Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 13, Episode 10 - Spiraling Down - full transcript

A military colleague of Detective Amaro's wife reports his 14-year-old daughter missing. The detectives find the girl working as a prostitute under a possessive pimp. They quickly set up a sting operation to entrap Johns on rape charges with a minor, and arrest aging pro quarterback Jake Stanton. Detective Benson and ADA Cabot seek to make an example out of the football legend, but the case is thrown into chaos with the return of defense attorney Bayard Ellis, who questions Stanton's mental capacity after years of injuries on the field.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.


Girl, help me
get my bus ticket.

Um, I'll check.

Hey, you made it.
How was your trip?

It was great.

You wanna bring it?

I'm right here.

Gotta be careful.

Lot of crazy people
in New York.

My name's Tre.

Uh, Vicki.

- Vicki, huh?
- Yeah.

Next time,
you just keep walking.

That's what they do
in New York.

Just tell 'em
you have somewhere to go.

I've been waiting

for the right girl.

Tre, it's beautiful.

Why are you being
so nice to me?

The--the guys
at my school are jerks.

Yeah, punks don't know
how to treat a lady.

I'm gonna take care
of you, Vicki.

What up?

You're looking prettier
every day.


check these out.

Oh, my gosh,
they're gorgeous!

Yeah, yeah.
Put them on.

Mm, mm, mm, mm.

If you ain't catching
nobody's eyes,

you ain't catching
nobody's wallet.

How much?

Yeah, uh,
we better take those off.

Maybe we can, uh--
maybe we can work something out.

I-I don't--

Come on, girl.

It's just Marcus.

♪ No, I won't,
I won't last for long ♪

♪ without you
in my life ♪

♪ oh, my life is gone ♪

Give me my money.
She's crying.

I want that,
I'll stay home.

Nah, no,
wait here.

It's good.
I got this.

The hell's going on,

I don't wanna do this anymore.

I got guys lined up,

You stop it!

Stop it!

I'm sorry, baby--


Daddy, I'm sorry I--
I messed--

Who the hell
are you talking to?

No, please!
Baby, please!

So he doesn't
share food,

he split
the check,

and we missed
the entire opening number.

So receding hair?

Checkered shirt?

all of the above.

- You're good.
- That's what I do.

Nick Amaro?

- Yeah, can I help you?
- My daughter, Vicki.

She's in trouble.
Uh, I should have called.

I drove
from Philly.

I'm sorry.
Do I know you, Mr.--

C-captain Jason Harris.

I was deployed in Baghdad
with your wife.

She told me about your transfer
to Special Victims.

Okay, well, what's going on
with your daughter?

She called me.
I-I think from New York.

I heard a man's voice,
threatening her.

Slow down, Mr. Harris.
You know what?

Why don't we
have a seat?

This is
detective Benson.

Now you said
that your daughter ran away?

She must have.
She lives with my ex.

I just got back
from a deployment.

This call you got--
is it 212 area?

a-a blocked number.

But, uh, New York is all Vicki
ever talked about.

You could trace it.

- Do you have the phone?
- Yep.

My daughter Vicki
is only 14.

That call--

it was--

You have
a daughter.

You got lucky
when you married Maria.

She's a good person,

You have to find my daughter.

My wife sent you
to the right place.

Why don't we get you
some water?

I come back
from Iraq last week...

my ex tells me Vicki
was on a school trip.

Now does your daughter
know anyone in New York,

maybe a boyfriend, a--

We Skype.
She never mentioned one.

Where's Victoria?

I came as fast
as I could.

Please, God,
tell me you found her.

Stop with the "mother
of the year" act, all right?

You didn't even tell me
she ran away!

- Captain Harris--
- Oh, please.

You couldn't care less about her
when you lived with us.

come with me.


We got something
on the phone.

So I got the number that
your daughter called from.

It was
a throwaway.

We're gonna call
that number back.

If Vicki picks up, we'll be
able to trace her location.

I think Joan never got over

what happened to St. John,
not because of the situation,

- but because of Bethany.
- Hello?


It's daddy.
Are you okay?

