Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - Entitled - full transcript

After a salesman is murdered, the detectives turn their attention to Stephanie Mulroney, the youngest daughter of a well-known family with some deep connections. But as they join forces ...

In the criminal justice system,

sexually-based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who investigate
these vicious felonies are members

of an elite squad known
as The Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Hey, I got a great deal
on a George Foreman grill...

eBay, one click... presto!

Presto what? Sloppy seconds
on a retread barbecue?

No, no, no way.
This is good stuff, original.

Then it's "hot."

Rise and shine, love birds.

Blaupunkt radio, log onto eBay,

it's yours for a song.

Nah, they didn't take the radio,
they took his head off.

And they took his pants too.

I hear you found spent rounds?

- A.44 chewed up the gearshift box.
- Only one?

So far. We did find beaucoup
fingerprints, though.

Pack of mints
under the emergency brake.

He won't be using those anymore.

"4:00. Love-30."
What's that, a meat market?

A gym. East Side.
More squash than treadmill.

A couple of neighbors
think they heard shots.

- What did you hear?
- A high-pitched pop.

- Hollow sounding.
- Loud, though, huh?

It woke up the baby.

I looked out the window,
but I didn't see anything.

- What time was that?
- 2:00, 2:30.

I wouldn't have heard anything
except I had the window open...

- In this weather?
- Our radiator is broken.

- It's going full blast.
- May I give my statement, please?

By all means.

Sorry, it's just that the market
opened 20 minutes ago.

- Please.
- I heard more of a boom.

- A boom.
- Yes, not a pop, a boom.

Why didn't you call the police?

Gunshots, car alarms,
helicopters, sirens.

I'd be on the phone half my life.

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Law & Order SVU
1x15 Entitled (1)


The body was found
this morning in a parked car,

shot once through the back of the head.

Victim's name was Dean Woodruff,
35 years old.

He's a salesman for fitness
equipment on lower Broadway.

Divorced once, has
an ex-wife, two kids Upstate.

- Girlfriend, boyfriend?
- We're looking.

His parents live
in a small town near Saratoga.

- Any witnesses?
- A few people heard a shot,

but no eyewitnesses.

They all agreed on the time,
between 2:00 and 2:30.

- Victim in his own car, or...
- Mm-hmm.

His sales region covers
Upstate and Jersey.

CSU recovered one.44 slug
from the gearbox.

A.44, shooter was either
a wacko or insecure.

- Insecure?
- Yeah, it's overkill, and messy.

An amateur.

You're a pro, you do two quick ones,
close in, with a.22.

Nice and neat, and you don't
wake up the neighbor's baby.

The crime scene is a big grope spot.

Romantic, teenagers,
honeymooners, co-workers.

So where's this guy's love interest?

- We're running down the prints.
- Maybe he was alone.

Maybe his pants came off
from the force of the shot.

All I'm saying is he could have
been having safe sex with himself...

safe until he got shot, anyway.

I just started to pick through
the hair and the glass fragments,

but I assume COD was a gunshot
wound to the back of the head.

- Yeah, what's left of it.
- How about this, bruises or lividity?

I'd say it's just pooling.

- Consistent with a 2:30 TOD?
- Uh-huh.

- How about under the fingernails?
- Dirt.

You know, his... drawers were down?

There's semen,
but don't get too excited.

It could be an erotic release,
or part the body's natural death reflex.

Office Of Dean Woodruff
787 Broadway
Monday, October 4

You know, it's never too late to fulfill
that New Year's resolution.

Welcome to Olympus.

I already work out.
I just use different muscles.

Detectives Jeffries and Munch.

- You're here about Dean.
- Yes.

Dean was more faithful than my wife.

When he was in the city,

he came in early every day...

He took short lunches.
Didn't leave until 8:00.

Wow, work macht frei.

What about
when he was on the road?

Checked in often.
More than made his quota.

- He was a good friend.
- Well liked?

Once he'd made a deal
at a club or a gym,

people would only want to deal with him.

He had the largest private
client base of anyone.

We need a copy of that list.

Of course.

Excuse me.

This is upsetting.

It's unreal.

You never think something like this
will ever happen to someone you know.

