Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 11, Episode 23 - Wannabe - full transcript

The arresting officer in a serial rapist case turns out to be a 16-year-old impersonating a police officer, and his actions put ADA Marlowe's case in jeopardy.

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In the criminal justice system,

Sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate these
vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

That's so cool.

Careful. That's very expensive.

Yeah, tell me about it.

These two look exactly alike.

Why is this one $200 more?

This baby has a 600
Hertz sub field drive

To reduce motion lag
time and it comes with--

Attention, female shoppers.

Please proceed to our
television department

For a special giveaway.

Ooh, what is it?

Uh, I'm not sure.
Let me find out.

Oh, gross! What's he doing?

Oh, my god! Turn around!

Don't look! - Cut it off!

The exhibitionist plugged a
video camera into the feed.

Security footage
caught him in the act.

Ironically, in the
hand-held devices aisle.

He was careful to
keep his face hidden,

But he matched the
description of a flasher

Who's been targeting young girls.

White male, 30s, brown hair.

He has one distinguishing mark--

A birthmark on his lower abdomen

With a freaky
resemblance to Florida.

You pulled in bodies from
five different precincts

For a weenie wagger task force?

The electronics store
exhibition was two months ago.

Since then, he's raped three
girls in central park.

Colleen Johnson, 11...

Tina Harper, 15...

And Nicole Goshgarian...12.

The rapes started four weeks ago.

All on Sunday afternoons.

I don't need to tell
you what today is.

We flood the park,
set up choke points,

And stay in communication.

Bridge at ten o'clock. Ball cap.

Sector G move into position,
east side of the lake.

- 21, William.
-Roger that.

Cancel that. Hold positions.

Task force portable to svu,
I just stopped a 10-34!

We need a location.

I'm in pursuit!

I said stop! Police!

I'm on bridge near the ramble!

Didn't copy that. Repeat.

Officer, I need your 20!

Where are you?

Heading north!

Anyone have eyes on the pursuit?

I got him!
Northeast of the ramble!

Don't move! Don't move!

Uh, I'm over by the bridge,
near the--

What's happening?

- 10-13! 10-13!
- Talk to me!

All units, officer
in need of assistance!

Vicinity of the rambles.

I repeat, officer missing!

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El, gun!

Down here!

Glad to see you're still with us.

We were worried about you.

Yeah, my radio got
busted in the struggle.

Everything's under control now.

Okay, well, I'm assuming this
is yours, officer Fletcher.

- Yeah, he, uh-
-I let him get the jump on me.

Total rookie move.
Won't happen again.

Yeah, well, solo
apprehensions are tough.

Why are you arresting me?

You said that you interrupted
a rape in progress.

Does the victim need a bus?

No. He'd just made
initial contact.

I just asked her what
time it was, and then bam!

This freak starts
sexually assaulting me.

Well, I was just
checking my watch

When the cop came over and asked
this guy to lower his pants.

It was really weird.

Did the guy threaten you
or make physical contact?

No. But the cop got
real handsy with him.

Yanked his pants down.

That's when the guy
took off running.

I'm telling you
he's the right guy.

Check this out.

Uh, duct tape, box cutter.

It's a total rape kit.

No, it's a utility pack.

Scum's name is Wayne Hanket.

Wayne Hanket,
you're under arrest.

You have the right
to remain silent--

I already read him his Miranda.

You can never be too careful.

Now hold onto that,
maintain chain of custody.

Meet us back at the station house.

Don't forget to voucher it.

I didn't do anything!

How about we start
with resisting arrest

And assaulting a police officer?

Look, he's the rapist.

Check this out. Look.
Hey, hey, hey!

How many times are you gonna
grab my junk, you pervert!

What are you doing?

I was showing you the birthmark.

It's him. I got the right guy.

Let's not strip
search him in public.

We'll take pictures of it
back at the station house.

Birthmark isn't going anywhere.

Looks like Florida to me.

To me, it looks like "guilty."

Whoa, we don't need to see
anything south of key west.

