Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 11, Episode 16 - Witness - full transcript

A girl who appears to have been assaulted is brought to the hospital. When she wakes up she denies that anything happened to her but the doctors already examined her and confirm she was sexually assaulted. Benson and Stabler try to convince her to come forward but she's reluctant to. They eventually catch the one who attacked her and his lawyer mounts a defense on the fact that she's extremely promiscuous. And when she collapses just as she's about to testify, she's brought to the hospital and the doctors says she doesn't have much time. She dies so there's no one to testify against the one who assaulted her. But they know of a witness so they to try to find the witness and learn that she's an African woman. She's reluctant to testify because woman in her country are mistreated. They try to convince her to. The defendant's lawyer reports her to the INS and she faces deportation. So they try to find a way to keep her in the country.

In the criminal system

Sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In new york city,
the dedicated detectives

Who investigate these vicious felonies
Are members of an elite squad

Known as
the special victims unit.

These are their stories.

- Stop struggling!
- I think the baby's coming!

- Try to stay calm!
- I am calm!

Go grab my purse
off the chair.

Make sure the insurance card
is in there.

Oh. Ah! Great

Lainie, you've caught us
at a bad time.

Daniel, help me.

Lainie, what happened?

She only cut her hand.

Lainie, I just went
into labor, so...

I was just raped!

Lainie mccallum, 24.

Any other injuries besides the rape?

15 stitches to close
a hand laceration,

But no tendon or nerve damage.

Neighbors brought her in.

That would be our outcry witnesses.

- They still around?
- Up on five.

Delivery. Gal almost
popped out a kid down here.

Lainie didn't want him
to leave her side.

Pitched a real fit.

Seems calm now.

Courtesy of ativan.

Somebody should be here
for her when she wakes up.

She had me call her boyfriend
jason about 1oo times.

I left messages.


Ms. Mccallum, we're trying to
contact your boyfriend jason,

But is there anybody else
that we can contact for you?

It's jason.

Jason, this is detective benson.
I'm at the hospital with lainie.

Jason... jason...
she's been attacked.

Excuse me?

Okay, I will pass that along.

He says he doesn't
want to get involved.

Boyfriend of the year.

He says that they hooked up once,

And she's been calling him
nonstop ever since.

I wanted to call 911, but she
insisted On riding in the cab with us.

Honey, she was raped.

Why do you always
have to be her hero?

Now the baby's too upset
to come out.

Did she tell you what happened?

She was leaving the gym
upstairs in our building

When a guy pulled her
into the stairwell

- And raped her at knifepoint.
- Did she describe him?

He was wearing a ski mask.

How the hell did he get in?

That could have
been you, beth.

Except I don't parade around
in public in my underwear.

She could run around naked.
That doesn't excuse rape.


It's just that she's constantly
borrowing my husband.

"daniel, can you
kill this spider for me?"

Or, "my window's stuck,"
"flip my mattress".

I've never touched her mattress.

Okay, has anyone been
hassling her recently?

Any unwanted attention?

Attention's like a drug for her.

- She can't get enough.
- Come on, honey.

Give the poor kid a break.

She's had a rough year.

Went through a couple
of bad breakups.

Any of them violent?

Only if you count the guys

Tripping over themselves,
trying to get away from her.


Ms. Mccallum, calm down.

Who the ef is detective benson?

I am, and this is detective stabler.

What did you tell jason?

He said that you answered my phone

And now he doesn't
want to come see me.

Does he understand
what I've been through?

That's why we're here.

We want to help you
get through this.

We need you to tell us
exactly what happened.

- I was raped!
- We know.

But your attacker, was he
black, white, hispanic?

I don't know, I don't know.
I didn't ask.

Okay, but we need you to tell
us what you do remember.

He put a knife to my throat

And made me lie down on those steps.

- What kind of knife?
- All I remember

- is that it was huge.
- Okay, you're doing great.

So what happened next?

