Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 11, Episode 7 - Users - full transcript

After a crime scene photo of a murdered teenage girl rapidly becomes an Internet phenomenon, the police initiate an investigation with the victim's father, Greg Dunne. When Greg points the detectives towards Martin Gold, his daughter's suspicious therapist, it turns out that Gold's alibi is airtight. While Fin and Munch are busy tracking down the girl's stolen credit card, Dr. Melinda Warner and Detective Elliot Stabler discover that one of Gold's other patients has broken into the morgue. The case takes an unexpected turn, revealing a sinister prescription for murder at the hands of unlikely suspects.

NARRATOR: In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses
are considered
especially heinous,

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives
who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad known
as the Special Victims Unit,

These are their stories,



Sorry, Mom. I'm busy.

Hit me up with a message,

Call me back, A.J. Now.

Hi, I've been
waiting for you.

Greg, our darling daughter
is not answering her cell.

Now she knows the rules.
Where the hell are you?







No pulse, no purse.

The John got a freebie
and her money.

She can't be
more than 16.

Just what the pervert

Scratchy here
is the desk clerk.

Name is Richard,
and I've got allergies.

Yeah, he says she paid cash.
Registered as A.J. Gold.

Scratchy found her
when the next door guest
heard somebody yelp.

Was she alone?

When she checked in.

But she said she'd be
expecting a visitor.

Who somehow got
past your eagle eye.

The homeless jam
open the back exits.

Now keeping track of people
coming and going
is not my responsibility.

But asking for lD is.

Look, she's turning tricks.
Anything she flashes
is going to be fake.

Why bother?
Because she's not legal.

Come on.
Kids today are old
before their time.

Yeah, well, this one's
staying young forever.

WARNER: COD is compression
of the trachea and larynx.

Perp left bruises
from his fingers
on her throat.

He also raped
and sodomized her.

And we're sure it's not
rough sex for pay?

I don't care if she could
tie a knot in a cherry stem
with her tongue.

She wasn't a prostitute.
There's no tattoos,
no hooker make-up.

STABLER: Everyone has
a first day on the job.

Hooker or not,
she fought
against her killer.

I found blood in her mouth.
Typing showed it wasn't hers.

She must have bitten him
while fighting for her life.

Jane Doe is getting
her 15 minutes
of fame postmortem.

One of the photos
from the crime scene
just went viral on the Net.

Who the hell
leaked that?

Nobody. It's not
one of ours.

How do you know?

Well, time of death
was somewhere
between 10:30 and 1 1:00 a.m.

Our police photo was
taken at least an hour
later at 1 1:58 a.m.

At noon
when the sun is bright.

MORALES: Check out
the windows.

The sunlight is at
a completely different angle.

The lnternet photo is dim,
but the police photo
is much brighter.

The lnternet photo
had to be taken
before we got there.

By a killer
who wants the Web
to see his handiwork.

Or to make money.

I mean, a lot of these
sites shell out big bucks
for the gory stuff.

Like the pictures
of the 16-year-old
who got killed

when she wrecked
her father's Ferrari.

Yeah, she was ejected
and landed in a tree.

The site got so many hits,
it crashed harder
than she did.


People trawling the Web
for blood and guts.
What a lovely world.

Yeah, but even
if he needed money,

it's a pretty risky move
for the killer
to post a photo.

Who else could have?

Hotel clerk
was counting food stamps
when I came in on him.

Rolled his own
smokes, too.

Scratchy needs to quit
his nasty habits.

RlCHARD: I swear.
A guest heard noises.

I went up with the passkey,
found the girl dead,
and called 911.

An hour later.

Well, because I was
stuck in the can.

I mean, seeing the body
did a number on my bowels.

Maybe raping and murdering
a kid gave you the runs.

You snap her picture
before or after your
little bathroom emergency?

You've got to believe me.
I never touched her.

Looks like she touched you.
She bite you when
you were strangling her?


Now you should
have seen a doctor.

Because there's nothing
dirtier than the human mouth.

(STUTTERlNG) It's not
a bite. I burned it
when I was cooking.

So, what you cooking,
Scratchy? Heroin?

So I use. Big deal.


Well, that's
a cute ring tone.

What do you got,
homeroom next?


All right.
She was already dead,
so I jacked her phone.

