Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 10, Episode 18 - Baggage - full transcript

Stabler is forced to work on a serial killer case with an abrasive detective who has been on the case for months and would prefer to work alone. However, Stabler discovers that the detective's motivation is not glory and recognition.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Casey knows
her stuff, Mr. Oswald.

Double-coated annealing,

precious metal on
heavy-based glass.

Really divine colors
and textures.

I like texture.

She doesn't
like to mass produce.

Every piece is unique.
Come on, Evie.

Casey, I've brought someone
by to see your ceramics.

Oh, God.

Leica's done.
You can come in now.

Casey Chapman, 28,
up-and-coming ceramics artist.

No sign of forced entry.
One window found open.

Must have conned his way in.

She's got petechiae.

Tortured, hog-tied and
posed for shock value.

Just like April Silva three weeks ago.

Same glued lip-lock, too.

Let's just hope this crime scene
is not as clean as that one.

He's learning.

He took his restraints
with him this time.

Check these blisters out.
That look like an acid burn?

More like a scald
from boiling water.

What can I tell you? I've got five kids.

Sometimes they grab a
pot from a hot stove.

I've bandaged my
fair share of wounds.

Well, looks like this
sadist is escalating.

He needs more
pain to get off.

Or destroying evidence.
Hot water, bleach.

That will degrade
fluids and fibers.

I don't know. I think
he's just winding up.

Well, then we shut him down
before he goes three for three.

There's no foreign hairs
or fibers on the body.

So we're nowhere.


CSU vacuumed three foreign
pubic hairs from the carpet.

They're running DNA now.

Time of death?

Approximately 34 hours
prior to discovery.

Cause of death was
asphyxia from strangulation.

injuries include

fractures of the left
zygomatic arch and the maxilla.

Same as April Silva.

Punched in the face
during a blitz attack.

Any other similarities?

They both had their
mouths glued shut.

And both hyoids were broken.

But without the restraints, I can't
conclude that Casey Chapman was hog-tied.

What about the ligature marks
on the wrists, ankles and neck?

Lividity proves she was bound. Not how.

This new victim wasn't
sexually assaulted,

and he used more glue
to seal her rectum.

Took an acetone lavage
just to get the scope in.

You're sure she
wasn't raped first?

There was no fluids,
no lubricants.

No tearing,
no vaginal swelling.

Could be sexual dysfunction. A lot
of serial rapists can't perform.

Which just
feeds their rage.

Then find him fast. If he's
going this far, what's next?

Two victims.
Same type of injuries.

Same M.O.

No forced entry. No DNA.
No fluids. No fibers.

One big difference. He
raped April, not Casey.

Could be two
different guys.

You thinking copycat?

Well, details weren't released.
More like two guys hunting.

There's no evidence to suggest that
they're two different perps here.

There's no evidence,

Well, what do we know about the victim?

Casey Chapman.

She's a 28-year-old
white female.

She lives in an artist's
loft near Strivers' Row.

April Silva,
25-year-old Latina.

She was a postgraduate
math student at Hudson.

She lived in a closet in Spanish
Harlem. Walls were paper-thin.

And the neighbors
heard nada.

Yeah, because the bastard glued
her mouth shut to keep her quiet.

The only similarity so far
is they lived in Harlem.

His hunting ground.

Don't forget Bushwick, Queens
and East New York, gentlemen.

I'm Detective Victor Moran.
Major Crimes.

Here's a flash drive with
some other crime scene photos.

Are you saying our
perp has hit before?

With your two,
that's five dead.

This guy's all over the map.
How could you be so sure?

His signature was the
same on each victim.

We found them hog-tied. All
three mouths were glued shut.

The Bushwick and East New
York victims were both raped.

He added sodomy
with April Silva.

As with Casey Chapman, Queens
was not sexually assaulted.

But they found
glue in her ass.

I'm thinking it's one guy getting
smarter with every crime scene.

Yeah, me, too.

Yeah, the perp's need to debase
and humiliate is consistent,

whether he rapes them
or not.

Well, if this is the same hump,

why are we just hearing
about your cases now?

Took me a while
to put it together.

The first victim was
bound with her own belts.

The second here
with scarves.

The third with rope
he brought with him.

You know, funny thing. When
I ran the M.O. Through ViCAP,

none of your
three cases came up.

