Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 10, Episode 17 - Hell - full transcript

A young girl is found on the street with her throat slashed. She's taken to the hospital and SVU is called. While the doctor tells them she can't talk, when asked who did this to her, she draws a picture of the devil. They learn that she's the adopted daughter of a priest. He tells them that she's from Africa and that she was abused as a child. When they tell them where she was found, the priest tells them that she probably went to see a man who is also from Africa who's a child soldier. When they find he tells them that she wanted him to kill the man who raped her in Africa. They eventually find the man. But her friend faces deportation where he will surely face death so he holds up in the church with a gun.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

"And the children were
sleeping all snug in their beds

"While visions of sugar
plums danced in their heads"

What the hell's a sugar plum?

You ever seen one?

What's wrong?
Cat got your tongue?

Fine, be like that.

One thing's for sure,
my sugar plums aren't dancing.

They're about to freeze off.

People live
like pigs nowadays,

expecting someone
will pick up after them.

Good Lord!


Help me.

Homeless guy
found her in an alley.

Her trachea was nearly severed
with something like a box cutter.

She didn't
bleed out?

It's 11 degrees outside.

Exposure caused hypothermia, which
slowed her heart and the blood loss.

So nearly freezing to
death saved her life.

That's a hell
of a lucky break.

Maybe her first one.

On exam, I found evidence
of chronic sexual abuse.

Old scars from beatings
and several healed fractures.

Any idea
how old she is?

She's prepubescent,
maybe 10, 11.

When will she be
able to talk to us?

She'll regain her speech
as the incision heals,

but when I asked who hurt
her, she did draw this.

The devil?

Welcome to hell.

He goes by many
names. Satan, Lucifer,

Beelzebub, Old Nick.

Let's not
forget Ryan Seacrest.

I wish I could.

Reports of sexual abuse
by devil worshippers

has been around for centuries,
most recently in the 1980s.

Yeah, when we finally figured out
that satanic ritual abuse was a sham.

It doesn't stop some
sick bastard from using

the devil to scare his
victims into silence.

Well, speaking of the
devil and his victims,

where are we on
identifying Janie Doe?

Fin says Missing Persons

has no reports
matching her description.

When can you
interview her?

Hospital says
this afternoon.

Olivia, head over to the
hospital, stay with her.

Any personal effects
on her?

Her pockets were empty. If
she had a bag or a purse,

I think the perp took it.

And the homeless guy who
found her is in the wind.

He left as soon as
EMS got to the scene.

So we've got a patrol
out looking for him.

Our first priority's got
to be to ID our victim.

John, run down any recent
police reports or 911 jobs

on anything that
references the devil.

I hear and obey,
O Lord of Darkness.

I may have something from the canvass.

They find
the can man?

No, another witness.

A guy from a bodega remembers a kid

last night matching
Janie Doe's description.

Yeah, she was in here.
Around midnight. Alone.

But you didn't think
it was strange,

a little girl all by
herself that time of night?

I don't care who you are
or what time you shop,

as long as you
spend your money here.

You remember
what she bought?

Nothing. I can spot a
booster from a mile away.

I threw her out before
she could rip me off.

Checked her panda on
the way out to make sure.

You did what? Her panda?

Her backpack.

You know, a stuffed animal,
the arms go around like straps?

Well, two dead rats,
but no panda.

Check this out, El.

Somebody's got
a guilty conscience.

Hey, man!
Don't touch that!

Hey, who are you and
what are you doing here?


You're the guy who found
the little girl, aren't you?

Me and Jake. We built that
shrine for the little one.

Good Samaritans don't
usually build shrines.

Well, you didn't see her
lying there, slipping away.

Then why would you run
away when EMS got here?

Guilty conscience?

I called them. Jake
just doesn't like crowds.

Why'd you write,
"I shall not murder"?

That was Thomas.

Who's that?
Another cat?

No, Dylan Thomas, the poet. Drank
himself to death at the White Horse.

That's not a confession,
I just steal from the best.

