Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 13, Episode 15 - Hunting Ground - full transcript

An underage escort is reported missing, and SVU soon discovers that they are dealing with a serial killer who may be playing games with his victims.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

So what'd you think?

Well, maybe
there's a reason

they don't make
silent movies anymore.

Oh, okay.

Next time
you pick the movie.

What are you doing?

Don't worry,
nobody we work with

could sit through two hours
of black and white no talking.

I think I'm a little
confused by the rules.

Well, officially,
if this works

we just need to disclose
our involvement.


What does that mean,
send out a memo?

Basically, yeah,
two of them,

one to your boss,
one to mine.

I don't know
if I'm ready for that.

Well, let's take
some time then, back off,

take some of the pressure off,
you know?

Sounds good.

Hey, there's a great bistro
down the street.

You wanna
get something to eat?

How 'bout we go back
to my place and do takeout?

I like it.

A lot.

Come on.

Orion, stay.

Good boy.

No credit cards.
My wife looks at the statements.

I'll give her cash up front.

Have her wait for me
at 14th and 7th.

9:00 pm.

9:00 pm?
Yeah, I can do it.

Okay, so let me get dressed.


You're going out?
What if I had plans?

Mom, I can't turn down
catering stuff.

They'll start calling
other people.

Who has dinner this late?

Rich people.

Good. Maybe
you'll meet someone.

All you had was salad.

Are you sure you don't
want anything else?

This is great, Brewster.

Most guys want
the girlfriend experience,

but only in bed.

The chase is half the fun.

Get a steak.

A woman needs meet on her bones
to survive these winters.

Winter, I stay inside.

I like to be out.

Walking the beach,
climbing mountains.

The cold,
you get used to it.

Ooh, not me.

You all done, sir?

Wrap that up
for my dog, please.

Well, here we go.

It's not a sports car,
but it's not a beater either.


Gets the job done.

Here you are.

Oh... ha.
It's Orion.

Orion doesn't bite.

I don't usually
get in cars.

You're not scared,
are you?

He's been in here
the whole time?

Yeah, he likes it.

I tell him
he's guarding the car.

See anything else?

Yeah, I do.

Is that what you meant
by taking it slow

and taking the pressure off?

What's wrong?

Nothing's wrong.
I'm--I'm, uh--this is--

Listen, hey.

I understand

this is really hard for you.

But whatever it is,

I can handle it.

I'm not going anywhere, okay?


So come here.


I'll do anything.

You don't have to pay me.

I'll do whatever you want.


I don't wanna die.

Now, that's up to you.

Isn't it?

- Oh...
- Your captain.

My captain.

our weekend had to end

- Hey, sorry.
- Have a good weekend?

Uh, yeah, yeah.

Good for you.


It's nice
to see you look happy.

What do we got?

A missing
16-year-old girl.

Two days gone.

Mom, I'm--I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.
I'm a bad girl.

I go out with--

I have sex with men.

For money.

I want you to know
that's who I really am,

just a dirty whore.

My Haley's a good girl.

Someone made her say that.

When is the last time
you saw Haley?

Saturday night.

She had a last-minute
catering job,

left at 8:30.

Hasn't been home since.

And you wait
till Monday to call?

No, I called on Sunday,

and the cop said she was
probably out partying.

And then this morning,
this message.

You know which
catering company?

No, she subs
different ones.

Does Haley have
a man in her life?

It's just Haley and me.

She went back
for her GED.

She's really trying
to be a good mom.

So Haley's voicemail
came in at 9:00 am,

but Taru says that
it was a tape recording

to a pay phone
in Grand Central.

At rush hour.

There's no way
the cameras can ID him.

Benson, Amaro,
friends, family.

You know the drill.

Captain, tormenting the mom
with a message like that,

we could be looking
at a psychopath.

It sure doesn't sound
like an acquaintance rape.

We still have
to rule them out.

