Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 11, Episode 22 - Ace - full transcript

When a pregnant woman is raped, Detectives Olivia Benson and Eliot Stabler arrive at the hospital to find that she has fled. Even when someone is arrested for a similar offense, ADA Jo Marlowe says she doesn't have a case in court unless they find the victim and get a statement from her. Soon, Benson and Stabler connect the woman to an illegal adoption operation, forcing them to go undercover and expose the truth.

In the criminal justice system,

Sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In new york city,
the dedicated detectives

Who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the special victims unit.

These are their stories.

- All done.
So how's that?

- What do you want,
a medal?

Now get the cable
out of the truck.

- By myself?

- What are you,
some kind of wimp?

Slid the damn thing out.

- Damn, rookie!
What the hell's your problem?

- Rats.

- Son of a bitch.
Can't even curse like a man.

- No.

What the hell?

I think there's something
over there.

- You ain't gonna last long,

You let a couple rodents
scare you.

Where are you going?

- There's something
over there.

Oh, my god.

- Call an ambulance.

- Victim's
eight months pregnant.

Lucky she didn't go
into labor.

- Did you get her name?
Did she tell you what happened?

- Just pointed
at her belly and cried.

- Is the baby okay?

- Ultrasound was normal,

But her pelvic turned up
vaginal trauma and fluids.

Tell me something--

Who the hell rapes
a pregnant woman?

- Yeah, well, for every kink,
there's a perv with a dream.

- She's behind
curtain number three.

- Uh, doctor?

- I got to go, detective.

- Not until
we find our victim. Subitle in
english by Adriano_CSI

- They let our victim
walk out with a bruised face

And an eight-month belly?

- A bus crashed
in the midtown tunnel.

The e.R. Was so chaotic,
nobody noticed she left.

- Well, I hope
you didn't call me down here

At the crack of dawn
to lead your search party.

- No, munch and fin
are canvassing.

I called you, because jane doe
was the fourth pregnant woman

To be raped
in the city this month.

- And we're thinking
it's the same guy?

- Well, it's the same m.O.

He followed each one of them
out of a subway station

And then raped them
at knifepoint.

- Victims give a description?
- Yeah.

Guy wore a stocking mask.
- And a condom, too, no doubt.

- In the first
three attacks--

Either he forgot the condom
this time, or it broke.

Warner is processing
the dna now.

- So am I just here
to look at pretty pictures,

Or do you have something
to show me?

- Okay, the perp grabbed
his first victim

Coming off the "q" train
at prospect park.

Second victim,
last stop on the number 6.

- Victim number three
was raped in a cemetery

In middle village
off the "m" train.

Tonight's attack
went down in harlem

Near the number 2.

- These four subway lines
all intersect

In only one place
in the five burroughs.

- City hall station.

Subway lines all connect
to his comfort zone.

- Perp does the deed

And only has to take
one train home.

- Pregnant woman's
an easy target.

She'll do anything
the perp wants,

Because she wants
to protect her baby.

- So...

You doing anything
to stop him?

- Svu base to portable,
status report.

- Lousy. Csu grid-searched
the park and found squat.

Anybody check that car?

Stand by, captain.

That's a lot
of parking tickets.

Traffic should have moved
this days ago.

This car's full of crap.

Hey, yo! Police.
Anybody home?

- What time is it?

- It's time for you
to answer some questions.

Come on.
- Hey, that's my clean laundry.

- Yeah, yeah.
What's your name?

- My friends
call me flossie.

- Do you have to do that
in front of me?

- Hey, do I look like
I have dental insurance?

I got enough problems
without gingivitis.

- Between your plaque removal,

You hear or see
anything unusual last night?

- Oh, you mean the pregnant girl
getting raped?

- You saw the rape?
- I heard her screaming first.

This crazy language--

Something like that.
Oh, wow, you know what that is?

- Spare me.
What happened?

- I took a look.

Bastard was doing her
from behind.

He had a big-ass knife.

He waved it at me
when I told him to stop.

I ran back to the car.
- So you got a good look at him.

- Sure did.
He walked right past me

As he was taking the underwear
off his head.

No. The--the nose
was a little smaller.


The eyes
were farther apart.

Yeah, but now
the hair's not right.

- Flossie's gums
may be gross,

But at least
he's got good recall.

