Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 12, Episode 20 - Totem - full transcript

When a young girl is found dead with a doll that is believed to have been left as a totem, detectives Benson and Stabler team up with Captain Jackson, a psychiatrist who assisted them with a recent case, to investigate her murder. Jackson joins the detectives as they retrace the girl's last steps and go to meet with her piano teacher June Frye. Jackson's skills prove to be invaluable in deciphering the meaning of the totem and ultimately finding her killer.

In criminal justice system

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the special victims unit.

These are their stories.

- Run! Run!
- I'm coming!

- Hurry up!
He's gonna catch us!

- I'm running as fast as I can!

Watch out!

What's happening?
Is he close?

- Yeah, and he's about
to plant his pirate flag.

- I'm leaving a treasure chest
two blocks away

to distract the bastard.

- Look out!

Are you okay?

- What idiot left
their luggage here?

- Maybe there's
something cool inside.

Oh, my God.

- The girls that found it
were playing an online game?

- Yeah, like plant the flag,
but with virtual pirates.

The rolling bag
was on the sidewalk

in front of the church.

- We sure it's our victim?

- I only saw her hand,
but it's gotta be marnie.

No other kids
were reported missing.

- How long she been dead?

- Hard to say.
Just going into rigor.

But the cold weather
would've slowed down decomp.

- Better make sure.

It's marnie.

- Okay,
let's get her out of here.

- Please, no, no.
Please! Please!

Is that her?
Is that my baby?

- Whoa, whoa.
Ma'am, ma'am.

You shouldn't be here.
- Detective tutuola.

No, no, no!

Oh, don't say it, please.


- I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Susan.

- Oh, please!

yesterday afternoon, 10 years old,
marnie foster

disappeared on
her way home from school.

We're very sorry to report,
but the girl's remains

were located a short time ago,

and a homicide
investigation is underway.

Anyone with information,

please call
the special victims unit

at the number on your screen.


Thank you.
- Thanks, detective.

So there you have it...

- How'd you make out in there?

- [Sighs]
The priest gave us full access

to the entire church.
There's no crime scene.

- Somebody had to see

who dropped that duffle
on the street.

- Patrol's canvassing
three blocks in every direction.

- May have a break.
- What, surveillance?

- Parks department.
[Phone rings]

They got a camera,
bird's-eye view of the church.

They sent me their video.
- Benson.

- There's the duffle.
2:04 pm.

- Well, roll it back,
we'll see who dropped it.

- Damn it, move the truck.

There you go.
No duffle.

12:48 pm.

- Anything?
- Well, it looks like our perp

dumped marnie between
1:45 and 2:00.

- But the truck blocks,
so you can't see who.

I'll track down the drivers.
If we're lucky,

one of them saw our guy.
- Warner called.

She wants us to meet
her and huang at the morgue.

- No doubt about it,

your killer is
a sexual predator.

- Marnie was raped?

- Freshly torn hymen,

blood present
in the vaginal canal.

- Tell me the son
of a bitch left his DNA.

- I wish.
No fluids, hairs, or skin cells.

And no signs of lubricant.

He must've used
some kind of foreign object,

and it had
to be something smooth.

- So the pervert
couldn't rise to the occasion,

he has to sodomize her.

- Cause of death?
- Traumatic asphyxia.

Found petechiae
in the conjuctiva,

and cotton and polyester fibers

in her lungs and airways.
She was suffocated.

- With what?

- The pillow
her head was resting on.

- Dr. Jackson.
- Elliot, Olivia.

- Cap, what are you doing here?

- Covering for huang.
- George was kind enough

to give me some
consulting work with the FBI

when my clinic folded.

He's presenting at
a conference down in Washington

and asked me to fill in.

- So what are we looking at?

- Someone who made sure
marnie was resting comfortably

before he abandoned her.

- He wrapped her in
silk sheets.

- Padded the bottom with one,

tucked her in with the other.

Along with this.

- That doll looks like marnie.

- He may be preying on girls

who fit his ideal fantasy.

- It's already
been swabbed for DNA

and sent over to the lab.

- Silk sheets, pillow, doll...

Some pedophiles
will go to any lengths

to lure little girls.

- This one didn't
want marnie to feel pain.

Her stomach was
full of milk and zolpidem.

