Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 10, Episode 13 - Snatched - full transcript

As SVU tries to recover a girl who was stolen from her home, the unit discovers that the victim's family is filled with con artists and career criminals--none of whom can be trusted or are beyond suspicion.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Night-night, Rosie.

Good night, Amy.

Greg! If Rosie hears you... Come here.

She's sleeping
like a baby.

Good. Then let's watch the movie.

Rhonda says it's awesome.
The boy vampire is so hot.

Hotter than me?

Okay, maybe not
that hot.

Then let's skip the movie and
get right to the good part.

Who's that?
I don't know.

Police. Open up.

The cops?
Who called them?

I said
open the door.

Okay, I'm coming.
Take it easy. I'm coming.

Hurry up.
Let's go.

No! No, please!
No, please! Don't hurt us!

No fluids on her bed.

Perp went out the window so
nobody would see him with the kid.

Uses a fake police badge, wears a ski
mask, and knocks out any witnesses.

Taker's a pro.

Looks like Rosie
put up a fight.

She left footprints
on the window.

The perp leave anything? Nothing.

Babysitter said
he wore gloves.

How's she doing?
She's got a broken nose.

Pretty hysterical about Rosie.
EMTs had to sedate her.

What about
the boyfriend?

His ego got
the worst of it.

We reach the parents yet?

Calls are going
straight to voicemail.

I left a message for them
to come down to the squad.

Any idea where
they went?

Sitter said they were doing
dinner and a movie.

You go out for a good time,
you come home to a nightmare.

APB is out
on Rosie Renaldi.

Her photo is on the way
to every police department,

toll booth, airport, bus
station within 100 miles.

AMBER Alert?
It's in the works for Jersey.

Ditto Connecticut
and Pennsylvania.

FBI. No child abductions in the
last six months with our taker's MO.

What about
the canvasses?

It's a bust so far. Nobody
saw or heard anything.

Fin's still on it.

Detective Benson?

I'm Liz Renaldi.
I got your message.

Oh, my God.
That's Rosie.

Is everything okay?
What happened?

Mrs. Renaldi,

your daughter has been
abducted from your home.


Yeah, I'm Pete Renaldi,
Rosie's step-father.

Why aren't you out on the
street searching for her?

Mr. And Mrs. Renaldi, we're
doing everything we can

to locate
your daughter.

Geno took her.

Geno Parnell, her biological
dad and a bust-out loser.

I'll run Parnell
through the system.

He's an ex-con.

Got out of the joint
a couple of months ago.

What was he in for?

Rape and kidnapping. He only
did three years in Sing Sing.

At trial, the victim
wouldn't testify.

She must have been afraid
he'd kill her if she did.

Looks like after the first jolt
he stayed clean for a while,

till he got popped for home
invasion and grand larceny.

Not out of
prison three months,

he hits again,
snatching his own daughter.

That's about
as sick as it gets.

I was 18 when I met Geno.
I knew he was trouble,

but I was into
that back then.

I got pregnant with Rosie,
he said he'd clean up his act.

Does your ex have visitation?

When he got busted
four years ago,

I went to see him in prison
and I told him it was over.

How did he take that?


He started beating on me.
In front of Rosie.

The guards had to
pull him off of me.

Two weeks later, I had his
parental rights terminated.

So Rosie hasn't seen
her father since then?

I'm her father.

I work every day, put food on the
table, keep a roof over her head.

That prick's
just a sperm donor.

He's been locked up since
Rosie's been in diapers.

Have you had any contact
with Geno since he got out?

He called once.

He said if I ever tried to
take Rosie away from him,

he would make my life
a living hell.

You're going to
want to see this.

Surveillance tape
from the apartment building.

Camera caught a guy getting
a little too close to Rosie.

My God. That's Geno.

The bastard's not supposed to
come within 200 yards of her.

I knew
we should have moved.

Oh, my God. He's got my baby,
and it's all my fault.