Step away from the cart.

Hey, this is

You can't search my
home without a warrant.

Where'd you get this?

Dumpster, couple of blocks
away. There's no ID or money.

A man's got to eat.

And our little girl's got to get around.

Morales pulled the data
from Janie Doe's MetroCard.

She bought it two weeks ago.

Most of the fares were bus
rides around Staten Island,

couple of subway trips
to Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Any trips last night?

She swiped it at 10:34
on a Staten Island bus.

Then an hour later in
Manhattan to take the 1 train.

So she rode the ferry
from Staten Island,

then took the subway
uptown at 11:40 p. m.

She was in
the bodega by midnight,

so she must've
gone straight there.

Well, she didn't take a two-hour
trip to get soda and chips.

It's a safe bet she lives on Staten
Island, probably in Stapleton.

MetroCard usage is
concentrated there.

Start ringing doorbells,
see if somebody can ID her.

That's a large
area to canvass.

Then let me
narrow your search.

In my journey through the
paranoid underworld of the satanic,

I pulled a bunch of reports about
demonic activity in Stapleton.

It's the secret
portal to hell?

That would be Toledo,

but Stapleton runs a close second,
according to a Mrs. Doris DiNuzio.

And she is?

A concerned citizen.

She lives across the street
from St. Adrian's Church.

She made 39 reports
to her local precinct

that her priest is a devil
worshipper on the down low.

America's got
a million secret satanists.

You don't believe me,
ask Maury Povich.

What's the priest's name?

Father Theo Burdett,
the faker.

He's shacking
up with a woman.

It may be a sin,
but it's not devil worship.

I'm just getting started.

There's the drumming,
sometimes all night long.

And there's chanting
in some weird language.

Could they be
speaking in tongues?

No. I got a sister
in Florida,

married to a Pentecostal snake handler.

I know tongue-talk.

In one of
your complaints,

you mentioned something
about animal sacrifices.

One day he's got
chickens and goats

running around the parish
house and then the next day...

I saw him with the machete.
It was all covered with blood.

You ever see this little
girl with Father Theo?

Of course I have.
She lives with him.

Showed up one day
a few months ago.

I haven't seen her around lately.
You think he sacrificed her?

You know, I got married
over at St. Adrian's

and now I'm too scared to set
foot in that haunted house.

I don't
see any ghosts.

You never went
to Catholic school.

I still got nightmares about Sister
Mary Margaret and her mustache.

Excuse me. We're looking
for Father Theo Burdett?

He done something wrong?

We've had some complaints about
strange activities here at the church.

"Thou hypocrite, cast out first
the beam out of thine own eye. "

Father Burdett.

Yes. Now what's
she said this time?

Am I skimming from the bingo or
dipping in the communion wine?

You're slaughtering
animals and virgins.

This parish
has changed, Detectives.

It's no longer
Irish and Italian.

It's African immigrants

and they bring their own
worship practices to the church.

So the drumming
and the chanting?

It's all part of
their Catholic faith.

And as for the animals,

I raise chickens and
goats, my other flock.

And we have traditional
gatherings, where,

yes, the animals are
humanely slaughtered

and cooked for
a community meal.

I am simply honoring
their cultural heritages.

Having a wife
part of that?

I was an
Episcopal priest before

I was ordained in
the Catholic Church.

Vatican law allows
me to remain married.

There's even a priest down in
Alabama getting a divorce. Who knew?

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I've
wasted enough time on Ms. DiNuzio's bigotry.

Yo, just one more thing,

This girl,
does she live here?

That's Miriam.
What happened to her?

She was assaulted. She's
in the hospital right now.

Oh, dear God.
Take me to her.

What's your relationship
to her?

She's our daughter.

Ondine and I met Miriam when
we were doing relief work

at the Kakuma Refugee Camp
in Kenya.

Where is she from?

Sudan, Uganda, maybe Congo.

She speaks
Dinka, Acholi, Swahili,

but she has no idea which
is her native language.

She remembers nothing about
her past life before the camp.

