Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 11, Episode 17 - Disabled - full transcript

The team tries to persuade a disabled woman who cannot speak confront and identify her rapist in court, while also protecting her from her angry, abusive sister.

In the criminal system

Sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In new york city,
the dedicated detectives

Who investigate these vicious felonies
Are members of an elite squad

Known as
the special victims unit.

These are their stories.

Come on.
Relax, jake.

You're a natural.

You're doing just fine.

I'll take over
at the next stop.

Hey, the kid's gotta learn
before you retire, tony.

Yeah, yeah.

Well, that's weird.

Cara raleigh's not here.

Maybe she's running late.

No, no. She's always on time.

You mind checking on her?

Miss raleigh?


Anybody here?

Hey, kid.
What's the holdup, huh?

No one's home.

Someone's always home.

Nice place, huh?

- Miss raleigh?
- Hello?

- Parabus!
Your ride's here!

Oh, my god.

Cara raleigh, 41.

- Confined to a wheelchair.
- Found by?

- Parabus drivers.

Suspicious bruising to her
chest, arms, and abdomen,

In various stages of healing.

Unfortunately, I've seen this before
In chair-bound victims.

Caregivers, family members,
They get frustrated, lash out.

That's not where it ends.

Victim came in without a diaper.

When I found signs of intercourse,

I ordered a rape kit and
bagged her nightgown.

- Did she say she was raped?
- No.

Well, you know,
that's not how it works.

We can't start an investigation
without a complaining witness.

This time, you'll have to.

The patient has a very aggressive
form Of multiple sclerosis.

She's now a quadriplegic.

- Can she speak?
- No.

So unless the guy was a psychic,
she can't consent

And it's rape.

How's that, better?

Detective benson. This is
my partner, detective stabler.

Damien woods.
What happened to my aunt?

We were hoping you could tell us.

- Is she usually left alone at night?
- Never.

My mom or one of the home care
nurses Is supposed to be with her.

- I pick up the slack when I can.
- But not last night?

- No, I was studying
at the hudson library.

- Where's your mother now?
- I don't know.

I called her, like, ten times.

I'll tell you what, we can find
her for you. What's her name?

Janice raleigh.

We need to ask your aunt
a few questions.

Can she respond at all?

Blinking mainly.

One blink means yes? Two, no?


Thank you.


I know this is hard,

But we need to know
what happened to you last night.

Miss raleigh,
were you raped?

Do you know your attacker?


Are you sure?

Miss raleigh, we also know
that someone's been beating you.

Is it the same person
who raped you?

Look, I know
that you're afraid,

But we're gonna find out
who did this to you

So they can never hurt you again.


Tell me you found something, judy.

The usual suspects...
hairs, fibers, and prints,

But no forced entry and
no scratches on the dead bolt.

The doer had a key.

How 'bout fluids
or anything on the diaper?

No, just degraded blood stains
on a man's shirt.

Found it
in the washing machine.

That's probably the nephew's.

You know that how?

Oh, this kid's a brute.

The bus driver said he found
the victim on the floor,

But he noticed the bed
was undisturbed.

It takes serious upper body strength
To lift dead weight.

You think he sexually abused
his quadriplegic aunt?

If that's her blood on his shirt,

I'll put big foot in a cage myself.

Any news from the hospital?

Our victim's being
admitted overnight.

Until we figure out who's
abusing her, She can't go home.

Wouldn't be a problem If she'd I.D.
Who's smacking her around.

Olivia's staying put,
trying to change her mind.

That the victim's sister?

Janice raleigh.

Patrol picked her up
on her way home.

Are you the bastard
who had cops put me

In the back of a squad car
like a criminal?

Sorry about that,
but I couldn't find you,

And I have some bad news that
needed saying face-to-face.

What is it?

Your sister
was attacked last night

In her bedroom.

She was raped.

That's insane. Who...

Who goes after a woman
in a wheelchair?

Attendants, strangers
looking for easy prey.

Over half disabled women are either
physically Or sexually assaulted.

Where's my son?
Was he attacked too?

