Law & Order (1990–2010): Season 9, Episode 5 - Agony - full transcript

After a woman is brutally attacked, the police believe they have stumbled on a serial killer. Prosecutors struggle with how to put him away for life with little evidence.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
criminal justice system

the people are represented by two
separate yet equally important groups,

the police who investigate crime

and the district attorneys
who prosecute the offenders.

These are their stories.

I'm not going, Amy.

The wedding will last a
lot longer than the marriage.

She's your niece!

Yeah? Well, then she
should've found herself a nice...



Well, I heard the
elevator come down

maybe a few minutes
before I came out.

You didn't hear a
scream or a struggle? No.

Anybody with you? My wife.

How many units in the building?

We've got six. Two
on the ground floor,

and upstairs we've got one
loft per floor. Five stories in all.

All the tenants here?

Well, the tenant on the ground
floor leaves for work around 7:00.

But the rest of them, they
don't leave me their schedules.

BRISCOE: Thanks.

What've you got? Three
stab wounds to the chest.

What kind of knife?

Not a knife. I don't know what
it was. Check with me later.

What do ya bet
nobody heard anything?

No bet.


Anybody home?


BRISCOE: Mother of God.

Kath, it's Morgan.
Where are you?

I've left three messages since
yesterday. Are you out of town?

Anyway, I've got the
tickets for Tuesday night.

Call me.

Sunday, August 4th, 9:16 p.m.

Line one. That was
your last message.

Almost two days’ worth
of messages not picked up.

LAMOTTE: You think this
psycho was here that long?

You didn't see this girl.
He was here quite a while.

Sponge is still wet,
cleaned up after himself,

took out the garbage.

You got anything?

She paid her bills on time.

Get some uniforms. See if
you can find that garbage bag.

What've you got?
Big job for the lab.

Specifically. A lot of blood,
some black hairs, all long.

No other hairs? Not so
far. I'll check the drains.

Some of these guys, they
take showers before they leave.

Her flesh was
sliced with a knife,

maybe a razor blade,
arms, legs, back.

He cut through the
right calf muscle.

BRISCOE: What about
the marks on her neck?

A ligature. Not a rope.
Something smooth.

He strangled her
but didn't kill her.

He tried to.

Stab wound in the chest
missed the aorta by millimeters.

Rape? There was
bruising but no semen.

What are her chances?

Talk to the surgeons
when they're done.

Be another three, four hours
unless she dies on the table.

If you hadn't found her
when you did, she'd have...

Her parents are in the lounge.

Thanks. Mmm-hmm.

The doctors won't tell
us what happened to her.

Someone mistreated her.

They told us she could die, you say she
was mistreated? What the hell happened?

She was hurt very badly.

ANNE: What? What?

I'm sorry to have to question
you at a time like this, Mrs. O'Brien.

It's Roger.

Anne, Roger wouldn't do this.

BRISCOE: Who's Roger?

Her husband. Takes cocaine.

Abused her for six years
till she finally got out.

WILLIAM: Roger's a
bully, he's not a monster.

Then why did Kitty have to get
a restraining order against him?

What about all those
times he called you

at 3:00 a.m. in the morning,
ranting and raving about her?

WILLIAM: He wanted
her back, Anne.

I told him I couldn't help him.

Don't waste your time on Roger.

Where should we look, then?

WOMAN: Roger punched her,

slammed her into walls,
dragged her by her hair,

isolated her from
her family and friends,

and then was furious
when she left him.

Where do you think
they should look?

Roger Lansing?


CURTIS: Can we talk
to you? What about?

Your wife.

What's wrong?

She was attacked.
Where were you?

I'll take this back to
the art department.

What happened? Why
are police involved?

Where were you this
weekend, Mr. Lansing?

From late Saturday night
till early this morning?

Why come after me?

Well, we hear you're one of those
guys who get all bent out of shape

when their woman leaves
'em after years of abuse.

You've been talking
to her parents.

They'd be in the street if I hadn't
helped them. Bill lost his job,

I talked Pageant Cola into
giving him a distributorship,

and they point the finger at me?

You're such a great
guy, why'd your wife need

a restraining order against you?

She didn't.

She's positioning herself
for a big settlement.

She doesn't wanna
be with me, fine.

I've moved on. New girlfriend.

