Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Sophomore Jinx - full transcript

Benson and Stabler investigate a female student's murder at a local college. When they develop a suspect on the basketball team, they experience resistance from the college, which is trying to preserve its reputation and its chance at an upcoming championship.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually-based offenses
are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who investigate
these vicious felonies are members

of an elite squad known
as The Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Give me a break.

What is that?
Like "no means no," or something?

Yes, that's exactly what it is.

Come on. / Come on,
I did your calculus homework for you.


Adam, seriously, no!

Oh, my God!

What? Get...




Hi, Daddy.

Where you been?


Out? Where?

What have you been doing?

Nothing. / "Nothing"
at 2:30 in the morning?


- It's not that big a deal.
- Breathe on me.

What? / Breathe on me.

Who you out with?


"Out," "nothing," "nobody."
Those are your answers to me?

Fine, you're busted.

You're grounded.
Go to your room.

Wait, for how long?

Till I got some answers or you
turn 18, whichever comes first.

Can't we talk about this? / No.

They've called me in.

What do you think I'm doing
up at 2:30 in the morning?

Talk about typical.

Go to your room, now.

This isn't fair. / Hey.

I got news for you.
Life isn't fair, honey.

Detectives Benson and Stabler,
Sex Crimes. What happened?

A young couple
found the girl's body

about 1:50 a.m.,
D.O.A. Over here.

They called Campus Police,
who called us.

Lieutenant said it
should go to you guys.

No underwear.

Bad blow to the head.

See that?

Looks like cement
fragments around the wound.

Yep. / Okay.

What do you think? We're
looking for a rock, a brick, maybe?

Who's going to look for that?

Me...? / Yes, start
the search here,

then spread out.

Call Campus Security and have
them halt all garbage pickup.

You want us to
go through the trash?

Yeah, you personally.

Why is she all wet?

I figure it had to be the
automatic sprinkler system.

Forensics is going to love that.

Tell me about it.
Who found her?

- These students.
- Get anything off them?


- You hear anything?
- No, it was pretty late.

What were you doing out here?

Trying to get some privacy.

Hey, Elliot.

Her name was Jeanne Gallagher.

Says she's a sophomore.

"Boman," "Bowman"?

Where's Bowman Hall?

She was almost home.






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Law & Order SVU
1x06 Sophomore Jinx


I don't know, guys.
We could be looking at two attackers.

But look at the way
the legs are spread.

That kind of disrespectful staging
reads like a single doer to me.

"Disrespectful staging"? It's rape.

Somebody bashed
her head in with a rock.

That's the cause of death?


We're looking for the weapon.
Everything's "preliminary."

The only thing that's not
preliminary is that the girl was drunk.

Alcohol level was .27.

Triple the limit.

There was a time I yearned for
a girl who could drink like that.

Where'd they get the booze?

At a party for the
St. Raymond's basketball team.

Must have been one hell of a party.

They have a lot to celebrate.

The Rays are one of the great
comeback stories in college basketball.

From joke of the division
to the Sweet 16 inside two years.

Everyone knows
they bought their way up.

Hey, hey, hey.
Come on. Watch it.

That's my school
you're talking about.

How can you be so cynical? You
can't buy your way into college hoops.

They spend money like the Sultan
of Brunei at a hooker's convention.

- Yeah, but they don't get paid.
- No, that's right...

they just get cars and free
trips and tickets they can sell

to alumni associations for
10 times what any scalper would get.

Fine. So they don't get paid.

What? What's this?


You guys got this worked out?

Talk to the university.
See how she spends her evenings.

- Ready to go? / - Yeah.
- Jeffries, you're in court?

- Yeah, the severed head guy.
- Oh yeah, him.

Well, stick it to him.

St. Raymond's University
501 Convent Street
Thursday, October 14

Jeanne Gallagher was
a very promising student.

Her death was

a terrible blow
to the entire university.

We're holding a campuswide
mass in celebration of her life.

- That's very thoughtful.
- We shall miss her.

