Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 10, Episode 6 - Babes - full transcript

The team investigates a young man who's set on fire and castrated. They learn he was mentally challenged and living on the streets. They learn that he was killed by the brother of a girl he impregnated because the brother thought he raped her, but the sister denies it. Later they learn that there's a group at her school who vow to remain virgins but when one of them is killed it's discovered that she's no longer a virgin.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Okay. You're sensitive and charming.

Now, invite her back to your
place and let us go home.

What do you bet he stiffs
us harder than he stiffs her?

Ready for the check?

Actually, we're thinking
about dessert.

And something exciting.
Flamb?, maybe?

Folks, the only thing here
that's flaming is the maitre d'

and he left an hour ago.

Time to call it a night.

Oh, my God.

You dragged my ass out of bed
because Benson's on vacation?

Not a vacation. She's on a three-day
conference for battered women.

It's not exactly
Club Med, you know.

What have we got on
the menu for tonight?

Barbecue. A little
too well done.

Let me go out on
a limb, here. No ID.

You've done this before.

A lot of nightclubs
around here.

So a Wall Streeter comes
stumbling out drunk, gets rolled,

but why fry
the poor guy?

He's missing a few things
more valuable than his wallet.


Yeah. Goodbye, family
jewels. They get burned off?

No. There would be charred
remnants. I'd say it was a chop job.

Probably just
before he was torched.

Any idea where our crispy
critter came running from?

Follow the bloody
brick road.

I'd say this is where he lost his boys.

Accelerant on
the ground.

Looks like he was lit
up over here by this car.

Castrated, then immolated. Whoever
did it wanted this guy to suffer.

Puncture wounds match
the scalpel you found.

More than a dozen deep ones to
his groin, abdomen and thighs.

A sloppy attack.

Exactly. The excised genitals show
the same kind of ragged hacking.

Are we done yet?

If it's any consolation, you're
probably feeling more pain than he did.

Tox screen for alcohol and
crack was off the chart.

Small mercies.
Toasted, then roasted.

How did you get so much
info from burned skin?

Same way I'll get a print. Juice him up.

The problem with fire-damaged
tissue is loss of bodily fluids.

Rehydration restores
the natural contours.

Now we hope our
victim has a record.

And the winner is...

Joshua Michael
Galli, 22.

Arrests for loitering, turnstile
jumping, and public urination.

Those are not the usual beefs
that a Wall Streeter racks up.

My guess?
This guy was homeless.

My boy wasn't homeless.
This was his home.

Played football for
Blessed Heart High School.

Good team. Faced them a couple
of times when I was at Bayside.

Josh was tough on the field.
That's where he left it.

Sweetest kid you ever met.
Friends with everyone on the block.

Even after he got sick.
Sick with what?

Schizophrenia. Diagnosed in 12th grade.

His mom couldn't take
it. Left after a year.

Pissed at Josh, like
he was making it all up.

Pissed at me
for believing him.

It's hard to think that
something's wrong with your kid.

I took him to every
doctor appointment.

Watched him try one
pill after another.

When none of those worked,
he started getting high.

Wandering off
for weeks.

Mr. Galli, the attack
looked personal.

Was Josh having trouble
with anyone? I don't know.

Last time he was
home was September.

He just walked through that
door, smiling like the old Josh.

Even had himself
a job interview.

I made him breakfast, watched
him head off for his interview.

He never came back.

So, no enemies that
he ever talked about?

Only the Street Cleaners.

Not the big white
sweeper trucks?

I'm talking about
the sick bastards

who hunt the homeless
and videotape it.

When Josh told me, I
thought he was imagining it.

Like a delusion.

Then I went online. Found
the videos they post,

so everyone can get
a good laugh watching

street people getting
their heads kicked in.

This is what a real
street cleaning looks like.

If the politicians won't take
care of the trash, we will.

Two dozen more of
these on the web.

Different attacks, different
victims, same result.

A lot of busted heads.

And they've got the balls
to crow about it online.

Let's face it. Deviancy has
run amok on the internet.

Ten years ago, only freaks knew where
to get snuff videos or amputee porn.