Leave me alone!

Keep it in your pants, okay?

Sit down.

Keep your pants on, Mr. Hanket.

Now you are not
denying being a flasher,

Are you, Mr. Hanket?

What just happened, that was a--

That was an accident, okay?

It just kind of fell out.

Just like it did in
the electronics store?

What, you have an
epileptic seizure

While you were trying
to put it away?

That wasn't me.

No? This is your birthmark
on the surveillance photo.

Everybody's got birthmarks.

Which are just like
dna and fingerprints.

You see? There's no two alike.

And these two are
exactly a match.

You can't deny that
you're the flasher.

It's too bad you weren't
caught back when this

Was just a penny-ante
misdemeanor, Mr. Hanket.

They would have given you
court-ordered therapy.

But there's nothing
wrong with me.

Except for a bad case of
very low self-esteem, huh?

Feelings of inadequacy.

So you perform lewd acts on
unsuspecting little girls

So they gotta notice you then.

You get off on their reactions.

Shock, fear, embarrassment.

Any reaction's better
than none at all.

Except for laughter.

I mean, that's gotta
be emasculating, hmm?

Wait, nobody laughed at me.

Well, this girl did.

She called you "lame" and
she laughed in your face.

So then you made her
your first rape victim.

And for the first time,
you felt absolute power.

But Colleen got away
before you finished.

So next time, you came prepared.

That's his rape tool kit, sir.

That's a good collar,
officer Fletcher.

Thank you, sir.

I'll write up a
recommendation for your file.

Who's your C.O.?

- I'm out of the 2-7.

Well, that's my old command.

I'll put a good word in
for you with van buren.

I was--I was just
doing my job, sir.

Well, taking a serial
rapist off the street

Fast-tracks careers.

You keep up the good work.

Thank you, sir. I will.

Son? Aren't you
forgetting something?


Bag it and tag it.

Enjoy your paperwork.

Who's officer Fletcher?

Damn it!

Over here.

The "W" sticks,

But you probably found
that out for yourself.

Yeah, I still can't
believe these even exist.

I mean, I never even saw
a typewriter growing up.

Him either.

But in his case,
they hadn't been invented yet.

I mean, why can't we
just use the computers?

The brass likes
its pretty colors.

If they don't get their pink,
green, or yellow copies,

They wouldn't know
where to file it.

Plus, they're in bed with
the carbon copy industry.

Anyway, Fletcher,

We interviewed the girl you
saved from getting raped.

Is she--is she okay?

She's okay. She said
Hanket never touched her.

Or threatened her.

And he definitely
didn't have a knife out.

Well, what was I supposed to do,

Wait until he dragged
her into the bushes?

Relax, kid, your stop was good.

He fit the description,
and she fit the target profile.

You definitely saved her.

So what's the problem?

No problem.
Just walk us through it.

You prowl the parks looking
for the perfect victim--

Young, vulnerable, isolated.

And now it's their
turn to find you.

All three have
already identified you

By the birthmark.

They're on their way here now

To pick you out of a line-up.

And I.D.'s not gonna be a problem

Because you're an exhibitionist,
so you never wore a mask.

oh, cry me a river.

- Wayne, we know you did it.
- Go for the kill, Elliot.

We're here because
we want to know why.

Now, are you evil?

Are you sick?

I told my dad that there
was something wrong with me

And that I needed help.

But he didn't want-
he didn't want to hear it.

Daddy issues.

We have issues of our own.

There might be a
glitch in the case.


You need to talk to
the arresting officer.

Good god, you're just a kid.

Well, I'm 22, ma'am.

A.D.A. Jo Marlowe.

Well, the officer who took
down the central park rapist

Deserves a big pat on the back.

I appreciate that.

What was that for?

For being an idiot.

What, they don't teach
basic search procedures

At the Academy anymore?

That was by the book.

When he refused to
show you his birthmark,

You should've taken his information

And brought him in
here for questioning.

There are plenty of legal
ways to get this information.

