Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 11, Episode 19 - Conned - full transcript

An abused, schizophrenic 16-year-old is a suspect in the brutal murder of his close friend. But why is Fin's son protecting the suspect from the police? And did his psychiatrist misdiagnose him for selfish reasons?

NARRATOR: In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses
are considered
especially heinous,

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives
who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad known
as the Special Victims Unit,

These are their stories,


I've been watching
you all night.

I'm the only girl left
you haven't hit on.

You got a room
at the hotel?

With my parents.

I know a place
where we can be alone.

What type of girl
do you think I am?


What the hell?

It was only a kiss.

Oh, my God!


Male, late teens,
blunt force trauma
to the head.

No wallet.
Killer was not happy.

Practically beat
the kid's face off.

And broke
all his teeth.

I won't be lDing him
from his dental records.

Perp left the
murder weapon.

And the victim's
own weapon is out.

WARNER: Which is
why I called you.

I found fluids.

One of them got off,
then the killer
offed this kid?

Easy come,
not so easy go.

The kitchen is
right across the hall.

Did anyone hear
or see anything?

Nobody came forward.

Munch and Fin are
canvassing the staff.

Where are the lovebirds
who found the body?

It was so gross.

My hand landed
right on his crotch
when I fell.

Right on his thing.

You ever see
the guy before?

BRAD: At the reception.

I remember that shirt.
I served him drinks.

He scarfed down
a whole tray
of mini quiches.

Friend of the bride
or groom?

I saw the bride, ldrina,
talking to him.

More like
screaming at him.

Then some old guy
threw him out.

Her father.

Idrina may be
a total Bridezilla,

but I can't believe
she'd kill one
of her guests.

Maybe he gave her
the wrong china pattern.

Sorry to interrupt
your honeymoon.
You're not.

In two hours
and eight minutes,

we're going to be at JFK
on a flight to Jamaica.

Okay. We'll try
to make this quick.

So how do you
know the young man

that your father
kicked out last night?

I never met
that idiot before.

He ruined the most
important day of my life.

Could he have been
with one of your guests?

That's what we assumed.

Until he insisted
on making a toast.

It was actually the best
toast of the night.

He had a whole bunch
of people in tears.

He talked about
how special
my Quinceanera was.

I didn't
even have one.
I got mono.

Biggest fiasco
of my life,
until my wedding.

MARlO: Mi hija.

So you're her father?


The guy who spent
$500 a head,

and a mooch spoils
my princess' special day.

You must have
been furious.

I could have killed him.
Threw him out the fire
escape on his trasero,

FlN: That's got
to be our victim.

Can you freeze
on his face?

GUARD: Well, he was
good-looking before
somebody bashed it in.

FlN: We didn't find
a cell phone on the body.

He had to come back in
to get killed.

Only way is
through the lobby.

Okay, there he is
in the lobby at 9:45.


He didn't
come in through
the front entrance.

Okay, let's go back
to the camera in the
alley around 9:40.

Okay, there he is
going back into
the reception.

I thought
you said the only way in
was through the lobby.

It is. The fire door
locks from the inside.

Someone from
the reception
let him back in.

Question is, who?

Okay, our John Doe
goes back into
the reception,

heads toward the lobby,
then where did he go?

He's at the elevator.

FlN: Do you know
the guy who's with him?

I saw him walking in
with the bridal
party last night.

Do they have
a bank of rooms here?

Seventh floor.
Here's the camera.

FlN: Whoa! See that?

It looks like everybody
got lucky at this wedding.

I hope the guest in 711
lived to tell about it.

It's not
what you think.

I've got a wife
and six kids
back in Provo.

I saw the
security tapes.

You can't tell
Hector about this.

I run his distribution
center in Utah.

I'm ldrina's

So you're the one
that let the kid
back in the fire door?

No. I didn't
know he left.

Look, he chatted
me up all night.

Said we needed to
get out of there.

People were starting
to notice us.

What's his name?

(SlGHS) Jack.

Does he have
a last name?

I didn't ask.

How much did he
charge you?


I swear, I've never done
anything like this before.

That's why
you killed him?

So he couldn't
tell anybody else?

Killed? God, no.
He was in and
out in an hour.

Of my room, I mean.

What else can you
tell me about Jack?