He pulled down my shorts,
and the next thing I know,

He's inside of me.

Okay, so you were
face to face with him.

You have no idea
how horrible it was.

- What were the color of his eyes?
- I don't know!

How long was he on top of you?

Forever. It seemed like...
like an hour, at least.

Okay, lainie,

that's a long time to be looking
into somebody's eyes.

You can remember.
This is really important.

They were blue with green...
green in the center.

So he was caucasian?

His eyelids were white.

And his hands.

He wasn't wearing gloves?

Did he touch anything up here?

Yes! He held onto the bannister at
one point For support, right there!

Okay, check all the closets.

And under the bed.

No problem.

He's probably long gone by now.

Lainie, can you
tell me his height?

- His weight?
- Just, you know, about your height,

Skinny but with
a disgusting potbelly.

Oh, I'm sorry about the mess.

You know, my cleaning lady
doesn't come till tomorrow.

- The closet's clear.
-So it's okay for her to come in there?

No one under the bed.

Oh, god. I really
need to get this off.

She's practically got
a sex shop in there.

Well, she is 24 and single.

What's wrong?

There was no blood
in that stairwell.

That's because I made a fist, okay?

Look, it didn't start bleeding
until I opened my hand

- In daniel's apartment.
- We're almost done.

So at what point
did he cut your hand?

When the black woman
pulled him off of me.

There was an eyewitness?

Lainie, didn't you think
that was relevant?

Stop yelling at me!

- Who is she?
- I don't know, you know?

I didn't stop to get her name.

When she punched him
in the face, I ran for my life!

So this unknown woman Jumps
into the middle of a violent rape,

Possibly saved the girl's life, And
lainie doesn't even send help.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Job one, find this woman.

Last lainie saw her,
she was in hand-to-hand combat

With a knife-wielding maniac.

Check the surrounding
precincts and hospitals.

- And check the morgue.
- Assuming she actually exists.

- You calling our victim a liar?
- Well, anyone think it's odd

That she didn't mention this good
samaritan Until six hours after the fact?

Usually when someone inserts
a fictional black person

Into their story,
they make them the bad guy.

Just go check the security
tapes at the building.

See if there's any signs
of the eyewitness Or the rapist.

Office of Building Superintendent
Thursday, February 4

No doorman.

The only camera is in the lobby,
Trained on the front door.

It feeds into this computer.

The rape occurred
10:45 this morning.

Pull up the hour
before and after that.

We never had any trouble in
the building like this before.

Not till lainie moved in.

Are you saying she's a troublemaker?

Constantly staggers in drunk,

Wakes me up at all hours

'cause she forgot her keys.

One night, I don't get to
the buzzer fast enough,

She throws an ashcan
through the door.

Okay, there's your sister.
Print her.

You think our victim's edp?

Do you remember marcie
on east 53rd street?

Said she got raped every night?

Saved by jesus,
who flew in on a rocket?

Oh, lainie's not that crazy.

She's just high-strung.

Oh, now get this
delivery guy right here,

With the jeans
and the black knit cap.

Print him too.

Do you recognize this man?

A delivery man from bardari's.

This one time, my eggs were broken,
And he wouldn't take

- responsibility for it.
- Lainie,

do you know him
in any other context?

Oh, you mean, was he my rapist?

No, definitely not.

Okay, what about him?

Oh, that's fritz. He lives on three.

He's this chiropractor.

Keeps promising to give me
a free adjustment.

- No way was it him.
- All right.

Why don't we talk about these women.

Did any of them help you?

Oh, she's pretty. Love that jacket.

That's miss williams.

Weapons-grade bitch.

I-I-I think that that's her.

- Let me see.
Have you seen her in the building?

No, no, but that's definitely her.

The super didn't know her.

She entered the building
at 9:15 today,

And there's no footage
of her ever leaving.

Okay, let's have unis re-canvas.

Check the roof, stairwell,
vents, dumpsters.