Now, Grandma e
- mails "Two Girls, One Cup," signs it "LOL."

Well, whoever
these scumbags are,

they're smart enough not to show
their faces or any landmarks.

But too stupid to realize how
smart their cell phone camera is.

Every video they've
posted has a geotag.

It's like a
mother lode of data.

Date and time, f-stop, even GPS
coordinates where it was shot.

In this case,
every attack location.

Does it give us a phone number
so we can track down the owner?

can be changed,

and the Street Cleaners
know enough to do that.

But geotags give us
something unchangeable.

The International
Mobile Identity Number.

It's like a serial
number for the device.

Gives us every call
made on their phone.

a bunch made that night

a block away from where
Josh Galli got lit up.

So how do we
find these morons?

they'll find you.

They've got a concerned citizen
tip line on their website.

"Got a problem?
Let us solve it. "

So we just introduce
them to the laziest,

filthiest bum
they've ever seen.

They're watching us.
The CIA. Brain waves.

I've got to say, the
man does crazy good.

Good? That's the same old crap
he says every day, only louder.

It ain't working, either. There
ain't a damn Street Cleaner in sight.

The Illuminati
are after us.

Or they're after you. Nobody's
after me. Is anybody after me?

You picked
the wrong corner, cockroach.

Police. Drop the bat.
Drop the bat. Drop the bat.

You're under arrest.

What did I do,

besides save this city
from those vermin out there?

Those vermin are people.

Sara, maybe we shouldn't
say anything. Shut up, Seth.

Just sit there and look like
the dumbass that you are.

When someone you love gets killed by
one of those vermin, you get a vote.

Till then,
shut your ugly face.

Go back.
Go back. Go back.

Who got killed?

Last year my father was
coming home on the subway.

Then this thing gets on.
Didn't say a word.

Just smashed a brick
against my dad's skull.

He was dead before
he hit the floor.

My dad was the third
person this guy attacked.

It was the 26th time he'd
been in and out of prison.

Okay? And what did
any of you do?

You just shuffled him in and
out of hospitals and jail cells

and didn't do a damn thing to stop him.

Since you can't do
your job, okay, I will.

Anything else you
want to confess to?

We've got you for
the video assaults,

The murder you're
on the hook for.

Wait, we never murdered anyone.

Last night a homeless man
was castrated and set on fire,

and your phone was there
at the exact same time.

Where? At the
Meatpacking District?

It's funny.
We didn't mention that.

Because we were there. At the bar
on top of the Gansevoort Hotel.

We went up at, like, 10:00,
and came down at sunrise.

Seth shoots for Party People. Who?

Party People. We go to bars and
take snapshots of drunk idiots,

and they can buy them off our
website. Sara went with me last night.

I got pretty wasted. Ended
up being in most of his shots.

Show them your
phone, Seth.

Right here. See?

Look at that.

1:20, 1:19, 1:17.

Josh died at 1:17.
Two hundred feet below.

Told you we didn't do it.
Wish we had, though.

got something for us.

Have fun in prison.

What have you got for us? Puzzling
pieces from your crime scene.

Arsonists almost always use
gasoline or lighter fluid.

Josh Galli's killer
used formaldehyde.

The stuff that
pickles people.

Burns them, too. From the
puddling and scorch marks,

I'd say our perp
poured too much,

maybe fumbled
getting a spark,

fumes built up,
and whammo!

So our guy might be
a little crispy himself.

I also found this.

An electric match?

Flash must have blown it out of
the perp's hand, into the flames.

Originally looked
like this.

Any way
to trace it?

Well, this one has letters
engraved on the barrel. See?

"Property of B.H.H.S."

Blessed Heart High School.

The science lab
is right through here.

I'm Max,
by the way.

Nice to
meet you, Max.

This science lab, does
everyone have access to it?

Uh, during class. Otherwise,
just our chem teacher,

Sister Elizabeth,
and one of the seniors,

Alec Bernardi. He cleans up, makes
sure all the equipment is accounted for.

He gets an extra
credit for it,

sort of like I do for
being student escort.

a trustworthy kid?