- We'll send the sketch
to every precinct,

Transit district,
and subway station booth.

Where are we on the victim?

- Nothing
from missing persons,

But flossie says she was
speaking a foreign language.

- Well, if she's illegal,

That would explain
why she ran from the hospital.

Take her photo over to ice,
see if she's on their radar.

- No american embassy will give
a visa to pregnant woman

In her third trimester.

- So that whole
"bring us your tired, your poor,

Your yearning to breathe free"
thing was bull?

- They sneak in,
drop their litter.

Little tykes go
right on the federal teat,

And we pay for the milk.

- Spoken like a true racist.

[computer beeps]

- Well, I'll be damned.

Embassy in bulgaria
made an exception.

Sophia zorav,

on a b-2 tourist visa.

Sudden death in the family.

- How many pounds of flesh
you people take from her

To prove it?
- Death certificate

And funeral notice
for her uncle.

She was staying at his house
with her aunt lili denkova,

The widow, in harlem.

- That's sophia.

Oh, god, not this,
not now.

All that flying--

"you'll harm the baby,"
I told her.

But sophia wouldn't take no
for an answer.

She was...

Very close to her uncle.

- We're very sorry
for your loss.

- I was so busy
with the funeral.

I never got
to call her again.

- Why call
if she was staying here?

- Because she never arrived.

- Sophia flew in
to kennedy airport.

- Yes.
I went to pick her up,

Waited for her
to come through customs,

But she never did.

I tried her cell phone,

[cell phone ringing]
but it went to voice mail, so...

I just assumed
that she changed her mind.

- Is there anyone else here
that she may have contacted?

- No. I am all sophia has
in this country.

- Well, she still may try to get
in touch with you,

So please call me
if she does.

- [sighs]

And to call me
if you find her first, please.

- Warner got a hit on the dna
from sophia.

Rapist's name
is donovan black,

Lives right by city hall.

Munch and fin
are on him right now.

- Where are
you two lovebirds going?

- What the hell's it
to you, pops?

- Let go of her, black.
- Why? She's my girlfriend.

- He's got a knife.
- And I got a gun. Drop it.

- You okay?
- He...

He said he'd cut my baby
if I didn't come with him.

- Donovan black,
you're under arrest for rape.

- I didn't rape anyone.
- Shut up, knucklehead.

We got a witness.

- That's the guy--
number 4.

- Where you
recognize him from?

- That's the guy I saw raping
the pregnant woman

In central park.

- Are you sure?

- He looks exactly like
the description I gave you.

- Lighten up, flossie.
Let's go.

- Oh, great.

Where's the victim?
- In the wind.

- Then so is our case.
- He saw him in the act.

- He's a freak.

I can't charge rape
on the word of a tooth fairy.

- The semen found in sophia
is a 13-point match

To black's dna.

That's enough to prove
beyond a reasonable doubt

That a rape occurred.

- I can't take this to court
without a victim's statement,

Let alone without a victim.

Black's defense
will rip this to shreds.

- We let that creep go...

He rapes
another pregnant woman,

The next baby
may not be so lucky.

- All right, arrest him.

But find sophia.
- Ice called.

State department
just busted a clerk

At the u.S. Embassy
in bulgaria.

Turns out he was being paid off
to issue sophia's visa.

- Paid?
By whom?

- Well, I bet you
lili denkova knows.

Her husband's funeral--
uh, it never happened.

- He's still alive?

- She's never been married.

- Why would lili bring sophia
into this country

And then lie to us
about it?

- Maybe she took off so she
wouldn't have to tell us.

- Or something worse happened.
The place is torn apart.

Svu portable to central--
request backup.

112 west 1-1-4.

- Ms. Denkova?


We got a blood trail
leading out the back.

- Looks like lili
left her brains behind.

- Well, who the hell
took her body?

- Even without a body,

It's still a murder, right?
- Absolutely.

No one could survive
losing this much brain matter.

- It's got to be lili,
unless sophia came back here.

- There must be a toothbrush
inside with lili's dna

That I could use
to make a positive I.D.

- Six ballistic impact marks

Right where the victim's
head was--

Shooter stood over her,
fired straight down.

- And right into the stones,

So the slugs
are destroyed on impact.

