he has the scissors,

and then--
bam, into my shoulder.

Wait, like that?

Was it left-handed,

Uh, I guess--
uh, it was his left.


Because our
medical examiner

said your stab wounds
were right-handed,


Kind of like what you did.

No--what--no, they're--
they're wrong.

Why would I do that?

We're not sure.

I mean, we were thinking
it's because

you wanted Leslie to think
that you'd saved her.

No, I did save her.

From the Soho rapist.

- That's right.
- Okay.

And he's been out there
two months?

That's about the same time
you've known Leslie, right?

I-I guess.

'Cause she told us
how you met.

She came into your store
to buy a gift

- for her nephew?
- Yeah.

I--I showed her
Jimmy Corrigan.

And obviously
The Dark Knight Returns.

And The New Avengers.

She was...
really cool.

Yeah, so you don't see
a lot of girls like Leslie

in a store like yours.


So you told her
about your Justice League,

and she said she thought
it sounded silly,

the city was safe.

Yeah, I-I tried to warn her.
Women don't know.


'Cause it wasn't even
a week later,

and the Soho rapist
struck for the first time.

Leslie came back,
and you got to tell her

how much you needed
her help now, right?

that must've been great.

When she became

And up on the roof
with you?

I mean, 12:19?

And on patrol
all night long?

Yeah, I--we were partners,
just like you two.

And as long as the rapist
stayed out there,

you stayed as a team.

Until Henry came along.

With his meetings
and sound bites.

You do all the work,

and the other guy gets the girl,
I mean, it's like high school

all over again.

- Well, n-no--
- A jerk like that?

And he's married,

and going around grabbing
whatever ass he can.

When'd you
figure it out?

Oh, was it the night
of the march?

I mean, Leslie was supposed to
go on patrol with you,

but she left with Henry.

No, she--
she's not like that.

Oh, no?

Hey, Stuart,
that's why she was late.

She said she didn't
want to come.

She felt sorry for you.

That's not true.

She said Henry
was making fun of you.

- They were laughing at you.
- No. No...

And that copycat
a week ago?

You really did save that girl,
but Leslie didn't care, did she?

Shut up. Just shut up.

You're out there,
risking your life for her,

- and she's screwing someone else!
- Nick--

You got so angry you hit her
over the head with a brick!

You almost killed her.
Do you even realize that?

Do you realize you almost killed
the girl you love?


does Leslie know?

What did she say
about me?

She gave up
The Justice League.

And I know it was you
that set Henry up.

You were there
when they beat him up,

you were in his car.

She's not Fantastica anymore.
You're not 12:19.

It's over, Stuart.

I-I never meant
to hurt her.

Okay? I n-never meant
to hurt anyone.

All I wanted...

was for her to look at me
and know that I was a...

a hero.

Sync by Alex1969