I guess so.

He's an honor student. Then
again, he's never joined my club.

Chastity Circle. In my day,
they called that the A.V. Club.

My girlfriend
and I both belong.

We've made a commitment
to sexual abstinence.

Oh, hey. There's
Alec right there.

Okay. Max?

We don't need you
anymore. Thanks.

Alec. Slow down. Slow down. I
didn't hear any bells ringing.

Yeah, you're moving like someone
lit a fire under your ass.

Fire? I don't know
anything about a fire.

Really? How did
you burn your hand?

Welcome back.

How was the conference?
The usual.

A lot of good information,
a lot of bad coffee.

Elliot and John have
an interesting suspect

in interrogation.
You want to watch?

What I live for.

Hey, who's in charge
here? Can I help you?

You got my boy.
I want to see him.

What's his name?

What's your name?

Donald Cragen,
Captain of SVU.

His name is
Alec Bernardi.

Ms. Bernardi, your son is in custody.

You can see him after
we're done questioning him.

You can't do that
without me there.

He's over 16,
so, yes, we can.

Alec was read his rights
and he declined a lawyer.

He's just a kid. What the hell does he
know? Come on. I want to see him now.

He must be
scared to death.

Scared? Not the
word I'd use.

I am proud
of what I did.

You murdered
a mentally ill man.

The guy was high as a kite.
Wasn't even a fair fight.

Well, Josh had it
coming. Oh, you knew him?

He used to live
in my neighborhood.

But I didn't
mean to kill him.

You stocked up on weapons
from your school science lab.

You hunted him down.
We call that intent.

Yeah, well, you know,
I'd call that honor.

Kid's got a way
of twisting words.

Mom out there is
in for a shock.

I'm telling you, it was an accident.
Okay? And I didn't go hunting Josh.

I saw him hanging out in the
Meatpacking District a couple of times.

Look, I only took that
stuff from the school

to scare him,
not to kill him.

Then, he punched me,
grabbed for the scalpel,

I started to stab him.

In the genitals.
That was no accident.

It just got
out of control.

You were in control enough
when you set him on fire.

I only did what my
dad would have done.

He would have
been proud of me.

I'd like to meet the old man who
gives his kid a pat on the back

for doing something
like that.

Yeah, well, he's
not around anymore.

But, you know, if he
found out what Josh did...

Yeah, what did he do? He raped
my sister and got her pregnant.

That's why I cut
his balls off.

Now, can
I see my boy?

Not yet.

First, we need to
speak with your daughter.

Tina? Why?

Raped me?
No one raped me.

Tina, I know how
difficult this is to admit.

You want to forget
that it ever happened.

Maybe you even blame
yourself a little bit...

But I didn't do anything.
Neither did Josh.

Tina, you
need to go to a doctor.

You need to be
tested for STDs.

These are diseases that
may hurt you and your baby.

Baby? What is
she talking about?

Mom. What does she mean, baby?

Tina. You need
to tell us.

Christina Davola Bernardi,
I asked you a question.

Would both of you
just stop?

That Galli kid
did this to you?

I'm gonna kill the little
bastard. Oh, my God.

Your son already
beat you to the punch.

My son didn't
do anything.

Neither of you get it. Josh
didn't rape me. We had sex.

It was... What do you call
it? Consensual? Oh, my God.

Tina, why does your brother
think that Josh raped you?

Because he's an idiot.
The other day, I was...

I was on the phone with Bianca, and
I made a joke about Josh doing me.

Alec was there. He
must have misunderstood.

Yeah, I'm still

Tina, I need you to tell me
what happened with Josh.

It was three months ago.

And I saw Josh upstairs,
coming out of his dad's place.

I know Josh gets sick
sometimes and wanders off.

But he was better. Talking
normal. He looked good.

He said I looked good.

And I always had a crush on
him, from when I was little.

You're still little. And now,
you're knocked up by a nutcase?

Mrs. Bernardi, please.

Go on.

We went up to the roof.
We talked for a while.

He had a bottle from his dad's
liquor cabinet. It just happened.