I pulled him aside.

I requested that he
show me the birthmark.

I didn't demand it.

And when he declined,

You violated his
fourth amendment rights

Against search and
seizure by pantsing him.

No, no. He started to run.

I just grabbed to stop him

And caught him by his waistband.

That's when I saw the birthmark.

That girl in the park says
you pulled his waistband down,

And then he ran.

Uh, it-- it happened so fast.

It just-- it got confusing.

Oh, that's gonna go
over like gangbusters

On the witness stand.

Look, he ran.

He gave me probable
cause to search him.

This is fruit of
the poisonous tree.

Any half-witted defense attorney

Is gonna get this
evidence thrown out.

Great. Liv and el have
been grilling him for hours.

Based on the arrest,

Which is incident to
the illegal search,

Everything he's spilling right now

Is gonna go straight
down the crapper.

Where's Fletcher now?

He's in the squad room,
licking his wounds.

Well, luckily for us,

You weren't the first
person to attack him today.

At least we can hold Hanket
for assaulting an officer.

Where the hell is he?

He was supposed to log this
in with the property clerk.

Even if you do get it back in,
he broke chain of custody.

- Has anybody seen Fletcher?
- Who?

- Who's Fletcher?
- The arresting officer?

He's not in the can.
I just came from there.

Please help me find
officer Fletcher.

He was on loan to the
task force from the 2-7.

Let me find out what I
did to piss somebody off.

That didn't sound promising.

Van buren says she
didn't loan him to us.

She checked the rolls.

They don't have an
officer Fletcher there.

Where did he come from?

I don't think he's a cop.

Ran them through the m.
O.S. Database.

He's not a member of the service.

Oh, the press is gonna
wet their pants over this.

An entire building full of cops,

And no one knew he was a fake?

We had 30 fresh faces.
You saw what a zoo it was.

Kid blended in.

There must be some
way to I.D. Him.

Did you run his prints through
the criminal database?


Well, nothing's what
we've got on this case

Till we find him. - Hold on.

Aside from the embarrassment
to the department,

Fletcher not being a police
officer is good news, right?

It gets all the evidence back in.

Yeah, Hanket's fourth
amendment protections

Only extend to illegal
search and seizures by cops,

Not civilians.

Of course, our charming rapist

Has recourse to sue Fletcher.

Have at it.

As long as we get our evidence,

This just might work
out for the best.

Yeah, but you have to find him.

I need to change the paperwork

To list this as a citizen's arrest.

But cop or not,
I can't file the complaint

Without his signature.

So you have 24 hours
from the arrest.

Gives us...Eight hours.

At least we got a picture.

I tracked down a looky-loo who
took photos of the arrest.

- Release it to the media?
- No, not yet.

It won't hit the papers
till tomorrow anyway.

Why tip a lousy hand?

You guys have till 4:00
to find him.

Even though Fletcher's not
the real deal, his uniform is.

A uni found the hat
he lost in the park.

It's from Marcum Uniforms.

Ray Marcum.

You pissed off a lot
of people after 9/11,

Overcharging for your home-made,
crappy mourning bands.

What are you talking about?

I barely cleared a
profit with those.

40,000 cops for customers.

What are you doing
selling to civilians?

Hand to god, never--

This guy is not a cop and
you let him buy out the store.

You're supposed to
see his police I.D.

You sold him a badge and a gun.
You're going to jail, ray.

Hang on, I may have
sold him the uniform,

I may have sold him the gear,

But there's no way
I'm gonna sell a gun

Without a background check.

The guy forgot his I.D.

What about his credit card?

Did it match the nametag
you made for him?

He paid cash.

He looked right, he sounded right,

He had the haircut.

He told me he
graduated the Academy,

So I believed him.

Academy trains 4,
000 recruits a year.

Fletcher wasn't one of them.

Well, we know he didn't graduate,

But this guy knew an awful lot.

Maybe he started and washed out?

Or maybe he never even made it

Past the civil service exam.

That expands the
search to 13,000.