Last ping
on her cell phone

was just before
the Tappan Zee Bridge.

That phone's gotta be swimming
in the Hudson by now.

But we got the dumps
on her phone.

And there's no toll booths
going northbound,

which means no video.

Okay, so this
catering service

that called her
Saturday night?

3-4-7 number
out of Queens.

G&S Services, LLC.

It's a front.

Look, head out to Queens

and see what the caterer
is serving.


- Uh, Rollins.
- Sir?

Just checking in.

You get through super bowl
weekend all right?

I skipped the game,

but, yeah, I went
to three meetings instead.

Standing room only
at every one.

I facilitate encounters
between consenting adults,

all legitimate.

Okay, was this one
of your consenting adults?

She just started with us.

And whatever she told you,
I am just a matchmaker.

If she did more,
that's on her.

We don't know what she did,
'cause she's missing.

And she just turned 16.


Her ID said 22.

I swear I didn't know
she was only 16.

So you're gonna want
to help us out.

Now, who'd you
set her up with Saturday?

Is he a regular?

First-time caller.

He used his cell.

Okay, did she go
to his place?

No, he said he wanted
to take her to dinner.

He wanted
a girlfriend experience.

They went to a Starbucks,

so she could
check him out.

You get his
credit card info?

He insisted on paying cash.

- Gave the name "Brewster."
- Just one name?

You call that looking out
for your girls?

I take care of my girls.

She didn't feel safe
at her other agency.

She told me one of the girls
went on a date Christmas Eve

and never came back.

We're gonna need the name
of that agency.

You're asking me
about an employee

who quit on Christmas Eve?

These are my tax dollars
at work?

You don't pay taxes.

We're not talking about
the most stable young ladies.

Drugs, family problems.

Listen, I know my ad says
"College Girls,"

but come on.

We're not here
to shake you down.


Two girls are missing,

and they both
worked for you.

Oh, she was terrible.

Never hire somebody
with a baby.

I let her go a month ago.

So if she's missing now,
it's not my problem.

it is your problem,

'cause she was working for you
and she was 15 years old.

Son of a bitch.

Well, technically, I sent her
out as an SAT tutor.

Oh, well, you can
tell that to the DA.

Or you can tell us
about the other girl,

the one that went missing
on Christmas Eve.

Ah. Roxie.

My top earner.

Look, I found her,

her teeth were rotted
from the meth.

Bought her new veneers,
cuspid to cuspid,

10 grand.

She splits on me.

That's the thanks I got.

Tough break.

We're gonna need
the credit card info

on her John.

Ah, yeah, the guy says
he's got a nosey wife.

Who doesn't?
Paid cash.

Said his name was Brewster.

We've got two missing escorts,
Haley and Roxie.

Now they both disappeared
after having a date

with a man named Brewster,

who called the agencies
from a burner cell.

He used cash, said he was
gonna buy them dinner.


Did she give her boss
a real name?

No, and no missing person
report matching her photo.

Okay, Christmas was over
a month ago,

so let's hope Haley
is still alive.

This Brewster,
how did he find them?

Both girls
were advertised here,

the back page of
The Downtown Voice.

That's still in business?

Them and
The Village Voice,

last of the muckrakers.

The Downtown Voice
would have folded a long time ago

if it wasn't for those ads.

Except one of these ads
is a photo of an underage girl.

He likes them young.

This is
a predatory psychopath.

He's grooming his victims,

handpicking them
out of the paper.

It's a little early
to start profiling this guy.

I mean, Roxie's a prostitute,
she's a meth head,

and no one has
reported her missing.

So we don't care about her?

Now look,
we got a 16-year-old,

single mom who we think
is being tortured right now.

Let's focus on her.

Okay, points on all side.

Now, this could be a pattern.

Fin, Rollins, check out
the other agencies

that advertise in
The Downtown Voice.

See if Brewster
had any other dates.

