Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 10, Episode 19 - Selfish - full transcript

An immature, irresponsible young mother is assumed to have killed her child, but it turns out to be part of a measles outbreak. A.D.A. Cabot then goes after the mother of the child who started the outbreak, who refused to immunize him.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

That's it. I'm done.

do you mean, done?

Paperwork. It's, like, the
first time in, like, five years.

So, we're actually gonna
get out of here early?

Yeah. Move slowly,
so nobody notices.

Guy downstairs says I need
to speak with a special cop.

We're Special Victims
Unit. How can I help you?

I haven't seen my
granddaughter in four days.

She's only
11 months old.

Does she live with you?


My daughter went to Atlantic City
with some girlfriends for the weekend.

She's been home
for over a day,

and I haven't seen
my grandbaby since.

And you think your daughter had
something to do with her disappearance.

She used my car when she was
away. And now, Sierra's gone.

And the car smells
like a dead body.

Ashlee Walker.
Put the hose down, please.

You went
to the cops?

Where's your daughter?


You are such a bitch. I told
you she's at the babysitter's.

You know what? You're
full of crap! That's it.

You know that I'm
Sierra's babysitter.

Yeah. You were until two weeks ago

when you got drunk and
left her in the bathtub.

You're a liar!
I do not drink!

Ladies. Ladies. We're not
here to play Family Feud.

We just wanna know that Sierra's
okay. What did you do with her?

Nothing! You creaky old bitch! Don't
you talk to me like that, young lady!

Time to go. Time to
go. Time to go inside.

All right. Now. So, what are you doing?

Cleaning out the trunk
of your car, here?

I was on a trip. A cooler
tipped over. You know.

Some meat must have
spoiled or something.

Or something?

You think I'm lying?

Half a pound
of ground chuck.

We were going to
grill burgers.

So, where is Sierra?

I told you. She's with Maria, my sitter.

I could have gotten her this
morning, and I decided to do chores.

I'm going to
get her right now.

You sure this is the
right apartment? Yes. Okay?

324 West 18th,
Apartment B.

Have you ever
been here before?

No. Maria would always
pick her up from my place.

Who are you?

Is Maria here?

No Maria here.
She has to be here.

Hey! Hey!
Sierra! Sierra!

She can't just walk in here
like she owns the place.

I understand, she's
upset. Listen to me. No!

Help us out, here. Have
you seen this little girl?

No. Never.
You're sure?

There's no sign of her.
Where is she?

See? I told you!
You're a liar.

You are a liar.
You lied! Okay.

This is the address
that Maria gave me! Hey.

Ashlee? Ashlee, she's
not here. Let's go.

Sierra! This is a set-up!
Maria stole my baby!

She stole my baby!
She could be anywhere!

Are we sure Ashlee's not sending
us out on a wild goose chase

with this babysitter
kidnap story?

It's hard to tell. But
the hotel in AC did say

that she was there
all weekend.

Well, what kind of mom
goes out to party

and leaves her kid
with a woman

she barely knows and doesn't bother to
write down her last name or phone number?

One who's young
and irresponsible.

You believe her?

Looks like
Grandma does.

It's going to be okay.

That's a change.

We'll tread lightly until we make
sure whether Mom is a victim or a perp.


We have an Amber
Alert out for Sierra.

And an APB on Maria.

Any luck remembering
Maria's last name?

It's, like,
Fernandez or Hernandez

or something like that
with a "dez. "

Okay. Ashlee, when was the
last time you saw your daughter?


I put, like,

a weekend's worth of clothes
in Sierra's diaper bag,

and some puddings, and then,
Maria picked her up at, like, 6:00.

What kind of car
was she driving?

A red four-door. Maybe...
Maybe, like, Toyota.

Did you get a
license plate number?


Baby, it's going to be okay. No.

They're going to find her.
They're going to find her.

El. Olivia.

You got a tip?

Even better. There's a
car on the run in Midtown.

Hispanic male,
four-door red Saturn.

Small Caucasian girl
in a car seat.

Headed which way?