- The two of you were friends?
- It's a close-knit group.

But Dean was special.

Special, how?

I just meant he was
popular around the office.

We'd all go out for drinks.

Where would you go?

Mostly to Le Bar.

Let me guess.

He either knocked
the wrong person up,

or skipped out
on some alimony payments.

Sounds like he had
a way with women.

Great technique.

Compliments them
on their shoes, what?

He nurses a drink, looks sad.
She asks him what's wrong.

He says his heart is breaking, will
he ever love again, blah, blah, blah.

Works every time.

So, what happened?

So, last night, he died.

Oh... oh no.

But he was just in here last night.

Do you know what time he left?

I ran his card at...

11:55 p.m.

God, tipped 25%.

He was the nicest guy.

He used his expense account for
four vodka gimlets, two cosmopolitans.

One roadkill.

Who'd he leave with?

The women that come in here?

They're all thin and hungry with cell
phones growing out of their ears.

It could have been anyone.

No, perfect.

The only problem I ever had
with the guy was with his keys.

- Keys?
- He gave away his key too easy,

I mean, I don't mean to say
that he was easy.

He was trying to help the homeless.

Pretty much every woman...
and there were a lot...

each one that came through
that door left with her own key.

And things would start to go bad

between him and her,
so he changes the lock...

He paid for it, so it was okay,

but you're supposed to
go through management.

Here we go.

Hotel matches.


Cocktail napkins? / Souvenirs...
talk about anal retentive.

Looks like he was waiting
for an audit.

So some woman could tell him
he didn't give enough?

I'm sure he didn't have to
wait for that.

"My dearest Dean,
our love is like the tide."

Yeah, now the tide is out.



Give me that.

This is Detective Jeffries.


Excellent. Yeah, thanks.

Moira Shannon had not one,
but two gun permits. / Either of them a.44?

Yeah. She also had
a permit for a 9mm. No priors.

What a past.

Look at this. It's Moira.

She looks so happy there.

She ain't happy no more.

I haven't set foot into
Le Bar in months.

But you told me
it was your regular hang.

not after he dumped me.

- You have two gun permits?
- Yes.


I'm from Upstate.

It was one of the things
he and I had in common.

My dad taught me how to hunt
and I've always carried a gun.

But you do have a.44, and a 9mm.

The.44, that was just a phase.

It's a cannon, so impractical.

Yes, the Glock is more user friendly.

What did you do with the cannon?

Sold it about a year after I got it.

- Do you have a receipt?
- At home.

I sold it to a gun shop
in Duchess County.

Is this the woman who left
with Mr. Woodruff last night?

The vodka tonic...
she's old news.

Maybe one of these?

I've tried to be helpful, but I really
don't need this right now.

You're busy,
we can come back.

God, you people.

Her, then me.

The blond, then me.

Some preppy
little anorexic girl, then me.

It wasn't you that left with him
by any chance?

She was over
at their table for a while.

These people all come from
the same Upper Eastside gene pool.

I'd never seen this one before.

Usually, Dean had to work his line
of tragic sensitive-guy BS

for a good 10 minutes
before he scored, but this one?

He hardly had to open up his mouth.

Anybody know this guy?

Don't you mean,
"Excuse me for interrupting"?

- Hey!
- Just...

- You know this guy, hotshot?
- Should I?

You want your collar bone
in one piece, yes?

Let's start again. Obviously,
we're two of New York's finest.

We'd like you to forget about these
kamikazes and pay attention.

Oh, yeah, massive pecs,
washboard abs,

I called him the
"Willy Loman of dumbbells."

Which he didn't appreciate...
or else didn't get.

You know who did appreciate
those quadriceps?

One of the Mulroneys.

Counting cousins and in-laws,
it's a huge clan.

But of the Mulroney daughters,
Stephanie's the only one left.

She's something of a wild child,
drunken rowdiness...

college stuff, a possession bust
got her 1,000 hours of
community service.

Community service?
It's what the Mulroneys do.

Now she's 33 and she runs some
socially conscious investment group.

Don't tell me, one half of
one cent of every cigarette pack

the family makes goes
into lung cancer research.