And Haley went missing
after meeting him

at the Starbucks
on 14th Street.

Where are we on that canvass?

We're hitting every restaurant
within walking distance.

Table three.
She was really sexy.

What about the guy?

Eh, to be honest,

I really wasn't paying
much attention to him.

Uh, thick glasses,
brown hair.

Well, he pay by credit card?

No, cash, 10% tip.

How were
they getting along?

Oh, first date.
You could tell.

Dessert, lattes,

they hogged the table
till closing.

And they left together?

About what time?

Around 11:00.

Yeah, I'm trying
to close up,

and the guy asked
for a doggy bag.

There was nothing left
on his plate but a bone.

I can't!

First description of Brewster.

Average height,
brown hair,

wearing dark-framed glasses.

Well, he must have shown up
on somebody's security cam.

He's either smart or lucky.
There's none on that block.

I'm guessing he's smart.

The guys stays
underneath the radar.

We called ten agencies that advertise
in The Downtown Voice,

he only rang a bell once.

Booker from one of the
agencies said a girl freaked.

Brewster tried to get
the girl into his car.

She got a bad feeling,
and she bolted.

And we've only
got a first name.

Uh, Miranda.
She left the agency.

We're trying
to track her down.

And she had an ad in
The Downtown Voice.

Yeah, but only
the online edition.

This is her photo
from the advertisement.

If you ask me,
the newspaper's become a front

for escort services
and underage sex trafficking.

I wouldn't hold
their advertising against them.

They're one of the few papers
in New York City

doing real reporting.

We need to go down
to their offices,

appeal to their conscience,

and find out if Brewster
set up an account.

Good luck.

They're gonna preach
first amendment.

That's why
I'm sending you, John.

Play the civil liberties card.

Benson, go with,
make sure he doesn't defect.

Missing escorts, tragic.

But turning over
our advertising database,

our online users,

I mean,
that's a bridge too far.

What if people clicked
on a political article,

and you wanted their names?

I get it,
the first amendment

is more than just a piece
of paper to us too.

Mr. Roth,
help us out here.

We need access
to Saturday's web traffic.

It'll help us find
this missing girl.

Why not the sources from
my articles while you're at it?

Look, we all know
what this is about.


We've been hitting
the NYPD pretty hard.

I promise you, this has
nothing to do with politics.

Yeah, well,
everything is political.

Mr. Roth,
the girl that is missing,

Haley, is 16 years old.

Okay, I see where
this is going.

- This is harassment.
- Are you kidding me?

Yeah, have your DA
get in touch with our lawyer.

You're on the wrong side here.
Trust me.

You don't want this fight.

Miranda Galton?

Detective Rollins.
This is detective Amaro.


We're investigating
the disappearance

of a teenage girl,
an escort.

Um, what's that
got to do with me?

Well, you worked
at Sweet Elite agency?

I don't know what
you're taking about.

Honey, we're not here
to bust you.

Your boss told us
you went on a date

with a man that scared you,

We wanna talk about him.

Everything okay, honey?


We're looking for
a neighborhood groper.

Just asking
everyone in the building.

We'd like your help on it

if you guys could both
come down to the precinct,

- look through some mug shots.
- I doubt I could help.

I just finished my deployment,
like, two weeks ago.

What, Afghanistan?


Yeah, my wife's
over in Kabul.

360th, Psy-Ops.

It's tough, man.

Sucks being apart.

Look, I know it's a reach,

but Marine Corps,

I mean, if you saw something,
you'd remember.


A donut shop?

You certainly know how
to woo a cop.

I like donuts.

And it's nowhere near
our offices.

That is true.

So The Downtown Voice
didn't waste any time

putting up a defense.

Study finds few underage
prostitutes work with pimps.

Yeah, I read it.

Makes some good points.

Well, they're claiming
that these girls work alone.

If there are no pimps,

then The Downtown Voice
can't be an accessory.