Without a condom? He
said he could go get one.

But I told him not to.
What did you just say?

You wanted to
get pregnant?


We all did.

We grew up together. Now, we're
going to have kids together.

How sweet is that?

And the
baby's father?

This is about us.

You're in school.
Catholic school.

If they kick us out,
we'll get jobs.

Our parents will totally
help us. Right, Dad?

Or I'll go on welfare.

What's the big deal? That Vice President
lady's daughter is going to have a baby.

Yeah, why can't we?

Josh suffered
from schizophrenia.

You're not worried that your baby
is going to be predisposed to it?

No way. What does
"predisposed" mean?

Whose idea was this?


She got pregnant first.
Said we all should.

Yeah, it was my idea.
It rocks, huh?

We're totally going to be the
hottest MILFs on the block.


It means "mother I'd like to...
" Oh, I know what it means.

Want to see the stroller
I picked out? It's so cute.

Fidelia. You need to screw
your head on straight.

This is a baby we're talking
about. Not a new shade of lipstick.

Don't say another
word, angel.

Are you charging my daughter
with something, Detective?

Because I don't
like your tone.

I'm just here to ask a
few questions, Mr. Vidal.

Daddy, let her ask.
I'm fine.


Fidelia, why don't we talk about
the father of the baby, huh?

So, what's your story?
Excuse me?

You have kids?
You're pretty old.

We're here to
talk about you.

I bet you're jealous. Old chicks are
totally jealous of me. Is that it?

Did you wait too
long? Tick tock.

Fidelia. A baby is
not an accessory.

It is not a bracelet or a pair of
earrings or a slamming pair of jeans.

This is a living,
breathing human being

that you are bringing onto this earth.

You think
I don't know that?

If you did, you'd be
petrified about your future.

Do you know the odds of a
teen mom finishing high school?

Forget college. Or any other
dream that you might have.

Life as you know
it is over now.

There's no going to the mall or
hanging out with your friends.

I mean, you
might see them,

but if you do, it'll probably be
in line waiting for food stamps.

Or all of you
going to the doctor,

trying to get an appointment
at the free clinic.

Daddy, make her be quiet.
That's enough, Detective.

Do you know the health
risks to babies of teen moms?

Dyslexia, retardation,
increased risks of blindness...

... cerebral palsy.

Don't you try to blame my
daughter. She's just a child.

That's my point, exactly.

Oh, yeah?

What about the kid that
knocked her up, huh?


Is it true?

Max. I was
going to tell you.

We made a commitment
to each other. To God.

You were supposed to be
my first and true wife.

I was supposed to be your
first and true husband.

It's okay.
I still love you.

It's okay.

Even Christians
make mistakes.

Any other candidates?

So, four teenage girls
make a pact to get pregnant,

and then just
laugh about it.

Doesn't sound like Fidelia was
laughing when Liv got done with her.

I may have dropped the
hammer a little too hard.

Well, the girl could use
all the reality she can get.

I'll bet she's not getting it from the
nuns at school or the Chastity Circle.

Wouldn't have mattered, anyway.
These girls wanted to get pregnant.

And their parents
weren't much help, either.

Some of these apples didn't
fall far from the tree.

Any idea what
their plans are?

Oh, they're all going
to have their kids.

There's no need to turn a
mistake into a bigger mistake.

Babies having babies
doesn't bother you?

Babies killing
babies bothers me.

So, it's that easy,
huh, altar boy?

Well, there's no rape or incest.
So, yeah, it is that easy.

There's a thing
called adoption.

Well, it's off
our plate now.

There's no crime here. Uh,
I'm not so sure about that.

All four girls are
under the age of consent.

Josh Galli would have gone down
for having sex with Tina Bernardi.

How old are
the other dads?

Well, Bianca and Carlotta got
pregnant by boys in their class,

both minors, so they
can't be charged.

And like Kim said, we could
have gone after Josh Galli,

except he's dead.

Which leaves us only
with our little ringleader,

Fidelia Vidal, who thinks the
guy who got her pregnant is 22.

Thinks? Oh, she's only met him once.

