Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 13, Episode 18 - Valentine's Day - full transcript

A husband believes that he's witnessed his wife's rape during a video call from overseas, but SVU soon discovers that there could be more to his wife's story than meets the eye.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City, the
dedicated detectives

who investigate these
vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as the Special
Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Everyone nods and smiles
and probably will screw

the entire deal before
my flight lands at JFK.

Yeah, hang on.

How are you doing, Lien?

Good morning...

Mr. Hartwell.

I hope you've enjoyed
your stay in Hong Kong.

Talk him off the ledge.
It's only 6 million.

All right, yeah.

Yeah, look, I gotta jump.

My wife wants to video
chat before I board.

Yeah. No, she'll go for that.

You know, why don't
you try asking her?

Right. I'm hanging up.

- Hi, honey, how was Hong Kong?
- The usual.

You know they, uh,
all smile and nod.

They'll probably screw
up the whole deal

before my flight lands.

What's going on there?

Nonstop school stuff, the
house, oh, and don't forget

next weekend we have that
preschool benefit at Cipriani's.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Uh, Madison in bed yet?

Let me talk to her.

She's at your mother's.

I wanted to catch
up on some sleep.

Let her stay.

Surprise, I canceled London.

I am coming straight home.
Happy Valentine's day.

- Really?!
- Yeah.

- So you'll be here tomorrow?
- Uh-huh.

You know, I didn't
get you anything.

Well, you know what I like.

That, um, see-through thing with
the garters that I got you.

What do you have on now?

I took a little cruise through
Barney's lingerie department.

Why don't you... take it off?

Oh, you missed me.

There you go.

A little lower, let me see.

Hmm, nice timing.


Come back.

No, stop! Get away from me!

- Shut up!
- No!


- No!
- Christine, what's happening?!

No, please, no! No!

- Shut up!
- Aah!

Oh, my God,
some--somebody please help!

- Somebody call 911 in New York!
- Get over here!

- Bend over!
- Christine!


Oh, my God. Christine!


You call the cops, she's dead.

Alleged victim is
Christine Hartwell.

- Alleged?
- Yeah.

The husband, Boyd Hartwell,

says he saw someone break
in, rape his wife.

I mean, witnessed the
whole thing on vchat.

- Okay, where was he?
- Hong Kong International.

He called his mother, told
her not to call the police.

She couldn't sleep,
calls an hour ago.

Unis get here, there's
no Christine.

No sign of forced entry.

Both doors look untouched.
Someone she knew?

Well, maybe not.
Video cam's out.

She opens the door,

he pushes in, sign
of a struggle.

They have a daughter.

- Where is she?
- Madison, five.

Grandmother said she stayed
with her last night.


Get CSU in here.

And TARU, see if
they can retrieve

an image off this laptop.

We got some blood.

So he rapes her
here on the counter

in full view of the screen.

Yeah, shows the husband
he means business.

It's deliberate,
could be personal.

And he forces her
to leave with him?

The neighbors didn't
see or hear a thing.

No one coming in or out
of this house last night.

This door's open.

They left out the back.

Husband say anything
about a ransom demand?

Nothing we've heard.

No one's been able to reach him.

- His plane lands at noon.
- 16 hours.

Gotta be the longest
flight of his life.

Sync by Alex1969

When's mommy coming home?

Soon, sweetheart.
Isn't that Bella?

Go--go play princess with her.

My son told me the intruder
said if I called the police,

they'd kill Christine.

I hope I've done
the right thing.

You did, ma'am.

Now when's the last time you
saw your daughter-in-law?

Yesterday afternoon.

She dropped off Madison.

- Did she seem upset or anxious?
- No.

Christine is always so
bright, so full of life.

Everybody adores her.

Now what about Boyd?

Been any problems?

Boyd works a lot.

But his family
always comes first.

After ten years of marriage,
those two are still so in love.

All we know for sure is
that Christine's been missing

for 12 hours, and our only
witness is still in the air.

No activity on
her credit cards,

her cell's off,
TARU's checking it.

All right, if this
is a rape-abduction,

odds are it's somebody
she's crossed paths with.

What do we know
about this couple?