Let's keep politics out of this, John.

Yeah, right. Good luck.

Public service sometimes hides
a multitude of sins,
some venial, some mortal.

Right now, she is
a reluctant witness, nothing more.

She was doing some guy she
just picked up in a bar,
she'd be reluctant.

The family has gone through
more than their share.

You left a note
at her apartment when?

Three hours ago. We also left a
number of messages on her machine.

Captain, there's some big mouthpiece
waiting for you in your office.

I tried to get him to wait outside...

Think Chappaquiddick, they don't
talk until they get their ducks in a row.

His name's Rumsey.

Former Governor Mulroney's
legal advisor...

that Rumsey?

Memory lane.

A lot of friends who've served
the city, honorably and well.

Captain Cragen.
I'm Patrick Rumsey.

I assume you're here
to represent Miss Mulroney?

I'm here as a family friend.

Stephanie witnessed the attack

and I'm offering to help
in any way I can.

It would be a help if we could
interview Miss Mulroney.

I understand, Captain.


I have a copy of her statement here.

Her statement?

I wanted to make all the facts available
while her memory is still fresh.

Again, thank you for your help,
Mr. Rumsey,

but we'll be taking
our own statement.

Of course.
As soon as she's ready.

Munch was telling me
this family makes 18c

for every pack of cigarettes
sold in this country.

That's one of the rumors flying around.

He also said
when the eldest daughter died,

over 2,000 mourners lined up
and down Fifth Ave.

Munch says a lot, that's
why Cragen sent us.

What's this?

Oh, it's a cigar cutter.
Look at that, "Winston Churchill 1929."

The real story is that
Winnie lost it in a poker game.

Churchill never carried much cash

and my father-in-law
never extended credit.

Regina Mulroney.

- Detective Olivia Benson.
- Detective Stabler.

This is the worst sort of deja vu.

Every time a policeman's come to
our house, a family member has died.

You know it's five years to the day

since my son went down in the fog,

off the Dalmatian coast
with the ambassador.

- Your daughter was very lucky.
- Lucky? How?

That she survived the attack.

Oh, yes.

My unplanned miracle child.

She's the light of my life.

- Is Stephanie here, Mrs. Mulroney?
- She has her own apartment.

Yes, we know. We've been there.

But children always go home
during a crisis, don't they?


but I'm afraid she's in seclusion.

- Where exactly, the Hamptons?
- No.

In a private hospital.
She's under sedation.

Well, if you'd call her,
we won't overstay our welcome.

Look, I'm a little uneasy,
this is a private clinic, you realize.

Endowed by the Mulroneys,
yes, we get it.

All right. We admitted her
early yesterday morning.

- What'd you do with her clothing?
- I beg your pardon?

The clothes she wore
the night of the homicide.

We'd like to examine them for evidence.

I believe she changed
before she was admitted.

- Admitted for what?
- Trauma, Detective.

We treated the wounds and
gave her Seconal to calm her down.

- We'll be brief, Miss Mulroney.
- I'm fine.

And to the point.

Thank you.

Did you leave Le Bar
with Dean Woodruff?

- Yes.
- And what time was that?

I don't remember.

Is that where you met him?

I was having a rough day.

He said he'd been
having a rough day, too.

Okay, so you left the bar with him.

What happened in the car?

He was leaning against the window
in the driver's seat, facing me.

He'd made a joke about
the disadvantages of bucket seats.

Explain the joke.

It's rather obvious, isn't it?

Stephanie told him not
so fast or something,

isn't that what you said?

Is that what you said?

Something like that.

I leaned over to change
the radio station.

What was playing?

I don't know.

And then it happened.

Then what happened?

The shooting occurred.

What time was that?

You can't remember?

Can you describe the person who
did the shooting, Ms. Mulroney?

A man came up fast.

Before I could say anything,
he had a gun out.

It was so loud.

- That's enough.
- Did you get a look at him?

He had black-rimmed glasses,

dark hair and a roundish face.

What else?
How tall was he?

I don't know, it was dark.

But he was wearing glasses?

A white man, medium height,
black-rimmed glasses.

Anything else, Detective?

Yes, why didn't you call the police?

