Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Closure - full transcript

Benson attempts to help a rape victim who is able to describe her attack but unable to identify her attacker. As time progresses, the woman is even less willing to discuss the crime, claiming to have moved beyond it. Things become even more complicated when Benson and Cassidy spend the night together.

'In the criminal justice system,

'sexually based offences
are considered especially heinous.

'In New York City, the detectives
who investigate these vicious felonies

'are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

'These are their stories.'

Andrew? Andrew? Are you home?

- Or are you out whoring?
- Mommy, please.

Daddy? Oh, God! No!

Daddy! Mom!

Was anyone with you besides Emily
when you discovered your husband?

No. I'd taken my son
down to his loft in Tribeca.

He was out at the Hamptons
for a party. He hitched home with us.

You were with your mom all weekend?

Yeah. Not that I wanted to be.
She's such a bitch.

- Daddy wanted a divorce but she didn't.
- How come?

She wanted to be Mrs Andrew Harlin.

Do you know anyone
who'd want to hurt your husband?

Define hurt.

Sorry. Yeah. Take your pick.

Good old days. Let's see.

No, not him.

This one I recognise.

He used to deliver pizza to us.
Until then he just delivered.

Your husband was gay?

What's more than bisexual?
How's compulsively orgasmic?

Let's say he was polymorphously perverse,

which is to say
that he would have sex with a plant.

Is there a reason why the killer
sodomised him with a banana?

He was allergic to bananas.

He used to get all... covered in hives.

I've got to call my son Adam.

They didn't have to shove a banana
where the sun don't shine. That's just rude.

Why did she stay if she knew?

I know this guy. Maybe from school?

It was disrespectful, not homicidal.

It was symbolic.
Whoever inserted the banana...

...knew he was allergic.
- They might not have meant to kill him.

Dead men can't be allergic.

Was it premeditated or a sex game
gone wrong? Are we sure the wife is clean?

She has an alibi. Emily wouldn't lie.

I'm positive I hung out with him.
We were friends or something.

This may explain the widow's good mood.
I spoke to Harlin's lawyer.

She and the kids split his assets,
which stand north of $100,000,000.

She could've been nervous

about someone being added to the list,
but I didn't get that vibe.

- She didn't hide anything.
- No crocodile tears.

Let's see what
all the pretty boys and girls say.

You pull all of his records, bills, anything.

You see what the son
knows about his dad's dates.

Let's reconstruct this family's affairs.

Did we go to school together?

- You from Ypsilanti?
- No, but I swear to God I know him.

No. I'd remember. Maybe you know me
from my banana commercial.

- Yes.
- What's your real name?

- Bull Dozer is my real stage name.
- Ah. The nom d'amour.

Don't I look the part? I'm gonna make it.

- Are you in porn?
- No, not yet. But soon. Very soon.

I do the cheesy commercials for
the money but I was born to be in porn.

I'm still looking for a porn talent agent.

If you know of anyone,
maybe someone that you picked up.

Hey, Mr Dozer! You said you'd ended
your relationship with Andrew. Why?

Cos he didn't pay for the last seven dinners.

He gave me nothing
and only wanted to have sex.

We were both a top. It didn't really work out.

He gave you some presents, didn't he?

He lent me these to practise on.
Will the wife want them back?

Kinda doubt she'll notice they're missing.

Did you call your mother?

We spent three hours in the car.
That's enough for three years.

Traffic sucks on Sunday.
I was late for a gig.

- Were you and your father close?
- Yeah. Very close.

Till he started doing my girlfriends.
Then our relationship got sour.

- Let's talk about your joint girlfriends.
- If he touched them, I dumped them.

- Anybody recently?
- Becky.

- Becky have a last name?
- Sorenson. She's a painter. Lives in NoHo.

Adam's just young. He thinks small.

- And Daddy?
- Nothing small about Daddy.

Andrew was... something else.

- Kinky?
- Enthusiastic.

He did things to your body
that aren't even in the Kamasutra.

Wow. So what happened?

Nothing. We just moved on.

Andrew had a very short
but intense attention span.

- How short?
- Two weeks.

Any hard feelings?

- You're thinking about this the wrong way.
- How so?

Andrew wasn't into monogamy.
Not even serial monogamy.

Do you know any of these men?


God, that's Charlie Poe.

We chartered a boat a bunch of times.

Andrew and Charlie?

He chartered the boat a few times.

Look, we know you two
had a sexual relationship.

- See this? That's my family. I'm straight.
- Really?