He's a thief.

The bastard
stole my Rolex.

One wasn't found
on the body.

I'm going to need
your contact info
and your fingerprints.

Oh, my God.

Just don't put my name
in the paper. Please.

Our victim's 16 years old.
Name is Andrew Hingham.

He told the John
he picked up last night
his name was Jack.

A hustler using
a fake name.
Imagine that.

Too bad for Provo.

I've got to collar
him after all.

Wonder how he's going
to explain the rape

of a male minor
to his wife.

Okay, the killer
got at least $200,
the kid's cell phone,

and an already
stolen Rolex.

Where did you
find the wallet?

At the bottom
of a very large
garbage bin

filled with yesterday's
seafood buffet.

You're catching
the bus home.

You know, nobody
but the kitchen staff

has access
to this area.

Well, then it's a good thing
I told the overnight shift
not to go home.

STABLER: I want you
to take a good look

and tell me which one of you
saw this person last night.

We're not interested in
your immigration status.

We're not from lCE.

FlN: One of you knows
this guy intimately.

You rolled him
right after you
had sex with him.

You got
to say?


You seem a little

What is it?
Your co-workers
don't know?

I'm no maricon,

What is this, then?
What is this?

Your boyfriend just give
it to you after he stole
it off his last trick?

When the girl who
found him screamed,
we come running.

Miguel and Amalia,

they went
to get security.

I grabbed the watch
and the wallet.

Where's the $200?

The wallet was empty.
I swear.

Please don't deport me
back to Guatemala.

I wouldn't think of it.

Can you please tell
this moron that Guatemala
is not a city in Mexico?

This isn't right.

You can't lock me
up with a dangerous
gang member.

I think this is
the beginning of
a beautiful friendship.

So, we have a winner?

Provo's story
checked out.

Security tape shows
he stayed in his room
after Andrew left.

Still got him
on the stat rape.

Our friend Julio
had no problem

giving us his DNA
and prints.

We're holding him
on grand larceny.

He stole a $25,000
watch off a corpse.

Where are Liv
and Elliot?

Andrew's parents.
All right.

Well, given the
condition of his face,

Iet's spare them
the trauma of coming
down to lD their son.

JOYCE: Andrew was my baby,

He always said
I didn't love him.
But I did.

I just...

I didn't have any
energy left by the
time he came along.

You had him
later in life?

Right as the last
of our four kids
was leaving home.

Phil divorced me
when I got pregnant.

Moved to California,
never had anything
to do with Andrew.

That must have been rough,
raising him alone.

He suffered
with depression
his whole life.

I got him a psychiatrist.
I want to see my son.

You know, I think
it would be easier
on you if you don't.


they're doing the autopsy
on him right now.

So if you
have a hairbrush
or a toothbrush,

we can confirm his lD.

I kept everything,
just the way he left it.

What do you mean,
"left it"?

He ran away almost
seven months ago.

Have you had any
contact with him since?

We talk every Sunday.

On Skype.
I've been waiting
all day for his call.

Do you know
where he was staying?


He always called
from different places.

Mostly lnternet cafes.

He came back once
when I wasn't home.
To steal my laptop.

Did he suffer?


JOYCE: That's
the Skype ringtone.

I don't Skype with
anyone but Andrew.

JOYCE: Andrew.

Mom, I'm really scared,

Something bad
has happened,

JOYCE: You're alive.

How could you
tell me he was dead?

Who are you talking to?
Is someone else there?

Hey, Andrew.

I'm a friend of your mom's.
You need to come home.

We need to talk
to you, okay?

ANDREW: Oh, my God,
You're cops,

Mom, don't tell
them anything,

No, Andrew,
don't go.

Why did you scare him away?

Mrs. Hingham, let me
apologize on behalf
of the department

for this unfortunate


Those detectives
are off the case.

I don't know
how much more
my nerves can take.

The young man
who was murdered had
Andrew's lD on him.

Any idea why?

When Andrew
called me yesterday,

it looked like
he'd been beaten up.

And he said
he was in trouble.

Did Andrew ever mention
somebody named Jack?

No. Andrew didn't
really have any friends.

Well, this might be
more than a friend.

The victim was
a homosexual prostitute.

What? My son's not gay.