It was so awful.

You have no idea how awful it was.

Thank you for coming.

- Her story check out?
- She says it's a sneak attack.

Woodruff didn't even have time to duck.

Consistent with the medical exam,

one shot through the back of
the head from outside the car.

Other than that, it's her word
against... / Against ours.

And I gotta tell you, those are not
wagon-trains circled around Stephanie,

those were tanks.

She get a good look at the shooter?

Good enough to do a composite.

- Okay. They have sex?
- Stephanie implied no.

Does no mean yes? / She comes
from a family of politicians.

Yeah, as in liars. / So let's get
an order for a DNA swab.

What for? She says she was
with him in the car at the time.

One Police Plaza all over you?

Sympathy for the Mulroney family runs high.

Okay, she was in the car,
the shot came from outside,

what about outside motives?

Women. Lots and lots of women.

Lots of women,
there's going to be jealousy.

Ex-wife lives Upstate,
mother of his two children,

the woman he betrayed most.

Okay, ex-wife. That many women,
there's gonna be boyfriends.

Check 'em all out.
Munch, Jeffries, Ballistics.

You got it.

- Black Talon.
- He was shot with a Black Talon?!

Cop killers. They haven't
been made since 1994.

Yeah, because
they killed too many cops.

Nah, the real reason was,
it was instantly recognizable.

Bullet makers want anonymity.

If you can't prove
where the bullet was made,

you can't sue the manufacturer.

Where would we be without lawyers?


The last straw was a sophomore

who stopped by to return Dean's books.

Some Greek philosophy.

As if.

You still angry?

Not really.

Dean's dad worked in the lumberyard,

drove the skiploader.

The kid helped out on vacations,
before long he was running the office.

Sounds like quite a schmoozer.

Everything was a transaction...

sales, where to go to dinner,
what movie to see.

But none of it was good enough
for the old man.

I think that's why Dean chased
so many women.

It wasn't hard for a townie
to meet college girls?

Hard wasn't Dean's problem.

And before the College of
Muffy went coed?

- A lot of girls.
- A lot of transactions.

Barrett University
Saratoga, New York
Tuesday, October 5

We were one of the first colleges
to regulate intimacy.

You mean make-out rules?

Date rape was a problem
on every campus.

We thought maybe these rules
would stop it

from happening in the first place.

And then they turned into
some sort of PC joke.

Dean Woodruff was
involved in date rapes?

That's the whole point...
in an earlier generation,

he would have been
admired for being a lady's man.

Lady-killer, Lothario,

only recently have those
terms become pejorative.

So none of his "partners"
ever complained?

There were always rumors, but...

look, we have many prominent
families among our alumni,

and they usually consider
discretion the better part of valor.

The Mulroney family's
notoriously discrete.

We know Stephanie dropped out
during her sophomore year.

Did Dean Woodruff factor into that?

I'd rather not say.
This is very awkward for me.

Doctor, why don't
we just stop the crap, okay?

Was there a rumor of a sexual nature

between Stephanie Mulroney
and the victim?

She came to me and cried rape.

- Uh-hmm.
- But the story never added up.

He seduced her.
He treated her shabbily.

- No more, no less.
- So she's a pathological liar or what?

She was a bright girl.

I think the burden
was too much for her.

What burden?

The burden of being a Mulroney.

Based on your brief description
of the assailant,

we have this preliminary composite.


- You're sure?
- It's him.

You don't want to add
or change anything?

Excuse me, Detective,

just what part of "yes"
don't you understand?

The part about Barrett College.

Miss Mulroney...
when you asked her

if she met Dean Woodruff
in the bar the night of the incident,

nodded in the affirmative.

Right, but she actually met him
her sophomore year.

- She knew him.
- Intimately, we were told.

- That wasn't the question.
- But it is now.

I ran into him at the bar, okay?
Is that...? / That's enough.

Captain Cragen,
we all want the same thing here.

Yes, ma'am, the truth.

Well said. Now,
what I want to know is,

are you here to make
a positive identification,

or to make a martyr out of my daughter?

Because this family really
doesn't need any more martyrs.

The nuclear medicine wing
at Bronx General,

Mulroney Chair in Public Policy
at the New School.