I just heard back from
the testing center.

2o fletchers took the test
over the past couple of years.

Says, "knock yourself out." nice.

Well, give me that list.

I've got the dmv database up now.

You know,
there are plenty of ways

To learn cop speak without
going through the training.

Police magazines, web sites.

I post on a couple of
these leo web sites.

You'd be surprised how
many holster sniffers

Think they know more than I do.

If any of them
talk less than you,

Have them give me a call.

Guys, we've got five hours.
Where are we?

Down to long shots.

Check this out.

It's a stretch,
but this phil Fletcher

Kind of looks a little
like our guy, right?

Could be a relative?

Could be. Who knows?

You don't know if you're related?

My father,
the ex-cop who forced me

To take that stupid exam,

Only talks to two
of his six brothers.

I got tons of cousins I never seen.

Where can I find your father?

Hey, pop!

Got a lady policeman
here wants to talk to ya.

Thank you.

You get that in the line of duty?

Yeah, I wish.

I'd be gettin' my full pension.

I had a few too many on the
boat and fell down a hatch.


This by any chance
a nephew of yours?

No. He looks too smart.

Oh, hold on, hold on.

25 years on the force,
I never forget a face.

It's really urgent
that we find him.

McGinty's. Cop bar on--

--On third. Thank you.

Keep it coming, Timmy.

Hannigan. This is early,
even for you.

Bite me, Stabler.
I just got off the late tour.

Late tour?

That ended about 4 1/2 hours ago.

It was a bitch of a night.

Had a three-year-old got caught

In the crossfire of a
drug deal gone bad.

The ones with children,
they're the worst.

We're working on a kid
case ourselves right now.

A serial rapist.

We're looking for that witness.

You seen him in here?
Not the menace.

You know him?

Yeah, Brad something.

Never trust a non-drinker in a bar.

He picks up tabs,
pumps us for stories.

Total wannabe.

Do you know where
we can find him?

I don't talk to him.

Just the blowhards.

Why don't you come back
tonight when the crowd's here?

We don't have till tonight.

All right, I'll make some calls.

See if anyone knows him.


Don't tell me you came
back here empty-handed.

No, I've got Fletcher right here.

I caught him impersonating Liv.

That's not funny, Elliot.

We've got 3 1/2 hours.

We found a guy who
might have a line on him.

He gave us a list of
regulars from a cop bar

That Fletcher's been frequenting,

So we're gonna track 'em down.

I have to make a decision now

Whether or not to go
through with this line-up.

I've got three rape
victims and their parents

Waiting for me in there.

What are you doing out here?

I'm getting some air.

I--it's those little girls.

It just-- - look, I get it.

I've been with Tina and Colleen

And Nicole since the beginning.

I should be in there with them now.

No, you should move your
asses and find Fletcher.

I'm going through with the line-up.

Don't let me down.

He's number two.

Number two?

Number two.

I know it's him.

Did she get it right?

You did great.

We're all through here.

Nicole would like to thank
the officer who caught him.

Is he here?

That's a good question.
Is he here, don?

Not at the moment,
but he should be here soon.

We are inside the
three-hour mark.

Two of the girls have I.
D.'d Hanket.

Are we any closer to Fletcher?

Well, we have a first name.

That's not leading us anywhere.

There is no Brad Fletcher under 40

In the dmv records.

He's not registered to vote.

There are no utilities in his name.

All right,
it's got to be an alias.

We have no choice.

Let's release his
picture to the press.

We waited too long.

It's not gonna hit the news

Until after Hanket's
out on the street.

The sooner we I.D. Fletcher,

The sooner we can re-arrest Hanket.


I know where I'm
gonna be until we do.

I miss our old stakeouts.
Mind if I come along?

Hey, Hannigan's
calling from the bar.

He found somebody
that knows Fletcher.

Go ahead.

Sergeant duncan.

Can I help you?

Yeah, we heard you know this guy,

Goes by the name of Brad Fletcher.

That's his real name.