I'm not attracted
to the male gender in any way.

See that?
You and Andrew make a great couple.

We have others
where you're wearing your birthday suit.

L-l never did anything. It wasn't me.

- If you tell my wife...
- We won't unless it's necessary.

You know what it costs
to send a kid to school today?

Yeah, so, Andrew liked to sleep with me
a few times. But that's it.

I never did anything. He did.

In exchange he helped me out
with my kid's education.

How often did you two fellas
tie each other up?

- You mean bondage?
- Yeah, bondage.

- Sometimes.
- Did he ever have you tie him up?

No. He liked to keep me still.
You see, I'm very ticklish.

It's not tension.
I'm ticklish even when I'm relaxed.

I moved around and he didn't want...

OK, terrific.
Do you know any of the other guys?

What other guys? What are you
talking about? I was the only one.

No, no. This was a first time
for both of us. That's why...

Nobody fits.

- All their records are clean?
- Yep.

No motives. No angry break-ups.
Not even the pizza guy.

For a 50-year-old, he had a lot of energy.

- What are you implying?
- Nothing. I'm sure you have as much.

Check this out. Mr Kink Galore
spent more dough on girls than boys.

A lot of lingerie. 40 grand alone last year.

It could have been for the boys.
It's hard to tell. He was horny.

A fingerprint was found in the study.

Belongs to a Sonya Pietrovicz.
Russian woman.

She's off the boat three years ago.
Occupation is gulyashchaya dyevka.

Every sailor knows
that's Russian for hooker.

I understand if you don't want to strip.

But you must take off your shoes.

Sonya's been gone a few weeks.

She met Victor. She's says she's in love.
He's rich. He owns Ecstasy.

- Ecstasy?
- The hottest spa in Manhattan.

There's a three-month wait for a facial.
He'll make millions. Bastard.

I gave her a good job, masseuse,
and she left me for that pig Victor.

- I thought she was different.
- Different how?

She'll never find love.
She treats men like she's a whore.

Is she?

A whore in America's just a hooker.
In Russia it's different.

Whores are at the top of the social scene.
Everyone respects them.

They rarely fall in love.
When they do, you want to be there.

I've been in America a long time.
American girls fall in love so easily.

I don't give a damn where she is now.

- His shoes?
- He's allowed.

- I know him from somewhere.
- Carnegie Hall.

- He's a famous violinist from Moscow.
- No, the guy in the water.

A good friend. A respectable businessman.

Facial or waxing? Is this your first visit?

Detectives Benson and Stabler.
We need to speak to Sonya Pietrovicz.

She doesn't work here any more
but go to room six.

Natasha's there. They were friends.
You'll have to go alone.

- I'm sorry, I'm with a client.
- Natasha? May I speak to you?

Sure. I'll be right back.

So Sonya was a friend of yours?

- Why? Is she in trouble?
- Maybe.

Her Mafia boyfriend
already screwed her over?

- He would be?
- Yuri. He got her the singing job.

I thought she and I were friends.
We lived together for a while.

- We went to Brighton Beach.
- Didn't she date the owner here?

Victor? Everybody dates him.

That's how you get a job.

Do you know if she had
an American boyfriend, Andrew Harlin?

Maybe. She met a lot of men.
That's why we're not friends now.

We both auditioned for a nightclub.

We both sang. It's simple.
I have talent, she doesn't.

But she got the job
because she did it with Yuri.

He's connected. So he got her the job.

- Sonya Pietrovicz?
- Da.

Got a minute?

We're Detectives Benson and Stabler.
We need to ask a few questions.

- About what?
- How do you know Andrew Harlin?

- I don't know Andrew.
- Let me refresh your memory.

He was found strangled to death
in a black leather harness.

Your fingerprint was next to the body.

I just cleaned his house.
He was so friendly, so alive.

His housekeeper needed someone
to take her job, needed favour.

- And he needed...
- A favour. You do a lot of favours.

- We try to help each other.
- What's the housekeeper's name?

- Katya. She's away.
- Where?

- On vacation.
- Where on vacation?

I don't know. She took her passport.

- How long have you worked here?
- I just started.

- So you're a singing housekeeper?
- You do what you have to do.

Did you clean on Sunday night?

I was here at night.
I clean up Sunday afternoon.

A big star like you
cleaning people's houses?

- I exaggerate sometimes.
- OK.

Let's start over again.
Katya, the housekeeper...

- Katya.
- Yeah.

- Did she sleep with Andrew Harlin?
- I can't remember.