Not to mention paying for
the restoration of half
the structures in the park.

My God, Senator Mulroney
was instrumental in getting

sex crime legislation
passed in the Senate.

For which we're eternally grateful.

Don't be facetious.

We're up against some very big guns.

I met them, the matriarch
and her white-shoe lawyer.

Look, Adam,
this girl's story's a mess.

She was in shock.

What's the motive, by the way?

She was involved
with the victim in Saratoga.

Now, maybe he date raped her,

maybe he had sex with her
and forgot to call.

Either way, she was mortified.

We think she stewed in her
resentment for years.../ You think?

You think!

When she ran into him in the city,
she allowed herself to be picked up.

So that she could go out necking,
then run outside and shoot him

while he cooperated by sitting still?

This girl is no stranger to trouble,
she's been arrested for cocaine.

Possession. You're talking
about murder, for God's sake.

- Find the weapon, make the case!
- We have a case!

We have motive,
we have opportunity.

What about means?

- Where's the gun?
- Maybe in the Hudson River?

Maybe the East River!

Sir, all due respect,

90% of all murderers you put into Attica
are there without a murder weapon!

Talk to McCoy.

Thank you.

Cocaine users, last I heard,
are prone to distorting the truth.

She lied to us about
when she met the victim,

she lied about her trauma
the morning after the shooting,

so "Mommy dearest"
could put her on ice.

Hail, Regina,
queen of the Mulroney clan.

I've had it up to here
with these people.

What about your
composite of the shooter?

What about it, Abby?

Well, it's based
on her eyewitness account.

If she's so unreliable,
where does that leave you?

We think she's the shooter.

Like I told Schiff, motive, opportunity.

She told us she was
changing the radio station

when this black-rimmed
guy appeared, okay?

But she can't remember
what song was playing.

You change the station when
something is on that annoys you!

These are things you remember.
She's zooming us, Jack.

A.44 is a big gun.

The whole idea of her shooting him
from behind begs credulity.

She didn't have to pull the trigger.

You'll have to deal with
damage control with Schiff.

And the press and security
after the arraignment.

Jack, these are powerful people,
they're magnets for weirdos.

You're going for it?

Making false statements,

luring a guy to his death for revenge.

We'll go murder two...

and then we'll flip her on the shooter.

Supreme Court
Part 43
Thursday, October 7

Docket number 99467.

Your Honor, the People of the State
of New York v. Stephanie Mulroney.

The charge is second degree murder.

- How do you plead?
- Your Honor?

Before my client answers,

I'd like to ask the court to
remove the restraints.

Please, out of respect?

As a gentleman, I'll agree.

My client pleads not guilty,
Your Honor.

I assume the people ask for bail?

- We ask for remand, Your Honor.
- You're joking.

We have information
the defendant's family obtained

an expedited passport for
her only yesterday.

Also, Your Honor, she has
unlimited financial resources.

I think we're all aware of that,
Ms. Carmichael.

Therefore, we believe
she's a serious flight risk.

Your Honor, this is incredible.

I agree.

I find it incredible
that this young woman

should have so lowered the standards
by which she was raised.

I find it believable that she would
put herself above the law.

I don't intend to have Ms. Mulroney
gallivanting around Europe

like some jet-set fugitive.
Not on my court's record.

Bail is denied and I intend
to remand the defendant

to the Department of Corrections.

Mrs. Mulroney, were you surprised
at the judge's decision?

Staggered. It's simply beyond me how...

I'm sorry, I can't.

Judge Abrams' decision to remand
was simply wrong-headed.

The assertion that Ms. Mulroney

was a risk for flight
is ludicrous on its face.

The fact is, the Mulroneys have a
long-planned family reunion in Bermuda

and I expect that Stephanie
will be part of that celebration.

As soon as the judge's decision
is reviewed by his peers.

Judge Abrams,
as a conservative Republican,

was that a factor in his thinking?

You said that, I didn't.
You'll have to ask him.

Mr. McCoy! Mr. McCoy!

- Mr. McCoy, any response to that?
- I'm sorry, to what?

That holding Ms. Mulroney
without bail is totally ridiculous?

