Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 10, Episode 11 - Stranger - full transcript

A teenager who claims the identity of a girl who went missing four years ago turns out to be impostor. However, her stories about suffering frightening abuse may actually turn out to be true.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Help! Help!

Anthony, what's wrong?

Save me, Mommy!

Baby, what happened?
Are you okay?

What are you doing?

Honey, it's all right. It's
just your silly Aunt Nikki.

Take a pill, Erica,
we're just playing.

Hey. Oh, no, Anthony. Wait.
No. No, that's icky.

Let me see.
Bring it, bring it...

Pizza's on the way up.
Has anybody seen my purse?

What are you talking about?
You're a guest here. You don't pay.

Oh, but, Daddy...

Oh, Erica, don't argue
with your father.

His blood pressure's already
up 'cause I'm kicking his ass.

Hey. Language.

Oh. Hey, Anthony.

Pinch-hit for grandma. I'm
going to go get our dinner.

It's me and you, buddy.

It's me and you.
Let's see what you got.

Go ahead. You got
nothing. You got nothing.

Okay, there's no way...

Oh, I'm sorry.

We thought you were the
person with the pizza.

Can I help you?

It's me.

Excuse me?

You don't remember me.

Oh, my God, Mom.

It's Heather.

Heather Hallander, vanished
four years ago when she was 14.

This is her entire
Missing Persons file?

Yeah. 450,000 kids run away every year.

Teenager don't want to be found,
there's not much we can do.

Why did she run away?

She didn't.
But that's how it looked.

The week she disappeared, she
was fighting with her parents.

They were planning
to ship her off.

Reform school?

Fat camp. Not an ounce of
fat on her anymore, though.

Went on
a four-year killer diet.

Being held as a sex slave.

She's back
in her old room.

We left it
exactly like it was,

so hopefully
that will help.


The police are here
to speak to you.

I already
talked to the police.

Has she given
you any details?


Excuse me.

Heather. It's Detective Olivia Benson.

I know this is
painful to talk about,

but right now,
the time is critical.

Why won't she

Nikki, please.
Go back to your room.

You're Heather's sister?

The screw-up middle child,
not the sainted, older one.


Heather's disappearance
was very hard on Nikki.

Because it was
all my fault, right?

What makes you say that?

Ask Heather.

Ask her what I called
her to make her cry

and run out the door,
never to be seen again.

Nikki, stop it.
This is not about you.

I used to call
Heather "heifer. "

I never blamed you, Nikki.
Not once. I swear.

She's already showered.

Three times. Hope nobody
else needed hot water.

I was first chair

He grabbed me the day
before the spring concert.

Who grabbed you,

A man.

What was his name?

I don't know.

Were you with him
this whole time?


In four years, you must
have called him something.

He made me call him Daddy.

Where did he keep you?

In a concrete room.

Do you know where?
Do you have an address?

I don't know.

how did you get away?

He was drunk. He forgot to
put the padlock on the door,

so I ran.

So it was somewhere
in the city.

I came out into
a basement,

up some stairs
and onto the street.

I ran until I couldn't
run anymore.

I didn't know which way I was
going until I got to the park.

When was the last time that
he sexually assaulted you?


Okay. We need to
get you to a hospital

so you can get
examined by a doctor.

Then we'd like you
to come along with us,

see if you can lead us
back to where he kept you.

Are those
the clothes you wore?


Do you have your underwear?

He never let me wear any.

How did he get you?

After I ran out
of the apartment,

I cried for,
like, three blocks.

Then I noticed a man
was walking next to me.

He said I was too pretty
to be crying.

We got to his van
and he said he had

something that would
make me feel better.

You went into the van.

No. He put a handkerchief over my mouth

with some kind
of chemical on it.

That's all I remember
before I woke up.

Where was that?

On a concrete floor.

It was pitch-black. And I
didn't have any clothes on.

I stood up and felt along
the walls. Screaming for help.

I got to a metal door
and I started pounding on it.

There was a mattress.
I laid down on it and cried.

I must have fallen asleep.
I woke up when he came in.

He put a combination lock
on the inside of the door.

He got on top of me. I
kicked and screamed and hit.