Well, you said you were
estranged from him
for seven months.

He was living
on the streets.

So first he's dead,
and now, he's gay.

You know, let me tell
you how wrong you are.

Last summer,
he was accused
of raping a girl.


You say he was accused
of raping a girl.

Someone called
the girl's parents

and said that Andrew
had forced her to have
sex against her will.

Did they press charges?

His psychiatrist
talked to them
and to the school,

and convinced everyone
that Andrew
belonged in a hospital

and not in a jail
because of his
mental illness.

Well, I understand
Andrew suffers
from depression,

but that isn't normally
a defense to rape.

Dr. Stanton said
Andrew had a complete
mental breakdown.

She diagnosed him
with early-onset

How long was
Andrew hospitalized?

He was admitted
last August,

and then
a handful of patients
escaped in October

and they somehow
talked Andrew into
running with them.

He's very suggestible.

He's always been
desperate to belong.

FlN: Looks like
Little Boy Lost

just became
our prime suspect.

Well, let's not spring
it on Mrs. Hingham
until we're damn sure.

Dealing with a schizophrenic
definitely changes the game.

Delusional thoughts and
hallucinations can lead
to violent behavior.

But most schizophrenics
aren't a danger

to themselves
or to others.

The kid's depressed.
He rapes a girl, then
goes to the nut hatch,

then possibly murders
a gay hustler?

That sounds
dangerous to me.

usually presents

in late teens
to early adulthood.

Andrew's only 16.

The earlier it hits,
the more difficult
it is to treat.

The wedding photographer
sent me snaps
from the reception.

Our victim wasn't
the only party crasher.

FlN: That's Provo with Jack,
before he got tossed out.

MUNCH: Look in
the background.

CRAGEN: That's
Andrew Hingham.

Who is definitely not
the life of the party.

Well, he's alone
in every picture
except for these.

CRAGEN: Andrew and Jack
were there together.

MUNCH: Andrew
sees his boyfriend
leave with Provo.

When Jack returns,
Andrew drags him
into the storeroom

and murders him
in a jealous rage.

Lot of divorces
start at drunken
wedding receptions.

Sounds like
a motive to me.

Release Andrew's
picture to the press.

We need to get him
off the street

before he hurts
somebody else.

Doc. Talk to your
colleagues at Bellevue.

Find out how
a ward of patients

on lockdown managed
to fly the cuckoo's nest.

You said Andrew
was being treated
by a Dr. Stanton?

I'll try to start
with her.

If Andrew were
still under my care,

he would be
a fully functioning
member of society.

Were you treating Andrew
with electro-convulsive

Yes, I was.

Many of my depressed
and schizophrenic patients
improve markedly with ECT.

Well, in the
short term, perhaps.

How did Andrew

Well, we had only
just started.

I wish that I could have
completed the course.



Maybe that's
why he fled.


A con artist scammed his way
into the hospital under
a voluntary commitment.

Andrew fell
under his spell.

A con artist?

He wasn't my patient,
but he wreaked havoc
on the ward.

He would amuse himself
by convincing everybody
to trade meds.

Including Andrew?

Yeah. Andrew is
highly impressionable
and very gullible.

Were they lovers?

Andrew never disclosed
an attraction to men.

But I will say that,
other than me,

this fellow was
the only other person

I ever saw draw Andrew
out of his shell.

And how did
they escape?

The guy scammed
a set of keys
off an orderly

and made it
past three guards
in a locked ward.

Took most of
the pharmacy, too.
10 grand in meds.

Can you tell me
this man's name?

Jack Robinson.

Got a hit
on Jack's prints.

Popped for
identity theft
last year.

Passed himself off
as Donald Trump's son.

Quite the entrepreneur.
Too bad he's dead.

Donald might
have adopted him.

Well, his tox screen
reads like Elvis'.

Alcohol, benzos, opiates,

Kid was partying
hard when he died.

Any prints off
the murder weapon?

The ones off the weapon
weren't in the system

and they don't match
your dishwasher's,

but I did match them
to one I got off
Andrew Hingham's brush.

So Andrew killed him.

Killers don't usually
leave a calling card.

Why would he plant
his lD on his victim?

Speaking of lD's,
Jack's shows he's 19.

So I guess
Provo's off the hook.