- Please turn around.
- Just once, I think. I don't know.

We want to talk to Katya.
You have her get in touch with us.

Or find out where she is.

By tomorrow.

I wonder what else she polished.

Sleeping with guys is the only way
she knows to get on top.

- All Russian girls are whores?
- Remember what they've been through.

Poverty, corruption, drunken abuse.
They learn that they have to lie.

Their bodies are their only assets.
Sex is money.

So by doing the right guys, they end up rich.

I know this is anthropologic,

but Russia's response
to the Monica-Clinton scandal

was, 'We wish we had a virile president.'

They know there's
commerce involved in the art of love.

That was the housekeeper.
She's not on vacation.

She's not Russian. She never works
weekends and her name isn't Katya.

- A man died, Sonya.
- And I know nothing about it.

- Why lie about Katya?
- Sometimes friends are all you have.

- Why should we believe you?
- Do or do not. It's your choice.

Even if I could tell you,
you might not understand.

- What do you mean?
- I see how you look at me.

I know you look down
on what I do for a living.

But there are things about what I do
that are not so easy to read.

Like what?

It is exciting to do something forbidden.

My job is forbidden in this country,
a country that is all about freedoms.

But more than that.

I am with men who are
breaking promises to their wives.

That excites them,
makes them come alive again.

I make them come alive again.

I am their freedom. And that is delicious.

In America you are what you do.
I am thanktul not to work in a spa,

thanktul not to work in a salon.

And yet, and of this
I am most thanktul for of all,

my only commitment is to my friends.

You mean, to Katya.

- Why are you so uneasy?
- It is a small community.

People will know I've talked to you
and they won't like it.

- Where's Katya live?
- With her boyfriend.

- Where do you live?
- With my aunt. It affords me...

- Freedom?
- Exactly.

- Who's Katya dating now?
- I don't know.

I honestly don't know.

Elliot. Emily Harlin to see you.

Daddy told me he loved being in love
so much that he fell in love too easily.

All that stuff he did, it was his cry for help,
but Mom could never reach out to him.

- Did she know about his affairs?
- Yeah.

She didn't mind as long
as it was only with guys,

but once he fell in love with Katya,
they fought all the time.

- Katya?
- Katya Ivanova. She's Russian.

- He said she's beautiful.
- Did your mom know about her?

She called her his Russian whore.

Daddy said that if anything happened to him,
his personal stuff was in a secret drawer.

He showed me the keys.

So after he died, I waited till Mom was out,
and got all of his stuff.

There wasn't much there
but I did find one thing.

- What's that?
- It's some kind of legal mumbo jumbo.

It looks like Daddy
was suing Katya for a lot of money.

And I was wondering if...

You thought maybe that's why he died?

How much was he suing Katya for?

He's suing her for $2,000,000?
That's what I call a motive.

That's the value of the gifts she kept.

Andrew and Katya had a five-month affair.

He left her when she cheated on him
in the apartment he paid for.

He wasn't as understanding as his wife.

The morning after Andrew's killed,
the lawsuit's dropped by his wife.

After he was dead.

- Yeah.
- Sounds like they worked together.

Katya is now our prime suspect.
Do we know where she is?

Emily thought her mother might know.

She heard them arguing
about Katya's apartment.

- Give my regards to the widow.
- Yep.

I always wanted more red in the library
but Andrew never liked it.

Why didn't you tell us that Andrew had
a girlfriend he spent two million dollars on?

Katya? I assumed
you knew about the lawsuit.

Still, two million dollars.
And you decided to drop it?

Adam, would you
get our guests some drinks?

No, thank you. We're fine.

You told us about the others.
You left her out. Why?

- Are you so sure she didn't do it?
- I didn't really think about it.

- We think you're covering for her.
- Me covering for that little bitch?

I was probably
trying to cover my humiliation.

How would you feel if your husband
fell for a Russian whore?

Maybe she did you a favour.

They are everywhere.
They're sucking the men dry.

Not only of their money but of their sanity.
They ruin everybody's marriage.

You never heard of the Ultra-Natashas?
They all ought to be called Katya.

Did you know that Katya
is Russian slang for $100?

What? I'm meant to become
a pathetic divorcee who has to say,

'How old is your Russian?'

Was there also a Sonya?

I didn't know about Sonya.
But I bet there was.

I bet there was a Sonya and a Natasha
and a Nina and an Irina.

They're all little whores.
Little Russian sluts. Sorry, dear.

- Where were you yesterday afternoon?
- She drove me to a poetry convention.

