Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 12, Episode 2 - Bullseye - full transcript

Benson and Stabler reluctantly get help from a neighborhood vigilante group leader to help find out which registered sex offender may have raped two young girls.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous,

In new york city,
the dedicated detectives

Who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the special victims unit.

These are their stories.

- Hey!

- Sorry, tori.
Didn't see you there.

- Third time this week.

- You don't wanna
be a bitch to me.

Let me go, dennis.

We have a customer.
- Seriously.

Play nice, 'cause me
and the boss are tight.

- What's he gonna say

When I tell him
you let the customers

Eat the merchandise?

- Hey! Put that back!

I'm talking to you, kid.

In here, you pay first,
and then eat!

- Female, looks
around 10 years old.

Severe vaginal trauma.

Hematomas on both wrists,

Probably from
being pinned down.

- You run a rape kit?
- Not yet.

We just got
the bleeding stopped.

But you need to know
she is dehydrated,


And limited arm rotation
makes me think

She has got
a badly-healed break.

- Some animal
kept her caged up.

- Well, good luck
finding out who.

Poor thing
won't say a word.

hey there.

What's your name?

I'm olivia.

This is elliot.

We're police officers.

I was hoping
that you could tell us

What happened before
you went into that store.

Might make you
feel better.

- Did somebody tell you
not to talk to us?

Like, maybe something
bad would happen?

Which is not true.

- Bet you have
a real pretty name.

Will you tell us what it is,
so we can find your parents?

I'm sure they're
worried sick about you.

- Dr. Beresford asked me
to start the kit.

- Hey, hey, hey.
Sweetie, what's the matter?

What's wrong?

- He...

He took pictures of me.

- So your little victim
wouldn't say anything?

- Liv poured on the charm.

Wouldn't even
give us her name.

- She only said
that this sick prick

Took pictures of her
while he raped her.

- And then scared her
into silence.

- The rape kit
had nothing to say, either.

No fluids, no fibers,

And no matches
to any little girls

And miing persons.

- What kind of parent

Doesn't report
their kid missing all night?

- One who keeps 'em
locked up in the home.

I think the dad's the doer.

First thing's first.
Let's I.D. The girl.

- Well, we can't
go to the media.

Perp knows we're on to him,
he's gonna head to the hills.

- Well, a bleeding girl
couldn't have gotten very far

Witht attracting attenon.

She's got to live
somewhere near that market.

- Well, maybe census data

Can give us a leg up on it.

- Female.


Non-hispanic caucasian.

- Okay, so there's one

In every one of those

- You better grab munch and fin
and hit bricks.

- She doesn't live
in this building.

- I wish she did, though.
- My sister would have a girl to play with.

No. I've never seen her.
This is our daughter.

Bob is upstate,
dropping her off at camp.

And I'm stuck home
with kimbo.

- You know, they
eat those things in peru.

- No, she's not a member
of our kids club.

- Have you ever seen her
in the neighborhood?

- Not that I recall.

Did something bad
happen to her?

- She was sexually assaulted
last night,

We believe somewhere
near here.

- Ah, jeez.

I wish I can help you.

Hey, gina.
You ever see this girl?

- Yeah, lots of times.

- How 'bout last night
on the street?

- No, in the doorway.

Every time I deliver
a pie to her folks.

She never says anything.
Just stares at me.

- We need the address.

- 230 east 28th,
apartment 4b.

- And you're sure
this girl lives there?

- Yeah, a boy too.

I've heard his voice.

- Nypd, open up!

- I can hear the tv.

- Let's go!
Let's go!

We know you're home.
Come on.

- Daddy, no!

Help me, mommy!

- Mr. And mrs. Samonsky,
show yourselves!

- I'll go get him.
- You got him last time.

I'll go get him.
I'm almost there.

- Don't fall.
Don't let him fall.

- Don't let him fall.
Don't let him fall.

- I know
what I'm doing, jeff.

Jeff, watch out.
On your left.

- I see it.
Go for caleb.

I'll kick your ass,
you nasty, scaly creep.

