Law & Order (1990–2010): Season 8, Episode 24 - Monster - full transcript

Detectives Briscoe and Curtis investigate the rape of 10 year-old Malika Richardson who was found in in a coma in the basement of her apartment. They trace Malika's movements to the library and then a pizza parlor and get a few sketches of men who were seen in the locations. They arrest Owen Stokes who was seen at several of the locations Malika visited on the day of the attack. DA Adam Sciff is up for election and makes it clear that he ants a conviction. As a result, Briscoe and Curtis coerce an admission of guilt from him. The only problem is that they have the wrong man. Briscoe meanwhile gets an offer from one of his informants to take care of the drug dealer who killed his daughter. Jamie decides the only way to keep custody of her daughter is to stop working full-time.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
In the criminal justice system

the people are represented by two
separate yet equally important groups,

the police
who investigate crime

and the district attorneys
who prosecute the offenders.

These are their stories.

TROY: Why did
Sylvester die?

ANDRES: Just got sick.

Why don't you take
him to the doctor?

No doctor's gonna
look at a guinea pig.

Can't make no grave down here.

No, we're gonna burn
him up with the garbage.

Sylvester's gonna be cremated.


Two little kids from
the building found her.

They were coming down here
to get rid of a dead pet.

This a public area?

Not supposed to be,
but the lock on the door,

it's been broken for,
what, since Christmas?

This place is a trap.

The girl live here?

I never saw her before,

but one of the kids told me she
lives in Building C across the way.

Anybody in the neighborhood
been bothering the kids?

Oh, no, no, no, no,
nothing like that, sir.

Okay, stick around.

EMS says forcible sexual assault.
She was beaten really badly.

Might not make it.

The girl was how old?

Ten, 11 tops.

Pants were torn off,
jacket collar's ripped.

Guy was in a hurry.
Left her backpack.

"CURTIS: “Parables
of the Old Testament."

"Malika Richardson."

What's that smell?


Roach spray. Perp emptied
half the can into her mouth.

Won't find that
in the Old Testament.

What hospital is she at?

St. Mark's. The officers
will give you a ride.

What happened?

Was she raped?
It's possible.

That's for the
doctors to tell us.

Look, we're gonna need
a recent picture of Malika.


When was the last
time you saw her?

She went to bible
class this morning.

She called after class
to get permission

to go to the public library
with her friend Fiona.

Did she ever mention
anyone hassling her?


What floor is Fiona on?

She lives downstairs on eight.

(SOBBING) It's my fault!

I shouldn't have
let her out alone!

Me and Malika
came home together.

BRISCOE: Did anybody talk
to you or follow you home?


Did you come up in
the elevator together?


Was anybody on the
elevator with you?

No, she got off safe.

CURTIS: Fiona,

Malika lives on 11.
You get off before her.

Listen to me, sweetheart.

No matter what, you're not
in any trouble, I promise.

Yes, I am. We're not allowed
to walk home by our self.

Did you leave Malika
alone someplace?

At the library.

We went to do our school
report on Rosa Parks,

but I got a stomachache,
so I came home.

Yeah, she was in
here this afternoon.

I usually don't
see her on weekends.

Something happen to her?
Big time.

Was anybody with
her when she left?

She came in with her friend.

No, no, but
she left by herself.

Maybe somebody
followed her outside.

Somebody like who?

Somebody like the guys who come
in and pretend to read books.

Oh. Those guys.

Yeah, there's a couple of them.

Chico and...
What's-his-name... Owen.

Yeah. I didn't see either
of them today, though.

They usually come
in on the weekdays.

When the kids are
here after school.

I see what you're saying.

We're gonna need you to
come down to the precinct,

talk to a sketch artist

and look at a few mug shots.

And is there any way we can get a list
of everybody who borrowed a book today?

I can get one from
the librarian for you.

Can Henry come to the phone?

Well, have him call us back.

Hospital called, girl's still in a coma.
Any news on the rape kit?

Still waiting.
Latent came up negative

on the spray can.
It was wiped clean.

You check the lot number?

CURTIS: Stuff's only
available to the trade.

It was shipped to the New York
area about four years ago.

Impossible to trace
which supply house.

The library guard?

Couple of nice sketches, but he
couldn't pick his resident pervos

out of the sex offender books.