Well, they're living the
Upper East Side dream.

I mean, Boyd and his
partner Justin Geld,

they left Morgan, started
up new markets hedge fund

a couple years ago.

Christine's a stay-at-home mom.

She's on the parent's board

of her daughter's preschool.

They do the regular
rich people mambo.

Winters in Vail, summers
in the Hamptons.

His hedge fund--this economy
can be a high-wire act.

Any angry investors?

Yeah, there were a
couple of complaints

filed against Boyd's partner.

So the company and
Boyd paid some fines,

admitted no wrongdoing--
the complaints were withdrawn.

Well, that's gotta be
hard on a partnership,

and this might be too.

Now, according to
Christine's calendar,

she had lunch with
Geld on Friday.

A month ago, her husband's
in Brazil--another lunch.

Okay, Fin, Rollins, find out

what's up with the
lady and her lunches.

You two, meet the
husband's plane at JFK.

He didn't want NYPD called.

Let's not give him a
chance to go rogue.

When's the last time I
heard from Christine?

My wife saw her at
the planning meeting

for the preschool benefit.

Was that before or after you

and Christine had
lunch on Friday?

I don't know about the SEC,
but it ain't a good idea

to lie to NYPD.

What's this about?

When's the last time
you saw Christine?

Uh, we had lunch, Le Cirque's,
Friday 2:00-4:00.

Yeah, that's a late lunch.
You walk her home?

I got her into a cab.

She'd had a few and...
I went back to work.


Look, I don't know
what Christine told you,

but nothing inappropriate
happened on Friday.

Okay, what about last night?

You mind telling
us where you were?

I was at the Waldorf
with my wife.

We don't like restaurants
on Valentine's day.

It's a sucker play.

So we hole up for a few days
and order room service.

That's sweet.

And how about you and Boyd?
How are you guys getting along?

We're best friends

since prep school,
like brothers.

So he didn't mind
bailing you out

when you got jammed up
by the SEC?

No, it just gave him something
else to rag on me about.

When's the last time
you spoke with him?

Last night.

He was at the airport.

He had to jump because Christine

wanted to video chat.

When she says jump...

I'll get 'em the
money, I'll-I'll...

I'll do whatever they want.
Just tell me you're okay.

- Boyd Hartwell.
- Yeah?

We need you to come with us.

Christine, I gotta go.

Boyd, Boyd! Wait.
We're here to help you.

Honey, listen, just tell them

I'll get the money, okay?

No cops, I hear you!

All right, I love
you, I gotta go!

- Stop!
- You don't understand!

Take it easy, pal.
I don't wanna cuff you.

I don't need your help.

Listen, that was my wife.

They said no cops.

They're gonna kill her.

She was fighting back, but...

he started raping her.


I pointed my cell at the screen.

He wore a mask.

Maybe he thought your wife
would have recognized him.

Can you think of
anyone with a reason

to hurt you or your wife?

This can't be
someone who knows us.

Tell us about the
ransom demand.

When I landed, there was
a voicemail from Christine

and she said that
they wanted $250,000.

And she made me promise no cops.

I can handle this on my own.

That's not a good idea,
Mr. Hartwell.

No! Please.

If they see you,
they will kill her!

Sorry, I haven't
slept in 20 hours.

My head is exploding.

We understand that.

But you have to let us
handle it, Mr. Hartwell.

It's the best chance you have
of getting your wife back.

Leave it in
Madison's backpack,

under the bench in the park.

6:00 AM, tomorrow.

Boyd, the said no cops or
they'll kill me and Madison.

They know everything about us.

They're on the move
for both of the calls.

Bouncing off towers from
60th to 14th Street.

You can hear traffic.

And they tracked
her location since?

The battery was removed after
the call to the husband.

Any other calls from her cell?

Yeah, two to a no-name phone.
We're tracking that right now.

Well, what about
the husband's story?

He seems genuinely

All right, let him
go home to sleep

and to see his daughter,
but I want a uni on him.

Captain, I don't
think he's in on this.

He ran from us once,
he'll do it again.

TARU have the traps
on his phones?