I blocked your access.

A glory hog.

It's not about me. It's about them.

Really? Then why clog
the information highway?

I've been working
this case for six months.

I didn't want
anyone in my way.

Now, he was attacking every
55 days. Now it's down to 19.

Soon, it'll be 10. Then seven.
Until he's doing two a day.

Well, thanks for everything.

We've got him now that
we've got all the facts.

He's mine, Detective.
I know him.

We have the
last two victims.

Not for long. Chief of D's is
in with your captain right now.

My squad
can close this.

You think your
squad can close it.

I know Moran will.

You just got promoted and your
first order as Chief of Detectives

is to bend me
over my desk?

This is no reflection on your
squad's investigative skills, Captain.

Moran ID'd the
pattern on this guy.

He worked these homicides. And
it's the only one on his plate.

We've been working these
cases round the clock.

You still don't know enough.

Two of the victims
have a doctor in common.

Three go to the
same grocery store.

Half took a recent trip.

And how can we know that, with
you keeping everybody in the dark?

It wouldn't matter. You'd
still be playing catch-up.

I'm still on
the man's trail.

You got a
suspect profile?

Black or Latino male.
Late 20s to early 30s.

A serial killer's predation usually
lies within their own ethnic group.

His victims
are mostly white.

Look at his playground.
He's targeting minority areas.

Harlem, the black neighborhoods
of Brooklyn and Queens.

That's his comfort zone.

Profiling Sexual Sadists 101.

The next thing he's going to do is tell us
he probably drives a clean late-model car,

has trouble keeping a job
because he's got a bad temper...

You're not the only cop
who spent time at Quantico.

But I'm the only cop working it, sport.

It's not open for discussion. Give Moran
what he needs and stay out of his way.

Feel better?

Not with you using those victims to
get a gold star from the bosses, no.

My career's just fine.

Fifteen years in Homicide,
five in Major Crimes.

What stalled your rise?

You accusing
me of something?

The word is you stopped being
a team player about a year ago.

I work much better
by myself. Trust me.

So you're willing to
risk women's lives,

all because
you can't share?

Look. Nailing this prick
is my only priority.

Now, can you say the same when there's
a sexual assault every five minutes?

You've got more than
enough to deal with.

I'd like some privacy.

El, I've got a potential
witness on the Chapman murder.

Her name is Debra Huggins.

She lives one floor
below Chapman.

She works nights,

and she found the card we left
on her door during the canvass.

What do you want to do?

Keep him occupied.

I'm not ready to roll over
and play dead just yet.

Where's Stabler?
He needed a break.

You know, we don't have time
for these petty conflicts.

That's why I figured I should
tell you what isn't in those files.

April Silva's parents didn't
know she had a girlfriend.

She was Catholic.

Casey Chapman?

Her art dealer told
me she was into kink.

We found fur cuffs and
other toys in her closet.

No match from CODIS on the pubic
hairs found at the Chapman crime scene.

This guy should
be in the system.

The way he hunts,
he's been at this a while.

We could widen the
search with familial DNA.

Serial killers
have abusive parents.

So if the hump's got any siblings,
they probably have records.

I don't need convincing,

Just run it.

Yes, sir.

I'm trying to catch a
killer, not make friends.

By yourself.

You think
I'm out of line?

From the minute you got here.

It's awful about Casey.
Did you know her well?

No, I admired
one of her bowls,

so she asked me up to her
studio to see her work.

You said you may have seen her killer?

There was a man waiting for
the elevator when I came home.

And he seemed off,

What made you suspicious?

He was wearing a maintenance uniform
with no company or name patches.

Bells went off.


What did he look like?

Mid to late 20s, 5'10".

Close-cropped hair, lanky build, no
scars or tattoos that I could see.

Pretty good memory.
Yeah. I studied him.

Once we got inside the elevator,
it hit me. He didn't have a toolbox.

I asked him where he was going,
who he was supposed to see.

He wouldn't answer.

I hurried into my apartment
and double-bolted the door.

I'm going to need you to come down to
the precinct to sit with a sketch artist.

You think if I'd called the
police, she might still be alive?


Any solid
leads off the sketch?

Still separating the
kooks from the cranks.

Where's Moran?

He left with our files.
You want me to call him?

Let's wait until we
have something to say.