He said he'd come back
when I was ready to be sweet.

He said if I couldn't be nice,
he'd let me starve to death.

I thought I made it about
a week without eating.

He said it was only two days.

And he kept you
in this room the whole time?


Were there any windows?


Running water?

There was one of those

Old-time bathtubs
with the legs.

A claw-foot tub.

It wasn't hooked up
to anything, though.

When he wanted me to bathe
myself or brush my teeth,

he'd lower a garden hose down
through a hole in the ceiling.

What did you use
for a toilet?

A lawn chair with the
seat cut out over a bucket.

Can I go now? I just really
want to be with my family.

Heather, we know
you've been through a lot,

but there's a chance
that he could

snatch another girl
to replace you.

Can you hang in there
with us just a little longer?

Maybe help us find him?

This is the first spot I
remember knowing where I was.

Which way did
you come from?

Did you cross 5th Avenue?

Do you remember
seeing a fountain?

No. No, I came
from over there.

I remember
the green awning.

I could smell the flowers
as I ran by.

Well, you sure
it's this one?

A lot of these places
sell flowers.

No, I'm positive. I
turned down at the corner.

There's a funeral home
at the end of the block.

Come on.

It's only six or
seven blocks from here.

And it was what?
Like, a brownstone?

I don't know. It was dark. I just ran.

Did he wear
any kind of uniform?

Anything with
a business name on it?


Did he have a gun?


You think I'm disgusting for
not escaping sooner, don't you?

I don't think that at all.

I dreamed about finding
something to stab him with

every time he was on me.

But when he came
in that room,

he put the combination
lock on the door.

He said if anything happened
to him, I'd die down there.

No funeral home.

No, there has to be.

Well, it's okay. Maybe
it's another block down.

No. No.
It was on the same block.

Maybe we went the wrong way
back at the subway. I don't know!

Heather. Heather, calm
down. It's okay. It's okay.

I can't do this.

Why don't we go
back to the car?

Let's go back to the car. I just...

We're going to sit someplace
quiet for a second. No worries.

Okay? Can we just do this tomorrow?

I just... I want to see my
family. I want to go home.

Don't worry about it. Yes.

Please. I just want
to see my mom.


We'll come pick you up
tomorrow at 9:00. Okay?

Okay, remember, anything
between now and then,

Heather, I want you
to call me. Any time.

Sorry I was so useless. It's
hard to think. My body aches.

The doctor said you have a
quite a vitamin D deficiency

from lack of sunlight.

Heather Hallander!
Heather over here!

Oh, God. It's Harris
from the Ledger.

Come on. Did he just take my picture?

Heather, can I get a quick
statement? Call the DCPI.

They'll give you
everything you need.

Do you have any words... Are
they going to print my photo? a sex slave?

Not if he has a conscience.

what was the lowest point

of your four years
in captivity?

You take a step
in that building,

I'll arrest you
for trespassing.

You. Be a human being.
Erase the photos.

What world
do you live in?

Cute middle-class white girl
held as a sex slave.

The story is huge.

I asked you nice once.

Come on.
I'm asking you nice.

Son of a bitch!

That's a shame.
Looks expensive.

$4,595 for one
35mm digital camera,

and the Ledger is demanding
disciplinary action be taken against you.

I never touched the guy.

I just can't
believe the vultures

got a photo off
that memory card.


Used to be no one would ever
publish a rape victim's photo.

Well, that was
before newspapers

started going
the way of the dodo.

I'm sure readership
will be up today.

Sorry, Captain.

I've got Heather Hallander's sister
out here and she's not too happy.

She wants to talk to
the person in charge.

Let her in.

How could you
have let this happen?

Hasn't my sister been
through enough torture?

Has Heather seen it?

No. I called my parents and told
them to make sure she didn't.

Good. I promise you,
we'll do everything we can

to keep the press
away from her today.

Look, she is
scared to death

safe at home
with her own family.

What are you thinking,
dragging her through the city?

We're trying to
find her abductor.

You're worse than the
Missing Persons detective.

All he ever did was
call us once a month

to see if we'd
heard from her.

I had to start my own
website asking for tips.