- Sleeping pills,

so she wouldn't
feel him smothering her.

And then he drops her off
at the church

so he can atone for his crime.

- Pillow, silk sheets,
and a doll.

His way of
showering her with love.

He may have resorted to murder

in an attempt
not to get caught.

- Or getting caught again
and going back to prison.

- So...What now?

You round up
the usual suspects?

- Exactly.
Every registered sex offender

who ever so much as looked
the wrong way at a little girl.

- Cap, we might
need a hand in this.

- Anything I can do to help.

- At least
huang's an FBI agent,

cap's never done this.

- I know, but I got a feeling

he'll bring something
to the table.

- All I did
was brush against her,

she starts screaming I groped.

- That's old news, Craig.
Where were you yesterday?

- Having a camera shoved
up my ass.

Wanna see the pictures?

- A letter from
your doctor will do.

- Constitution
says I'm entitled to life,

liberty, and the pursuit
of happiness.

- That doesn't include
pursuing pre-teen girls.

Can anybody account
for your whereabouts yesterday?

- My dear old mother.

I was visiting her
out in Jersey.

- You have to come
better than that, Shane.

- I got the train ticket
to prove it.

- I was at work.
Ask any of my students.

- Students?

You were caught
feeling up a ten-year-old.

- But I wasn't convicted.

- Still, I'm pretty shocked
that Hudson university

didn't fire you.
- They can't.

I have tenure.

- [Sighs]

- Just letting them all go?

- They all have alibis.

Welcome to the perv parade
that leads to nowhere.

- [Chuckles]
Any progress on the doll?

- Yeah, the name is
perfect penny.

Manufacturer stopped
making it in 1989.

It hasn't been on store
shelves in over 20 years.

- And it wasn't marnie's,
according to her mother.

- Where's marnie's father?

- On his way back
from h Honolulu,

but he left
before marnie disappeared.

- He wasn't here
to dump that duffle.

- Doesn't mean
he didn't abuse her.

Some pedophiles work in pairs.

- Let's go welcome dad home.

- Just tell me why not?

[Fighting continues]

- Doesn't look like
a very happy homecoming.

[Yelling distantly]

Did he just shove her?
- Foster, police!

- Hey, Susan, you all right?
- Yeah.

- You didn't hear me?
- Name's not foster!

- What is your name,
douche bag?

- Chet hadler.
What'd I do?

- Assault.
- I didn't touch you, man.

- You just shoved
a dead girl's mother.

- Susan is my girlfriend.

- For real or
in your dreams, Chester?

- She was gonna
leave her husband

and bring marnie to
live with me.

- What, so you could
push them both around?

Or did you jump the gun
and push marnie

into doing something
that you had to kill her for?

- I never touched the kid.

- He's telling the truth.

Chet was there for me

when Michael and I
were having problems.

- Does your husband
know about him?

- I confessed.
Two months ago.

I told Chet we had
to stop seeing each other.


He won't take no for an answer.

He says we're meant
for each other.

- He tell you
about his police record?

- Chet was arrested?

For what?

- You forcibly touched
a 13-year-old girl...

your last girlfriend's kid.

- It was that
little bitch's idea.

- That little bitch told me
you wanted a threesome.

You try that with
Susan and marnie too?

- A threesome?

My daughter is dead,

how can you accuse me
of doing that?

- Because you lied
about where you were

when marnie disappeared.
- I was at work.

- Well your boss says

He says that
you left after lunch.

Chet and I checked into
the Amsterdam hotel at 1:30.

We were...

We were in bed
when my baby disappeared.

- Great.
She's getting laid

while her daughter's
raped and murdered.

Glad I don't have to explain
that to marnie's father.

- Fin interviewed him
when he got home,

he's in utter shock.
There's no way

he had anything
to do with this.

- So we got a dead girl,
no suspects.

- Maybe because
we haven't considered

all the possibilities.

- Okay, like?

- That our perpetrator's
a woman.

- A woman?
Who kills and rapes?

- It's very rare,
but it's not unheard of.

Our perp made sure
that marnie was asleep

before she was killed,

then wrapped her
in a pink silk sheet

and laid her on another
that was carefully folded,

put her head on
a lavender pillow with a doll.