Grab your jacket. Someone matching
the sketch is getting chased

by a group of young men out for blood.

Police. Stop. Stop!

Hey, hey, hey, back off.
Get off him.

He's a little worse for wear,
but I think he's our guy.

I told you
it was the bastard.

What's your name?


Paul Tucker.

What happened?

We were playing ball
when we spotted him.

Recognized his ugly face
from the news.

He was going into the
building where my nana lives.

I wasn't going to let
him rape and kill her.

Lock picks.

Perv dropped
those in the street.

Whoa, whoa.
Hey, kid. You did good.

Don't push your luck.
I don't care.

And what would
your nana say?

You don't even want to know.

You, get up.
Officer, all right.

Process him,
put him in lock-up.

Hey. Thank you.

Thank you for what?

Saving my life.

Can't say that
I'm glad I did.

Look at all this DNA.

You going to
ask me something?

What's there to ask? We have your sheet.

and B and Es.

When that wasn't enough,
you started window-peeping.

Working up the courage to go
inside and show them who's boss?

It's all in your jacket,

Don't get it twisted. I
wasn't trying to get lucky.

You call raping women getting lucky?

Or is it when
you torture them?

You get juiced off
hearing them scream.

That's not what I meant.

Makes you angry no one
pays attention to you, huh?

Can't keep a job.
Violent man, violent temper.

You peek in windows and you dream
about all those stuck-up bitches

who turned you down.
What are you talking about?

Stefan, you were seen.

We've got a witness.
We have DNA.

No way it's mine. I didn't
do nothing like that.

And I always wear gloves.

Of course you do.
You're not stupid.

I think I need a lawyer.

For what?
You're guilt-free.

getting a raw deal.

No, raw's what happens in
lockdown when the lights go out.

Shut up.
Just leave me alone.

You did it to your victims. Now
somebody's going to do it to you.

Don't touch me.

Shh. Don't say that. And never
fight back when they come for you.

That's exactly
how it happens.

Let go of me.

You'll never know what hit you. But
you better get used to this position,

'cause they like to come
back, over and over again.

Get off me!

We're going to need a mop.

What the hell was that?

Social workers
put it in his file.

His biggest fear is prison. We
figured stick first, carrot later.

Well, that stunt is grounds for
an assault charge while in custody.

I'd like to see
his lawyers try.

He did ask for one.

Well, thinking you need a lawyer
and asking for one is debatable.

He's an idiot,
but is he guilty?

You all heard him slip
up with the gloves.

Well, I'm having trouble
reconciling that jellyfish

with the kind of man that
brutally murdered five women.

A lot of short-term serial killers
fall apart when they get pinched.

Because they haven't
learned to disassociate.

Now, to get your
hard-core repeaters to talk,

you've either got to catch them
in the act or after a fresh kill.

You believe Stefan Henriques
is a short-term killer?

We checked the
ViCAP database.

No hits.
He's just getting started.

I'd like to indict with more
than just three pubic hairs

and a partial confession.

Okay. What do you need?

Find the murder kit.
That will bury him.

He may not be the
only one getting buried.

Chief of Detectives
has returned.

You want to tell me
what the hell's going on?

I'm pretty sure I
took you off this case.

We had a lead and ran it.

Without informing Moran.

Guy says he likes to
work alone.

I don't believe I was
talking to you, Detective.

Well, the word is out.

The press blindsided me about a
serial killer loose in the city.

And the DNA
he left behind.

Then we have a leak.

Come on.
You're pissed off.

This is SVU grandstanding.

And now you've
got a pooch-screw.

It's anything but, sir.

And in case you're interested,
we have a suspect in custody.

Did he confess?

We're still talking to him.

Which means no.

We'll get it done, Chief.

You didn't even know about the other
victims, until Moran set you straight.

He linked these cases together, on his
own time, with a kid in the hospital.

What do you
want us to do?

Bring him up to speed. Then
mind your own damn business.

Finish that interrogation,

and then transport the
suspect when you're done.

Fewkes will take your command.
Maybe even your badge, Captain.

Only if we don't close the case.

All 1 PP cares
about are results.

Never forget that.

Where'd he go?

What the hell? Unis was
supposed to search him.

He had tools hidden in
his belt. I'll call a bus.

I can't go to prison.
Stefan! Stefan. Relax.