Coming right at us.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You're
going to be sorry, all right.

Sierra? Sierra? Sierra,
baby. Are you okay?

Who's Sierra? The little
girl you kidnapped.

No! I don't kidnap nobody!
You tell that to the judge.

That. The girl. Her name is
Maddy. The daughter of my boss.

I was dropping her
at the day care.

Then, why did you run?

I'm from El Salvador.

I don't want to go back.

Look, I don't know if
it's her. She can't talk.

Come on, baby.
Say cheese.

Is it her?
Did they find her?

Oh, God. Please
let it be her.

That's not her.

Oh, my God!

Where is Sierra?
Where is she?

Elliot, it's not our girl. Come on back.

Ashlee says she met Maria
in Tompkins Square Park.

Let's canvass every
square inch of it.

Excuse me, guys.
You seen this little girl?




Do you know
a woman named Maria?

She watches kids
in this park?


Excuse me. Have you ever seen this girl?

Yeah. Last week with Maria.

You know Maria? Who
doesn't? She's kind of nuts.

Nuts, how? She walks
her baby around all day

asking people if she
can watch their kids.

She creeped me out.
There she is.

West end of the park.

Hispanic woman
pushing a stroller.

Maria, hold it.
Who are you?

We're the police.
Arresting your ass.

No! Don't hurt my baby!

It's not Sierra.

Don't wake him up.

Lady, unless this is
Pinocchio, he's not waking up.

Give me my son!

Scotty's fine.

But he is going down the trash
chute unless you start talking.

No, he's scared!
He needs his mommy!

Maria. He's a doll.

Isn't he? God took away my only son

and gave me another boy
who can never die.

Does Scotty
ever get lonely?

Sometimes. That's why we go to the park.

So he can play
with the other kids.

Does he ever play
with Sierra Walker?


You sure? You do look after
other people's children.

But never her.
You know what I think?

I think Scotty wasn't
doing it for you anymore,

and you needed
a real baby.

Scotty is my baby.

You went to this little girl's house
Friday night and you picked her up

because you
wanted a real child.

One who would cry, breathe,
need you, call you "Mama. "

No. No!
Where is she?

I told you! I don't know that girl!

I just want to
hold my baby!

we ran your financials.

And we know that the day
Sierra Miller came up missing,

you bought a
tarp and a shovel.

I did not.

Home and House. 1:23 p. m.

Your signature.


That's not how
I sign my name.

Someone must have
stolen my credit card.

From this wallet?

See? My Visa. It's gone.

Home and House just sent over
the security camera footage

from where the shovel was
purchased. You've got to see this.

There you are,
right there,

putting the shovel and
the tarp on the counter.

Paying for them with the credit card.

Oh, my God, Ashlee.

What in God's name
have you done?

That's not me.

I can see it's you,
plain as day.

We know Maria
never watched Sierra.

Now, we have you buying a shovel
the day your daughter disappeared.


What did you do
with my grandbaby?

Stop, Mom!

I've had
enough of you two.

Get your hands
off of me!

Or we'll lock you up, too.

Where is Sierra?

What the hell did you
do with her? Nothing!

Let go of me, you creep!
Get your hands off of me.

You had us running all over
town, looking for Sierra.

And the whole time
you knew where she was.

I don't.
I didn't do anything.

You murdered your baby and you
stuffed her body in your trunk.

No. No. I love my baby.

Ashlee. We will find where you put her.

I don't know where she is.
That crazy lady took her.

Don't lie to me.

I'm telling you
the truth.

She's been lying since
the day she could talk.

About her grades,
her friends,

where she'd go
when she snuck out.

So, she's always
been a handful.

And her father's pet.

But I have tried to set
both of them straight.

And then when
Sierra went missing

and you noticed
the smell in the car...

I thought the worst.
And now, it's come true.

I would never hurt my
daughter. I'm a good mom.

Good mom?

Your FaceSpace
tells a different story.

Here you are, drunk
and partying it up in Cabo.

Gonna crown you
mother of the year?

You have no right
to judge me.

Here you are down at the shore,
grabbing some guy's crotch

while Sierra stays at home.