The woman we just saw you with?


Is that who you were
with this weekend?

No. She went to a friend's
wedding in Connecticut.

Saturday night, I was
with Jack McKinney.

His apartment. We watched
the game, kicked back for a while.

I got there around 6:00 and left at
2:00 a.m. And went straight home.

Yes, he, uh, left
a little after 2:00.

Is Katharine going
to be all right?

We don't know. She
was still in surgery.

You guys are on the
wrong track here, you know.

Roger wouldn't do that to
Katharine or anybody else.

Who would?

Who could?

Check the men that
she's been dating.

Who knows what she picked up?

Which men would that be?

I don't know their names,
but I hear she's been active.

Lansing get upset about that?

Why would he? He's
got a new girlfriend.

He's got his
hands full with her.

What's that mean?

Roger's a great guy, but he's
got a radar for demanding women.

Look, I'd like to help you, but I
don't know anyone who could do this.

At least I hope I don't.

She got out of surgery
a couple of hours ago.

The hospital has her listed
as critical and unstable.

What's the lab got?

Nothing yet. The guy really
cleaned up after himself.

He even cleared the drains. There's nothing
in the P-traps but some traces of Drano.

There were five
separate sets of prints.

The computer didn't match
'em to anybody with priors.

What about the mailman?

Three stabs to the chest with something
that left one-inch U-shaped wounds.

Force broke two
ribs and the sternum.

Three inches deep, give or take.

M.E. have an opinion about
what kind of implement was used?

No. Are the Feds
gonna take the mailman?

They said if we find out the mail was
interfered with, they'll think about it.

Otherwise, they wish us luck.
The husband has an alibi. Move on.

He's not the only
man in her life.

Well, it could've
been some stranger.

Well, clear the
underbrush first,

talk to the friend who left
messages on her machine.

Katharine finally gets it together
to leave that son of a bitch,

and Jack McKinney
makes her sound like a slut?

Katharine been
seeing anybody new?

(SIGHS) Oh, don't you start.

Somebody tortured her and left her
for dead. Roger Lansing has an alibi.

She's gone out with
three or four guys

since she left Roger,
but nothing clicked.

You know their names?

There was a Paul, and a
Randy. A Bill. I don't know.

How does she spend her time?

She's been reading a lot.

She's taking
decorative arts classes.


Some antique dealer
who holds night classes.

He's probably in her Rolodex.

Tom's going to take
care of these items.

I'll be at St. Mark's
if you need me.

Katharine says he's a great guy.

She has God-awful taste in men.

Good Lord. Is she, uh...

Intensive care.
You go out with her?

Five or six dates.
Will she be all right?

You ever go to her
place? Couple of times.

You have keys?

(SCOFFS) Never accept keys.

Too much implied commitment.

God forbid.

I help ladies get
through their divorces.

Makes them happy to
know they're still desirable.

CURTIS: And what
do you get out of it?

Great sex.

Breakups make women go out of
their way to prove it wasn't their fault.

Where were you last weekend?

I was in London last week.
Went for a couple of auctions.

Flew back late Sunday
afternoon, British Airways.

(EXHALES) Let me
ask you something.

Out of all the men in Manhattan,

how did Katharine
Lansing find you?

Mutual lady friend.

Another lucky recipient
of your charms?

That's right.

DIANE: He helped me. I thought
maybe he could help Katharine.

He ever do anything kinky?

DIANE: You'd
have to define kinky.


Gavin's talent is he
figures out without asking

what pleases the
women he's with.

He's a big-hearted guy.

Yeah, well, he gets what
he wants, too, after all.

What happened to
Katharine, it's just not Gavin.

Anyone in Katharine's circle of
acquaintances you can think of?


Not unless Roger went
totally around the bend.

Has he?

He has an alibi.

Yeah, I'm sure he does.
Nothing's ever his fault.

Who'd he say he was with?

A man named Jack McKinney.

Not Saturday night, he wasn't.

I saw Jack at La Goulue,

and he certainly
wasn't with Roger.

What time was that?

Around 11:30.

He was with his current
pouty, young thing.

I know how Jack spent the rest of
his evening, and it wasn't with Roger.

Unless they had a threesome.

You might as well
come off it, Lansing.

Your friend, McKinney, told
us you asked him to lie for you.