- He had to have used
a silencer.

Neighbors would have heard.
- Well, he tore the place apart.

Think our killer
got what he wanted

Before he blew
lili's brains out?

- No, but I did.

Found this under
the bathroom sink.

- Doesn't sound like
scrubbing bubbles to me.

- Oh, phony stash can.

- And the prize inside is
a cell phone.

- Well, she obviously didn't
want anyone finding this.

We got 40 calls...

But to only
three different numbers.

- Neighbors
saw the body snatchers--

Two guys carrying
a rolled-up rug

Out the front door
around 11:00 last night.

- Where'd they put it?
- In an suv--

No make, no plates, no further
description of the perps.

- Sorry, wrong number.

- Any luck?

- First number was disconnected.
The second one was blocked.

The third belongs
to an ob-gyn--

A dr. Stephen elroy.

- Yeah, sure,
I remember them.

- So, it sounds like
they're not regular patients.

- No, they called,

And they asked
if I could see them right away.

- Same-day service--
that's impressive.

- Well, the older one said
her niece fell in the tub.

She asked me to check the baby.
[cell phone rings]

I mean, what was
I gonna do, say no?

- Benson.

- Did sophia have any reason
to be worried?

- Not really.
She had some spotting,

Belly pains.

I did an ultrasound,
examined her.

Everything looked fine.

- So you didn't notice
the pelvic trauma

And the massive bruise
on her face.

- Of course I did.
I told you, she fell.

- On her face and her vagina?

And you didn't suspect
foul play?

- Any sign of sexual assault
or domestic violence,

I call you guys.

Hey, what kind of investigation
is this, anyway?

- Homicide.

- Who's dead,
the woman or the girl?

- Why would you think
it's one of them?

- Doctor, thank you so much
for your time.

Um, if we need anything else,
we'll be in touch.

- Anything I can do to help.

- So why'd
you shut me down?

- Not me--cragen.

- I pulled
the death certificate

For lili denkova's
phony husband, dmitri.

Look who signed it.

- Dr. Stephen elroy.

Most obs only sign
birth certificates.

- You don't think
stephen elroy killed lili?

- Nah, I don't think
dr. Bozo would hurt a fly.

- But he's
definitely involved.

He had lili
on a secret speed dial--why?

- 100 bucks says the owner of
the blocked cell number knows.

- I don't know, but whatever
you guys stepped in,

I'm starting to smell
the stink on me.

- Oh, courtesy
of donovan black.

He blew the lid off this garbage
by raping sophia.

- And dr. Elroy
is our only link.

- I think it's time to put

Something tighter than
a stethoscope around his neck.

- He'll just lawyer up.

- Well, then let's subpoena
the blocked cell number

And see
who answers the phone.

- Honey,
the police are here.

- Police?
Something wrong?

- I'm detective stabler--
my partner, detective benson.

We'd like to ask you
a few questions.

- What about?
- Phone calls...

You made to lili denkova.

- Before my clients say a word,
I want it understood.

No crime's been committed.

- Well, then I'm sure
they won't mind telling us

About their chat
with lili denkova.

- Beth and I got married
eight years ago.

We've been trying ever since
to get pregnant.

- We have everything
in the world

Except the one thing
we really want--

A baby.

- You try I.V.F.?

- With dr. Elroy.

Artificial insemination--

Six rounds of in vitro,
three with donor eggs,

And nothing worked.

- So we thought
we would adopt,


- Glenn was arrested
back in '98

For domestic battery.

False accusation by his ex-wife
during a nasty divorce.

- The judge
dismissed the charge.

- So that's on your record,

And no adoption agency
will touch you.

- We were just about to give up
when lili denkova called.

- Right, two days ago,
according to your phone records.

- She said she was referred
by dr. Elroy.

That a baby
was about to be available

For a quick,
private adoption.

- We were so desperate.

- Hey.

Get an I.D.
On our homicide victim?

- Dna from the remains
matches genetic material

On lili's toothbrush.

Who are they?

- The couple that
was gonna buy sophia's baby

With lili's help.

- So lili
was a baby trafficker.

- I'll say.
We hit a gold mine.

Lili used
bogus death certificates

To bring three other
pregnant women here

From bulgaria
for sham funerals.