Traumatic amnesia?

That's what the doctors
at Kakuma thought.

She was eight or nine when
strangers brought her in.

They found her on the
side of the road half-dead.

Probably some sex
slave to a rebel group.

She endured repeated beatings and rapes.

We've seen
the medical evidence.

So you know
she survived hell.

We adopted her, because
we thought that in America

she would have the kind
of life she deserved.

And yet when she disappeared last night,

you didn't file
a Missing Persons report.

We didn't know
she was missing.

She was supposed to be at a
youth camp retreat in Spring Lake.

We found her in Harlem.
Any reason she'd be there?

I have no idea.

She asked for permission
to see him yesterday.

why didn't you tell me?

Because you'd over-react.

I told you not to
let them be alone!

They're good
for each other.

She's a little girl,
and he's almost 30.

Folks, tell us who he is.

They both walked through jungles
and across land mines to freedom.

Now, do you think
that I could really

stop them from
being together?

He's the one
that attacked Miriam.

He couldn't have!
He's a gentle soul.

Oh, gentle, my ass.

Who, Reverend?

Elijah Okello.

And why do you suspect him?

He's killed before.

Do you want
to explain how you let

a murderer hang around
with your little girl?

Elijah isn't
really a murderer.

Well, you said that
he's killed before.

Elijah's from
Northern Uganda.

When he was seven, the Lord's
Resistance Army burned his village,

kidnapped the kids and forced
the boys to become soldiers.

So he spent his
childhood as a killer.

Until he was 19,
and then he escaped

and eventually he
resettled in the States.

Well, how did you meet him?

He showed up at St.
Adrian's one day last fall.

A lot of refugees
find their way to us.

He sings in our
choir with Miriam.

And he has a beautiful
voice. It's clear and pure.

His soul
isn't so spotless.

He was forced to sin.

Elijah was a killer,
but he was also a victim.

Still, he was brought up
in bloodshed and violence.

Old habits die hard.
Where does he live?

He shares an apartment
with other Ugandan refugees.

How can I help you?

We're looking
for Elijah Okello.

Please, come in.

He's in the kitchen.
Shall I get him for...



No, I'm Nathaniel.

Didn't Elijah let you in?

Requesting backup
at 445 West 121.

In foot pursuit of
suspect Elijah Okello...

He's gone.

You door-knocked a suspect
without having his photo?

Elijah's not
in the system.

Father Theo didn't have a
picture of him at the hospital.

No driver's license,
no mug shot.

Well, maybe you
should've tried Facebook.

We screwed up.
We'll find him.

Preferably before he slits
somebody else's throat.

Any leads?

We tossed his room,
didn't come up with anything.

His housemate says he's got
no credit card, no cell phone.

So you're nowhere.

Miriam should be
able to talk by now,

so Liv and I are going to
go down to the hospital.

Try St. Adrian's.

Dr. Beresford called,
said she's awake and alert.

The Burdetts
took her home.

My name's Olivia
and I'm a police officer.

I'd like to ask
you a few questions.

I know you can't talk, so I
thought maybe you could write.

She never learned to.
We just started lessons.

But she can sign.


No, no, no.
It's a pantomime we used

at Kakuma before
she learned English.

So can you tell me what
happened last night?

When you left your
house, where did you go?

To the boat.
The Staten Island Ferry.

And then where did you go?

To see Elijah.

At his house.

And did he go with you
to the store?

So, Miriam, what's the
last thing you do remember?

Being with Elijah.

She says he would never
hurt her. He loves her.

Miriam, are there any special
places that Elijah likes to go?

I need to talk to him.
And maybe

he can help me figure out who hurt you.

It's all right.
You can tell her.

A church?
Not a church.

But like a church?
A mosque?

The temple of books.

The library?

Elijah was taking some
courses at Hudson University.

Library stays open
all night.

So it's a great place to hide when
you're on the run with no money.

Well, I pray that I'm wrong,
and Elijah didn't do this.

We'll know when
we talk with him.