Until he gets home
to his wife in Utah.

She refused
to post his bail.

Okay. So we know
Provo had sex with Jack.
What about Andrew?

The only semen
I found was Provo's.

We're guessing
Jack and Andrew
were lovers?

Maybe Jack's father
can tell you.

I called him
to lD the body.

I guess Jack finally
conned the wrong person.

Any idea who that
might have been?


Jack ran get-rich-quick
schemes from
the time he could talk.

His mother believed
they were legit.

But I knew better.

Well, people we spoke
to said that your son
was very charismatic.

He was a genius.
150 lQ.

Was he still
living at home?

God, no.

He always dreamed
of getting out
of Masonville.

Once he did,
he was never coming back.

He ever mention a friend
named Andrew Hingham?

The only information
we got was from
video postcards.

MUNCH: Do you
still have them?

This is the last
one he sent us.

Hey, parental units,
Things are better
than ever,

And I have got
a great investment
opportunity for you,

I've really got to act
on this fast, though,

So send me
a cashier's check
for $10, 000,

I will fill you in
on all the details
on the flip side,

I love you,

His mom just couldn't
resist giving that boy
one more chance.

You sent him money.
Do you have an address
on him?

The only one he ever
gave us was this place
where he volunteered.

What was the name?

Williams Home?

Williams House.
I know somebody there.


Dad, it's not
a good time.
I'm swamped.

It's never a good time.

I haven't seen
you in months.

I'm sorry.
I'm just really busy.

I can see.

Still fighting
the good fight.

I hope you came by
just to say hello.

Because if you're here
about one of our kids,
it can't be good.

You know these guys?

That's Frick and Frack.

They're inseparable.

Were. Jack was murdered.

Can't say I'm surprised.
Jack lived on the edge.

His father says
he volunteers here.

Jack never helped
anyone but himself.

He only crashed here
when something better
fell through.

What about Andrew?

He's a good kid.

That one, I think
we can actually reach.

We need to find him first.

He may know something
about Jack's murder.

Andrew hasn't
been here in days.

Okay. Just give me
a call if he shows up.

In the meantime, ask around.

See if anybody
knows where he is.

Dad, these are
street kids.

No one's going
to drop a dime on
one of their friends.

Including me.

What? You know something
you're not telling me?

These kids trust me.

I haven't told them
my dad's a cop
for a reason.

They have to know
I'd never betray
their confidence.

You're not a priest.
Your conversations
aren't privileged.

I'll ask around.

Okay, do that.

It's a long shot,
but we might be able
to find Andrew

by logging onto
his computer.

MORALES: Well, Andrew
stole his mother's laptop.

Using remote access software
and his mother's password,

I can control
her computer.

FlN: So that's the
screen of the computer
that Andrew jacked.

Exactly. Now,
I have access
to his web cam.

If it's open,
we'll see everything
that's in front of it.

This is live?

Last time I did this,

I got the thief
sitting right in front
of the computer he stole.

So Andrew could be
in this room right now.

Come on, man.
Answer your e-mail.

Have a Twitter

Even if we see him,
we don't know where he is.

Unless I spot
a landmark that might
give us a location.

I'll take a picture.

Now, I'll enlarge
the area
around the window.

Bunch of trees.

That's got
to be a park.

TARU identified
the black building
as Mount Sinai Hospital.

And based on the angle,
the picture was taken
from this building.

FlN: One of Jack's
schemes must have

really paid off for him
to be able afford
such a nice apartment.

I don't know about you,
but most of the people

whose doors
I knocked on
weren't home.

People will be
getting home from work
in a few hours.

I take it we're working
overtime again?

You stay here
and question them
when they get home.

What have you got,
a hot date?

I've got a cold son.

Ken lives
a few blocks from here.

I had a feeling
he was holding

something back
from me earlier today.

BERNlCE: Can I help you?

FlN: Yes.
Is Ken here?

I'm sorry. Ken doesn't
live here anymore.

Since when?

I moved here
in December.

I am really sorry
to bother you.

You don't by any chance
have a forwarding address
for him, do you?

I do, but I don't
feel very comfortable

giving it out
to strangers.

I'm sorry.

I'm a police officer,
and Ken's my son.

(LAUGHlNG) Well,
you have a lovely son.