How well did you know her,
Father McCourt?

As an administrator,
I never actually met her.

But she was wellloved by many.

It's great that you loved her, but we
need to talk to people that knew her.

The university will be mounting its
own investigation into the tragedy and

a full report shall be sent
to you as soon as it's available.

Well, I'm sure that
will be very effective, Father.

We know the victim
was extremely drunk.

Alcohol counseling seminars
will be part of my recommendation.

That's not the point.
Who was there?

You should talk to
the Hostess Committee.

They planned it.

"Hostess Committee"?

It's a sort of women's auxiliary
to help support the basketball team.

Very motivated campus women
pitch in when necessary.

The Hostesses have been
a St. Raymond's institution for 50 years.

They provide tutoring,
logistical support,

even ironing players'
shirts if needed.

Or throwing one hell
of a party for the team.

They work hard.

They need relaxation, too.

What was Jeanne Gallagher's role?

She was one of our star hostesses.

That's what Father McCourt said, too.

Who was at this party?


prospective players,
coaches, hostesses,

and important alumni.

Did you see Jeanne that night?

Of course.

She came early and helped set up.

Did you notice what time she left?

I left before the party was over.

Perhaps her roommate, Shelley
Brown, might know more than I.

Make yourself at home.

- Riley, these are Detectives...
- Munch and Cassidy.

Were you at the party last night?

Sure, of course.


You weren't drinking, were you?

What do you care?

You got kind of
a reputation there, Riley.

You're as well known for slamming
back brews as for slamming down hoops.

So? It's offseason.
It doesn't affect me on the court.

And the drug test doesn't test
for beer consumption, does it, Couger?

You don't know anything about me.

I know you're an elbow thrower
in the Bill Laimbeer mode,

but you don't have
his postup moves.

Look at St. Raymond's record
before taking potshots at me, okay?

- You see Jeanne last night?
- Yeah, she was at the party.

What time did she leave?

I don't know.
Me and some friends split early.

"Some friends and I."


We went to this alumni dude's house.
He introduced us to the mayor.

We'll be sure and ask about that,

and alumni is plural, college man.

Anyone have a grudge with Jeanne?

Maybe. Chuck
Mosley was yelling at her.

You're talking about a teammate.

We're not asking you.

What were they arguing about?

I didn't hear, exactly,
but ask anyone.

She was crying.
He was all yelling.

You know the way
those people get.

The way what people get?

You know...
street players.

"Don' choo mess wit' my homies,"
and all that gangster rap crap.

Thinking they can get away
with anything 'cause they're so bad.

As opposed to suburban white boys,
who think they can get away with anything

because of their daddies' money?


Know where
we can find Chuck Mosley?

He's got a regular run at 5th
Avenue and 100something Street.

You just look for
dealers and graffiti.

He'll be there.

Yo, Mosley!

Chuck Mosley!

That'll get their attention.

Check it out, man.
It's the "Blues Brothers."

Actually, I'm Detective Munch
and this is Detective Cassidy.

You need to talk to them.
They got next.

We're not here to play, handsome.

No? / No.

Then, do you mind?
You're on the court.

Chuck... may I call you Chuck?

We'd like to ask you
a few questions.

Call my agent, man. I'm working.

Whoa, yo, hotshot.

We're here to talk about
the murder of Jeanne Callagher.

So when a white woman's killed,
you round up black men first,

or do you ask a few white people some
questions to keep up appearances?

What did you just say to me?

Hey, Chuck, come here.

I know you got to trifle with us

in front of your people
to save face, Chuck.

So I'm going to give you a choice.

Ride with us now or

get cuffed to that chainlink fence and
wait for a wagon to come and get you.

All right, wait.

Jeanne and I were friends.
We went to the party together.

What time?

After practice. 8:00, 9:00.

Why were you arguing?

She was on a tear.

Jeanne's a sweet girl, usually,

but when she starts drinking

she starts getting in trouble.