So you could take your
own crime scene photos

to sell online
to feed your habits?

Okay, okay.

But I didn't kill her.

El, someone's texting.

BENSON: It's from a Heather.


Text her back.

We're done.
Where are you?

I'm getting an answer.


A.J. said that she met
this totally ancient guy,

but he was really hot.

STABLER: How totally ancient?

Like, 40 maybe?

She never did it
with anyone over 21.

None of us have.

Well, that's encouraging.

So was A.J. always
so picky about her Johns?

She's a junior
with us at Riverwood.

She wasn't a hooker.

Then why did she spend
40 bucks for a room
on the Bowery?

She said that they were
hooking up at the Mercer.

Your friend was fooling around
with a stranger
three times her age.

Did either one of you
ever think about
telling her parents?

A.J.'s dad is the last person
I'd tell. He's a creep.

A creep like how?

A.J. said he molested her
when she was a kid.

Skip the trial.
Take that bastard
straight to the chair.

So you didn't know that
A.J. had accused her father
of molesting her.

No, I knew there was something
wrong between them,

but she didn't want
to talk to me about it.

So then right now,
they're just allegations.

That's why we need to
speak to your husband.

Do you know where he is?


He stormed out
after breakfast.

You fought.

He did with A.J.
He slapped her.

And he threatened
to kick her out.

Did he say why?

He called me this afternoon,
and he said he'd take care
of everything.


What did you do?

What I should have
done a long time ago.
Your daughter!

You're under arrest.

For what, bleeding?

No, for raping
and murdering your daughter.

I would never hurt A.J.

Says the man
with the blood on his shirt.
So, Greg, what happened?

Were you afraid A.J.
was gonna tell Mom

that Daddy was being
naughty with her?

I didn't kill my daughter!
I loved her!

You loved her? All right.
But her bedroom got boring,

so you took her
to that sleazy motel?
Is that it?

You don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

I don't? She bit you.
Your blood was in her mouth.

It wasn't me!

A.J. had a lot of troubles.

God only knows who
she hung out with.

She was out of control.

A.J. was being treated
for oppositional
defiance disorder.

Did you get her help?

We tried everything.

Behavior modification,
confrontational therapy.

We put her on medication.

But A.J. fought against it.

It wasn't getting better.

No, not until
we got her into ASP.

I'm sorry. What's ASP?

A Sheltered Place.
Martin Gold was a godsend.

Martin Gold is a lying prick.

Who's he?

A.J.'s so-called therapist.

We heard this guy
worked wonders
with troubled kids.

My wife fell for his act
hook, line, and sinker.

But you didn't.

Not after he convinced
my daughter

that she had
repressed memories
of me molesting her.

When did she
accuse you of that?

Last week.

She said she had to
conquer her fears.
TERRl: Conquer her fears,

The guiding
principle of ASP.

So A Sheltered Place
is a treatment center.

For adolescents
with substance abuse
or behavioral problems.

It's strictly by referral.

And Gold was helping A.J.

Yes, she was finally
listening to someone.

And then
a couple of days ago,

Greg says
we're stopping treatment.

It was totally
out of the blue.

Filled her head
full of lies.

And now, my baby's dead.

Just tell me where you were
between 10:30 and 11:00 a.m.

In jail.

I went to confront
the bastard for his lies.

He starts in with
his psychobabble.
I just went off on him.

That where you got the blood?

Yeah, the psycho
stabbed me with a pen.

Okay. When
were you locked up?

10:30. 10:45.

I finally get home...

...find out my daughter
has been murdered,

and now I'm arrested again.

You've known about this
repressed memory thing
for quite a while.

Why attack him today?

Because I thought
I could make A.J.
see the light.

And I found this
on my windshield
this morning.


You want to know
who killed my A.J.?

Start with him.

She's dead.

A.J. Dunne is dead,
but we are alive.

With heavy hearts, yes.
But alive with a purpose.

To honor the love
that A.J. showed us.

So let your tears fall,
my friends,
but keep your heads high.

Because that which
challenges us

only makes us stronger.

Why, Martin?
Why did A.J. have to die?



You ask a timeless question
of the cosmos
that no one can answer.

Why? Why A.J.?

All you can do is
speak your heart,
and you will grow strong.

No matter how terrible
the storm may seem now.

STABLER: Martin Gold.