The Mulroney family is
used to getting its way.

Are you saying
they get preferential treatment?

Ah, come on.

We're saying they deserve all due
process of the law, no more, no less.

I hope to God we're right on this.

I hear Logan's learning
to love Staten Island.

If you have any knowledge
of this handgun,

please call Detective Olivia Benson.

Thanks. At the Special
Victims Unit, 212-555-0156.

Not a Magnum, no.
It was used in a homicide.

Yes, sir, in New York City.

I know there's no federal gun
registry per se, Agent Polito,

but surely we can cross reference
New York State's
with the agency's own files?


Yeah, surprise, surprise.
A single bullet.

Vicinity of the 1-7?

- Captain!
- Yeah?

It's the duty captain at the 1-7.

There's been another shooting,
.44 caliber, back of the head.

- Parked car?
- Pants down.

This looks familiar.

Deja vu all over again.

Guy never knew what hit him.
One shot... bam!

Who's got the spent round?

Dug it out of the visor,
passenger side.

- Are those bits of shattered glass?
- The vanity mirror.

Vanity, thy name is woman.

It's frailty, not vanity, you misogynist.

- Artist formerly known as?
- Prince's old girlfriend.

Life... one minute you're getting your
doorknob polished, the next minute,

you're sweet-talking
your way past St. Peter.

He got an ID?

The car is registered
to Stanley Brecker.

- Is that his wife?
- Her name's not Brecker.

Uh, Catfish.

Katish... K-A-T-l-S-H.

Excuse me, Ms. Katish?
How are you doing?

Not that hot.

My whole life I never thought I'd
be part of something like this.

Something like what?

You know.

All of this... that.

That guy died while l...

You know.

Ah, right. So you didn't
get a good look at him.

Did you get a peek, maybe?

I remember his eyes...

bright and shiny.
With those Buddy Holly glasses.

- Black?
- Yeah.

Like a little psychotic nerd.

That's a good description.
What do you do, Ms. Katish?

Um... I model.

And temp work.

And I auditioned for "Picnic" this week.

We met in a bar.

And he seemed like a nice guy.

Apartment Of
Stanley And Pauline Brecker
132 East 84th Street
Thursday, October 7

Can I get you anything,
Mrs. Brecker?

Was it a...

a car jacking gone wrong
or something?

We're not sure.


I always thought heart attack
or stroke from the pressure.

Business pressure?

The garment business.
It's unbelievably cutthroat.

Stanley loved it,
but I always worried.

If it wasn't some union
organizer pressuring him,

it was some goon looking
for protection money.

It never ended.

Well, I guess it has.

Ballistics is still working
on the electron analysis

to see if the two slugs are twins.

Follow the bullet.
This is unbelievable!

Maybe it's a copycat.

That would be good.
Unlikely, but good.

What about the weapon?

Uniforms are in the park freezing their
asses off as we speak with zero luck.

What about the Mulroney chick?

The "arrest that's going to end
my career" Mulroney chick?

I guess that puts a damper
on the "hell hath no fury" theory.

That's a good guess, John.

You got any new conspiracy
theories to replace it?

How's the wife?

Bitter, but not even angry.
She didn't do it.

Great... so we're looking for a Son of Sam freak,

walks up to parked cars and
only shoots the guys... why?

A loser who never gets any himself?

This thing is amazing.

Sometimes I like to fool around with it,

put in the features
of my perfect woman.

Uh... like this?

No, rounder.

And the hair was parted on the left.

It wasn't really parted,
it was brushed back.

Like that?

Yeah, like that.

Captain, I went back 30 years.

319 shootings with a.44
excluding Magnums.

How many from intermediate
range? / 12.

Probably some unrelated,

a drunk on New Year's Eve,
plus three from parked cars.

- Any arrests?
- Yeah, one blue file.

Two shootings, a guy named Khalil
Barnes who died in the Attica riot.

- What about open cases?
- Four of them, six years ago.

One from the 2-7, three others...
all the slugs fired from the same gun.

Yeah, hi, this is Captain
Donald Cragen, Special Victims Unit.

Is Detective Lennie Briscoe
there, please?