Slow down.
An accessory to what?

They're facilitating
underage sex trafficking.

It's gonna be hard enough
to get a warrant

for their digital subscribers.

And that's why
I wanna go after them

with everything we have.

They know what these ads are,
they know what they're doing.

They're complicit.

We could set up a sting.

Prove that they know.

That's got to be enough
for an injunction, right?

- Shut the back pages down.
- Not likely.

The ads don't explicitly
promise sex.

We can't prove that
they benefited materially.

The paper hasn't broken
any laws.

Come on, David, everybody
knows what's really going on.

Hang on a second.

Liv, we can't call in

any chits on each other.

This, us,
it only works

if I don't get near
a case you're working on.

And for the record,

I do want this to work.

That's you.

- Your captain again?
- Oh.

It's the missing girl's

Just pick out anyone
that looks familiar.

These guys all look shady.

If they didn't,
they wouldn't be in that book.

My husband can never know
about what I did, okay?

- It's over now.
- We understand.

- We're keeping him busy.
- We're not judging you.

We really just want to know
about Brewster.

You said
that he scared you.


Not at first.

Um, we had a nice dinner.

We walked to his car.

His dog was in the back
in a cage.

And then I looked down,

and I saw shovels
on the floor.

It really creeped me out.

And did he want to take you
back to his place?

No, um, he wanted
to go for a drive.

He said he knew a beach.

30 minutes away.

There was something
about him, though.

His dog,
I don't know.

I said I was feeling sick
and I got outta there.

What did Brewster look like?

Brown hair, average guy,
average looks.

Uh... he wore
dark-rimmed eyeglasses.

- What about the car?
- He had a gray Jeep.

Do you remember
any license numbers?

No, he had
a bumper sticker.

A little oval one.

Maybe "MV" or "MB"

Okay, now you don't know
what kinda breed the dog was?

I don't know dogs.

It had spots,
kinda like a leopard.

A Dalmatian?

No, darker fur.

And a tail
kinda like a raccoon.

Haley's mom called.

Got another message
from her daughter.

Mommy, I'm cold.

I don't wanna play anymore,

but if I stop he'll kill me.

Help me.

Mommy, please.

That's it.

She sounds weaker.

she's still alive.

Yeah, he coulda taped this
two days ago,

and Haley could be gone.

You know, maybe he is getting
off on torturing her mother.

Oh, he's getting off on it.

Got a sketch artist
coming in.

Just keep working
your witness.

Talk about a face that
doesn't stand out in a crowd.

I bet his own mother couldn't
ID him in a lineup.

Nobody notices him.

Maybe that's how
he gets away with it.

We might have better luck
with the mutt.

Dark spots, raccoon tail.

We're looking at
a Blue Heeler,

hunting dog, rare.

So vets, breeders,

I checked
on every Blue Heeler

registered in
the Tri-State area,

got calls in
to all the kennels.

What about the vehicle?

DMV's got thousands
of gray Jeeps,

but that sticker.

Yeah, she said either
MV or MB.

MV could be
Martha's Vineyard.

There's a lot
of criminals up there.

No, that's six hours
and a ferry ride.

Now, Brewster said that
it was a 30-minute drive.

All right, you all got
any ideas for MB?

- Moriches Bay.
- Mastic Beach.

That's still too far.
You ever drive on the LIE?

All right, hold on,
MB, 30 minutes.

Check Brooklyn.
Mill Basin, Manhattan Beach.

Lotta guys on the job
live out there.

Somebody might
have seen something.

It's a long shot
but take a ride.

Hit the Six-Oh, Six-One.

Traffic stops,
parking tickets,

anything they have on
a gray Jeep or a Blue Heeler.

Gray Jeep?
That'll take me a while.

I pull a dozen a month
around here.

I'm the summons king
of Brooklyn South.

You know, let's try
to narrow this down.

This guy look familiar?

- Next.
- What about her?