I got him.
Watch this.

- Hang on, caleb!
Mommy's coming!

- Hurry.
Caleb's hands are slipping.

- Hey! Get up!

- Ahh, uhh!

- All right, shut it off!
Get up!

- Go on the left.
- I know!

I got it!
I'm trying.

Hang on, caleb!
- Janus coin.

Get the janus coin!
- Shut up! I got it!

- Whoa! Whoa!

Where the hell'd
you come from?

- The real world.
Join us.

- Hell, no!
Plug us back in.

- Get up!
- Hey, this is level 20, okay?

This is the kingdom
of galagor!

- And our boy needs us!

- Right?
The way you treat kids,

He's better off
in his own world.

- Mommy!

Don't let me die!

- All right, can you
let me out of here, please?

I gotta get back.

- Game's really got you
by the balls, huh?

- No, no, no.
Look, I am not an addict.

- You're sweating,
and you stink

Like you haven't
bathed in a month.

You're a junkie, jeff.
- No.

I can quit any time I want,
all right?

Amber's the one
who's got the problem.

Amber's the problem.

- Me and jeff
met online last year.

An xbox tournament
hosted out of south korea.

He had the cutest avatar.

Turned out he only lived
three blocks away.

- Well...Fate works
in mysterious ways.

- We started playing
24/7 back in may

After I got my settlement
from the city.

- For what?

- Amber got hit by a bus.

We were on our way
to best buy

To get in line for the release
of the new everearth.

Oh, man.

The sound her head made

When it bounced
off the sidewalk.

- If only you felt that kind of
pain for your child.

- Oh, no, caleb's
gonna be okay.

He's got extra lives.

- I'm talking about
your real child, jeff!

Your daughter?

- What, her?

- Yeah.

- No, see,
rose ain't my kid.

Okay, she calls me
dad sometimes,

But-but some other dude
knocked up amber.

That's-that's not mine.

- So you're just stepdad keep
her locked under the stairs.

throw her a pizza crust
every now again?

And then, when you get bored
of your little game,

You go in there
and rape her?

- What?

- She hadn't
broken free last night,

She'd be dead soon.

- Wha...

Rose escaped?

She ran away?

Are you saying
somebody raped her?

- No, not somebody, jeff.

You raped the little girl
that calls you daddy!

- Okay, wait a second.
Pause the game.

I haven't had sex with anybody
for, like, six months.

Six months, at least.

And I already told you,

That girl's...

- Not my daughter.

- Now, you just said that you
have a daughter named rose.

- I. Somewher

- That's not her?

- It looks like her.

And this girl's been
living in our apartment.

But she's an impostor.

- An impostor?

- She says she's my rose.

Tells me stories about
the things we used to do

Before I met jeff.

She even calls me mommy.

- That's because
this girl is your daughter.

- Stop calling her that.

This is not my rose!

- Miss samonsky appears
to be suffering

From capgras delusion.

- Never heard of it.

- It's a rare mental disorder.

Patients suddenly believe
that their loved ones

Have been replaced
by duplicates.

Remember the movie
invasion of the body snatchers?

- Amber thinks rose
is a pod person?

- Except that there was no pod.

Just an acute brain injury

That severed
her emotional responses

To her child.

- Must have happened after
she got hit by the bus.

- Amber can see that the girl
looks and talks

Exactly like rose.

But her ability to feel
any love for her is gone.

And that delusion
could easily fuel

Her indifference to
the stepfather's predation

And neglect.

- So...

Any pathologies with jeff?

- Other than extreme
internet addiction...

No, he's just a jerk.

- Well, we need mom
to flip on jeff.

- Capgras delusion
involves a visual disconnect

In brain circuitry.

When amber sees rose,

She doesn't believe
it's her real daughter.

- But if she
only hears rose...

- Can I go now?
Caleb really needs me.

- Not just yet.

I want you to talk
to someone first.

- Who?

- Mom?

- Rose?

Is that you?

it's me.

It's really me!

- That's my daughter!

Let me see her!
- No, no, no.

No, shh, shh.
- Mom...