Okay. I was at a hotel.

Who with?

If Michelle finds out
about this, she'll kill me.

You know how women are.

You mean they tend to get upset

because you follow your crotch down
the street every time they turn their back?

It was just one night.

Anyway, hookers don't count.

Where'd you find the hooker?

Paramour In-Calls.

Very high quality girls.

I'm a massage specialist.

What part of the body
do you, uh, specialize in?

Whatever part needs relief.

Saturday night, your agency
sent you to the Hotel Royale.

What time did you get there?

About 10:00, 10:15.

I figured the guy
must be married.

Why else rent a hotel
room for a massage?

How long did you stay?

He left at 9:30, Sunday morning,

and the rest of us
stayed till checkout time.

The rest of us?

The guy was all coked up.

I called in reinforcements.

Guys on coke have problems.
You know, they can't...

Get relief?


Anyway, by 3:00 a.m., there
were five of us massaging him

and putting on
little shows for him.


Okay, so, uh, five girls

for, like, uh, 11 hours?

This guy must've
dropped a bundle.

$25,000. (LAUGHS)

He had lots of problems and
lots of plastic. The perfect client.

The victim's conscious.


CURTIS: Did you
go to the club alone?

Just to dance. Mom?

Yes, tell me.

Something for the pain.

What time did you
leave to go home?




Did anybody follow you?


No, I always check.

Did you lock your
door when you came in?

I thought so.

I... I don't know. I...

I had some drinks at the club.

I got some water,

I heard a voice...

Voice behind me.

"If... If you turn
around, I'll kill you."

Whose voice was it?

I don't know.

I don't know.

Your man sounds like
he's still honing his fantasy.


Katharine Lansing
might disagree.

These men construct scenarios in
their heads and then act them out.

They get off on humiliating, degrading
and torturing another human being.

Fact he didn't kill her means
he's still taking baby steps.

He tried.

If he was seasoned,
he'd have made sure.

You're saying we've got a
serial killer who screwed up?

This may be his first.
It won't be his last.

He'll refine his
operation as he goes.

He's already well
organized and careful.

He sure cleaned up good.

He's probably studied
crime scene procedure.

He planned this
down to the last detail.

Except the postman.

Again, shows he's
new to the game.

If he had his act down cold, he'd
have walked right past the mailman.

Maybe smiled and
said, "Good morning."

So he's confronted with
something he didn't plan for.

Then he acts decisively.

So there's one thing you
know about him for sure.

What else?

Uh, he's meticulous, organized.

In a line of work where
he deals with minutiae

and doesn't have
to stay in one place.

Travels a lot. Uh,
probably white.

No prior relationship
with the victim.

Seems normal to others.

May or may not be married.

Collects sadistic pornography.

Most likely keeps a detailed
record of his cruelties.

A lot of white men in
New York City who travel

have no prior relationship
with Katharine Lansing.

This was not a one-time deal.
He's been out there trolling.

Pull any incident reports
that look promising.

Women who had narrow escapes,

hookers who got more
than they bargained for.

And send the crime
details to all precincts.

See if they got
anything that matches.

I told the police officers I
didn't want to press charges.

Well, a guy tries to strangle
you and you want to let it go?

I want to keep my job, okay?

What does your job
have to do with it?

I met this guy in a bar.

We went to his place.

Things got a little
out of hand, so I left.

Patrol unit found you
at 68th and Madison.

You were dazed and half-dressed.

You had ligature
marks on your neck.

I'm into S&M, okay?
It's not a crime.

This guy wasn't responding
to any of the safe words.

It's a game, you know, you...

Only he wasn't playing.

BRISCOE: This guy have a name?


Any point in asking
you his last name?

I didn't care what his name was.

What's he look like?


5'10" or so. Brown hair,
brown eyes. Clean-shaven.

Where's his place?

You see the papers?

You read about that woman
who was tortured last weekend?

Where's his apartment?

No, this isn't my apartment.

The owner, Ms. Fowler, has been
in the Middle East since August.

Anybody staying here with you?

No. What's this about?

How long have you been here?

Since the fourteenth.

Who was here before you?

Oh. You're looking for
the pervert, aren't you?

Why do you call
him "the pervert"?

This was in the VCR.

I guess he forgot
about it when he left.

I watched 10 seconds
of it. It was disgusting.