Well, show the sketches
around the project.

Whoa. You want us
out on the street,

or you want us to
make library calls?

I want you finding this doer.

CURTIS: We got about a hundred
more names on the printout,

plus the call-backs.

We could use 10, 12
more bodies on this.

All right, give the
printout to Profaci,

I'll put in for some more help.


Uh-huh. LT, hold on.


Go ahead. Uh-huh.


Forensics. No fluids, no fibers on the clothing.
Same deal with the rape kit.

So much for a DNA hit.

They found a paper napkin
in the girl's jacket pocket

with stains on it.
Olive oil and tomato sauce.

She stopped for a slice.

We get a lot of
kids on Saturday.

You know what she was wearing?

Red pants, purple jacket,
braided ponytail.

Slice and a Yoo-hoo.


Real polite, paid with a 20.

You sure about the $20?

Yeah, 10-year-old kid
with a $20 bill?

Was anybody with her?

I don't think so.

She didn't have the
change in her pocket.

Maybe the perp bought her a pizza
and waited outside for her.

When she was in there, you
remember any other customers?

Let me see...

C-Berry usually
come in around then.

That's his corner.

He a drug dealer?

He's just a lookout
for somebody else.

Has a slice for
lunch every day,

takes out one large pie
almost every night.

A Hawaiian with
extra pineapple.

Yeah, all I'm saying is keep
Shorty there until I get...

If you gonna arrest me,
arrest me, all right?

I took care of all my warrants.

Don't worry about that.
We're not looking for you.

What's your real name?

(LAUGHS) What's that,
a trick question?

Calvin Berry.

Calvin, who likes extra
pineapple on his pizza?

Say what?

This girl came in
the pizza shop yesterday.

Man, I can't be talking to you.

BRISCOE: Hey, Calvin,
come on into my office.

Now, do you remember this girl?

Hey, man,
I'm not real observant.

I tell you what,
Calvin, look at this.

Now, this is a get-out-of-jail-free
card if you help us.

She bought herself a slice.

She alone?

Some guy was with her.

All right.
Now, concentrate.

Try real hard.

(SIGHS) Him.
You know who he is?

He ain't from around here,
I would have seen him before.

The lookout ID'd
one of the sketches.

Puts the guy with Malika
outside the pizzeria.

Yeah, we figure the guy
lives near the library.

If we got those
bodies you promised,

we could do a hard canvass
of the neighborhood.

Well, I'm still
waiting to hear.

What the hell's going on, LT?

Look, instead of bitching,
let's get some help.

What about the papers?

Come on, they ran
the story on page 36.

They probably figure
their readers don't care

what happens
above 110th Street.

Oh, is that right?

Well, maybe I should
talk to them.

Hey, partner, check it out.
Page three.

PROFACI: Hey, Lennie.

One of your snitches called.
Eddie Soto.

He say what he wanted?

He's in Rikers. He wants
you to come see him ASAP.

Maybe he saw the paper.

What little girl?
I need a personal favor.

I'm jammed up on a burglary.

I can't help you out, Eddie.

This Detective Spivak
put a burg two on me.

He don't even have
me inside the joint.

That ain't
playing fair, Lennie.

Hey, I read the arrest report.

You're in the car with burglary
tools and the stolen goods

a half-hour
after the radio run.

I borrowed the car.

All right, a couple
of misdemeanors.

Bullets back to back.
I can live with that.

Yeah, I know, you can do two
years standing on your head.

Hey, if I blow trial,
I'm a third-time felon.

My legal aid tells me
I'm mandatory persistent.

Lennie, minimum.

Tough break.

You gotta talk to that
Spivak guy who grabbed me.

I don't even know him.

You know something?

If that stolen property
should happen to get lost,

they can't prove no burglary.

Now, I'm out of here.

You get me out of this

and I'll take care of that
guy who did your daughter.

Yeah, Danny Jones.

Nice clean job, Lennie,

and nobody's gotta know.


What happened here?

Anonymous caller says this crowd
of good Samaritans found our perp.

Patrol cars got here just
in time to save his ass.

What's your name?

Stokes. Owen Stokes.

You own a library card, Owen?

What are you talking about?

You live in the neighborhood?

Yeah, around the corner.
What's up with these people?

They was gonna kill me.

They think you did that little
girl over in the Jefferson Houses.