Call me when
you have news.

We will.

Son of a bitch.

I'd expect a fire bombing in
Africa. But on Staten Island?

I never expected this to
happen in America today.

You can't expect child soldiers
to forget what they've been taught.

Well, you think
Elijah did this?

Or one of his old friends trying
to scare Miriam into silence.

Well, it worked. She's cuddled
up like a mouse under the covers.

Your partner's trying to talk
to her, she won't come out.

This is all my fault.

don't blame yourself.

I thought Elijah's friendship
would help her heal.

Now look what I've done.

Find Elijah.
Make my daughter safe.

Hobbes' Leviathan. I've
been meaning to read that.

Not this time.
I've done nothing wrong.

Put your hands
behind your back.

His clothes reek of it.

This shirt belongs to my roommate.
He works at a petrol station.

Did he give you an employee
discount for Molotov cocktails?

Let's go.

Yes, I was a soldier.

Many years ago.
It was another life.

Well, I was a Marine.

I'll never forget what
I learned in boot camp.

Still use my
skills on occasion.

You don't scare me,

To get me to
join the LRA,

they shot my mother in
the heart in front of me.

How many mothers you shoot?

I don't know.

Mostly I just fired my
weapon into the bush.

But you have killed.

Yes. Yes.
In the past.

Let's talk
about the present.

Now, your friend Miriam,
were you with her last night?

Yes. We took a walk.

Then what?

I had to go see someone.

I told her to
wait in the store,

but when I returned,
she was gone.

Well, that's convenient.

What are you saying?
What has happened to Miriam?

That's good.
You almost sound sincere.

I am sincere!
She is my special friend.

Did you want a special
friendship last night,

but she didn't
want to give it?

She's a child.

You were murdering people
at her age. So what?

It wasn't my choice.
They made me do it.

They make you rape, too?

Because I know the LRA
uses rape as a weapon.

Yes, some did it.
I would never force a woman.

Miriam has
suffered enough already.

I have sworn that
she will not cry again.

Then how did she go from
taking a walk with you

to dying in a dirty
alley with her throat cut?

Miriam is dead?

No. But it's
a miracle she's alive.

This is my fault.

Everything I touch,
everyone I love, I corrupt.

Lord, have mercy on me.

"My God, I am most heartily
sorry for having offended thee,

"and I detest
my sins for I fear

"the loss of heaven
and the pains of hell. "

Yes. "But most of all
for having offended thee,

"my God, who are all good

"and most deserving
of all my love.

"I firmly resolve to confess
my sins. "I firmly resolve to...

"To do penance.

"And to amend my life. "
"And to amend my life. "


Elijah, confess to me. It's
the only way to save your soul.

Just confess.

I've killed so many.

Go on.

I stabbed them, I shot them,
I burned them.

I can still see the bodies,
so much blood.

They come to me at night.

They ask me, "Why did
you kill me, Elijah?"

I don't have an answer.

I dream of my mother,
begging me to save her life.

And I do nothing.
I see her die every night.

I am a coward
and a murderer.

God, have mercy on me.
I can't bear this pain.

Tell me what happened. Tell
me what happened last night.

I went to take a life.


Then whose?

I don't know his name.

Miriam just calls him
"the Devil. "

For three years,
she was his sex slave.

Miriam spotted the man that she calls
"the Devil" at a wedding two weeks ago.

She follows him to an apartment in
Harlem and then she tells Elijah.

And asked him
to kill her rapist.

Yes. He lives around the
corner from the bodega.

Miriam is supposed to signal Elijah

when she sees her abuser
coming home from work.

But when she gets kicked out of the
bodega, she must've run into him.

He recognized her,
tried to shut her up.

But I thought
Miriam couldn't remember

her life before
the refugee camp.

Right, according to Elijah,

her memory returned
when she saw her attacker.

That's a convenient story, blames
it all on the mystery warlord.

I believe him.

Why? Because he
prayed with you?

I know what Elijah's done.

I just don't believe
that he would hurt Miriam.