Dad, how did you get
this number?

- Vicki, where are you?
- Easy.

I-I-I shouldn't have
called you before.

Uh... everything's fine.

Sweetie, tell me
where you are.

- We got her.
- I gotta go.

She's within 100 yards
of 14th Street and 11th Ave.

Great, let's go.
I'll recognize her before you--

Captain, it's better
you wait here.

Deja vu.

Busted up a heroin ring
here in '08.

Some places
are like people.

They never change.

Tre, is that you?


We got
a water leak.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Excuse me.

hold on there.

Why don't you give your ID
to the officers?

Vicki Harris?

Who are you?

We're friends of your dad,

He wants you
to come home.

No, I--
I told him I was fine.

You guys need
to leave now!

Is Tre coming back?

Your pimp?

Tre is my boyfriend.

Vicki, I need you
to listen to me, all right?

You can't stay here,

No, you can't tell me
what to do!

Okay, then,
Vicki Harris,

you're under arrest
for prostitution.

- Hold on, Amaro.
- You got a better idea?

listen to me, okay?

You're not in any trouble,
all right?

We're gonna figure
this out,

but we need
to get you someplace safe.

No, I'm not leaving!


Vicki Harris,
you're under arrest.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can
and will be used...

Sync by Alex1969

You had to arrest her?

Look, your daughter's
not actually under arrest.

That was the only way
to get her out of there.

in ninth grade.

She didn't do this
on her own.

She's a victim,

so we just want to find the man
that did this to her.

I want
to see her.

She said that she's not ready
to see you right now.

Let me see her.
She'll talk to me.

She's more likely
to tell us what happened

without her father
in the room.

You two can be there
for her later.

Right now, let us
talk to her... alone.

you got my 500?

No, how about
some cuffs instead, baby?

What? No.

I think you know something
about spreading legs.

- What the hell you doing?
- Arresting your ass.

Y'all are wasting
your time.

She'll never say
a word against me.

I own that bitch.

Well, that's nice.

Tre bought it
for you?

Was that before or after
he had you sleep

with one
of his friends?

- Tre loves me.
- Vicki.

What Tre did to you--
that's not love.

Your parents--
they love you.

My dad came home
from a tour in Iraq

and signed up for another one
just to get away from us.

Well, you should have seen
your father

the morning he came in.
He was worried sick.

Uh-huh. My mom thinks
he's seeing someone over there.

But she's not ready
to give Tre up.

She wants to believe
he's in love with her.

These Romeo pimps
do their thing, man.

They have
the girls brainwashed.

How do we
turn her back?

Guy like that has gotta have
something on the side.

Let's check him out

So Tre didn't tell you
about his baby mama?


Have you ever been
to his apartment

or seen
where he lived?

We always stay
at hotels.

Well, he...
lives with this woman...

and two of his children
in Brooklyn.

He called me
his honey dove.


Tell us
what happened to you.

This girl's been turned out
for two weeks,

forced to have sex
with dozens of men.

Relax, we're not charging her.
And we've got the pimp.

We've got enough
to put him away

on sex trafficking charges
for 25 years.

What about the Johns?

What about Tre's friends?

She is underage,
so every single one of them's

a rapist under the law.

- Don't start that again.
- So charge the Johns.

It's not victimless.

No, but it's
impossible to prove.

Not if we do a sting.

Counselor, we've got
an opportunity here.

You wanna stop
teenage prostitution,

prosecute the Johns.
Send a message.

And this pimp--he's just
gonna give up all his clients?

That dude's
just a tadpole.

He turned Vicki.
Let me turn him.

Juries like the easy cases.
They get to go home early.

Y'all are just
bluffing me.

Nobody's gonna believe
what that whore says.

The jury will.

All right,
what do you want?

Trying to give your client
a chance.

- He helps us, we help him.
- I don't snitch.

Hold on, Tre.

Sex trafficking,
kidnapping, rape.

You're looking down the barrel
of a life sentence.

You cut for that,

That's what I thought.

Now you about to do
some heavy time for some tricks.

I need a name.