I'm Detective Stabler.
My partner,
Detective Benson.

Are you ready to walk
through that storm?


I love you, Martin.

Love yourself, Tina.

All right, friends,
group's over for today.

ALL: We love you, Martin.
We love you, Martin.


I should have called
to save you the trip.

I'm dropping the charges
against Greg Dunne.

His daughter's death
is tragedy enough.

So you knew
we arrested him.

Greg Dunne is a lot
of things,
but he is not a killer.

By "a lot of things,"
you mean a child molester.

Where I come from,
you don't hit
a man when he's down.

Going down on his
daughter is okay?


Another smear.
STABLER: Well, you know,

that sure looks
like the same wall

where you were
fooling around with A.J.

That photo is a fake.

Every day, some jealous
competitor tries to destroy
what's going on here at ASP.

What exactly
is going on here?

I'm changing lives.

I'm reaching
kids through art,
through therapy,

through whatever it
takes to open hearts
and free minds.

BENSON: So the question
is, Mr. Gold,

where were you
yesterday morning
between 10:30 and 11:00?

Here until
a lunch meeting.

Anyone with you?

No, I was on my own.

There's digital security
cameras out the back
where I park.

They should have recorded
me leaving around noon.

You won't mind
if we take a look.

Actually, I do.

I constantly preach to my
kids about establishing
and maintaining boundaries.

What would they think
if I just let you
cross them?

I guess A.J. was lucky
to be seeing a therapist
with such high standards.

Hey, by the way.
Why do you think A.J.
checked into that motel

using your last name?

I have no idea.

So think about it
while we're getting
a search warrant.

Oh, and don't accidentally
erase the surveillance tapes.

STABLER: We flash a picture
of him with his hands all over
a 16-year-old murder victim.

The guy is as cool
as the other side
of a pillow.

Look, he's either innocent
or a complete sociopath.

Either way,
you should have seized
the surveillance tapes.

Without a warrant?
And have you bag
on us later?

All we saw
was the video monitor.

Plain view
doctrine didn't apply.

Neither does
the Fourth Amendment.

Security videos
are meant to be seen.

There's no reasonable
expectation of privacy.

All right.
Well, then we'll go
back and get them.

Well, now, you need a warrant.
Give me a couple of hours.

BENSON: 1 1:58 a.m.
Gold wasn't lying.

He left ASP
around 1 2:00 noon.

That means he couldn't
have killed A.J.

Doesn't mean
he's not guilty
of statutory rape.

And having
a cheesy website.

A virtual tour of
A Sheltered Place.

Annoying pictures
of squeaky-clean kids

and a lot of ass-kissing
from satisfied customers.



Did the Dunnes
have anything to say?

Oh, yeah. Just like
the rest of them.


These parents have
all drunk the Kool-Aid.

One of them even dropped
a million bucks on Gold.

This cat's got everybody
taken in
by his mission statement.


So when you have the impulse
to rape one of your patients,
why the hell fight it?

Sounds like
a crock to me.

Well, then,
why does Martin Gold

have a documented
success rate of 83%?

Anyone can cook
their books, Captain.

Well, tell that to
Paul Fordyce, the Deputy
Mayor for Legal Affairs.

He has a daughter
under Gold's care.

He called you?

He wanted to convey
his vote of confidence

that you all will handle
this investigation
with discretion.

So in other words,
tread lightly.

If at all.

Just be sure you're
right about this one.

Well, didn't take Gold long
to pound the drums, did it?

Helps to have people
in high places.

He might not
have to use them.

I took this photo
of him and A.J.

and put it under
the microscope.

It's photoshopped.

She was definitely pushed
up against the wall,

but pixel manipulation
indicates Gold's face
was transposed

against someone else's body.

BENSON: It could have
been the killer
who was with A.J.

So Dr. Feelgood was
telling the truth.

Well, there goes
nailing him for statutory.

Well, maybe you can get him
for violating his license.


I enhanced the time stamp.

Look, it was shot 10-21-09
at 2:49 a.m., a Wednesday.

The website says
A Sheltered Place

is only licensed
as a nonresidential facility.

Kids can't stay
there past 10:00 p.m.

So, what was A.J.
doing having a sleepover
with the Love Guru?

A.J. had been
in Gold's program
for six months,

but her behavior
really didn't improve.