BRISCOE: Do you know
his name or where he went?

Uh, when I moved in, there
was a package by the door.

I don't remember the name.

You remember who
sent it? Who delivered it?

Sorry. I asked the doorman
to send it to the rental agency.

That'd be Matt Bergstrom,
one of our regulars.

Travels a lot. Is he in trouble?

CURTIS: He's from out of town?


Calls us a couple
of times a year.

He's coming in,
needs a place to stay.

Town's full of hotels.

We've got clients who
need somewhere to stay.

We've got other clients who don't want
their apartments vacant while their gone.

Everybody wins.

What do you know
about Bergstrom?

Not much. I never met him
except on the phone, uh...

Freelances. Something
to do with computer games.

Why'd he leave the co-op early?

Said he needed to
be closer to the office.

BRISCOE: You know where he went?

What'd you do with his package?

Sent it back to the
company where he's working.

Matt Bergstrom? Sure,
he's the one who...

Well, I'm not exactly
sure what he does,

but it's something about the
content of the video games.

Is he here? No, he left.

What do you want him for?

Need to talk to him. You
know where he's staying?

He won't be there.

He went to dinner with Miss
Kurtzman from Product Development.

They left maybe a half hour ago.

CURTIS: Matt Bergstrom? Yes?

We've got some
questions for you.

You want to come
down to the station?

Questions about what?

We can discuss
it at the precinct.

Are you arresting me?

BRISCOE: Not unless we have to.

Some mistake. Guess
I better clear it up.

Do you want me to
call anybody, Matt? No.

No, it'll be fine.

I'm sorry. I'll call you later.

Lead the way.

So you wrap this around
the woman's throat

and tighten it until
she passes out.

But you don't kill her, right?
'Cause that wouldn't be any fun.

That's the sickest
thing I've heard.

I've told you, those are gifts
for the women I'm working with.

Oh, yeah.

This is a great gift idea.

And who are these
for? Katharine Lansing?

Why do you keep asking
the same questions?

I don't know anything
about any Katharine Lansing.

CURTIS: You know about
Erica Davies, though, right?

You tried to asphyxiate her.

I told you, she kept
saying, "Rougher, rougher."

Then all of a sudden,
she kicked me,

grabbed her clothes and ran out.

Katharine Lansing
want it rougher, too?

I don't know Katharine Lansing.

Okay, once again.

Where were you from Saturday
night till Monday morning?

It hasn't changed since
the last time you asked.

I did some
paperwork at the hotel,

and then I walked
around the city.

I like to walk.

Thirty-six hours. You didn't
see anybody you knew,

you didn't talk to
anybody you knew,

you didn't call anybody,
nobody called you?

If I had seen or talked to anybody,
now, don't you think I'd say so?

I'm not even from here.

We've asked the Seattle
police to check you out.

What are they gonna tell us?

Look, you have kept
me here for five hours.

You searched my hotel room, you
took my picture without telling me why.

You accused me of
something I didn't do.

Now, I have tried to
cooperate here, but I'm done.

Arrest me or let me go.

And I want my stuff back.

The club Katharine
Lansing went to,

I found two people who ID'd
Bergstrom in the neighborhood.

The night she was there?

No, a couple of days before.

A bar right down the
street from the club.

Bartender says
Bergstrom was there.

Some blonde babe hit on
him, he wasn't interested,

and then he locked
onto a brunette,

and he spent about an hour
trying to get her out the door.

She go with him? No.

Also, he sweet-talked
some clerk in a CD store.

She wasn't interested
'cause she's got a girlfriend.

Well, we can't hold
him on what we've got.

Let him call a lawyer, and
then get that girl in here.

The one he tried to strangle.

How many people do I have
to tell? I'm not pressing charges.

You think you're the only
woman this guy goes after?

Then talk to them.

I work for a politician,
and I need the job.

I can't get mixed up in this.

What do you think
would've happened

if you hadn't knee-capped
this guy and run out?

It was in his eyes, wasn't it?

He was gonna kill you.

Maybe I over-reacted.


Her name is Katharine Lansing.

Those are knife wounds.

These injuries here, we
don't know what they are.

Marks where he tightened
something around her throat.

You know how
this feels, don't you?

He's pulling it
tighter and tighter,

and you don't know if he's
gonna stop or keep going.