And that's you
in a nightclub in AC.

You know when that was taken?

Right after you
killed your daughter.

I didn't kill her!

She means
everything to me!

Then, why didn't I find one single photo
online of this child that you love so much?

Since when does having a
kid make it illegal to party?

I'm young.
I'm allowed to have fun.

She just won't grow up.
Always arguing with me.

If I say the sky is blue, she says it's
yellow. Never listens to her mother.

Like when
she got pregnant.

What happened then?

I told her, "You make the bastard that
knocked you up pay child support. "

She says, "No. I'll
raise Sierra on my own. "

So, how's that
working out?

Like crap.

My husband and I pay for
everything. I told Ashlee last week,

"You get off your lazy
ass and get a job

"or I am stopping
the gravy train. "

So, what did she do?
She went berserk.

Threw a tantrum. Even
Sierra doesn't do that.

And then,
she threatened me.

Her threats ever turn violent? No.

Little bitch knows
I would kick her ass

if she ever
raised a hand to me.

But I did catch her trying to
steal 40 bucks out of my wallet.

That must have
pissed you off.

I grabbed it back.
And then, she got lippy.

I'm not going to lie to you.
I cracked her in the mouth.

I didn't steal anything.


Tell me that again.

While the proof stares you
in the face. Tell me that.

All right. I stole
that lady's credit card.

To buy the shovel
to bury your daughter.

No! I bought the shovel
as a present for my dad!

A present?

Sierra is out there alive
somewhere. And I have to find her.

Sit down.

No. I know my rights.

And you can't keep me here,
because I didn't do anything.

Ashlee Walker,
you're under arrest.

Arrest? For what?

Credit card theft?
That's pretty thin.

Well, I had to charge
her with something.

She was ready to
walk out the door.

And she will, as soon as she posts
bail. Which will be miniscule.

Even her mother thinks she
did it. We need more time.

Well, then, get back in there
and wring a confession out of her

before she remembers her favorite
episode of Judge Judy and lawyers up.

Too late for that.

You two should be
ashamed of yourselves,

conspiring to charge
an innocent mother.

She's as innocent
as Bernie Madoff.

Who called you in,

Ashlee's father, Ralph.
Apparently, he saw me on television.

And then dialed

I'm going to
see my client.

Keep an eye on those two. I'm
going to talk with Ralph Walker.

Try and dig a little deeper
into the shovel story.

So, where's Ashlee?

down at the precinct.

I wanted to go down there, but I
figured I'd probably get too emotional.

Best to let my wife
handle that.

That's kind of
how it works in this family.

Actually, it's the way it
works in a lot of families.

Is everything
going to be okay?

Right now, no. Ashlee's been
charged with credit card fraud.

I'd like to say I'm surprised, but she's
always wanted things she shouldn't have.

Like a baby?

She's a good mother,
I guess.

Look. All I know is
that when I got sober,

I tried to show her that it's
possible to be a good parent.

We all do the best we can, and
we try to live with the rest.

For the first 18 years
of her life, I did my worst.

But that little angel.
She's the reason I got sober.

I mean, for my wife
and Ashlee, too.

But the real reason
was for Sierra.

You will find her,
won't you?

We're gonna try.

Right now, we've got to take care
of Ashlee's problems with the fraud.

She said
she bought you a present.

Oh. We have to return
all the stolen items.

She got this on
someone else's dime?

Pretty obvious it's been used.

Ladies and gentleman, there
is a little girl out there...

You know anything about this? No.

She needs our help. Instead
of hunting down every lead

and trying to find this poor missing
child, the police are wasting their time

persecuting the victims.
A family worried sick.

are these allegations true?

Is the NYPD harassing the Walker family?

No comment.

Detective. Was that
shovel used for the crime?

Is Sierra Walker dead?

This is an
ongoing investigation.

We're tracking
down every lead.

Are you worried,
Ms. Devere?

Could your client have used that
shove I to bury her daughter?

Folks, let's just
stay on topic.

I called this press conference to clear
the name of an innocent young mother.