Let's start with someone
you don't like.

Look, amigo,
I'll pay the fine.

I got a sitter home
with my kids.

Let me get out
of here.

Oh, you're
in for a long night...


All right,
you're doing great.

- Thank you.
- This is worth it.

One more and we're out,
all right?

Seven down,
one to go.

How's your undercover
holding up?

She's good.

I told her this
is how I got my shield.

Is that true?

Son of a bitch.

Is that Jake Stanton?

Jake Stanton?

Oh, don't tell me
he's knocking on her door.

Who's Jake Stanton?

Are you serious?

Best quarterback
since Johnny Unitas.

20 years ago, this guy
was king of New York.

- You know who I am, darling?
- Should I?

Yeah, I was pretty famous
back in the day.

That was my big year.

You really need
all those clothes?


my knees, my back,
I tell you what,

they ain't what
they used to be.

About ten years ago, I would've
given you one hell of a run,

but, uh, I hope you don't mind
doing all the work.

All you've gotta do is just
take me all the way home.

Sure, handsome.

We're gonna have
a big party.

- Police!
- The hell's going on?

I'm sorry, darlin'.

Uh, no,
we're not arresting her.

- We're arresting you.
- Me?

- Against the wall.
- For what?

Patronizing a prostitute
for now.

Big guy,
you got it all wrong.

Come on.

So I draw back
to pass and boom!

I get head-slapped.
Rattles my helmet.

I'm on the ground,
but somehow,

I don't know how, I just--
I get off a perfect spiral.

Greatest pass of my career,
and I never saw the damn thing.

Then, two of the big uglies,
uh, uh... Kravitz and Drake--

Kragthorp and Drake,
your linemen.

Yeah, Kragthorp.
Him too.

Nice job out there.

The sting coupled with Tre
and Victoria's testimony?

Don't thank us,
thank Tre.

The little bitch
sung like Caruso.

Victoria IDed Jake
and the seven other Johns.

ADA can charge them
with rape two.

What the hell's
going on here?

No worries, big guy.
We're just talking.

Jake, why don't you,
uh, come with me?

Put him
in interrogation alone.

He's held court enough.

Oh, uh...

I'm, uh,
supposed call my wife.

Got me
on a short leash.

I know what
she's gonna say.

What's that?

Same thing
she always says--

"get a lawyer."

Yeah, all right.

You can call
your wife.

Thank you,

He had no way
of knowing her age.

This is all

No one forced or coerced
Mr. Stanton into the act.

We will also show
this is not his first offense.

Your honor, the DA's office
is rushing to judgment

because of my client's
high profile.

Jake Stanton's wife
has already agreed

to put up their home
in New Jersey as bond.

I agree.

Mr. Stanton has significant ties
to the community

and does not pose
any flight risk.

Bail is set in the amount
of $50,000.


There are 16 news vans
outside right now.

Good. You wanted
to send a message.

When Jake Stanton
goes down for rape,

that ought to do it.

Excuse me.
I'm Georgia Stanton,

Jake's wife.
Could I talk to you?

Mrs. Stanton,
I'm sure you're upset,

but we did not set out
to trap your husband.

Bet you're glad
you caught him.

- Get to make a big splash.
- Hold on.

This wasn't
a one-time mistake.

Two weeks ago,
your husband paid for sex

with a 14-year-old girl,
and she's going to testify.

I'm sure that
that's tough to believe--

I'm not saying
he didn't do it.

I'm just saying, if he did,
he didn't know.

I'm sorry.
I don't follow.

Jake hasn't been
the same recently.

Most nights
after 6:00,

my husband has no idea
where he is.

In a huddle I say,
Jake, you're bleeding.

He rubs some dirt in his nose,
says, "is that better?"

Next play, no one's open,
he takes off running,

dragging three guys
with him

across the line
for the first down.

He broke his nose
and two ribs in that game.

- Kept on playing.
- That was a magician.

I remember watching him
on TV coming up.

He'd slip pressure,

I'd feel sorry
for those cornerbacks

once he got free
in the secondary.

How many concussions
did this guy get?