But you did know, didn't you?

You knew if you
didn't get out of there,

you were gonna end
up like this. Look at her.

Is your job really worth this?

How many other women
do you want him to savage?

All right, Mr. Bergstrom,
you win. You're under arrest.

I didn't do anything
to that woman.

You can't possibly
have any evidence.

Which woman are
you talking about?

Erica Davies filed a complaint.

The charge is Assault
in the First Degree.

You have the right
to remain silent.

You have the right
to an attorney...

And you're not
getting your toys back.

They're going to the lab.

KATHARINE: That one, too.

You know this man?

No, just looks familiar.

So this one and this one you
might have seen somewhere before?

Can you think of where?


Is it one of them?

We need to know everything
you remember about the incident.

CARMICHAEL: Anything he said.

After he told me
not to turn around,

he never said anything else.

For a day and a half?

I don't know.

I just remember the pain.

Mr. Bergstrom is the
aggrieved party here.

Ms. Davies attacked him. He
had to see a doctor about his knee.

She kicked him because
he was strangling her.

LAWYER: You can't sustain an Assault
One charge. It was a misunderstanding.

Her word against his. Drop it.

JACK: I'm much more likely to
up the charge than I am to drop it.

Are you off on
Katharine Lansing again?

You don't have one thing
to link my client to that.

You make it sound like they
just haven't found anything yet.

There's nothing to find.

I didn't do anything
to that woman.

You say you didn't do
anything to Ms. Davies, either.

I didn't do anything to
her that she didn't ask for.

Was Katharine Lansing
asking for it, too?

That's not what I meant.

JACK: What about
Leslie Dawes in Seattle?


Misdemeanor assault,
three years ago.

She accused him of
trying to strangle her.

Bad habits die hard.

plead to Assault Three.

Pay a fine, promise
to never do it again.

We'll let you know.

You have till Monday.
Then I move to dismiss.

You've got the assault charge.

And a victim with an
off-beat sexual history.

And even if we convict him, he
only gets put away for a year at best.

It's one year that
he's not killing people.

Abbie, the assault case
is smoke and mirrors,

and we've used them up getting prohibitive
bail on a relatively minor charge.

Have the police
go over it again.

If they still come
up with nothing,

and if Miss Davies can't
be persuaded to cooperate...

If, if, if.

Take the misdemeanor
plea. Best we can do.

Aside from the unidentified
saliva, there is nothing on these.

You checked every
piece of clothing?

Everything means everything,
right down to the soles of his shoes.

The sole of this sneaker
had creosote on it.

There was a sliver of
wood embedded in it.

Wood? From what?

Maybe a railroad tie.

So Bergstrom submitted
restaurant receipts

to the computer company
for reimbursement.

Even psychos gotta eat.

Yeah, well, mostly he
ate in his neighborhood.

But three times in one week,

he went way the hell uptown
to a place near Fort Tryon Park.

Don't they call this
clutching at straws?

MAN: Yeah, he came three
nights in a row earlier this month.

All three times, he asked for that
table like it meant something to him.

He do anything besides eat?

Just sat there. Looked
out the window, smiling.

What was he looking at?

At the park.

At what in the park?

The leaves. (LAUGHS)
How do I know?

We've got a K-9 unit
up there. Sniffed through

several acres. The
dogs didn't find anything.

We talked to two uniforms who saw
Bergstrom leaving the park at 4:00 a.m.

on the sixth of this month.

The exit nearest the restaurant.

They stopped him,
didn't like his attitude,

so they hung onto him while
they looked around some. Zip.

The park, train tracks.
What the hell is he up to?

We checked his travels
the last few years.

Houston PD was
investigating him on a case

where a woman
disappeared, January last year.

What made them
lock onto Bergstrom?

He was with her the
day she went missing.

They couldn't tie him in,
but the case is still open.

I don't like where this
seems to be going.

How long's he been
coming to New York?

The past five years.

Pull all the reports
of missing women,

open murder cases
with a sex angle.

See if anything matches up.

I have friends in the Houston
D.A.'s office. I'll give them a call.

Do we have a deal?

Does the name Anna
Lasky mean anything to you?

You had lunch with her in
Houston on January 7th, a year ago.

Nobody ever saw her again.

God, not this again.