Did you get any that
we might be able to use?


I was at the apartment
the day it happened.

She ran right by me
out the door.

I should have
gone after her.

That was Heather's father.

She's not feeling well.
The drive-along is off.

She saw the paper. They
tried to keep it from her,

but the sister, Nikki,
slipped her a copy.

The brat sister isn't
helping at all.

You ask me, we bring Nikki
in here for a sit-down.

What are you?
A social worker now?


The day Heather ran out
after Nikki called her fat,

Mom sent the brat
after her to apologize.

Nikki never found Heather.

Yeah. So she claims.

Nikki was 16 years old.

What did she do? Sell her
younger sister as a sex slave?

No. But maybe she
saw her get in the van.

And never said anything?

Nikki admitted that she
tormented her little sister.

Maybe she was glad
to see her go.

Parents said that she's been
on a downward spiral ever since.

Sounds like guilt to me.

Or acting like a teenager.

Anything back
from forensics?

Scarring from
long-term sexual abuse.

Munch. But no DNA on the rape kit.

Well, Heather scrubbed herself
clean. We kind of expected that.

The lab found semen
on the dress.

They're working up
a DNA profile now.

If we're lucky, the perv
is already in the system.

Hang on. Guys, I got a tip
from a concerned citizen.

Divine intervention.

I was conflicted whether
to call you or not.

I prayed for guidance
and then I flipped a coin.

Listen, Father, you point
us in the right direction,

we'll keep it between us
and the confessional.

The seal of the confessional
is sacred and absolute.

It's nothing I heard.
It's something I witnessed.

In that case,
it's kosher.

This girl,
I've seen her before.


At Mass,
the last four Sundays.

Are you sure it was
Heather? Did you talk to her?

I tried.

In a sea of faces, the ones in true
spiritual crisis always stand out.

I wanted to talk to her,
but they always came late

and then left immediately
after the service.


An older gentleman.

He's attended over
the years intermittently.

You have his name
and address?

He's not on our
membership rolls.

I'm not comfortable
dropping a dime,

but the paper said another
girl could be at risk.

Would it help if
I talked to Heather?

Thanks, Father, but we need
someone who can report a confession.

Heather, the man
that was holding you,

did he ever
take you outside?

No! Never!
I've told you that.

We have a chance to
catch your abuser.

That's why there's no reason for you
to hold back any important details.

Like what?

Like Saint Francis Cathedral.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Based on your reaction,
I would say that you do.

Somebody saw you there. They
saw you with an older man.

They're lying.

I really want to help you.

But I can't unless
you're honest with me.

I want you to go now.

Heather, please, listen.

He raped me every day!

He stole my
childhood from me!

And if you don't
believe me, then get out!


Well, outbursts of rage aren't
unheard of in a sexual abuse victim.

If she was abused.

Well, for all we know, she
ran off with a boyfriend.

When it's time to come home
and face the music,

she concocts a story
that gets her sympathy.

Even if it was a boyfriend, she
was 14. It's still stat rape.

And the doctor confirmed
a vitamin D deficiency.

She was definitely locked up
away out of the sun for years.

Not necessarily. When the
hole formed in the ozone layer,

skin cancers increased,

opening up billion-dollar
dermatology and sunscreen industries,

which, in turn, have caused a
mini-epidemic of vitamin D deficiencies.

So our choices
are bone disease

or skin cancer.
You can't win.

Well, there's
always moderation.

Okay, Doc.
Was she abducted or not?

I wouldn't rule it out.

Even with the lies about
her field trips to church?

After four years, he's established
total domination over her.

Heather's programmed to follow
orders blindly and without question.

The ultimate test of his power
is taking her out in public.

Well, that does bother me. I
mean, he took her to a church.

You got 200 people there.
It's a sanctuary.

Why not scream?
Ask for help?

Because his control over her
was so complete, she couldn't.

I once worked a case
in Rochester

where the perp
took a victim

who he had kept for two
years to a karaoke bar.

They got up and
they sang a song together.

No one suspected.

Heather is safe now.
Why isn't she helping?

Extreme Stockholm syndrome.