- Yeah.
- Now let's just hope somebody

shows up at that drop
location tomorrow.

Oh, man.


Valentine's dinner; I forgot.


Did you forget about dinner?

No, no.

Uh, you look beautiful.

- Thanks.
- We got jammed up.

Oh, I see, I'm
home for a week,

you're already taking
me for granted.



Just give me a minute, huh?

Hey, watch that dog-walker
going into the park.

False alarm.

White female wearing all black,

heading toward the backpack.

Move in!

Let's go, let's go.

Police! Drop it!

- Drop it!
- Help!

- Hey, take it easy.
- No!

They'll kill me, please!

- They're watching!
- Who is?

Three black men!

Please let me give them the money!


Oh, God.

They made me take
off my clothes...

then they took turns.

Sometimes... two at a time.

Sometimes all three.

My mouth, everywhere.

And they made me
do things to them.

Well, Christine, you
said that they were black.

Can you give me
any more details?

Oh, do I have to?

They know where I live.


had you seen any of them before?

I don't think so.

She told me at the hospital

what they did to her.

I want to kill them!

I get that.

Look, I need to ask.

Anyone in your life who
matches the description?

You mean do I know
any black guys?

Not many. A few at the gym.

My orthopedist.

Two of them had shaved heads.

One had dreads. Stocky.

Do you remember which one
assaulted you here in your home?

No, he had a mask.

Okay, we found a
robe downstairs

on the floor in the kitchen.

They let you get dressed?

Let me?

He had a gun on me,
and he watched me.

He told me what to wear.

So what happened next?

He forced me out
the back door.

Around the side.
There was a van.

He pushed me in.

Did you stay in the
van the whole time?

They parked sometimes,
but I don't know where.

If it was day or night.

Did they say anything to you?

Did they know your name?

Your husband's name?

They said I was a rich bitch.

They said I deserved it.

Tell me about Justin Geld.

- He's my partner and my friend.
- Christine's friend too?


Did you know they
have lunch together

when you're out of town?

I--I'm sure Christine told me.

Look, Boyd, sometimes
an attack like this

is for revenge.

An angry husband, somebody who
felt burned in a business deal.

You think I brought
this on myself?

I mean, I've done things
I'm not proud of.

Is there anything you
wanna tell me about?

This whole thing.

I gotta say, I'm rocked.

Your wife is asking for you.

Most rape victims shut down, but...
not Christine.

Yeah, what are you thinking?

Look, three black
men in a van?

Maybe. Or...

maybe she doesn't want us to
know who did this to her.

Hey, so that no-name
cell Christine called?

I ran down the other incomings.

There's a lot of
Wall Street guys

ordering deliveries from
a health food store.

Let's find out what kind of

protein powder they're
talking about.

Yeah, you've got Darel.
Who is this?

NYPD, Darel.

Put down the phone.

Yes, officers.
How can I help you?

Tell us how you know
Christine Hartwell.

- He's running!
- Police!


Why'd you run, Darel?

I don't know any Christine.

Thought wheatgrass
made you smarter.

Monday night I was
at a Rangers game

with my girlfriend.

You can ask the
people in my section.

The dreads stand out
at a hockey game.

Okay, but why did
Christine call you, Darel?

Maybe I should take
the fifth on that.

Look, man, you're on the
hook for rape and kidnapping.

You need to try to
help yourself out.

Now, if you're just her dealer,
we don't even care about that.

- For real?
- Yeah.

All right, man.

She wanted party favors.

Her usual.

Uh, an eightball, some "X".

These white housewives,
they cracked out.

- She's cut off.
- Okay, don't push it.

What happened after
Christine called you?

She sent her delivery
guy to my store.

He's a white dude.

Work boots, uh, short pants.

Hey, it's winter, man.
What's up with that?

I don't know who that is.

Well, he says he's
your drug dealer.

You've called his number before.

There was cocaine and
ecstasy in your system.

You know we have the
rape kit results.

There's evidence you did
suffer a sexual assault,

but the DNA shows your rapist
was a lone white male.

So Christine, I
need you to think

very carefully about what
you're gonna say next, okay?


He made me call.

He said he wanted me,
you know, amped up.