- Easiest way
to traffic infants

Is inside
their moer's womb.

- The fetus
isn't legally a person,

So no crime is committed
until it's born

And a sale
actually takes place.

- All made to look
like private adoption.

- So what happened
to the other three mothers?

- Well, their visas expired,
but they never left the country.

If you ask me,
the traffickers bought them

The same one-way ticket
to wherever lili is.

- Which means as soon
as sophia has this baby,

She's dead.

The medical examiner

Lili denkova's been murdered.

- Oh, my god.

- My clients had nothing
to do with this.

- But the woman whose baby
that they were about to adopt

Could be in danger.

We need your help.

- When was the last time
you were contacted?

- [crying]
this morning.

- Lili was killed
two nights ago.

Did dr. Elroy contact you?

- Another man...
Named mr. Brooks.

He's supposed to come to
the apartment tomorrow at noon.

- He said
he wanted to be sure

That the baby was gonna get
a good home.

- The only reason mr. Brooks
is making a home visit

Is to be sure the butlers
can cough up the big money.

- Well, how much
we talking about?

- Well into six figures.

Child trafficking

Is a $5 to $7 billion-a-year
industry worldwide.

- Well, now that lili's dead,
do we have any idea

Where our traffickers
might be stashing sophia?

- Yeah, I checked
with interpol.

These guys
usually rent a space,

Equip it
for labor and delivery,

And keep some doctor
like stephen elroy on call.

- Sophia's not due
for another several weeks.

That's a long time
to sit on elroy.

- Well, it sounds like
this mr. Brooks

Is the guy in charge.

And we know exactly where he's
gonna be tomorrow afternoon.

- Mr. Brooks...

Welcome to our home.

- Ms. Butler.
- Please, call me beth.

This is my husband, glenn.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.

Can I get you a drink?
- Uh, no. No, thank you.

- Well, I can't tell you
how grateful we are.

- Well, your home
is magnificent.

Uh, what do you do
for living?

- I own
a confection company.

- Hmm.
Uh, confections?

- Candy.
- Ah.

- Been in my family
for, like, over 100 years.

- So, uh, sweets for children
pays for all this, huh?

- We've been very fortunate

[voice breaking]
ex--except for...

- Okay.
It's gonna be okay.

Mr. Brooks
is here to help us.

- You two will be
wonderful parents.

- Thank you.

- So, uh...

Should we discuss business?

- It's very simple--
half a million dollar cash.

The first payment
of half tomorrow,

The balance on delivery.

- Where should I bring it?

- You will wait
for my instruction, hmm?

[cell phone beeping]
excuse me for a second.

[beeping continues]

Oh, congratulations.

It's a boy.

- [whispering] wow!
- Oh, god.

He's beautiful.

Is the mother okay?

- She's not your concern.

I need a name
for birth certificate.

- Oliver, after her father.
- Mm-hmm.

- I can't wait
to tell my mother.

- You will say nothing
to anyone...

Until baby's
in your possession.

you will never see oliver, huh?

- When do we get our boy?
- When I call you.

- Any word when brooks
is gonna give you

Sophia's baby?
- Not yet.

But sophia's rape
put us on his tail.

He's got to know it.
- His only choice

Is to kill sophia
and dr. Elroy and skip town.

- Well, I'm brooks, I'd keep
sophia alive to nurse the baby

Until I make the drop.

- Well, either way,
we don't have much time.

Where's doc elroy now?
- He's got to be with sophia.

His office said
that he called in sick today.

- We got a bead on brooks?

- Fin tailed him
from the butlers',

And we haven't heard
from him since.

- That's 'cause I lost him.
- What happened?

- Changed cabs in the middle
of the street.

I don't think he made me,

But this guy
doesn't want to be followed.

- Because he's mutri,
the bulgarian mob.

Interpol I.D.'d him

Off the hidden-camera photos
from the butlers' apartment

As anton petrov.

- You mean our baby smuggler

Works with the bulgarian
national police?

- Used to--petrov was the head
of their antiterrorism unit

Till he crossed over
to the dark side.

- He vanished in '06

After a dozen people
witnessed him

Shoot a journalist
in the head six times.

- That's the same way
lili denkova got it.

- I got the subpoena.

The tap on elroy's cell phone
should be up.