- Her?
- No.

I think I'd remember
writing them up a summons.

Hey, is the dog missing too?

- Have you seen him?
- One just like it.

Saw a guy walking him
without a leash.

I almost wrote him up.

This was on Manhattan Beach?

No, Dead Horse Bay.

I didn't have the heart.

It was New Year's Eve.

Poor guy had a shovel.

He just buried
his other dog.


There's too much decomp
for Haley.

It could be Roxie.

Hey, Liv.

My God.

We need backup.

100 years ago,
Dead Horse Bay

was the city's burial ground
for horses.

And now it's
a killing field.

Technically, no.

I don't think
he killed them here.

Just dumped them.

- So we're up to seven so far?
- Give or take.

There were some partials,
like this one.

All that's left
after decomp--

part of an arm
and some dental remains.

Anything to rule out
one killer?

So far, no.

But that's gonna take time
to sort out.

Well, we're looking
for a girl

who went missing
Saturday night.

No way the dogs
would have missed her.

Freshest body we have
has been dead about 30 days.

So Haley's not here.

- Counselor.
- Detectives.

You're real hands-on.

I wanted to see for myself.

Have the scene in my head

before I go after
The Downtown Voice.

Zara's trying
to convince me

that candy corn
is a vegetable.

Well, it is a vegetable.


What's going on, Nick?

I'm on a case.

It's a serial killer.

Seven bodies, maybe more.

Girls nobody missed.

Somebody misses them.

You've been tough to get
ahold of the last few days.

Well, I've been busy.

Been in the field.

Yeah, well,
if you can't reach me,

shoot me a text.

You have no idea
what goes through my head.

I have no idea
what goes through your head?

Wow, okay. I'm fine.

Yeah, I know you're fine.

ME is ready for us.

- Listen--
- Yeah, I know.

Be safe.

You too.

Serial killer.

Number's up to 11 victims,

all women 18 to 25.

No IDs yet.

He picked well.

So it was one guy.
How were they killed?

All the victims whose
cause we could confirm

were asphyxiated.

Some were hanged,
some were strangled.

And they all had ketamine
on their tox screens.

Special K?

It's a horse tranquilizer.
Hallucinations, memory loss.

Not a bad way to control
your victim.

So how long ago
was she killed?

The cold slowed down decomp.

I'm putting TOD
at four weeks.

That's around New Year's.
Could be Roxie.

- May I?
- Sure.

- Veneers.
- Mmm.

Her pimp said that
he paid for these.

Look at the plaque buildup.

She hasn't brushed
in a while.

That doesn't make sense
for an escort.

No, neither does her diet.

I found acorns
in her GI tract.


What, like she was foraging
for survival?

Her underarms and legs
were unshaved.

Also not what you would
expect in a working girl.

There were no oak trees
on that beach.

So his kill site,
it could be anywhere.

So is there any way
for us to narrow it down?


She had ticks.

Could help us.

Since the spread
of lyme disease,

tick DNA has been catalogued
down to the county.

Might get you to where
she was infested.

My office
and the NYPD

are going after the person
or persons responsible

for this tragedy.

But it's not
just the killer

we're putting on notice.

It's the escort services

in the back pages
of papers

like The Downtown Voice

who pimp out
these young women

and mark them
as easy prey.

Each of these victims
was someone's sister,

daughter, mother.

They were more than the sum
of what they did for a living

or where they came from.

They will not be forgotten.

Why haven't you found
my daughter?

It's been a week.

Ma'am, we are doing
everything that we can.

Like you did
for these girls?

You're in charge
of identification.

Missing persons,
Tri-State area,

escort ads.

Coordinate and cross-reference
the autopsies

- with details from these.
- So I wanna make sure

everything goes into ViCAP,

We're looking for hits
on ketamine, strangulation.

Haley's mom
got another call.

Benson's with her now.

So Haley
could still be alive.