Doesn't know his real name.
Only his street name, Dizzer.

Goofy name or not, if he's over
18, we can charge statutory rape.

Wait a minute. Wait a
minute. I thought this

Max kid was
Fidelia's boyfriend.

So did he.

Fidelia met Dizzer at a
house party that he was DJing.

They snuck away, got high, and got busy.

No judge would order a
paternity test on a fetus.

We need a parent
to file charges.

Sounds like Fidelia's dad is already
on the warpath. Check this out.

This isn't about
what a group of young,

vulnerable girls
might have done.

It's about a culture that sexualizes
kids at a younger and younger age.

And the police who
do nothing to protect

our daughters
against male predators.

I just found out that the man that
impregnated my daughter is 22 years old.

Twenty-two years old. And what
are the police doing? Nothing.

Oh, that's great.
In blows Hurricane Vidal,

and we don't even know the name
of the kid we're looking for.

Seek and ye
shall find, my Captain.

Doing a little digging in the
CARS database of criminal aliases.

And who pops up but a young man
named Dizzer, a. k.a. Donald Zuccho.

Don Zuccho?

Yo, yo. Name's
Dizzer. What up?


It's the po-po. What're you all looking
for, a copy of I Shot the Sheriff?

Uh, no. We're actually looking for
you to tell us about Fidelia Vidal.


The sweet little thing you
tapped in Bensonhurst last summer.

Son, you're gonna have
to be more specific.

All right?
Because my motto is

"wrecking decks
and getting sex. "

You know what's up,
don't you, my brother?

She's about to have a baby. Yours.

Yo, tell her to get in
line. I already got two.

You make child support by spinning
records and working in this dump?

Child support? Baby mamas just
happy their kids look like me.

Well, Fidelia's
dad wants more.

Well, fool should
want to keep his teefs.

Did you just threaten
him? And the word is teeth.

DNA warrant.

Pull your pants up and get your ass
down to the medical examiner's office.

You just got touched,
my brother.

Mr. Vidal? Thought you should
know we just slapped a court order

on the father of your
upcoming grandchild.

He's gone for
a paternity test.

It's about time.

Well, your daughter will
need to have an amniocentesis

so we can make a match.

Otherwise, you'll have to
wait until the baby is born.

We have a doctor on
call at Mercy Hospital.

Let's take her now.

Angel, would you
come out here, please?

Sweetie? What's our rule? No locked
doors. Come out here right now.

You're going to the doctor.
Fidelia, open this door.

I have a bum shoulder.
Would you mind?

As long as you
don't sue for damages.

Angel, you
better be decent.


Oh, my God.

Why would she do this?
Why would she do this?

It's okay, Max. It's
okay. It's all right.

Ms. Vidal, we're sorry
about your loss.

I know why.

I know why she did it.


Someone made my
baby kill herself.

They drove her to it.
What do you mean?

Last night, someone
started e-mailing her.

They were calling her
a slut and a whore.

She was crying. They
wouldn't leave her alone.

Where's the computer?

In the den, usually.

We don't let Fidelia
have one in her room.

But last night me and
Gordon, we were fighting

and we were
screaming and yelling

and we were both drinking, and
I told Fidelia to go to her room,

and she took
the laptop with her.

Mrs. Vidal, we need
to see it. Where is it?

Why didn't
I go help her?

I heard her
crying and I...

All I did was pour myself
another drink and...


Why didn't I help her? I just had
another drink. Why didn't I help her?

Where's the
family computer?

Huh? Inside.

Freaking lame-o.

Well, that's who was
taunting her all last night.

We got it off
her computer.

"You are a dumb whore. "

"How dumb do you think
that baby will be?"

"Everyone hates you,
so STFU. Laugh out loud.

"The world doesn't need you,
slut. End it. End it now. "

And she responds,
"You are so mean.

"Forget it, fath is
knocking. Gotta go. "

So she signed off with you after
her father was knocking on the door.

And I'm saying it wasn't me. All
right? My email is DizzerDawgDJ.

Y'all want to check it?
Yeah, we do.

Was I lying?