Damien's okay.
He wasn't at home last night.

- He was supposed to be.
- So were you.

Bus driver found your sister
When she wasn't at his stop.

You wanna tell me
where you've been?

With a friend.

I left a message for my boy
to stay with my sister.

And how do you know
he got it?

He's supposed to call
if he's not coming home.

When I didn't hear from him,
I just assumed.

Oh, god.

Who handles her daily care?

Elena colby is our day nurse,
And I take care of her at night.

But right now,

She's out of town on vacation, So

- damien's been helping out.
- Any male nurses?

In the beginning, there were three.

You fired 'em?

I made complaints
about missing checks

To the nursing care agency,

Home healing.


We investigated janice raleigh's theft
complaint. It was without merit.

You hone those detective
skills in nursing school?

I questioned her three rns,

And since money wasn't missing from
the account, The matter was dropped.

By your clients or you?

Although innocent of any wrongdoing,
I reassigned the nurses.

We're gonna need their names.

Mark hubbard, alan foster,
drew cummings,

But they've all moved on.

You don't find that weird?

Home care's a transient business.
Nurses get better offers.

But none of those three
had y other complaints,

No more than usual.

That sounds a lot like an excuse.

Look, many of our patients
are in constant pain.

They're depressed, even suicidal.

They have to blame someone.

Every nurse has had
accusations hurled at them.

What kind of accusations?

Oh, missing property,
Invasis of privacy,

Inappropriate touching.
They're usually bogus,

And we do rigorous
background checks.

Cara's sister said that you
have the key To the raleigh home?

With a three-shift rotation,
it's required.

First shift takes the key, the last
brings it back. But I returned it.

When was that?

After janice raleigh
Scaled back to a one-day shift.

I guess she was trying
to save money.

Think one of my people
copied the key?

Why don't you give us
their files, we'll let you know.

Drew cummings, currently on trial
For distribution of schedule iv drugs.

- Which ones?
- Vicodin, percocet,

You name it, he sold it.

But he was doing late night trial

prep With his attorneys when
cara raleigh was attacked.

That's alan foster, 35,
Multiple state-certified rn.

No priors and he looks clean.

He's now strictly private,
working for some hypochondriac

Out on long island.

What about this mark hubbard?

Multiple counts of check kiting, Fraud,
and blackmail, but nothing stuck.

- Well, I smell a payoff.
- All the victims recanted.

He had to have something
on them.

That's easy when you have
access to their homes.

Pick him up and shake him hard.


- What's that smell?
- Probable cause.

Hang on, there's plenty
of party for all of us.

Let's take this party
down to the precinct.

Don't say anything.

How old are you, sweet pea?


- What's on the table?
- Possession of a controlled substance.

Recreational pot?

And before you guys go there,
I didn't touch the girl.

That's not what she said.

She's got a wild imagination,

Probably from smoking too much
of her daddy's stash.

He's got cancer everywhere,

And he needs the weed
for pain.

Hubbard, you can spin this
any way you want.

You can't prove a thing, all right,
Or I'd already be in the tombs.

Now we found this camera

Hidden in your bookcase.
What were you gonna do,

Tape that poor girl
smoking dope

And show the footage to her
dying father?

Was that the plan?
- I would never do that.

You prey on the weak by
exploiting their need for care.

You tape 'em, find their secrets,

And threaten to expose them
if they don't pay up.

You musta shot something really
juicy At the raleighs, huh?

Janice getting down and dirty
with strange men

Or maybe you caught her son
ripping off auntie's meds.

- It wasn't like that.
- Sure it was.

And when janice
didn't cough up the coin,

You beat down
her defenseless sister.

I haven't seen cara in months.

I... I know she was getting abused,
But not by me.

Wait a minute, you secretly
taped her getting attacked.

You didn't report it?

I showed it to my boss

When he accused me
of stealing checks.

That's why I tape
my clients.

It's proof of innocence,
not blackmail.

Why didn't your boss tell us that?

Because he wants to keep
getting paid.

Where's the footage?