- Okay, the phone's gps
has elroy in harlem--

131st street,

Just west of broadway.
[cell phone chimes]

- There's a lot
of warehouses up there.

One of them
should be petrov's hospital.

- Hold on, hold on.

My glenn butler cell phone
just received a text

From a blocked call.

"exchange at 3:00 p.M.,
morningside park."

- That's in two hours.

If sophia's alive,
she's not gonna be for long.

- Let's get e.S.U.
Up to that warehouse.

We'll take petrov there.
- No.

I need to catch him
in the act.

- Morningside is too risky.
It's wide open.

There's no cover
to hide backup.

- Then I'm making it an order.
Morningside, now.

- You're the boss in court,
counselor, not here.

- And I am telling you

That unless liv and elliot
buy that baby from petrov,

I can't charge him.

- Jo. Jo!

- Are you following me?
- You're damn right I am.

- What's your beef, captain?

- You throwing my people
into the fire.

- I'll do whatever it takes
to get petrov.

- Is that what you said
back in '95?

Oh, yeah.

I remember why you
really retired, lieutenant.

- I was tired of seeing
those creeps I collared get off.

- You sure it wasn't
a guilty conscience?

- That dirt bag
ordered a drive-by

That murdered
three children.

- And to get him,

You burned
two of your undercovers,

Detectives with families.

- Command decision.

- You put your troops
in harm's way.

- Nothing I wouldn't
have done myself.

- You're not a cop anymore.

- Elliot
can handle himself...

Olivia too.

- I'm not betting
their lives on that.

E.S.U. Will be standing by
outside the park.

- If petrov sees them,

It'll be a bloodbath.

- Command decision.

- Any ideas?

- Over there, by the light.

- Mr. Brooks.

- Mr. Butler.

Do you have the money?
- Yes, sir.

- Do you have our baby?
- Yeah, in the backseat.

- Let's go.

- Uh, put the bag
on the car, please.

- Hey, what are you doing?
Get off me!

- Well, you've got the money.
Leave him alone.

- Just making sure.

- Please...

Just give us our baby.

- You have our baby,
don't you?

- The birth certificate
is underneath.

Take him and go.

- No! No, please!
- No!

Don't do this!
Don't do this!

- Who you calling, petrov?

- What did you call me?
- Petrov, you son of a bitch.

Move, and you're dead.

- No! No!


- Drop it!
Drop it! Police!

Put your hands
where I can see them!

- Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
- Turn around.

- You're under arrest.

- [whimpers]

- Sophia...

Are you okay?

We're gonna get you
to a real hospital.

- You okay, captain?
- Yeah.

- Police, sophia.

Do you speak english?

- I have nothing
to say to you.

- We're here to help you.
- If I talk, I die...

And my baby too.

- No one can touch you here.
Anton petrov is in jail.

- I don't know
any anton petrov.

- I saw your baby boy.

He's beautiful.

What's his name?

- He doesn't have one yet.

He is safe?

- Very.

- We can protect you.

- [crying]
no, you can't.

Nobody can.

They're everywhere.

- Sophia, listen to me.

If you don't help us,

They're gonna steal more babies
and kill more mothers,

Just like the three
before you.

Please, sophia...

You can have a life
with your baby.

- Selling your baby
is a crime in america, yes?

- Not if they
forced you to do it.

- Is that
what happened, sophia?

Did they pay you?

Did they promise you

A better life
in this country for your boy?

- Or did you
owe them money...

And they've made you
pay them back

With your own flesh
and blood?

- Nobody forced me.

I'm a criminal
in your country.

Give me my baby
and send me back to bulgaria.

Deport me.

I will never testify
against petrov.

- Your government
will just deport me.

- My government
doesn't deport killers.

- Hmm.

If I'm a killer, why haven't
you charged me, hmm?

Who did I kill?

[door opens]

- We found what's left
of lili denkova.

- Who?

- The den mother for your
bulgarian baby mama operation.

- Mm-hmm.
And, uh, who's this whore?

- [chuckles]
- that woman is the prosecutor

Who's gonna put you away.

- Mm.

I, uh, see the blood.

Did you find the body?

Did anyone see me
shoot this lili, hmm?

- We know you killed her...

For letting sophia zorav
escape and get raped.

- I have no idea
what you're talking about.