Besides, last night, after
I went and I gave my DNA

to that fine
Nubian princess,

I hopped on the R train
over to Brooklyn to do a gig,

then did some more rocking with
a couple of twins afterward.

You know what I'm
saying? Did I mention?

Yeah, yeah. We know.
Decks and sex.

That's right.
I'm telling you.

Whoever dissed that bitch into
killing herself is setting me up.

Well, don't get too
torn up about that bitch.

She was only going to be
the mother of your child.

I'm going to need
that phone back, 5-0.

Yeah, them twins are going to be wanting
me to drop that rope on them again.

Dizzer didn't send
any e-mails last night.

Damn, I would've liked
busting his dumb ass.

All right, well, whoever did this had
to know about Fidelia's one-night stand.

Maybe one of her friends is Dizzer4ever.

Nothing crueler
than high school girls.

Why not ask
somebody who knows?

While you were out, I did
some digging on those e-mails.

I got the IP address, tracked
down where they were sent from,

a delightfully skeezy little
internet caf? on Grand Street.

There's no sign-in sheet.

And whoever paid for the
computer time did so in cash.

So, what are you
so cocky about?

Two doors down
is a nail salon.

And in between there's an ATM
machine with a security camera.

So, guess who got a pedicure, took
20 bucks out of the ATM machine,

and then bopped
into the net nook

three minutes before
the e-mails started?

Peggy Bernardi.

Yeah. Good timing.
We've been out all day.

Guess you got over being mad
that Tina had a bun in the oven.

Hey. What am
I going to say?

I had her brother when I was
16 years old. Alec, you here?

Ah. You bailed
your son out, huh?

Yeah. Had to put the
deed up to this place.

And you still found time
to go on a shopping spree.

You're Mother
of the Year.

Hey. I take care
of my kids.

Just like I'm going to
do with my grandbaby.

And won't he look
cute in this?

"My grandma
is a GILF."

Too bad Fidelia's mother won't have
a chance to hold her grandchild.

Oh, God. Isn't that horrible? Tina
loved Fidelia like a sister. We all did.

Then, why did you taunt her into
killing herself, Dizzer4ever?

What is that? Tina, you
better go to your room.

No, you stay here. They're
leaving. Hey, what's going on?

Pull up a chair. Read how your
mother drove Fidelia to suicide.

Mom? Is that true? Get
the hell out of my house.

First, just tell us why. You
want me to admit that I wrote it?

Okay. Fine. I wrote it. Okay? But
that little slut ruined this family.

If it wasn't for her, my daughter
wouldn't have gotten pregnant

and my son wouldn't have
made the mistake that he did.

A teenage girl has more influence
over your kids than you do?

Her death is on you.

Leave her alone.
Step back, tough guy.

Alec, stop it. Take your
sister and go in the other room.

Now. Both of you.

I didn't tie a rope
around the bitch's neck.

I only typed
words on a computer.

If you had anything more than
threats against me and my kids,

you would have arrested
me already. So, get out.


We can't charge her. That
woman murdered Fidelia Vidal.

New York has nothing on the
books yet against cyber-bullying.

Technology always
outpaces the law. Whatever.

So, just give us another strategy, then.

I only said
murder is out.

We can try for promoting
a suicide attempt.


It was written as
an anti-Kevorkian law

to stop
doctor-assisted suicide.

But maybe I can get it
past Judge Moredock.

And if you can't?

Then we go for
criminal impersonation,

aggravated harassment and
endangering the welfare of a child.

All misdemeanors.

So we throw in
reckless endangerment

to get another felony.

Cragen. What's immoral is
not always what's illegal.

Peggy Bernardi may be a
psycho, but she only used words.

Right. Against
an impressionable,

hormonally volatile
teenage girl.

So write a new law. But don't
trample on the First Amendment.

Thanks. That was
Downtown with a heads-up.

Somebody put the Bernardis'
address on Google Earth.

There's a crowd chasing her around
Little Italy calling her "Monster Mom. "

You don't like my approach,
Munch? Is mob rule any better?

Get out here, Bernardi. My
daughter is dead because of her.