I told her she should drop the lawsuit.
I didn't think she should keep it going.

Your husband paid for everything?

- She couldn't afford toilet paper.
- Or an apartment?

A $10,000-a-month apartment.
Two bedrooms. $10,000 a month.

- Do you have an address?
- I don't. Check with my lawyer.

Yeah? Whoa, whoa! Uh-huh?

OK. Listen, I can't understand
a word you're saying. Hold on.

John? There's a very upset Russian woman
on line two.

I can't understand her.
You speak some Russian?

What? Stolichnaya?

Da. Da. That was Sonya Pietrovicz,
the nightclub singer.

She's very scared and upset.
She's on Brighton Beach. Come on.

- It's Sonya.
- Who's the other woman?

I dunno, but I'd better tell Babushka
to stop washing the stairs.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Nothing like making love with a hatchet.

Definitely not sex related.

This is the girl's cousin.
He doesn't speak English.

He has a restaurant nearby.
He wants us to go there.

To drink or talk. I'm not sure.

He says he's devastated about this.

The older woman
was Sonya's aunt and his cousin.

Ask him if Sonya had any girlfriends.

She had a few. He has a picture.

Like her they all look like models
and talented like her.

That's her friend Katya. Not bad.

Has he seen this man?

They don't bring
their American boyfriends here.

There's a plus side.
He's offering you some borscht.

One strangled, two axed.
Why Sonya? Why the aunt?

- Sonya called?
- Sounded nervous?

Nervous enough for us to go there.

Katya doesn't look like an axe-swinger.

We have her address. We're going now.

Can I help you?

- Benson and Stabler?
- Yes. Where'd you get that?

You've asked questions.
I have information for you.

This has been most difficult.
I'd like to be calm but...

My father, he was not perfect.
He drank and he smoked.

He slept with other women
in front of my mother in the same room.

He had his faults but he was a good man.
A good man. Great heart.

My mother followed him to Siberia.
Her life was his.

That's touching.

That's devotion! That's love.
Do you understand what real love is?

Yes. I think we do.

You're sniffing around.
You want to blame Katya. I won't let you.

- We haven't even found Katya yet.
- You don't need to. I killed him.

- Who?
- Andrew Harlin. I killed him.

- I couldn't let him treat Katya like that.
- Who are you again?

I am Alexander Strizhov.
I brought Katya to America.

I arrange everything for her. I...

She's like family to me.
I love her so much.

I'm devoted to her.
And when that bastard sued her!

And I saw her pain. I...

- I had to end it.
- Do you know what you're saying?

- We must advise you of your rights.
- No smoking here.

Don't worry. I know what I'm saying.

No one will blame me for what I did.
It was just.

I shot him like a dog. He deserved it.

He wasn't shot.

Shot, not shot! That's not the point. I did it.

- I killed him like a dog.
- How'd you kill him?

That's not important!
What's important is I did it.

- Do you know Sonya?
- The stewardess?

No, the singer.

Oh, that Sonya. Yes, of course
I know Sonya. Everyone knows Sonya.

Great talent, beautiful voice,
but I don't really know her.

Did you know that
she and her aunt had been killed?

No! No! How tragic.
Who would hurt Sonya or her aunt?

That's what we want to know.
You want to confess to that too?

I didn't kill Sonya! But I killed Harlin.

Please arrest me. I'm ready to pay.
Please! Arrest me. Arrest me!

Please! Arrest me!

Let me guess. He's lying.

- He said he shot Harlin.
- But Harlin was strangled.

Why confess to a crime he didn't commit?

- He talked about love, devotion.
- To Katya.

Who did not return his affections.

Maybe he's under her spell and thinks
this confession is laying a red cape for her.

Did Prince Charming
think we'd believe him?

Does he think we'll turn our attention
from Katya to him?

It sounds like
that's exactly what he's hoping.

Hope. Sometimes that's all love is.

Well, he's wrong. Let's go find this Katya.

Katya? She's beautiful.

Such a nice, honest girl.

Always gives me a big tip,
even when I just say hello.

Ever see this gentleman
enter her apartment?

All the time.
Haven't seen him in a few weeks.

- Too bad. He gave very big tips.
- Is she home?

She left an hour ago,
dressed in a beautiful gown.

- She say where she was going?
- I don't ask.

Which way did the taxi go?

Never takes a taxi.
She took her car service.

It's the easiest number in the book.

There she is. That's her.

Katya Ivanova?

- You knew Andrew Harlin intimately?
- Are you attracted to me?