The only thing the police are
going to find on that shovel

is soil from Ralph Walker's
award-winning roses.

No DNA from Sierra Walker.

Or hair.
Or tissue.

Ashlee's prints are on it. As are
Ralph's and yours. And plain old dirt.

So, nothing unusual.

Hey. You guys find anything
on the Walker shovel?

That's what
we're discussing now.

Well, put an ASAP on that soil,
O'Halloran, and you're all good.

I did that. Like I said, that's
what we're going over now.

We're like one brain.

The only thing unique is high
levels of polyaromatic hydrocarbons.

Say again?
Polyaromatic hydrocarbons

are a by-product
of petroleum.

Levels this high, gas had to be
leaking straight into the ground.

Like fuel from an
underground tank.

You're thinking Sierra was buried
somewhere near a gas station?

Yeah. Can you imagine? Going
to a gas station to fill up,

buy some smokes, you know, not
that I smoke, because that's nasty,

but, like, there's a mom there
burying her kid? I go, "Holy crap!"

Hey, Dale. Be a real help and
bring these files next door.

I'm on it. Hey.
Bing, bang, bong.

Now you know
what I have to deal with.

Right. So, a gas station, with
cars coming and going at all hours.

I mean, it's too risky, even
for a kid as dumb as Ashlee.

Maybe it was a station out
of business or even torn down.

Ever since the '80s, every
gas station has had to register

with the
Department of Energy.

Each red dot represents a gas
station, operational or closed.

Now, the blue circle in the
middle is the Walker House.

It's going to take weeks to
investigate every one of those sites.

But Ashlee may be a selfish
brat, but she's not a psychopath.

She would have
been scared. So...

She would want to bury Sierra
someplace familiar, where she felt safe.

It's Detective Stabler.

It's my little angel.
Happy as can be.

She's beautiful.

You know,
she never saw me drunk.

Never saw me
slurring my words.

When she was born,
it was like I was reborn.

Ralph, that's why
you can't give up hope.

Come on. We both know she's gone.

Forever. And why?

You tell me why does
things like that happen.

You sure that's
a good idea?

You know what? Ain't nobody
around to keep me on track anymore.

She's gone, and I'm
back to being useless.

You're not.
You're not useless, Ralph.

Your granddaughter
needs her grandfather.

How? I want you to look at this map.

Are any of these
areas familiar?

Places that Ashlee
might have hung out at?

I don't know. I don't know if
I'm allowed to say anything.

Ms. Devere says I
shouldn't even speak to you.

Do you know what Ms. Devere's
job is? To win court cases.

My job is to find Sierra,
no matter where she might be.

Now, which one of us
do you want to help?

I always told Ashlee,

"Never drive drunk. No
matter what time of the night,

"you call me,
I'll come get you. "

I picked her up here
a bunch of times.

She'd go there and hang
out with her friends

and just drink and
nobody would bother them.

Step lightly, boys.

We've got a deceased
buried in here somewhere.

Lower your voice.

Those vultures are looking
for anything they can get.

Yeah, I thought
you'd like the glory.

Wait a minute.
You tipped off the press?

Well, yeah.

Well... I'm sorry. I was just
trying to make you guys look good.

Don't worry, okay?
I'll find Sierra.

We got something!
We got something!

What did I just tell you?

Stuckey. Be careful.

Hey, hey. Do I tell you
guys how to do your job?

Actually, yeah.

Is that a doll?
I think that's a doll.

Get out of the way.

It's her.

Oh! We got a body here!

What's the matter with
you? Did you find her?

Is it Sierra Walker?

What is the
matter with you?

I'm sorry. What's the matter with you?

I'm sorry.

"Docket ending 2500.
The People v. Ashlee Walker. "

One count credit card fraud.
One count second-degree theft.

How does the
defendant plead?

Not guilty, Your Honor.

I'll hear
the people on bail.

Uh... Ms. Cabot, are we keeping
you from some important business?

I'm sorry, Your Honor.

The People request remand. What?

The defendant has established a
pattern of theft and obfuscation.