And so organized.

He left self-addressed,
stamped envelopes,

so I could forward
any mail that the
post office missed.

Thank you very much
for helping me.

When you see him,
you can deliver it
in person.

110 Central Park North?

You get anything?

High blood pressure.

Ken moved
into this building
five months ago.

No way this is
a coincidence.

My son is
harboring a killer.

Are you crazy?

No, are you?
What the hell?

You looked me
dead in the eyes
this morning

and told me
you hadn't seen
Andrew in days.

I didn't lie. I said
Andrew hadn't been
to the shelter in days.

This is Andrew's computer.
He was here, in your home.

The new home that
you didn't bother
to tell me about.

I moved in with
my boyfriend.

What, are you
banging this kid?

He's a minor.

If you've crossed
some sort of line,
please tell me.

I don't want to have to
arrest my own damn son.

That's what you think.
I'm gay, so I must be
a sexual predator.

Why not just ask me if
I recruit little boys
and convert them?

Andrew is straight.

Yeah, right.
His best friend
is a gay hustler.

I know this may be hard
for you to comprehend,

but straight men
do have gay male friends.

So what was your friend
doing here yesterday?

I found Andrew
waiting on the stoop
when I got home.

Someone beat him up.
He was really upset.
I brought him upstairs.

How did he know
where you live?

He's in a group
I have over once a week
for counseling.

What, you have
street kids in
your new apartment?

They'll kill you
for one of your
damn speakers.

I'm helping them
get off the street.

I had Andrew convinced
to go back to his mom.

I know that didn't work.

Andrew stores
his computer here.

He Skyped her to see
if he could come home.
I gave him privacy.

When I came back in,

he was running
out the door,
completely freaked.

Okay. Liv and Elliot
were with his mom.

Why didn't you
tell me this sooner?

Why didn't you tell me
the real reason
you wanted to talk to him?

You think he killed Jack.

Just tell me where he is.

I don't know.
I've been looking for him.

Where does he crash?

Jack taught Andrew
how to survive
on the street.

You know, showed him
where he could always
find a warm place to sleep.

A hospital E,R,
is a good last resort,

Just complain of
a stomach ache

and you'll spend all night
waiting to be seen,

Another great place to crash
is a hotel conference room,

They're never used at night,
and they're comfortable,

Jack and Andrew
didn't look homeless,

so if security
found them,

they'd pretend
they were drunk guests

who wandered in
by accident,

FlN: Where else?

The Metropolitan Opera.

They'd show up just
as it was letting out,

then slip into
the ladies' lounge.

Why the ladies'?

Because it has
a separate powder room,

complete with
comfy couches.

Hey, Andrew.

Wake up.

I'm here to help you.

It's time to stop

You brought
the cops with you?

Whoa, whoa, Andrew,
you're not going anywhere.

Dad, take it easy.

Tell this fool to stop
resisting arrest.

You led him
right to me?
I trusted you.

I thought you
were my friend.

Andrew Hingham,
you're under arrest

for the murder
of Jack Robinson.


You have the right
to remain silent.

Hey, you were just
going to question him.

Anything you say can
and will be used against
you in a court of law.

We can't
question Andrew until
Mrs. Hingham gets here.

There's no way she's
letting us talk to him
without an attorney.

The most important
thing is that
he's off the streets

and he can get
the psychiatric
help he needs.

Thought you weren't
talking to me.

I'm not.

Andrew called me.
He needs to talk.
Can I go in?

Well, as long as
you're not acting
on behalf of the NYPD.

Trust me, I'm not.

Ken's not an attorney,
so there's no expectation
of privacy.

So if we were to happen
to overhear something...

ANDREW: They're going
to put me in jail,

KEN: Andrew, calm down,

Why did I go to that
stupid wedding reception?

I was so miserable there.

I was relieved
when they finally
kicked him out,

but then he called me
to let him back in.

When he went
off with that guy,
I should have left.

Why didn't you?
The plan was to wait
until it was late

to sneak into
the storeroom

and then rip off this
really expensive caviar.

How many times
did I tell you
this guy was bad news?

I know.

But he saved me
from that freaking
mental institution.

I had fun with Jack.
I felt alive again.

We need to get
you an attorney.