The ME found ketamine
in all the vics?

Yeah, probably putting them
in a K-hole.

Incapacitating his victims

before he tortures
and kills them.


Are we anywhere
on these Jane Does?

Doing our best.

And I may have a lead
on your killer.

Entomologist's report
on the ticks on Roxie.

They were able to trace
the DNA to Ulster County.

The Catskills?

It's consistent with
the acorns and the plant life

we found in her GI tract.

So Haley's phone last pinged
at the Tappan Zee.

A straight shot
to the mountains.

So he's taking
these girls upstate,

sedating them,
strangling them--

And then burying their
bodies in Dead Horse Bay.

My guess is
his killing ground is upstate,

then the bay serves
as his trophy case.

He might live near there.

He'd wanna keep them
close by.

All right, Fin, Rollins,
head up to Ulster County.

Talk to the State Police,
local PD.

Use what we have,
all right?

The Jeep, the sketch, the dog.

You pick up Benson,
check the local ERs.

Let's hope somebody got away
from this son of a bitch.

So Saugerties PD
told our partners

that they had a Jane Doe
around Labor Day

suffering from exposure?

And probably high
on ketamine.

Ketamine? 20s?

She was rushed up.
Rope burns on her neck.

Did you do a rape kit?

She didn't say anything
about being raped.

She couldn't even remember
her own name.

As it was,
she was fighting.

We had to restrain her.

Treated her
for dermal abrasions.

Got her rehydrated.

When she came down she still
couldn't remember anything.

I asked her
for her next of kin,

she kept saying Brewster.

Did State Police
follow up?

There was
no missing persons on her,

no ID.

I sent her for a psych eval.

For all I know,
she's still there.

Why should I tell you
about Brewster?

The doctors,
they don't believe me.

Believe you about what,

Honey, it's okay,
you can tell us.

No, no, no, no, no.

Don't make me go back there.

It's okay.
It's okay.

I promise you,
we're not going to.

Just wanna talk.


Do you remember
where he took you?

I don't want
to play anymore.

Did he do that to you?

Lizzie, let me see.
I just wanna look, okay?

I'm just gonna look.

Did Brewster do that to you?

I did it to myself.

It was the only way
to end the game.

He gave me a rope,

said I could end the game
when I got tired of it.

I got tired.

But my branch broke.

What was the game, Lizzie?

He told me to run and hide,

and then he'd come after me
with Orion, his dog.

I could hear them out there.

And then the dart
would go in me.

He use a tranquilizer gun?

Then he'd drag me
to the shack.

I couldn't move
my arms and legs.

I would just watch him

inside of me.

So he hunted you,

and then he raped you.

Can you describe
where you were?


There was water
on three sides.

There was an electric fence.
A lot of birds.

Was he there
the whole time?

Sometimes he'd leave.

Sometimes he'd stay
in the shack.

There was a crawl space

I hid there once,
but he knew.

He was cleaning his gun,

talking to the dog
about what he'd do to me.

It's all part of the game.

So, Lizzie,
how did you get away?

One night
there was a big storm.

I made it out to the fence.

I thought--I thought
if I touched it when it was wet

it would be over,

but I--I didn't get shocked.

The electricity was out.

Was it hurricane Irene?

I climbed over and ran.

Cops picked me up
the next day,

but nobody believed me.

We believe you.

And we're gonna help you
get back home.

No, no, no, no, no.

No, it's safe here.

He can't get me.

And if I actually
mattered to anybody,

wouldn't they
have found me by now?

Our killer plays with
his victims like a cat.

If the prey stops fighting back,
then he ends the game.

All right,
so Lizzie got away

and then she walked for a day

before being picked up
by Saugerties PD?

I'm guessing
in her condition

she couldn't have gotten
more than, what,

So we're looking
for someplace

surrounded by water
on three sides,

oak trees, birds.

Check this out.

The Hammond Island
Wildlife Preserve.