Please. Everyone, calm down.
This is crazy. My boy's dead.

The Vidal girl is dead. Do
we really want more death?

We're neighbors.

NYPD. Clear the hall.
Clear the hall now.

Everybody. Get back.
Open the door.

Mrs. Bernardi, this is
Detective Stabler. Open up.

You've got to save us. Yeah,
we'll save you right into jail.

Come on. Let's go.
Come on.

They're trying to
kill me and my family.

You killed Fidelia.
You killed her.

"Docket ending 1488.
People v. Peggy Bernardi.

"One count, promoting
a suicide attempt,

"one count,
reckless endangerment,

"one count,
criminal impersonation,

"one count,
aggravated harassment,

"one count, endangering
the welfare of a child. "

Mr. Granger, how does your client plead?

I didn't promote
anything or harass

anyone recklessly
or any other way.

This is a bunch of crap.
Guilty or not?

She pleads not guilty,
Your Honor.

Bail, Ms. Greylek?


Are you off
your nut?

control your client.

Might need a stun gun.

Peggy, be quiet.
I'm sorry, Your Honor.

But Ms. Bernardi
needs to be at home

to make sure her daughter
receives proper prenatal care.

Her other child is
on home-confinement

on an unrelated charge and needs his
mother's aid in preparing a defense.

Do them both a favor. Keep her
caged. What is your problem?

My client has
lived in the same community

for her entire life and
is hardly a flight risk.

And these charges are as
tenuous as they are numerous.

I'll agree there, Ms. Greylek.
Bail is set at $50,000.

Your Honor,
as a condition of bail,

the people ask
that the defendant

be prohibited
from using a computer

or any form of
electronic communication,

lest any other young
person's life be threatened.

Hey, I got auctions
on eBay.

Ms. Bernardi,
unplug the computer.

Next case.

Come on.

"Docket ending 5592. The
People of the State of... "

Your animosity is
showing, Counselor.

So is your lack
of judgment.

Your client's
a murderer.

Funny. Of all the charges you
filed, you forgot to file that one.

The law hasn't quite caught
up to what Monster Mom did.

But I'll get it there.
You really think you can

convince a jury that a
single mother of two kids

took time out
from her busy day

to taunt a neighbor girl
into committing suicide?

You kidding?

Five minutes of
her on the stand,

and they'll see
she's the Devil.

I'm a loving mother.
A good person.

So a good person
goes online,

attacks an underaged kid, while
pretending to be someone else?

It was just in fun.

Then why did you send her
e-mails from an internet caf??

Was there something wrong
with your computer at home?

It was convenient.

Ms. Bernardi,
would you please

read to the jury
what you wrote,

impersonating someone else,
to Miss Vidal?


"You're a dumb whore. How dumb
do you think that baby will be?"

And OMFG means?

"Oh, my blanking God. "

So, that's what a good person
writes to a pregnant teenage girl?

I was mad about what
she did to this family.

She told my girl to get
pregnant. Next line, please.

"Everyone hates you,
so STFU. LOL."

And STFU means?

"Shut the blank up. "
And LOL?

"Laughing out loud. "

So a good person
laughs out loud

after telling a pregnant teenage
girl to shut the blank up.

She did a lot
worse to my family.

Next line, please.

I'm sorry. Did you
suddenly forget how to read?

"The world doesn't
need you, slut.

"End it. End it now. "

And a good person writes
"End it. End it now"

to a pregnant teenage girl
and never thinks for a second

that she might
actually do it?

It was just a goof.

I never... One last thing, Ms. Bernardi.

Please read to the jury what Miss
Vidal wrote to you in her final e-mail.

"Why are you so mean? Forget
it, fath is knocking. Gotta go. "

That's right.
Her father was knocking.

Coming to check on Fidelia after
she had been crying for hours.

That's what
a good person does.

A good parent? They don't
persecute other people's kids.

They don't let their
daughters become teenage moms

or their sons
become revenge killers.

No. You're wrong.

Miss Bernardi,
you need to sit down.

But she's wrong.
My mom is wrong, too.