- Miss Ivanova.
- Do you want to make love to me?

Why don't you start
answering my questions?

- Only if you answer mine first.
- What's that gonna cost me?

Oh, I am too expensive
for your detective's salary.

And I don't take money.

- No. You just take husbands.
- His wife sent you?

- Who?
- Who?

Who is playing games now?

You mean Andrew's wife, Christina?

I thought she wanted
to open the case again.

Huh. You know your friend Sonya's dead?

I know.

I am very sad.
She was a very good friend.

But I have to go on with my life.

I don't know who would want to kill her.
She was very innocent.

Innocent of what?

Why don't we continue
this conversation at the unit?

- Now?
- Now would be good.

- Am I under arrest?
- Not yet.

Oh. Then I think I say no.

I'm all dressed up.

Come down to the station
tomorrow morning for questioning.

It'll take a while.
Wear something more comfortable.

- I'm too busy.
- We know you're illegal.

We're not Vice. We don't care what
you make or what gifts you receive.

But if you're not at our office by 9am.

Immigration'll be with you by 9:05,
that I guarantee you.

This is America. You can't do this.

I'll tell you a secret.
Cops are the same everywhere.

OK, but could we make it noon?

I'm not a morning person.
I may not be home by 9:00.

You people are already working, hm?

- You're used to this kind of hour?
- Yeah. No smoking.

I'll come back later.
I can't talk without a cigarette.

- All right?
- Are you married?

Do you know Alexander Strissov?

- Strizhov.
- Whatever.

Yes. Very good man,
has a good heart. Very generous.

Yeah. So it seems.
He confessed to Andrew Harlin's murder.

It was him? Poor Alex. Such a bad temper.

The problem is, poor Alex didn't kill him.

Then why did he confess?

That's something
we hoped you could tell us.

Yours and Sonya's
fingerprints were found near the body.

- I wore gloves.
- So now you're confessing?

No. I didn't want to break my nails
on the metal rings on that stupid harness.

Sonya and I went to Andrew's to tease him.

No one gets away with
treating me like he did.

- So you killed him.
- No. I didn't kill him.

I let him tie me up so many times
just to please him and he sues me.

He appreciated nothing that I did for him.

Why did he sue you?
Wasn't it because you cheated on him?

What? I found him
in bed with two men. That was it.

Tell me something.
Why did you bring Sonya with you?

Because sometimes we did threesome.

You should try it.

With Sonya it was fun.

I don't mind.
I could trust her. We were friends.

I'm not lesbian. Neither was Sonya.

Sonya admired me.

She was very... feminine.
But two men? Niet.

So you weren't upset
when you found out he was dead?

It's very strange about the death.

But you have to understand,
I have to live my life, be secure, stable.

I have to sleep with men like him.
It is an investment.

Then I can fall in love
without a business interest.

Can you tell me where you went
after you were teasing Andrew?

I went to hear Sonya sing
and meet a friend.

One thing. Did you put the banana
in Andrew's rear end?

Yes. He was allergic to bananas.

But if that killed him,
it was an honest mistake.

Cabarets. Spas. Salons. Rich boyfriends.
Hookers. What are we talking about?

- Maybe the Russian Mafia killed him.
- And Sonya.

Or had them killed.
We haven't checked the Russian Mafia.

I don't understand. Everyone
we've talked to has described Katya

- as a modern-day Cleopatra.
- Not a Siberian Tammy Faye Bakker.

Harlin could have had anyone. Why Katya?

Because it was dangerous.
He liked extremes.

Girlfriends, boyfriends, bananas.

Sleeping with the girlfriend of a mobster
may have had a certain je ne sais quoi.

- Je ne sais quoi?
- N'est-ce pas?

One language at a time, merci?

Go back to Sonya's boyfriend's joint.
See what he's fronting.

Do you know Sonya Pietrovicz?

Poor Sonya. What do you want to drink?

Her boyfriend here?

Excuse me. Would you like to join us?

Of course.

I would like to ask your lady to dance.

- Thank you, but I don't dance.
- Then you'll have to wait here.

Sweet Sonya. Such youth. Such ambition.
A waste of great talent.

You knew I wanted to talk about her?

My wife liked Sonya very much.
She always liked to listen to her sing.

My wife used to sing,
so Sonya reminded her of herself.

But now she's very upset that Sonya's dead.
Unnecessary dead.

Where's this going?

Life is a matter of making choices.
Good choices and bad choices.

They teach this in America.
We Russians try to learn it from you.

That's very flattering.