You believe him, too?

He lost his entire family.

Miriam's all he's got.

And all you got is your gut.

And a lead on
a possible bad guy.

The building that
Miriam tracked him to?

There are three
apartments in it.

Two are registered
to women.

The third is registered
to a Samuel Mbazzi.

According to his Immigration
file, he's originally from Uganda.

Mbazzi claimed
political asylum in 2004.

Got his green card two years
ago, just applied for citizenship.

Is he a working man?

He lists his
profession as janitor.

Well, I guess they didn't
have a box for warlord.

I'll go pick him up.

Not without
probable cause.

Miriam's not talking, and Elijah
can't ID a man that he's never seen.

Not to mention that Mbazzi got a
clean bill of health from Immigration.

You mean the same guys who gave
visas to a bunch of jihadists

so they could go
to flight school?

Captain, just let me talk to the guy.

Say hello. Nothing more.

Mr. Mbazzi,
we're from Immigration.

Is there a problem?

We have some
follow-up questions

on your application for citizenship.

Ask me anything.

You are originally
from Uganda?

that is in my file.

Just being thorough.
What was your profession?

A teacher.

And now you work...

At the law firm
of Pehlke and Zimmer.

You're an attorney?

A cleaner.

Did you take today off?

I work nights.

You work last night?

I stayed home in bed.

I was ill with
a touch of the flu.

Yeah, a lot of viruses going around now.

Can anyone vouch
for your whereabouts?

I live alone.
In fact, I still feel weak.

Perhaps we can continue this
conversation another day?

He's our guy and
we can't touch him.

Unless we can prove he's a
warlord and not a schoolteacher.

Well, I don't think 1 PP is going to

authorize a fact-finding
trip to Kampala.

Maybe we don't need one.

Alexandra Cabot.

Thanks for meeting me,

Are you kidding? First The
Crimson runs your obituary,

then your return from the dead is
the talk of our 10-year reunion.

And you're with the UN High
Commissioner for Refugees.

Long way from late nights at Charlie's
Kitchen arguing con law over burgers.

Maybe not.

I'm investigating a Ugandan man who
may've been involved in war crimes.

This man, he's here in
the States?

Yes, potentially
under a false name.

I need to establish his real identity.

The UN is not a law
enforcement body, Alex.

We don't investigate
individual citizens.

And even if we had files,

you'd have to make a
request through channels.

Rajiv, he slit the throat of a
little girl who could identify him.

And that is the very least of
what he has already done to her.

The International
Criminal Court has

been prosecuting
war crimes in Uganda.

The ICC has
survivor testimony?

And a photo archive.
All open to the public

at their headquarters
in The Hague.

Is there any chance those
files could magically get to me?

The picture quality's

Yeah. My contact at the
ICC e-mailed them lo-res.

I can see enough to
break my heart, though.

The rifles are
bigger than they are.

Know where we got
the term "infantry"?


Romans would put the youngest
soldiers on the front line.

They'd be the first to die.

Two thousand years later, we've
sequenced the human genome,

but we still can't find a
way to keep our kids safe.

That could be Mbazzi.

I'll pull up the original.

Oh, that's him.

Except his real name is Joseph Serumaga,

a rebel commander wanted
for war crimes by the ICC.

He was about to be indicted
when he disappeared.

And he's got
some track record.

He once locked
an entire village

inside a church
and set it on fire.

Which earned him the
nickname, the Devil of Gulu.

Miriam was right. The
Devil really did do it.

Glad to see
you're feeling better.

More questions?

Yeah. I forgot to ask you
what you taught in Uganda.


As in you plus a church full of
terrified civilians equals massacre?

I don't know what you mean.

Joseph Serumaga.

You have the wrong man.
My name is...

The Devil of Gulu.

Give me an excuse.

Give me an excuse!

You have the right to
remain silent.

I have nothing to say.
I want an attorney.

I'm sure they'll just be dying
to represent the war criminal

who cleans their toilets.

Serumaga hasn't said a word
since we brought him in.