But I do hope

You find that swine
who raped that poor girl, hmm?

- He's in jail,
and you'll be joining him.

- [chuckles]
I don't see how.

- I'll tell you how.

Lili ratted you out
before you whacked her.

- Mm-hmm.

- She gave a full statement
to a judge.

Now, that is just as good

As if she were sitting
on the witness stand.

- Mm-hmm.

- She told us
everything, petrov--

How you snuck those women in,
how you sold their babies.

- And then murdered
those poor mothers,

Just like you were gonna kill
sophia and dr. Elroy.

And guess what there,
dirt bag.

We've got them too.

- Ah.

You guys...

You have nothing.

There are no witnesses.
There will be no witnesses.

Now, uh...

I would like my lawyer
to join us, huh?


- Nice try on the bluff.
- Prick thinks he's teflon.

- He's right. Sophia's too
scared to testify against him.

- You can count elroy out.
- Why? He lawyer up?

- He refused counsel as soon
as I read him his rights.

He said he'd plead guilty and
go to prison before he'd talk.

- Look at that poor bastard.

He's terrified.

- Yeah,
not nearly enough for me.

You're a schmuck, doc.

You think by not talking
you're safe? Wrong.

thinks you set him up.

- Set him up? How?
- You recruited the butlers

To buy sophia's baby.

- And now he's convinced
you sold him out

To save your own ass.

- You see how that works?

- Yeah, but I didn't sell
him out.

- This is what he did
to lili denkova.

The only reason
he left you breathing

Was to deliver
sophia's baby.

- He was about to order your
execution when we stopped him.

- Doctor, you are a liability.
Petrov is a thug.

The only thing
he cares about right now

Is staying out of prison.

- You are a loose end
that needs tying up.

- Yeah? Well, he can't get to me
if I'm in jail.

- Honey, you could take
a spaceship to mars,

And he would be there waiting
for you when you landed.

- Your only chance
is talking to us.

- Yeah--well, how?

- Witness protection,
if you cooperate.

- Yeah, well,
that's not enough.

This guy likes to shoot
people in the head.

And can you guarantee
that he won't know where I am?

- Cross my heart
and hope to die.

- You better hope to die

If you're talking to my client
without his attorney present.

- John buchanan.

Branching out
to mobsters around the world?

- I didn't call an attorney.

- It's taken care of,
dr. Elroy.

And you have
nothing more to say.

- Elroy was gonna turn.
We had him.

- Well, now we're
doubly screwed.

That's buchanan's partner,
marty cranston,

Here to rep petrov,
no doubt.

- Well, if elroy cooperates,

He's got to tell his lawyer,
who tells his partner.

- Gets back to petrov,
elroy's dead,

Along with our case.

The only thing
we have left is sophia.

- Sophia's gone.

- She escaped
from the hospital again?

- Two ice agents
were driving her and her baby

To a detention center
near fort dix.

The car exploded.

They're all dead.

- Surveillance cameras
at fort dix

Caught the explosion.

Friend at the fbi
passed me the tape.

- [sighs]
well, petrov said no witnesses.

He's keeping his promises.

- Now we just have
to prove it.

- Well, we're not gonna
prove jack.

- Sophia and her baby were
our victims and your witness.

You know that petrov
murdered her.

- And two federal agents
on federal property.

won't let us near it,

And you two already have
bull's-eyes on your backs.

I'm putting protective details
on both of you.

- We don't need
a bunch of cops tailing us.

- Undercover d.A.'s

You'll never make them.

- Okay, so what about elroy?
I mean...

He's got to be next
on petrov's hit list.

He's a sitting duck
in jail.

- He thinks petrov
is gonna let him slide

If he pleads guilty
and keeps his mouth shut.

- John buchanan's never
gonna let that happen.

- How do
the defendants plead?

- Not guilty.

- Not guilty.

- Bail, ms. Marlowe?
- Remand.

Mr. Petrov is wanted
for murder in bulgaria,

Which presents
a huge flight risk,

As does dr. Elroy.

- Your honor--
- sorry, counselor.

This one's a no-brainer.

The defendants
are remanded without bail.

Let's take 15.

- Ms. Marlowe.

Dr. Elroy slipped this to me
back in lockup.