I had lunch with her.
She left in her car.

I walked back to the
house I was renting.

Her car was found at the San
Antonio airport a week later.

Blood in the trunk. Did they
find my fingerprints on it?


They didn't find one damn thing.

Not one reason to suspect
me because I didn't do it.

CARMICHAEL: We've heard
how well you clean up after yourself.

Washing the dishes, taking out
the garbage, Drano down the drains.

Unless you've annexed
Houston into New York County,

I don't see how this
is any of your business

I'm still not hearing any evidence
against him in the Lansing case.

We asked the Houston PD if there
was a park near where you stayed

when you were down
there. They said, "Yes."

We told them they might wanna
send a dog and handler to check it out.

Where you going
with this, Mr. McCoy?

Death Row. Either
here or in Texas.

This is the most colossal bluff
I've ever seen. You have nothing!

We have Fort Tryon
Park. The train tracks.

Houston K-9 units sniffing away.

We're closing in on you. Us or Houston.
Either way, we're going to put you down.

They throw the switch
a lot faster down there.

I want to speak to Mr. Lazar.


You okay?

With that butcher looking at me

like I'm a carcass
on a meat hook?

Sure, I'm fine.

Premature to threaten
him with the death penalty.

Last I heard, the cops
had over 600 reports

of missing women
still to go through.


You have to separate
that from Bergstrom.

Against my advice, he'll plead
to Aggravated Assault on Lansing

and Man One on
the postal carrier.

Murder One for the
postman. Life without parole.

Murder Two. 25 to life.
And there's a condition.

You agree not to
extradite him to Texas.

Or any other
death penalty state.

Extradition is up to the
governor. You know that.

Get a promise from the Attorney
General's office not to extradite.

He'll want something in return.

Something big.

You get to clear a case
you can't even bring to trial

'cause you got squat for
evidence, and you want to dicker.

I'm just telling you what
I need to make it work.

You put something on the table.

I'll see what I can do.

Otherwise, you can
take your chances.

How would you like to
close some open cases?

What cases?

He doesn't say anymore till you get
him out of range of the death penalty.

Bergstrom's giving
you a gift. Take it.

I don't like the wrong
end of a sucker bet.

You may have no
choice. He's a serial killer.

He's going to show you bodies
you may never find without his help.

We make this deal with him,
he gets those bodies free.

DR. SKODA: This could be
your last chance to stop him.

We're not going to
get perfect justice here.

He accepts life without
parole, I can live with that.

Why not buy the cops some
time to put a case together?

We try him for the
assault on Davies.

Maybe he gets a
year. More likely not.

We make this deal
with him, we've got him.

So he shows us
two bodies. Four, ten.

What do we say to the
families of those women?

JACK: If we don't stop him now,
what do we say to the families

of the women he kills next
week, next month, next year?

You want to risk their lives just for
the satisfaction of ending Bergstrom's?

What'd the Attorney
General say about extradition?

They saw it's the only
way we can hang onto him.

Make the deal.

Murder One for the mailman.

Assault One and Attempted
Murder Two for Katharine Lansing,

and you open up on the
cases you know about.

Life without parole.

Murder Two for the mailman,

Assault Three for
Lansing. 25 to life.


You make this deal, or
Mr. Bergstrom and I are out of here.

25 to life.

Did you talk to the
Attorney General's office?

JACK: Yes.

No extradition to a
death penalty state.

LAZAR: No admission of guilt
in any case he tells you about.

But if we uncover independent
evidence in those cases,

we're free to prosecute.

What independent evidence? Anything you
find will be based on what he tells you.

We can argue that
out with a judge.


Let's hear it.

I can show you six bodies.

LAZAR: No admission.

If you didn't kill them, how
do you know where they are?

I heard.

I'll draw you a map.

RODGERS: Four of them
had already been discovered.

BRISCOE: Exactly where
Bergstrom said they'd be.

RODGERS: Three were buried
as Jane Does on Hart Island.

The fourth was ID'd
from dental records.

Beth Aldredge. She was
shipped home to Minnesota.

BRISCOE: We didn't ask to dig
her up. We figured we had enough.

JACK: Autopsies
conducted at the time?

All they had were bones.

I can give you approximate times
of death. May be off by months.

They all had some chipped bones,

knife wounds, delivered
with some force.