We don't
need a confession.

We're not going to trial.

The search warrant turned up
Molotov cocktails and a box cutter.

Traces of blood on it
will match Miriam's DNA.

What else do you need?
It's not my case.

Immigration is taking
custody of Serumaga

and they're going to take
him to The Hague for trial.

What about
justice for Miriam?

ICC is going to get
justice for 10,000 Miriams.



We have good news.
We found Elijah.

And we know that
he didn't hurt you.

Miriam, but he told
us about "the Devil. "

Joseph Serumaga.

No, no, no. He will
never ever hurt you again.

Miriam, that man will spend
the rest of his life in prison.

No. No! I said
absolutely not, Miriam.

What is she saying?

She wants
to go see him.

Are you sure?

I still think this
is a terrible idea.

It's her choice, Ondine.

Are you ready?

You're welcome.

There's someone in the
squad room waiting for you.

Little sister, I'm sorry I
wasn't there to protect you.

I love you, too.

I think we should go.

Of course he's
coming with us.

You two have choir practice
this afternoon. No excuses.

You can still
learn the music.

Thank you.


This is Regional
Director Brett Trask

of Immigration and
Customs Enforcement.

Congratulations on
your fine work, Detective.

Capturing Serumaga
was a huge coup.

Glad we could help you out.

Just make sure that Director
Trask gets everything he needs.

No, no, we're all set.

I've got the transfer
of custody,

and A.D.A. Cabot turned over your DD5s,

so we're good to go.

Next stop for Mr. Serumaga,
The Hague.

Oh, by the way, is Elijah
Okello still in custody?

He's been cleared.
We released him.

That's okay,
we'll pick him up.

Pick him up? Why?

Well, his asylum claim
was denied last year.

We have a warrant
for his deportation.

You're sending
him back to Uganda?

He's a war criminal.
Same as Serumaga.

By his own account,
Elijah didn't flee the LRA

until after his 18th birthday.

He was an adult, and that makes
him accountable for his actions.

He was a child, he was
forced to do what he did.

You're a New York City cop.

Stick to your beat.
Leave the war crimes to me.

There's nothing
I can do, Elliot.

The Immigration judge ruled that
Elijah's legally barred from asylum.

He was still fighting
with the LRA as an adult.

They abducted him when
he was eight years old.

And he spent the next decade murdering
civilians and torching villages.

Elijah never lied
about what he'd done.

Look, if he had refused,
they would've killed him.

If he'd left sooner, he'd be
able to stay in the United States.

You think they threw him a
birthday party in the jungle?

Do you think he even
knew he was 18 years old?

Alex, this isn't about age.

This is about
a little boy who saw

his mother butchered
in front of his eyes.

It's about a boy who was
abducted, he was brainwashed,

he was forced to
commit atrocities.

Now, if Elijah's not a special
victim, you tell me who is?

The Supreme Court says that
UN guidelines should be used

to determine refugee status.

So by your standards, is Elijah
a perpetrator or a victim?

A victim. His actions were
committed under duress.

He was still a captive of
the LRA when he turned 18.

So he is not responsible for his actions

from the time he was
abducted as a child

until he reached safety
at the Kakuma Refugee Camp.

Which is why the International
Criminal Court wouldn't

Elijah on war crimes.

But the United States
is trying to deport him.

Can't you intercede
on his behalf?

The UN respects the laws
of sovereign nations.

You know we can't trump
a US court.

But they'll
listen to you.

It's not that easy.

The US hasn't even ratified
the Rome Treaty on war crimes.

As soon as Immigration finds
him, they are going to deport him.

Unless he's somewhere
they can't touch him.


It's happening all
across the country.

Undocumented workers in fear of
deportation seek sanctuary in a church.

The Feds aren't
going to drag them out.

You've got
a sympathetic priest.

So instead of sitting
in an Immigration jail,

Elijah's a prisoner at St. Adrian's.

Well, it gives us time
to file an appeal...

...and it beats being
sent back to Uganda.