It's for you.
- Thanks.

[paper rustles]

- Thanks.

Too bad you're never
gonna make it to trial.

- Suppress evidence?
On what grounds?

- The police claim my client
signed a bogus death certificate

For lili denkova's
bogus husband.

- Claim?

Look and see.

- Ms. Marlowe
used that document

To obtain subpoenas
for dr. Elroy's phone records...

- Yes.
- And warrants to tap his phone.

- Clever of me, wasn't it?
- No, it was stupid.

Dr. Elroy's signature
was forged.

- Can you prove it?
- Our expert will testify

That the signature
on that certificate

Is not my client's.
- Really?

And how much are you
paying your expert?

- Enough.

This person is available to
appear at a suppression hearing?

- Yeah, and dr. Elroy
will testify

That he had nothing to do
with those phony documents.

- I'll read your papers,
mr. Buchanan,

And I'll get back to you--
now, I got to go.

- Your honor--
- no, I really mean it.

I have to go.
- Me too.

- Are you stalking me,

- I need to talk to you.

- In here?
And ex parte?

- You'll understand
when you read this.

It's a note
from dr. Elroy.

- "I don't trust my lawyer.

Help me!"

- What the hell is this?

- It's the answer
to your little cry for help.

- Does my attorney know
that I'm here?

- Trevor langan--
I'm your attorney now.

- I don't understand.

- It's called
a shadow counsel.

It's the only way
we can keep you safe.

- Yeah, but...

If I fire my lawyer,

Then petrov will know
I'm ratting him out,

And then I'm dead.

- You're not gonna
fire buchanan.

You're gonna do
everything he says.

- Your shadow counsel,
mr. Langan,

Will represent
your real interests.

- And buchanan and petrov--
they won't find out?

- Not unless you tell them.

- All right, then.

I accept.

So now what?

- I make a deal
for your cooperation.

Dismissal of all charges,
immunity from prosecution,

And witness protection.

- In exchange
for his sworn confession.

- In court?
- Here, in chambers.

A secret in-camera hearing

With the record sealed.

- And I tell you everything?

- Everything except
what you hear in meetings

Between you, buchanan,
petrov, and his attorney.

- Done.

- All right.

- Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

How am I gonna testify
at the evidence hearing

With him as my lawyer?

- You're not.

Buchanan will still be
your attorney.

You'll answer
all of his questions.

- Yeah, but if I tell
the truth out there,

Then I'm dead!

- Go ahead.

- You're not gonna
tell the truth.

- So you want me to lie...

Under oath,
in front of a judge.

- In front of me.

As long as you
tell the truth in here,

There's no crime.

- Dr. Elroy,

Do you recognize
this document?

- Well, it's
a death certificate

For lili denkova's
husband, dmitri.

- That's your signature
at the bottom, isn't it?

- It's my signature,
but it must have been forged.

I've never seen this piece
of paper before in my life.

Yes, I signed
the death certificate.

- At whose bequest?

- Lili denkova.

She handled the paperwork,

And she kept the mothers
under wraps

Until they gave birth.

- When did you first
meet lili?

- The day she brought
sophia in.

- So she never tried
to involve you

In any baby-smuggling ring.

- Absolutely not.

- Lili offered me
20,000 in cash

For every baby I delivered.

I told her to get lost

Until she threatened
to expose me for, um...

- I'll let him answer

If whatever he says
is covered by immunity.

- As long as it's not
a violent crime.

Expose you for what?

- Insurance fraud.

I don't know how she found out
I was double billing,

But she threatened
to turn me in.

And she was still
gonna pay me.

- Did lili denkova pay you
to recruit infertile couples

To buy children?

- Of course not.
I only met her once.

- When was the first time
you met anton petrov?

- The night I delivered
sophia zorav's baby.

- Did you see anton petrov
murder lili denkova?

- No.

- Do you have knowledge
that he murdered lili denkova?

- You swore
to tell the truth, doctor.

- I know where
her body is buried.

There's a cemetery
in the bronx.

Petrov knows a guy
from the old country

Who makes coffins
with false bottoms.

Lili's buried under some lady
who died of a stroke.

- Thank you, dr. Elroy.
Nothing further.

- Ms. Marlowe.

- I have no questions
for the defendant.