Anyplace big enough to hold a body.

We gotta knock on some doors.

Excuse me, ma'am.
I'm detective munch.

- Oh, hello.
- We're looking for this woman.


Thanks. Thank you.
Thank you.

- What'd she do?
- A good deed. Have you seen her?

What's it worth?

- Listen, you snot-nosed little brat
- El,

the woman at 7-b

Thinks she's
a home health aide on 12.

I don't hear any movement.

Do we have enough
for exigent circumstances?

He could have dragged her
in there at knifepoint.

She could be hurt, right?

May I help you?

You're okay.

Why should I not be?

- May we come in?
- No. This is not my apartment.

Is there a man in here?

Of course. Mr. Gleeson.


We're investigating the incident

That occurred
in the stairwell this morning.

What incident?

The rape that you interrupted.

Can you identify the perpetrator?

I'm sorry.
You have the wrong person.

So did a rape even occur,

Or did we just piss away
the whole day yesterday?

The alleged witness
knows nothing about it.

Her name's nardelie youla.

I talked to her employer's daughter.

Says she's been a godsend.
Very reliable.

I heard a pretty thick accent.

Maybe she's afraid to come forward
'cause of her immigration status.

Wasn't a scratch on her. Didn't
look like she'd been in a fight.

Well, last lainie saw,

Nardelie was whaling
on the rapist,

Not the other way around.

Well, if she really
was the hero, why deny it?

She could have her picture
on the cover of the ledger.

Well, not everybody's
a fame whore.

Lainie was clearly traumatized.
Maybe she misidentified the woman.

Or maybe the woman doesn't exist.

Csu find anything in the stairwell?

A boatload of prints,
none in the system.

No trace evidence of blood or semen.

The preliminary report for the rape
kit Shows no sign of ejaculate.

She did say it was
rapus interruptus.

Okay, how about this?
She cut her own hand.

This whole thing has just
been a cry for attention.

A false rape allegation?
Why would she make that up?

From everything I'm hearing,
she exhibits

All the characteristics of
histrionic personality disorder.

- Benson.
- Exaggerated emotions,

Sexually provocative behavior,

Attaches too much significance
to relationships,

Excessive concern
over physical appearance,

Always has to be
the center of attention.

- She's a drama queen.
- To the extreme.

We're on our way.

Patrol just collared lainie

For trying to break into
jason's apartment.

- Jason! Jason! Please!
- Lainie, get over it!

If you don't stop stalking me,
I'm putting this up on youtube.

Jason, whatever it is
that I did, I'm sorry!

- Lainie.
- I'm sorry!

Lainie, what are you doing?
What are you doing?

She's causing a disturbance.

Six of the neighbors
were complaining.

She's been standing in the street,

Screaming my name
for the past two hours.

If you just would have
let me inside...

All right, thanks for the call,
officer. You can uncuff her.

- You sure about that?
- Yeah.

Sir, do you plan
on pressing charges?

Just get her off my stoop,

Keep her the hell away from me.

Apartment of Lainie McCallum
Friday, February 5

Why are you this worked up

About a guy you had one date with?

I've known jason all my life.

Okay, look, I'll show you.

I mean, he used to try to kiss me

During summer camp.

He's been chasing me for years.

See, look. Right here. See?

I mean, I finally...

I finally gave him a shot,

And he does this?

I think you need to move on.


did you say you got raped
So you'd get jason's attention?

- What?
- It's okay if you did.

Nothing bad is gonna happen to you.

But you gotta come clean
before it gets worse.

You... you think I'm lying?

I mean, what do you mean?

Nothing bad is gonna happen to you.

Lainie, lainie, we're just
trying to do our jobs, okay?

We need more information, all right?

The woman that you identified
as the eyewitness

Says that she was never there.

Well, then she's lying, okay?
She's lying.

But isn't it possible
that the woman that you ided

Looks just like the woman
in the stairwell?

No, it's her. I'm not lying.