- Everything that
a male perv would've done

to convince
a small girl like marnie

that he was
to be loved and trusted.

- Except there was no DNA

and no sign
of penile penetration.

- And you heard Warner,

that he could've
used a foreign object.

- Or she could have.

Olivia, did you sleep
with a doll

when you were a child?
- Sure.

- Can you remember why?

- Because it made me feel safe.

- Right.
- However,

in all of our years at svu,

how many female-on-female
molesters have we collared?

- I can count them
on both hands.

And we have never
arrested a woman

for sodomizing and
murdering a girl solo.

- Yeah, but just consider this.

A man would've left marnie
in front of a church

in order to atone for his sin,

but our perp
might've left her there...

- to make sure that she was
safe in the hands of God.

- Right.

Hard as it is to believe,

I think our killer's a woman.

Thank you.

Something I should've said

when you sent
those beautiful flowers

to my daughter's funeral.

- We were so sorry
to hear that Ann had passed.

- Yeah.

- So...

Any plans
to reopen your clinic?

- Haven't you heard?

I'm a charlatan.

All my peers can see
is that I've violated

the confidentiality
of my patients.

- You saved your patients
from a killer.

- I couldn't save
my daughter, though.

- Cap, you sure
you're up for this?

- You don't believe me, do you?

You don't believe
that a lone woman

could've murdered this girl.

- The few female molesters

that we've seen who have killed

have worked
with a male accomplice.

- And what about the women
who've molested alone?

- Mrs. Robinson types
who seduce teenage boys.

Most of them are teachers
who say they're in love

and they don't believe

that they're doing
anything wrong.

- But women
who sexually abuse girls...

They're different, Olivia.

The few I've met,

they're appalled
by what they'd done.

- But have you ever met one

who's actually
killed their victim?

- I've met two.

They both
seemed entirely normal,

but they were
totally lacking in empathy.

And they were later
diagnosed as sociopaths.

But our killer's different.

The way she treated marnie

shows genuine
feelings of tenderness.

- Our perp was abused herself.

- Yeah.

I think the clue to her psyche

is perfect penny.

A totem for the innocence

that she feels
her abuser stole from her.

She was targeted for
the qualities

the killer believes
she herself had lost.

Goodness, sweetness, innocence.

- We have to talk to
every woman in marnie's life.

- I took care of marnie
since she was a baby.

I should've been here.

- Where were you
on Monday afternoon?

- Visiting my mother.

Señora foster
gave me the week off.

- Can you tell me
where marnie may have gone

the afternoon
that she disappeared?

- Monday after school

is piano lessons.

- I gave marnie lessons
every Monday afternoon

for almost two years.

- But not this past Monday?

- No, her mother
called and cancelled.

I was disappointed because...

She showed
such progress lately.

- It's okay to grieve,
Ms. frye.

- She used to
love poking around

asking where all my old stuff
came from.

My parents died in
a car accident when I was 17,

and I haven't changed
anything since.

Look at her.

It was perfect posture.

Perfect weight transfer,

perfect hand position.

She had such natural talent.

- Marnie wasn't just talented,

she was a team player
and a leader.

- Sounds like you took
a special interest in her.

- The whole school did.
- Did she ever mention

anyone taking
too much interest in her?

Bullying, perhaps?
- As far as I know,

marnie didn't
have one enemy anywhere.

- Same answer I got.

And all marnie's
female teachers have an alibi

for when she disappeared.

- Whoever we're looking for
is way under the radar.

- Well, she could well surface

at marnie's funeral tomorrow.

- And face her parents?

- Oh, she'll do everything
she can to avoid them.

She probably
believes in her heart

that she loved marnie.

She could well be mourning her

as much as anyone.
More, even.

[Solemn music]

- Not to burst your bubble,
but I didn't see anyone

that didn't
skip the receiving line.

- She has to be here somewhere,
I'm sure of it.

- Fin, anything?

- Just a bunch of heartbreak.

- Liv, more of the same?

- Pretty much.
Nothing unusual here.

Hold on, a woman bolting
at your 2:00.

June, right?

- Let me go.

- I didn't see you
in the church.

- Yeah, well,
I need to go home.

- Why don't we go talk
someplace where it's warm?

Let's go back in.
- I don't wanna talk.