That's not an argument,
that's an opinion.

An argument is when two
people yell at each other.

I wanted to leave
and her to come with me.

- For her own good.
- Did she?


I gave her what for and I cut out.

What time, Chuck?

1:00, 1:30. "Conan O'Brien"
was on when I got home.

My mom was up waiting for me.

Your mom's your alibi?

That's beautiful.

What's your mom's number?

My aunt's sick in Louisiana,
she went there to visit.

Which hospital, Chuck?

I don't know.

When's she coming back?

- I don't know.
- Wrong answer.

She's on a bus.

Mosley's on ice till his alibi sticks.

Couger is a bigger punk
off the court than he is on.

Unfortunately, he has an alibi.

He was on his way to
a second party with the mayor.

The mayor? / Yeah.

I spoke to "His Honor" this morning.

He answered his own phone.

Well, that's reassuring.

Woke him up, as a matter of fact.

What did you get from Mosley?

Mosley wasn't giving
up anything either,

but he did admit to
an argument with the vic.


He was watching latenight
television with his mother.

She is conveniently on
a bus trip to Louisiana.

You get the sense the great
St. Raymond University machine

is throwing itself in
front of this investigation?

Why? Jeanne
Gallagher's a student there.

- Money.
- And they got a winning franchise.

Our main suspects
are basketball players.

We put away one
or two star players...

- They're out $40 million.
- $40 million?

I keep getting fundraising
letters saying they're broke.

Well, $8 million in television fees alone.

Then more money
from alumni contributions

then tickets and merchandising...

Hats, Tshirts...

Plastic pen holders, plastic saints.

Remember when it was
"Georgetown" this, "Hoyas" that?

Now it's the U. Conn. Huskies.

I'll tell you this...

St. Raymond's would
love a piece of that.

You may want to remind them that whatever
privileges they may extend to players,

we make arrests without first considering
a suspect's free throw percentages.

Noted, jefe.

We're gonna do a "pickandroll"
with the administration today.

Going to talk to the roommate
who presumably doesn't have

a percentage in
St. Raymond's television rights.

Dorm Room Of Shelley Brown
Agatha House
St.Raymond's University
Friday, October 15

What else do you get?

Tickets, cars, trips to
outoftown games, you name it.

Awful lot of perks
for just cheerleading.

I can see you've been
getting the party line.

You think I would have
quit if that's all it was?

What do they expect from you?

Competition to recruit top players
from high schools is fierce.

NCAA's been cracking down on some
of the more obvious money incentives.

Tickets, cars, the like.
And the hostesses offer...?


The university never explicitly demands
that you show players a good time...

But if you don't,
you don't get the goodies.


I quit.

Jeanne needed the money
and the scholarship.

What else can you
tell us about Jeanne?

We were close.

She stuck by me even
though I quit the hostess crap.

She let me go on
living here with her.

Did she have a boyfriend?


It's not really allowed.

One of the unwritten rules...

"Hostesses must
always be available."


what was her state
of mind, last week or so?


Was Jeanne always
a heavy drinker?

No, that's what's so weird.

She... at one point
she never drank. But then...

When did she start drinking?

Right after the game where
we got into the Sweet 16.

There were like,
three days of celebrations.

After that, she kind of lost her spark.

That's when she started drinking.

What happened to her?

I don't know.

I just know that's
when she changed.

Her parents might know.

She moved in with them
for a couple of weeks after that.

Jeanne's roommate
said she changed

sometime around the
end of the basketball season.

Shelley said she'd gone from being
carefree into a kind of depression.

Drinking a lot.

Do you know why she changed?


Mrs. Gallagher...

we need to know.

Our girl was raped.

That's what happened to her.

Doctorpatient confidentiality
is the cornerstone of my practice.

The students need to
know they can trust me.

Doctor, I hear what you're saying.

But this is a rapehomicide investigation.

Doctor, telling us
about your conversations

with Jeanne is the best thing
you can do for her right now.

I don't know who raped Jeanne.