- Shh.

- Tell them what
jeff did to me.

how he hurt me.

- Oh, baby.

I'm sorry.

Where did you go?

I went looking for you.

he put me in that room.

No one gave me
any food.

- Sweetheart.

I didn't know.

Jeff said you were fine.

Some other girl
came to stay.

- why did you
stop loving me?

- No, baby.

I love you
with all my heart.

- I love you too!

- No, no, no, no.
- Ohh!

- You're not rose!

- Yes, I am!

you tricked me!

You little bitch!

She's not my daughter!
Go away!

You're not my daughter!

- What's gonna happen
to my mom?

- Rose, your mom
is very sick.

And she let your stepdad do...
Bad things to you.

But he won't lock you up

And he'll never, ever

Make you bleed again
like he did.

- That wasn't him.

- Your stepdad...

Isn't the one who
attacked you last night?

- No...

The other man hurt me.

Down there.

- After you ran away
from the apartment.

- I was hungry, so I went
to get something to eat.

And that's when
the other man grabbed me.

- Do you remember
what he looked like?

- He had something
over his face.

But his voice was mean.

- Honey, where did his happen?

Do you remember
where it happened?

- The jungle gym
at laffy time.

- Laffy time kids club,

A magical land of fun, games,

And sexual assault.

- I was there sterday.

I showed rose's picture
to the owner.

Nice lady.

Dozens of kids
on the playground.

- Well, there goes
our crime scene.

- Did the nice lady
happen to mention

She has a perv
on the payroll?

Found this
on the reader's section.

Came up a few hours ago.

- "don't go to laffy time.

A guy there touches kids."

- Excuse me, mrs. Linderbee?

- Hello again.

Any luck identifying
that poor girl who was attacked?

- We got her name.
Now we need another one.

From you.

- What men work here
at laffy time?

- We have no male employees.

I find it works out best

To only have women
around the kids.

- Excuse me.
Excuse me!

- Then who's that?

A volunteer pervert?

- That's stuart.
Hey! Hey!

Hey. Hey.
- Aah! Aah!

- Hey, hey, hey.

Don't hurt stuart.

Hey, hey.


He's my son.

- Are you gonna
take me to jail?

- Well, stuart, that depends

On where you were
two nights ago.

- Two nights ago...

Was Tuesday night.

I went to church!

I like church,
'cause god loves me.

- So other people
saw you there?

- Yeah, lots of people.

Uh, mom was there too.

But you won't believe me.

- And why is that, stuart?

- 'cause I'm a registered
sex offender.

- Is that true?

- Yes, technically,


It's a mistake.

- So is him
being anywhere near kids.

That's a felony.

- Ma pays me
to fix things,

But she says I gotta
stay out of sight

So I don't get in trble.

- Stuart, hush.

My boy is different.

It's called noonan syndrome.

- I'm not as smart
as other people.

- When was he put
on the offender registry?

- Two summers ago.

Stuart's a bat boy for
a central park softball league.

Restroom was out of order,
so he peed in the bushes.

- Some people saw my wee-wee.

- A man said stuart
flashed his kids.

The judge took
one look at him...

- And suddenly your son's
a child molester.

- He was railroaded.

He's bames.

Kids adore stuart.

It's the adults
that get freaked out.

- One of those adults wrote
a pretty nasty comment

On your website.

- I tried to delete them.

It has to be the same people

Who stapled these
up around the neighborhood.

- "I touch kids
at laffy time."

- It's from something
called coap.

- It's pronounced "cope."

Citizens organized
against predators.

- We know one of these
concerned citizens.

- Kick!





- Erik.

- Hi.

Oh, danielle.

Okay, kids.
Keep going.

- All right, guys, kick!

- Hey, olivia.

What a pleasure.

- I see you're
fighting the good fight.

- Oh, coap asked me
if I'd give lessons.

Keep the kids safe.

- Yeah, was that
the thinking behind this?

- Are you saying
we did something wrong?

You know, I the community
has a right to know

When-if there's a sex offender
in their midst.