Yeah, I knew when he
stepped off the elevator,

he's not all there.

All right, so he's
a little punch-drunk.

It doesn't excuse
what he did.

Know how many times
I got hit in the head

- when I was growing up?
- I hesitate to ask.

No, but it--
it's not funny.

And the league
is taking it seriously.

They're changing
the rules on hits.

They're bringing in neurologists
to clear the injured players.

Okay, symptoms of CTE,
or "pugilistic dementia,"

include confusion,
memory problems.

Poor judgment is a hallmark
of the disease.

How about calling
a pimp back twice

and having sex
with a teenager?

Is that on your list
of symptoms?

New York's hero
out on bail two hours ago

just exposed himself
to a woman in a bathroom

at the West Bank Cafe.

These damn bathroom signs
these days, trying to be clever.

I mean, you got these little
pictures on the doors--

Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake.
I'm calling our lawyer.

He followed me
into the ladies' room

and took it out.
I screamed.

- And what did he do?
- He just stood there.

Like he couldn't figure out
why I was screaming.


I didn't know it was
a ladies' room, you know?

You walk into these places,
and it's dark--

Jake, Jake,

Hey, hey, you should listen
to your wife.

Hey, guys.
How y'all doing?

Right this way,
big guy.

You know,
Vinny The Chin

walked Little Italy
in his pajamas,

convinced the jury
he was crazy.

Maybe Jake's
got a plan.

Look, I saw a football player
try to use an insanity defense.

The difference here, from
everything that the wife said,

is Jake's recent behavior is
completely out of character.

Just have a seat
right over here.

We can't travel

Last time, I found him
in our hotel hallway naked.

He'd locked
himself out.

Even if we go
to his brother's house,

he gets disoriented.

I put furniture
in front of the door.

What does
the doctor say?

His internist
is a good old boy.

Jake calls him "big guy"
'cause he doesn't know his name.

Signs a few footballs.

So as long
as he's playing a part

that he's familiar with,
he's okay.

Unless it's late
in the day.

Then all bets
are off.


I take it
he's had an MRI.

Yeah. Inconclusive.

It doesn't matter.

There's no treatment.

All the doctor said was
don't let him out of my sight.

I never should have
let him

go to the bathroom
by himself.

Do you have
home care?

We're broke.

He handled the finances
until this year.

There's nothing left.

What about, uh--
what about the team?

Or the league?
Don't they have--

The league has a fund
for wounded warriors.


Jake's too proud.

Well, you certainly
have a lot on your plate.

Who's helping you?

My husband's
in holding.

I can't even get our lawyer
to come down and help us.

We owe him
so much money.

He says we're gonna have
to use a public defender.

He's a, uh...

he's a friend.

Polished that off
in a hurry.

Mm. I was hungry.

I, uh...

uh, I'm supposed
to call my wife.

She's here,

She's got me
on a short leash,

and I know what
she's gonna say.

"Get a lawyer"?

Yes, ma'am.

in two days.

Does Stanton
want to be put away?

I don't think
that's what this is.

Me neither.

If he's faking it,
I mean,

he should have been an actor,
not an athlete.

Guess Jake Stanton
can still work it.


I'm going to need a few minutes
with my client.


Yes, Jake Stanton.
Where is he?

A-am I missing
something here?

What's that,

Not the kind of guy
I'd expect you to represent.

You mean
a white guy?

Are you playing
the race card already?


This way.

Oh, hey.
Come on in.

Uh, Mr. Stanton
and I have talked,

and I think
we can straighten all this out.

Look, I didn't know
it was a ladies' room.

Okay, but you did see that
there was a woman in there.

Yeah, but I wasn't
paying attention.

I mean, the lighting was so
dark, I couldn't see anything.

I told you that
when you arrested me.

- Me?
- Yeah, you remember?

But you mean
detective Tutuola?

Yeah, you--
you guys look a lot alike.


You know, it seems like a lot
of things are confusing, Jake.

What do you mean?

Well, maybe things
that once came easily to you

seem overwhelming now.

No, no.

No, it was
just a bad night.