W-w-why won't you
believe me?

Lainie, nobody's calling you a liar.

It's just, if we're
gonna get this guy,

Then we need to
corroborate your story.

But I've told you
everything. Everything.

Detective, come here a second.

Take a look over my right shoulder
And tell me what you see.

Is that a telescope?

Looking right into this window.

Someone's been spying on me?


Some shiner you got there.

Can I help you?

Yeah, we're investigating an incident
That happened in this building.

- I heard about that.
- Do you work from home?

I'm... I'm in between jobs
right now.

Do you mind if we come in?

Just, maybe you could help us
answer some questions.

Uh, sure.

Can I get you anything?

No, thank you.

So how'd you get thatye?
It looks painful.

It was stupid. I ran into a door.

You gotta be more careful.

Nice telescope.
Mind if I take a look?

Go ahead.

My wife got that for me
for my birthday.

Breaks up the boredom.

Yeah. Wow. Great view you got.

It's a great view.

You wouldn't believe Some
of the stuff my neighbors are into.

You must know everything
that's going on In this building.

Hey, would you mind coming
down to the precinct?

You could really help us.

- This is the guy?
- He fits lainie's description to a tee.

My height, skinny, with a paunch.

And a big fat bruise
under his blue and green eye.

Well, with no eyewitness,
it's still circumstantial.

A confession would be nice.

Once again, taking one for t team.

I have to escort wendy to the opera,

But I got her to rush the rape kit.

Well, I hope it's worth it.
The prelim said no semen.

Still none. But
she found traces of pre-ejaculate.

No sperm, but she can extract dna.

We need his consent
to swab him for a match.

Olivia, why don't you go
sweet-talk him.

Elliot, you might scare him off.

I hope that date wasn't for tonight.

Go back her up.

Hey, sorry to keep you waiting.


- All done?
- Uh, yeah.

Oh, great.

How's that for sweet talk?

Hey, how about letting others
play in your sandbox?

What, am I here just to look pretty?

How about you take that to the lab.

Give my regards to wendy.

What was that?

Well, a woman in your building
Was raped in the stairwell.

By you.

I've never raped anybody.

Well, your dna on that cup

Is gonna prove that you did.

See, we're gonna match it to a
sample That we found in her.

- It won't be me.
- Why?

'cause you didn't finish the job?

It doesn't matter.
You left your marker.

I was never in that stairwell.

And you know what else
we're gonna get off that cup?

The prints you left
on the bannister.

Come to think of it,
I was in that stairwell,

Uh, a few weeks ago.

Well, that black eye says
that you were there yesterday.

See, we have the witness
who gave it to you.

That black bitch?

She misinterpreted
the entire situation.

- And how's that?
- Lainie's been teasing me for months,

Putting a show on
in front of her window.

She wanted it, and I gave it to her.

- Is that so?
- That's right.

And that bitch interrupted us
in our finest moment.

Do you know she's here illegally?

That's what you
threatened her with, right?

I mean, you told her That you'd
turn her in if she came forward.

Listen, when she attacked me,

She pulled my mask off
and saw my face.

I don't want her gossiping
all over the building

And have my wife find out.

- That she married a rapist?
- No!

That I've got this cute little
24-year-old on the side.

If the sex was consensual,

Why were you wearing a mask?

Lainie wanted me to.

We were acting out her rape fantasy.

Bryce kelton...

You're under arrest for rape
and assault Of lainie mccallum.

Oh, and tampering with a witness.

You don't have the eyewitness?

- We're working on it.
- Well, work faster.

I only have five more days To get
her in front of the grand jury.

We're dealing with a spooked
witness Who's been threatened.

I'm putting lainie on
this afternoon,

And I need nardelie in my jury
By the end of business Friday

Or bryce could walk.

You've gotten true bills
on he-said/she-saids before.

I met with lainie last night.
I need all the help I can get.

Munch and fin are on it.

Tuesday, February 9

let me do the talking.