- Putting up wanted signs
may have not been

The best way to go about it.

- Hey, it's public

Easily found on the web,
you know?

Just-just like
this app, you know?

Which you can use to identify
creeps all around us.

- "perv pointer."

- One of the coap's founders
designed it.

It's from
the official database.

That's how we found
the information on stuart.

- Without knowing
his real story.

- Are you defending this guy?

- Nah, I'm not
defending anyone.

But all offenders
aren't alike.

There are different levels
on the registry.

- Some may be on there
by mistake.

- Yeah, well, most aren't.

You really think the police
can keep an eye on all of them?

- You really think you're
the person to pick up the slack?

- Okay, so the flyer was
a little bit over the top.

But I live here.

I can keep tabs on them
better than you can.

You know,
as a matter of fact...

I can dig deeper
than the police are allowed to.

- Well, let's not turn coap
into a lynch mob.

- Wanna help us, legally?

Show this around
after class.

- Oh, my god, the-
that girl was attacked?

- Just ask anyone
if they saw her on the street

Tuesday night with a man.

- And if they did,
don't lift a finger,

Except to call us.

- Hey, I'm gonna need
your cell number as well.

- Yeah,
precinct number'll do.

- Hey, I'm still available
for that coffee.

- Gosh, I thought
he'd never ask.

- The girl was attacked here
two days ago.

We're wasting our time.

- Hold on.
I got drips of something here.

- It looks white and sticky.

- Hey, you!
Bring your kit.

- Hey, you guys
need some help?

- What are you
doing here, kid?

You're not supposed
to be here.

- I'm here watching you.

What are you looking for?
- None of your business.

- It's a crime scene.

You need to be
behind that yellow tape.

- Wait, I don't-
I don't feel so good.

- Ohh.
- All right, come on.

Let me get you out of here.

- All right.
Thanks anyway, fin.

- Find anything
at the playground?

- Only enough spit,
snot, and barf

To keep csu
running dna for a year.

- So no crime scene
and nothing off our canvas.

Boy, we're screwed.
- Detectives!

Tess chang, channel three.

What can you tell us about
a rapist stalking young girls-

- We don't comment
on an ongoing investigation.

- So you're denying
this nine-year-old

Was raped two nights ago?

- Where did you get that?
- I never reveal my sources.

- I know where.

- You can't show
a victim's face.

- Detective,
let me remind you,

We're live
on the air right now.

- Good, then I just kept you

From violating
a victim's privacy.

- And you just violated
freedom of the press!

- I'm gonna kill erik.

- Told the guy to keep it
on the d.L.

He goes right to the leeches.

- That's quite a performance,
you two.

- Wait a minute, captain.
We were provoked.

- Just turn around
and get your asses

Back down that elevator.

- I'm not apologizing
to anyone.

- I'm not asking you to.

Another little girl was raped.

- Please, my daughter needs me.

- Just, look, give my partner
a minute with her.

- Tell me what you know.
Tell me what you know.

- Uh, maddy has swim class.
Down at the y.

Then she walks to the corner
where I pick her up.

Why didn't I
get here on time?

- And when you arrived,
did you see any men in the area?

- No, she was just
sitting on the curb,

Bleeding and crying.

Oh, god, mandy.

- You sure that you
never saw his face?

Mandy, he can't hurt you.

No matter what he said,
he cannot hurt you.

- He...Had a mask.

And it was dark in there.

Except when he
took my picture.

- And he pulled you
right behind this fence?

- I tried to make him stop.

- Of course you did,
'cause you're a very brave girl.

- Mandy!

Oh, baby, I'm right here.

- Uh, mandy, I still have
a few more questions for you.

And then you need
to go see a doctor,

And your mom
can ride with you, okay?

So tell me about the mask.
What color was the mask?

- We're called citizens
organized against predators.

- This is, uh, check us out.
Check our website.

You go-hey.

What is your problem?
- You.

Giving out rose's picture
to channel 3 news.

- No, I only gave it
to other coap members.

- Well, then one of them
gave it to a reporter.