Half the force is
out looking for him.


Seems you did too good a job

Teaching him how to be a cop.

That's the point of
the explorers program.

You're supposed
to take at-risk kids

And aim them in the
right direction,

Not create delusional zealots.

First of all, Brad was
never in trouble before.

He signed up the day he turned 14

With a game plan of actually
joining the force one day.

I thought he was
on the right track.

Yeah, well, he derailed
around crazy town.

You still in touch with him?

Of course.
He's still an explorer.

I thought the cut-off age was 20.

How old do you think he is?

So, you're 16.

- I can explain.
- There's no time.

The a.D.A. Only has 40 minutes
to file your complaint.

Sign here.

Unless you want the rapist
you caught to go free.

Are you kidding me?

That was the best
moment of my life,

Taking a perp off the street.

Look, I only ran because that a.D.A

Told me I screwed everything up.

So everything's okay now, right?

It will be.

What-- what are you doing?

Brad Fletcher,
you're under arrest

For impersonating an officer.

You have the right
to remain silent.

If you give up that right,
anything you say

Can and will be used against you.

All I ever wanted
was to be a cop.

Every Halloween, it's the
only costume he'd ever wear.

You wanted the
respect and authority

Without putting in all the work.

That's not true. He reads.

Everything he can get his hands on.

I even memorized

The code of criminal
procedure, all right?

I am going to be a police officer.

You can kiss that dream good-bye.

A felony on your record is
automatic disqualification.

I haven't committed a felony.

No, you committed two.

Impersonation of a police officer

And criminal possession of a gun.

No, the gun is mine.

It's registered. - To you.

What were you thinking,
letting a child carry a gun?

You have to be 21 to
get a permit to carry.

I guess you don't know
as much about the law

As you think you do.

No worries. He'll have
plenty of time to read in jail.

Look, I caught a rapist,
all right?

I saved that girl.

This is the thanks he gets?

That rapist nearly
walked because of your son.

He's not--he's not going to,
though, right?

Motion to exclude.

Brad Fletcher was in violation

Of my client's fourth
amendment rights.

He's a civilian, your honor.

Her argument has no merit.

Officer Fletcher, as he
introduced himself to my client,

Was not only dressed
in full uniform,

He was acting as an
agent of the NYPD,

Under their direct supervision.

He was never authorized to act

As an agent of the department.

He was not deputized.

He attended a task force meeting.

He was briefed on the case,

Walked through an
apprehension plan,

Assigned a sector of
the park to patrol.

I don't know, Ms. Marlowe.

Sounds like he was acting
as a police operative to me.

As embarrassing as
this is for all of us,

And as convincing as his
little charade may have been,

Brad Fletcher is a 16-year-old kid

Who got carried away
playing cops and robbers.

Handcuffs? A billy club? A .
9 millimeter?

Doesn't sound like he was
playing a game to me.

He wasn't,
and everything he recovered

Under the direction of the police

Is fruit of the poisonous tree

And must be excluded.

It's inevitable discovery.

We may have different definitions

Of "inevitable," counselor.

I'll review the motion.

I'll let you know
when I have a ruling.

At which point I'll be
filing a motion to dismiss.

Your honor should be
aware that the department

In no way condones Mr.
Fletcher's actions.

Oh, please, there was talk
of awarding him a medal.


The D.A.'s office is filing charges

Against this juvenile delinquent,

And I'm due in family court
on this matter right now.

This isn't fair.

The detectives promised
to give me a break.

Just take your medicine.

She cut you a good deal.

You're not gonna have a
felony on your record.

The charge is
criminal impersonation

In the first degree.

How does your client plead?


I see here there's a
plea agreement in place.

There is, your honor.

Have the people
agreed to the terms?

We have.

Well, then under the agreement,

Defendant pleads guilty

To attempted criminal impersonation

Of a police officer,

A class "A" misdemeanor,

And will perform 100 hours
of community service.

The defendant further agrees

To relinquish all
police paraphernalia,

Including but not
limited to uniforms,

Badges, handcuffs, mace,

Police band radios, scanners.