Mrs. Renaldi, why don't we
go sit down? Come on. Come on.

Oh, my God.

Reach out to Parole. Parnell
just got out of prison.

His PO should know
where to find him.

First couple of months
after he got out of Sing Sing,

Parnell did everything
by the book.

He made his appointments,
he passed his piss tests.

Then he stopped
showing up.

And you didn't
violate his parole?

Of course I did.

But finding a loser like Parnell's
way down on my scumbag totem pole.

Maybe if you tried,
a little girl

would be home, safe
in her bed right now.

Don't blame me.
Blame the city.

We just don't have
enough manpower.

And you can
live with that?

For the next 80 days,
until I take my pension

and say goodbye
to these animals.

Well, let's put this one
back in his cage, huh?

Geno's in room 1 F. Hey!
Hey, hey! Turn that crap down.

I'll throw your ass
out of here. Yeah, yeah.

Tough love, huh?

You've got to get
tough on these guys.

They'll walk all over you.

Geno Parnell, you got
to get tough on him?

He's a creep. He never
drinks with the fellows.

He's always talking
about little girls.

If he didn't pay his rent on
time, I'd kick his ass out, too.

So pervs are welcome
as long as they pay you.

Their money's
as green as yours.

Geno Parnell!
Police! Open it.

I'm sorry, Detective.
Even bust-outs got rights.

I ain't opening nothing
without a warrant.

Out of my way.

Good thing a parole officer
doesn't need one.

Wasn't so hard, was it?

No Geno.

But plenty of Rosie.

At the playground,
walking home from school.

Most of them
taken from a distance.

He's been on her like a
lion stalking his dinner.

Wearing lots of
different outfits.

Must have been
watching her for a month.

Probably since
he got out.

When's the last time
you saw Geno?

a couple days ago.

What the hell are these?


That's how he pays his rent.

These won't get you
on the subway.

Yeah, but they will
get you off.

They're from that jack shack
he works at over on Broadway.

Each one of them is worth some
private adult entertainment.

Lennon, you let him
work at a sex shop?

Please. I got him
a gig at a gas station.

He must have
been moonlighting.

Well, our next stop
is the Nut Hut.

They got
a nice selection.

Yeah. No wonder Geno got
revved up and hit again.

Like a kid
in a candy store.

All right, everybody!
Let's zip it up!

Forrest Hump will
still be here tomorrow!

Whoa, whoa. Both of
youse. Back the hell up.

You first.

You can't come in here
chasing off my clients.

I run a legitimate business
for mature adults only.

Yeah, you got a store
full of pervs

with their pants
around their ankles.

That's very mature.

Geno Parnell.
Where is he?

Don't know him.

Let me refresh your memory.
He's the ex-con

that you're
paying off the books.

Yeah, we could have
the IRS come on in here

and help you look
for his W-2s.

Geno's in back.
Mop duty.

So what do you think?

It's like Let's Make a Deal in hell.

Pick door number one.

Get your own booth.
This is a private party.

One at a time,

Geno Parnell. Police.

Police! Freeze!

I didn't do nothing.

You're training
for the marathon, huh?

On your knees.

Where's Rosie, Geno?

I don't know.
I'm not supposed to see her.

What do you have here?
A little girl's barrette?

What, are you putting your
hair up in a ponytail now?

It's a little something
I keep to remember her by.

Yeah, it's called a souvenir.
I've got one for you.

A one-way ticket
back to prison.

I didn't break no law.

These shots were taken
200 feet away.

That's how far the court says I have to
stay away from my own flesh and blood.

So it's okay for you
to stalk your daughter,

as long as you do it legally?
Hey, it's my little girl.

These pictures
are all I got.

You're breaking
my heart.

Yeah? You're lucky I'm
not breaking your face.

Take it easy, pal. You're
in enough trouble already.

Hey. I've got
a right to see my kid.

Not this close,
you don't.

It was her birthday. I
wanted to give her a present.

Yeah, well, it looks like
you took one, instead.