Now, you really are
an amateur.

- Oh, and you pros
are doing so much better.

- Weber, back off.

- To where, huh?

This neighborhood
is our home.

I mean, you, your kids,

You don't have
to walk these streets.

- They're being eyeballed
by pedophiles

Everywhere they turn.

- What are the cops
doing about this?

- Folks, the nypd is working
as fast as we can

To find this guy.

- Oh, really?
So who's your suspect, huh?

The serial fondler
two streets over?

- How 'bout the groper
living by the playground?

- Or what about the baby rapist
down the block?

Apartment 335.
You going after him?

- Don't shove things
in my face.

- Hey!

- Mandy's mom
has a question for you.


Listen to me.

I don't know how
you work with that guy.

- Well, you know what?
You don't need to.

You've got to let us
do our jobs.

- Yeah, I'm sorry,
you know, it...

I should have been more careful
with that girl's photo.

It's just-every time I hear
about a child being attacked,

I just get-
- you think about your sister.

- Grace, yeah.

- I understand that this
is personal for you.

It's personal to us too.

But sometimes
a personal connection,

It gets in the way,
it blurs your judgment.

- No.

No, I'm seeing clearly.

You know, like I said.

You know, I've found dirt
on the pervs around here.

I-I got stuff
you guys don't even know.

- Erik, that's enough.
All right?

Even if you don't trust
detective stabler,

Trust me.

We're gonna get this guy.

The right way.

- These are our offenders

In the ten blocks surrounding
the two crime scenes.

- Well, you better
get out there

And start corralling
these creeps.

- Captain, this is outrageous1

We all want
to see our clients!

- You will, counselor.

It's a little busy
in here at the moment.

- Can anyone verify that you
were out of town

Till this morning?

- Yeah, my in-laws.

In florida.

- I don't even know
where laffy time is.

- 30 feet from
your stoop, genius.

- Why the hell'd
you drag me in here?

- To talk about the two
little girls you raped.

- Raped?
You got the wrong guy.

- I didn't attack anyone!

- You mean today,

'cause your sheet shows you
molesting your cousin in '06

And feeling a neighbor girl
in '08.

- Look, man, that was
just a misunderstanding!

- Clear. Clear.

Clear. That's it.

Last alibi checks out.

- Now we just gotta have
this joint fumigated.

- Well, we'll settle
for a false confession

Just to mix things up.

- Well, sometimes
you shake the tree

And nothing falls out.

- Well, let's find more trees
to shake in the morning.

Go home.
All of you.

- You thinking
what I'm thinking?

- I hope not.

- Look, he said that he had
some kind of secret information.

- That's what I'm scared of.

Erik gives us
something good,

And then any case
we build on,

It gets thrown out
in court.

- Or it could be just enough

To stop another girl
from getting raped.

- And if somebody sees me
comparing notes

With a known vigilante?

Relax, you're having coffee with
a guy who thinks you're cute.

- I hope you're okay
with this, olivia.

I'm all out of coffee.

- After the day, I've had,
wine is even better.

- Well, I'm glad we finally
got to, uh...

- Erik, this is
purely professional.

So you're a graphic artist.

- Yep. Uh, corporate sites,
online design.

Heh, you know,
it's pretty boring

Compared to being
a cop, but, uh...

- That's how I got involved
with coap.

They wanted to hire me
to do their websites,

And I-I said
I'd do it for free.

- Well, they're lucky
they found you.

You're really good.

- Thanks.

- Oh, that's her,
isn't it?

Your sister.

- Yeah, I painted this
when I was 16.

Right after the attack.

- It's really beautiful.

- I wanted to show grace

How happy she was.

How she could
get back there.

But the rapist
took everything.

Three months later, my...

My mother found her
hanging in the closet.

- I'm so sorry.

- Yeah, I went to a pretty dark
place myself.

You know, I was
her big brother, I...

I should have protected her.

- You were a kid yourself.

- Not after she died.


I realized I could
make a difference.

Um, it's too late
for grace, but...

I want to show you

- Erik, we have to be
really careful.