Embedded in my email account.

You dirty?

You hungry?

What do you need, cara?

What do you need?

Anything, I'm here,

At your beck and call.

What do you want?

What do you want?

Sick of you always
needing something.

I'm so tired.

Shut up!
You shut up.


You find me a replacement
for alex cabot?

We're still looking.

You're stuck with me for now.
Where's janice raleigh?

She's cooling her heels
in interrogation.

Don't tell me, she invoked?

First thing out of her mouth
after the miranda warning.

So where's her shark?

Patrice larue, Swam in
about ten minutes ago.

If I can keep it off the docket By
throwing the defense a bone, I will.

Not after you see this.

Are those tears?

You don't know about tears.

Why didn't you say you had video?

You didn't give me a chance.

Put it on a hard drive.
What's in the sock?

Bars of soap,

A common homemade weapon
in domestic violence.

I'm gonna nail janice
raleigh's ass to the wall

For assault and sexual abuse.

I think janice deeply resents
Having to take care of her sister.

I'm just not so sure
about the sexual assault.

The disabled usually get
abused by family members.

Wouldn't sibling rivalry
make it that much worse?

It doesn't account
for this level of rage.

Well, why not?

Her sister is a world-class
opera singer.

Janice has probably been
jealous her entire life.

Cara raleigh's talent was
nurtured from a very young age.

Janice would be used to having
her sister hog the spotlight.

Something else provoked her.

I just need to find out what.

Drop it down to assault three,
She gives a full statement.

That's not gonna happen.

You hardly ever
push for trial, blaine.

Yeah, well, I rarely
have an ironclad case.

Why'd you rape your sister, janice?

- The hell you say to me?
- Stop.

Stop right there.
Not a word, janice.

- What'd you use, a bottle?
A stick? A wire hanger?

That is disgusting.

You degraded and humiliated
your sister

Because that's how you feel.

You need to come clean,
make it right.

I only hit her once or twice.

- It wasn't a big deal.
- Janice, I told you to be quiet.

- They're trying to get you to talk.
- Damn right, I'm talking.

I didn't rape my sister.

I wasn't even home
when it happened.

That's right. I remember.
You were with a friend.

Okay, I'm gonna need a name,
number, and address.

He's married.

Big surprise.

I love my sister.

Always have.

Everybody knows
how special she is.

More special than you?

Well, I can't sing.

But now she can't even talk.

Oh, you really enjoy
her pain, don't you?


But it's nice to see
her experience

The real world for once.

People worshipped her.

But where are they now
when cara's sick and frail?

Maybe she doesn't want
to be seen, janice.

Afraid of pity?

Well, too bad.

Do you think maybe cara pities you?

How could she pity me?

I made some wrong choices,

But I have my son,

And she's got nobody.

Actually, that's not true.

Damien seems to re deeply
about her welfare.

Because I raised him right.

We have a bond.

I'm his mother.

And cara is his aunt.

He worries about her,

even loves her.
Maybe even more than he loves you.

Don't you say that.

You don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

That is your biggest
nightmare, isn't it?

That if your son had a choice,
it wouldn't be you.

I told you not to say it!

You calm down.
Calm down. Easy.

Get the hell off of me!

Yeah, calm down or I'll break it.

- I didn't do anything.
- Yeah, shut up.

I got you on tape Beating your
sister down with bars of soap.

I should whoop you to see
how you like it.

Janice's alibi
for the rape checks out.

Her boyfriend's wife
was out of town,

So they played grab-ass
at a local motel, loudly.

The clerk remembers.

You seem a little more
hostile than usual.

- Come on, you saw the tape.
- Yeah.

Any forensics in yet?

Yeah, all the prints
are accounted for.

Janice, damien, a few from the bus
drivers, Griegs and gleason, But

the stains
On the kid's shirt,

- Animal blood.
- Canine.

Yeah, five different samples.

I mean, he's either working dog
fights Or channeling michael vick.

Nothing this family es
would surprise me.

Well, then I guess you won't
be surprised That damien lied.