Oh, my God.
I can't believe
I killed him.

KEN: What?
Andrew, stop talking,

He was my friend,

He never tried
anything before.
Andrew, shut up.

Turn it off,

He came at me
and he tried to kiss me.

So I shoved him away,
and then he got violent.

Was he high?
He was flying.

He said he went
skiing with Tina.

Crystal meth,

ANDREW: He pushed me
to my knees,

He unzipped.

He forced you to
have sex with him?

He pulls it out
and then shoves
my face down on it.

So I hit him and I got up.
And then he went crazy.

Looks like you
went five rounds.

He kept coming at me,
so I pushed him
as hard as I could.

And he fell back
and he hit his head.

And then he slumped
to the ground.

Wait. Is that
what killed him?

His eyes were open.
He wasn't breathing.

Andrew, you were
defending yourself.

He knew I wasn't gay,
It's my fault
for trusting him,

I should
know better by now.
I'm so sick of it.

And so I picked up
the first thing
I could find

and I started
smashing in his face.
I couldn't stop.

They found
your wallet on him.

Did he rob you?

I put it there.


I panicked.
His face was gone.

I thought if they
thought I was dead,

then maybe I could
finally get away.

If Andrew's story
is true,

he's got a strong case
for self-defense.

Well, Jack's not
alive to dispute it.

But the crime scene
photos aren't going
to earn him

any sympathy
with the jury.

The excessive
violence makes sense.

Andrew was trying
to erase himself

by obliterating
Jack's face.

Well, he said he could
finally get away.

Who was he trying
to escape from?

He didn't go home
after fleeing
the hospital.

His pill-popping mom's
the only one there.

(SlGHS) Andrew's suffered
from depression
his whole life.

It's a common red flag
of child abuse.

Well, then we've
got a problem.

Andrew's mom is on
her way here now to sit
in on his interrogation.

If he's kept silent
about it this long,

they're not likely
to get it out of him
in front of her.

What about his shrink?

I'll see what
Dr. Stanton has to say.

May I help you?

They said I should
see Captain Cragen?

I'm Don Cragen.
What can I do for you?

Why are you looking
for Andrew?

Well, we're not anymore.
We found him.

I'm Mallory Sidwell.

They put him
in that hospital
for raping me.

Well, you don't
need to worry.
He's in custody.

You're making a mistake.
He didn't rape me.

Then why did you
accuse him?

I didn't.

Whoever told my parents
he raped me, lied.

Andrew's my boyfriend.

What can you tell me
about Andrew's relationship
with Mallory Sidwell?

Well, the sexual
assault coincided

with the onset of
Andrew's schizophrenia.

He was not responsible
for his actions. So he...

Why is she here?

HUANG: Mallory claims
the sex was consensual.

Classic guilt reaction.

Many victims
blame themselves.

But why wait until now
to revise her story?

She pursued Andrew

And given his
fragile mental state,

she unwittingly triggered
the psychotic episode.

Is it possible
Andrew concocted

the details of the rape
in a delusional state?

No. Absolutely not.

If I hadn't intervened,
the violence only
would have escalated.

You're the one
who called
Mallory's parents.

Well, yes.
I was legally bound to.

Andrew still posed
a threat to her.

So you had him
committed to avoid arrest.

He needed help,
not incarceration.

Well, his mother
must have been relieved.

Well, I don't
treat Joyce.

But I know that
she has struggled with
some issues of her own.

Substance abuse?

I really can't
comment on that.

But I do think that Joyce
would tell you herself

that she's always
been overwhelmed by
her late-in-life child.

Has Andrew ever
talked about
being abused?

You know that I can't
discuss that with you.

Of course.

If it had existed,
you'd have been
bound to report it.

Well, I've been
seeing Andrew for
about four years,

but there were
barriers that I could
never break through.

Andrew talked about
trying to get away.

Maybe he was talking
about Mallory,
not his mother.

You've spoken to Andrew?

He was apprehended

Well, can I talk to him?

HUANG: After
he's arraigned.


The D.A.
is deciding what charges
to bring against him.

You needed to see me?

We both do.

Let me know when
you're done with him,
and I'll come back.

I need to go over
both your statements.

Ken, you can't
avoid me forever.

I need to hear
you're not going
to tank our case.