Now, we found hair
in this thing.

DNA's going to say
it's Rosie.

One lousy clip.
That's all I've got of her.

But it wasn't enough.

You touched her one time,
you had to have more.

You calling me a pervert?

What do you call a guy who kidnaps
and rapes a 15-year-old girl?

It was a misunderstanding.

Judge called it
a conviction.

Yeah. I picked that chick up
in a bar. She said she was 20.

Hell, the bartender
was serving her drinks.

How many girls do
you double-check

their ID before
you pick them up?

I don't pick up

Well, if I knew her age, I wouldn't
have touched her. She tricked me.

She tricked you.

She trick you into
kidnapping her, too?

We hooked up
for the weekend.

She went home and her
dad called the police.

So you didn't snatch her?

No. Why would
you cop a plea?

Because the DA
offered three years,

and I was facing
12 and a half to 25.

And I didn't want to risk it.
And then those bastards jobbed me.

Okay. Okay, okay.

The girl, she refused
to testify.

If I'd have gone
to trial,

I would have walked.
You're innocent,

like everybody else
in prison.

Which is where
you're going.

No, man. Come on.

All I wanted to do was to see
my little girl on her birthday.

Don't lock me up for that.

No, no. I'm locking you
up for kidnapping Rosie.

Now, where is she?
What are you talking about?

Stalking her wasn't enough
for you? Somebody took Rosie?

You stroked her hair,
and she ran away? No, hey.

Hey, that's sick.
Hey, that's my kid!

Every girl getting guys off

at the Nut Hut
is somebody's kid.

That didn't stop you
from working there.

The gas station
pays minimum wage.

I work at the Nut Hut
for the extra cash and

because they don't
do background checks.

You're a pervert.
No, you're wrong!

I don't know what you're talking
about! I didn't take Rosie!

I was working all last night!
I couldn't have done it! Check!

I swear! What did...

You've got to
help me find Rosie!

You mean bury her body deeper
so she won't be found.

Sit down!

I had him.

Yeah, like Custer
had the Indians.

I want out of here!
Let me out of here!

Geno, calm down.

I've got to find Rosie!

Would you let me out of here?
You want out?

You answer my questions.

So ask!
Did you take your daughter?

I told you I didn't. I love Rosie.
I would never do that to her.

Who took her?

I don't know.
Look, man.

I have made a lot of
bad decisions in my life,

but I would never do
anything to hurt my kid.

So who's looking
to hurt you?

The only one
with a grudge is my ex.

Liz set me up.

Why would she do that?

she's a con artist.

You're the one with the rap sheet.
Liz has never been locked up.

It's in her blood. Her
old man is Frank Hager.

That guy would steal anything
that ain't nailed down.

Her old man
has a lot of enemies.

Maybe one of them snatched
my Rosie to get even.

Frank Hager was one of the best
thieves in the city for over 40 years.

Back in the '60s and '70s,
if a big score went down,

odds are
Hager was the mastermind.

I collared him myself once,
when I was a patrolman.

He's that old, huh?

Jewel heists, bank jobs, armored cars.

Guy's talented.

He stole an RMP once with the cop asleep
in the back, just to prove he could.

Looks like Hager's
gone into retirement.

His last arrest was '04 for
possession of stolen property.

A truckload of TVs. He
walked. Look who didn't.

His son-in-law,
Geno Parnell.

Geno does four years
for Liz's father,

and then
she kicks him to the curb.

Everybody's hands
are a little dirty here.

Frank's spent a lot of
years in the business.

He must have
made some enemies.

Back in the day, he ripped
off a mobbed-up numbers joint.

The Five Families
put a hit on him.

Word was he bought them off
with an airport job.

Hit Pan Am for
a couple of mil in cargo.

Yeah, but that was then.

Maybe this time, he pissed
somebody off that he couldn't buy.

They targeted his family.

My father's retired. Why do
you want to harass an old man?