I never wanted
to hurt anybody.

I--that's not who
Jake Stanton is.

I'd ask you to release him
on his own recognizance,

but I'm not sure
he'd know how to get home.

his wife is here.

Yes, but I gather Mr. Ellis
is trying to make a point.

He's tired,
he's disoriented.

If your office really feels,
uh, compelled to prosecute this,

I'll make sure he shows up
for arraignment.

Hey, so the complainant
has calmed down.

She's willing
to let it go.

but if he stumbles again,

- his bail will be revoked.
- Counselor,

does this mean you'll be
representing Stanton

- on his rape charge?
- Well, I just met him.

But if I do
take the case,

I suggest you brush up
on your Latin.

- Can't wait.
- Good, then let's start now.

Actus non facit reum
nisi mens sit rea.

"The act does not make
a person guilty

unless the mind
is also guilty."

I knew that one.

Look at Ellis,
pretending to care.

And this guy--

it's all PR.

He's a heat-seeking missile.

Hypothetically, have you told
the suspect's wife to call me?

- Hypothetically.
- I would ask,

"why risk losing
your badge

for a man you'd just arrested
for a terrible crime?"

You've talked
to him.

Am I wrong?


I watched my father
die of Parkinson's.

I know diminished capacity
when I see it.

This one is on me.

I pushed to have
the girl's Johns indicted,

and now I'm not sure
that Jake can be held

for his actions.

I'm pretty sure
he had no idea of her age,

but we both know
that's no defense.

You'll think
of something.

Does that sound good,

I'm the quarterback.
He's the coach.

You call the play,
I'll run it.

Okay, good.

So, um,
back to Vicki Harris.


The underage prostitute.

So that's what this
is about?

Honey, remember?

And Mr. Ellis
is going to defend you.

- He's a very good--
- No, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Hold on a second, honey.

How much
is this gonna cost?

Mr. Ellis has agreed
to help us.


I just don't feel right
about that.

I don't want
your charity.

No, Jake, Jake.
It's not like that.

I'll tell you what.

Uh, my secretary
is a big fan...

since you were
All-American at Purdue.

It would mean
a lot to her

if you signed something
for her boy.

How about that?

I'll tell you what.

You let me throw
in a signed football,

and you got a deal.

All right.

wait a minute.

Zara's reading?

she's sounding out words.

Oh, okay.

My mom's
teaching her.

You know, they--
they're getting along great.

That's great.

So, um,
how's Jason holding up?

Uh, it's--
it's tough.

He told me
last night,

Vicki's not
his little girl anymore.

I think he stayed away
too long.

He's, uh, he's trying
to be there for her now.

He's planning on coming
to the trial every day.

Well, he's a good dad.

I'm glad
you could help him out.

That means
a lot to me.

You know,
I never heard of this guy

till he showed up
in the squad room--

- I hate when you do this.
- What's that?

I think we're having
a conversation.

Turns out,
you're interrogating me.

How's he doing?

Look at him.
He's fine.

He remembers
how we're gonna play it?

- Yes.
- And you understand

after we make this plea,
Jake's condition will be public.


Keeping all of this
a secret...

it hasn't helped.

You have a pretrial motion,
Mr. Ellis?

Uh, yes, your honor.

We would like to change
the status of Mr. Stanton's plea

from "not guilty" to "not guilty
by reason of insanity."

Your honor,
an insanity defense

is not appropriate
in this case.

There's no evidence
Mr. Stanton is mentally ill.

There is evidence that he's
neurologically ill, your honor.

He's suffering
from diminished capacity.

There's a big difference
between diminished capacity

and crazy.

Now, just--
just hold on a minute.

- Jake, it's okay.
- No, it's not okay.

Is there a problem,
Mr. Ellis?

Well, she just said
"not guilty"

because I was crazy.
I'm not crazy.

Jake, I'm the coach here,
remember that.

There's nothing wrong with me,
all right?

I'm not insane.
I was an All-American.

- All right, Jake.
- Where's my wife?


Let me just talk to my wife,
all right? Georgia?

- Georgia?
- Enough.

in my chambers now.