We consider her
an extreme flight risk.

Ms. Walker has
no criminal record.

To keep her locked up over
these two charges is ridiculous.

Uh... That sounds a little
extreme. Even for you, Ms. Cabot.

And if you don't
put that phone down,

I'm going to hold
you in contempt.

Uh, I'm sorry, Your Honor. The People
are adding another charge to the docket.

Murder in the Second Degree.

Oh, for God's sake. You can't allow
a murder charge with no evidence,

much less the
body of a victim.

Ms. Cabot, what's going on here?
You seem to be off your game.

I apologize for the
distraction, Your Honor.

My detectives have just unearthed the
body of the victim, Sierra Louise Walker.

Sierra is dead?

I'll allow the
additional charge.


How does the
defendant plead?

Obviously, not guilty.

One million.

Given the defendant's
risk of flight,

bail is set at
one million dollars.

Five-minute recess.

You're full of
surprises today.

And you're full
of the usual.

It worked.
Just in the nick of time.

I hate to rain on your parade,
but, we've got a problem.

Sierra Walker's death
wasn't a homicide.

She was just dug out
of a shallow grave.

She didn't fall in there
playing hopscotch.

Well, whoever put her in there
didn't kill her. Encephalitis did.

Swelling of the brain?

on by measles.

Are you sure it's measles?
No signs of abuse or neglect?

No bruises
or abrasions either.

Her teeth weren't
in great shape,

but mostly from a diet
high in sugars. That's it.

But measles. How does that
happen in this day and age?

She wasn't vaccinated.

If Ashlee
makes a full confession,

we will reduce the murder
charge to negligent homicide.

What's wrong, Alex? Don't you have
enough evidence for the full monty?

Will I have to
stay in jail?

Not if you confess
to what you did.

Where's the catch?

Ashlee does 500 hours
of community service,

weekly therapy, and she enrolls
in an alcohol treatment program.

We'll take it.

Last Thursday,
Sierra had a fever.

And this terrible rash, too.
She wouldn't stop crying.

And I just couldn't take it
anymore. It was all night long.

So, I spanked her.
Then, she got quiet.

I just went back to sleep, and
the next morning, when I woke up,

she was just...

She was cold.

What happened next?

She was dead.

And I just panicked
and I buried her.

If my mom
had've found out...

You were only thinking
of yourself, Ashlee.

You were afraid
you would be blamed.

No. I killed her.

Oh, my God.

I must have hit her so
hard, I killed my baby.

No, you didn't.

I don't understand.

Sierra died from measles. What?

I'll expect your client to be at her
first therapy session tomorrow morning.

She tricked me?

For heaven's sake, Alex.
She could have walked.

Yeah. But I'm giving her
the chance to grow up.

I thought Devere was
going to blow a gasket.

This case isn't closed.

Yes, it is.
I just got a confession.

She means we've got
a bigger problem. Measles.

Two cases reported
in the last month.

One before Sierra died
and one right after.

Which means somebody's still
out there, spreading the virus.

What's next?
The black plague?

Incubation period
is 7 to 21 days.

Which means somebody could
be infected, not know it,

and still be
infecting other people.

Most likely children
under 12 months old

who are too young to receive
the measles vaccination.

And if they're exposed, it's not a
matter of if but when they get sick.

So, we've got to find out who that little
girl might have come into contact with.

Well, after I rope-a-doped
that confession out of Ashlee,

there is no way
she's going to help us out.

Do we have any other
information on Patient Zero?

The first case is a kid who
was visiting from Venezuela.

She's already
gone back home,

but we've
notified the consulate.

Second case. Dennis Faber
from Watertown, New York.

But there was no phone number on
the emergency room medical report.

Maybe he doesn't
have a phone.

Watertown has a large
Amish community.

If you're here about the building
codes, I'm not changing anything.

Actually, I'm here to speak to
Dennis Faber. Is he your son?

Dennis? So many
problems with this boy.

When I was a child,
we didn't have Rumspringa.

And I can tell you there were
no policemen coming to our homes.