Just to ask him
if any of his old pals

would get even
by snatching Rosie.

Then you should go talk to
my ex. Geno's got my baby.

He was working. There's
no way he took her.

Where's your dad?

I don't know.

Rap sheet says
he lives here.

He used to.

After my mom died, he gave me
the apartment and moved out.

He said he didn't
want me to worry

about saving for college
for Rosie.

Where does your dad
live now?

In the apartment
above his store.

I thought you said he
was retired. What store?

He runs a pawn shop.

There's no way they would give a
convicted thief a license to hock.

He did the papers
in his dead brother's name.

What's the address?

Benny Lombardi's on 39th.

Looks like
somebody got here first.

I'll check upstairs.


Easy, easy, easy!

I thought you were a robber.

Get up.

Would you give
an old guy a hand?

Thank you. What the hell
are you, a linebacker?

Strong safety.
Where's Frank?

I don't know.

You work here?
No. He's my friend.

We have coffee
every morning.

Two days I haven't seen him,
so I came to check.

You swing first,
ask questions later, huh?

An old habit.
Yeah. Wait, wait, wait.

Frank's not here. If you
see him, have him call me.

You got that?
I got it.

It's important.
Yes, yes, yes.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Who the hell was he?

Concerned citizen.

Well, looks like a tornado hit
upstairs. No sign of the old man.

You smell that?

Yeah. You step in something?

It's coming from
underneath the floor.

It's a trap door.

It's a panic room.

Take it easy, fellows.
I've got the money.


Here it is.
All of it.

So nobody's got
to get hurt, okay?

Come on, Frank.

I told you
I'd take care of youse.

Now, what do you say we go get some
Salisbury steaks at the Fontainebleau?

It's all there.
Don't you trust me?

There's got to be at
least 100 grand in here.

Frank, who's the money for?

Don't worry about it.
Frank never screws up.

Put 20 on the Berwyn Kid across
the board. Cicero to show.

The guy's been rambling
like this since we found him.

Back in '74, we arrested
him for grand larceny.

He was looking
at serious time.

He ate his shoe.
The whole thing.

He wound up in the funny
farm instead of prison.

Two weeks later, he waltzes out
the door and laughs at us all.

So you're not buying it.

I think Frank
is reviving his old act,

so he doesn't have to
tell us where Rosie is.

Well, somebody
trashed his place.

And he was hiding
in his basement.

The guy's definitely
afraid of something.

We need Huang
down here to tell us

if this guy's
a fraud or a freak.

Either way, I think Frank knows
something about the kidnapping.

I mean, I see a guy
with 100 K in a suitcase

whose granddaughter
has just been snatched,

I'm thinking ransom.
Hey, he is your old pal.

Do you want to
take a crack at him?

He's no pal of mine.
All yours.

A tall guy falls off the Empire
State Building, hits the ground.

A fellow comes by,
looks down, and says,

"My God, mister,
what happened?"

He looks up from the ground. He says,
"I don't know. I just got here. "

That's a good one, Frank. That's
a good one. Sit. Let's talk.

So are we going to be pals,
or am I in trouble, or...

Why would you be
in trouble?

Come on.
You MPs are all the same.

You're always looking for a little
taste. Which is normally fine,

but tonight, unfortunately, I
got rolled by a couple of gyrenes.

They cleaned me out.

Fortunately, I've got a few
extra bucks under the bunk.

Yeah? What?
Like $100,000?


All right. I think
I can get you 50 bucks.

Maybe 60, but it's back at the ship.

What ship?
USS Magpie.


I thought the Magpie was
decommissioned before Vietnam.

Hey. Toking on the wacky weed, are you?

You better
stay in shape, pal.

Those North Koreans look
like they mean business.

So now you're fighting
in the Korean War.

Hey, hey. Trust me.

We don't take care of
them Commie bastards

right now, they're
going to rule the world.

Frank? Frank.
Where's your granddaughter?

Where's your granddaughter?