He hit me with the gun.

Who is he?

He's been stalking me.

And he said he had friends
that would hurt me.

Christine, we're not
gonna let anyone hurt you.

But you have to
tell us who he is.

Kevin Fahey.


I'll move the truck.
I'm sorry.

No, you won't.

You're under arrest.

Arrest for what?

Rape and kidnapping.

I raped her?!

That's not what happened.

We matched your DNA
to the crime scene.

Christine told me to
pretend to rape her.

Okay, and roughing her up?
Was that part of the plan too?

Kevin, hey.

Kevin, we know
about your record.

She wanted it.

To tell you the truth, I think
she got off on it a little bit.

We're in a relationship.

It's been going on
for six months.

What, she just likes
guys in green shorts?


First time I made a delivery,
she answered the door

in her yoga outfit,
those tight pants.

Go on.

We hit it off right away.

She asked me if I
wanted a vitamin water.

I came in.

She started kissing me.

And she pulled off
the black pants,

bent over the stairs...

It was so... inviting--

Easy. You're here
on a rape charge.

That's what I'm trying
to tell you guys.

It was like our game, you know?

She would answer the door
in a towel or lingerie.

Okay, got it, so you're living
the penthouse dream. Got it.

Why involve her husband?

Okay, that part
was a bad idea.

- You think?
- We were supposed to go away

for Valentine's day,

but her husband was
coming home early.

She tell you that?

She was pretty upset.

Then she told me she had a plan.

I'd pretend to rape her,

then I would pretend
to kidnap her.

But it was just about
us being together.

She brought up the money.

You got any proof?

Like voice messages,
texts, notes?

We only talked when
I made deliveries.

Of course.

I'm telling you the truth.

She set the whole thing up.

Was supposed to be
our screw-cation.

She even had a place all set up.

This really cool loft in Soho.

Why are you accusing me?

I was raped.

I'm not accusing
you, Christine.

There are just some...

in your story.

I told you-- I mean,
he held a gun on me.


So when is the first
time you met Kevin?

I'm not sure.
A few months ago?

Who remembers delivery men?
I don't.

So you never had
sex with him before?




Sit down, Christine.

See, the loft-- now,
Kevin told us

that you told him
where to take you.

That's a lie.

I have never seen that
place before in my life.

Okay, so why don't you tell
me what happened at the loft?

I already went over this.

Tell me again.

We had sex.

In the bed, on the floor.

Sometimes he's gentle, sometimes
he slaps me, calls me a bitch.

Makes me get on all fours.

It was horrible.

And what was going
through your head?

I shut down.

I--I did what he told me to do.

If he wanted drugs, I got drugs.

If he wanted sex,
I gave it to him.

If he wanted me to suck on
his gun, I did that too.

On my knees, begging
for my life.

Don't you get it?

Okay, Christine.

I understand.

That's where he, uh...
that's where this happened?

Sick bastard.
Delivery guy in my house?

Honey, please, I
can't do this anymore.


I'm taking my wife home.

We'll be in touch, Christine.

- Give me something.
- She said she was tired.

- I didn't want her to lawyer up.
- Absolutely.

There's still a chance
she could be a victim.

Well, from what I just
heard, she's lying.

She's using present tense,
she's mixing tenses.

It's like she's making
it up as she goes along.

She's trying to convince us.

She said, "We had sex."

When she was talking about
what the rapist did to her.

No real victim describes
rape like that.

What about the husband?

He thinks there's nothing
wrong with the marriage

that a blue box and
thigh-highs can't fix.

Easier than
couples counseling.

Look, I know he has a record,

but is there any chance
Kevin is just her patsy?

Oh, yeah, I can see
her playing him.

You know, this is interesting.

The owner of the
loft, The Mango LLC,

it's a front owned
by Justin Geld.

That's Boyd's
business partner.

Okay, you two go talk to Geld.

This isn't me.

I've been in a hotel
with my wife.

Now if thi--this is about...

Christine being kidnapped,
then you're way off the mark.

I mean, yeah, what,
Boyd and I talk.

We're partners.

Did Boyd tell you the ransom
Christine's kidnappers asked for

is the same amount that you
owe him for the SEC fines?