She's bonded with her captor
as a survival mechanism

And now has this misguided
need to protect him.

Detective Benson.

Where are they taking her?
I'm on my way.

Heather slit her wrists.

Heather Hallander?

They're bringing her in now.
She's tachy at 160.

Lost a lot of blood.
Grab a suture kit.

We're in the hospital now, honey.
Everything's going to be okay.

Do you know her blood type in
case we have to transfuse her?

God. I don't know.

A, we're both type A.

Type and cross
three units of A.

You'll have to
wait here.

Good morning. I heard
you're feeling better today.

Yeah. Life's great.

Heather, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to upset you.

I didn't do this
'cause of you.

Then why did you do it?

'Cause all these years, I dreamed
of being back with my family.

But I'm a freak. I'm never
going to belong anywhere.

Heather. That's not true.

Your family couldn't
bear to lose you again.

Nobody's comfortable
around me. Nikki hates me.

My mom can't even
look me in the eye.

Listen to me.

You're having
a hard time adjusting.

It's going to
take a little time.

And counseling.

I don't know what to do.

I know you don't
believe it right now,

but bringing your
abuser to justice

is going to go a long way
in helping you heal.

Now, you may have
blocked out some details,

but you just tell me
when you remember, okay?



Heather's stable now,
but I'm putting her

on a 72-hour psych hold
for evaluation.

Now, you know that we're trying
to track down her abductor.

Yeah, the nurses showed me
the story in the Ledger.

We can't find him
without her.

I'm sorry, but it's for her own safety.

When she was on painkillers, did
she say anything that could help us?


Anything that seemed off?

I don't know
if it's relevant,

but when we determine a child's
blood type through their parents,

we always pull
the mother aside

to make sure
the father is the father.

In case mom cheated.

Mrs. Hallander
told me she didn't.

They're both type A, which
means Heather can only be type A.


Good thing we always confirm
with a rapid agglutination test

to cover our asses
against malpractice.

Heather is type B.

She's not their child.

I don't know what to say. They
said Heather wasn't adopted.

Maybe Mrs. Hallander stepped
out for a little strange.

She didn't. Dr. Manning
said with her blood type,

there's no way she
gave birth to Heather.

That leaves one possibility.
Heather is not Heather.

It doesn't make sense. How could
her own family not recognize her?

The age difference helped.

Weight loss didn't hurt.

How many of those before-and-after
pictures in the diet ads

does the bikini model even look
like the lady in the muumuu?

I'm not convinced it always
is. But check this out.

When I overlay the photos,
the forehead is larger.

In one, the jawline is square.
In the other, it's oval.

I don't understand how a mother
wouldn't know her own child.

Yeah, but Mrs. Hallander didn't
recognize this girl until sister Erica

saw that tattoo
on her wrist.

Munch, zoom in on the ink.
Put them up side by side.

Looks the same to me.

Except they're
mirror images.

On this one, the stem
curves to the right.

On this one,
it curves to the left.

The girl is a con artist.

Then why would she
try to kill herself?

Maybe she knew
the game was up.

Who's going to break
it to the Hallanders

that their real daughter
is still missing?

Let me talk
to Heather first.

Liv, she's not Heather.

Hi, Olivia. My dad thinks
I should go to college,

so he dropped off these study
guides to get me started.

That's nice.

Is that my clarinet?

It is. I thought you could
play something for me.

I don't think
I'd remember how.

You were first chair.

Why don't you try putting it
together and see what comes back?

I don't really
feel like it right now.

You must have gotten that
tattoo when you were young.

What's the story?

There's no story.
I just got it.


A tattoo parlor.

No, you didn't.

The boy Nikki was dating
bought a kit on eBay.

They convinced Heather to
let him give her a tattoo.

The Hallanders
were furious.

Nikki never saw
the boy again.

Heather was grounded
for a month.

I'm Heather, I'm Heather.

When Heather went missing,

the lab took DNA
from her toothbrush.

We're going to run the DNA
from your rape kit.

In a few days, when
the results come back,

we're going to
compare the two.

I'm so sorry.

Who are you?


Was any part of
your story true?

The basement?
The rape?