No, no, no.
Hey, look, look, look.

I've got buddies
over here got kids

running around
all over the place.

But not Frank Hager.

Mr. Johnson always
wears a raincoat. Always.

You have no kids?
No kids.

And sure as hell
no grandkids.

I'm done
yakking with you.

Either I get back to my shore
leave, or take me to the brig.

All right. Sit tight.

He's sun-downing.

What does that mean?

People with dementia are usually
more lucid in the morning.

They tend to get irritable
as the day goes on.

We can't wait until
tomorrow for answers.

Well, I'm not sure you're
going to get them at all.

So you think this nonsense
he's spewing is the real deal?

He goes
in and out of reality.

His memory is random bits
and pieces of his life,

mashed together into a nonsensical
puzzle. Classic Alzheimer's.

Any way to jog that memory?

Alzheimer's patients
live in the past.

Sometimes, an old friend or family
member can trigger a moment of lucidity.


Hey, Frankie.

Where the hell
have you been?

I was starting to worry about
you. No calls, no nothing.

I haven't seen you since
that bank job went south.

Yeah. That was 1999.

Sorry about that.

Someone must have tipped
off the bulls. Yeah.

I had to hide out in that
farmhouse in Pennsylvania.

That Amish broad with the whiskers?
Yeah. She take care of you?

She sure did.

Hey. Have you seen
Rosie lately?


I don't know any Rosie.
Hey, who's the jamoke?

He's my new entry man.

Who you work for
before Geno?

The Solanos out of Brooklyn. Did
a lot of work for them in Florida.

Well, the trick with them
Florida snow birds is fire.

Put a cigarette
out on the wife,

and the husband's
running to open his safe.

Listen. Don't hurt her, okay?
I'll get you your jewels back.

Who are you
talking about, Frank?

Rosie. Let her go.

Who, Frank?
Who should let her go?

Who's got Rosie, Frank?

Look, pal. If I want any lip out
of you, I'll rattle my zipper. Okay?

We just want to find Rosie.

Hey, have a little respect.

I'm fencing 750 Gs of
Harry Winston's finest.

I'm a professional.
I was doing jobs

when you were
filling your diapers.

Take it easy.
You're just a wannabe.

Mr. Hager...
Take it easy, Mr. Hager.

Hey! Don't tell me
what to do!

I'll hack your feet off, pal.
Hey, hey!

Like I did
with that punk from...

Hey! Shut up, Frank!

No one needs to
hear about that.

Frank? You took me in.
You loved me like a father.

I did four years
hard time for you,

and I have never
asked you for anything.

Please. Tell me
what happened to Rosie.

Rosie? What...

Your granddaughter!
Where is she?


What a beautiful baby.

That's right.

But your Rosie's
all grown up.

You held her
at her christening.

You took her
to her first day of school.

I remember.

Well, she's lost.
She needs your help, Frank.

Only you can help her.

Don't I know you?
Were you in the Navy?

No. I'm your son-in-law!

What? Are you ready for another job?

Frank. Listen to me.

We saw the 100 G in your
suitcase. What was it for?

I've got to pay the guy.
I lost his jewels.

Right. Who?

Yeah, he's pissed off.

He says
he'll hurt Rosie, and...

I've got to find a girl.

I only got
two more nights in port.

I pulled every jewel
robbery in the last year.

Found only one major heist,
three quarters of a mil.

750 grand.
Just like Frank said.

It's got to be the same job
he's talking about.

That's amazing.

My whole life, I never
made a score half this rich.

Yeah, I'm going to pretend
you didn't say that.

The report says the perp entered the
brownstone through the front door,

got into the safe within half an
hour, didn't trigger any alarms,

and then left out
the back window.

No prints, no evidence.

Only got one witness.

Said he saw a man in black
going through the window.

Same way Rosie was taken.

It's got to be
the same guy.

He gives the jewelry
to Frank to fence.

Frank screws up, can't remember
where he stashes the loot.