Me? What for?

Look, I'm bleeding.

I think my ribs are broken,
I gotta go to a hospital.

Yeah, well,
we got a stop to make

before we take you to the hospital.

That aspirin 's
not cutting it, man.

My jaw's starting to hurt.

It's all your damn fault, tagging
me as some kind of pervert.

Here's your chance to clear
everything up, Owen.

Why don't you just tell us where
you were Saturday afternoon?

I want to get with a lawyer.

Forget about a lawyer.
You're not under arrest.

I'm not?

You can walk out of
here anytime you want.

BRISCOE: Well, soon as
the doctor says it's okay.

I gotta wait for a doctor?

Oh, sure.

I mean, we just let
you walk out of here

and you keel over
from some brain injury,

we could get sued.

Well, when's the doctor
gonna get here?

You know doctors.

You could grow a tumor time it
takes one to get around to you.

I ain't gonna spend
the whole day here.

Of course not.

So, about Saturday afternoon.


I want to get with a lawyer.

Don't you want
to clear your name?

Because once you
talk to a lawyer,

no one's gonna believe
anything you say.

That's just human nature, Owen.

I don't trust what anybody says
after they've been with a lawyer.

I don't know, man. I just
better not say anything.

Profaci called in.

Berry's not working his
corner, so he can't find him.

This hump's gonna run as soon
as he hits the fresh air.

We gotta keep him here till
Berry comes in for an ID.

Well, we can send him to the
hospital with a uniform,

but I don't see stalling
him past tonight.

You expect us to
find Berry by then,

we're gonna need some help.

What about the cavalry?
They due anytime soon?


Five more teams for one shift.

That's all I need.

Can't spare them.

I bet if this was some
5-year-old white beauty queen,

you'd be out there ringing
the doorbells yourself.

This has nothing to do
with race.

Then it's me. My lawsuit.

Anita, don't get emotional.

Are you all so petty that
you would endanger the lives

of the people who count
on us to protect them?


The Department has better
ways to spend its resources

than defending itself
against petty lawsuits.

I was within my rights.

The Department promoted a white
woman with less seniority.

Maybe you all forgot, but we can
sit at the lunch counter now.

That's crap.

People stuck their necks out

to help you get
where you are, Anita.

You should be grateful.

No, no, no, no. I worked
hard to get where I am.

I'm appreciative, yes.

And I can carry myself
the rest of the way

if you give me the chance.

As far as the
Department's concerned,

you had your chance.

All right, fine.

I'll step aside. Reassign
someone else to the case.

Just put extra people
on the street.

Can't do that either.

Then what?

They want you to resign, Anita.

Of course, they can't
make you, so you can stay

and keep banging your
head against the wall,

but the wall is
gonna stay there.

CURTIS: Come on, Lennie. You've
seen Danny Jones standing,

you've seen him sitting,
now he's leaning.

You need to see any more?

I'll let you know.

I mean, what good's it doing?

Mallory'll make the case against Jones.
It's just a matter of time.


Curtis. Yeah.


Yeah, we'll try. Okay.

Well, so much for the cavalry.

LT says we have until
8:00 to find Berry,

then she's gotta
cut Stokes loose.

So where do you want to start?


The pizza joint. Maybe Berry
came in for his slice-a-day.

Lennie, we don't have all day.
Come on.

You gonna beat me
in the head, huh?

What I look like
ratting somebody out?

What are my dogs gonna
say in the street?

Nah, I ain't putting
the finger on nobody.

We'll see about that.

That's her.

Listen, man, it's too
bad what happened,

all right, but stuff happens.

Not stuff like this. After
he tried to choke her,

this bastard dumped a can of
roach spray down her throat.

That's besides what he did when
he violated her. He tore her up.

BRISCOE: Even if she comes to,
she's never gonna have a life.

Ten years old
and she's finished.

I don't know.

Come on, man,
take a look at her.

Look at how small
and fragile she is.

You gotta see
how this is wrong.

We can't let this monster do
this to another little girl.

Okay. What I gotta do?

Take your time. Look
at each photo carefully.


You like this guy?


Uh, yeah, yeah.

Take a close look.

Mmm-hmm Yeah, yeah I like him.

Is that the man you saw
with Malika Richardson?

If it is, just say so.