She never told me.

Did she know her
attacker or was it a stranger?

She said it was a basketball player.

She didn't tell me which one.

Did she give any specifics?

No, she never
identified him by name.

Did she say if he
was black or white?

I don't know.

She was consciously vague.
I didn't like to push her.

Dr. Coodall, he raped her.

He committed a felony.
The man should be in jail.

Look, three weeks after the rape,

Jeanne didn't have her period.

Here's a girl who's happy as a lark,

all of a sudden
she's facing an abortion,

her parents are in screaming denial,

she has nightmares,
starts drinking heavily.

I had my hands full, Detective.

Hey, I'm at 11 in a row here.

Bill Bradley used to do that.

Yeah, I read the McPhee
book when I was a kid.

I thought, "As hard as he trained,
I'm gonna train harder.

Boy, that's just great, Chuck.

We're actually more interested
in hearing about Jeanne Gallagher.

I told you already.
We had words.

She was raped by a basketball player
two months ago after a postseason party.

I'm not surprised.
That was one hell of an ugly party,

but let me tell you,

it was before we knew
each other. / Really?

Are you sure that's not what you
were arguing about the other night?

- Yes, I'm sure.
- You're sure it wasn't,

"Yo, bitch, drop a dime on me
and I'm gonna kill you, yo"?

Where does he get this stuff?

He's got a fertile imagination.

You and Jeanne
studied French literature?

Yeah, why?

I mean, "Communications,"

"Basics of Broadcasting," but



I know that...

"First Blood" speaks to the existential
angst of being jerked around...

by forces beyond your control.

What did he say?

What a wonderful job he
thinks the police are doing.

He's not our doer.

Office Of Professor James Rousseau
St.Raymond's University
Friday, October 15

In three years, Chuck Mosley's
going to have a shoe named after him.

The highest form of
praise in American society.

Well, what about his work in class?

The last two books
I needed for this class,

Mosley had
already checked them out.

All the more exemplary
in comparison to your typical player

who expects to
be handed his C.P.A.

On the same platter as the
fancy car and milliondollar deal.

What kind of relationship
did Jeanne have with Mosley?

I don't know that
he had one of any kind.

Any other basketball players in your
class who weren't quite so "exemplary"?

You mean someone
white, smug, stupid...

drunk half the time?

A selfish player on
and off the court?

Someone like Riley
Couger, you mean?

Riley, you got away
with one before.

Want to give us your side?

If I knew what you
were talking about, I might.

Yeah? How about the
rape of Jeanne Gallagher?

I did not rape Jeanne Gallagher.

All right. Why don't we
talk about Wednesday night?

Remember that far back?


But that thing that happened to her,

that was terrible,
but I had nothing to do with it.

A "thing" didn't "happen" to her, Riley.

Someone dragged her
into the bushes, raped her

and bashed her head in with a rock.
Those are actions.

You're coming to me 'cause you
think I raped Jeanne spring quarter?

You bet we do.

I've got an alibi.


The campus police picked me
up at a party that night, drunk.

Took me to their offices
and I slept there all night.

More bad news out of St. Ray's.

Let's hear.

Riley Couger supposedly raped
Jeanne Gallagher two months ago.

It was never reported but
everyone seems to know about it.

So use the rape suspicions
to pin the murder on Couger.

Yeah, except he says he was in the custody
of campus police the night in question.

St. Ray's security obstructed
a rape investigation?

He offered up the alibi
before we even asked him.

When I was at St. Ray's, they
wore satin shorts and canvas sneaks.

The word "dunk" hadn't been invented.

Even if it had, wasn't one player on the team
that could've touched the rim without a stepladder.

Times have changed, jefe.

Not that much.

When the Dean of Science
bought a brand new Mustang...

the hottest car in the
world in the fall of '64...

some fool got smashed and decided

he just had to take it for a spin.

The dean's new car?

Lost control on an icy road,
hit another car,

totaled both vehicles and
broke the other driver's leg.