Gold said it would help
to get her out
of the house for a while.

You didn't have
a problem with that?

Gold said he could
intensify her therapy

if they spent
more time together.

I didn't think
we had much choice.

Did you know that
ASP isn't licensed
for live-ins?

We were desperate.
A.J. was throwing tantrums
and screaming.

And Gold
was breaking the law.

The hell with the law.
She was our child.

We loved her.

Do you have
a daughter?

Then you must understand.

We knew it was illegal,

but we were
willing to do anything
to help A.J. get well.

BENSON: Thanks.

That was Warner.
She needs to see us.

Where is Liv and Elliot?

At the morgue.
Warner got a lead.

When it rains, it pours.

A guy just used
the dead girl's
credit cards

at Aurora Spirits
in Washington Heights.

Call the liquor store
and radio me
his description.

Lab report on the blood
found in A.J's mouth.

It had high concentrations
of ribavirin and interferon,

drugs used
to treat Hep C.

Yeah, which you get
from having sex

or sharing needles
with someone
who's infected.

So it sounds like Scratchy
from the no-tell motel.

I killed you, A.J.
I'm sorry.

What did you say?
I can't make that out.

MUNCH ON PHONE: The liquor
store said our guy is
Caucasian, tall, maybe 45,

Wearing an olive
colored jacket,

Take a nap, sleepy.
I just saw him.

I killed you, A.J.
I killed you.

Hey. What are you doing?


BENSON: Police!

Don't move.

Suspect number one.
Enzo Cooke, 16.

Connecticut driver's license.
He's got more tracks
than Grand Central.

Suspect number two
is Ramsey Vickers, 45.

Lives in Queens.
Laid off accountant.


Hello! Anybody?
I've got to go,

Hey, Enzo, Enzo!

Enzo. Sit down.

No, I really have to leave.
No, no, no.

You're going to talk
to me first. Sit down.

Now, did you hurt A.J.?

It was my fault, okay?
You happy now? Can I go?

Man, I gotta get out of here.

First, you've got to tell me
where you got these
credit cards.

I found her wallet up
on Broadway, all right?

All wrong.

I want to talk to a lawyer.

Well, make sure you tell him
that was a preseason tackle.

I didn't take
you down that hard.


Where do you
think you're going?

CRAGEN: What the hell
is going on
with these guys?

Your drug addict
has got the shakes,

and Vickers is faking
so he won't have to talk.

Yeah, but which one
of these losers
is our killer?

We need a bus!

Mr. Vickers suffered
toxic shock
caused by an infection.

From me tackling him?

No, from a severe
circumferential bite
to his penis.

And you think
you know a guy.

Courtesy of the dead girl,

Yeah, your victim
must have experienced
cadaveric spasms

at the moment of death.

And clamped down
on our killer.

When can we see
Mr. Vickers?

Now. He's up and alert.

But his penis is
down for the count.

You must really be hurting.

Oh, you don't know
the half of it.

MUNCH: We know you're lucky
to have kept your manhood.

Serves me right
for screwing around.

You did more than
that to A.J. Dunne.

You killed her, and then
went on a spending spree
with her credit cards.

I found them.

And we found
your blood in her mouth.

Hep C is a dead giveaway.


I got it from a hooker.

How many other women
did you give it to?

I don't know.

I'm addicted to sex.

First, it was porn
on the Net.

And then, my hand
wasn't good enough,

so I started
hooking up online.

My wife found out.
She filed for divorce.
Then I got laid off.

Pardon me for not
giving you a hug.

So why did you kill A.J.?
She didn't like
Daddy's lollipop?

No, no, she was into it.
I answered her ad
on Craigslist.

She got the room.

She was so beautiful.
I got overexcited.

I didn't realize
how hard that I was
squeezing her neck.

Until she was dead.

I didn't mean to hurt her.

I am so sorry.

I am so, so sorry.

A.J.'s ad said,
"l need a daddy who
will make me behave.

"You show me the ropes,
I'll open up to you."

So why is a 16-year-old girl
hooking up with pervy guys
on Craigslist?

And why did Enzo
cop to a murder
he didn't commit?

Went to an awful lot
of trouble
stealing the scrubs,

sneaking into the morgue.

Sounds like a guilty
conscience to me.