- didn't you
come here for my help?

- I did,
but you're a civilian.

And by law, I can't
direct you to do anything,

Especially if it's illegal.

- Don't worry about it.

I did this on my own,
months ago.

- Did what?

- Okay.

Child molesters
are all about secrecy.

Right? They must
always be worried

About computer security.

Which chat rooms they visit

Or how they trade
their kiddy porn.


I came up with...

A bunch of these.

- "need 100% security?
I've got the answer.

Drive annihilator."

- Yeah, I went all around
the neighborhood

And I put these
on the doorknobs

Of everyone listed
on perv pointer.

- And fish started bitin'?

- Like crazy.

I mean, I must have downloaded
drive annihilator

On 50, 60 computers
in the five boroughs,

And I did it
all over the internet.

And I-I never went
into anyone's apartment.

- Only your security system
wasn't 100% secure.

- It installed a trojan virus

Which attacks
the hard drive,

Allowing-allowing me
to remotely view

Everything they download,

Everything they trade,

Everything period.

- And I can't see any of it

Because it was
collected illegally.

- Did you know that,
in 2007,

Cops in california
used evidence

Obtained by a hacker

Ofof thousands
of kiddy porn images

Like I found...

Here, on all these
perverts' hard drives.

- Oh, my god, erik.

- And each one has
hundreds of images.

- You're genius.

- Hit the mother lode, huh?

- Can you sort by gender?

- And by date.

Uh, female images only,
past 48 hours.

- So many innocent victims.

- Hopefully not for long.

- Hold on.
Go back. Go back.


That's the first girl,
rose samonsky.

- That's, um...

That's coming from a computer
in the upper east side.

- The time stamp says

It was uploaded 90 minutes
after the attack.

- Isn't that the girl
from yesterday?

- Mandy lecompte.

We just found our rapist.

- Meetings all day.
I'll be home late, hmm?

- Mwah. Bye, hon.

- Bye-bye.

We love you.
- Love you!

- Edwin adelson...
You're under arrest.

You have the right
to remain silent.

- We're gonna take
your computers, ma'am.

Don't get in the way.

- Anything you say can
and will be used against you...

- Edwin!
- ...The right to an attorney.

- Louise!
- Edwin!

- Louise!

Why am I here?
- Well, let's see.

Why were you in
a connecticut police station

In 1997?

Ah, that's right.

Inappropriate sexual contact
with a ten-year-old girl.

- Kind of like why you were in
a maryland police station In 2002.

Hmm? Forcible fondling
of a nine-year-old.

- I admitted to those.

I went away.
- Not long enough.

Where were you
yesterday at 4:30?

- I always take
an afternoon break.

Read at a park
near my office.

- Kips bay?
- Yeah.

- Rose and mandy
were raped there.

- Who?

- Edwin...

Anybody see you in the park?

- Somebody must have.

- Yeah, and what
were you reading, lolita?

Get your juices flowing
before you attacked mandy?

- I don't know
who those girls are.

- Didn't ask 'em
their names, huh?

You just told 'em
to say cheese.

- These yours?

- I didn't take that.

- Well, explain to us

How we found those
on your home computer.

- You what?

- Yeah, and all the while
you're being a perv...

Your pretty, pregnant wife
is out there

Shopping for baby clothes.

- I don't even want to ask
if she's expecting a girl.

- Please, please,
I didn't do this,

And you have
to let me go.

Louise doesn't know
anything about my past.

- How's that? You're
in the offender registry.

You have to see
your parole officer.

- I kept it all secret.

- See-see,
we just met a year ago.

Kind of a whirlwind thing.

- Yeah. Well, guess
who crashed back to earth.

- Edwin-connecticut,
maryland, now new york.

Three strikes, you're out.

oh, god.

I want to see my lawyer
right now.

- Don't you just hate to see
a grown man cry?

- Highlight of my day.

- Detectives benson
or stabler?

- You got the both of us.

- Brenda fairchild,
adelson family counsel.

I'd like to see edwin.

- Too late.
Due at an arraignment.

- On what charge?