You have any idea how
this guy found out

about your little hideaway?

You give him the pass code?

I've never seen
him in my life.

Well, 'cause your
partner's wife

was raped here in your... F-Pad.

And the amount of
the ransom demand?

Sure does seem like you could
be the one that set this up.

So if you have any
other ideas about how

maybe she ended up here...
now's the time.

Okay, off the record...

Christine's been here before.

A few times.

She knows the code.

Can you prove that?

No, that's the whole point
of an F-Pad--it's discreet,

there's no doorman,
it's all cash.

When you and Christine
went out to lunch on Friday,

did she ask you what you
were doing for Valentine's?

Yeah, she knew the
loft would be empty.

Did you two talk about Boyd?

Yeah, I told her that
Boyd was coming home early,

but that she should, you know,
act surprised when he told her.

Good story.

Too bad you can't
prove any of it.

Maybe I can.

I have a motion-activated
camera over the bed.

Christine know
about that camera?


I turned it off
when she was here.

I mean, that kind of thing--

You mean banging
your partner's wife?

Yeah, it could come back
and bite you in the ass.

Yeah, oh, baby.

Oh, just lay back down.

'Cause Christine's gonna take
really good care of you.

I know exactly what you like.

I'm gonna go out on a
limb here and say a jury

is gonna have a hard time
seeing this as coerced.

You're a bad girl,
you know that?

Does your husband
know how bad you are?

Don't worry about him.

You have another package for me?

He must have made her
do and say those things.

He said he was gonna kill her.

- I love my wife.
- I understand.

I know what I saw, detective.

I saw him brutalize
her in our own home.

I can imagine how
traumatic that was,

but look, I gotta be
straight with you.

Boyd, we believe she's
complicit in this.

I saw the bruises.

I held her last night while
she was having night terrors.

Whatever that bastard
made her do,

she did because she had to.

He made me do those things.
I told you.

You told me a lot
of things, Christine,

but I've been doing
this for a while,

so why don't you tell me
what actually happened?

He made me act
like I liked it.

I didn't know we
were being taped.

Well that seemed pretty clear.

I was terrorized for
two days by this--

- Just stop.
- No, you stop.

Stop browbeating my client.

Okay, counselor.

You're gonna earn your
paycheck on this one.

Marvin Exley.

Your husband retained me

to represent you, so talk to me.

As if this case wasn't
bad enough before.

Her husband brings
in Marvin Exley?

Well, he can afford Exley,
and she's pathological.

We can't let her
get away with it.

Every time a woman makes
a false accusation,

it makes it that much
harder for real victims.

We could cut a
deal with Kevin.

Play him down to
second-degree coercion.

He'd be more than
happy to testify.

Okay, we'll charge her
with coercion, obstruction,

and filing a false report.

Thing that scares me
in cases like this--

there's always another shoe.

Seriously, they've
been married ten years

and the husband has no idea?

Well, I think he
wants to believe her.

He doesn't wanna know.

How you doing, hmm?

You've been a little quiet
since you got home.

It's two different
worlds, you know?

My body's here, I just
don't know if I am yet.


That could take some time.

Just so you know... I'm here.

You're a bad girl,
you know that?

Does your husband
know how bad you are?

Don't worry about him.

You have another package for me?

- Yes.
- Let me see that package.

Mr. Fahey, can you tell us
what you and the defendant

were doing on that tape?

- Well, we were having sex.
- Consensual sex?

Oh, yeah.

And was that the first
time that you and Christine

- had consensual sex?
- No, no, it was not.

Um, we began a relationship
six months ago,

and we had sex or oral sex,

every time I made a delivery.

We'd play games, role-play.
You know, it got pretty kinky.

Can you tell me how
that relationship

led to the events of
the 13th of February?

Well, her husband
was in Hong Kong,

and we were gonna shack
up for a few days,

but she found out he
was coming home early,

so she came up with this plan.

Tell me about the plan.

She wanted me to pretend
to rape her, which I did.

She timed it so she'd be
video chatting with him

when I "kidnapped her."

She wanted him to see
the whole thing.