The coming of age rite,

We let our teenagers
go out into the world

to decide if they want
to stay with our faith.

They carouse,
smoke cigarettes,

wear your kind of clothing,
listen to the devil's music.

Well, I'm just here to talk to him about
a hospital visit he made in Manhattan

two weeks ago. Two
weeks ago, he was here.

Well, these photos were taken
two weeks ago at the hospital.


Yes, Father?

This policeman says that you were
down in New York City two weeks ago.

No, I wasn't.

Can you explain this?

I went to see a girl.

After you had recommitted
to your new life?

There's this English girl,
Megan. I had to see her.

You had to see
one of those harlots?

Is that why you went to the hospital?

For a venereal disease?

No. No.
It was just a rash.

It's the measles.

We don't vaccinate.

There's a lot of
things we don't do.

How long has this
been going on?

A month.

But we weren't doing anything. We
were just hanging out at the park.

What park?

Now, what? Just a few more questions.

You notice any kids lately that
seemed sick? More than just a cold?

A boy who came to Becca's birthday
party a few weeks ago upchucked.

But that's because
he had too much cake.

Wait. One of the no-shows
was supposedly sick.

His mom was probably lying,
though. Why would she do that?

Because of how much
money we wasted on her kid.

Do you know how much Sparky
the Clown charges per head?

No, I haven't kept up
with Sparky's rates.

Well, it's a lot. Party favors,
hats, all sorts of stuff.

This mom said her son, Lucas, would
absolutely be there. And then, they flaked.

You ever see her again? A week later.

And she had this lame excuse about
her kid coming down with the measles.

Who gets measles

You know the mom's name?

Monica Stewart?

Did my neighbors call you?

Why would
they do that?

Because they're upset at the
choices I've made for my family.

Like not vaccinating
your son?

I won't put my son at risk because
Big Pharma and their lackeys

in the media try and jam
vaccination down our throats.

Even if that
puts him at risk.

What risk?

He had measles
two weeks ago.

And the immune system he was born
with kicked in and now, he's fine.

Sierra Walker isn't fine. She's dead
after being infected by your son.

What? What? That little
girl from the news?

No. Her mother killed her.

No. Measles did.

Measles that she got
from your boy.

No. I'm not responsible
for other people's kids.

It's my family.
It's my choice.

Go lecture someone else.

Come on, sweetie.
Let's go inside.

It's too cold out here.
Come on.

That lady is a lunatic. What
she's doing is a danger to society.

Yeah, but not illegal.
You're defending her?

Maybe he's right, El. I mean, sometimes,
parents know what's best for their kids.

Right. And we decided to vaccinate
our kids so they'd be safe.

Well, that was your choice. Telling
parents how to raise their kids?

That's a quick slide down the
slippery slope of government tyranny.

Monica Stewart's son got the
measles and nothing happened to him.

I mean, it's not
so black and white.

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

Sierra got the measles
from Monica's son and died.

Now, all of a sudden, my little boy's
at risk because of some nutcase mom?

Well, she's not the only nutcase
mom. Ashlee takes that prize.

But her kid was too
young to be immunized.

Every child under a
year old is at risk.

It's just stupid not to
vaccinate your children.

You want stupid? Ashlee Walker
is suing the City of New York.

we are responsible

because she brought her
daughter to a city park to play.

The lax safeguards of the New
York Park system allow people

with deadly and communicable diseases to
mingle freely with the elderly and children.

We are suing the city of New York
for a hundred million dollars,

which pales in comparison to the
priceless young life which was taken

by Monica Stewart and the
City. Is your child next?

Well, look.
She's got no case.

People get sick in
public places all the time.

It's an election year. This story
is front page across the country.

The phones are ringing off
the hook down at City Hall

with people wanting
to know

if it's safe to bring their
kids to the park.

What are we going to do?

Over a million children in this country
who are old enough to be vaccinated

have not been immunized for measles.
We're sitting on a time bomb.

The D.A. Wants the public to
feel safe. Arrest Monica Stewart.

Now what?

You're under arrest.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Wait. Arrested?
For what?