Yeah, yeah, that's him.

I mean, that's the dude
I saw with the girl.

Outside the pizza parlor?

You got it.

Okay, send Profaci down to the
hospital to grab up Stokes,

and get with the judge
for a search warrant.

Nice work, Calvin.

The police found some
borderline kiddie porn,

but nothing that
connects him to Malika.

You have an ID,
go to the grand jury.

It's thin, Adam.

Hardly enough to hold him,
let alone indict.

I'm not going to the people
in Harlem empty-handed.

Tell them we got
a suspect in custody.

They know what that means. I'm not
going to insult their intelligence.

They've always been loyal to me.
And they vote.

Yes, they vote. I want
you to go to the police.

You tell them to
do what they have to

to get a confession
from Mr. Stokes.

Whatever they have to?

And tell them
we're behind them 100%.

Detective Spivak.
Yeah, that's right.

What time?

Okay, tell him Lennie Briscoe
called from the 27.


It's about Eddie Soto.



McCoy just called.

He said, "Take Stokes in a room"

"and don't come out until
you get a statement from him."

Am I hearing right?

Mmm-hmm, he said you get the statement,
he'll make sure it holds up.

All right,
make yourself comfortable.

Not that chair.
That one's mine.

This one's yours.

I don't like that chair,
it wobbles.

I'm sorry, but this
is where you sit.

You know, the doctor
took some X-rays,

but he never told me
what they saw.

Oh, he told us
you're gonna live forever.

So what am I doing back here?

Well, technically
you're under arrest,

but we're gonna
try to get you out

as fast as we can.
You thirsty?

Under arrest
'cause of that girl?

It wasn't our idea. The word
came down from upstairs.

But I didn't rape...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Wait a minute, now.

We want to hear
your side of it,

but first we gotta go
through the formalities.

Then we can straighten
this whole thing out.

Yeah, now the first thing is

you know you got a perfect
right not to talk to us.

That's a two-way street,

You invoke that right, then we
can't tell you what we know.

What's that?
What do you know?

Well, we'll have a
conversation about that

after you sign off
on these rights.

Now, the second
item you probably

know by heart from
watching the movies.

I got a right to a lawyer.

That's right.

And all that other crap about how
we have to provide a lawyer for you

if you can't afford one.

You know that, right?

But what about that lawyer
I asked for this morning?

Well, you remember
what we talked about, yeah?

A lawyer's just gonna make this
whole process real hard on you.

I mean, if you don't want to put your
cards on the table, that's fine,

but then we don't put
our cards down, either.

And I'll tell you what
I know from police work, Owen,

an innocent man's
got nothing to hide.

BRISCOE: So, you want
to have a conversation?


All right, just sign right here on the
bottom and we're off to the races.


Now, what did you
want to tell us?

I never even
been near that girl.

Never even been to
the Jefferson Houses.


Come on, Owen,
we can check that out.

Okay, I used to have
a friend who lived there,

but that was six years ago.

Just don't lie to us.

So, what building did
your friend live in?

Building C.

Now, Saturday afternoon, Owen,

I'm sure you remember
where you were.

I was at a clinic.


I don't know. Some
walk-in in the Village.

Where in the Village?

I don't know. I didn't
know the neighborhood.

But my leg was hurting, so I
stopped in and I got some pills.

So, what about this fascination
with little girls?

I don't got no fascination.


What about all this stuff
we found in your apartment?

"Summer of Innocence," huh?
What about that?

That's an art book. I got
it at the Barnes & Noble.

What about this?

bathing suit catalogue?

I got nieces.
They got birthdays coming up.

Their parents know
you were convicted

of loitering near a schoolyard?


There wasn't nothing to that.

Come on, Owen.
I read the report.

You approached two little girls

and you asked them to help
you find your lost kitten.

Where'd you ask them to look?

In your pants?

No, I ain't like that.

(EXCLAIMING) What'd I tell
you about lying, huh?

Please don't hurt me.

We don't have to
do the hurting, Owen.

We're gonna put you
in the Tombs tonight.

In the general population.

They watch the news.
They know your face.

They know what
you're being charged with.

You think those people on the
street were rough on you?

They were just
trying to kill you.

Those cons in the Tombs, they're
not gonna be so merciful.

They're gonna take their time
with a short-eyes like you.