You've got a DUI,
reckless endangerment and...?

And the campus police decided that
the kid driving deserved another chance.

"Youthful indiscretions," they said.

And that fool was you?

I was the schmoe
with the broken leg.

The driver was a jerk
named Anthony Schlosser.

He's a lackey now in the mayor's office
and I would still like to wring his neck,

plus take a shot
at campus security.

Office Of Campus Safety And Security
St.Raymond's University
Friday, October 15

Riley Couger said he was here
the night Jeanne Gallagher was raped.

Yeah, it's right there. / Yeah.

The one in different colored
ink and different handwriting.

Where'd you get the blue star?


I headed a charity
to build a decent gym.

They cut the ribbon
my 19th year on the beat.

You don't really want to throw all that in the
garbage with an accessory charge, do you?

That'd be a hell of a
way to ruin a good career.

Off the record?

You know better than that.

Couger said the girl was mad at him.

They broke up.

And what?

He told us she was
good at using the system.

You know...
"believe the victim," all that,

even though it was
your basic "he said, she said."

So you covered his ass?

A girl with a grudge
can destroy a man,

whether he did something or not.
I have seen it happen.

We are way past
"he said, she said," okay?

We are now looking at rapemurder.

He wasn't here.

It was a mistake.

I'm sorry.

You should be.


- I can eat a whole steak now.
- Good job, honey.

- You can eat a whole steak?
- I can eat a whole cow right now.

Hello, Daddy.

I didn't think you were here.

Obviously. What are you
doing out of your room?

Dad, I've been up there for days.

I can count.
You ready to talk?

There's nothing to talk about.

Fine. Back to your cell.

I really can't believe
you're doing this.

I can't believe you tried
to sneak out of the house

and then sneak back
in at 2:30 in the morning.

Think you're handling
this right? / Yeah,

I do. / Well, I don't.

Okay. What do you got?

Suppose my parents
had dealt with me like that?

We wouldn't have had Maureen.


Excuse me, I'm busy.

We wanted to know where
you were on the Gallagher girl.

- I'm getting to it.
- We got two suspects.

All we need is the DNA testing back.

Half my staff is out with the flu.
I missed ltzhak Perlman last night

to prep the semen sample personally,
but PCR takes at least a week.

So, the Gallagher girl...?

I took a gander in the
electron microscope.

Your doer's sperm
count is way, way low.

That's beautiful.
There's something.

How soon can we have that back?

Within an hour of getting your suspect's
semen sample for comparison.

Cetting that shouldn't be difficult from
a couple of horny college students.

- Thanks.
- Great. Thank you. See you.

What you're asking
my students to do

is considered a venal
sin in the eyes of the church.

Is confession still
Saturday at 5:00, Father?

I'm thinking they're
gonna be out in plenty of time.

I object to your flippancy, Captain.

The police department must set the highest
moral standards for our young people.

That would be great,
but what we have to do,

Reverend, is solve crimes.

They're in here.

Do as they ask.

All right. Let's get them going.

All right. When you've
produced the desired sample,

wipe any excess
spillage from the container...

I can't do this.

and seal the lid.

Did you have a fight with
your right hand? Sure you can.

Let's go.

If you want to refuse,
Brother Mosley,

I'll stand with you.

I can talk to you, right?

No B.S.? / I'm all ears.

Jeanne and I made love.

You were seen arguing with her.
What was that, foreplay?

We argued later... much later.

So when did you make love?

Early, before the party got started.

We were just hangin' out...

all of a sudden she kisses me.

And it's nice.

She takes me by the
hand and leads me...

So you're just giving me a headsup that
you're gonna I.D. Positive on this test?

See, that's just it...

I'm not.


We used a condom.

I hope Mr. Ward is not going
to be late for his own sentencing.

The defendant was
killed while in custody...

in the same manner as his victim.


this case is adjourned

because it is unnecessary.

Next case.


can I ask your advice
on a tough one?