Haven't you
used me enough?

I don't want any part
of putting Andrew away.

Mr. Randall,
he confessed to you.

He acted in self-defense.

And from what
I've heard so far,

it sounds like
accidental death.

You're not
taking him to trial?

Assuming forensics
support his story,
not for murder.

There may be
some repercussions

for him going to town
on Jack's corpse.

But the A.D.A. says
he's only looking

at probation and some
court-ordered therapy.

Thank you.

Okay. What do you know
about this kid's mother?

She was an absentee parent.
We kind of bonded over that.


He ever mention any
abuse in the home?

Only that she abused
the bottle and pills.

He never said
she did anything to him.

You think she hurt him?

I don't know,
but I've got to find out
if he's going to be okay

when he gets home
after he makes bail.

Mrs. Hingham.
Is Andrew here?

I'm just on my way
to get him now.

You bailed him
out this morning.

No, I didn't.

I just got
the money together.

Somebody saved you
the trouble. He's out.

Well, why didn't
he come home?

Maybe he's afraid to.


Listen, I know he was
a handful growing up.

You ever smack him
around a little, just
to keep him in line?

I never raised
a hand to my son.

Well, explain to me
why he never races home

to his mother when
he's in trouble.

I don't know.
I did the best I could.

Okay, well,
we need to find him.

If you didn't bail
him out, who did?

HUANG: Sorry to
bother you at home.

We checked
with the court.

They said you posted
Andrew's bail?

That's right.

Is he here?

After talking with
Dr. Huang the other day,

I had reservations
about reuniting Andrew

with his mother
at this point.

Lady, you're not
his legal guardian.

I'm doing what I believe
is in the best interest
of my patient.

Moving in with you?

Don't you find that
a bit unorthodox?

Given the situation,
no, I don't.

This kid's mother
is worried sick.

If you're preventing
her from seeing him,

I can arrest you for
custodial interference.

That's ridiculous.

Can you come here,

He's resting right now.
Would you please stop?

ANDREW: What's going on?

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Sounds like
in trouble.

Excuse me.
What do you think
you're... Hey!

Andrew, you okay?

What's going on?

He looks like
he's been drugged.

He's been off of his
meds for seven months.

I'm trying to ease him
back onto his regimen.

FlN: Andrew,
you need to come with us.

I didn't do anything.
Don't arrest me again.

It's okay.
I didn't do anything.

We need to make
sure you're safe.
Do you want to be here?


Can't deal.

Just want to sleep.

All right.
You heard him. Okay?

Now, I need to take
care of my patient.

Please get out
of my house.

Just get out.

An underage patient
moving in
with their shrink?

That can't be right.

There's a danger of
transference activating

sexual fantasies even
in an office setting.

It's the middle of
the day and they're
both practically naked.

She's banging him.

Well, that's
a serious accusation.

Unfortunately, Andrew's
not the one making it.

Captain, he's a kid
and she's kind of hot.

Plus, she got him
whacked out on drugs.

Keeping him disoriented
so he's easy to manipulate.

This may sound nuts,
but we heard a baby

Now, I'm wondering
who the baby's daddy is.

She's been seeing
Andrew how long?

Since he was 12.
Around the onset
of puberty.

We've got to get
him out of there.

Not without
solid grounds.

Would we even be
having this conversation
if Stanton was a man

and Andrew was
a 16-year-old girl?

HUANG: Maybe we can
bring her in on
something else.

We talked to Andrew
before she started
medicating him again.

He was upset,
but lucid.

No delusions.
No hallucinations.

A schizophrenic
off his meds
for six months

would likely have

You're saying that
he's not schizophrenic?

She misdiagnosed him?

Maybe even on purpose.

It would have
allowed her
to commit him,

and given her
complete authority
over him.

Subpoena Andrew's
medical records.

I'm no doctor,
so you're going to have
to explain this to me.

You want me to review
Andrew's entire medical
history with you?

Just the laundry list
of these prescriptions.


You're a psychiatrist.
You tell him.

That is
the standard treatment
for schizophrenia.

Then why, after you
committed Andrew,

were only half
his prescriptions
filled at Bellevue?

Because I was treating
a dual diagnosis.

His depression predated
the schizophrenia.