- Rape of a minor.
Two of 'em.

You're making a mistake.

Edwin adelson is a respected
tax consultant,

Church deacon-
a pillar of his community.

- You're forgetting
registered sex offender.

- You didn't know.

Well, I gotta
hand it to edwin.

He sure knows how
to keep his mouth shut.

- No! Uhh!

- Admit what you did,
you freak!

- Uhh! No!

Get this guy off of me!

- Officer, let him go!

- Get off me!

Get off me!
He raped those girls!

He raped
those girls!

Get off me!

help me. Help me.

Help me.

- This clown
really on the job?

- Al mccutcheon
from the one-eight.

- He lied his way past
the desk sergeant.

Said he was here
for a prison transfer.

- You make it a habit to beat up
guys in custody,

Officer mccutcheon?

- Look, I'm sorry, but...

My daughter's
in the same swim class

As the girl who got raped
two nights ago.

My carla's had her over
for sleepovers.

When I heard you guys finally
caught the son of a bitch...

- You decided to tune him up.

- I didn't decide anything.

I just...Saw red.

- Yeah, well,
the ass you just kicked

Is your own career.

- I know.

Should have never signed up
for those tweets.

- Tweets? From who?

- A watch group
in our neighborhood.

They send out info
about sexual predators.

Call 'em creep tweets.

- Creep tweets are an internet
communication, your honor.

One that triggered
a despicable act

Of vigilante violence
against my client.

And by a police officer,
no less.

- The man practically
broke my jaw.

- Assaulted in custody,
ms. West?

Doesn't exactly inspire

In your request for remand.

- An unexpected and regrettable
incident, your honor.

But captain cragen here
has assured me

It won't happen again.

- Captain cragen, could you
step forward, please?

I have a few questions
to ask you.

Captain, how many
police personnel

Do you have
in your precinct?

- Uh, approximately 100,
your honor.

- And yet, somehow,

One solitary man
got past all of you?

- Officer mccutcheon entered
under false pretenses,

With faked paperwork-

- A simple yes or no
will suffice.

- Yes.

- Your honor, captain cragen

Is not the person
being arraigned here today.

- Your honor,
with all due respect,

Please do not
release this man on bail.

He is a serious
flight risk.

- With a baby due in a month?

I would say that constitutes

A very significant tie

To the community.

- The community
needs to be protected

From edwin adelson.

- No! I need to be
protected from the police.

- And I can only agree,
mr. Adelson,

Because of the lapses that
occurred on your watch, captain.

Bail is granted at $50,000.

Mr. Adelson will
surrender his passport.

- Just a bit of paperwork,

And your wife will be
picking you up

Before you know it.

- Oh, god, no.

Louise can't know
anything about this,

Or anybody else.

- Coap is here so that
edwin adelson knows

We are watching
his every move.

We care about
the safety of children.

Which is why none of us
can believe

A child rapist
like adelson

Is allowed out on bail!

- Ask your computer expert,
erik weber.

Mr. Adelson
was recently assaulted

After coap's creep tweets
riled up the mob.

There's your quote,
ms. Chang.

- Go home, erik.

We will make sure
that all eyes-

- There he is.
Mr. Adelson!

Mr. Adelson!

Anything to say
about the charges against you?

- Louise!

- How long have you known
your client

Was a convicted pedophile?

- Ms. Fairchild,
what charges are being filed

Against the police officer
that attacked your client?



- Everybody back!
- Back!

- Oh, my god.

- But in a shocking
turn of events,

Registered sex offender
edwin adelson

Ended his own life

Rather than face
new allegations against him.

- I still can't believe it.

- Look at the bright side.

If coap keeps the pressure
up on these guys,

It'll save the state a hell
of a lot of money on trials.

- Is it true?

The man's really...Dead?

- Uh...

Yes, mandy.
It is.

He felt so guilty
about what he did

That he took
his own life.

Can I ask you ladies
to come with me

To the interview room?

- Detective stabler!

- No time, weber.

- Not even
to receive evidence?