- What, the campus murder?
- Yeah, well, same vic, different crime.

It was a date rape... some
arrogant jerk on the basketball team.

The problem is, the girl's dead,
and the rape was two months old,

so any physical
evidence is long gone.

That makes it tough. / Yeah.

Without any physical evidence,

is there any other way
to bring charges against him?

If anyone knows about it,

the grand jury'll give us
an 805 hearsay exception,

provided that the
person is credible enough.

A decorated excop...
is that "credible" enough for you?

Make him a reservation at Rikers.

Man, does this place
bring back memories.

Why? You didn't go here.

I didn't go anywhere,

but it reminds me how badly
I wanted to go to a fouryear school.

What are you talking about?
You went to Queens College.

I commuted.

New wife, new kid,

took classes at night,
but never lived in the dorm.

That's what I wanted to do.

I even knew where.

- Where?
- Are you ready for this?

yeah. / Everglades University.

Everglades? / Yeah.

"Playboy Magazine" rated universities
by their "sexual temperature"...

E.U. Always at the top of the list.

Beautiful. I can see you
had your priorities in order.


Who was in class the day
after Jeanne was murdered?

I don't take attendance.

Who are you looking for?

Can you take a guess?

If you name some names,
I can tell you if they were there.

Chuck Mosley.

He was there.

Chuck's not in trouble, is he?

Did you talk with him?

Now that you mention it,

he seemed distracted...

as if he had a lot on his mind.

It was a day of tragedy.

Most people looked pale, distracted...

but I don't remember him
making one comment that morning.

Was that odd for Chuck?

Very odd.

I just wrote it off as
a hangover at the time.

Is that helpful?

Very helpful, Professor.

Thank you.
We're gonna be in touch with you.

The first time we talked to the good
professor, Chuck was an angel.

Today he's a slacker
with a hangover.

He doesn't remember anybody who
was in class until we bring him up.

Suddenly he remembers
a lot of specifics.

What do you think
Rousseau's angle is?

I don't know, but he's definitely
covering up for something.

The guy keeps feeding
us what we want to hear.

Which version of Chuck do you
believe... star student or slacker?

Let's see what the
suspect's sperm count is...

I think we'll have a better idea.

It looks like we got two
healthy boys on our hands.

Uhhuh. Couger and Mosley's
"little swimmers" are shipshape.

No kidding. / Yeah...

remember when, John?

I could say the
same thing to you, babe.

So Couger and
Mosley are free to go?

Couger? We got no
real reason to hold him.

Right. But Mosley?

He wasn't straight from the beginning
about his relationship with Jeanne.

Until we can confirm his
alibi about where he was

from midnight till class the
next morning, I say we keep him.

His mother is on the way in.

Special Victims Unit
Interrogation Room
Tuesday, October 19

He was home by 1:00.

He had to be...
he had a class the next morning.

Does he have a curfew?

Yes, he does.

I have always insisted
that academics come first.

When his work is done,
and only when it's done,

can he participate
in extracurricular activities.

Do you consider bigtime college
basketball an "extracurricular activity"?

Are you serious?

My son has the potential to be
much more than a basketball player.

Your son is one of the best kids
in the paint in the country.

If he went pro,

he could make more money in one week
than everybody in this building combined.

Nothing we could do to Mosley could
compare to the wrath of this woman.

We got no sperm.

His alibi is good.

Let him go.

Agatha House
St.Raymond's University
Tunesday, October 19

Rousseau's class started out
at first as a seminar on French lit.

Great... "Les Mis" for all.

A few weeks in,
Rousseau's eyeing Jeanne.

"Eyeing" how?

Moony and sensitive.
But she wasn't into it.

- Did she tell him?
- What? "Don't look at me?"

I mean, he wasn't leering, he was just...

- there's no law against looking, is there?
- There is against stalking.

I know.

She told me that every time
she went into the library, he'd be there.

The bookstore... same thing.

He'd claim he was an
avid reader, am I right?


I mean, the guy's
a tenured professor.