- Hold on.
- Please.

- Hold on!

- That's marnie's
piano teacher.

- Maybe a lot more.

- June frye, 37.

No police record,
never been in trouble,

never been married.

She teaches piano
out of a brownstone

that she inherited
from her parents.

- Right around the corner
from the church

marnie was found in front of.

- June told Olivia
that marnie's mother called

to cancel her piano lesson.

- And marnie's mom just
told me that that's a crock.

She said June called her
just after 2:00

to say that it was cancelled.

And that's not all.

June's phone records
show that she blew off

a whole bunch of other
students between 3:30 and 4:00.

- But if June
cancelled marnie's lesson,

why did marnie
turn up at June's house?

- Marnie's mom
called the school

and asked the secretary to
pass on the message.

The secretary forgot.

- So marnie thought
she had a lesson.

She shows up at June's,
and June kills her?

Why wait two years to act?

- Oh, she would've been
fighting her feelings.

And they could've been
beginning to overwhelm her,

which is why
she cancelled the lesson.

Then marnie
turns up unexpectedly

and pushes her over the edge.

- Well, if that's the case,

then June's brownstone
is our crime scene.

We need a search warrant.

- Well, guys,
why don't we just ask June

if we can
look around her house?

- First, she won't let us,

and secondly,
she'll destroy evidence

if she thinks we're onto her.

- But she knew that when
Olivia looked her in the eyes

this afternoon
outside the church.

[Piano plays] [Knock]

[Piano playing stops]

- What do you want now?

- We really
need your help, June.

- I can't.
Please don't come here again.

- Was that the etude no.3?

You make it sound so easy.

Whenever I play chopin,
I always manage to butcher it.

I'm Dr. Jackson.

I'm helping the detectives
on marnie's case.

- It's too painful to
talk about her.

- Even if it could help lead us

to the person
who took marnie from us?


It'll only take a few minutes.

It's a beautiful house, June.

I wonder, would it be
possible for us

to have a cup of tea?

- I'll put the water on.

- Can I use
the bathroom, please?

- Yes.
It's downstairs.

- Thank you.

Smooth talker.

- Does that mean we can search?

- Anything we see
without opening

a drawer or door is fair game.

- I'll keep my eye on June.

- "October, 1979."


It's like time stopped
in this house 30 years ago.

- Something happened here

which brought June's life
to a screeching halt.

Elliot, what's this?

- Don't touch that.

It's fake.

Looks like the hair on the doll
that marnie was holding.

- She's coming.

- Downstairs.

Same kind of pillows that
were tucked under marnie's head.

- [Sniffs] You smell that?

That's bleach.

- June's been trying
to clean up down here.

- Well, this trash can's empty.

- Because she already
took out the garbage.

[Playing moonlight sonata]

- You play beautifully.

- What are we looking for?

- [Mumbles] I don't know.


- Are you sure that's June's?

- It's the same luggage set

as the duffle bag
marnie was found in.

This must be what June
used on marnie.

[Music stops abruptly]

Benson on walkie:
Manhattan svu to central,

rush a bus to
451 Hamilton terrace

for cardiac arrest.

- 10-4, Manhattan svu.
Bus is on its way.

- What happened?

- She was playing,
and she just collapsed.

- She's not breathing.


Come on, girl.

- It's empty.

- Zolpidem.
It's what she fed marnie.

She say anything?

- "Tell marnie's parents
I'm sorry."

- Where am I?
- Mercy hospital.

Dr. Jackson
saved your life.

- It's not worth saving.

- You know, you'd feel better

if you told us why
you tried to kill yourself.

- June, we found the suitcase
that you threw out.

It matches the duffle
that marnie was found in.

- There was
a wooden spoon inside.

- No, please.
Please, please, please, stop.

- The sleeping pills that
you tried to kill yourself with

are the same ones
in marnie's stomach.

And we found hair in
your living room

that matches the doll
that was left with her.

- [Whispers] Leave me alone.
- June...

I know you love marnie.

But give her parents some peace

and tell us why
you said you're sorry.

- I will die...

Before I talk about marnie.

- The lab swabbed
the suitcase and the spoon

and came back with zip.

The bleach June used
destroyed any DNA.

- Do we have any evidence?