- No solicitations.
- All yours.

- Is nardelie working today?
- Who?

The woman who normally
takes care of mr. Gleeson.

She no longer works here.
I'm her replacement.

Alex, the eyewitness is in the wind.

I'm gonna need a subpoena
to pick her up.

I'll write one out when
I get back to my office.

What's the hold-up? My wife
had to have paid my bail by now.

She hasn't returned my calls.

So how long do I
have to stay locked up?

When do you expect
to vote it out?

Nice try. The court
will notify you.

I've been waiting for over an hour.

It smells in there
and my hand really hurts.

Get back in the witness room, now.

Hey, lainie, cute outfit.
Is that for me?

Hey, shut your hole.
Get this animal back to his cage.

Oh, my god. Is... is that
the man who raped me?

I told you he had
one of those pot bellies.

I told you that I would come
and get you When I needed you,

and what are you wearing?
We went over this.

You said to look nice.
Don't I look good?

I think she had a little
more Sunday school in mind.

I really just need to go home.

I'm in... I'm in a lot of pain,
And I can't do this today.

This will take 15 minutes.
The jury is waiting for you.

- Just tough it out.
- I'll be right outside.

I'll give you a ride home
when this is over.

Monica, I need your coat.

Lainie mccallum,
do you swear to tell the truth,

The whole truth,
and nothing but the truth,

So help you god?

Lainie, you okay?

I think... I think
I'm having a heart attack.


Oh, god! Help! We need help!

- Call 911!
- Get a bus!

Somebody get help!

- Alex, what happened?
- I don't know.

She said she was having
a heart attack,

But she was clutching
her right side.

Well, she does have a tendency
to exaggerate, but...

Well, if she was trying to get sympathy
with the jury, She went too far.

- Are you here for lainie?
- Yeah. What happened?

Her hand wound is infected
with staph morsa.

- Is she okay?
- It ascended her arm.

When we opened her up,
We discovered necrotizing fasciitis.

What does that mean?

Morsa is a drug-resistant form
of flesh-eating bacteria.

We attempted to excise
all the dead tissue,

But the infection had already
invaded the chest cavity.

How serious is it?

If she has family,
they need to come immediately.

Wait. What? That's insane.

I was just with her. She was fine.

You must be able to do something.

Just make her
as comfortable as possible.

Does she know?


We have to preserve
her testimony for trial.

Do we have time
to get a camera tech?

Sorry. Her liver and kidneys
have already shut down.

Don't. I must look terrible.

Lainie, I have to tape you.

I'm so sorry.

Lainie, is there anyone
that I can call for you?

My parents are in india.

Is jason coming?

I'm sure he'll be here soon.

Lainie, this is your last
chance to speak for yourself.

Don't you want the jury to hear
your side of the story?

What's the point?

I'm gonna be dead.

The man who did this to you
needs to be punished.

He will testify it was consensual.

Lainie, if you do this,

Your voice will be heard

Long after.

What do I...

What do I have to do?

You need to make
a dying declaration.

Lainie, can you tell me what's
happening to you right now?

I'm dying

Because some lowlife loser

Cut my hand while he was raping me.

I'm amending the charges
to include felony murder.

Against the hospital?

'cause that's where she got
The staph infection that killed her.

Some idiot intern probably
didn't wash his hands

After he went to the bathroom.

Ultimately, bryce is responsible.

She wouldn't have been in the
hospital If he hadn't cut her hand.

Okay, so let's put him away.

What do you need from us?

Find nardelie.

Well, it's not like
we're not trying.

You got the dying declaration.
Do you really need her?

In order to get
the dying declaration in,

I have to charge him with murder.
But to charge him with murder,

I have to tie her death to the rape.

Which, even if you have
a dying declaration,

Is still he-said/she-said.

It's legal dominos.

I need that witness.

Any luck?

She's a ghost.

No car, banking records, utilities?

I couldn't find
so much as an email address.