The murder of Sierra Walker.

This case boils down to
one simple word. Choice.

Not whether a parent has the
choice to vaccinate their own child,

but whether or not another parent
can make that choice for your child.

This case isn't about her.
It's about you. And you.

And all of the
people you love.

Because any one of you could
have been in the park the day

that Monica Stewart decided to bring
her un-immunized, sick child to play,

thereby endangering
each and every one of you.

And because of her choice, this
little girl is dead. Make no mistake.

Sierra Walker would be alive today
were it not for Monica Stewart's choice.

Ms. Cabot couldn't be
more right. Choice.

We can choose how to pray,
where to live, what to eat,

and whether or not
to immunize our children.

Ladies and gentleman, the
obligation you have right now

is to defend
your right to choose.

Don't let her
take it away.

Measles is one of the most
communicable diseases on the planet.

It stays in the room for up to an hour
after the infected person has left.

It's transmittable
from up to 200 yards away.

I thought measles
had been eradicated.

It was. But right now,
England has a measles epidemic

because people are refusing to
immunize themselves and their children.

And the last serious outbreak
here in the early '90s

led to 123 deaths
in unvaccinated children.

Why would people choose not
to vaccinate their children

against something
so dangerous?

The most common reasons
are for religious beliefs

or suspicion about the
science behind immunization.

Is the science behind
immunization faulty?

Absolutely not.

Measles is totally preventable
with the MMR vaccine.

Not being immunized
is irresponsible.

Despite any side
effects from the vaccine.

There is a minimal risk.

But it's more dangerous to drive
a car than to take the MMR vaccine.

Not being vaccinated can lead
to infection, sickness and death

for un-immunized children and for babies
who are too young to receive the vaccine.

Doctor, in your opinion, did Monica
Stewart risk the public's health

by not having
her child vaccinated?

In my opinion,

Ms. Stewart's negligence caused
the death of Sierra Walker.

Nothing further.

Dr. Warner.

Those side effects to the MMR
vaccine you mentioned. What are they?

Deafness, seizures, coma,
permanent brain damage.

But again,
these are very, very rare.

So rare that the US
government has set up an agency

to compensate victims
of these serious side effects.

Am I correct?

The National Vaccine Injury
Compensation Program.

And what is the most serious injury
that can occur with the MMR vaccine?

I think you left it
off your list.


But the number is
miniscule. Possibly zero.

I bet that's small comfort
to the parents of the children

who die as a result
of those side effects.


Withdrawn. Dr. Warner, are
there any laws in New York

that can force a person to vaccinate
themselves or their children

against measles
or other diseases?


In order to enter school,
a child must be immunized,

unless it goes against the
family's religious beliefs,

or when the child
is being home schooled,

in which case,
no one would know.

Monica Stewart's child is four
years old and not yet in school.

So, she isn't
breaking any laws.

In fact, Doctor,

isn't it true that unless a
quarantine is placed in effect,

no person can be
forced to undergo

any medical treatment against
their spiritual beliefs?


I read everything I could get my hands on.
Books, articles, journals, the Internet.

In the end, I was just
uncomfortable with the side effects.

So, you didn't just
wake up one day and say,

"I'm not going to vaccinate
my son against measles. "

You considered every option before
making the most educated decision.

Yes. I love my child. That's
why I chose not to immunize him.

And I believe with all my heart
God wouldn't want me to do this.

Thank you.

But you didn't think about how your
choice would affect other children.

Sierra Walker isn't my child.
I can't make choices for her.

But you did. You made a
choice, and now, she's dead.

Your actions are directly
responsible for her death.

If she hadn't contracted
measles, she would still be alive.

Is there a question here,
Your Honor?

Is there, Ms. Cabot?

Ms. Stewart, what is
your medical degree in?

I don't have one.

But you were making medical
choices on behalf of your child.

Just because I don't have a degree
doesn't mean I can't be an informed parent.

You chose your informed opinion
over that of people who do,

in fact, have a medical degree and
understand the science behind vaccinations

and recommend that
all kids be vaccinated.