You can't put me in there.

up to you, Owen.

If you did something
that warrants us

putting you in protective custody,
now's the time to tell us.

I didn't do that girl.

Well, then, we can't justify
the expenses to protect you.

You're gonna fend
for yourself, Owen.

No, come on, now.

Just give us something we can
write down on the requisition.


I got this thing
for young girls.

BRISCOE: That's not
gonna do it, Owen.

You gotta be more specific.

Spell it out, Owen.

You had a thing
for Malika, yeah?

Yeah, okay. Her, too.

Just thinking about
it won't do it, Owen.


I touched her.


I did it with her.

And afterward?

You felt ashamed, yeah?
You had to get rid of her.

That's why you tried kill her.

You gotta say the words,
Owen, or we can't help you.

(SOBBING) Oh, God.

Please, I can't.


I tried to kill her.

Okay, that's it, now.
That's it.

Okay, Owen. We're gonna put
you in protective custody.

Thank you.

Don't mention it.

ROSS: Do you recognize
anyone, Mr. Castillo?

second guy from the left.

VAN BUREN: Where do you
recognize him from?

From the projects.

The day the girl got attacked.

You read the papers,
Mr. Castillo?

I saw this guy on my
way to meet the engineer.

There was a broken
boiler that day, okay?

What time was that?

(SIGHS) I don't know,
around 1:30.

JACK: Stokes confessed.

We have witnesses placing him at the
library, the pizzeria and the projects.

No luck there.

But he has a conviction for
loitering on school grounds.

Well, no plea bargains.

Mr. McCoy.
My pleasure.

Talk to Public Affairs.

Tell them to put out a
press release immediately.

Lucky for everyone Malika was raped
just in time for the election.

Motion to suppress Stokes'
statements to the police.

He says he invoked
his right to counsel.

He only said he wanted a lawyer

the first time
we talked to him.

JACK: What about
the second time?

He mentioned a lawyer.
It wasn't really a request.

What was it?

Let's say it was
an allusion to a lawyer.

Lennie and Rey threw some double
talk at him, and he dropped it.

They get on the stand and
start playing word games

and we're going to
lose his admissions.

Not if everyone does their job.

A suspect requests a lawyer,
you can't question him.

First week, Police Academy.

He didn't make a request.

You wanted the guy, we got him for you.
Make it stick.



We lose his statements,
it'll hurt.


Did you hear what I said?

Yeah, sure.
We'll be fine.

Pull out People v. Davis.

OWEN: I said I wanted
to see a lawyer,

but they said I had
to see a doctor first.

In your mind, Mr. Stokes,

were you free to
leave the precinct?


How could I be? They
wouldn't let me go.

Police officer took
me to the hospital.

Sat around the emergency
room for five or six hours,

then the detective took
me back to the precinct.

Did the police start
questioning you again?

Yeah. That's when
they told me my rights.

I told them I wanted to see a lawyer
again, but they wouldn't listen.

What do you mean,
they wouldn't listen?

They said if
I didn't talk to them,

they was gonna send me
to the general population

and tell them I attacked
that little girl.

So you signed the Miranda
waiver and spoke to them?

What else could I do?

Nothing further.

JACK: When you first went with
Detectives Briscoe and Curtis,

you went voluntarily?

It was that, or get
killed by that crowd.

And once you were in
the precinct,

the police told you that
you were not under arrest?

Well, that's what they said.

Sometime later,
the police arranged

for you to go to the
hospital like they promised?

With a police officer.

Were you handcuffed?


And when you returned
to the precinct,

you were advised of your rights,
and you signed a waiver?


And the only time
you said anything

about a lawyer
was when you asked,

"What happened to that lawyer
I asked for this morning?"

Something like that.

And after
you signed the waiver,

you confessed to
raping Malika Richardson?

No, I just said that so I
wouldn't get killed in jail.

The cops wouldn't listen.

They ain't no better than
the people who was beatin' me.

I told them I was on 125th Street
when the little girl got raped.

They just kept hitting me.

Nobody believes me.

Mr. Stokes requested
medical attention,

and the police accommodated him

by sending him to the
hospital with an officer.

Even if you buy that,
Your Honor,

when my client was returned to
the precinct, he was in custody.

At which time, even
the defendant acknowledged

that he never specifically
requested a lawyer.