Hey, Lennie, Don.

Listen, didn't we have
an unsolved '93, '94,

guy whacked
in a parked car with a.44?

There was this annoying
old homeless lady, and a lot of snow.

Logan and I froze our asses off...
that's the main thing I remember.

What about the guy in the car?

Stiff as a board,
but not from the cold.

We looked and looked but
we never found the weapon.

Just a description of a guy
with glasses.

Black, like Buddy Holly?

Yeah, black...
like Buddy Holly.

Fashions change, clothing hairstyles, glasses.

We arrested the wrong guy...

it was just one
of those days all around.

The only description
we had was from one witness,

Jill Templeton.

This guy's back?!

With two more hits under his belt.

- Bad time, Captain?
- Oh, no.

No, I'm just waiting
for the other shoe to drop.

Yeah, it's a size 44.

Same gun, same shooter.

Not the Mulroney girl.

- No.
- Okay, tell me something good.

I spoke to the owner of a gunshop
in Jersey yesterday

who sold Black Talons,

and he remembers a guy
with black glasses.

Well, that's something.

Five years ago a guy came
in and browsed.

I never would have noticed him,
but he started pissing me off.

What, did he denounce the John
Birch Society as being soft on Y2K?

No, he kept dry firing my hunting rifles.

I told him he better buy something
or get his sorry ass out of my store.

So he bought some Black Talons?

He said he wanted some cop killers
before they went off the market.

Then, as a supporter
of law enforcement,

and a strict constitutional
constructionist, you sold them to him.

- It's still a free country.
- Yeah.

Could we look at those records,
Mr. Rhinehart?

Actually, I'm against government
interference in free enterprise.

Yeah, so am I. And that's why
I consider a court order an intrusion.

Although sometimes a necessary one.


"Arthur Pruitt, December 4th, 1994,

three boxes Black Talons,
.44 caliber.

We've got five priors
on your man Pruitt.

Check kiting, forgery, some Mickey
Mouse stuff with phone sales.

Was there a weapon involved?

Yes, please.

I'm on hold with the feebs.

He was busted with 100 credit cards
out in California at some

Indian bingo casino.

Desert'll get you every time.

Meth-crazed bikers and
scorpion territory.

Land of fruit and nuts.

He was released five months ago,

told his PO that his mother was dying,

forwarding address is in
some flophouse in Chinatown.

Look, I'll call the 2-7, it's their bust,
too. You get rolling, people.

We're looking for one of your
guests, a man named Pruitt.

Are you Arthur Pruitt?

Who are you?

Detective Benson.

You got some ID?

Yes, I do.

I'm the man you're looking for.

- Number three.
- Are you sure?

Yeah, it was dark but it wasn't that dark.

I'd remember him till the day I die.

That face, those glasses.

It's not an audition, Ms. Katish,
just... are you sure?

All right. How's this?

And the winner is...

- number three!
- Thank you.

Thank you very much.


I know it's been a little while,
Ms. Templeton,

- So take a look...
- Number three.

Are you sure?
Just take your time.

Number three.

Okay, thank you.

All right.

Number three.

It's Pruitt.

Hey, man, I wasn't even there.

I was a patrolman then,
I still hadn't even seen my first stiff.

But when I saw those
crime scene photos...

I almost blew my lunch.

Tuna salad on wheat,

one of those $3 bottles of crappuccino.

Me and my partner at the time,

were cold for days, weeks.

Down by the seawall,

with the wind coming in off the Atlantic,

and wet snow.

It got in your hair.

Along with that smell.

You know that smell I'm talking about?

Wet wool.

I know.

The smell of death, Arthur.

It never leaves you.


You're enjoying this,
these guys trying to sweet-talk you

into giving us a little crumb of information.

Oh yeah, it's the high point of my life.

Better than shooting those people in
cold blood, you little reptilian geek?!

Oh, it's bad cop now, right?

- You bet your ass!
- John, easy.

You did it, you piece of crap.
I know it, you know it.

- Seriously, come on.
- No, I'm gonna kill this guy myself.

Call him off, call him off.

I'm gonna Mike Tyson you,
you bastard!

Come on. Is this legal?