When the jewel thief comes
back for his big payday,

Frank can't even remember who
he is or where the jewelry is.

Then Frank runs and hides when he
hears the thief trashing his place,

looking for his stuff. When he
doesn't find it, he steals my daughter.

You know, maybe Frank got a ransom
call in a moment of lucidity,

and that's why
he had the 100 grand.

He was waiting
for instructions.

So what? We waiting
for the phone to ring?

No. We try and crack the jewel
heist. Find the kidnapper.

Call Frank's daughter.
Tell her what happened.

Maybe she can let us know
how he scrounged up

100 grand on
such short notice.

Hey. Somebody? Mayday.
I've got to take a leak.

He needs to rest
before you go at him again.

Well, I'm running
out of time here.

The more tired he is,
the less cogent he'll be.

I'll call a friend at the VA
about getting Frank into care.

So some government doc can stop
me from interviewing him? No.

Frank stays here
until I get a lead.

Detective Stabler.

I've got to talk to you.


What is my daddy
doing here?

Get your hands off my father,
you son of a bitch!

Hey. I've done more for your
father than you ever have.

Honey, don't talk to
your husband like that.

He's not
my husband anymore!

He's just trying
to give me a hand.

Yeah, well, at least I
stayed home when I was.

Where's douchebag Pete?

At least Rosie didn't go
missing on my watch.

That's because
you took her, you pervert!

I would never hurt her!

You rancid bitch!
Look at you!

Your first response
is always with your fists.

Think of your daughter.

Come on.
Let's take a walk.

You just come here
to rile him up,

or are you going to
help us with your father?

I came here for this.

You have one hour
to bring me $100,000

in unmarked bills,
or I kill the little girl.

Slowly and painfully.

The tunnel off West 90th,
Central Park.

When did you get this?

Right after
Detective Stabler called.

Like 20 minutes ago.
I ran right over.

I don't have
that kind of money.

I do.

I was going to use it
to bribe the MP,

but youse can have it. I
hate to see a cute dame cry.

Thanks, Dad.

We got 40 minutes to make this
happen. How do you want to play it?

Close to the vest.

It's going to be okay, Liz. We're
going to get your daughter back.

I can't believe
this is happening to me.

I know.

That's why you have to do
exactly what we tell you.

Now. You're going to
wear this in your ear

so you can hear
our instructions.


Now, if anything goes wrong,

I want you to scratch your
ear with your right hand. Okay?

That way,
we'll come rushing in.

What could go wrong?

Nothing. As long as
you stay calm and focused.

Now, this microphone
will pick up everything.

So I need you
to say something.

Thank you.

Elliot. El.
That's got to be him.

Liz, stay calm and
head into the tunnel.

The kidnapper is wearing
a dark-hooded parka.

Heads up. Liz just entered
my side of the tunnel.

There's no visual on
our side of the tunnel.

The suspect is coming
out on my side. Stand by.

I don't like this.

Liz, say something
if you can. Anything.

Just let us know
that you're okay.

I'll grab the kidnapper. You
rush the tunnel. Everybody in.

Liz, talk to me.

Hey, let go of me!

Come on.
Where's the money?

What money?
The guy only gave me

20 bucks to go in there,
but I'm keeping it!

Liz! Can you hear me?
Where are you?

Liz. What are you doing?

I'm sorry, Olivia.
I have to run.

Keep her talking.
I'll get the bolt cutters.

Why do you have to run?

Because I found those jewels
in my dad's box of All-Bran.

I didn't know he was
supposed to fence them.

Where are they?
They're gone.

To pay Pete's gambling debt,
or they'd kill him.

But it wasn't enough.
Pete made the ransom call?

We need the money
to get out of town!


Liz! What about Rosie?

If I go to prison, I won't
see her until she's 30.

Don't do this.

Just tell her I love her.

Liz, stop! Come back here!
Come back here!

Just got a lead
off the AMBER Alert.

Sighting of Rosie by a security
guard at a mall upstate.