Can't go.
We're going to patch you up.

We're going to patch you up. Relax.

I got into their units.
Didn't mean to hurt nobody.

I need help in here!

You're not coming?
I called Major Crimes.

They said Moran's at the hospital.

I'm just going to let him
know where things stand.

Stefan confessed, Elliot.
It's done.

Make sure you
tell him that.

I apologize for intruding
on you and your daughter.

It's all right.

How long has she been
like this?

Five months,
three weeks and two days.

You mind me asking how it happened?

I'd just linked
two of the victims.

Back and forth to Quantico, and I got
the Feds telling me I got the gift.

I've got a fed-up wife
telling me she's had enough.

She took off with
Joy in the back seat.

Car accident.

I didn't even know they were gone,
until Highway Patrol knocked on my door.

Your wife?

My wife died on impact.

And Joy smashed her
skull on the window.

Now we've got a subdural
pneumocephalus infection.

She's 12 years old.

She's supposed to be dating
boys that I don't like,

deciding what she wants
to be when she grows up.

She's supposed to have...

She's supposed to
have a life.

Solving the case isn't going
to bring your family back.

You think
I don't know that?

This obsession
is not about you.

But it's definitely not
about the victims, either.

Since when?

Since you started blaming the
killer for your wife and daughter.

They're collateral damage
that he's got to pay for.

You're wrong.

You pull away
from your squad.

You don't work
with any partner.

You don't need or you won't
accept any other kind of help.

And the victims pay for it.

Look, I can still do my damn job.

While you've been looking
for somebody else to blame,

how many things
have you missed?

Something that fresh
eyes would have caught.

I honestly don't know.

Well, after five murders,
maybe you should find out.

Hey, hey.

Hey, what have you got?

A suspect in custody.
Stefan Henriques.

Tell me you weren't trying
to cut me out of this.

You know, you didn't
give us much of an option.

Now, we want to catch this son of
a bitch just as badly as you do.

Enough to leak some DNA
evidence to the press?

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Nobody
from my unit talked to reporters.

Is Stefan our boy?

He fits your profile and he
confessed. That's good enough for me.

Yeah, I'd probably buy that.

If we didn't have
another body.

What do we have?
A mess.

He's never burned it up before.
What makes you think he's our guy?

A small piece of knotted
rope survived the blaze.

Given the
victim's position,

I'd have to say she was hog-tied,
consistent with our killer.

What kind of
accelerant did he use?

Alcohol and starter fluid.
He doused her and lit her up.

Tell me she
wasn't still alive.

I won't know that
until I look at her lungs.

Will you be able to
determine time of death?

I'll do my best.

Shall I be expecting
more of these?

Yes. We left him no choice.

You know why
he set her on fire.

Because we found his DNA.

And then bragged about
it on the evening news.

Any chance that
Stefan Henriques

did the homicide before he was collared?

No, sir. The M.E. Confirmed
the lungs were scorched.

She was burned alive
while he was in custody.

And still no idea where
the press leak came from.

My squad,
the M.E.'s office

and the lab all knew
about the collected hairs.

Twenty, thirty people
could have tipped the media.

Well, plug the leak.

We can't afford any more
attention from these jackholes.

We can't afford to waste
any more time, Chief.

Stefan Henriques
is not our killer.

Then what's he
confessing to?


The old man fought him.
He hit him back.

The victim died
of a heart attack.

Your squad
screwed this up.

Chief. Chief.
They got a lead.

They worked it. I would have
done the same thing. So would you.

I gave
this case to you.

Then let me work it here.

Then make it happen. Fast.

You saw the light?


You're not a team player,

You hold anything else
back, I'll have your ass.

So where are we?

The victims are
all the same age,

but they vary racially,
socially and professionally.

Yeah. Physical differences
are all over the map, too.

Tall, short, thin, fat, eye color,
hair color. This guy is not choosy.

No. Okay, now. Let's
look at the similarities

between the women that
he didn't sexually assault.


'Cause they're deviations
from his behavior.

Look at the Queens victim.
Her DMV photo, she's a blonde.

But in her morgue photo,

she's a redhead right down
to her eyebrows. Check it out.

She dyed her hair. The
curtains don't match the rug.

And he wouldn't have known
that until he got her naked.