I was
an All-American.

This is going to open
a pandora's box.

Every defendant will plead "not
guilty by reason of concussion."

Mr. Ellis,
is that your game plan?

I'm defending my client,
your honor.

We've reached
a rubicon.

Human behavior can no longer be
separated from human biology.

The DA's office hasn't caught
up with modern brain science.

Don't preach to me, Mr. Ellis.
Preach to your client.

It's his plea.

I told him I didn't know
who he was.

That's good, Vicki.
Just like that.

Just tell the truth.

Stay calm.

I can do this.

- Can we go now?
- Yeah.

I heard
that son-of-a-bitch lawyer

tried to claim
Stanton was insane.

Yeah, but even Jake
didn't go for that.

You're gonna do

I'll be sitting
right there.

And do you see that man
in the courtroom today?

Miss Harris,
you need to answer out loud.

Yes. He's right there.

Let the record reflect
the witness has identified

Jake Stanton.

how old were you

when Mr. Stanton
had sex with you?


No further questions,
your honor.

Miss Harris,
first of all,

we're very sorry for what
you had to go through.

Now, about Mr. Stanton...

Did he ever ask you
how old you were?

- Objection.
- Sustained.

Did you ever tell Mr. Stanton
how old you were?

- Objection.
- Sustained.

Did he ever
hurt you?

Or force you
in any way?


Did he pay you?


Mightn't he have thought this
was a consensual transaction?

- Objection.
- Mr. Ellis...

find another way.

I cases of cte there is
often damage

to the frontal lobe.

That's the part
of the brain responsible

for impulse control
and decision-making.

So, Dr. Sopher, let us assume
that Jake Stanton has CTE,

this dementia
you're speaking about.


He cannot ask the jury
to assume what is not proven.

Careful, counselor.

A person
with this disease--

can they be held responsible
for their actions?

In advanced stages
of the disease,

in cases I've seen,

they might not even be able
to remember their own actions.

Thank you.

Your witness.

This CTE--
it sounds serious.

Are you testifying that
Jake Stanton suffers from it?

Mr. Stanton's symptoms are
consistent with the disease.

Does he have dementia,

I don't know.

The only way to diagnose CTE
is in an autopsy,

by examining
the brain.

So there's no way
to diagnose CTE

while the patient
is still alive?

That's correct.

Therefore any suggestion
that Jake Stanton

suffers from CTE
is pure speculation.


I didn't know she was 14,
and I didn't rape anybody.

Under the law,
you did.

Is there a question,
your honor?

Isn't it true that you had sex
with Miss Harris,

and you solicited sex
from officer legrange?

Yes, I did.

But other guys
cheat on their wives.

They wine and dine these women
and take them to fancy hotels.

You don't see me
doing that.

Oh, okay.

So you do know the difference
between right and wrong?


Isn't it true
that you made the arrangements

by yourself,
you took cabs to the hotels,

you found their rooms,
and you brought

- the correct amount of cash?
- Exactly.

It's not like--
it's not like I picked her up

off a playground and said,
"hey, kid,

do you want some candy?"

I'm not a child molester.

I thought
they were working girls.

Your honor, I need a moment
to confer with my client.

Ten minutes,
Mr. Ellis.

I told you, I told you.
I'm not crazy.

Yeah, I-I know, Jake,
but do you remember

when we told you to answer
the questions, "yes" and "no"?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You're the coach.

But I'm doing great
out there.

I'm moving the ball
down the field.

- We're in the red zone now.
- Honey, please.

Mr. Ellis is doing everything
to make sure you stay home.

You can't pull me out now.
You can't do that.

If he goes to prison,
it'll kill him.

I know.

Let's go get 'em, Jake.

Okay, big guy?

Let's go get 'em.



Let's go.

Your honor, the people rest.

All right.
Long day, everyone.

We'll reconvene tomorrow morning
at 9:00 A.M.

- Redirect, your honor.
- Excuse me?

I have a few more
questions for my client.

Your honor, it's quite late.

Can the redirect wait
until tomorrow morning?

My client would like
to finish tonight.