The other two?

CURTIS: One was
in Fort Tryon Park,

one in a train tunnel.
Bergstrom visited them.

Probably got himself off
reliving the good old days.

He led us right to them.

Skeletal remains. Chipped
bones, like the others.

Five of the six had
three to five knife wounds.

This guy gets away
with six murders.

And who know how many more.

His allocution is in two weeks.

He'll be doing 25 to life.

If anybody ever
deserved the needle...

The deal's for Katharine
Lansing and the mailman.

What about these?

The deal includes these.

You got any paper clips?

DD-fives are ready?

My wife and I brought Kitty back to
the loft from the hospital this morning.

This was in the entry, like
somebody slipped it under the door.

Anne and I were at the
loft yesterday afternoon

to make sure everything was
ready for Kitty to come home.

The note wasn't there then?

No. If you caught the man who attacked
my daughter, who the hell left this note?

"Dear Kitty, if you think
that was bad, just wait."

He pled guilty.

He didn't leave the note.

Who else would have, except
the man who attacked me?

How many people call you Kitty?

Umm, my family and Roger,

and a friend I've known
since we were kids.

There must be some
other people who knew.

You're not listening.

What if... What if you've
got the wrong person?

What am I supposed
to do? (CRYING)

The police will look into it
and find out who left the note.

I can't sleep. I can't eat.

Anybody who
touches me, I cringe.

Somebody made my life not worth
living, and now he's going to kill me.

Roger Lansing was in Chicago, meeting
with a client when the note was left.

The childhood friend who
calls her Kitty lives in Denver.

The antiques dealer was in
Europe, servicing another divorcee.

What about Lansing's friend?

McKinney was in the Hamptons.

Lansing has a girlfriend.

Uh, she went to visit
her parents on the island.

Old man owns a
carpentry shop there.

Where's the autopsy
report on the mailman?

Right here.

These U-shaped wounds,

you guys know anything
about wood-working tools?


A little.

Learn more. And
get a search warrant.

My father's retired. I run the
business now. What's this about?

You been to the City lately?

Not for a few weeks. Why?

Hey, Rey.

Shaped like a U.

Twist it, you get an O.

How about that?

You lied to the police about
where you were that weekend.

And you missed a little blood on
the gouge when you cleaned up.

One of my workers
must've cut himself on it.

It fits the wounds
on the mailman,

right down to the
nick in the center.

And we'll have the blood
match by the end of the day.

Why Katharine Lansing?

Your sister's dating Katharine's
husband. How did you get in the mix?

Mr. Ashford has told
you he's not your man.

Fine. I'll get an
indictment. Murder One.

Attempted Murder Two.

What can you do for him?

What can he do for me?

Are you willing to come
down from Murder One?

It's possible.

So my sister hooks up
with this Lansing guy.

He's loaded, but he keeps
obsessing on his ex-wife,

and Michelle's afraid
she's gonna lose him.

And this is the solution
you came up with?

It wasn't my idea.

She tells me to get
rid of the competition

and make it look like
some psycho did it.

Guess what? Some
psycho did do it.

Did Roger Lansing know?

You think she told him?

She's still trying
to hang onto him.

And how's that
working out for her?

Not too well.

He's more focused on
her than ever before.

Calling her,
sending her flowers.

Blowing off Michelle.

Just so we're clear,

you tortured Katharine
Lansing for 36 hours,

you stabbed her in the
chest, you left her for dead.

LAWYER: At his
sister's instigation.

Did his sister tell him to be sure
to kill the mailman on his way out?

The next announcement's gonna be the
police can pin the six bodies on Bergstrom.

They can't.

He killed those six
women. He led us to them.

That isn't evidence.

Any word from the
other jurisdictions?

found a body. Bones. No forensics.

We can't hold him for
Mr. Ashford's crime.

Well, we sure as
hell can't let him go.

Bergstrom knew we'd find
those bodies sooner or later.

He preempted us. He played us.

Arrange for his release.

You're not serious. If the
police come up with anything...

Yeah, that's
great. That'll work.

If we need to find him, we can just
follow the trail of blood and bones.

Don't rant. Let's
hear a solution.

Ashford and his sister killed a postal
employee. That's a federal offense.

We turn them over to the
US Attorney's, gift-wrapped.