I'm on it.

You dig up anything
on Liz and Pete?

I checked
their financials.

They're smart enough not
to use their credit card.

With 100 K,
they won't have to.

Hey! What happened?
Where's Rosie?

Don't tell me
you botched the drop.

It was a setup.

Liz disappeared down a
storm drain with the ransom.

You know that
son of a bitch, Pete?

He works for the Sewer
Department. So they've got Rosie?

The kidnap's for real.

Looks like Liz ripped
off Frank for the jewels,

and when the thief
couldn't get his money,

he snatched
Rosie for collateral.

I told you
she was a no-good bitch.

So this scumbag's
got my daughter. Now, what?

We work Frank
for the name of the thief.

Frank barely
knows his own name.

Do you know where we can
find some of Frank's friends?

Most of them are all dead,

and the ones who aren't are up
at Fishkill making license plates.

There was an old-timer
at Frank's pawn shop.

Eddy Mack?

He's no friend.
He's competition.

That old guy's a
ten-percenter. What's that?

He's a retired thief who tips
off younger guys about easy jobs.

For that info,
he gets 10%% of the take.

Well, would he have
his ear to the ground

for rich women
with a lot of rocks?

Well, he's not going
to miss an easy score.

Yeah, he'd know
who did that jewel heist.

But he won't tell you.

About the only thing these guys
could steal are walkers and canes.

Yeah, every one of these guys would cut
your heart out and sell it for a buck.

Hey, there,
baseball fan.

You bring the cops
down here, Geno?

What, are you nuts?

Eddy, my daughter's
in trouble.

So's Frank.
He's sick.

He's sick.

We all have
those senior moments.

His mind is shot.

He screwed up a job, and he got
my daughter kidnapped as payback.

Can't help you, Geno.

Look, all we need
is a name.

There's no testifying.

I never sang in my life.

You want me to start now?

Please, Eddy. It's my
kid we're talking about.

I can't help you, buddy.

I'm a retired bus driver
on a pension.

Don't "Eddy" me, okay?

Just don't "Eddy" me.

You bring him in here.
Sports, look.

Look at this paper. That black
senator lady from Illinois.

They say she used to be a professor
and will only drink from a glass.

Ain't that something?

Let's go.

Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?

He just gave us
what we needed.

I don't see it.

He was talking in code.
We've just got to crack it.

This is the safe
the jewels were in.

It's a Moseley. It's
supposed to be un-crackable.

Carol Moseley Braun.
That's the Illinois senator.

I don't think she was
ever a professor, though.

I know someone who is.
Guy named Roy Batters.

Teaches engineering
at Hudson.

He's the number one
safecracker in the country.

But then what
did Eddy mean by

"will only drink
from a glass"?

I'm going to
ask the professor.

Professor Batters?

$100,000 education

and you don't know
how to knock.

You're not students.

We're here for
a little adult education.

The constabulary. That
introduces an air of mystery.

What would you want with me?
I teach mechanical engineering.

With a minor
in high-end jewel heists.

We hear that you
know how to crack safes.

If you're insinuating that I'm
a thief, that's preposterous.

Safecracking is just my
little hobby. You know.

I relish the challenge of
penetrating the impenetrable.

How do you penetrate that?

Nice try, gentlemen.

But you can't trick
old Roy Batters.

What trick?

This Moseley safe doesn't
come with glass panels.

It's been modified.

That's right.

An average thief would try
to drill into this safe,

thinking it's
a garden variety Moseley,

and when he hits the panels,
the safe locks down.

Making it impossible to open.

Well, somebody figured
it out and made off

with three quarters of
a million in diamonds.

Yeah? There are only
three people in the world

who have the talent
to get inside that safe.

What are their names?

Well, I can't get involved.

You can't or you won't?

A little of both.

I mean,
gentlemen, like I said,

I am a hobbyist
among a bunch of criminals.

If any of them found out I
squealed, you know what would happen.