Um, this hard drive
contains all the stuff

I've gathered from my...
Little investigation.

I don't know how much
of this stuff you can use,

But...I thought the real cops
should have it.

- Thanks.
- Safe horizon?

- Yeah, the city
provides victims

and support services.

Anything that
your daughter needs,

And it's all for free.

- I never knew that.

You know, there might be
something else that could help.

Hey, mandy.

How would you
like to learn karate?

- Cool.

- Hey, erik.
Come here for a sec?

Okay, erik weber,
meet mandy and June.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Erik, you could teach mandy
how to defend herself, right?

After all, she's
a world-class swimmer.

- Always happy
to have another student.

Come by any time.

My studio's in kips bay.

Mom, you can join too.

Karate's for everyone.

- That sounds great.

Doesn't it, honey?

- Yeah.

- Call you?

- Yeah.


You okay?

- Can we go home now?

- Of course we can, honey.

- Bye, detective.
- Bye.

Take care, mandy.


- What happened?

- Mandy just told us
who really raped her.

- Olivia.
What a surprise.

- What, I can't stop by
for a glass of wine?

I thought our first one
went so well.

- Um, sorry, heh.

You know, I'm all out.

Listen, olivia,
I've been thinking.

You know, as much fun
as we had the other night-

- You're not interested
in seeing me?

- It's not you.

I've just been so wound up

With all this neighborhood watch
business, it...

Just brought up so many
painful memories about grace.

- I bet.

Besides, I'm not really
your type, am I?

I'm a little old, no?

I don't understand.

- That's a lie, erik.

- Excuse me?

- Everything that you've said

From the moment that we met
is a lie.

- Okay...

Now I really don't know
what you're talking about.

- Well, there you go again.


And the biggest lie
of all of them

Is the one about
hating pedophiles.

- Okay, stop.

- Being hell-bent...

On wanting to root out

- Okay, don't call me that!

- I didn't.

That's weird
that you thought I did.

- Okay, look.

Just because I don't want
to date you-

- Tell the truth, erik.
Just once, tell the truth.

You never wanted to date me.

You just wanted to suss out
what the cops know.


- So you slithered up

And you whipped out
your little perv pointer...

And your drive annihilator

To make sure
that we were watching

The creep down the street...

The guy in the park.

You see, I think
that you moved

Into this neighborhood

On purpose...

Because it's the perfect cover
for raping little girls.

- Okay, you know what?

I really want you
out of here.

- Well, you're
the karate expert.

Make me.

Where you going, erik?

- You know,
I'm gonna call the police.

and tell them what?

That you fingered adelson
for a crime that you committed?

- He raped
those little girls!

- It sure looked like it,
didn't it?

He was a known offender.

He had no alibi

When he ducked out
in the park to read.

You hacked his computer

And you planted the images
of mandy and rose

To make it look
like he took 'em.

- He did it, olivia.

That's why he killed himself.

- Only after
you drove him to.

Like you almost drove
your sister grace to.

- Oh, now you really are
losing it.

Grace hung herself!

In 1982!

- Then how can I be
standing right here?


- She was easy enough to find.

Just right there
in the delaware phone book.

- But you needed her dead.

For your sob story-

So nobody would peek
under the mask.

- You raped me, erik.

You came into my room...

I was only nine.

- No.

- Then you tried
to convince me

It was just a mistake.

You swore that it
would never happen again.

- No.

- But you kept on rapin'.

How many, erik?

How many other girls' pictures
have you painted?

- I can't help it!

Don't you see, I'm sick!

I can't control myself.

- Weber, take it easy.

- You have no idea.

You have no idea
what it's like!

You know, I-
I tried so hard.

I tried so hard not
to look at little girls.

Not to hear their voices.

I fight against it...

I fight against it,

And every time,
every time it wins!

- Please, enough
with your sob story.

- Don't you judge me,
you bitch.

- Turn around.

- You make me sick.

Every time I stand near you,

I have to hold my breath.

- Well, looky here,
he can tell the truth.

- Uhh! Gah!

- Get back!

- Grace, no!

- Obbing