He wasn't in the hudson library
The night his aunt was attacked.

He isn't even
currently registered there.

Any idea where he is now?

At home,
taking care of his aunt cara.

I can't tell you where I was.

There's no more secrets, damien.

We're investigating you
for your aunt's rape.

What? I didn't do it.
Ask her yourself.

She says no.

Your mother beat your aunt over
and over. Did you know that?

They had their problems,
But my mother wouldn't hit her.

We have it on tape.

I'm so sorry, aunt cara.
I had no idea.

- Believe me, I didn't know.
- Damien, that's touching,

But right now you need to cooperate
Or you look at guilty as your mother.

Found dog blood on your shirt.

Lots of it.

I don't fight dogs.

I clean up and get rid
of the dead ones.

I needed the money.

- For what?
- Gambling debts.

Can anyone verify that?

The promoters and the dog owners.

But if you start asking questions,
They're gonna come looking for me.

Well, do you think they're
gonna be any friendlier

When we put you
under surveillance?

Talk to tony griegs.

The bus driver?

He hooked me up with the job.

Look, I don't want trouble.

And we're not trying to give you
any. Just checking an alibi.

Look, damien's big,
but he wouldn't hurt a fly.

Well, he claims that he
was working the dog fights

The night his aunt was attacked.

You there too?

Yeah, for a while.
I mean, I saw him there.

But, you know,
when I lost my limit,

I went home.

Gotta, you know, save my pennies
now. I'm retiring.

Can anyone verify that?

My wife.
We had a few beers, went to bed.

When did damien ask you
for help getting a job?

Oh, months ago.

You know, one day I noticed
the kid's anxious.

He says he needs cash,

And so, you know, I know some guys
Who know some guys,

and they hired him for cleanup.

Damien say what
he needed the money for?


Yeah, he's covering for his mom.

She's been skimming
her sister's bank account.

He's trying to pay it back.

Thanks a lot.

So janice raleigh

Beats her handicapped sister
with one hand,

Steals her money with the other?

Cara's covering for damien, 'cause

every time He opens his mouth
another lie pops out.

I'm gonna have blaine
add larceny to the charges.

Have fin meet you

And give that kid the facts of life
About his mother, all right?

How much money did janice take?

Almost 60 grand.

Well, that sounds bad to me.

What's she gotta do
to make you face it?

My aunt doesn't blame her.
So why should I?

Growing up,
they didn't have much.

But whenever cara
needed something, she got it.

That doesn't give her the right
To beat cara with soap

And skim her bank accounts.

So what happens now?

Your mom's going to prison.

And unless
you tell us the truth,

A rapist goes free.

What do you wanna know?

Your mother likes men.

She ever give her house key
to any of them?

Not that I know of.

What about you?

Ever pass it along to a friend or

to a neighbor In case of

There's no need.
Someone's always here...

Nurses, therapists,
even doctors.

Do you carry a bag or a knapsack?

If you think someone lifted my key,
That's not possible.

Why not?

Because my bag stays with me
Or I'll lock it in mr. Griegs' car

When I work the fights.

You think tony raped my aunt?

There's only one way to find out.

Miss raleigh...

I need you to trust me.

Will you let me help you?


Miss raleigh, was it griegs,
the bus driver, That raped you?

And he threatened damien
if you talked, didn't he?

It's okay.

I'm gonna protect
both of you, I promise.

- Hold on, mom.
- What's talking with my sister?

Thought I locked your ass in jail.

Made bail on my sister's tab.

What are you doing here?

What I shoulda done
in the beginning.

I'm putting her in a nursing home

Where she can get
the best care.

You can't do that.

Power of attorney says I can,

And I have the paper to prove it.

Get her up.

Can't you do something?

- No.
- Get her up!

Aunt cara, it's gonna be okay.

I got you.

it's gonna be okay.

Stay out of this, damien.

This is none of your business.

What the hell's wrong with you, mom?

They said you hit aunt cara.
Is that true?

- You don't understand.
- Damn right I don't.

How can you do this
to your own sister?