That's about six miles
from where they picked her up.

Straight down 87 to I-95.

He could dump a body
in Dead Horse Bay

within three hours.

And it's got
plenty of acreage.

It's enclosed.

Makes a good hunting ground.

Find out
who runs the preserve.

I got it.

Hudson U.
I'm on hold with them now.

Joint with State Police
or FBI?

State Police, please.
Loop them now.

It's mountains.

That's hard country
this time of year.

Okay, the preserve
says they have

one full-time game keeper.

His name is Graham Winger,
and he's 39.

So Brewster is an alias.


Brewster McCloud,
that weird guy

that thought he could fly
in the Altman movie?

Guy loves his birds.

Hudson says his payroll
address is in Manhattan Beach.

Bastard likes to hunt.

Let's see how he likes
being in the crosshairs.




No sign of Haley or Graham.

Oh, look at this.

Bird's got a broken wing.

He's nursing him
back to health.

What'd I tell you?
Bird man.

Practical dosage guidelines
for anesthesia.

of drug interaction.

Compressed gas
for the tranq gun.


You were right.

Look at that.

He logged all his kills.

He's got dates, diagrams,

how long each of the girls
survived the game.

Okay, let's back
outta here.

Seal this place off until
we get the search warrant.

I don't want any of this
stuff tossed out in court.

Five teams of four,
stay on channel two.

You get lost,
use your GPS.

There's a lot of woods
out there, guys, all right?

- Be careful.
- We're looking for a shack.

There's gotta be a couple
of shacks out here

not on any map from before
this place was a sanctuary.

- Everybody, watch your six.
- Cut the power.

What is it, boy?


Haley, we're here.

We're here.
You're okay.

Haley, can you talk?


Let's check the perimeter.


You take right.
I'll cover the flank.

You got it.

Okay, Haley,
I'm detective Benson.

I know that you were drugged.

If you can understand me,

I need you
to squeeze my hand, okay?


You're okay.

We're gonna get you
outta here.

you found a playmate.

Good you showed.

This one was just about
out of fight.

No, no, no.

I need to count
ten fingers.

Okay, okay.


You're in charge, okay?

- You're in charge.
- Ask her.

Ask her how it works.

Look, I know
about the game.

Shut up!

I know you have backup.
I don't care.

I know these woods
better than anyone.

You and me

are gonna play.

Okay, Graham, why don't
we both calm down here?

Let's gentle you down some.

There's an order
to everything in nature.

Hunt, feed, breed.


Animals don't lie
about what they want,

not like you whores,

who tell you they want you
as long as you pay.


You don't have to use that.

I just want you
to talk to me

and help me understand
all this.

No, you don't.
You're a liar too.

You don't think I tried.

I held doors,
bought dinner,

and they looked past me
every time like I was nothing.

Until I pay them,
then I'm good enough.

Listen to me.

No one's lying to you.

Really, is that why you're
reaching for your ankle gun?

Number's holding steady
at 11 victims from the beach.

Okay, but these
are Graham's field books.

He's got logs of 15 escorts
he hunted.

You gotta tell them
to keep digging.

He nurses birds back
to health and kills women.

I'm a big fan of guys
like Graham facing due process,

but I'll sleep
pretty good tonight.

Liv, Nick, you okay?

We're good.

Haley's in ICU.
She's gonna make it.

All right, Nick,
take a few days.

- Be with your daughter.
- No, I'm all right.

It's non-negotiable.


It was a good shooting.

I wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for him.

I know, Liv.

It's still
gotta get reviewed.

It's your first one?

My first kill.

All right, I'll walk you
through the paperwork.

can I have a minute?

So you got him?


Guys like this are cowards.

He gave himself up
right away.

- Oh.
- And you?

Yeah, everybody's
fine here.


I love you.

I love you too.

Hey, stay safe, huh?

you too, okay?

Sync by Alex1969