The police confused my client.

They double-talked
him out of his rights.

The police are allowed
to use cunning,

even deceit,
in an interrogation.

Mr. McCoy is making an end run
around Miranda, Your Honor.

And a very adept one, at that.

Since Mr. Stokes was

not in police custody when he
initially asked for the lawyer,

his reference to that
admission was ineffective.

You're gutting the Fifth
Amendment here, Your Honor.

If you keep moving back the line,
Miranda becomes meaningless.

And maybe it's high time someone
took the pruning shears to Miranda.

The victims have some rights,
too, Mr. Kusevitsky.

Mr. Stokes' confession
is admissible.

ADAM: When do you
have to appear?

Two weeks from Monday.

Day before the primary.

Am I interrupting?

Just leaving.

You should hear this.

Stokes told the police

he was at a clinic somewhere in the
Village when Malika was attacked.

At the hearing, he testified
he was on 125th Street.

He's brewing up an alibi.

Is there a clinic on 125th?

Check into it. Last thing I need
is another October surprise.

Another October surprise?

Gary Feldman made good
on one campaign promise.

He made a misconduct complaint
to the Disciplinary Committee.

"Adam Schiff has clearly lost
control of this loose cannon,"

"proving he can no longer
effectively supervise his staff."

Sounds like
routine mud-slinging.

I'm the loose cannon.

Remember that drunk driver
we prosecuted for murder?

The Dressier case.

The flight attendant?

Nothing to lose sleep over.

First thing tomorrow,
look into this alibi.

I'm not supposed to give any
information about our patients.

We know
Mr. Stokes comes here.

Then why are you asking me?

We're checking on his alibi.


What do you mean?

Did he do something
to a little kid?

That's our allegation.
How'd you know?

He was here Saturday at 1:30
for his regular appointment.

For an injection of
Depo Provera.

You know what that is?

It's an experimental
drug for sex offenders.

Is Stokes getting it
under a court order?


Legal Aid lawyer
set him up for treatment.

Guess it didn't take.

Maybe it did.

I spoke to Skoda
about the Depo Provera.

In the dosage
that Stokes was taking,

it's highly effective in
reducing aberrant sexual drive.


There are cases where the compulsion
to act overcame the drug.

The fact that he's taking the stuff
is no accident. He's a pedophile.

Stokes scares me, too, Jack.

But what scares me more is
that we might convict him

and leave the real
monster on the street.

We have two IDs.

One's from a convicted drug dealer
who made a shaky identification.

Which was corroborated
by the security guard.

Isn't he a straight shooter?

Mr. Castillo.
His timeline's out of kilter.

He couldn't have seen
Stokes when he says he did.

Castillo said he was meeting with
the boiler repair man that day.

Yep. April 19th, and
I started at 1:25.

It took me two hours
to fix the damn thing.

I had to get into the storage area next
to boiler room to check the I-collar.

Castillo had the keys.
He disappeared on me.

How long was he gone?

I want to say a half hour.

I couldn't get in
to check the pipe.

So, what's back there?

You got supplies, back exit.

Hey, there's some mean
mother rats in there.

Now you tell me.


So, before he left,
Castillo was with you?



Look at this.
Roach spray.

CURTIS: Same lot number.

Looks like Castillo's our guy.

We're picking up
the security guard.

Are you sure this time
that this is our man?

Mr. Castillo has an arrest for
sexual assault in Virginia.

How did he get hired
as a security guard?

He was never convicted.

I want this wrapped up before
Feldman gets his teeth into it.

Be tough to hit a home run after
we accused the wrong guy.

Home run?
Just try for a base hit.

We need to dismiss the Stokes
indictment before we arraign Castillo.

I'll advance the case.


I got a letter today.

The Disciplinary Committee
wants me to testify.

The matter of
Feldman v. McCoy.

I went to law school with a woman who
specializes in this kind of thing.

It's okay.

I'm covered.

The bottom line, Feldman's
hands are as dirty as yours.

The Disciplinary Committee
won't give a damn.

This is about me, not him.

From what you told me on the phone,
you haven't done anything wrong.

That's a generous reading.

I advised the flight
attendant's employer

that if she remained in Colombia,
she could avoid our subpoena.

You mentioned that the District
Attorney doesn't have jurisdiction

over a witness in
a foreign country.