Defendant is prohibited
from logging on

To law enforcement web sites,

Chat rooms, and message boards.

He cannot be in possession
of or subscribe to

Police periodicals, magazines,

Criminal, or forensic
investigation manuals,

And he must surrender all firearms.

In exchange for
successfully complying

With these terms,

At the end of six months,

The case against you
will be dismissed

And expunged from your
record on your 21st birthday.

Thank you, your honor.

Next case.

I'm not done with you.

I need you to testify
at Wayne Hanket's trial.

I can't wait to nail the bastard.

Is there anything else I could do?



I've got a little bit of free time.

If it's okay with your mom,

I'd like you to come to my office

And go over your testimony.

I don't need you
messing this up too.

Mr. Fletcher, isn't it true

That you're a convicted felon?

No. What are you talking about?

You lowered it to a misdemeanor.

Brad, I am cross-examining you

As the defense attorney.

And believe me,
she isn't gonna hold your hand.

Right. Sorry.

Pond is gonna try
to discredit you.

But this isn't about you.
It's about the rape victims.

If you get emotional,
she's gonna hammer you.

Which shouldn't be hard,
'cause you're a compulsive liar.

That's a l--

That's not true.


While you were impersonating
a police officer,

Did you see my client
do anything illegal?

Uh, I saw him approaching
his next rape victim.


That's gonna be the defense
attorney's objection,

Which will be granted.

The jury is gonna be
instructed to disregard it.

But they won't.

You were a cop.

In another life.

What-- what was it like?


Well, what'd you
get the medal for?

I took down a drug cartel.

You gotta tell me all about that.

I mean, it's-- - hold on.

Hey there.

Me too.

We can talk about that later.

I've got somebody in
my office right now.

How about tonight after work?

Put that down.

I was just looking at it.

I-I-I wasn't gonna take it.

Good, because that would be
a violation of your probation.

And then I would have to kill you.

Judge Ridenour wants to
see you in the courtroom.

This should just take
a couple of minutes.

Stay put and don't touch anything.

I did not come to
this decision lightly,

But upon review,
I find that Mr. Fletcher

Was acting as an agent for
the police, and therefore,

I am granting the defense's
motion to exclude evidence.

Without which the
people have no case.

I move to dismiss.

Motion granted.

- Without prejudice?
- Of course.

If any new evidence
should come to light,

The people are free to re-file.

15 minutes.

What the hell are you doing here?

I told you to stay put.

You also said that
filing charges against me

Would guarantee Wayne
Hanket be put in jail.

I mean, how can you just
let him get away with this?

It's a momentary setback.
You heard the judge.

All I have to do is
find some new evidence.

What additional evidence?

Everything we have is tied
to Fletcher's bad search.

We dragged those three girls

Through the trauma of
a line-up for nothing.

Not that it's any consolation,

But Fletcher is practically
suicidal over this.

Look, let's go over the
evidence that we have--

The dd-5s, the interviews,
the surveillance tapes.

Okay, but we didn't handle the
original flashing incidents.

We could always
re-interview those victims.

Maybe one of them could give us

An independent piece of evidence
not connected to Fletcher.

So we need somebody new
to see him drop his pants?

That'll give us the birthmark.

Hey, when he was stressed out
in interrogation, he flashed us.

Can we arrest him for that?

It's a slap on the
wrist misdemeanor.

We only have him in custody
on Fletcher's bad arrest.

Well, we all know it's
just a matter of time

Before he rapes again.

So we sit on him, 24/7.


This is it.

Of course,
he's gotta live in queens.

20 minutes from my house.

What kind of 38-year-old
still lives at home with daddy?

Well, we know they're not close.

Hanket said he told his
father he was sick,

And daddy didn't want
to hear about it.

Well, he may not want
to listen to his son,

But he's been looking
at him his whole life.

And he can give us that birthmark

And it won't be tied to Fletcher.