I just never got around
to transferring
the prescriptions.

FlN: Or you were
pharmacy shopping.

You already said it.
You're no doctor.

But I'm a cop
who's seen a lot
of drug addicts

playing fast and
loose with their meds.

Andrew is not
a drug addict.

He's also not
a schizophrenic.

Excuse me?


Taking these two
drugs together

can make a person feel
dazed and compliant.

Like a medicated

is not an exact science.

I adjusted his meds
as his condition demanded.

Surely someone
with your experience
would know

that taking
these drugs together
might kill him.

Well, l...

I may have
made a mistake.

I was a mistake.

Neither one of my parents
ever wanted me.

Feeling like that
must really hurt.

Dr. Stanton help you
with your depression?

For a while.

So tell me about
your sessions.

When I first started,
it was a waste of time.

I'd sit there and
let the clock run out
without saying a word.

How did she
get you to talk?

One day, I started.

And it just poured out.
How lonely I was.

How nobody in the world
gives a crap.

I started crying
and I couldn't stop.

And Dr. Stanton
put her arm around me.

It was the first time
I ever felt loved.

Did she do more
than hug you?

She kissed my forehead.
And then my cheek.

Then my lips.

Then we started
having sex.

How old were you
when it started?


So she used her position
to coerce you.

I loved her. She told
me that she loved me.

That's not love, Andrew.
It's abuse.

For a while,
it was awesome.

Until she got pregnant.

I freaked out.

She said that
I couldn't abandon this child
like my father abandoned me.

And you weren't
even sure that
it was yours.

Fran said that
I was the only person

that she was having
sex with at the time.

I couldn't deal with it.

I flunked three
classes last year,

and I had to go
to summer school.

That's where
I met Mallory.
We were in love.

That's why
she'd never say
you raped her.

Someone told her
parents that.

And you know exactly
who that was.


It's the same reason
that she lied

and said you were

No, I was...
I had a breakdown
after that.

I... My thoughts
were all twisted.

I couldn't
think straight.

Because of the meds
she'd been shoveling
down your throat.

Andrew, listen to me.

You are not the sick
one here. She is.

DR. STANTON: My relationship
with Andrew is the healthiest
one that

I've ever had.

other boyfriends
mistreated you?

I used to be drawn
to psychologically
abusive men.

Until Andrew.

And I would never,
ever do anything
to hurt him.

Like break up
his relationship
with Mallory.

Andrew is sick.

I was protecting
that girl as much as
I was protecting him.

You were jealous
of the 15-year-old
he dumped you for.

He didn't dump me.

For long.
You locked him away
and had him drugged.

FlN: That's the only
way he'd have sex with
you again, isn't it?

That's not true.

Well, Andrew tells
a different story.

That young man
is delusional.

FlN: That's not a very nice
way to talk about the father
of your child.

HUANG: You used
his deepest issues
against him.

Like his own father
abandoning him.

Now, his mother has
to raise another child

after you go away.

I'm not going anywhere.

When the paternity test
we've ordered comes back,

proving that Andrew is
the father of your child,

you're going to jail
for statutory rape.


It wasn't rape.
We love each other.

You took advantage
of a child.

No. You don't understand.

Andrew is a man.

He is my soul mate.

Do you understand,
Dr. Stanton,

that by allocuting
in open court

about the crimes
you have committed,

you have agreed
to plead guilty
in exchange

for a lesser sentence?

Yes, I do.

PRESTON: You may begin.

I never meant
to hurt you, Andrew.

Everything that I did,
I did out of love.

When I first met you,
you were
a scared little boy,

and I wanted
to protect you
and heal you.

But I fell in love
with you. And...

I tried to deny
my feelings, but

they were too strong.

And I know
you felt it, too.

The first time
that we were together

was the happiest
moment of my life.

I know that I am
guilty of things

that many people
can't understand.

But I want you to
know that I am sorry
if I ever hurt you.

And I hope that
you can forgive me.

Are you finished?


PRESTON: The People have
agreed to a plea bargain

of four consecutive
counts of Rape
in the Second Degree.

The terms of
the agreement include

of five years
for each count

for a total
of 20 years.

You have abused your
professional relationship
with this boy

in the most
contemptible way.

If I could, I would
put you away for life.


I will wait for you,