You can spin it all you want.

It can still be construed
as prosecutorial misconduct.

Maybe even
obstruction of justice.

A statement of fact.

I know what was in my heart.

Wait, your heart? Is this...

This is what's hanging you up?

I wanted vengeance.
I broke my oath.

I nearly sent a man
to the death chamber.

Hey, hold it, hold it. Now,
the key word here is nearly.

In the end, you came clean.

No harm, no foul.

the Disciplinary Committee

doesn't know what
was in your heart.

They're bound to ask me
what I was thinking.


I thought I'd
dodged the bullet.

There's no one else that knows for
sure what you intended, right?

Jamie Ross knows.


In my opinion, I don't see you
getting disbarred over this.

If I get any kind of
reprimand or suspension,

Adam'll take the
hit on election day.

You can always quit.

You're moving to
dismiss, Mr. McCoy?

That's right, Judge Feldman.

State your reasons
for the record, please.

JACK: The People can't prove
the case against Mr. Stokes

beyond a reasonable doubt.

More accurately,

the bumblers in the D.A.'s office
prosecuted the wrong person.

Mr. Stokes,
my apologies to you.

I recommend at this point
you speak to a civil attorney.

The indictment is dismissed.
You're free to leave.


You've indicted
another suspect?

Jesse Castillo.

Has this Mr. Castillo
been arraigned?

He's in the bullpen now for
arraignment in Part Eleven.

Get him up here now.

Who's representing
Mr. Castillo?

CONSIDINE: I am, Judge.

Mark Considine. I'm here to
observe the dismissal motion.

Step up, Mr. Considine.

I'm gonna arraign
your client right here.

Your Honor...
Quiet, Mr. McCoy.

I want this case assigned
to this part for trial.

With all due respect,
Your Honor,

you can't handpick your cases.
They're put into the wheel.

This one don't.

This is Castillo?

Yes, Your Honor.

Mr. Castillo, you're charged
with Rape in the First Degree

and Attempted Murder in the Second Degree.
How do you plead?

Not guilty.

Well, well, look who found his way
back to the judge's corridor.

It's improper for you
to take the Castillo case.

When you get a seat
on the appellate bench,

then you can tell me
what's improper.

You brought
a complaint against me.

How can I expect a fair
shake in your courtroom?

Still questioning
my impartiality?

No. Your ethics.

You're using
a 10-year-old rape victim

to advance your
political ambitions.

Before I get a couple of court
officers to throw you out of here,

let me tell you
something, McCoy.

I'm gonna be all over
your ass on this case.

You screw up, I'll come down
on you like a ton of bricks.

So Feldman's turning this
into a personal vendetta.

It's a tough case
even without Feldman.

We've got two witnesses
who ID'd the wrong guy.

We still have the roach spray
in Castillo's work area.

Yeah, which 1,500
residents had access to.

We may not even have enough to
force Castillo to take a plea,

let alone take him to trial.

Tell Briscoe and Curtis to
put on a full-court press.

Somebody must have seen him talking
to the girl prior to the assault.



Jack, I'm leaving
the D.A.'s office.



It's the only way I can fight
Neal on Katie's custody.

And still get married?

You can beat it.


I'll finish out this case.

I'm sure you'll be happy.
David's a great guy.


You know, I've had some problems
with some of our cases.

No explanations
necessary, Jamie.

And that Disciplinary
Committee thing,

you don't owe me anything.

Go out like you came in.

I appreciate that.



Smart lady.

Says what's on her mind.
Always respected that.

I hope you still do after she testifies
at the Disciplinary Committee.

Only two ways she can go.

Back you up or
burn her bridges.

I can head it off, Adam.

I'll resign.

I've had a good run here,
up until now.

I don't want to be a liability.

Don't get weepy on me. I'm not
Nixon, you're not Erlichman.

I won't accept
your resignation.

Feldman has only just
started up on this.

I'll take the heat.

On top of everything, the
Castillo case is crashing.

He's gonna pile it on, Adam.

Feldman is out of your control.

Get your head
back into this case.

We can't lose sight of
what we're doing here.

Whatever else happens,
I want that creep locked up.

I don't remember him.

The security company's always
bringing new people in.

Did you ever hear Malika
mention his name?


How could they hire somebody
like this to watch over us?