Frankly, if there's
another way, I don't see it.

Fin, what do you got?


I'll meet you
at St. Adrian's.

You going to break the news to
Elijah? It's already been broken.

The Feds tracked him
down to St. Adrian's

and they served him
the deportation notice.

And he flipped out.

He grabbed an ICE agent's
gun. He's holding hostages.

Let's hope my pal Agent
Trask is running the show.

Surprised he hasn't
nuked the church already.

Yeah. Roger that. Your boy
really screwed the pooch.

My boy? How about your agent who
let Elijah snatch his service weapon.

Yeah. He'll be disciplined
after we contain the situation.

Run it down.
All right. Inside the church,

we've got the taker, the priest
and 13 kids from the youth choir.

Reporters are loving this.

Any communication?

He doesn't have a cell phone, he's
not responding to the loud hail.

Let's talk to him.

SWAT already has a tac plan,
and it doesn't include you.

Hey, hey, listen to me.

You're gonna throw a
flash-bang inside a church,

hoping you don't kill a
bunch of kids on live TV?

Where's your negotiator?

He's en route.

Let us talk him down.
Negative, Detective.

This is a Federal operation.

Give us a chance. Twenty
minutes. Twenty minutes.

I'll give you 10, then I'm
letting my dogs off the leash.

Elijah. It's Detective
Stabler and Tutuola.

Get away from the door!

We're unarmed,
we just want to talk.

Elijah, this isn't the way.

When Immigration came, I
thought they would call me a hero

for bringing the Devil of
Gulu to justice. I was a fool.

Only if you
don't end this now.

It's already ended.
Read their papers.

They call me "undesirable
for residency in the US."

A war criminal
who chose to kill.

Like Serumaga.

Show them that they're wrong, son.

No. No. They call me a monster,
I will show them a monster!

Let the children go.

They're innocent. You know
that better than anybody.

Take them outside.

Come with me.


No, no, no.
Little sister, go, go!

Listen to him. We'll
be fine. Now, go. Go!

Hold your positions.
Hold your positions!

Detective Tutuola and
13 friendlies exiting.

Come on.

Come on. Come on.
Be careful. Come on.


And my husband?

Elijah's not ready yet.
Come on.

Elijah, give me the gun.

I need it.

For what? Are you going to kill
Father Theo? You going to kill me?

For myself.

Suicide is a mortal
sin. You risk your soul.

I have no soul!

You do. Yeah, you do.

What does it matter?

Hope brought you to
America. You can't give up.

At Kakuma,
they promised me that

if I went to school, and studied hard,

and learned to be a good
man, there was a life for me.

I had it.
And it is gone now.

They're going to send me back to the
murder and the death and the hunger.

The LRA will hunt
me down and kill me.

I deserve to die
for what I've done.

You were a child then. You were a child.

It doesn't matter. They have
judged me for what a child did.

Man's judgment does
not matter. Only God's.

God has forsaken me.

Then where is he, huh? Can he
hear the screams of his children?

Is he deaf to
our suffering?

I hear it at night when I sleep!
Every time I close my eyes.

No, his son was imprisoned,
tortured and killed.

Do you not think
he feels your pain?

Why don't you sit back,
relax? He needs a doctor.


Take him out.
No. I'm not leaving.

Yes, you are.

Listen to me, if we don't get him
out of here, he's going to die.

Now give me the gun.

They said the gun was our only
friend. Our mother and our father.

That it would
make us feel strong.

And how does it
make you feel now?


Okay. Okay.

Let's go.

Come on.

Let's go. Let's go!

This is Detective Stabler.
We're coming out.

Suspect's unarmed.

We need EMS
over here now!

Don't shoot!

Don't shoot!

Little sister.

He is holy who died to meet
the Lord in his love and mercy.

Miriam, can you tell
me what he said to you?

He had to die, to make people
see all the child soldiers.

Hold on, now.

"Suffer the little children. "

What's the answer,

Tell Elijah's story.

Pray someone will listen.