It doesn't matter. Can
you please just forget it?

No, I can't do that.
Tell me.

Do you even know
the real Heather?

No. No, I don't. I just saw her on
the Internet, and we had the same hair.

Why would you do this?

Because I needed a family,
and they needed a daughter.

I didn't hurt anybody.

Do you have any idea what
you've done to these people?


That rancid bitch.

I knew it.

You knew
it wasn't Heather?

Not for sure. But I
knew she came back wrong.

There was
a connection missing.

I thought it was my fault.
I thought I was a bad mother.

Who is she really?
What's her name?

We don't know and
she's not talking.

Her prints aren't
in the system.

She didn't act
like Heather at all.

But we just assumed it was
because of what she'd been through.

She knew so many details.

Well, some she got
from the Internet,

others from Heather's room
after she got here.

From scrapbooks, albums...

And our Heather?
Where is she?

I'm sorry, but there's
no new information.

That piece of garbage knows where
she is. I don't care what you say.

She knew way too much.
She must have met Heather.

We don't think so.

So who's paying for the comfy
hospital room she's sitting in?

Not our insurance.
She isn't even a relative.

There has to be a law against
what she's done, right?

There is, but we believe she's an EDP.

What's that?

An Emotionally
Disturbed Person.

I don't care if
she's the Queen of Sheba.

We want her arrested. Now.

ending 26041.

"The People v. Jane Doe.

"One count Identity Theft,
one count Fraud. "

How does your client plead?

Not guilty,
Your Honor.

Please. Please don't
do this to me.

Counselor, control your client.
As to the matter of bail?

People request $20,000.

Why not a billion? My client
is indigent, Your Honor.

She has no family,
no friends.

No name. Perhaps if the
defendant provided us with one,

the People would consider
her less of a flight risk.

Young lady, this nice prosecutor
is opening a door for you.

Would you care to tell
the court your name?

You realize that does make
it harder to trust you.

Your Honor, my client is currently
under a 72-hour psych hold.

She's not going anywhere.

Then let's make sure she
doesn't. Bail is set at $20,000.

The defendant is
ordered to complete

her psychiatric observation
at the Bellevue Prison Ward,

and then be transferred
to The Tombs for processing.

The Tombs?

Court Officer,
escort the defendant.

I don't understand. How am I
supposed to get money for bail?

Next case.

She knows where my sister, Heather,
is. You have to make her tell us.

You need to talk to the
prosecutor. No, please.

Just put her under oath
right now and make her tell.

she doesn't know anything.

If you can't control yourself in
my courtroom, I'll have you removed.

Please don't let her leave
this room without telling us!

we'll talk after court.

No, ask her!

Court Officers,
remove this woman.

Why are you doing this to us?
We took you into our home.

We trusted you.
Where is Heather?

What has happened to her?
You have to tell us!

I know she knows.

Show her what you found.

Okay. This girl needed
to assume a new identity.

First, she logs on
to the American Center

for Lost and
Exploited Children website.

She enters female, New York,
and missing within four years.

There's so many.

She cursors down
until she finds one

she could feasibly
pass herself off as.


She googles her

and finds your website.

You've been blogging
about her for years.

Friends have logged on
and shared stories about her.

She prints a close-up of her
tattoo and gets the same one.

She got all the information
she needed from me. Not Heather.

Can you describe him?

Perfect. I'd like you to fax
over his credit card information.

Erica, I want you to know that
we're taking over your sister's case

and we'll be doing
everything we can to find her.

Thank you.


We called every
tattoo parlor in the city.

She got a four-leaf
clover at Tito's Tats.

but what are you doing?

She already admitted
that she made everything up.

I know this girl
was abused.

The man with her
paid with a credit card.

His name is Carl Vasko.

He matches
the priest's description

of the man that was
with her in church.

So if he's her abuser, why
would he buy her a tattoo

so she can pose
as someone else?

I don't know.
Let's go ask him.

Whatever you're selling,
I'm not interested.

We're not selling.
We're collecting. You.

Carl Vasko, we have a
warrant for your arrest.

What the hell for?

Well, like you don't know.

Remember her?

We got a runner!