Well, let's go see if daddy
wants his basement back.

All he has to do
is give up his son.

I need a bus. 8635 Corona Avenue.

Police! Drop your weapon!

I'm not the criminal!

That bastard broke into my house!

Give me your weapon!

Fletcher! What the hell
are you doing out here?

Hands on the railing.

Come on. Hang in there, kid.

Just hang on.

What-- what happened?

You were shot in
the line of duty.


No, but I just wanted you
to feel good for a second.

That bullet was a quarter
of an inch from your aorta.

It was-- it was Hanket's father.

Yeah. You broke into their house,

Which violated your probation,
by the way.

You are in big trouble.

I couldn't let Hanket
get away with it.

Well, now they're
pressing charges

Against you.

How'd you get into that house?

When I was vouchering
the evidence,

I found his house key.

You told me I screwed up this case.

I just--

I just wanted to get new evidence.

By breaking and entering?

You blew your last shot to
get into the Academy, kiddo.

I couldn't--

I couldn't--

I couldn't let him
rape another girl.

You sacrificed your
entire future for nothing.


You didn't see what I saw.

He's so sick.

Yeah, we know.

No, not Wayne.

Not Wayne. It was his dad.


Wayne was asleep.

I was searching through his room

And I heard muffled screams.

I thought someone
was being assaulted.

I thought he had another girl.

What was it?

The old man was in the back room,

Watching a video of Wayne
raping Tina Harper.

The second rape victim?

Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm positive.

Captain Cragen showed
us photos of the victims

At the task force meeting.

It was--

It was the actual rape.

That old man

Was getting off watching it.


Well, if this pans out,

You may have bought yourself

Another shot at the Academy.

But I do not want to
see your ass back here

For another five years, you got it?


This doesn't make sense.

Wayne didn't blindfold
any of his victims.

Nobody saw him with a camera.

Well, Fletcher's
pretty heavily medicated.

Maybe it's the morphine.

Or maybe the kid's
telling the truth.

Look, we do know

That Wayne's got a
thing for cameras.

He did rig an entire
bank of televisions

To show himself masturbating.

Okay, so where was the camera?

Maybe he set it up in advance.

Camouflaged in the bushes?

No. Fletcher told jo

That he saw an extreme
close-up of Tina's face,

Almost as if travis
was watching the rape

Through his son's eyes.

Hidden camera
must've been on him.

You know how small
they're making them now.

With micro-technology,
it could be in a button.

His baseball cap.

All the victims said
he never took it off.

Get a search warrant,
tear the house apart.

I'm not seeing
anything in these hats.

I'm just gonna take them all,

See what morales can find.

Nothin' to find. This is bull.

You have a lot of
pornography here, Mr. Hanket.

No law against that.

Yeah. Unless anyone's underage.

Or being raped.

Understand you were watching

Home movies of your kid last night.

You must be very proud.

Where are those movies, Mr. Hanket?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

That fake cop has it in for my son.

He's so obsessed,
now he's going after me.

You went after him with a gun.

He broke into my house
in the middle of the night!

He was unarmed and fleeing.
You got off three shots.

He was coming at me.
I was afraid for my life.

I don't know what story he fed you,

But that little bastard
came here to kill my kid.

And where is your lovely son?

He went for a walk.

Was he wearing a hat?

Yeah, he's wearing a hat.

He took the subway to manhattan.

He might've made us.
He ducked into a peep show.

Ask if we should go in after him.

All right. Got it.

They got a search
warrant for the hat.

Let's hit it.

Been in there quite
a while, Wayne.

Did you get the job done,
or do you have to do a rape?

My lawyer said I didn't
need to talk to you, okay?

We're not here to talk.

Hey, give me that back.

Afraid not.

Looks like we have a new
development in the case.

What's that?

End of your movie career.

The only footage we got
from the ball cap camera

Was the peep show.

Well, I really don't
need to see that.

Well, we got plenty
else to show you.

Liv and Elliot tore
the house apart,

And they found this under
one of the floorboards.