- She's living off the grid.
- She's got a cell phone.

Not in her name.
I already checked it.

Just got off the phone
with the old man's daughter.

She wanted nardelie
reachable at all times.

She gave her a phone.

- She cancel it yet?
- I told her to hold off on that.

Go get a subpoena
to track that cell's gps.

We don't need one.
It's the daughter's phone.

I already got her consent.

Are these knockoffs
or the real deal?

They are authentic.

- What kind of metal is this?
- I'm not sure.

It is my cousin's stand.
I'm just watching it for her.

She is coming now
if you have questions.

Well, actually, my questions
are for you, nardelie.

It's okay, nardelie!
You're not in trouble!

Wait a minute, wait a minute,
wait a minute.

Listen to me, listen to me.

We know you saw what happened
to lainie. We know why you ran.

Bryce admitted
that he threatened you.

What do you want?

I need you to tell the grand jury

What happened to lainie
in that stairwell.

I cannot do that.

By 5:00 tomorrow, a rapist could
walk free If you don't testify.

I am very sorry for what
happened to that girl.

I did what I could to help her.

Other people would have turned and
walked away, But you risked your life.

And she got away. She survived.

She died because of injuries
she sustained During the rape.

You are the only chance she has.
Please do not walk away from her now.

If I testify, that man
will have me deported.

You are a material witness in
a murder case. I can protect you.

If you fail and they send me back,

How will you protect me there?

What are you afraid of?

Do you have any idea
what is happening in the congo?

Where I come from,

Hundreds of thousands of women
have been raped.

In the eastern provinces,

It is used as a weapon of war.

It is so common,
it is to be expected.

Is that what happened to you?

They came into my house,

Five of them.

They raped me and my daughr
In front of my husband.

In the middle of it, he ran away.

No one came to save us.

My angel sabine

Was only five years old.

She looked into my eyes

anD cried for her mama As they
each took their turn with her.

Where is she now?

It took her six days to die.

What about your husband?

They ever find him?

After the militia passed through,
He came back,

Cast me out of our home.


He said everyone would know
what happened to me.

He could not bear the shame.

I ran into the forest.

I made my way to a refugee camp
in north kivu.

One day, the interahamwe came

Accused us of treating rebels

Who attacked the mine
they were guarding.


They dragged me back
into the camps.

They... they...

Drogan's Pub
Thursday, February 11

After all that, she finally
agreed to testify?

And I wasn't in any shape
To go in front of a grand jury.

She said she would return
in the morning.

You think she'll really show up?

Yeah. I think she'll do
the right thing.

Well, at least it gives her a chance
To put one rapist away.

It might be cathartic for her.

But it doesn't change the situation.

Since she's here illegally,
She lives in constant fear

Of being sent back to
the rape capital of the world.

I have to help her.

If anybody qualifies for asylum,
Nardelie does.

Do you know rape is not recognized
As grounds for asylum?

It is only granted for persecution
Based on race,

religion, nationality,
Or political opinion.

Gender violence isn't even covered.

That's outrageous.
How can they not recognize

systematic rape of women
As... a... as torture?

What about the u-visa?

That covers undocumented immigrants

Who assist in the prosecution
of a crime, right?

Not unless they're
the victim of the crime.

She was.

She fought off
a knife-wielding rapist

And was threatened by him.

I will add it to the charges
tomorrow After she testifies.

Any cop or d.A. Can certify
a u-visa.

Nardelie, what are you
still doing here?

I said you could go home
after your testimony.

I needed to know if it did any good.

Oh, you did great.

We got a true bill,
so now he's going to trial.

And I will have to testify
all over again?

Yes, only this time, he'll have his own
lawyer, Who will ask you questions.

- You will be there?
- Every step of the way.

- Nardelie youla?
- Yes?

Immigration and customs enforcement.

- You're coming with us.
- Wait, you can't take her.

She's a witness in a murder trial.