You love her so much, go with her.

But I am your mother.

Either you're with me or against me.

- Ada blaine overturned
janice's power of attorney

- And got her a guardian ad litem.
- A court-ordered guardian

is just gonna recommend That
cara stay in the nursing home.

Well, as long as janice
is out on bail,

It's the safest place
she could be.

Are we sure cara I.D.'d
tony griegs as her rapist?

I looked her in the eye,
and she blinked once.

She's scared to death
that he's gonna hurt damien.

Yeah, I can't blame her.
Griegs is smart.

He made sure he found cara

so his prints Would be accounted for
in the raleigh apartment.

- He have any priors?
- Not even parking tickets.

But his bank account's overdrawn,
And his credit's in the crapper.

Probably from his gambling debts.

Oh, and his alibi's bogus too.

His wife left him
last year.

- We talk to her?
- Yeah,

and I got an earful
about how her paychecks

Were being spent on
dog fights, liquor, hookers.

What is this hump's work history?

Mta canned him

for feeling up females
That he worked with.

Why wasn't he reported?

The women refused to press charges.

They just wanted griegs gone.

A guy with a taste for working girls

Doesn't just start
raping the handicapped.

Unless something sets him off.

Talk to his boss.


I haven't had any complaints.

Not even inappropriate
comments or getting touchy?

What aren't you telling me?

Well, the mta fired griegs for
sexually abusing Female employees.

Son of a bitch lied on his

Good thing he's retiring. Saves you
the trouble of cutting him loose.

- Griegs told you that?
- I guess he lied about that too?

Anthony griegs is being let go
Because of the disabilities act.

so to keep federal funds flowing,
You had to hire jake gleason?

Kid left his arm in iraq.

Lots of vets coming home with
limb loss. They're young and eager.

Plus we damn well owe them.

Now griegs is out of a job.

That piss him off?

Put his hand through the wall
in my office.

But he fixed the damage
the next day.

How long ago
did you give him the bad news?

Six months.

I actually felt sorry
for the bastard.

You think griegs
attacked a handicapped woman

Because he lost his job
to a disabled man?

Rape is about rage.

Cara raleigh
was an easy target.

Motive's not enough.

The victim I.D.'d her rapist.

Griegs had access to the raleigh
house key. What is your problem?

I can't sell it to a jury.

You just don't want to.

It's too much hard work.
You might even break a sweat.

You want a conviction,
get me some forensics.

Or better yet, I'll take
a witness who can actually talk,

Be sworn in, and cross-examined.

You're blaming the victim,
and she's disabled.

She's practically in a coma.

If we can get her talking,

Will you take it to the grand jury?

Using what, a ventriloquist?

The victim stroked her
nephew's face with her finger.

If she can do that,
that means she can type.

It's worth a shot.



Please just try to type out
What you'd want to say.

Cara, will you just try?

You can do this, okay?

-How long has she been like this?
- Since she got here.

Her geography's changed.

I'd be more worried
if she wasn't depressed.

Well, how is she physically?
I don't know a lot about m.S.

It's an autoimmune disease,

Causing heart
and spinal cord lesions.

In cara's case,
the damage is chronic,

Acute, and aggressive.

Death usually results from
complications Like heart failure

Or even a bout of pneumonia.

Is she strong enough
to withstand a criminal trial?

I honestly don't know.

I can't pull evidence
out of thin air.

Any chance you missed something

- accidentally?
- Not in this lab.

Nobody's perfect.
It won't hurt to take a second look.

Any idea what I'm supposed
to be looking for?


- You owe me.
- Don't I always?


He did what?
I'm on my way.

- Tell him.
- Guy just got on the bus,

Slammed tony
into the safety bars.

He told me to get off
and call you.

He barricaded himself
with hostages.

I set up a perimeter,
and I gotta call e.S.U.

Passengers aren't hostages. He's
only after the guy he's lighting up.

I should rip your neck off!

- Damien, open the door.
- No! I'm not done!

Come on,
don't be a knucklehead.

What would cara think
if she saw you?