Vasko, stop!

We got a dropper.

You're under arrest.

You have the right
to remain silent.



What are you doing?

I thought I saw
Vasko go this way.

He tried to evade arrest.

Anything we find during the
commission of a crime is fair game.

It's the steel door
she described.

The wall's got to be
18 inches thick.

She could have been trapped
down here her whole life.

No one would have
ever heard her scream.

What? Are you waiting for an invitation?

Just thought we'd give Vasko
a taste of his own medicine.

I think he's familiar with the
tactics of breaking someone.

All you're giving him
is time to lawyer up.

And buying ourselves some.
You got something?

It's too soon
for DNA results,

so I ran
an Individual Specific

Auto-antibodies test
on Mr. Vasko.

It's not admissible
in court yet,

but it only takes
two hours.

Well, how did we get a court
order for his DNA already?

We didn't need one. Vasko
ran, Fin clothes-lined him,

bloodied up his nose
on Fin's sleeve.

And Fin was kind enough
to pass it along to me.

He's a match for the semen
on your girl's dress.

That's all we need.
Hold on.

I'm not finished.
I did get the DNA results

from your Jane Doe's
rape kit.

She's not Heather.

We figured that
one out ourselves.

Did you know her name
was Kristen Vucelik?

What? She's in the system?

No, in CODIS. She was
abducted in Ohio six years ago.

Her mother, Marcie, was certain
it was a parental kidnapping.

By her ex-husband,
Carl Vucelik.

AKA Carl Vasko.
He changed his last name.

And then held his own
daughter in a dungeon

to rape her for
six long years.

I'm a good man.

I mean, I pay my taxes, I go
to church, I do volunteer work.

I mean, I'm a pillar of the
community. Just ask anyone.

How about your ex-wife,

Marcie's a shrieking,
man-hating, ball-busting bitch.

I know that type.

Then why did
the court award her

sole custody of Kristen
after the divorce?

Because she filled that sweet little
girl's head with lies about me.

Yeah. And I'm sure
they're completely baseless.

Look, are you
going to let him talk,

or are you going to keep up
with the smart-ass remarks?

Screw you.

Let the man
tell his story!

Look, she was raising Kristen
to be a shrew, just like her.

I couldn't let that happen.

You knew Kristen would be
better off with you.


I saw the lovely
little rumpus room

you made for her
in your basement.

I couldn't let her whore
of a mother take her back.

I had to hide her.

Yeah, for six years. How long
until you started raping her?

Kristen's a good girl now.

She would never say
a word against me.

You really think you have
complete control, don't you?

That's why you didn't run
away after she escaped.

There was nothing
to escape from.

Kristen was free to leave
at any time, but she didn't.

he is right. I mean,

for the last month,
she did have full access

to the house
and the computer.

That's amazing to me.

There's always that little
piece of their mother

that's left in them.

How did she manipulate you
into getting her that tattoo?

No, that was my idea.

She showed me a picture.
I wanted her to have it.

For good luck.
Well, it worked.

She needed it to pass
herself off as another person.

She ran away to
another family.

Complete strangers
are better than you,

you disgusting
piece of filth.

Where's Kristen?
I'd like to see her.

And I would like to see you
castrated with a rusty steak knife.

Neither are going to happen,
but we can both dream.

You know something? I
think you need a sick day.

You're obviously
on the rag.

Touch me again, and I will
sue you for sexual harassment.

That was a little
too convincing.

It was brilliant.

Elliot's going to sucker a full
confession out of that idiot.

While you do what?

Kristen's 72-hour
psych hold is up.

I've got to get the
Hallanders to drop the charges

before she's transferred
to The Tombs.

Liv. I checked. Kristen's
already on her way there.

Well, I've got
to get her out.

Munch and Fin went to
talk to the Hallanders.

Where's Greylek?

She's tracking down Judge
Andrews at a black-tie event.

You didn't see that basement. I cannot
let this girl sit in a cell all night.

It may take
a couple of hours,

but I'm going to
get you out of here.

I always knew
I'd die in a cell.

Kristen, I know it
doesn't feel like it,

but this nightmare is over.

Your father's going
to prison, not you.