(SlGHlNG) Time
for Enzo to man up.

ENZO: Martin was treating
me for heroin addiction.

BENSON: That where
you met A.J.?

I was there about six months
before her parents
brought her in.

I knew I had to take
A.J.'s picture the moment
I first saw her.

Love at first sight.

And sex
shortly thereafter.

Martin doesn't allow
between members.

That didn't stop you,
though, right?

No, but A.J. did.

About a month ago.
She was afraid
we'd get caught.

By Gold?

Or her dad.

He never really liked me.

Now, you photoshopped Gold

into one of A.J.'s pictures,
and you put it on
her father's windshield?

To stop Martin
from raping A.J.

Enzo, that didn't happen.

Yes, it did!

I was there,
but I didn't have my camera.
I was hiding behind the door.

What Martin did to her,
it made me sick.

So what happened?


I watched him
have sex with her.

She said,

"Wait. We should stop.
I don't want to do this."

And he said, "It's okay.

"You're doing fine.
Conquer your fears."

I couldn't take it anymore,
and I left.

If I would have stopped him,
maybe A.J.
would still be alive.

Hold on. What were you doing
at ASP at 3:00 in the morning?

I lived there.
We both did.

The day A.J. was killed,

did she mention
going to that motel
and meeting somebody?

She said she had
an appointment.

I thought she was meeting
Gold, so I followed her
to that sleazy motel.

But I got scared
and did some junk.

Then I wasn't scared anymore.
I wasn't anything.

I just...

I let her die.

Martin affects you in ways
you'd never expect, you know?

As much as I hate him,

I still go,

"Martin says"
or "Martin used to say."

He smiles when he's good,
and he smiles when he's cruel.

Same smile.

You can help her now.

Are you willing to testify
against Martin Gold?

Can you tell a jury
that you saw him
having sex with A.J.?

Yeah. Okay.

You think he can
help us nail Gold?

Only if he gets off
the heroin.

Well, what about
Gold's treatment?

It's bogus.

He's a narcissistic
manipulator who gets off
on the kids who adore him

and the parents
who depend on him.

You think A.J.'s dad
really abused her?

The theory of repressed
memory is that
people often block out

the painful experiences
of their childhood
sexual abuse.

Come on, but everyone
knows it's a sham.

Well, A.J. didn't.

Gold had her convinced
that her dad raped her.

And to jog her memory,
he prescribed sex therapy

with himself
as the surrogate father.

So why did she advertise
for sex with father figures?

He probably told her to.

Gold gets off on making
kids do things
that will humiliate them.

Their self-esteem plummets,
and they need him even more.

A.J. was so
enmeshed with him

that she actually
registered at that motel
with his name.

He could ask those kids
to jump off
the Empire State Building,

and they'd race
each other to the top.

We've got to shut him
down before more bodies
hit the pavement.

What is your inner
voice telling you to do?

Peel back your ego
like an onion,
and let your tears flow.

Sorry, folks.
Don't mean to spoil the fun,
but Family Night is over.

Please, we're having
a therapy session.

Not anymore. Get up.

Martin Gold, you're under
arrest for violating
state licensing laws.

I'm George Huang,
a psychiatrist.

Anyone need a referral to
a legitimate therapist,

please talk to me.

I am Deputy Mayor Fordyce.

Why are you
harassing Martin

when the man in custody
confessed to murder?

Because he broke the law.

Don't worry, friends.
There's been
a misunderstanding.

We'll conquer this.
Just like
we conquer our fears.

CRAGEN: You arrested Gold
in front of the Deputy Mayor?

Captain, we had no idea
he'd be there.

Well, the whole city
knows now.

Fordyce just held
a press conference

blasting us
for targeting Gold.

Well, we targeted
Gold because he's dirty.

He broke licensing laws.
It's a misdemeanor.

And if he sent A.J.
to that motel room,
it's accessory to murder.

Then prove it.

What's he doing here?

Just telling us about
your little teen clubhouse.

The one we're going
to close down.

For licensing violations?
Give me a break.

No, actually,
for child endangerment,
sodomy, and statutory rape.

How's that sound?

Sounds like Enzo's
getting high again.

He wasn't high
when he saw you
having sex with A.J. Dunne.


Enzo photoshopped
that picture.
The kid's a screw-up.