I know what's
best for my child.

Well, if you know what's best,

and the doctors are
of a different opinion,

then it stands to reason that they don't
have your child's best interest at heart.

Their science is
just another opinion.

Your opinion killed a
little girl. Your Honor.

I'm just trying to show that if Ms.
Stewart had vaccinated her child,

Sierra Walker would
be alive today.

I'm not sure that's true. You're not?

That woman was
a horrible mother.

It was just a matter of time
until something tragic happened.

You're the one on trial,
Ms. Stewart.


And how fair is that?
I'm the good mother.

I make sure my child eats
well, is taken care of.

She buried her daughter
in a shallow grave.

Yes. She buried the
child that you murdered.

You should have seen the
look on the jury's faces

when she started
playing the blame game.

I predict they come back before
noon with a guilty verdict.

All right. Well. I'll
drink to that. Yep.

Still think
she's innocent?

I think Monica
has a point.

Ashlee was a bad mother
who did everything wrong,

while Monica was trying
to do everything right.

Monica exposed innocent
children to a dangerous disease.

She didn't know
that her kid was sick.

He didn't have any symptoms
when she took him to the park.

But that's the
problem with measles.

That you're infectious
before you even get the spots.

Now, Monica wants to take her kid and
live in a cabin in the middle of nowhere,


But the minute she walks out that door,
she's got to play by society's rules.

Or somebody truly innocent
ends up paying the price.

Has the jury
reached a verdict?

We have, Your Honor.

On the sole count of the indictment,
Criminal Negligent Homicide,

how do you find
the defendant?

Not Guilty.

No. No, this...
This is crazy!

That bitch is guilty!
Court Officer.

Let go of me! How many more
kids are you gonna kill?

She's the only
guilty person in here!

Mom! Don't point that
finger at my daughter!

Let go of me!

Stop. It's her fault
that Sierra is dead.

You won the case.


it's Detective Benson.

Leave me alone.

Ashlee, come on.
Come out.

You've got to know that
I loved my little girl.

I know.

Are you all right?


Baby. Baby.

How could I have
been so selfish?

All I cared about
was having fun.

I know. I know. I was the
same way when I was young.

But I'm here for
you now. Okay?

You can make it
up to Sierra

by being the best woman that
you can be from here on out.


Listen to your father.

I'm so sorry for how things turned out.

Please. This is not over.
It will never be over.

Ruth. Calm down.

Don't tell me what to do.

Just because you don't have the
balls to fight doesn't mean that

I'm going to let that bitch get
away with killing my granddaughter.

Let's go. Come on.

I've got to say.
This one hurt.

Look, it wasn't even your case.
It was a personality contest.

The jury liked the defendant
more than they liked the victim.

Tell me about it. I talked
to them after the verdict.

They all thought Monica should
have vaccinated her child,

but they did not think
Sierra's death was her fault.

They passed the buck.

It's a tragedy all around.
Both mothers' lives are ruined.

Thanks to Ruth.

She screwed up Ashlee, and now, she's
filed a civil suit against Monica.

She's doing everything
but support her daughter.

Yeah. Ruth will get around to bonding
with Ashlee. Over a case of beer.

We're on our way.

Ashlee and Ruth aren't waiting for
their next court date to get justice.

What's going on?

Well, they threw a brick through
the window. Lady inside called 911.

Was anybody hurt?
Just shaken up.

Yeah, she's just hiding inside
like the cowardly bitch she is!

I thought you said you
didn't blame her anymore.

My mom set me
straight. Okay?

If the courts aren't
going to do what's right,

then we're going to
do it ourselves.

Come on out and get
your beating, you skank!

The both of you, you
just don't get it, do you?

She killed my grandbaby.

And you're destroying
your own daughter's life.

An eye for an eye.

Ruth, let it go before you
do something you'll regret.

Go on, Ralph! Teach her a lesson! No!

Ralph! No!

Get a bus!


Are you shot?

He pointed the gun at me.

I begged him not to shoot. He said,
"Now, you've killed two people. "

Then, he put the gun
in his mouth and fired.