To watch over my baby?

JACK: Doctor.

Is there any chance Malika
will come out of her coma?

We tell the family there's always a chance.
But realistically...

There's enough brain
function to sustain life.

Beyond that is
wishful thinking.

Jamie, I'd like to talk to
Dr. Charters alone for a minute.


you'll probably get a call from
an attorney named Considine.

He represents Jesse Castillo.

He'll ask you about
Malika's condition.

I'd like you to tell him that Malika's
become aware of her surroundings

and the chances
of recovery are good.

I know what
I'm asking you to do.

Good. Then
you know why I can't.

You know more than anyone what
was done to that little girl.

Yes. But I have
an ethical duty.

So do I.

Mine is stopping monsters
like Jesse Castillo,

and yours is keeping
more Malika Richardsons

from turning up in
your emergency room.

Put Malika Richardson
on the witness list.

Considine will call her doctor.

I know.

Jack, are you sure?

In for a dime, in for a dollar.

Put her on our list.
Send it to Considine.

I was surprised to hear
from you, Mr. Considine.

Ms. Ross
sent over your discovery.

Your case is a little
stronger than I thought.

What are you looking for?

My client will plead to rape one to cover.


That's the maximum.

It's a slap on the wrist.

There shouldn't be a
maximum for what you did.

You go to trial, and you'll do
consecutive twelve-and-a-halves.

I don't know.

You'd rather face
Malika in court?

All right. I'll take it.

Let's hear it, Mr. Castillo.

Look, I'm saying I did it, man.
Can we just leave it at that?

I want the whole story.


I met the girl
on my way to work.

Said I'd buy her some pizza if
she brung me back the change.

Told her I'd meet
her in Building B.

When she came back, I took
her down to the basement.

I took her clothes off.

I don't know.

I thought she liked me.

You know the rest.

And you took the roach
spray to kill her?

This is unacceptable.


It's as good as
I would've gotten at trial.

No. I was ready to
impose consecutive terms.

Assuming he was found guilty.
You know the case was weak.

That's your burden.

You haven't got the guts to
put it in front of a jury.

I'm just not stupid enough
to play in a rigged game.

I'll ignore that.

Besides, what are
you whining about?

I heard your victim
regained consciousness.

She's on the witness list.
She can identify Castillo, no?


Another fast one, huh, McCoy?

Don't worry about me, Judge.

You're signing off
on this plea.

You forget who you're
speaking to, pal.

If you force this case to trial and
we lose, it'll be your ass, Judge.

Adam Schiff will make sure that
whenever the voters think of you,

they also think of Jesse
Castillo and his roach spray.

If you think you can
blackmail me...

You don't have a choice.

Couldn't you at least
wait till I finish dinner?


Well, if shaking hands with Al
Sharpton couldn't spoil your appetite.

What do you want, Carl?

To offer my
congratulations to you.

This may be the last
time I have occasion to.

Congratulations for what?

Jesse Castillo.

Your man, McCoy, piled the sandbags
high and deep around Feldman.

Just doing his job.

Well, come what may next week,
no hard feelings, old friend.

Why you'd risk putting the
District Attorney's office

in the hands of that
twerp is beyond me.

No personal grudge
can excuse it.

Good luck at the polls.

You seen this?

"Feldman predicted
to win primary."

Predicted by who? His mother?

Tomorrow night,
we'll know if she's right.

Aren't you going to appear

before the Disciplinary
Committee this afternoon?


Shouldn't you be preparing?

Well, I shredded
all the documents,

erased the tapes,
paid off the witnesses.

I'm covered, Adam.

Too bad the Committee doesn't
share your sense of humor.

Good luck.

Right back at you, Adam.


RABBI: May the one who makes peace
send peace to all who mourn

and give comfort to all
the bereaved among us.

And let us all say Amen.

ALL: Amen.

Thank you very much, Rabbi.

I'll see you at your brother's.



Lennie Briscoe?
Harry Spivak.



Sorry about your daughter.


Do you want to talk here?

In my car.
The blue sedan over there.

Give me a couple of minutes.

NEWTON: Remember, any question
you don't want to answer...

Whether I like the question or
not, I'm going to answer it.

Jack, what are you doing?

Relax, Carter.
It's my career.


MAN: Mr. McCoy,

the Committee is ready for you.