Turns out Casey Chapman
bought new boobs.

There you go.
He's a purist.

If they're not natural,
he's not going to rape them.

And he glues them shut
when he doesn't want them.

My profile is wrong.

This guy, he's not late
20s, early 30s. He's over 40.

His psychosexual type was set
at puberty when cosmetic surgery

was less common.

And no middle-aged man is suddenly
going to become a sexual sadist.

This guy's been
raping for decades.

Brushing up on police
procedure, forensic science, law.

Fantasizing, reading up
on other serial killers.

Their various exploits.

Serial killing's
a booming business.

You can check the true-crime
section in any bookstore.

Familial DNA came back
with three possible hits.

A 16-allele match
to Angela Ocurro,

Tyrone Beckwith
and David Paige.

What the hell
is it this time?

I pay that bitch
the first of every month.

DNA says it's not even my kid,

and I've still got to pay
child support. Is that fair?

Yeah, we know you got boned,
but that's not why we're here.

Then why?

Do you have any brothers?

This file says different.

And I got open murders
he looks good for.

Well, that's crap. Because my
brother never killed anybody.

We're going to still
need to talk to him.

Well, good luck with that. Because
I buried Craig eight months ago.

Well, this is not right.

Six dead women, Munch.

That man had a genetic
test to establish paternity,

and we used the results without his
consent to try and catch a killer.

Uh-huh. That's invasion
of privacy, man.

Six dead women, Munch.
Let's go.

Why are you asking about my family for?

Miss, just tell us how many
brothers you have, all right?

That's none of
your business.

Ms. Ocurro,
talk or you're going in.

For what? I ain't do
anything. So go to hell.

All right. Okay.

Now, do you think I'm
messing around with you?

All right. I have
four brothers, all right?

Where are they?

I don't know.
Okay. You're going in.

All right. Two of them are away at
school. One works for the airline.

And one is down South.

I want names,
addresses, aliases.

Don't make me
have to come back.

Name and address.

It'll cost you.

Fifty bucks on my
commissary account.

You'd sell out your
brother for 50 bucks?

You are a stand-up guy.

If I thought he did it,
I'd keep my mouth shut.

If you know he's innocent,
give me his name.

Fifty bucks, man. I need that.
I'm carbed out in here, man.

You have my word.

His name is Tyrese.

Lance Corporal
Tyrese Beckwith.

Military confirmed Tyrese is
on active duty in Afghanistan.

Hasn't had leave in a year.

Craig Paige
OD'd last summer.

M.E. Faxed over
the autopsy results.

All right. So that leaves
us with the Ocurro brothers.

Luke, Mark,
John and James.

All saints, I'm sure.

Yeah, the father was
a part-time minister.

Current whereabouts
of these gentlemen?

Mark Ocurro works
for the airlines.

Two arrests for assault.
Charges were dropped.

Luke Ocurro lives in North
Carolina. He's a farmer.

Well, I think
we can rule him out.

Angela Ocurro told us that her
other two brothers were in school.

She lied. James is in rehab,
and John, I have yet to find.

That leaves
our airline guy.

Munch. Bring up the last three crime
photos on the scan station, would you?


What are
you looking for?


And that's what
I'm seeing here.

April Silva and Casey Chapman
had just come back from trips.

One had recently
been on vacation.

But there were no credit card
receipts for the airline tickets.

Well, somebody could have
bought the tickets for them.

Or if it were
a business trip,

their employer
would have paid for it.

Do we know what Ocurro
does for the airline?

If he's a ticketing agent,
he could track their travel.

A little more personal contact,
maybe a flight attendant.

Ocurro's a delivery man.
He returns lost luggage.

We found your missing luggage,

I thought I'd never get my stuff back.

It's kind of heavy.
Where do you want it?

In the bedroom.

You want to check it? Make sure
everything is there before I go?

I'm sure it's fine.

I'm just glad you found it. I'd
hate to have to buy new clothes.

You won't need new clothes.
I promise.

Don't move.

Want the honors?
It's your collar.

Thanks, Detective.

Mark Ocurro, you're under arrest for
six counts of first-degree murder.

Find anything?

The mother lode.
Rope, gloves, glue.

Condoms in the
glove compartment.

Well, well, well. That looks
like somebody's murder kit.

Hey. It gets even better.
All the female names, circled.