Fine, Mr. Ellis.

I'll allow it.

Vicki Harris?
Is that the prostitute?

Do you remember
being in her room?

Well, if she says I was.

Did you engage
in any sexual activity?

I suppose that's why
I'm here now.

All right, I'm gonna ask you
three things, Jake.

How long have you been
married to your wife?

Long as I can remember.

25 years.

Who is Terry Drake?


Where are you going,
Mr. Ellis?

A little latitude,
your honor.

Go on.

Terry Drake.


Terry's my center.

Saw his backside
more often than my wife's.

So you saw the back of
his Jersey quite a few times.

Every Sunday
for 12 years.

What number
did he wear?



And what number did you
wear as quarterback?


Someday New York is gonna
retire that number,

hang it in the stadium.

You can mark that down,

You watch football much
these days?

- Every chance I get.
- Do you know the names

of the two quarterbacks
for New York's teams?

I, uh...
I watch the games,

but I don't really
pay that much attention.

How long have you
been married?

20 years.

You just told me 25.

20, 25.

A long time.

You ever get hurt
when you were playing football?

I was taken outta games.


broken this or that.

That's all part of
playing the position.

What were the three things
I just asked you about?

- What things?
- I just asked you

three questions.
Do you remember them?


you asked me about my wife.

And, uh...

I don't--
I don't understand why you're

- asking all these questions.
- Objection. Relevance.

Get to the point,

Did you have sex
with Vicki Harris?

- Who?
- The girl you're accused

of raping.

I told you I didn't rape

Do you know
who Vicki Harris is?

I told you,

I never paid for sex
with that woman.

- What woman?
- I never had sex with her!

- That's not Vicki Harris, Jake.
- I don't know who that is.

- I told you that.
- What was Terry Drake's number?

Can't you make him stop?

- I've answered enough questions.
- Your honor,

- I request a recess.
- I need to talk to my attorney.

Please let me talk
to my lawyer.

- Jake, I'm your lawyer.
- Then why are you badgering me?

Aren't we supposed to be
on the same team?

Do you know my name, Jake?

I didn't do anything wrong.
I told you that.

I told you!

How did you get down here
today, Jake?

- What?
- What day of the week is it?

What are the charges
that you face here today?

Do you know where
you are, Jake?

Please stop.


I'm... very tired

and I just...

I just wanna go home.

No further questions.

Well, that was ugly.

Ellis was just doing
his job.

Stanton is not competent.
I tried to warn you.

Warn me?

You walked me right into it.

You wanted a sting operation.

You wanted to prosecute
all the Johns for rape.

The guilty ones.

You don't get to
cherry pick.

What are we supposed to do,
prosecute some of the Johns

and not Stanton?

What kind of message
does that send?

That the DA's office
gives sports stars a free pass?

You want justice for her,
you want compassion for him.

You can't have it
both ways, Olivia.

The world doesn't work
that way.

- Alex--
- And I don't even want to know

how Ellis showed up
in your squad room.

On the charge of rape
in the second degree,

how does the jury
find the defendant?

Not guilty, your honor.

Jake Stanton,
you are free to go.

These proceedings
are now closed.

The state of New York thanks
the jury for its service.


Did we win it, baby?

Yeah, Jake.
We won.

Oh, good.

So I didn't do it?


I'm sorry, Georgia.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry, honey.

I'm so sorry.

I had no idea
what to say to Vicki's father.

Nobody wins here, Nick.

Well, we were down
in the fourth quarter...

backs against the wall.


Hail Mary at the very end

just happy to be here
celebrating the big win.

- What's next, Jake?
- Mr. Stanton, Mr. Stanton,

- do you have dementia?
- Any health issues,

- Mr. Stanton?
- Have you had

an official diagnoses?
Now this is public,

do you think this will
help other players?


Hey, Jake. Quick picture?

Thanks, man.

Jake! Jake!


Put the gun down--now!

Jake, look at me.


Jake... please.

Jake, drop the gun.

Drop the gun, Jake.

Drop the gun.

Come on, Jake.


No! No!


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