Whoever cracked that safe
kidnapped this girl.

You don't help us, she dies.
That's what else will happen.

Needless to say, I am one of the
talented few who could crack it.

The second is my mentor,
but he's dead.

Who's the third?

My mentor's son, Jake.

Search warrant!

Police! Show us your hands! Your hands!


Hey, Jake.
Where's Rosie?

Go screw yourself.

Rosie? Rosie?

Hello, Rosie. We're
policemen. You're safe now.

You want to come out?

It's okay.

Okay. Good.


Hey! My baby girl!

I missed you so much.

I missed you, too, Daddy.

Hey, look.
Pop-Pop's here, too.

Hey, sweet pea.

You recognize her?

Yeah. You think I don't
know my own granddaughter?

Hey. Listen, sweetie,
Pop-Pop's got to go.

But what do you say this Saturday
that you and me catch a movie?

At The Roxy? Sleeping
Beauty? Sound good?

Sounds good to me.

Where you off to
now, Frank?

Frank's moving into
an adult care facility.

Yeah. I'm looking forward
to busting out of the joint.

We've got to go.
Yeah. Right. Right.

All right, sweetie.
You take care, now.

Take care, Frank.

Are you coming to
live with us now, Daddy?

I don't know, sweetie.

Your PO said
he'd waive your violation.

You can walk out of here
a free man tonight.

You want to
come stay with me?

What about Mommy?


Mommy and Pete, they're...
They went away on a little trip.

So it's just you
and me for now.

Okay, Daddy.
I want to see your house.


I just need to talk to the
policeman for a minute, okay? Here.

Go with that nice lady.
Hi, Rosie.

What the hell
am I going to do?

I cannot bring a kid back to
that dump I've been living in.

Calm down. All you...

You just enroll her in
school, get her some clothes,

make sure she's up to date on her shots.

Hey, relax. Relax. I'll tell
you what we're going to do.

Let's just worry about
tonight, all right?

Check into the Howard Johnson
on Broadway.

Get yourself some room
service. Here. Come on.

Watch a movie.

Give yourself a couple of
days. You'll figure it out.


You sure you're a cop?

Hey, sweetie.
Hey, come here.

I've got to admit,
I thought Geno was a loser.

But I think he's got
a good shot at going

straight and doing right
by his daughter.

I'm glad
I was wrong for once.

For once?

Elliot. Did you send Geno
and Rosie to HoJo's?

Something happened.

What happened?

He tried to
stick the place up.

He said he was going
to blow my head off.

Geno, what happened?

Geno, why did you do this?

You finally had a chance.
Why did you do this?

Go to hell.

Get him out of here.

The gun was empty.

I know you.
You're the policeman.

That's right. Hey, you're
going to get a stomach ache

from all that pizza
you're eating.

Want to watch
the movie with me?

Actually, sweetie,
we've got to go.

Where's Daddy?

He had to go away.

But he just came back.

Don't beat yourself up, El. Look.

At least the Connecticut State Troopers

picked up Liz
and Pete, right?

Morning, Detective.

Eddy Mack.
What can I do for you?

I heard
Geno crapped the bed.


No surprise there. But I
wanted to see about his kid.

Rosie. We put her in a
foster home. Good people.

Maybe this will
help a little bit.

What's this?
Open it.

I owe Geno.

For what?

None of your business.

I went to his hotel to pay him,
and he says to bring it to you guys.

Got to be $200,000 here.

It's not for you,
flatfoot. Here.

He robbed that hotel
on purpose.

He wanted to go
back to prison.

He thought she'd be
better off without him.

Yeah, well, some people can do the
time and walk out like nothing happened.

Other people, they do the time and
they come out and they're never normal.

Yeah, well,
what about Rosie?

He finally realized

even if you want something
real bad, you shouldn't have it.

Look, I've got to
go see my pal, Frank.

He's in a broken-down VA
hospital up in the Bronx.

And, look. If you need
something from me in the future,

please send her.