- Csu dusted her house
for marnie's prints,

and found them upstairs.

- Along with dozens
of other kids

who took piano lessons.
- It has to be June.

That suitcase
is from the same set

as the duffle
we found marnie in.

- The fake hair doesn't prove

that the doll belonged to June.

And without the DNA,
the wooden spoon is useless.

- Face it,
if June doesn't suddenly

decide to give it up,
we're screwed.

- She's got a secret,

we just gotta figure out
how to unlock the door.

- Me?

- You're
the sweet-talker here.

It worked once,
why not give it another shot?

- I told you
I wasn't gonna say anything.

- I'm certainly
not going to force you to.

- You should've let me die.

- So you'd see no more sunsets,

or play no more of
that music you love so much?

- There's nothing
for us to talk about.

- Except why you tried
to end your life.

- You're a what?

- Psychiatrist.
Same difference.

Just a few more days of school.

- Oh.

So you know why people
try to kill themselves.

- Yeah, 'cause they
have more pain inside them

than they can bear.

And they think
that throwing in the towel

is easier than facing
the cause of that pain.

- I don't deserve to live.

- Why do you think that?

When did you start playing
the piano?

- I was five.
My mother taught me.

She said music was
the one place in her life

where she could find...

- Perfection.

You were an only child?
- Yes.

- She must've treasured you.

- She used to read me stories.

- What sort of stories?

- Fairy tales.

She called me
her little princess.

- Princesses lead such
perfect lives, don't they?

Did your mother give you this?

- No.

My father gave it to me.

- Tell me about your father.

- I don't...
I don't wanna talk about him.

Do you remember
when he gave it to you?

Do you remember how it felt

when you held her in your arms?

- You stop.

You stop torturing me.

You don't know anything
about how I feel.

Maybe I should
ask for a lawyer.

- But we're talking.
Why do you need a lawyer?


- What was that?

Is there someone watching us?

- Just give me a moment.

Why the hell did you do that?
I was just getting somewhere.

- You cannot tell her
that she doesn't need a lawyer.

- Well, what difference
does that make?

- It's the difference
between giving us a confession

that we can use in court
and one we can't.

- But I'm a psychiatrist,
not a cop.

- No, you are an agent
of the police.

And anything that she says
after you tell her

"you don't need a lawyer,"
is illegally obtained.

- Can she change her mind?


- Yes.

- Okay.

I've enjoyed
talking with you, June,

but I'm afraid
we've got to stop.

- Then I have to talk to them.

- Yes.

- No.

Why do you have to go?

- Because you asked me
about a lawyer.

But I wish you all the best.

- If... if I say that

I don't need a lawyer,
can you stay?

- Yes.

- Okay.
I don't need a lawyer.

I don't want them watching me.

- Then come and sit over here.

If you sit here, they
won't be able to see you.

You know, you said that

I don't know anything
about how you feel.

Well, you're wrong.
I do know.

I know about
pain within families.

When she was 16,

my daughter
stopped speaking to me.

For 20 years...

She hated me.

My little Ann.

She was about your age.

- What happened to her?

- She was attacked

by somebody who worked with me.

And she died.

- Oh, my God.

Why did she hate you so much?

- Well, when she was younger,

I was addicted
to sex and alcohol.

- Did you do
something bad to her?

- As it turned out, no.


For 20 years, I thought I had.


No one should have
to live with shame like that.

So I do understand
how you feel.

- One night
when I was seven, my...

My dad came
into my room at bedtime.

He told me how special I was.


I was the most
important thing in his life.

And he wanted
to give me a present.

He gave me the...
this doll, and...

He said that she
reminded him of me

because I was
his perfect little doll.

And then...

- He got into bed with you.

- Um...


It's my fault.
'Cause I knew.

I knew it was wrong.

But he said that we couldn't...

we couldn't tell anyone,

no one would understand.

- You just wanted to
show your father you loved him.

You thought that if you
could be the perfect little girl

that he'd stop hurting you.

Like marnie.

The little girl
you wished you were.

That's why you had
to give her the doll

to keep her safe.

- [Sniffs] This wasn't
supposed to happen.

It wasn't.


Why did...
Why did you come to my house?

I told your mother
not to send you,

that you shouldn't come.

You... you would be fine

if you hadn't come to my house.