She would smile through her eyes,

'cause I'm doing what you can't.

I'm getting her justice!

And will it be justice
when you get a murder rap?

- Who cares?
- I do.

- Come on, man, open this door.
- He raped my aunt! He's gonna pay!

And then cara even pays more.

She wants to go home, damien, But she
can't if there's nothing to go home to.

Come on, man,
open the door.

You feel better?

I had to do something.
I had to make it right.

What would you do
if it was you?

Come on.

Did you get damien out of the tombs?

Yeah, and I had to call in
a lot of favors.

Answer me this: Why are
you sticking your neck out?

- You don't even know this kid.
- When I was in the academy,

I had to put my grandfather
into a nursing home.

Man practically raised me. It was
the worst decision I ever made.

Nursing home abused him?

Yeah, I'm a cop and I didn't recognize
the signs Until it was too late.

When he died, I lost it.

I threatened the nursing staff,

Started fights for the hell of it.
I almost got kicked off the force.

Guilt will eat you alive.

Yeah, the academy instructor
set me straight.

Kept bailing my ass out of trouble.

I figure it's time
I return the favor.

Well, I hope you're in
for the long haul.

Griegs is pressing charges
against damien.

Well, not if we send him upstate.

He'll be too busy growing eyes
in the back of his head.

We have to convict him first.

- Ciper just called.
- She find something?

A latent print
inside cara raleigh's diaper.

Pick griegs up.
Put him in the box.

You guys have it all wrong.


A print on cara raleigh's
adult diaper Says different.

You tore it off her,
you raped her.

We have a relationship.

I can see why cara
would be embarrassed.

Maybe I'm not the greatest catch.

Oh, that's the first
honest thing you've said.

Buddy, you've got a history of forcing
yourself On women who don't want you.

Those are misunderstandings.

It's pretty hard to mistake
a hand on your ass

Or one down your shirt.

That's what your ex-colleagues
said when we called them.

- Well, they lied.
- Yeah, is your ex-wife a liar too?

You're a mean drunk,
and she dumped your ass.

She's just telling you
what you wanna hear.

You drinking the night
cara was raped?

You lose your job
to a one-armed man,

- Someone's gonna pay, right?
- No.

I felt sorry for her.

That's why I slept with her.

She can't talk, griegs.

Which blink was it

that made you believe That she
wanted to have sex with you?

This has been going on for months.

You think it's easy
for her in that chair?

People don't see a woman.
They just see someone to pity.

Or they don't see
anybody at all.

Lots of disabled women

Have healthy sexual relationships.

They just don't have them
with creeps like you.

- Well, you're wrong.
- All right. All right.

So why is it no one's ever
seen you two together, huh?

Don't let the family fool you.
They're not that devoted.

Damien was in school, huh?

Janice hated taking care of her.
Disappeared all the time.

Why would cara accuse you of rape?

The only one I see doing that
is you.

Well, cara's nurses should be
able to corroborate This fairy tale.

- Or shoot it down.
- I don't see how.

There's only a day nurse.

I never saw her.

Griegs actually sounds plausible.

You bought that crap?

I don't have to buy it. A jury does.

He knows a lot of details
about the victim and her family.

Griegs stalked cara
by befriending her nephew.

There's no relationship there.

Mix lies with enough truth,
you can sell anything.

And it's your job to convince them
He's a lying bastard.

- Connecticut just
overturned a rape case

Where the victim couldn't speak
And was confined to a wheelchair.

Why'd they let the rapist go?

The victim could move her arms
but didn't fight back.

Well, disabled or not,
We teach women not to fight back.

Well, in the judge's opinion,
she consented.

So I'm gonna need more
than a fingerprint.

If jurors think tony griegs had pity
sex With cara raleigh, he walks.

A lot of people are uncomfortable
Around the disabled.

- Griegs knows that.
- Relying on handicap prejudice

Is a pretty big risk
to take into court.

It's a calculated one.

The handicapped
are commonly devalued.

People assume that an abnormal
appearance Is sexually repulsive.