There is a procedure
you have... wait a minute!

Nardelie, I will come and find you.


You have ignored
my first two subpoenas,

So I am serving this one personally.

I.C.E. Prosecutes
170,000 illegals a year.

Which one are we talking about?

Nardelie youla.

Sounds like an upstanding citizen.

She is a material witness
in a murder trial.

Of an american.

Who she risked her life
trying to save.

I don't have time to deal with this.

The guy who dropped a dime on her

Is the same guy
she is testifying against

In a rape homicide.

Looking for a pissing contest?

In case you haven't noticed,
we're at war.

I guarantee you,

Nardelie is not a threat
to national security.

- Where is she?
- Hard to say.

We did a sweep last week.

Probably had to ship her
out of state.

You've got to be kidding me.
Where did you dump her?


You have to have her
released immediately.

Did you know your little saint
Has ties to a terrorist group?

What are you talking about?

It says here, she provided
material support

To the interahamwe, aka the fdlr.

Before they scattered to the congo,

These are the sweethearts who
committed the rwandan genocide.

Are you mental?

Nardelie was held in their camp
against her will.

She didn't help them.
She was raped and tortured.

How does that make her a terrorist?

Did she mention
she married one of them?

Elizabeth Detention Facilty
Monday, February 15

Do you think I had a choice
in the matter?

Many of us suffered the
humiliation of forced marriage.

But you were already
completely under their control.

What was the point?

To own us.

It's not like
they were stuck with us.

They could kill us at any time.

We were disposable wives.

For those of us who lived
by doing this,

They knew we would no longer be
accepted by our people again.

So even if you could escape,
you had nowhere to go.

I never stopped trying.

Each time they caught me,
I was tortured.

You were a victim of crimes
against humanity.

When you got to the u.S.,

Why didn't you apply for asylum?

I was afraid.

The people who helped bring me here

Warned me of the risks.

See that woman there?

Paulina requested political asylum

The day she got here.

She has been locked up,
waiting for her case to be heard

In immigration court for two years.

You've really got some friends
in high places, lady.

Jack mccoy called the u.S. Attorney.

I take it everything's in order?

Yeah, she's been processed.

She's free to go.

Thank you for rescuing me
from this place.

I know the man
who raped lainie made good

On his threat to put me here.

Well, now you get to
repay the favor.

Supreme Court
Monday, March 15

I'm dying because...

Some lowlife loser

Cut my hand while he was raping me.

I didn't even know who he was

Till he said those vile things to me

Outside the grand jury.

I never would have had sex with him.


Think that...

Because of the way I look

And act,

That I'm some wild thing.

iThe truth is, I'm not.

I've only had sex with three men

My entire life.

And I was in love,

Madly in love,

With all three of them.

And I can't stand...

That the last man who touched me

Did it by force.

Oh, that is total bull!

Counselor, control your client!

She used to strip for me
in front of her window!

Bryce! Bryce, sit down!

Please disregard these outbursts,

As they are not part of the
evidence for you to consider.

With all due respect, your honor,

We would like the record to reflect

That the defense strenuously objects

To the introduction
of this evidence.

It is inflammatory
and highly prejudicial.

And I've already ruled it

Miss cabot, call your next witness.

The people call nardelie youla.

I went to the roof
for some fresh air

When I saw a man
raping a young girl.

Objection. As to the
characterization of what she saw.

How does she know
that what she saw was rape?

I know rape when I see it.

Miss youla, please
do not ask questions

If there's an objection pending
Until I tell you to.

- I'm sorry. Yes, I will.
- Sustained.

Without drawing conclusions,

Can you please describe exactly
what you saw In the stairwell?

I saw a man wearing a black mask
On top of a girl.

He held his hand over her mouth
And a knife to her throat.

She was crying.

And what, if anything, did you do?

I pulled him off of her.

That is when I saw that his
penis was out of his pants.

The girl's shorts were down.

She jumped up and ran out the door,
Still screaming.