[Breathing, crying]

I asked her if
she wanted a glass of milk

before we started.
I put the pills in the milk.


I- I-I gave it to her
when we sat down at the piano

and...She started
to drift off.

And then...

- And then you took
the wooden spoon.

- She cried.

And said that she was
gonna tell her mother.

And that's when I knew.

I knew that I couldn't
let her wake up.

- So you made her comfortable.

- I got the pillow,
and I got the sheets,

and I... I wrapped her up,
and she was cozy, and...

I put the doll in there

so that she wouldn't
be alone, and...

- And then you left her
where God would find her.

- [Whimpering] I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.
Marnie, I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

[Sobbing] So sorry.

I called ada and told her
you got the confession.

She said to get June into the
system as quick as we can.

- So what now?

- She'll be booked, arraigned,
and sent to jail.

- Jail?

She's still likely
to try and kill herself.

- We'll put her on
suicide watch.

You did a good job
in there, by the way.

- Wanna stay
here permanent, doc?

We could use a guy like you.

- [Crying] Dear lord...

Please hear me when
I ask you to forgive me

for what I have done.

My mistakes, my selfishness.

Please hear me when I ask you

to comfort
marnie's precious soul,

and the souls of those

that needed my comfort

and protection
that I couldn't give them.


- "All of those that
needed comfort and protection?"

- Talking about marnie's murder

may have triggered her memory.

- She's confessing
to more victims?

- How many lives has
she ruined?

- Let's interview
her other students.

Mm, neighbors, too.

- I only take piano
because my parents make me.

I'd rather learn guitar,

but Ms. frye's
always nice to me.

- I love Ms. frye.

She says I'm
the best student she has.

- Hurt me?
No way.

Ms. frye is great.

- June tried
to teach me to play,

but I was never any good.

So after a while I just quit

to hang out with my friends.

- She ever make
you feel uncomfortable?

- Only the other night,

like, when
she totally blew me off.

- Which night?
- It was Monday.

My mom called, and
she said I had to get home

'cause that girl got kidnapped
a couple blocks over.

- Right.
- So, like, I'm coming down

the sidewalk, and there's June.

And she's arguing
with some old lady.

And I said "hi,"
and she totally ignored me.

- Old lady?
- Yeah.

She was,
like, my grandma's age.

She had a cane, too.

So, like, she goes
limping up the stoop with June,

and I'm, like,
"whatever, later."

- It was June's mother.

- June said her parents
died when she was 17.

- The father did,
the mother remarried.

Elaine frye Cavanaugh
is alive and in Brooklyn.

- Well, well, well...
How'd you get that?

- I ran her name
through the system,

thinking that I would find
an aunt or an older cousin

with a limp.
Up popped mom herself.

- Legal clerk
for over 30 years.

And there you go,
went on disability in '04,

when she slipped and
broke her leg in borough hall.

- But why would June say
her mother's dead?

- Well, you're the shrink,

I figured you'd knock
that one out of the park.

- 'Cause she wanted
her mother dead...

- For not protecting her
from her father's abuse.

- For abusing her herself?

- You think that Elaine
molested June?

- Some girls
abused by their mothers

do say their fathers did it,

because they can't face
the reality.

- And because
no one can believe

that a mother could
abuse her own daughter.

- You know, I'm beginning
to think we got this backwards.

June did not call mom over

to help dispose of the body.

How about mom was already there
when marnie came over?

- June's mother killed marnie.

- I don't understand.

Since when is it a sin
for a mother

to visit her daughter's house?

- Well, it's
a sin for June to lie

and tell everybody that
you're dead.

- [Chuckles]
June says I'm dead?

- Why is that funny?
- It's typical.

Silly June, head in the clouds.

Roger let her get away
with it for years.

- Your first husband?
- Yes.

I tried to instill
discipline in June.

Do well in school,
practice your piano.

And Roger would
come right along behind me

and spoil her with
candy and sleepovers.

That's why I divorced him.

- Yeah, well, it's
a tough world out there,

you can't screw around.

- Clearly you have children.

- I've got five.

- Then you know perfection
isn't easily attained.

- And your current husband?

Did he demand perfection
from June, too?

- Grant?

He's not current.
He died last year.