They have to kill
somebody to lose their job.

These situations often come
down to the student's word

against that of
a wellliked professor.

Sir, Ms. Gallagher is not
speaking much these days.

I've had several
discussions with Henri,

and we've agreed that he
will modify his behavior accordingly.

- You see, in our world...
- In our world, Father,

"behavior modification"
means prison time.

For unwanted attention? Please.

Again, sir,

we call it "stalking."

Legally, "harassment two."

If we find priors, it goes up to
"menacing in the first degree."


Well, that's in the eye
of the beholder, isn't it?

No, Father.

It's in the eye of the District Attorney.

And then in 1976,

Rousseau was accused of "forcing
himself" on a Sarah Lawrence girl

during a bicentennial tequila bash.

She'd passed out and
then came to in his frat house

on the receiving end
of a forcible oral cop.


The girl was given
cab fare to Bronxville,

while Rousseau's fraternity
became known as "I Atea Pi."

That's when the good fathers at St Raymond's
took him on as a teaching assistant.

Since then, the guy's racked
up quite a string of "maybes."

It's like a timeline in the
history of sexcrime legislation.

What did they call it

before we invented the terms
"date rape" and "sexual harassment"?

"Boys will be boys"?

Any arrests in all of this?

Say the magic word, counselor.

I need physical
evidence on the murder.

We'll recanvass the crime scene.

Do that. Meanwhile,
search his home and office.

I think I'm falling in
love with you, Abby.


Wait a minute.


I don't know, whatever.


Is that your idea of an apology?

I'm not apologizing.

But I'm not gonna stand here and have
a cold war with someone that I love.

Daddy, I really didn't do anything.

I promise. / Okay,

I believe you. You're innocent,
but not about the lying part.

- I was just afraid.
- So am I.

Don't you understand?
You're innocent, but the world...

it's what I see day in and day out.

You want to sneak out at night
and have fun with your friends,

I end up picking up your body
parts in the middle of Jersey.


Come here.

Daddy, I'm sorry.

Me, too.


I love you.

I love you, too. / Yeah.

St.Julian's Square
St.Raymond's University
Wednesday, October 20

Just once, I'd like to see
people take a little breather

before they "let the healing begin."

"Enrolled in God's college, now
we love you, Jeanne"? Please.

Oh come on. It's a spontaneous
outpouring of emotion by the students.

All I'm saying is, if I die,
the spot where I go down...

make sure this never happens or I'm
gonna haunt you the rest of your days.


Okay, so where's
Rousseau's office?

That way,

but he'd walk by this way every
day to get to his lecture halls.


We had reddish fragments
in the wound, right?

Yeah, they never found the murder
weapon... the rock or brick or whatever.

Maybe it's the building.

The building?

Yeah... he pushes her around.

Victim or attacker? / Attacker.

So he bashes her
head into the wall like that?

No, no, no... you meant he hit her
over the head with the building.


Except the body was
found over there

and we got no drag marks
leading from that body.

Forensics went over that
area, but it's that... that's it.

Wait up, wait up, wait up.

These stairs. / Yeah.

What if...

what if he pushed her?

What if he pushes
her down the stairs?

This whole time we've been
assuming that the rock hit her.

Maybe she hit the rock.

Any notes he sent to Jeanne, or comments
he may have written on her papers

that weren't about structure or theme?

I handle the papers
and the grading.

Any conferences scheduled
for after office hours?

He keeps his own schedule.

Becky, listen to me,

we're not here to bust you
for padding his gradebook.

Rousseau had his favorites...
all teachers do.

But in this case, if you don't help us,

there's gonna be
another Jeanne Gallagher.

- That's his schedule.
- Yes, it is.


Political science at 10:20,
lunch at the Sprout Fact...

"165th to Reservoir"...?
What's that mean?

That's a jogging path.

He a jogger?

What's he doing in
a political science class?

It's not him... its her.

This is Jeanne's schedule.

His schedule was her schedule.
Where is he now?