And I'm moving that
the defense's motion to suppress

Be denied.

- Not so fast.

Judge quinn...

I have a few more questions
for dr. Elroy.

- The people object.
- I've just been informed

That the people,
in cahoots with the police,

Have found
lili denkova's body.

And there's only one person

Who could have told them
where it was buried.

Isn't that right, doctor?

- Don't answer that.

Beyond the scope
of the hearing.

- I was just trying to help--
- enough, doctor.

Objection sustained.

- Dr. Elroy,

Did you learn of the location
of lili denkova's body

In a private conference

With you, mr. Petrov,
and myself?

- Upon advice of counsel,

I am invoking
my fifth amendment right

Against self-incrimination.

- I'll take that as a yes.

Did you relay the information
to ms. Marlowe

Before or after
becoming her informant?

- I'm not their informant.

- Doctor, did ms. Marlowe
and the judge

Tell you it was okay
to lie under oath

In this proceeding?

Come on!

You can tell me.
I'm your lawyer.

Or am I?
- You're out of order,

Mr. Buchanan.
- No, you're out of order!

You and ms. Marlowe
have perpetrated a fraud

Upon this court.

- Your honor, the people
are going to ask the grand jury

To indict mr. Petrov
for the murder of lili denkova.

- Based on information
from him?

I am moving
that ms. Denkova's body

Be excluded as evidence,

As it was illegally obtained,

Because dr. Elroy violated
attorney-client privilege.

- Counsel, in chambers...

Right now!

- Judge quinn ruled
lili's body out as evidence.

- Do we have any idea
how buchanan found out?

- Someone in the cemetery
tipped him off.

- Well, those attorney-client
meetings were the only way

Elroy could have known
where lili was buried.

- Well, we told elroy

He wasn't to disclose
anything he heard there.

- So instead of being helpful,
he screwed us.

- That's why I screwed him.

- Well, we still have
his sworn confession.

- Buchanan claims we coerced
elroy into giving it.

He's moving
to have it thrown out.

- And without it,
we can't charge petrov

With lili's murder.

- How much trouble
are you and the judge in?

- Worst we'll probably
get is censure

From the disciplinary committee,
but it's worth it.

- I don't see how.

- You will.

- This is getting tiresome.

What now?

- I thought we'd give you
one last chance to make a deal.

- [chuckles]

- Why? You have
no useable evidence,

No witnesses--
therefore, no case.

- Hmm. Really?

- Really.

- That's right.

The feds found the bomb your
people put under her car...

Before it exploded.

- They blew up the car
with no one in it.

- So you'd think
sophia was dead.

- You will not open
your mouth.

- Not a word.

- I'm not afraid
of you anymore.

- Sophia...

Tell us what happened.

- This pig...
Came to lili's house

The night after I was raped.

He took me and lili
to the patio.

He made r lie on the ground,
and he said...


[crying] and then he shot her
in the head.

He said the same thing
would happen to me

If his property, my baby,
was damaged!

- I will kill you!

- I told them everything!

How you forced me
to give up my baby

To pay back you
and your mobsters!

- You're dead, you hear me?
You're dead.

Your baby is dead.

Your parents in bulgaria
are dead!

- We brought
her parents here,

So your people
can't touch them.

- You will never hurt
another girl again,

Because you'll rot
in the american prison.

- I never go
to prison, never!

You understand, bitch?

Never go to prison!


- Yeah, tough guy--
folded like a little bitch.

- Yeah, well, life without
parole looked pretty sweet

When he heard the feds
wanted to fry him.

- He's just lucky that sophia
didn't get her hands on him.

- Aleksander and me
will get asylum?

- Uh, you will, but this
little man doesn't need it.

See, he was born here,

So he's automatically
a u.S. Citizen.

- Good luck.

- Thank you...
For everything.

- Elroy's off the hook too.

U.S. Marshals
are picking him up tomorrow

To put him
in witness protection.

- You lied to us, jo...
Right to our faces.

You said
that sophia was dead.

- I was protecting
our victim.

I needed an ace in the hole.

- Why didn't you trust us?

- I couldn't take the chance

That petrov had his guys
trailing you.

- Well, you know, partners
put their cards on the table.

- Well, like my grandmother
always said...

The strongest cards you have
are the ones you haven't played.