(SlGHlNG) Well,
we believe him.

And we believe
A.J. Dunne's parents,
and a jury will, too.

A.J.'s parents
can't testify.
It's hearsay.

She lied to them
all the time.

And Enzo...

The kid is about
as believable
as Dick Cheney.

It's never going
to make it to trial.

Wanna make a bet?

Enzo isn't lying.

Oh, Detective,
every child that comes
through my door lies.

They lie until
they're tired
of getting caught,

or until it's too late,
and they're out
of the program.

They come from homes
and from family histories

that compel them
to use deception
and untruths to survive.

Well, how about
your family history?

I mean, what's going on
in your head that you would
bang Enzo's girlfriend,

and then convince her
to screw strangers
that look like Daddy?

Detective, you are not
the first person
that Enzo has conned.

I would be very
careful on acting

on anything that
boy has to say.

I'm Dr. Huang.
How are you doing?

What does it look like?

You're in withdrawal.

You gotta get me something.

The only thing I can do
is take you to the hospital.

No! Where's Martin?

Is Gold supplying you?

Can't you see I'm sick?

You're a doctor! Help me!

I can get you into rehab
after we go to the hospital.

You don't give
a damn about me.

No one does. Not my parents.
Not those cops. Only Martin.

Where is Martin?

You're not going
back to ASP.

Look, please, just tonight.
I promise I'll do
whatever you want.

Please! I hurt bad.
Look, you gotta help me.

It's okay, Enzo.
We're going to do
the best thing for you.

We're going to
stop Martin Gold.

You want me to prosecute
Gold on rape charges

and as an accessory
to the Dunne girl's murder?

Gold pushed A.J.
to seek out
strangers for sex.

His paw prints
are all over
that Craigslist ad.

Actual paw prints?

The guy has got
a face hold
on these kids.

"Conquer your fears
with an embrace."

I mean,
what the hell is that?

A nauseating homily,
but one that can't
tag Gold with accessory.

He also raped A.J.

You can't prove
statutory without her.

Alex, he's treating
girls as young as
14 years of age.

If we don't charge him,
then he's going to be back

with his teen harem
in the next few hours.

Even if we do move forward
with the charges,
bail is a no-brainer.

Gold's been filing his taxes
from the same address
for the last 12 years.

He fought in Desert Storm.
He's squeaky-clean.

Did you interview
the other kids?

Yeah, none of the parents
are cooperating.
They're all so far up his ass.

I don't think your raid
on Family Night
made you any friends.

We have an eyewitness
to the statutory rape.

Is the kid willing?


Then where is he?

Have you seen Enzo?

Check the can.


Please. Please,
I need a fix.

Looks like your case
just went down the toilet.

HUANG: There are two
kinds of parents.

Those who will do anything
for their children,

and those who will pay
any amount to have
someone else do it for them.

I read Enzo's file.
His parents
are art dealers.

They spend most
of their time in Europe.

They paid more than
$1 million
to park Enzo at ASP.

What do we do?

Send him to rehab.

It's methadone now,
or it's back to heroin.

STABLER: If I were
in his shoes,
I'd probably get high, too.

He doesn't want to get high.
He wants to avoid
the pain of withdrawal.

If he doesn't make
it through rehab,

he'll just go back to heroin
and keep using it
until it kills him.

So methadone's
his only option?

There is one other option,
lbogaine hydrochloride.

It's been
remarkably successful in
treating opiate addiction.

Within 24 hours, he'd lose
his craving for heroin
without any withdrawals.

So what's the catch?
Crazy side effects?

The risks are minimal.

Fewer die from lbogaine
than methadone.

Clinics around the world
use it to treat
heroin addiction.

Imagine no more ODs.
No more HlV
from dirty needles.

So let's do it.

(SlGHS) I can't.
The drug is illegal here.

It can cure heroin
addiction in 24 hours,
and it's illegal.

Because the patent expired,
no drug company is
gonna make a profit off it.

No one will pay for lbogaine
to go through FDA trials.

The pharmaceutical industry
can make more money

treating addicts
with less effective drugs.
What a bunch of crap.

Oh, and speaking of that,
look what just walked in.

You know, this is what
I call real dedication.

You're released from the can,
you don't shower and shave,

and you come right here.

What are you doing here?

I've come to take
Enzo back to ASP.