And did you know
that she was gonna

ask her husband for ransom?

No, I freaked.
But you know, she told me

it made her hotter like
when I hit her ove--

Mr. Fahey, can you please tell us

about the conviction
on your record?

When I was 19, I committed
an armed robbery.

I served my time and I
deeply regret my actions.

Thank you.

Nothing further.

Thank you.

Mr. Fahey.

Where do you live?

- Staten Island.
- Staten Island.

- In your mother's home, right?
- Yes.

And you have a high
school education?

- I got my GED.
- In prison, right?


Would you mind speaking
up a bit, Mr. Fahey?

Yes, in prison.

Thank you.

And when was the last time

you had any sort of
serious relationship?

I guess... with Christine.

This supposed relationship
with Mrs. Hartwell,

is there any proof?
Email, texts, calls?

Well, she told
me never to call.

If she wanted to see me,

she'd just, you know,
put in an order.

So it's your testimony
that this attractive,

educated wife and mother

demanded that you rape her,
that you kidnap her,

that you brutalize her under
a drug-fueled sex binge

while her husband pays a ransom.

Pretty much.

Forgive me for saying this,
but that strains credulity.

That means I find that
very hard to believe.

Is there a question
here, your honor?

Tell me, do any of your
friends or coworkers

know about this relationship?


So the only people you told

were the police after
they arrested you?

- Now you're twisting things.
- Am I?

And while they were
interrogating you,

did they tell you
that you were looking

at 25 years to life in prison?

It came up.

And have you now, in exchange
for your pornography-fueled

- fantasy--
- Objection!


In exchange for your testimony

against my client, were
you allowed to plead

to a misdemeanor for
which you will serve

- fewer than six months?
- Yeah, but--

You cut a good deal,
Mr. Fahey.

I'm not making this up.

- I never told anyone because--
- no further questions.

Because Christine told me

that the guy before
me started to brag.

Nothing further.

So she stopped
getting deliveries

from the company that
used the service.


We were never given notice

of that testimony.


The jury will disregard
the witness' last comment.

Kevin's lying.

He's making it up.

Mrs. Hartwell, we went
over this extensively.

If there is anything in
your past that can hurt us,

- we need to--
- She told you everything.

I need to have some time
with your wife, okay?

Hey, Boyd, will you
get me some cigarettes?

So this former delivery
man, if he's out there...

- Oh, he's out there.
- We'll find him.

- I need his name.
- What?



Something with an "H"?

PHX delivery, but
nothing happened.

Why did you stop
using PHX delivery?

Because my neighbor said
he was gossiping about me.

Oh, did they?
And he had no reason to?

You've damaged your
credibility with the jury,

and I don't know what I
can do to win it back.

I have to use the bathroom.

So we're clear, I
wasn't sandbagging you.

- I had no idea that was coming.
- Right.

You know why I love
cases like this?


'Cause there's
always another shoe.

I didn't know you
could smoke in here.

I don't think you can.

Do you have an extra?

Brad Hayes.

Okay, I'll move the truck.

Do you know
Christine Hartwell?


Oh, yeah.

I know her.

What wasn't on that tape...

is what he said and did
to me just before.

He held a gun on me.

He said he'd kill me.

Kill my family if I
didn't do what he wanted.

Tell me, Mrs. Hartwell, do you
see the man who did this to you

somewhere in this courtroom?


Kevin Fahey.

Mrs. Hartwell, can you
describe your state of mind

during this ordeal?

Well, I was terrified
for my family.

Did you have a prior
relationship with Kevin Fahey

before this brutal
rape and abduction?

He delivered packages.

Clothes for my husband,
toys for my daughter.

There was no relationship.

Hmm, I see.

And did you ever invite
him into your home?

Absolutely not.

I'm a polite person.
If he misconstrued that--

You have nothing to blame
yourself for, Mrs.--

Okay, is there a
question here, your honor?

Yes, let's keep moving,
Mr. Exley.

Of course.

Now, Mrs. Hartwell, earlier
we heard a testimony

from Brad Hayes, a delivery
man for PHX, and he testified

that he had some sort of
relationship with you.