And was just as weak
and useless as Roger.

- So you had
to be the disciplinarian.

- I was always fair.
But firm.

- But when your kids act up,
nothing fixes them faster

than the handle of
a spoon, huh?

- You'll have to
tell me what that means.

- Put it this way.

You weren't teaching June
how to bake cookies.

- Or marnie foster,
for that matter.

- The girl?
The one who died?

- Don't pretend
you don't know who she is.

- What are you accusing me of?

- Why'd you go
to June's house on Monday?

Because it doesn't really sound

like she loved mommy
all that much.

- Don't presume to know
how my daughter feels about me.

- Now what's presumptuous
is after the horror

that you put her through

that you made her
clean up your mess.

- I do not make messes.

- What happened with marnie?

Did you give her
the spoon treatment

the way you did June?

- Get out, both of you.

- You drug her, sodomize,
and smother her?

- Get out!

I'm calling my lawyer.

- And then you abused June
one more time

by making her
dump the girl's body

in front of the church.

- What's going on?
- [Sighs]


Tell them where I was Monday.

Tell them how I got there.

- M-m-mom had
a bridge tournament

u- u-up in Stanford.

I drove her up
and dropped her off.

- You have two daughters?

- One by Roger, one by grant.

Is that a crime?

- What do you people want?

[Crying] I didn't do anything.

- Nobody said you did.

- Katie, shut your mouth.

- No, Katie, keep talking.

- You don't need to be here.

Don't you understand,
I didn't do anything!

- Katie!

- No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

- Katie?

- [Muffled sobs]

- Katie?

Come on out, honey.

Come on.

- [Crying]

- Why are you
running away from us?

- I didn't do anything.

- Katie...
Is this your bedroom?

- Yes.

- Leave my little girl alone.

Get out of my bedroom.

- Your bedroom?

She just said it was hers.

- Oh, my God.

- Why did you come?

I told you everything.

- Except the truth.

- You don't
belong in here, June.

You never did.

- Guard!

- Take me back!

- The only place
you're going is home.

- No, I did
a terrible thing there.

- We know.
You put marnie in the duffle.

But you didn't kill her.

- What you did,
you did out of love.

To repay some debt you
never owed in the first place.

- June?

Why did you tell them?

- I didn't.
I didn't.

I didn't, Katie.
I promise.

- It's okay, June.
- No, it's not okay.

I'm so sorry!

Mommy wasn't hurting me
anymore, and I...

I left you.

I left you alone with her,

and I should've stayed
to protect you.

- June, you cannot
blame yourself.

You were a victim.

Your mother did
terrible things to you.

- Come on.

None of this is your fault.

June, listen to me.

None of this is your fault.

Is it, Katie?

- I told June that
I was gonna go to her house

and she said that
she would be out for a while,

and that I should
let myself in with my key.


And she said
that she had cancelled

her first piano lesson.

But when I got there,
the little student

was...On the porch.

- Marnie?
Marnie foster?

- Yes.

I'd seen her before
having her lessons, and...

We went inside.
And she was so cute.

So innocent and sweet.

And I don't know why,

but suddenly...

I asked her if I could
take her clothes off.

And, um...

She said "no,"
and she tried to leave.

And, um...

That's when got real mad.

But I didn't want her
to feel bad,

so I went into the kitchen,

and I got some of...

The pills,
the ones that June uses

to go to sleep with.

- And what else did
you get from the kitchen?

- The spoon.
- The wooden spoon?

- Like the one
that my mom uses.

And then June came home,

and she saw what I had done.

- Please...

I don't wanna listen anymore.

- June, you're gonna
have to testify

against your half-sister
about the abuse she endured.

And also about your own abuse.

- Will it keep her
from going to prison?

- Katie will be sent
to a psychiatric facility.

- We'll do everything
we can to help her.

But she'll never be free again.

- What about my mother?

- There was only one bed
in the apartment

that Katie shared with her,

so your mother
will be going to jail

for the ongoing abuse.

- June?


I still love you.

You'll always be my sister.

- [Whispers] Katie.

- Can you sit down
and talk with me some more?

Can you do that?

- [Sobbing]
- Okay, come on.

- I let my whole family
be destroyed.

How can I forgive myself?

- You can start...

By letting me help you try.