And Bergstrom?

We keep the Ashfords under
wraps until after he allocutes.

Do you know what
you're proposing?

There's no conflict, Jack.

The Ashfords'll be
convicted under a federal

statute, Bergstrom
under a state one.

Of a crime only one of
them could've committed.

New York State expressly
allows inconsistent pleadings.


(SIGHS) Yep?


The Ashfords have closed
ranks. They've hired a new lawyer.

LAWYER: How long were you
gonna wait to tell us, Mr. McCoy?

You've already got somebody
in custody for this crime.

A serial killer named Bergstrom.

He confessed, and he's scheduled
to allocute at the end of the week.

Who said he confessed?

I have my sources.

You put my clients on trial,
I'll call Bergstrom as a witness

and watch your face while
he tells the jury he did it.

I'm moving to dismiss.

Don't tell us.

The US Attorney's office has agreed
to take over prosecution of Mr. Ashford

for the murder of the mailman. That's
a federal crime, in case you didn't know.

And you, Miss Ashford, will be
prosecuted as his accomplice.

You said it was over.
This was just a formality.

Let me handle it. You've handled
it right into a federal charge.

Shut up, Michelle.

If you weren't such a
stunningly incompetent moron

we wouldn't be here at all.

That sounds like an
admission of guilt, Mr. Kaufer.

My client is upset.
There's no admission.

CARMICHAEL: So they'll
plead not guilty in federal court.

When pigs fly.

JACK: We settled this. We left
it open, and I called the Feds.

Call 'em back. Tell
'em we made a mistake.

Jack, we cannot let the Ashfords
get away with what they did,

and we can't lose Bergstrom.

We've already lost him.

Not if the Feds
take the Ashfords.

The New York County
District Attorney's office can't...

No, won't knowingly convict a man of
the wrong crime. What are you thinking?

Well, I'm just taking a page
from the Jack McCoy playbook.

Nobody gets to bend
the rules but you?

I've bent the rules to convict
the right person of the right crime.

This isn't bending, this is
turning the law against itself.

You once hid a witness to
get the result that you wanted.

And I was wrong
then. You're wrong now.

Don't wait till you're facing a
disciplinary committee to realize it.

Jack, you know that Bergstrom
will torture and kill another woman,

and another, and another... I
want to stop him, too, Abbie.


do you still have letterhead
from the Houston D.A.'s office?

Yes. Good.

I want to check with Skoda, but maybe
we can play Mr. Bergstrom for a change.

A jealous girlfriend, huh?


This changes everything.

My client is recanting his confession
and changing his plea to not guilty.

As for Miss Davies,
we're gonna fight you on...

We dropped the assault charge.

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth
here, but, uh, mind if I ask you why?

We don't want anything
keeping Mr. Bergstrom here.

You're wanted elsewhere.

Houston PD found Anna Lasky.

What was left of her.

They sent a request
for extradition.

It's all official.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

You can't extradite
me. We have a deal.

Deal's gone. You recanted.

He said it, not me. I'm
not recanting anything.

We can't have you plead to a crime
you didn't commit, Mr. Bergstrom.

That would be wrong.

You bitch.

A week from tomorrow,
you'll be on a plane,

sandwiched between
two of Houston's finest.

They can't do this.

You'll have a speedy trial.

Your lawyer will file
a couple of appeals.

He'll lose, and bang,
before you know it,

there's that pesky needle.

You, what are you doing? You're
just sitting there. Make her shut up.

Ms. Carmichael... I'm not done.

I'm going to be there.

And if they'd let me push
one of the plungers, I'd do it,

and pray it's the one
that delivers the fatal dose.

Get her out of
here. Get her out.

How does it feel, Mr. Bergstrom?

You killed all those women, and now
a woman is going to return the favor.

You won't.

Pretty damn ironic, isn't it?

You can't kill me.
I won't let you.

Try and stop me.

I'll plead to one of the others.
The one by the train tracks.

Hang on... Murder One.

Life without parole.

Mr. Bergstrom...


She doesn't say
what happens to me.


If you change your
mind, I'll be waiting.

No, you sit!

You listen to what I did to her.

I cut her,

and she screamed.

I burned her, and
she screamed louder.

I pushed my fist into her,

and she passed out.

I made her say

she admired me.

I had total control.