No. Please don't hurt me.

Be quiet.

Open your eyes. Open your eyes.

Look at me.

Turn it off.

Well, that gets us Wayne back.

What do we get the father on?

Depends. We know
he was watching it.

How involved was he in
his son's twisted life?

I need to see my dad.

Oh, daddy can't
help you now, Wayne.

Don't you think you've put
him through enough grief?


That poor man.

That must've been
really hard on him,

Raising you alone.

He supported you your whole life,

And what did you do?

You ruined his.

Oh, but that's not true.

Come on, Wayne,
he's not the sick one.

He has no criminal record.

He's a decent guy that got
dragged into all this.

How? To help his son.

- No. It was his idea!
- To film the rapes?

Yes, everything.

Look, I didn't want
to touch those girls.

Wayne, your father
didn't make you rape.

Yes, he did.


How, Wayne?

Did he hold a gun to your head

And make you rape those girls?

He's been putting
me down for years.

He called me a sissy,

And said he was ashamed of me.

He said I was worthless

And that I would never
amount to anything.

So your father was
emotionally abusive,

But you need to take responsibility

For your own actions.

You mean like the way
I killed my mother?

What are you talking about?

She died when I was 12.
It was my fault.

He said I, um--

He said that I made
her worry so much

That she got cancer.

But you know that's
not your fault.

And then he said that he
could never marry again,

Because no woman would
ever want me as a son.

And then he started to drink,

And that--that's when he
brought prostitutes home,

And--and--and he made me watch

So that I would finally
learn how to be a man.

This started when you were 12?

And then...

Then he--

He brought home an extra one,

You know, for me.


That didn't work.

I just--

I couldn't do it in front of him.

And that only made
him hate me more.


Wayne, I'm sorry that
nobody helped you

When you were young.

But you're 38 now.

Why didn't you just leave
when you turned 18?

That loser could never
survive on his own.

So you've been supporting
him this whole time.

Didn't you want him out the house?

Of course I did.

I wanted to retire two years ago,
but couldn't.

He should be supporting me now.

Well, there's not a lot of money

Being a professional flasher, huh?

You knew he had that problem,
didn't you?

I told him to go
out and meet girls.

Course, he couldn't
do that right, either.

So you gave him pointers?

I didn't tell him to rape nobody.

You knew exactly
what he was doing,

Because you couldn't get
off without watching him.

I just found that tape.

I had no idea what was on it.

I hear you thoroughly
enjoyed what you saw on it.

So what's wrong, hmm?

Can't get off by yourself anymore?

I got plenty in my day.

You got plenty of whores

That you screwed in
front of your son.

And when you went limp,

You used Wayne as a surrogate.

It's really you raping those
girls through his eyes.

Wayne's sick. He made that up.

He told us everything.

All those years of abuse,
the brainwashing.

I wish he'd never been born.
He's completely useless.

Especially in electronics, huh?

Now you've been in that
industry for 35 years?

It was you who rigged up
those cameras for him.

Doesn't mean I knew
what kind of filth

He was gonna put on it.

We went through the
surveillance tape

From the store, and guess what?

You're on it.

Watching your own son
choking the chicken

In front of those little girls.

I was just trying to help him.

What, be a pervert?

You don't know what
you're talking about.

There was something
wrong with your son,

So you wanted to make
him into a real man.

The kid had no interest in sex.

I had to do something to fix him.

He couldn't get a
girl any other way!

So you were just
being a good father.

What happens to me now?

You'll be transported to
central booking for processing.

I wish I'd had you aborted!

- No, you don't.
- Dad?

Let's go. Let's go, Wayne.

- Dad.
- Let's go, Wayne.

- Dad, dad, dad, dad.
- Wayne.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry
I got you in trouble.

They tricked me!
Get this sack of waste off me.

- Wayne, that's enough.
- Get him out of here!

- You're dead to me!
- Dad!

You're dead to me!

I love you!

You're dead to me!

I love you, dad!

Dad! I love you!

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