Oh, yeah.

We got you now.

You son of a bitch.

You feel like
talking, Mr. Ocurro?

You pulled a gun on me.

You assaulted
a police officer.

She didn't identify herself.
I'm not psychic.

No. You're psychopathic.

Who are they?

These are all young women
with one thing in common.

They were chosen, tortured
and murdered. By you.

No. I love women.

And anyone who knows
me will tell you that.

Anyone who knows the real
you is dead, Mr. Ocurro.

Well, I have never
seen any of them before.

Well, you delivered lost luggage
to each and every one of them.

It must be a dream job for
a man with your talents.

Unlimited access to
an endless victim pool.

I deliver
hundreds of lost bags.

I'm sorry.
I don't recognize them.

I feel bad for their families.
You don't feel anything.

I mean, he feels excitement
when he goes up to their door.

Wondering if she's the one.
"If she's right, she's mine. "

But when he makes his move,
she rejects him.

Yells at him. So he gets enraged
and he punches her in the face

just to teach her a lesson.

Seeing her lying there bleeding,
helpless, that turns him on.

He lusts after her.

And then he ties her up.

And then she is his
for as long as he wants.

And when he's finished,
he looks at what he's done.

This broken, battered,
dead thing that you made.

And you're
pumped with power.

So proud of what you've done that
you've just got to show it off.

So you pose the victim
for whoever finds her.

You don't know me.

Well, we will. Because we're
searching your apartment.

We're going through
your private things.

How does it feel to be
violated, Mr. Ocurro?

I want a lawyer. Now.

You could
eat off this floor.

This guy
is a squirrel.

I don't see any porn.

It's got to be here.

The way he trussed his victims,

he got his
inspiration somewhere.

Fin. Check out these books.

Homicide, autopsy
and forensic textbooks.

Hell, he even pulled court
transcripts on serial killers

for his reading pleasure.

Not your type of art?
Not the artwork.

The wires. They're twisted.

You think an obsessive compulsive
like Ocurro would tolerate that?

Not without
a good reason.

Now, that's twisted.

So my client likes to
read. That's not a crime.

Well, he also likes to
torture and murder women.

You can't prove a connection. A lot
of people collect these magazines.

But only one of them
left three pubic hairs

in Casey Chapman's
apartment, Counselor.

Did we forget to mention
the DNA matches?

You're screwed.

The People will show proof
that the defendant tortured,

raped and murdered
six women.

DNA conclusively links Mr. Ocurro
to the Casey Chapman homicide,

which is identical to
five previous murders.

Are you charging all six
based on probative linkage?

Victim bondage
is exactly the same.

Even the use of
the glue is unique.

The People contend one man
committed all six murders.

Are you objecting
to pattern testimony?

Absolutely not, Your Honor. One man may
have done it, but it wasn't my client.

We have his DNA,

Mr. Ocurro answered a call of nature
when he delivered Ms. Chapman's suitcase.

The pubic hairs could easily have
transferred from one room to another.

If he used the facilities,
why didn't we find his prints?

My client doesn't
always wash his hands.

He doesn't have to,
since he wears gloves.

A search of his van turned up a
murder kit of rope, latex and glue.

It's airline policy, Your Honor.
Bags must be returned undamaged.

And how does he use the
condoms to fix the damaged bags?

Well, since they were found
in the glove compartment,

we can only assume that Mr. Ocurro
is sexually active or wants to be.

That is a specious explanation
for rape, torture and murder.

Feel free to rebut on cross
if we ever get that far.

I haven't heard anything yet to suggest
we won't be going to trial, Counselor.

How about an alibi for
the Casey Chapman murder?

I have a witness who says Mr.
Ocurro never left the house

at the victim's time of death.

A glue salesman?

His mother, Elena Ocurro.

Could you at least make an effort
to find a more credible witness?

Well, would you accept the
testimony of her bridge club?

I have five independent accounts
that all support Mrs. Ocurro's claim.

If he's alibied for one, he's
alibied for all, Your Honor.

Ms. Cabot said
as much herself.

Only one man committed
these six homicides.

I just hope the
detectives can find him.

She's right,
Ms. Cabot.

If the defendant's alibi is verified,

then linkage is broken,
and I'll have to dismiss.

Mrs. Ocurro?