And griegs is the only one talking.
He can tell any story he wants

With no one there to contradict him.

- How do we stop him?
- He can't contain his rage.

So confront him with more
victims and he'll fold.

He can't claim that he had
relationships with all of them.

Supervisor said
nobody complained about him.

Pull his passenger list.
Start with any female regulars

Who suddenly stopped
using bus service.


Beth stopped using the handicapped
bus Five months ago.

She had to have stopped
for a reason.

One day she just refused.

She didn't tell me why, not that
she can. She's mentally challenged.

What's this about, detective benson?

- I'd like to show beth
some photos if that's okay.

I... I guess it's okay.


I want to show you
some photos, okay?

Beth, beth, it's okay.
He can't hurt you anymore.

What just happened?

Miss meyers, I believe that
your daughter has been raped.

That's not possible.

- Has beth been alone
with this man, tony griegs?

He's a nice man.

Sometimes he volunteered to
stay with her While I ran errands.


Did this man hurt you?

It's okay, beth.

Just tell us what's wrong.

It's okay.

Did he do anything else?

Oh, baby.

I can't do this, fredrick.

- I can't.
- Stop wasting my time and yours.

- Come on.
- Fine!

What are you looking for?

A way in.

I found more victims
who can't speak.

Cara's the only one who can
put the nail in griegs' coffin.

She's not the same person, liv.

Maybe you're expecting too much.

Or too little.

I've been treating you
like an invalid,

Handling you with kid gloves.

I won't make that mistake again.

We found two more victims.

Beth meyers.

Julie anderson.

You see, they can't testify.

But you can.


You are the only witness
with evidence of your attack.

You have to speak for them.

What happened to this woman?



Passionate about everything.

You've given up.

Your sister's abuse

Is nothing compared to what
you're doing to yourself.

You think I'm a bitch, don't you?

You're not the first.

Are you willing to testify

To put your rapist in jail?


That's all I needed to hear.

Now let's work on getting you
outta here.

So you have a change of heart?

Nobody wants to see janice
raleigh rot in prison More than me.

You gonna put me in jail?

The last act of a dying diva.

Why are you here, damien?

You're my mother.

I don't wanna see you locked up,
And neither does aunt cara.

Coulda fooled me.

Your sister's giving you a gift.

She is trying to buy me off.

If the price is my son, no deal.

For once, do yourself
a favor and just shut up.

What's the verdict,

I'll drop the charges.

- In exchange for what?
- Plead out to assault three,

Five years probation,
Mandatory anger management,

And we will be filing
a restraining order.

What does that mean for me?

It means you stay away from your
sister And you don't serve any time.

Send me the paperwork.

Don't expect me to be grateful.

It's your fault I was arrested
in the first place.

You had it all.

And I still had to take care of you
Like your damn maid,

Wiping your ass every day
And bathing you.

You didn't have to.

You wanted to.

You needed
to control your sister

So she would suffer
for your parents' choices.

That stops now.

You think you know me, bitch?

I know that your sister
forgives you,

And trust me, some day
you're gonna want that.

And who's gonna take care
of her if I don't?

I am.

No, damien, I won't allow that.

It's not up to you.

Power of attorney's
been transferred to your son.

You can't take my son, cara.

If you do this,

I will make sure you regret it.


If you care about damien at all,

Don't make him give up
his life for you The way I had to.


Miss raleigh,

Did anthony griegs rape you?

Your honor,
let the record show

The witness identified defendant
anthony griegs As her rapist.


How are we supposed to know
that a blink

Means yes?

Maybe she doesn't
understand the question.

Is defense counsel saying

People with m.S.
Are mentally incompetent?

Not at all.

But what I am saying
is that a man's freedom

Should hang on something a little
more solid Than a muscle tic.

Your honor, I'll rephrase.

Miss raleigh,

can you point

To the man who raped you?

Cara raleigh just gave
your client the finger.

Object to that.

Enough, mr. Blaine.

Let the record reflect

The witness has identified
the defendant, Anthony griegs,

as her rapist.