He has class in
20 minutes in the quad.

- He prides himself on punctuality.
- I bet he does.

"Flowers of Evil"...

how appropriate.

Very good.

I'm in the middle of a lecture,

but perhaps we can exchange
Baudelaire bon mots after class.

Why don't you let 'er rip now?

Class is dismissed.

Henri Rousseau,

you are under arrest for the rape
and murder of Jeanne Gallagher.

Could you roll up
your sleeve, please?

I'm sorry... what?

Could you roll up
you sleeve, please?

It's kind of like a bad
French film noir, isn't it...

all these cops around
in a circle, some silent,

some leaning in with cynical quips?

Sort of.

So is what you did
to Jeanne Gallagher...

raping her, throwing her down
the steps to shut her up?

That's not it.

Well, then, enlighten us, please.

I didn't rape her.

You raped her,
then you pushed her,

her head hit the stone steps.

Your semen sample's back
at the lab awaiting your blood,

and when they match, you're
gonna stand trial for rapehomicide.

Come on, miss,
you're badgering my client.

It's Detective, not "miss,"

and we're not in court, counselor...

we're in my house. Why don't you save your
lawyering for somebody who gives a damn?

I didn't kill her.

You panicked. You thought if you could
just drag her body into the bushes,

no one would notice for a while.

It'll give you time to clean up.

No. / No?

Maybe you figured it'd look like a
stranger dragged her into the bushes?


I didn't.

She was already dead.

What do you mean?

I mean, she fell.

I was watching them.


The two of them... Mosley...

they were like animals,

like weasels.

Then he left her.

I waited some more...

Iooked through the window
while she partied.

Finally, she came out.

The top step... she...

lost her footing,


the way she always laughed.

Then she fell off her shoe

and down she went.

I went to her...


Did you feel for a pulse?

Or something else?

I could tell she was dead...

so I ...

carried her into the garden.



So I could make love to her.

Excuse us.


I'll be leaving now.

May God have mercy
on your soul, my son.


you should also realize that you're
responsible for your own legal fees.

I make my confession to God.

Make your peace with Him, then.

If you drop the homicide,

I'll ask Dr. Rousseau to plead
to sex with a deceased person.

Absent a witness?

Who saw him push her?

Do we have a deal?


ClassA misdemeanor...
one year, probably suspended,

with a recommendation for counseling.

Before your lawyer bails on you,

you should ask him what three...

not one... classA felonies amount to.

Three? / We've also
got you on obstruction

and disturbing a crime scene...

these carry one year each,
and you will... believe me...

serve them consecutively.

Charles, it's "Mutt and Jeff."

Which one's "Mutt"?

Did you come to help us pack?

If you like.
I've moved dozens of times...

divorce, creditors, rent hikes...
I know what it's like.

And what are you laughing at?

Nothing, ma'am.

We don't bounce balls in the house.

Hey, how's it going?

Other than that Nuggets
scout not returning my call,

and the Mike Lupicawannabe in the
news calling me "Problem Child 4,"

- everything's great.
- There's always the Knicks.

Yeah. What the hell?

Watch your mouth.

So? I heard you're going to Tulane.

Where'd you hear that?

That's what I do, Mosley,
I ferret out information.

Plus, I'm a fan.

Of Tulane?

Yeah, last year's sleeper
in a round of sleepers.

They're good on the break,
they need help on the wing.

But I'm talking about you.
I'm a fan of yours.

Well, in another year, you can ...

cheer for me again.

You know, you handled yourself like
a real man throughout all of this.

For whatever embarrassment
or discomfort it's caused you...

you know, having to wear the
red jersey and move out of town...

I apologize on behalf of my people.

You're a weird cat, Munch,

but you're cool.


Oh, yeah... Riley Couger?


Gets away with rape and
I lose a year of eligibility.

He doesn't get away with anything.

The grand jury's
got enough to indict him.

Believe me, what goes
around comes around.

No, it doesn't.



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