"Fath" isn't short
for "father. "

Bailiff, remove that young lady.

"Fath" means FATH.
"First and true husband. "

They say it in a club at
school. The Chastity Circle.

Fidelia's first and true
husband was Max Matarazzo.

Yeah, the Vidals were home when
Fidelia answered the front door.

They would have
seen Max come in.

Fidelia's dad is
kind of a jerk.

I came up the fire escape to
visit her so he wouldn't know.

Well, we didn't know
because you didn't tell us.

Even when we asked you
questions about Fidelia.

And I should have. Look. It
was just all too crazy. Okay?

Maybe you were feeling guilty. Guilty?

About what you did
to her. Something bad.

No, I didn't do
anything bad.

Murder is a sin, Max.
You know that.

What? No. Listen.

I loved Fidelia. Okay?

And she committed suicide.

Did she?
Why would I kill her?

We have been
together forever.

Look, it's not like we
didn't want to do it. Okay?

Of course we did.
Everyone's doing it.

But we made a commitment to each other.

We made a commitment to God.

That you were her
first and true husband.

And she was my
first and true wife.

She wasn't exactly so true.

I forgave her
for that.

Really? You
forgave her, huh?

But she gave it
up to Dizzer.

She took her clothes off
for Dizzer.

She let Dizzer touch her body all over.

She made love to Dizzer,
a complete stranger.

And all you got
was a broken promise.


That's why you went back
to her house that night.

Maybe you forgave her
too fast.

I kept e-mailing her.
I kept texting her.

And she kept
blowing me off,

saying that she was in
the middle of something.

Right. And when you
crawled into her window,

there she was
again with Dizzer.

This time, online. He was
calling her a slut and a whore.

She was crying. I'll bet she
never cried like that for you.

None of this would
have ever happened

if she had kept
her promise to me.

The only thing
she cared about is whether

Dizzer or other
people hated her.

The only person she didn't
care about was you, Max.

I tried to hug her to
get her to stop crying.

And she slapped me.

Said that she never loved me. That
she never would have married me.

Said that the only reason I
was staying a virgin was because

I was scared to have sex.

Scared that
I couldn't do it.

That's when you put your
hands around her neck.

I just wanted her
to stop yelling.

So you kept squeezing and
squeezing until she finally did.

Then you wrapped the belt around her
neck and made it look like a suicide.

I've asked for forgiveness

every night since.

But God doesn't answer me.

He says nothing.

I'm the one who
kept my promise.

I am not the bad one.

Why? Why won't
he answer me?

Max Matarazzo,

on the charge of manslaughter
in the first degree,

you are hereby sentenced to four
years in the state penitentiary.

Alec Bernardi, on the charge
of murder in the second degree,

you are sentenced
to 15 years to life.

Ms. Bernardi, in light of the
conviction of Max Matarazzo,

this court dismisses
all charges against you.

You are free to go.

It's all right. I told
you I was innocent.

There's a big difference between
charges dropped and innocent.

I'm sure your neighbors will
explain it to you when you get home.

They can go to hell.
You, too.

Just try and wash the
blood off your hands

before you hold Tina's baby
for the first time, okay?

You shut your
freaking mouth.

I'll freaking kill you.

Remove that woman!

I'm a good mother.
I'm a good mother.

Why are you doing this to
me? Get off of me. Tina.

Come on.
Let's go.

I'm a good mother.

You don't even know me.
What do you have against me?

You okay?

Fine. Collar that
bitch for assault.

Family Court, huh?

It's going to
be bad, isn't it?


If I hadn't have been so stupid,
none of this would have happened.

Tina, right now, what you've got
to do is take care of yourself

and take care
of that baby.

How? My whole
family's in jail.

And now, they're going
to send me to a foster home.

I'm not so
sure about that.

Hi, Tina.

Mr. Galli.

What are you doing here?

Came to talk
to the judge.

Tell him, a baby shouldn't be
born surrounded by strangers.

A baby needs a home.

Especially my grandchild.

I'm so sorry about
what my brother did.

It's not about the past,
Tina. It's about right now.

Good luck.