- She was always with wrong men.
- Such as?

Here. Alexander Strizhov.

We gave him chance.
We had high hopes for him. But now...

- You've had enough.
- What do you think?

- What kind of choice is Alex?
- Alex?

You are 100 per cent right.
He was unnecessary bad choice.

- Alex is the bad guy?
- We are not bad men.

We are mix of good and evil.

- I said he was wrong.
- You got proof?

- What do you need?
- To prove that he killed her or Harlin?

I do not suggest that.
We're having a friendly conversation.

I work for airline business. You are police.

And we are new in this country
with new ways. That's all I know.

- Call me.
- Thanks for your help.


Hello, my friend.
You're still looking?

- Now you speak English?
- You're starting to piss me off.

- Because I'm drunk?
- Because you just spoke English.

When I drink, I speak every language.

- Why not tell us what you know?
- I know a lot. I hear yelling.

Then I think, Sonya and Alex have sex.
Like always, he's spanking. I like.

But then I hear screaming...
Poor Sonya.

Alex Strizhov?

Don't interrupt.
Yes, yes. I hear, 'You killed?'

Then, crash, bang, he killed her.

- Who, Alex?
- Don't interrupt! Yes, Alex.

- He is a brilliant man!
- Are you mocking him?

You losers. You more stupid than my ass.

Yeah, Alex! Of course, Alex.
Poor Alex! Poor Sonya!

They all suffer like me.

We know he killed Sonya.

- We think he killed Andrew.
- How do you know?

We know. We just don't know why.

I don't either.

You knew Alex and Sonya slept together?

So? Maybe she wasn't as good
as me in bed,

- but that's no reason to kill her.
- Weren't you good friends?

Yes. But she could sleep with who she liked.

- Were you sleeping with Alex?
- Not any more.

So what if we were?

Ah, can I talk to her alone?

You know how easy it would be
to convict you?


You were at Andrew's. You tied him up.

You and Sonya left fingerprints.
I know you're not an idiot.

- A jury would find you guilty in a heartbeat.
- I am not guilty.

- Help us catch Alex.
- I'm busy.

So what?
You don't care if a murderer gets caught?

You don't feel any fear or any guilt?

Who are you? Some sex machine
with a cash register between her legs?

Or are you too afraid to get involved?

You got it.

I've got a war out there
to make sure that I survive. Understand?

Some lose. Some die and some win.

No one helps anyone.

Alex is upset because
I don't want to have sex with him any more.

- I have more things to worry about.
- Like your nails?

- You make a living sleeping with guys.
- You should sleep with men more.

Trust me. It would help you.
You wouldn't be such a mean bitch.

I make my living catching murderers.

America's not so different
from Russia, you know?

Especially the prisons.
There's no champagne. There's no caviar.

I don't believe you.

Fine. We'll do it your way.
You have the right to remain silent.

- You are under arrest.
- OK! OK!

I'll do it. Just once.

I guess I'm in the mood
for horseradish vodka.


At the restaurant Alex hangs out at,
my favourite vodka is horseradish.

- What?
- Something. 'You betrayed me.'

- Something about Pushkin.
- Do we move out or not?

She says she's not in jail
because she's too busy.

Like we're not. I can't believe these people.

She's saying Alex killed Andrew
so he must really love her.

He's saying he should get it over with. Now!

Call for backup.

- Put the gun down.
- Put the gun down.

- Drop it.
- Don't worry. I won't shoot anyone.

I will tell you a Russian love poem.
It could be long, it could be short.

Depends, unless you want to shoot me now
and not hear anything.

I brought Katya to America.
I loved her. I did everything to protect her.

I wanted to marry her.
She left me. She had no gratitude.

My mother was always grateful to my father.

I went into Andrew's house

after the girls left him tied up.

I strangled him with a rope.

I wanted Katya to pay,
to learn to start respecting me.

I had to teach her a lesson.

I told Sonya.
Some days you make stupid mistakes.

I didn't want to kill her but I had to.
I know she called you.

I could kill her because I didn't love her.
I sent the aunt to the store.

But the store was closed and she came
back too soon. What could I do?

Alex, put the gun down.

I wanted to be happy.
I wanted to live with Katya in America.

I wanted her to love me. But she hurt me.

No one hurts me. Not even this gun.

See how lucky I am?

Let's go home, Olivia.

Some people consider death a blessing.
This was no blessing.

What a mess.

Killing people because of
some vodka-induced notion of tragedy.

That's a lot of crap.
And for this, they come to America.