It doesn't matter.

It's not like there's good
anywhere in the world.

Oh, Kristen,
that's not true.

Is that why you
cut your wrists?

All those years in the
basement, all I dreamed about

was getting out and being
part of a real family.

How perfect life would be.

It's never perfect.

But it will get better.

Nikki kept hinting
that she knew

that I wasn't
the real Heather.

And I was afraid that if they
found out, they'd kill me.

I'd escape a rapist
just to be murdered?

But that didn't happen.
You did escape.


I gained his trust.

He started letting me out
into the house last summer

and when I didn't
try and run,

he started giving
me more freedom.

So why didn't
you escape then?

Because he said that if I
tried anything, he'd kill me.

It took me forever to
work up the courage.

And I finally did.

Why didn't you turn him in?

'Cause the Hallanders already
thought that I was their daughter.

If I told, everyone would
know that I didn't belong.

Plus, he's my father.

Kristen, why didn't you go
back to your mother in Ohio?

My mom died
three years ago.

Is that what he told you?

He showed me the
announcement in the paper.

Kristen, that was fake.

Your mother's alive.

And she hasn't stopped looking
for you all these years.

Kristen? Kristen!


Good news. The slave
master is now the prisoner.

Carl Vucelik was
denied bail at arraignment.

He's sitting in a cozy little cell
at Rikers. I hear you two bonded.

Oh, yeah. We're going to stay pen pals.

Kristen and her mom are
going back to Ohio today.

I'm gonna let them
know that they don't

have to worry
about Carl anymore.

Marcie, it's
Detective Benson calling.

When is she due back?

I will check right now.

Something happen
to Kristen?

She told her mother
that she needed

to talk to somebody
before she left.

The Hallanders are
the only people she knows.

Her flight leaves in an hour.
She never came back.

No. She didn't come here.

Well, has Kristen tried
to contact you at all?

No. I haven't seen her
since that day in court.

Anthony, go in the
other room and watch TV.

Okay, Mommy.

Mom, what are you
talking about?

We were across
the street in the park.

I saw Kristen
leave here with Nikki.

No. Nikki was in her room.

She couldn't have heard
anything that Kristen said to us.

You said that she
hadn't been here.

Why are you lying to us?

Mrs. Hallander. What did
Kristen tell you about Nikki?

For God's sake, Mom, you've
made excuses for Nikki

her entire life.

What has she done now?

Kristen came here

to tell me that Nikki had
said some bad things to her.

What? What did she say?

What did she say?

She... Nikki said that

she knew that she
wasn't her sister.

And that she
had better leave

before the same things
happened to her

that happened to
the real Heather.

Oh, my God.
Nikki killed Heather?

Oh, Erica.
I am so sorry.

You knew?
You knew the whole time?

No! No, not until much later.

But, sweetheart,
what was I supposed to do?

Oh, my God.

Heather was gone. I
couldn't lose two daughters.

If she does one thing
to harm Kristen,

you're going away as an
accessory to that murder, too.

Where did she take her?

I don't know.

Do you know where
Nikki killed Heather?

Please don't make me
do this. I believe you!

No, you have to climb
all the way to the top,

so you can see what
happened to the real Heather.

Don't do it, Kristen.

What are you doing here?

Kristen, come down
off the ladder.

I was just showing her
the view. Tell them.

No! She told me
that I had to come!

I didn't have a choice!
She's lying!

Nikki, let her go. Don't
make this any worse.

I didn't do anything! She
came here of her own free will.

Just like Heather did.
Stay back.

You made Heather
climb that ladder.

You pushed her
into the stack.

No. It was an accident.

Stop it!
We know the truth.

She caught me doing drugs. She
was going to tell Mom and Dad!

Kristen, come down.

Nikki, I need you to
come down from there.

Listen to me. You don't
want to hurt yourself.

I didn't even know I was
doing it! I didn't mean it!

No, Nikki! Don't!

What do you care?

You've always hated me.
The whole family has.

That's not true.
Nikki, please.

I don't want to
lose you, too.

Come on down.

The police gave up looking
for Heather a long time ago.

Why did you pick us?

Come on.