Why would he say
something like that?

I have no idea.

I barely remember him.

Did you, in fact, ever have a
relationship with Brad Hayes?

Absolutely not.

Two years ago, my
daughter was three.

I was home all day.

The nanny, the housekeeper,
I was never alone.

I was busy taking care of my
little girl and my husband.

Thank you.

No further questions.

So... just for me to recap,

your testimony is that you
were kidnapped at gunpoint

by three black men and--

- No.
- I'm sorry.

That was your original
report to the police.

You later testified
that you were kidnapped

by your big, green delivery
man and then taken to

your husband's business
partner's hideaway--

a loft you claim you've
never seen before--

and you were raped there

until you were sent to
recover your own ransom?

I know you don't believe me,
but that's what happened.

If I was making up a story,
why would I tell that one?

Indeed? Why would you?

Brad Hayes...

Now, this is a man you claim
you barely recognize, right?

People's evidence
608, your honor.

Brad Hayes' PHX delivery
schedule for the nine months

he was on the Hartwell's route.

The average time between
signatures for deliveries

in your neighborhood,
it's only 12 minutes.

But the average time
between your signature

and the next delivery
is 40 minutes.

Can you explain that?

He must have gone for lunch?


The average number of
deliveries is four a week--

same as Kevin Fahey--
for nine months until,

suddenly you stop ordering
from companies that use PHX.

Why is that?

I heard he was making
rude comments about me.

Mrs. Hartwell, we've heard
testimony from Kevin Fahey

that you two had a consensual
sexual relationship.

He's lying.

And so was your husband's
business partner, Justin Geld,

when he testified that you
two had sex in his loft?

- Yes.
- And now Brad Hayes?

So all three men were lying
when they testified under oath

- that they had sex with you?
- Yes, that's correct.

Ah, and the videotape
the jurors saw, right?

That--that--that was
lying too, wasn't it?

Because I'm fortunate enough
to have a wonderful family,

a comfortable home.

Some people see me as...


They think that I'm

that I take things for granted,

but that couldn't be any
further from the truth.

What you see on that tape is...
is me fighting for my life.

And the only thing
going through my mind

was "Would I ever see
my family again?"

I did whatever I had
to do to survive.

Nothing further.

Your honor, we are
unable to reach

a unanimous verdict
in this matter.

I don't accept that,

and I order the jury to
continue to deliberate.



Your honor, I have reason
to believe the defendant

is influencing one of the
jurors in this case.

Based on what, Ms. Novak?

I've witnessed eye contact
on more than one occasion

both inside the courtroom
and outside the courtroom--

This is ridiculous.

Prosecution is
grasping at straws.

The whole case is based
on the testimony

of a convicted felon,
a drug dealer,

and a corrupt business partner.

- You've gotta be kidding--
- All right, Mr. Exley.

Ms. Novak, I will
question the juror.

Your honor, we may have passed
each other once or twice...

in the hallway or on the stairs.

No outside contact, no calls,
texts, social media interaction?

I'm a happily married man.

Thank you, you're dismissed.

Any other tricks, Ms. Novak?

I know what I saw.

Unless you have evidence
of improper communication,

I'm not dismissing a juror
for making eye contact.

Your honor, I'm sorry,

we remain hopelessly deadlocked.

The case of New York
against Christine Hartwell

is hereby declared a mistrial.

The state of New York thanks
you for your service.

You're dismissed.

This case was a
dog from the get.

Try it again. She's guilty.

I'll do my best, but
there's not a chance

the bosses will let
this go to retrial.

Hey, excuse me, ma'am.

You mind telling us
what went on in there?

11-to-1, guilty.

Except for this one juror.

He says he looked in her eyes,

and he just knew she
was telling the truth.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

I love my wife.

And I have stood by
her and believed her

through every second of
this horrific nightmare.

She has been to hell and back.

First, raped by a
brutal assailant

and then raped again
by the state,

and forced to suffer through
this travesty of a trial.

My wife is the bravest
woman I know.

She is a survivor.

We look forward to
putting this behind us

and moving on with our lives,

knowing that the
strength of our love

has only grown stronger
to this ordeal.

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