You're not taking
that boy anywhere.

When Enzo's parents
enrolled him, they made me
his legal guardian.

And as his guardian,
I know what's best for him.

What's best for him
is real rehab, not your
narcissistic schemes.

Don't worry, Dr. Huang.
He'll get all the TLC
he needs.

Now, as his guardian,
I will ask you to leave.

Look at him. That quack
is putting on quite a show.

As if he really
cares about him.

BENSON: Enzo is his
stay-out-of-jail card.

I wouldn't be surprised
if Gold kept him high.

Anything to keep
him from testifying.

What do you think
the chances are
of him getting clean?

With Gold playing
the puppet master,
slim to none.

Unless someone
cuts the strings.

I'm looking for Enzo.
Have you seen him?

He left. Martin said
he needed to conquer his fears
in a special place.

Do you have Enzo's
cell phone number?

No, Martin took
his cell phone away.

He says he can't
speak to anyone
during treatment.

Listen, I saw you outside
just now with Martin.

You should be careful.

You've got a dirty mind.

He loves us. He'd never
do anything to hurt me.


What are you
doing here so late?

Well, Fin left me some
papers so I could
fill out my report on Gold.

Yeah. I'm just about
to do that myself.

Great minds.

Aren't you forgetting


The papers
Fin left you.

Oh! Yeah.

No, actually, turns out
I didn't need them.

I had everything
I needed. Night.



Hey, Doc, what's up?

Enzo, you're
coming with me.

Martin cool with that?


What you're doing
is illegal.

Stay out of this,
Liv, for your own sake.

Ibogaine hasn't
been approved.

Because the drug companies
don't want it approved.

One dose of lbogaine,
and he's clean.
We're leaving.

It's kidnapping.

It's conspiracy to provide
a controlled substance
to a minor.

He's sick. I'm a doctor.
I have a moral obligation
to treat him.

You're an FBl agent
who's breaking the law.

You took an oath.
"First do no harm."

That is the oath
I took as a doctor,
and that is what I live by.

Even if it means
losing your license?

What kind of doctor am l
if I don't help
save this kid's life?

ALBERTO: I'm going to
give you 750 milligrams
of lbogaine hydrochloride.

More needles?

No needles. Capsule.

About 20 minutes
after you swallow it,

you're going to start
to feel a warm tingle
in the back of your neck.

It's going to be followed
by a feeling of euphoria.

Now, for about eight hours,
you're going to trip.

Waking dreams,
body rushes, the works.

What if I freak out?

I've done 300 of these
procedures. No one's ever
been eaten by a T. rex.

Alberto's a licensed
physician. You'll be fine.

What if it...
What if it doesn't work?

91% of the time it does.

With my luck,
I'll be that other 9%.

Three years ago,
I took that same gamble.

Won my life back.
Clean ever since.

You ready?

(SlGHlNG) I'm scared.

Life on the other side
of this is going to be
a much brighter picture.

Bottoms up.

HUANG: How will we know
if it's worked?

Enzo will have
lost his craving.

He'll be clear-headed
and able to testify.

And if it doesn't work,
he'll go back to ASP.

Please, let me come back.
I'll never leave again.
I won't.

They fooled me.
I trusted them.

You broke your promise.
You said you'd stay
at the apartment.

I'm sorry. I didn't
know what I was doing.
Please, help me.

You fled from your fears
instead of embracing them.

Martin, you gotta
forgive me.

Come here.

You're home now.

Please, I hurt all over.

I know.
You weren't ready.

I gotta get straight.


I'll take care
of you, Enzo.

I always have.
This is going to
make you feel better.

Martin Gold, you're under
arrest for possession
and distribution of narcotics

and accessory to murder.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can
and will be used against
you in a court of law.

Whatever they did
won't cure you.
You'll use again.

Yeah, you better hope
it's before I testify.

You have no understanding
of what I do here.

I'm helping kids
when no one else will.

You're helping
them stay high, dependent,
and screwed up,

so you can make money
off their misery.

You're a screw-up, Enzo.
A pathetic loser.

You'll come crawling
back, you Judas.

I'm clean, Martin.
You can rot in jail.

You gave him lbogaine.
You'll lose your license.
I'm reporting you.

I already reported myself.
Thirty-day suspension
of my license.

It was worth it.