What happened next?

He tried to cut me with the knife,
So I punched him in the face.

Then I grabbed his mask off.

I have seen him many times
before in the elevator.

And is that man here
in this courtroom today?

That is him,

Wearing the cheap blue suit.

How well did you know lainie?

Not at all.

So you weren't girlfriends?
You didn't share any secrets?


So you wouldn't know if what you saw

Was my client fulfilling
lainie's fantasy.

- That girl was being raped.
- How do you know that?

You just said that you didn't
know my client or lainie.

I know when a woman is being raped.

- Are you a mind-reader?
- I was raped.

- Objection, your honor.
- I've seen many women raped.

- I know that look.
- This is unresponsive.

I know that look,
that dead look in the eyes

When you imagine you are
anywhere but there.

Please direct her to answer
the question.

Mr. Kressler asked you a question.

"are you a mind-reader?"

No, your honor, I am not.

Isn't it a fact that you are
in this country illegally?

Objection. Relevance.

It goes to her character.

She lied to get into the country.
Maybe she's lying about this.

I'll allow it.

Miss youla, isn't it a fact
that last week,

You were in a detention center?


And aren't you only testifying here
today In exchange

- for miss cabot getting you out?
- No!

Isn't it true that
you were to be deported

Because of close ties
to a terrorist organization?

That is a lie.

Aren't you married
to a known terrorist?

- It was a forced marriage.
- And you claimed he raped you.

He and all his friends.

And now you see rape everywhere.

No further questions.

Miss youla, why did you
come into this country?

To escape the epidemic
of sexual violence Taking place

in the democratic republic of congo.

The men who raped me

were fighting for control Of
the mines that produce tin,

tungsten, and tantalum,

The conflict minerals
you so desperately need

To make your cell phones
and computers.

Objection. What does this have
to do with this trial?

He called her character
into question

And insinuated she was a member
of a terrorist organization.

He opened this door.


Miss youla, do you
see rape everywhere?

The women in my village were raped.

The women in the militia camp
were raped.

I was raped repeatedly

By so many men, I lost count.

They put their guns in my sex

And one of them pulled the trigger.

I was in the hospital
for over a year.

It left me incontinent.

So, yes.

I have seen rape everywhere.

That is how I know
that girl was raped.

Thank you.

Nothing further.

Supreme Court
Monday, March 15

Has the jury reached a verdict?

We have, your honor.

On the count of tampering
with a witness

In the third degree,
how do you find?

Not guilty.

On the count of murder in the
second degree, How do you find?

Not guilty.

On the count of rape
in the first degree,

How do you find?

We find the defendant guilty.

Thank you for your service.

You are released.

Court is adjourned.

Oh, nardelie, thank you.

I can't believe I helped
put a rapist in jail.

I never thought it was possible.

In the drc, the men don't
even fear being punished.

Maybe there's hope.

Last year, a prosecutor
with the u.N.

Achieved convictions
for the first time in history

For sexual slavery
and forced marriage

As a crime against humanity
in sierra leone.

Next stop, the congo.

Speaking of which,

You never have to worry about
being sent back there again.

We've certified a u-visa for you.

What is that?

It's a visa that will allow
you permanent residency.

A small token of our thanks.

You are so kind.

Before this trial, I wanted
nothing more Than to stay here.

But now I realize,

I need to go back to my country

To do what I can
to help the women there.

They must stop suffering in silence
If things are to ever change.

But, nardelie,

You realize that you would be
risking your life?

Does alex know about this?

I told her. She understands.

I was very touched by
the sacrifice she is making.

What sacrifice?

She did not tell you?

Alex, is it true?

I put in my papers.

I'm taking a leave of absence.

So you're abandoning us again?

I'm taking a job with the
international criminal court.

I'm joining a newly-formed
task force.

I'm going to be prosecuting crimes
of sexual violence In areas of conflict.

Nardelie really got to you.

She inspired me.