Probably not.

I'm gonna kill you, I'm gonna kill you,
I'm gonna kill you.

Okay, let's talk about the working stiff.

- Who?
- Dean Woodruff.

- You already asked me about him.
- I'm asking again.

Okay, the bridal path in the park,

you're hiding in the tunnel,
they come driving by.

You've got a vivid imagination,

but is that all you've got?

We've got the Black Talons you bought.

Like I'm the only person in New York
who bought Black Talons?

Three witnesses.

Who saw what?

It was pitch black.

The windows were fogging up

because the people inside
were getting busy.

So you're saying you were there?


I've just got a vivid imagination.

Three different witnesses, Pruitt.


Confess, maybe you won't end up...

you know where.

- We saw your handiwork! It was...
- It was awesome. It was...

Professional, clean.
One shot, boom.

And then you leave the girl alone?

You left the girl alone.

That was...


The very word I was looking for.

You are a gentleman of the old school.

So that's a yes?

Under coercion...

that's a yes.

Well, that's that.

- Pruitt confessed.
- To killing Woodruff.

That's the good news.

Bad news is Schiff's gonna
ream me a new one.

- Maybe not.
- Meaning?

This guy's been stonewalling us
for an hour,

now he flip-flops like an eel.
What's his agenda?

Damned if I know, John.

Office Of The
Medical Examiner
Saturday, October 9

The shooting's remarkably
similar to the first.

COD from a.44,

same point of entry, same trajectory,

given the lack of any powder tattoos,

I'd sat the shooter was
at least a few feet away.

But there is one significant difference.

Tell me what you see.

A beautiful woman who hasn't seen
the inside of a nice restaurant in months.

Ruptured blood vessels.

Mild skin discoloration,

these bruises are
at least a few weeks old.

There's similar bruising lining the jaw.

So he had previous injuries.

My guess, from the size of the bruises,
and their locations, a fist-fight.

Are you talking polite fisticuffs
or brass knuckles?

Somebody beat the crap out of him, okay?

Will you ever have dinner with me?

Not while I can still feed myself.

I'm only sorry we had to involve
everyone in this wild goose chase.

I'm not sure it was so wild.

Is the investigation still open?

No, sir, not anymore.

The public has deified the Mulroneys.

They've done a lot to deserve that attention.

That sense of entitlement
doesn't extend to the law.

Oh, well, it does.

And someone's going to have
to fall on his sword.

It'll be painless.

Yes, come in.

Good afternoon, Adam.


We all know each other.
Please, sit down.

I asked Judge McEvoy

to dismiss in chambers without prejudice

to spare her any further
public embarrassment.

I appreciate the gesture, Adam.

God knows, we'll always
be grist for the tabloids.

People are always quick
to jump to the wrong conclusion...

from some harmless youthful
indiscretion to this trumped-up mess.

Have you heard from Judge Abrams?

He heard from me.

I guess that's my cue.

I was wrong, Ms. Mulroney.

All right.

Please accept my apologies
to your family.

Thank you, Captain.
You seem like a nice man.

Captain, I just came from the ME's.

She has some doubts about Brecker.

What is this?
Another magic bullet theory?

Somebody worked him over
pretty good before he was shot.

And that body... a soft guy,
not an amateur boxer.

I'm not following you.

The guy was in the garment business.

So was my grandfather.
He used to say,

"Behind every tailor's
dummy is a Cambino."

Where are you going with this, John?

The victim was in the garment business,

his wife said he was a good family man,

but he was shot in mid-oral cop
with some actress-model-whatever,

which is a nice euphemism for
employee-of-the-month in the porno business.

John! / The wife also told
Benson and Stabler

her husband got shaken down by
two bullnecked boys in leather jackets.

Shmut isn't porno, Captain.

Does the word "racketeering"
come to mind?

- This isn't a serial killer?
- It's all too neat.

All too simple.

Stephanie Mulroney killed Woodruff.
I know it! I feel it!

I'm not gonna tell anyone
we've had this conversation.

The Mulroneys can turn the world
on with their smiles,

they can crush any of us like bugs.

They'll do whatever it takes
to protect the family.

Trust me on this!



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