I'm Detective Stabler.
Detective Moran.

Good morning.

This is about Mark.

No, thank you.

I'm sorry to say
my son was with me.

I know my boy belongs in prison.
I've known it a long time.

Mrs. Ocurro, do you know
anything about these murders?

No. Mark called out of the
blue wanting to come over.

Is that unusual?

He knows I don't like him.

Which is why I invited
my bridge club over.

He scares you?

He once tied a cat to a bus.

He dropped another from
a sixth-floor walk-up.

He's a mistake.
I don't know whose.

Mine or God's.

Did he leave your apartment
that day, Mrs. Ocurro?

Not once.

How long did he stay?

The whole damn day.

I couldn't wait
for him to leave.

All right.
Thank you.

As thorough as Ocurro is,
no one's luck lasts forever.

He planned this.

He learns
from every kill.

We got him
on a few hairs.

If he walks, he's going to shave
his head and wax his genitals.

He reads the
same books we do.

He had to
create this alibi.

Yeah, it's the perfect one.

With his mother when
Casey Chapman was murdered.

Hey. The only way we know when she died

is based on Warner's
calculations on decomposition.

Maybe she made a mistake.

Determining time of death
isn't a perfect science.

This tissue putrefaction is
consistent with my findings.

I could have been a few
hours off. Not a whole day.

Is there any way he could
have accelerated the process?

You know, make the body look
like it had been dead longer?

Extreme heat or water can affect decomp,

but there was no
evidence of either.

In fact,
the window was open.

What if he turned the
thermostat up while he was there,

and then opened up the
window to throw us off?

Residential heating
doesn't have enough BTUs

to cause that kind of
rapid decay.

How about a kiln?

Kilns can be used to dry
wood, melt metals, glass.

This particular model has a
maximum output of 2000 degrees.

It's got electronic programming
for temperature, firing time

and automatic shut-off.

How long does
it take to get hot?

Eight to 10 hours.

But twice that long
to cool off.

So in order to
cover his actions,

Ocurro had to come back
here and open a window.

He had no choice.

If it was still hot when the body
was found, Warner would have known.

Why go to all the
trouble to create an alibi

when we weren't
even onto him yet?

He studied other cases.

Preparing for when
or if he makes a mistake.

A perfect alibi for one murder
means he walks on all of them.

There's no prints on the kiln. We
can't even prove Ocurro touched it.

Yes, we can. The power
company just confirmed

Casey Chapman's kilowatt hours
doubled the day of her murder.

Ocurro's alibi
just went up in flames.

He was with his
mother on Sunday.

Casey Chapman was
murdered on Monday night.

Then he turned on the
kiln to accelerate decomp.

Making Warner think that the
murder happened much earlier.

And making our killer
think he got away with it.

Pick him up.


What's wrong?
We on a terror alert?

Is Mark Ocurro
working today?

he's out making deliveries.

How many bags
is he delivering?



How many of them are women?

Okay. Print out that list.

Your vans have GPS, sir?

Are you kidding?
They're older than I am.

Call him on his cell
phone. Ask him his location.

Say that you gave him the wrong
bags, he needs to come back in here.

Went to voice mail.

He's not going to
pick up. He's busy.

You think he's hunting?
He thinks he won.

See, he'll be
wanting to celebrate.

We've got to get
protection for these women.

No. Just the redheads.
Blondes, brunettes, redheads.

That was the order on the
magazine covers and his victims.

The next one is
going to be a redhead.

Fin. Run these
names through DMV.

She's a blonde. Next.

Simpson, Jane.

Grandma's got white hair.

Hennigen, Vicky.

Got her. She's in Woodside.
That's close to you.


Get off of her.
Get off of her!

Get on your knees.
Get on your...

It's all right.

You're safe now. You're
safe now. You're safe now.

You trying to give him
another reason to walk?

Enough, Moran.

It's over.

That's what I'm afraid of.

I went up to your daughter's room,
and the nurse said you were up here.

What's going on?

Joy's in surgery.

Something happen?

No, it's a good thing.

What are you doing here?

I wanted you to know
that Ocurro's talked.

He's confessed to a couple of
other homicides.


The Dominican Republic.

Serial murder's gone global.

Victor? Would you like to see Joy now?

I would.

I'm very sorry.

It's a second chance.
Everyone needs one.